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What happened in your first ever Sims family?

thankucatgodthankucatgod Posts: 398 Member
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I was just thinking about when I first started playing The Sims. I was quite young, maybe 6 or 7. I remember making myself in CAS (or choosing a blonde head, lol) and cheating for money to get a nice pretty big house. I remember I kept trying to walk the superstar runway, wondering why I kept getting yelled at, not knowing I had to have star points. I took her out for mud baths, fancy dinners, winter wonderland vacations, I even got her a pet!

And then I decided to switch houses and throw a party. Baaaad idea. I got them a pool for the special occasion. Everything was going really well, until my sim showed up and decided to go for a dip in the pool. Needless to say she drowned and I actually cried. I had no other choice but to save the game because I had gotten so far with the other family... And that was the end of my very first sim. I never dared to make my simself again in fear that I would die tragically once again.

Feel free to share your first Sims 1 family stories here! Hopefully they aren't as tragic as mine.
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    james64468james64468 Posts: 1,276 Member
    My first Sim family tend to start fire and put it out. My first sim died from being overweight. I started from Sims 4 but I have fallen in love with Sims 3.
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    ErinRosadoErinRosado Posts: 77 Member
    I was such a noob when I first played the Sims! I was really late to the party, in that I had played some of the handhelds but never had Sims on PC for myself, though I'd played it at a friend's house (probably because my mum wouldn't buy it or something). When I was older and moved in with my dad, I bought TS1 because I wanted to start at the beginning.

    So I made a Simself, and one for my then-boyfriend. Mine was a police officer and his was in the military. I asked him what career he wanted and everything. :smile: I took so many cutesy screenshots of our Sims together, it was perfect...

    ...Until the stove caught fire and my Sim died.

    I never wanted to make another Simself ever again, I was devastated. I swept it under the rug and made a different household.
    I now have a new Simself, though, in my TS3 game, I made a household with me, my now-husband, and two of my BFF's. No-one's died. :relaxed:
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    NordicPhoenix22xNordicPhoenix22x Posts: 301 Member
    I got TS1 when I was like 10 or 11 or so. I think I made my sim self and married her to the boy in my school class that I was crushing on back then. :smiley:
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    canitbemancanitbeman Posts: 396 Member
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    They all starved. The first family I created had 8 Sims and no money, all they could afford was a recliner. This was back in 2000 and I was 11.
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    GodlikeGodlike Posts: 305 Member
    My first family? That must have been too a self Sim married to the person I was having a crush on and I'd continue to so through the years: kill off the ex crush, marry the latest crush, and keep my mansion at all times! My self Sim in TS1 was some kind of Olive Specter!

    As for actual play I started with the Goth family. Mortimer and Bella had a daughter after Cassandra was sent to military school, Sara(h), if I recall correctly and she was born outside the map and didn't know about cheats so she was taken away by the child services as I couldn't place the cradle inside the house. Eventually both Mortimer and Bella died too... and yep, that was probably one of the few unintentional deaths I had in my game :#
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    Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 592 Member
    edited December 2017
    My sim was named Zelda, I was really attached to her but one day she got cursed by the genie and wouldn't eat and ended up dying. I tried to not save but it kept happening and at the time I didn't have the internet to look up what was wrong. So I deleted her and tried to remake her but it wasn't the same.

    Not my first family but it was the one I remember the clearest. I made this family called The Wizzers and I used to make sitcom-esc stories about them with the photo album. I even made a theme song talking about their personalities. I remember a big form of conflict was that the dad hated flamingos but they were the mom's favorite animal so they had a ton of plastic yard flamingos that he would try to destroy. The daughter also had an unexplained English accent. I don't have the computer anymore since it was a really old Windows ME desktop I used to play on, but I would have loved to see what 10 me thought was funny now.
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    hellojewbyhellojewby Posts: 1,316 Member
    my first Sims. Oooh yes way way back in early 2000's. Sims had been out for a while before I actually got to buy/play my own games. I never knew a cheat code until way later. But I'd recently fell in love with the russian pop group tatu. I didn't know about cheat codes, but I knew about custom content!! lol I got me some Lena and Julia skins and promptly bought the 3 of us a house. We were broke as could be. I could only afford 1 2 person bed. So 1 poor soul (Lena) had to slum it on the couch. Next thing I know, we are hungry, bored, tired ect. I was stressin'. lol Julia passed out in her pee. Lena was starving. I was trying to clean, but kept passing out. lol It was a messs! I can't remember how it finally completely ended, but I know I let myself die before them. hahahaha
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    LadysimPlayer8LadysimPlayer8 Posts: 775 Member
    I started playing The Sims ten years ago and started with the Goth family. I was amazed when the ghosts spooked Mortimer and Bella when they were sleeping downstairs. I didn't know any cheats to add funds to the household, so it took a while before I could add a bedroom upstairs. I also foolishly killed them with the Guinea Pig I bought for the family who bit them! Cassandra was the last survivor who lived on snacks, ordered pizza as well as the plate of cookies but died shortly after - I couldn't get an adult to move in with her and there was no option for other families to ask her to move in although she had some friends? Why or why did I save the game after the death of Bella and Mortimer?
    I also made a Sim (me) and played this household for weeks working on skills, promotions etc. When I played other Sims in the neighbourhood, my Sim (me) would show up - take out her mirror and freshen her make up - am I really that vain! :)
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    HoverDrumsHoverDrums Posts: 13 New Member
    I never play default Sims so I created one frugal & go-getter Holly Sim. Made hundreds of thousands of Simoleans. No cheats. Built a ridiculously oversized house with barely anything inside. But oh, there was a whole workout gym in her front foyer. Holly made it to the astronaut level. Never heard from since I don't remember a single thing afterwards.
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    OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 5,047 Member
    Got the game the day it came out, started with the Newbies to get the hang of it, then went to the Goths for more experiments before making own household. Don't remember the details other than a single female in a small house that soon became good buddies with both Bella and Betty. Quickly discovered that making stories with the albums was a great way to keep things interesting, especially if there was a dastardly villain that the ladies had to defeat somehow. Lots of wild and crazy stuff went on, just taking advantage of whatever resources the game, expansions, and CC from either 3rd parties or Maxis provided. Was that game ever fun!
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    WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 127 Member
    I bought The Sims during the launch week. I was already in awe just by looking at the back of the box!
    My very first Sim lived at 10 Sim Lane, at the bottom of the neighborhood screen. I managed to find a pic via Google.

    I expanded it a bit, of course. My Sim was a police officer. I don't remember how you met neighbors in those days. This was pre-Livin' Large! But anyway, he met Bella Goth and they began dating. Eventually, he proposed. It wasn't til later that I discovered Mortimer and Cassandra! lol

    At any rate, that became my go-to house for my self-insert Sims.

    The Criminelli mob family lived in the huge house on the top right.
    The Rich Family (a businessman and his TV star wife) lived in the house with the privacy fence.
    And the little house on the left was occupied by an elderly couple, Granny and Grouchy.
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    doloresghazedoloresghaze Posts: 11 New Member
    i dont remember, i was like 4 years old when i started playing the sims 1, but as far i can remember, i used to set houses in fire. My biggest fear back to that time was having a stove lol.
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    theFellatheFella Posts: 297 Member
    Man, I first played it about a month after it came out, so I was about 5. My first Sim family was the Austin family, and I tried to recreate WWE wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. I moved him into an empty lot, then WWE Raw came on TV behind me, I watched half the show without pausing the game, and when I turned around Steve was dead. R.I.P Sim Steve Austin. 2000-2000.
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    ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,482 Member
    I started with the TS1 tutorial, so Bob and Betty Newbie. I actually don't remember what happened to them. I think I just played them until I got the hang of it. In TS1, I remember that I created some bachelor who lived in a mansion and had or adopted a child who never aged up because kids didn't in TS1. I also had a house of three roommates who were all dating each other. Actually, most of my households in TS1 had like 5 boyfriends or girlfriends (or a combo of both) because others only got jealous if they literally saw what was happening in the same room (yes, a bit like TS4). Therefore, a whole bunch of my sims were total players. I also had a wannabe Superstar who looked somewhat like Courtney Love and who would do anything to be famous.

    In TS2, I liked the intro of genetics and aging so I played a random family as they got really rich and moved into a huge mansion that I built. Their house was really too big and it took forever to walk around but the dad was a doctor who got to around the top of his field. The mom might have been a business exec. Their kids all got into private school through schmoozing. Later on, I played their kids as they went to university. The son was a straight A student in a posh fraternity who ended up dating this beautiful, wealthy girl. The daughter was nerdier and was going to be a science geek. I can't remember if the daughter found love; I'm not sure if I got to that point with her. I remember building fraternities and sororities.

    In TS3, I think my first family was a blond guy and his redheaded wife who worked in the culinary career. I don't remember what he did, maybe tech. They had a child and they threw parties that Don Lothario, the Calientes and co would attend. That household started out modestly. I think I moved onto other houses because I don't remember more than the partying. I think Don tried to hit on that guy's wife which would not be surprising.

    In TS4, I started with one random sim who I dropped into the game to see what would happen. He was a blond Swedish guy who got a job in IT. I said that he was brought into town because he was transferred by a large international IT company, so he was new to Willow Creek. He bought Single Streamlet where his descendents still live in this day as part of my rotation. He married Summer Holiday because he hit it off with her when she visited him in the Welcome Wagon. They had two sons, one was a gay genius nerd who went into IT like his father. The other son was a cool rocker who married a French model and moved to Oasis Springs. The grandchildren of those sons are still in my game. The gay one adopted a daughter who recently died of old age. She has a son who is an astronaut living in that house and a daughter who married Hugo Villareal and moved into his estate. Each of them have kids now.

    The rocker guy's son is also a musician like him. That son married Sofia Bjergsen and they are boho hipster musicians. They have twin boys one of whom is named Lars and who is incredibly artsy even as a child. He dresses like Jackson Pollock and is clearly destined for a creative life. I don't know what the other twin will be like. They are both still kids. They all interact with a bunch of other characters in my game. I decided to play the town broadly rather than to focus on one specific house.
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    simgumdropsimgumdrop Posts: 77 Member
    Started playing in 2000 right before LL came out. After playing the Newbies tutorial, I never played townies again. My first Sim was a decent looking single girl with blonde hair wearing that hideous white shirt, green shorts, brown shoes outfit. Since she lived alone, she was always depressed because she had no one to talk to. Even when I had Sims come over to visit her, she was too down in the dumps to be good company. How she ever snagged a boyfriend is beyond me. Oh, the work I had to do to get her married off. It took more than one visit from the boyfriend to finally get him to agree to marry her (can you blame him?) but I was so happy to finally get her hitched. They eventually had a couple of kids, like all the other couples I made for TS1.
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    puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,877 Member
    In TS1, messed around a bit with premade sims and then made a modified SS and placed her on the empty lot at the top of the screen. (Thanks @WarGreymon77 for the screenshots; they bring back such great memories. By the way, like in the other games, neighbors always showed up when you moved in. You met new people when you invited over existing contacts and they asked if they could bring a friend.) Since my SS was single, and the lot was expensive, so she could afford only a couple of rooms and barely any furniture. It was kind of depressing, both for her and for me. After no more than an in-game week, I told her to clean up a flower vase that a friend had brought over. She went to pick it up, then started moaning and stomping her feet, and I got a message that she had died. I had recently saved, so I reloaded, and the same thing happened. Over and over. She just could not clean up that vase without... I don't know, accidentally breaking the glass and slicing an artery? I eventually just deleted the vase, but that sim was kind of ruined for me, and I ended up clearing the whole neighborhood and starting over.
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    simgumdropsimgumdrop Posts: 77 Member
    @puzzlezaddict, what a story! That is so funny how the same thing happened over and over, each time you reloaded. Well, I'm sure not at all funny at the time. Yes, it was depressing to play these depressed sims, lol. I remember it well.
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    deskitadeskita Posts: 24 Member
    I'm fairly certain that when I first played I plopped a household of 8 sims onto an empty lot gave them a computer and some jobs and wondered why they had died. Whoops.
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    AnjaSAnjaS Posts: 15 Member
    When I first played Sims 1, I was about 10 years old and made my own family (me, my mom and dad), I remember I moved them to the small house to the bottom right that was on the map, lol. All I can remember is that I had a lot of trouble making my Sims happy, so they were constantly either hungry or peeing themselves, or worse - falling asleep in their own pee.
    In the end, I had my dad's Sim fix up the alarm clock and then he got electrocuted and died straight away, lol.
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    greenbean71greenbean71 Posts: 60 Member
    I don't really remember playing my first family, but I do remember the first time playing the game. I was so lost even after watching the tutorial. I remember trying to figure out how to get them money so they could afford to live. I had my first few Sims in a very small home with maybe 2 rooms and enough money for a bed, fridge, a microwave a chair, a toilet, tub, and a small TV. I got them jobs and and as they earned money I would by them more items. It took forever for them to learn skills and friends so they could be promoted.

    I remember buying the EP's because I started with Livin Large and it was starting to bore me. One time with House Party, I was throwing a party and one of the pre made Sims died on the lot. I can't remember her name, but she wore blue running pants with white stripes, a white tank top and had short hair and lived in that octagon house. I couldn't believe that happened because up until that point, I have only killed one Sim and that was because I ran out of money so the fridge was empty and that Sim died of starvation.

    I didn't find out until I started playing TS2 that there was a money cheat for TS1. When I found that out, I started playing TS1 more and I was able to give most of my Sims a comfortable life. I was building them huge mansions, and gave them the highest end stuff. I still to this day play TS1 and I still let them live quite comfortable.
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    maryjane2joemaryjane2joe Posts: 294 Member
    My grandbaby taught me to play Sims Busting Out on her gamecube... her an I loved the dune-buggy... lots!
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    CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    I created a couple and moved them into a little house (not sure which one). That very morning, the wife was supposed to start breakfast, and caught on fire. I didn't know quick meal would probably not have caught the house on fire or her. She died, the husband couldn't go to work, eat, or sleep, I also had a clown painting in their house. It was horrible. >:):D I didn't know to sell the painting or it would just get worse from there, because he wouldn't go to work, I had to start selling off furniture to buy his food. lol He wound up with hardly nothing in his house just to eat. The clown would not leave, lol, and from then on he became my pet project to get him to work, to buy him the best stuff, eventually, and to make him happy. It didn't always work out but he was the founder of this town and the death of his wife had really done a number on him. He became my favorite Sim and everything that ever happened when I rotated to other Sims revolved around him. He tried everything and he was the star of the show, lol, everything that I ever did after that was if other Sims would be a good mate for him, or a good neighbor, or a good enemy, or a good to live in the hood he lived in etc. The whole world revolved around my decissions of how it would effect him.
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    keenowkeenow Posts: 549 Member
    I vaguely remember some woman burning to death in the kitchen. I'm pretty sure that was my first sim? It was so long ago!

    The first household I really remember is this single female sim I played. Pretty sure her last name was Dallas. I played her for so long. I'm pretty sure I had aging off. She was a barbie beauty who maxed out multiple careers, but the one that really stuck was Superstar. She was this ridiculously famous woman, she a had a gigantic mansion (Basically a rectangle xD).

    I remember being so creeped out by the guy who'd come to sort through her trash that I hired a butler and would always send him out to go fistfight the creepy stalker fan by the garbage. She had a thing for her neighbor, Mortimer, but I didn't have the heart to break up the Goth family and refused to let her pursue him even though she'd flirt with him when I wasn't looking!! So, she eventually fired the butler and married him. Her and her original butler, now husband, had a baby. I think I remember being afraid my parents would come in while they were woohooing in the sheets and I'd have to explain myself? LOL. I played on my dad's computer. Maybe it was the first baby I ever had in-game? I don't think I knew they could multiply before. I remember I was so excited to get that little blue basket! Then, he grew up into the most annoying, needy, little leech I ever did see. I really wanted to get rid of him, but I never did figure out how. I must've had aging off because he never grew up. I was stuck with him forevermore.
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    SipopSipop Posts: 166 Member
    In The Sims, I had a couple with a baby and at the time I was super young when I first played.
    I was terrible also because it was so much multitasking in it (which at the time I was horrible at).
    So my Sims couple would always be hungry and tired and worked! Which ended up with them losing their baby!!
    It was heartbreaking :(.
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    SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,289 Member
    Don't remember exactly. Created my simself as a cop who eventually had a relationship with a coworker and married. They either had one kid or none, and she died at her birthday party.

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