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Welcome to my Sims 4 Quality Control Monthly - Just For Fun, this is for builders, designers and sim creators. I started the QC challenges with a goal to see people improve, I started out having no idea how to build anything but a square box house. I started entering competitions and never dreamed I could build some of the things I have today, though I still have a lot to learn.
I see a lot of builds on the gallery that look wonderful on the outside but are lacking on the inside with decor or issues with play ability with sims so these challenges are all about Quality.

There is 3 parts to the Quality Control Contests
Quality Control Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)
QC Create A Room Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)
This Quality Control Monthly - Just For Fun

QC Competiton Guide
If you are new to the competitions/challenges I highly suggest checking out the QC Competition Guide, it has tons of helpful information that pretty much explains what we look for in entries.
You can find it here: QC Competition Guide

Quality Control Practice Challenges are to help people learn about all aspects of building, decorating and landscaping. It is also a place for more experienced players to share their knowledge
Please check out the Quality Control Practice Challenges HERE

These monthly challenges are designed for the slower builder's (like myself hehe) and runs for roughly 4 weeks each challenge.
The challenges will consist of bigger builds mainly on 40x50, 50x50 and 64x64 lots with larger budgets, if you are looking for smaller builds best to check out the weekly Quality Control Contest.


Even though these challenges are no longer run as a competition the QC judges will be giving out Maxis nominations to all who participate. We won't be going through the builds looking for faults but we will be looking at them in game so we hope you still build with the care and quality you would be if it was being judged.

These are general rules and specific rules for each challenge will be posted with the write ups.
No Custom Content allowed – we want everyone to be able to play your wonderful creations.
Be polite and respectful when using this thread.
Standard cheats allowed bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.
Number 1 rule: HAVE FUN!

Maxis Nominations to all who participate

Current Challenge Post here
Challenge Entries Post here
QC Monthly Stars Wall of Fame here
QC Monthly Stars Sim Wall of Fame here

Past Monthly Challenges:
Ch 1 - Magnolia Relief
Ch 2 - Saving Generations
Ch 3 - A Royal Home
Ch 4 - Santa's North Pole
Ch 5 - Water World
Ch 6 - Holiday Destinations
Ch 7 - City Strip
Ch 8 - Lights, Camera & Action
Ch 9 - Newcrest Hospital
Ch 10 - Police Headquarters
Ch 11 - Wellness Retreat
Ch 12 - Wild Wild West
Ch 13 - Fun Time
Ch 14 - Camelot
Ch 15 - Pumpkin Park
Ch 16 - Townhouse Avenue
Ch 17 - Myshuno Meadows
Ch 18 - Abandoned Cathedral
Ch 19 - Billionaire's Yacht
Ch 20 - Royalty's Summer Estate
Ch 21 - Sports Stadium
Ch 22 - Dream Wedding
Ch 23 - Trailer Park
Ch24 - National Museum of Sims
Ch25 - Tech Tycoon
Ch26 - Christmas Village
Ch27 - High Rise
Ch28 - Venice
Ch29 - The Wizard of Oz
Ch30 - Myshuno Meadows Mall

I love hearing feedback good or bad to help improve these challenges so please post or message me if you have some.

I hope you all enjoy The Sims 4 Quality Control Contests and feel free to spread the news.
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