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☆☆ Sims 4 Quality Control Contest ~ Challenge 56 up due (EST) 22nd December ☆☆

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Welcome to my Sims 4 Quality Control Contest, this competition is a builders and designers contest. I love seeing how creative people can be and I have been a part of some wonderful competitions on these forums. I could only dream this competition becomes as popular as them but for now we will see how it goes.
My goal with this challenge is to see people improve, I started out having no idea how to build anything but a square box house. I started entering competitions and never dreamed I could build some of the things I have today, though I still have a lot to learn.
I see a lot of builds on the gallery that look wonderful on the outside but are lacking on the inside with decor or simply play ability with sims so this competition is all about Quality.
There is 3 parts to the Quality Control Contests
Quality Control Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)
Quality Control Monthly Contest
QC Create A Room Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)

QC Competiton Guide
If you are new to the competitions or thinking about entering I highly suggest checking out the QC Competition Guide, it has tons of helpful information that pretty much explains what we look for in entries. It's kind of like cheating because we tell you what you need to win haha.
You can find it here: QC Competition Guide

Quality Control Practice Challenges are to help people learn about all aspects of building, decorating and landscaping. It is also a place for more experienced players to share their knowledge
Please check out the Quality Control Practice Challenges HERE

This competition challenge will run for 2 weeks each.
The challenges will specify the lot sizes and budgets but they will be between:
Lot sizes: 30x20 to 40x30
Budgets: 100k - 300k

You also have the option to enter just for fun without being judged, there will be no feedback. Just simply enter as an unofficial entry and share your amazing creations with us.

There are 4 levels you can enter in this contest:
Intermediate - For newer players and new people entering the qc competitions
players that tend to have placement issues, that are still learning the tips and tricks to placement and still learning to be really creative.
Experienced - For those players that have been building for a while, can use moo and ALT
have an understanding of placement and play ability and experiement with creativity
Advanced - For those more confident players that can be super creative, great attention to detail, little to no placement and play ability errors.
Unofficial - For those players who just want to have some fun, entries will not be judged.

We love our Novice (beginner) builders and we offer building tips and advice in our feedback to help you learn and improve, so please don't feel overwhelmed entering the only way to improve and learn is to jump and have a go. Novices please enter the Intermediate level and note on your entry form you are a novice.


If you would like to be a guest judge for 1 challenge please contact me through the mail.

The scoring system is awarded with stars.
All the entries will earn stars as follows
xu6cded.png5 Stars Less than 3 errors, great creativity and design and nailed the brief requirements
SvKFZyt.png4 Stars Less than 6 errors, great creativity and design and nailed the brief requirements
vewJ0w4.png3 Stars Up to 10 errors and/or failed 1 brief requirement
WPBu687.png2 Stars More than 10 errors and/or failed 2 or more brief requirements
RaIzZMi.png1 Star Lots of errors and failed 3 or more brief requirements

Errors being placement, play ability or general errors

Each challenge will describe the extra challenge requirements that will be scored on.

Scored out of 100
Interior - 10
(Styling, clutter etc)
Exterior - 10
(includes landscaping, exterior styling etc)
Challenge Requirements - 10
(Followed the brief)
Decoration/Clutter 0/10
(points taken off for bare areas)
Quality check 0/15
(includes sim necessities and unusable items/play ability)
Placement 0/15
(points taken off for items sticking through other items)
Creativity 0/15
(Out of the box ideas or themes)
Overall - 15

For placement and play ability errors 1 point will be deducted for each error, major errors may incur a higher deduction

All entries will receive a short feedback on where they need to improve or issues we found, you can request not to have this published in the thread, if you wish to have it sent privately please let me know before current challenge ends. Novice builders please note on your entry for as we will also supply building tips and a more indepth feedback for you to learn and improve.

If you are not within the challenge budget or on the right lot size requirements you will not be eligible to win the challenge.

Sim Challenge Scoring
Traits - 0/3
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(Specific traits are hinted at in brief of challenges)
Aspirations - 0/1
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(Specific aspirations are hinted at in brief of challenges)
Outfits - 0/5
(We look for style flowing and suiting brief)
Makeup - 0/3
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(For female sims we look for at least 3 different make up changes through outfits)
Hair styles - 0/3
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(For all sim excluding toddlers and young children we look for at least 3 different hairstyle changes through outfits, length of hair and fringes must flow and be similar)
Accessories - 0/5
(We look for good use of accessories through most outfits)
Overall - 0/5

These are general rules and specific rules for each challenge will be posted with the write ups.
No Custom Content allowed – we want everyone to be able to play your wonderful creations.
Be polite and respectful when using this thread.
Standard cheats allowed bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.
1 entry per person per challenge.
Number 1 rule: HAVE FUN!

Maxis Nomination in the Maxis Thread - experienced and advanced levels only and earned 3 or more stars
Banner and Signature featuring your winning entry to post in your showcase.
A featured spot on QC Stars Wall of Fame
Guest judge on a challenge (optional)
Design a challenge for any of the QC comps (optional)

Judges Awards:
These awards will vary from week to week. Each judge will give out a judges award based on something that really impressed them during judging the entries. Everyone will be eligible for these awards except for the winner of the challenge.
Some examples of awards will be:
Best Landscaping
Most Improved Builder
Best Interior Design

So put on your creative caps and think outside the box to blow us away and win an award.

Current Challenge Post here
Challenge Results Post here
Sim Challenge Results Post here
QC Stars Wall of Fame here
QC Stars Sim Wall of Fame here

Past Challenges:
Challenge 1 - Wheel of Color
Challenge 2 - Fairies Favour
Challenge 3 - Island Getaway
Challenge 4 - Sky High
Challenge 5 - Creepy Creatures
Challenge 6 - Pirate Town
Challenge 7 - Fantasy Movies
Challenge 8 - Trick or Treat
Challenge 9 - Star Employees
Challenge 10 - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Challenge 11 - Seasons
Challenge 12 - Merry Christmas: Naughty or Nice
Challenge 13 - Lets get together
Challenge 14 - Birthday Bash
Challenge 15 - Magical Theatre Park
Challenge 16 - The Love Boat
Challenge 17 - World Leaders
Challenge 18 - On top of the World
Challenge 19 - The Smurfs
Challenge 20 - The Beast Within
Challenge 21 - The Pub
Challenge 22 - Witches at War
Challenge 23 - Asian Inspiration
Challenge 24 - Invest In Me
Challenge 25 - Critic's Choice
Challenge 26 - Granny's Cottage
Challenge 27 - Kiddy Care
Challenge 28 - A Sultan's Oasis
Challenge 29 - Futuristic
Challenge 30 - QC 1st Year Anniversary
Challenge 31 - The 3 Bears
Challenge 32 - The Haunted House
Challenge 33 - Opposites Attract
Challenge 34 - The Art House
Challenge 35 - Christmas Spirit
Challenge 36 - Rich and Famous
Challenge 37 - Toddler Tot Station
Challenge 38 - Dracula Jnr
Challenge 39 - Will You Marry Me?
Challenge 40 - Gym Junkies
Challenge 41 - The Beach House
Challenge 42 - The Burger Joint
Challenge 43 - The Bar & Bowl
Challenge 44 - We're Expecting
Challenge 45 - Party Under the Stars
Challenge 46 - Bungling Burglar
Challenge 47 - Full House
Challenge 48 - Community Garden
Challenge 49 - Adventure City
Challenge 50 - Color Combinations
Challenge 51 - Alphabet House
Challenge 52 - Toddler's Play Park
Challenge 53 - Garden Gazebo
Challenge 54 - Halloween!
Challenge 55 - Brindleton Pawspital
Challenge 56 - Christmas Trees

I love hearing feedback good or bad to help improve this competition so please post or message me if you have some.

I hope you all enjoy The Sims 4 Quality Control Contest and feel free to spread the news.
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    Christmas Trees
    Kristoff Kringle is a jolly old man who has decided to retire from his life long career in a manufacturing and delivery job. He said he has been all over the world with his work and feels its now time to retire along with his wife. They have always lived in a cold climate surrounded by snow but have decided its time for a change and are going to retire somewhere a bit warmer. After much discussion they both decided on moving to the country and building a beautiful country cottage. With such a fast paced lifestyle that they both had they can't just slow right down and have nothing to do so Kris decided he is going to grow and sell Christmas trees with a little tree farm on the land and Jessica thought she would have a stable built and breed and raise reindeer's. She also would like to grow her own produce to bake some lovely home cooked meals as she never could quite get anything to grow in the snow. They plan to spend the rest of their lives in their new beautiful country cottage.

    Your task:
    Build Kristoff and Mrs Kringle a beautiful country cottage with all the requirements listed below

    Budget: 90k - 160k (on gallery price)
    not eligible if out of budget range

    Lot Size: 40x30
    not eligible if on wrong lot size

    Lot Type:

    A beautiful country cottage
    A small Christmas tree farm
    A stable to breed and raise reindeers
    A small vegetable garden with growing produce

    We like to see creativity so adding things that are unique to your entry will help with your scores.

    No CC allowed
    Everything must be playable by Sims so make sure you sim test as you will lose points if it is not.
    Make sure you have all necessities that a sim needs in the lot type for this challenge.

    You have 3 weeks for this challenge
    Entries Close: Saturday 23rd December 8am (GMT+11 Australian time)
    To help this is:
    USA (EST) 4pm Friday 22nd December
    UK (GMT) 9pm Friday 22nd December
    There will be no extensions all entries must be in by the specified time (it will be the same time every week unless notified in advance)

    Please attach the hashtag to this weeks entry on the gallery #QualityControl56

    Please use the entry form below for your entries.
    QC challenge no:
    Origin ID:
    Are you a novice builder:
    Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced or Unofficial level:
    Original Lot used (lot name and town):
    Gallery Name:
    Gallery Link:
    Notes about entry:
    Images (3-6 max): (please post 1 street view photo)

    Please add any notes to entry form of items that may not be usable due to creative reasons (within reason) we will not remove points for usability if mentioned and used in a creative manner.

    If you use paintings by reference please make note who created them with your entry form. If made by someone else please credit them on your upload and on your entry form. You will only gain extra creativity and decoration points for these paintings if created by yourself.

    Please note: Because I make banners and previews of your entries please try include one picture that is normal size and by itself that I can use. Make sure this picture is the street view of your build showing as much of it as possible.

    Check out this forum thread for maps of town names for the Original Lots used: QC Town Maps - Sims 4


    Create Kristoff and Mrs Kringle a lovely elderly couple just retired from their life long careers. Kristoff is a portly, joyous, white-bearded man who wears spectacles. Mrs Kringle is also on the plump side (probably from all those cookies she would bake for the workers), with a cheery disposition and she also wears spectacles.
    Kris loves to have many friends and selling Christmas trees brings many new people to his home to meet and become friends with. He is said by many to always be jolly, likes to give to the poor and needy and loves to chat.
    Mrs Kringle also loves to cook and eat good food and also bakes for the poor and needy. When shes not cooking and gardening she likes to spend time cleaning her wonderful new home to keep it orderly for her husband.

    You have 3 weeks for this challenge
    Entries Close: Saturday 23rd December 8am (GMT+11 Australian time)
    To help this is:
    USA (EST) 4pm Friday 22nd December
    UK (GMT) 9pm Friday 22nd December
    There will be no extensions all entries must be in by the specified time (it will be the same time every week unless notified in advance)

    Please attach the hashtag to this weeks entry on the gallery #QualityControl56

    Please use the entry form below for your entries.
    QC challenge no:
    Origin ID:
    Sims Gallery Name:
    Gallery Link:
    Images (1-2 images):

    Please post entry on separate post to your build entry

    Household Maxis Recommendation
    Winning Banner and Signature
    A featured spot on QC Stars Wall of Fame


    ✶✶ StangMix2 entry form ✶✶ Liz_GoBucks entry form ✶✶ Ainsleyf entry form ✶✶ JosieAnglin entry form ✶✶ leashahampton entry form ✶✶
    ✶✶ kimartist entry form ✶✶ Oliana entry form ✶✶ Laebeth entry form ✶✶ Liziann1 entry form ✶✶ Paigeotto entry form ✶✶
    ✶✶ emere entry form ✶✶ Corwim entry form ✶✶

    ✶✶ StangMix2 sim entry form ✶✶ Ainsleyf sim entry form ✶✶ kimartist sim entry form ✶✶ HEW310 sim entry form ✶✶
    ✶✶ CaramelLibra29 sim entry form ✶✶ Laebeth sim entry form ✶✶ Liziann1 sim entry form ✶✶ Corwim sim entry form ✶✶

    ✶✶ kilra0 unofficial entry ✶✶
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    The Judges Awards
    Judges for this challenge:
    @Pebblycat and @Cbear13

    @Ainsleyf ~ Detailed Delight ~ We loved how much detail went into this house inside and out
    @Oliana ~ Decal Master ~ We loved all the amazing detail with all the cracks, watermarks and other decals.
    @lsnishi ~ Wickedly Witchy ~ We love how wickedly evil this house looked and perfect for a witch.



    1st Place:
    Dilapidated Vampire Lair by @Liz_GoBucks

    3rd Place:
    Vampire Halloween by @steskens

    2nd Place :
    Creepy Hollow by @kimartist

    1st Place:
    Wicked Witch Way by @leashahampton

    2nd Place:
    Jack Skellington's House by @chips46

    1st Place:
    Voodoo Shack by @emere

    Feedback is in no particular order.

    @Liz_GoBucks SvKFZyt.png
    This Dilapidated Vampire Lair looks amazing we love the grandness off it even though it looks old and worn you can just imagine how great it was in its day.
    Exterior: Great design with the front having the stepping balconies and the great porch and balcony on the left side. We love the mix of wall coverings with dark trims around the house and the roofing with the dormers look amazing. The night view at the front and sides look amazing.
    Landscaping: Even though it is lacking at the right side and back the front and left side look great. Great detail in the terrain painting and we love the dry rose bushes, creeping thorns and scraggly trees giving the house that abandoned and old feel.
    Interior: Although the style and colors don't completely flow through out we love the great antiqued feel of the furnishings. The layout of the house is great and the large rooms are great for this grand style house.
    Decorations: Fantastic decorating with the cracks, water marks, cobwebs and chips in the exterior and interior giving this house the old and weathered look. Great decorations through out the house with statues, grand style paintings, antiqued items, great clutter around counters and tables and old style candles lighting the rooms. We also love the many great activities including the very suited pipe organ. All the family pictures look fantastic around the house.
    Creativity: We love the creativity in the attic room having a grand room to host their coffins aka beds surrounded by past family in graves? or maybe their last meals. The design is creative especially with the front of the exterior and we loved the grand dining room and living rooms.
    Great grand vampire house just work on style and color schemes flowing through out, but great design and decorating. Vampires are always scary and that alone having them live in this amazing house is scary enough. Much better on placement.
    The rear and right sides of the house feel a bit bare with no lighting at the rear and barely any landscaping plants on the right side, though we did notice you used the budget to the maximum they needed something.
    The interior doesn't flow the best with to many different colors and styles used through out with the wall and floor coverings.
    While the attic looks great the dirt flooring with graves is a bit strange as nothing can be buried in the ceiling of another room, putting this in a basement would of been more fitting.
    "Dry Rose Bush" is sticking into exterior wall of house
    "Mega Desk" is sticking into window frames x 3
    With styling and colors try stick to the same style and color scheme through out the house even if slightly different shades used in different rooms. You want the interior to look like it all belongs in the same house and not completely different from room to room.
    I completely agree with you about vampires being amazing and will be looking into that book you mentioned :).

    @LadyEmillye vewJ0w4.png
    What a classic theme for your spooky house, Frankenstein is definitely scary. Great design with lots of great twists of getting around the building to different areas with so many staircases.
    Exterior: Great exterior design the stone walls are classic sign of an old castle or house. The fencing around the roof looks great and we love the window style choice. The werewolf wall jumper adds a great creepy vibe to the building.
    Landscaping: Great use of everything dead and creepy to decorate the gardens, the dry rose bushes and dead trees really make the place look abandoned and scary. The little graveyard is enough to scare anyone away and looks great at night. The smoking craters look great around the gardens and add to the eerie vibe.
    Interior: The interior looks great with all that stone giving an old style castle look. We love all the twists and turns to navigate around the house especially to his secret rooms. Fantastic design and style.
    Decorations: The landscaping has great decorations that add to the spooky and eerie feel of the place. The interior looks great with all the cobwebs, spiders and brambles giving us the sense this house has been around a very long time. We loved all the spooky items like the Halloween themed decorations and scary gnomes. There was a few areas feeling a little bare but where you did decorated well definitely captured the eerie feel we were hoping to see.
    Creativity: We love the creative design of the house and all the great creative choices in decorations such as the smoking craters and also the great idea to put all the scientific items in the upper rooms for the theme of Frankenstein.
    Great house with a great design and spooky look and feel. When working tight with a budget you can always build a bit smaller so the decorations aren't lacking but where their was decorating we felt you did a great job keeping within the style and theme.
    The side tower on the right looks a bit odd floating in the air and needed some columns or some support underneath it.
    "Dry Rose Bush" is sticking through 2 x "Upright Granite Headstone", 2 x "Tilted Slab Headstone", "Parlour Trix Graveyard Lantern" and "Scraggly Tree".
    "Painted Fern" is sticking into "Upright Granite Headstone"
    2 x "Creeping Thorns" are sticking through wall
    Some rooms and areas lacking decorations even though you used the budget to the max it would have been best to build a bit smaller to allow budget for decorating
    No toilet paper in bathroom
    Some exterior lights added would of been great for nightview especially changing the color or brightness of them to make the house look more creepy. Also some of the interior spaces needed a bit more lighting as really dark and hard to see.

    @StangMix2 vewJ0w4.png
    Witch Cottage is a fantastic Tudor styled house
    Exterior: Great design of the house with its beautiful Tudor style, great use of several different wall coverings and great roofing. We love the choices in window styles to suit the house and the double chimneys look great.
    Landscaping: The landscaping looks fantastic we love the detail in the terrain paint and the realistic and natural look combining two in the pathing. Great variety in trees and plants around the gardens and great idea to include so many harvestables. The natural pond looks amazing and great detail in its decorations, we also love that its fishable. The seating area is great especially for a witch with that great cauldron and the gravestones were a nice creepy touch.
    Interior: The interior looks fantastic with great flow with style and colors through out the house. Great mix of wall and floor coverings and nice and easy layout of the house.
    Decorations: Great decorations with the rugs, worn curtains, wall pictures, all the candles around the house and wall pictures. We love the detail with the holes, tears and cracks on the walls showing the house's age. It would of been great to see these on the exterior as well to match the age of the inside. Everything was decorated nicely with no bare looking spaces on both the exterior and interior.
    Creativity: Great creativity in this build with the steam/bubbles coming through the ground to give the foggy look which added a great creepiness to the place. We loved the great idea to create your own unique pond and adding items to add to the realistic nature of the house such as the gardening tools, hose and all the little witch related items like the spell book, catrina doll, medical instruments and other creepy decorations.
    Fantastic witches house but shame about the budget being to low, it has a great design, decoration and creativity.
    Under budget requirement on gallery price was $88,496, budget requirement was 90k-150k (not eligible to win or place).
    Night view is quite dark and we would of liked to see more lighting on the exterior and through out the landscaping.
    Having bubbles coming up through the ground when there is no water is a bit strange and using the steam grates would be a better choice to look like fog.
    2 x "Wild Grass" is sticking into foundation of house
    "Pile of Crates" is sticking into "The Humidor Shed"
    "Curtains of the Shadowsmiths" is sticking into the "Flimsy Picket Fence" around stair well on 2nd floor.
    Be careful with placement, hold down the ALT button while placing items near others such as plants near walls or foundations.

    @leashahampton xu6cded.png
    What an amazing and impressive witches house.
    Exterior: The exterior is spectacular we love the quirky twist in the design with the crooked roofing and the tower is magnificent. Great use of different wall coverings and fantastic decorations on the rooves, walls and windows. The house feels old with the cracks and bramble and the fantastic purple glow at night adds the perfect eerie feel.
    Landscaping: Amazing! Great design with the inner fencing and gardens on both sides, we loved the mix of different fencing types and the lamp posts merged with the fencing looks great. Fantastic variety in plants, rocks, trees and decorations. How amazing is the wicked fountain at the rear with the ghosts and cauldron. Fantastic terrain painting and we love the amazing layout and design of your garden.
    Interior: Fantastic interior style and colors it really feels eerie in here. We love all the different wall coverings and different flooring used through out. Great design and very easy to play with. The wood and stone mix looks great, we love the bedroom at the top of the stair case and ensuite bathroom. We thought the red counters and cabinets might look out of place but they don't, great work with making them flow with the red touches on the rug in the entrance hall.
    Decorations: Can I say it again? Fantastic lol. Perfectly decorated inside and out with just the right amount of clutter to. No area feels bare and every room has its quirky or spooky touch. We especially loved the detail in your decorations with even cobwebs going up the inside of the tower.
    Creativity: Oodles of creativity in your design and decorations, from the quirky design to the wicked fountain this house just oozes creative ideas. The tower is an amazing idea along with the great basement fully equipped with its own cell. Any witch would be spoilt living here.
    Fantastic placement throughout the build.
    First thought to come to mind when looking at this house is you nailed it. What a spectacular effort in every area with the perfect amount and decoration and creativity.
    No mailbox out the front of the house, we are sure even witches get mail.
    We loved the great pictures on your entry form with the kids visiting the witch, I hope they tasted good.

    @kimartist SvKFZyt.png
    This Creepy Hollow house looks amazing especially at night with the ghosts, skulls and gravestones lit up.
    Exterior: Fantastic design, love the window styles and decorations used. Great roofing, detailed and creative shapes. Love the balcony and front and rear porches. Love the old weathered look with the cracks in the exterior walls and the brown roofing against the stone walls looks great.
    Landscaping: Great use of a variety of plants, we loved the use of the creeping thorns, dry rose bushes, brambles and scraggly trees to give the over grown and spooky look to the garden. Great use of terrain paints to give a natural and rough look. Nice variety of trees. Great decorations with the graveyard, seating, ghosts, cauldrons, lanterns and statues. The garden looks spooky, over grown and love the design with the iron fencing separating parts of the garden.
    Interior: Great interior, we love the antiqued and old style in the furnishings and decorations. Again the cracks in the walls showing its age and flows well with the exterior. The basement is fantastic and very creative, suited to this house for a high witch, we love the skeleton in the cell.
    Decorations: Fantastic decorating the house has character with all the cracks, cobwebs, spiders, brambles, tattered curtains, water stains etc.... adding to its spooky and scary theme. No area looks bare and every room is well decorated with detail.
    Creativity: Great creativity with the cell downstairs, area for doing her spells and witchcraft, specimans and skulls, creative design, graveyard and large cauldron area. Spooky looking top room with skeletons looking out the windows. Unique look and creative decorating.
    I feel your ready to venture up to the experienced level seeing a lot of improvement in all areas especially your landscaping. We have bumped you up for this challenge as we feel this house is to good for inter level.
    "Low-Lying Palm Plant" in front garden is sticking into "Mega Garden Lamp"
    "Winged Imp Gargoyle" on fence corner has dropped and is now sticking into fencing
    "Love Is In The Air Seat" on front porch is sticking into wall
    One of the "Parlour Trix Paper Lanterns" looks to be floating in mid air
    The interior seems a bit mix matched with the red and pale pink with the purple choosing either the red or pink would have flowed a bit nicer.
    The red rug also looks out of sync with the rest of the house in the bedroom

    @steskens xu6cded.png
    What a great looking house and has a great spooky vibe about it
    Exterior: The exterior of the house is great, we love the roofing and roof decoration, great choice in window types and the night view looks amazing. Good idea to include some bramble and cracks on the walls it shows the house has been here for quite a while.
    Landscaping: Nice landscaping though be careful when clumping larger leaf plants as they look unnatural sticking through each other. Nothing looks bare and some nice detail with the terrain paint. The cemetery is the perfect addition to any spooky house and it looks fantastic. Great decorations with the statues and nice variety of trees around the garden.
    Interior: The interior looks fantastic and flows really well, we love that you included an old garage re used into a functional room. The furnishings look great and have that great antique and old look. Perfect for a vampire who could be hundreds of years old. We love the big walk in wardrobe off from the main bedroom and great to see a coffin bedroom as well.
    Decorations: We love all the amazing detail in making the house look old with all the cracks, cobwebs, chipping and holes on the walls. The candles used as lighting through out double up as great decoration with their antique style. Every room has a nice amount of decoration. The basement looks fantastic the cell was a great idea, we wonder if this vampire tortured his prisoners with his horrible organ playing lol.
    Creativity: Great creativity with the basement and also with the fantastic cemetery.
    This house really suits a vampire and we felt you really showed that well in your decorating. It captured the spooky feeling and look very well especially after seeing the dead body in the basement.
    Challenge requirement was for a residential lot type, your entry is set as generic.
    Make sure there is a clear path to the mailbox.
    The first floor room feels a bit wasted and without a purpose some creativity could have been put into the room to make it spooky without it being accessible.
    There is no toilet paper in the cell toilet though we thought that could of been done as part of the torturing lol.

    @Ainsleyf vewJ0w4.png
    What a spectacular and spooky house.
    Exterior: The house on stilts looks spectacular, such a great design. The roofing looks great and the choice in wall coverings mixes perfectly together. All the overgrown Ivy and brambles looks great decoration the exterior and shows just how old this house is.
    Landscaping: Wow what amazing detail on the landscaping it looks spectacular. We loved all the detail in the terrain paint as well as the vast variety of plants, rocks and trees. The skulls on posts are terrifying why any sim would enter this place after seeing them is beyond us. The pond looks so natural and fantastic we loved the red tinge to it all with the plants and water and the bubbles and steam just make it plain eerie. We love that you included a veggie garden and also a fully grown cow plant, perfect for this theme.
    Interior: The interior is perfect for someone as evil and twisted as Baba Yaga, we love all the wood with the floors and walls but also the furnishings. The design and layout is fantastic for such a small house and very easy to play with.
    Decorations: The decorating is amazing inside and out, your really captured your theme perfectly. No area is bare and we love all the creepy clutter and decorations placed through out the house. Great to see flowers, plants and produce planted in the planter boxes and a cow plant grown. All the shelving filled with lovely items that just add to the weird and spooky theme and all the great specimans in jars lying around really show how evil this house owner is.
    Creativity: The house oozes creativity from placing a lattice over the bathroom mirror, bookcase placed in the counters and the great creative design on stilts.
    This was so fun to explore and definitely one of the most creepiest we have seen this challenge, so much wonderful detail and decoration and oozes creativity.
    "Alien Shrub" is sticking into "A Lonely Post" and "Hipster Rock Duo"
    2 x "Dry Rosh Bush", "Dry Pine Tree" and enlarged "Unkempt Shubbery, Wide" are sticking into "Ladder-Style Horizontal Fencing"
    2 x "Alien Root" is sticking into "Holder Upper Pillar" columns
    "Alien Root" is sticking into "Stone of Versatility"
    "Antiqued Metal Milk Jug With Branch" is sticking into bathroom wall
    Don't forget to leave at least one counter bare in the kitchen to prepare meals as our sim was preparing inside the bookcase.
    Quite dark at night and we would of loved to see some eerie lighting used on the house and garden.
    I think you took on an even tougher challenge rebuilding something old as its harder to find placement errors than to build avoiding them. With so much dense landscaping I think you did a great job as that would of have been crazy to fix up.

    @Paigeotto xu6cded.png
    What an amazing grand old house that really does ooze that dark elegance.
    Exterior: The exterior looks amazing what a fantastic design and great exterior wall and roof decorations. We love the balconies and their furnishings, great mix of window types and wow what an amazing night view though some of the garden is a little dark.
    Landscaping: Quite simple yet looks beautiful with great use of terrain paint to give the natural look and also a great mix of different plants, rocks and decorations. We love the tall pine trees against the tall house. The little fountain in the corner looks great, we love the arch leading to a small cemetery and also the scattered graves placed through out the garden was great decoration also and adding an eerie feel.
    Interior: Great looking interiors through out with that elegance, we love the colors in the wall coverings getting darker as you get higher up the house and the red dining and kitchen was great to break up the grey and browns so that it didn't look to plain and colorless. Great antique style with all the wood furnishings. Great activities through out the house and we love the odd cobwebs adding to the age of the building.
    Decorations: Great decorations though the house is a little big for the budget you did a nice job of adding some decorations to each room and throughout the garden. The plants add a great touch of color in the more darker and plain colored rooms
    Creativity: We loved the hidden coffin in the bedroom and the fantastic theme building the house around Lestat de Lioncourt. We felt you did a fantastic job with the style and dark elegance to suit him. Great patio and balcony roofing we thought it was creative and unique to add the lattice roofing.
    The house definitely has a spooky vibe and we wouldn't want to visit as fear of ending up in one of those graves.
    We like to see wall coverings on fountain and pools to make them realistic, we found your fountain was lacking any wall covering.
    "Water Reeds" are sticking into fence foundation.
    The plasma fruit in the planter box cant be planted as they grow to big and wouldn't fit on the porch.
    We do suggest building a smaller house to help with the limited budget as some rooms felt a little overly spacious and lacking some decoration which we felt was due to building so large.
    When placing planter pots we suggest planting something in them in play mode as it will help with decoration scores.

    Continued below....
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    @Laebeth xu6cded.png
    Exterior: What and old grand looking house, you did a great job decorating the exterior with cracks, holes and tears which shows this place is abandoned. Great design we really liked the porches and balcony and nice subtle lighting at night.
    Landscaping: The landscaping is very simple though shows signs of neglected with the dead trees, creeping thorns and dry rosh bushes. The pond looks great and very natural
    Interior: The interior looks great, the style looks lovely for a run down abandoned old house which is amplified by the amount of detail in the wall decorations of cracks, holes and tears. Great use of different wall coverings which flow quite well and a great layout and design which is very easy to play.
    Decorations: Even though you mentioned the house was a little less detailed and decorated the interior is done quite well. Nothing looks quite bare inside with having some decoration and a little clutter while the cracks, cobwebs, holes and tears help with the detail through out.
    Creativity: We didn't see a lot of eye catching creativity but we did love the joined bookcases and your creative placement with all the cobwebs. We also thought it was a creative theme building an abandoned house but we didn't see any proof it was haunted.
    We felt this house was perfectly ready for a ghost to move in and haunt it just needs a for rent sign out the front .
    We felt the landscaping was a bit under detailed even for the abandoned theme, maybe some more terrain paint detail with some dirt around to show a rough and neglected lawn and some more variety in plants around.
    The balcony and porch felt to bare, making the build a bit smaller would have allowed some more budget into decorating.
    It didn't quite feel so scary or haunted except for all the cobwebs which made us feel like a horde of spiders was going to jump on us. Maybe adding a ghost here and there to show its haunted would of scared us more.

    @emere xu6cded.png
    We see you said this place was nice place by day but warned against visiting at night, we think even during the day time it is super scary.
    Exterior: This shack is amazing what a great design surrounding it with murky water and raising it up on stilts. We love the use of under the shack for more living space and having the sleeping area up top, also the use of the basement as more living space is amazing it was fun to explore this build.
    Landscaping: Absolutely fantastic detail with the terrain paint and the variety of plants, rocks, trees and decorations through out. Wonderful idea to use harvestable plants through out the garden as flowers.
    Interior: Great interior the furnishings and style is perfect for this shack and the basement design and style looks very natural and built into fit and flow with its surroundings. The different textures in the wall and floors worked so well together.
    Decorations: Fantastic decorations through out from in the water the scary skulls on the posts which would certainly ward off any unwelcome visitors. You definitely nailed the scary requirement on this challenge with your decorations. The basement felt very creepy with the ghostly gnomes, spiders and skeletons. The meditation room would be very calming for a voodoo master with the great crystal feature and underground pond, I wonder if he found the rising skeleton calming lol.
    Creativity: Amazing creativity even down to little touches like the fish swimming in the water, the underground red pond with skeleton, the skeletons coming out of the graves, flying bats, ghosts, male mannequin and enlarged doll and so much more. Great use of chimneys in the basement to make smoke around the graves.
    Fantastic build with amazing creativity and plenty for activities like fishing, pumpkin carving and wood working. Overall a very spooky build for your theme and chosen character, any sim would be wary to see whats in the basement with the Grim Reaper and Catrina Doll guarding its entrance.
    There was a piece of grey roofing sticking out of the back of the roof that looked odd and could have been deleted.
    The toilet chimneys could have been easily fixed by holding ALT and moving the toilets slightly forward away from the wall (they wouldn't be in the middle of the room if moved with ALT)

    @chips46 xu6cded.png
    The floating house for Jack Skellington looks fantastic
    Exterior: Great design it really looks like his house, we love the roofing and the shutter style windows. The back balcony looks like a great place for Jack to entertain any guests.
    Landscaping: What a fantastic garden and great use of terrain paint. Great variety of different plants, stones, trees and decorations giving a great unique look to this spooky garden. We loved some of the whimsy in the garden like the skeleton with a pumpkin head and the pumpkin with hair. The garden looked fantastic with smoke all over (even if a bit much) when the chimneys were lit - made it feel extra spooky at night especially when all the caldrons were turned on along with the lit decorations
    Interior: Amazing interior we love the style, colors and furniture choices you made to decorate this house. This just oozes Halloween in every way. Great design and layout which is very easy to play with.
    Decorations: Amazing decorations the only place feeling a little lacking was the upper floors exteriors but the rest was spot on. We loved all the great pumpkin and skull themed objects. The winged Llama's house looks fantastic especially with the cross. We loved all the decals used to create tears, holes and cracks in the walls and everything is well cluttered with lots of detail in decorations.
    Creativity: We cant remember the last time you didn't top your creativity scores and we love exploring all your entries to see new and exciting things. We were not sure what Jack was going to do in the science lab but it sure did add a whole new level of creepiness to the place.
    Fantastic activities around the build which is great for Jack.
    A wonderful build for Jack Skellington and has plenty of pumpkins around for the "pumpkin king" and it was a nice touch to give him a pet as true to the story.
    We would have liked a touch more lighting around the woodworking table, easel and chess table at night.
    The exterior walls were lacking a some decoration on the top floors, even some exterior lights to give an eerie night view would of decorated them enough.
    We feel it might have been a bit over kill with the chimneys in the ground making so much smoke that you couldn't really see anything in the gardens.

    @withlovejulien xu6cded.png
    Exterior: What an impressive build! The sheer size of it would leave any Sim visiting hesitant to knock on the door. Well done on getting the roofing to fit the odd shape of the house.
    Landscaping: The garden was simple but still creepy with the dead plants and trees. Nice use of terrain paint
    Interior: The interior matched The Munsters theme with all the cobwebs and the damaged walls that were portrayed in the series. The overall feel of the home was Victorian with a few modern furnishings that worked well together. There were plenty of activities for everyone which was an added bonus. The dark brown, black and red colours worked well together
    Decorations: The house was well decorated with lots of furnishings as well as clutter. We were very impressed with how nothing looked bare with such a large house on a limited budget. All the cobwebs looked great adding to the spooky vibe though it did make us feel like a horde of spiders lived here and we weren't sticking around to see them.
    Creativity: We loved the creative touches of adding bats above door frames and on the fireplace and dragon sculptures to the staircase. We also liked that you created your own four poster bed. The turret was a great place to sit and look out to the center of Forgotten Hollow.
    Fantastic house with a great theme, who didn't love the Munsters, great design, decorating and creativity.
    You listed a 30x30 lot on your entry form as lot built on, we weren't sure which actual lot you built on, make sure to check on maps for correct name.
    There is a glass sticking into the computer in the boys bedroom
    Would have like to have seen some lighting on the back of the house for night time
    "Small Victorian candle Chandelier" poking though wooden slats on four poster bed
    The modern lighting in the upstairs bathrooms looked out of place
    The pink bedroom looked out of place compared to the rest of the build

    @lsnishi vewJ0w4.png
    What a wickedly evil looking house.
    Exterior: & Landscaping: This build really shines at night! the orange lighting around the house and the bright green ponds look fantastic together, well done! You certainly had some creepy factor with the overgrown graveyard and the house walls all torn up. We loved the use of terrain paint for the pathway and to highlight all the ponds, graveyard and gardening area.
    Interior: The interior had a great layout for a small space, open yet cozy. While the interior was dark it was great that you brought in colour with the decorations and furnishings. We also loved that you keep it in an older style with no "modern" technology.
    Decorations: The house was well decorated for a witch and we hope this one likes spiders! Another nice touch was to use all candle lighting inside as well as the hidden door to get in the basement...
    Creativity: Speaking of the basement, wow! this is one creepy place. Not sure why this witch is conjuring up ghostly gnomes but we judges were out of there quick smart. Before running out of there we did notice that huge pentagram and the frog and potion lined walls and of course the cell in the corner. We won't be coming back here in a hurry!
    Fantastic house overall and definitely scary.
    There was a few things mentioned on the entry form that could have been fixed by moving things slightly and still would have achieved the same look. Make sure you fully test and move things around as you will be critiqued if we are able to make them work.
    Could light the fireplace because coffee table was too close
    The two pumpkins at the front could have been raised slightly to make it look more "clean" without the pale flowers leaves poking right through them.
    6 x “Mega Garden Lamp (Hanging)” could have been moved slightly so they weren’t sticking into the branches of the “Birch Tree Room Divider”
    Cobweb is going into "Hanging Warewolf Wall Jumper"

    @Oliana WPBu687.png
    Talk about chosen a scary theme who isn't scared of Pennywise.
    Exterior: The exterior of the house looked run down with all the thorns, tears and "Nothing To Fear" wall covering. Fantastic design with great roofing and we love the little crypt style entrance. We loved the little turret style tower attached to the house.
    Landscaping: The creepy looking garden with it's overgrown pond, dead trees/plants and the little shed out the back makes it certainly no place for a Sim to be entering. Nice use of terrain paint and great variety in the plants and trees used in the garden. Fantastic murky looking pond that looks very natural.
    Interior: The interior was executed nicely withe the dark grey and red colours. We loved all the tears, rips, cracks, spider webs and water marks throughout the entire build. The layout was nicely done seeing as the house is quite large, the way you sectioned it off made it feel more homely.
    Decorations: The house was nicely decorated for someone like Pennywise with lots of creepy skeletons, pumpkins and skulls. We also loved that you kept the furnishings antique to go with the story of "IT". Nothing felt bare with every area being decorated perfectly. With all those cobwebs we were sure a horde of spiders lived in here but we didn't hang around to find out.
    Creativity: We certainly loved the theme for this build and we're sure Pennywise would feel quite at home here. The float chamber was an excellent idea and certainly had a creepy factor with all of the toys scattered everywhere. Perhaps some child mannequins would have really pumped up the scary factor.
    Overall a fantastic house we loved the scary theme and the way you portrayed it in the house, great decorating, design and creativity. Just need to be careful with placement.
    "Reflective Caustion Zone Warning Sign" has dropped
    No chimney on lot for fireplace
    A few lights in the garden would have been nice - you could dim the lighting to still have a creepy effect
    "Creeping Thorns" going through roofing of outside building
    4 x “Not-Grass Grass” sticking through walls in outside building and through piping
    2 x”Green Green Grass” going right through tree trunks
    “Dry Forest fern” cutting into tree trunk
    3 x “Dry rose bush” poking up through foundation trim
    Enlarged “Tiny Bramble Patch” sticking into table at the entrance
    “Curtains Of The Shadowsmiths” sticking into “Pretty sitter”
    “Cu Cu Cachoo Skull” sticking into portrait
    Enlarged “Tiny Bramble Patch” sticking through counters in basement
    More than 15 placement errors which we stop looking after we find 15. Even though there is mention on your entry form we must still critique solid items sticking into others as its one thing we are strict on in this competition. The overgrown dilapidated feel could still be achieved while still having good placement.
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
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    As a treat for Halloween I have decided to award everyone the win for this sim challenge you all did such an amazing job creating creepy and scary characters and will be giving everyone a maxis nomination.

    Winners of challenge 54
    Hag by @JosieAnglin
    Ernst by @kimartist
    The Whitlock Widow by @Laebeth
    Dream Killer by @CaramelLibra29
    Jack Skellington by @chips46
    Baba Yaga and Vasilisa by @Ainsleyf

    Congratulations everyone.

    Feedback is in no particular order.

    The aspirations and traits we were looking for are:

    General Feedback:
    Everyone did a spectacular effort creating creepy characters for Halloween, we were very impressed with your creativity.

    ✶✶ JosieAnglin sim entry form ✶✶ kimartist sim entry form ✶✶ Laebeth sim entry form ✶✶ CaramelLibra29 sim entry form ✶✶
    ✶✶ chips46 sim entry form ✶✶ Ainsleyf sim entry form ✶✶
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    I saw your link to this thread in the Gazette thread @Cbear13 but once again, I didn't get any notification from you tagging me in this thread. I wonder if something is wonky with notifications right now... You might want to contact people individually (although I know it's a pain). I won't be able to participate in this round, but I'll keep an eye on the thread for future challenges. More competition threads = more challenges, more variety, and more fun, so I'm all for it. :)
    Visit my blog to see my creations: or search the gallery by my OriginID or #bryscreations
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    Challenge 54 ~ Halloween!:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Voodoo Shack
    Exp ~ @leashahampton ~ Wicked Witch Way
    Int ~ @Liz_GoBucks ~ Dilapidated Vampire Lair

    Challenge 53 ~ Garden Gazebo:
    Adv ~ @chips46 ~ Mystical Garden
    Exp ~ @Laebeth ~ Tropical Oasis
    Int ~ @kimartist ~ Romance In The Air

    Challenge 52 ~ Toddler's Play Park:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Little Pirates Park
    Exp ~ @Laebeth ~ Pirate's Cove Play Park
    Int ~ @coolsim9999999 ~ Space-themed Birthday and
    @lisalittlesimmer ~ Toddlers and Animals

    Challenge 51 ~ Alphabet House:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Letter X & Friends
    Exp ~ @popettypop2012 ~ The Letter P House
    Int ~ @leashahampton ~ Super S Sanctuary

    Challenge 50 ~ Color Combination:
    Adv ~ @withlovejulien ~ Groovy Mid-Century Pad 3b
    Exp ~ @MyFavoritedesign ~ =Celebrity Home=
    Int ~ @lisalittlesimmer ~ Blossom Dream

    Challenge 49 ~ Adventure City:
    Adv ~ @withlovejulien ~ Main Street
    Exp ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Oasis Springs Fun Park
    Int ~ @coolsim9999999 ~ City Adventure Land + Sea

    Challenge 48 ~ Community Garden:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Steampunk Gardening
    Exp ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Zen Community Garden
    Int~ @undressyourbones ~ Community Garden

    Challenge 47 ~ Full House:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Hotaru Family House
    Exp ~ @steskens ~ Full House 3rd Street
    Int~ @CaramelLibra29 ~ Floridian Oasis

    Challenge 46 ~ Bungling Burglar:
    Adv ~ @chips46 ~ Freddy's Creepy Hideout
    Exp ~ @lsnishi ~ Rogue's Den
    Int ~ @phantasmkiss ~ Freddy's Place

    Challenge 45 ~ Party Under the Stars:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ The Beach Club Lounge
    Exp ~ @withlovejulien ~ Starstrider Lounge
    Int ~ @CaramelLibra29 ~ Jupiter Lounge

    Challenge 44 ~ We're Expecting:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Organic
    Exp ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Their First Family Home
    Int ~ @lsnishi ~ And Baby Makes 3

    Challenge 43 ~ The Bar & Bowl:
    Adv ~ @gmcrozier ~ Rock -N- Bowl
    Exp ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Por Siempre Bowl and Bar
    Int ~ @withlovejulien ~ Fireball Bowling

    Challenge 42 ~ The Burger Joint:
    Adv ~ @chips46 ~ Riley's Burger Joint
    Exp ~ @steskens ~ Clive Burger
    Int ~ @Don_Oello ~ Surfer Shake-Up

    Challenge 41 ~ The Beach House:
    Adv ~ @masajo ~ Surf 'n' Turf and
    ~ @chips46 ~ Sea Breeze
    Exp ~ @jhgkjhgkjh ~ The Riptide
    Int ~ @bokylie1 ~ Surfers Paradise

    Challenge 40 ~ Gym Junkies:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Industrial Gym
    Exp ~ @Melly20x ~ Modern Gym-Center
    Int ~ @Don_Oello ~ Newcrest Fitness Factory

    Challenge 39 ~ Will You Marry Me?:
    Adv ~ @Rostri-Jodu ~ Italian Water Gardens
    Exp ~ @steskens ~ Aimer L'eau
    Int ~ @popettypop2012 ~ All About Romance

    Challenge 38 ~ Dracula Jnr:
    Adv ~ @lisa17ann ~ Lavish Lair
    Int ~ @popettypop2012 ~ A Vampire Cottage

    Challenge 37 ~ Toddler Tot Station:
    Adv ~ @Rostri-Jodu ~ Rainbow Connection Care
    Exp ~ @solvorsh ~ Dotty's Toy Blocks
    Int ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Tiny Tots Daycare

    Challenge 36 ~ Rich & Famous:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Shadows Penthouse
    Exp ~ @Rostri-Jodu ~ Henry's Skytop Suite
    Int ~ @popettypop2012 ~ A View From the Top

    Challenge 35 ~ Christmas Spirit:
    Adv ~ @BreezyBlue022 ~ The Holiday Home
    Exp ~ @Rostri-Jodu ~ Dicken's Delight
    Int ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Christmas Lights

    Challenge 34 ~ The Art House:
    Adv ~ @BreezyBlue022 ~ Obsidian Arts Center
    Exp ~ @Liziann1 ~ Tranquility
    Int ~ @solvorsh ~ Dark In Deep Red Gallery

    Challenge 33 ~ Opposites Attract:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Modern Ice and Boho Fire
    Exp ~ @BreezyBlue022 ~ Green Zen and Woodsy A-frame
    Int ~ @solvorsh ~ Pastel Perfect and Shipped Container

    Challenge 32 ~ The Haunted House:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ Pennywise's Halloween
    Exp ~ @Liziann1 ~ Murdoch Manor
    Int ~ @solvorsh ~ Hutchins House

    Challenge 31 ~ The 3 Bears:
    Adv ~ @emere ~ The 3 Bears Log Cabin
    Exp ~ @Rostri-Jodu ~ Bearly There
    Inter ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Three Bears Cottage

    Challenge 30 ~ QC 1st Year Anniversary:
    Adv ~ @Emmp ~ Baraboom Nightclub
    Exp ~ @Rostri-Jodu ~ Club QC

    Challenge 29 ~ Futuristic:
    Adv ~ @gmcrozier ~ 823 Mann Avenue
    Exp ~ @steskens ~ Futuristic Earth
    Intermediate ~ @Soraya4sims ~ Futuristic home

    Challenge 28 ~ A Sultan's Oasis:
    Exp ~ @emere ~ The Moresque Oasis
    Intermediate ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Sultan's Holiday House

    Challenge 27 ~ Kiddy Care:
    Exp ~ @gmcrozier ~ Red Schoolhouse Daycare
    Intermediate ~ @UniSims ~ Sunside Center for Kids

    Challenge 26 ~ Granny's Cottage:
    Exp ~ @chips46 ~ Grandma's Cottage House
    Intermediate ~ @Qismat88 ~ Over the River

    Challenge 25 ~ Critics Choice:
    Exp ~ @chips46 ~ Seafood Restaurant & Bar
    @emere ~ The Nectary
    Intermediate ~ @Amiejaidenalbie_1988 ~ The Italian

    Challenge 24 ~ Invest In Me:
    Exp ~ @emere ~ The Bridgeport Tower
    Intermediate ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Apartments for Sale

    Challenge 23 ~ Asian Inspiration:
    Exp ~ @chips46 ~ Harmony Zen Peace Home
    Intermediate ~ @Amiejaidenalbie_1988 ~ Peaceful Zen

    Challenge 22 ~ The Witches At War:
    Exp ~ @emere ~ By The Swamp
    Intermediate ~ @Amiejaidenalbie_1988 ~ The Good Witches Cottage

    Challenge 21 ~ The Pub:
    Exp ~ @emere ~ Windenburg Pub
    Intermediate ~ @popettypop2012 ~ The Pub by the beach

    Challenge 20 ~ The Beast Within:
    Exp ~ @Twiggy ~ Ye ol' Horseshoe Hostel
    Intermediate ~ @emere ~ The Polar Bear Sanctuary

    Challenge 19 ~ The Smurfs:
    Exp ~ @crysk ~ Schlumpfhausen
    Intermediate ~ @chips46 ~ Smurf Village

    Challenge 18 ~ On top of the World:
    Exp ~ @Emmp ~ Futuristic
    Intermediate ~ @popettypop2012 ~ Modern Oasis Beach house

    Challenge 17 ~ World Leaders:
    Exp ~ @RivendellStar ~ Thailand Grand Palace
    Intermediate ~ @Brendy927 ~ Castle Fergus

    Challenge 16 ~ The Love Boat:
    Exp ~ @tounette56 ~ The Romantic Journey
    Intermediate ~ @popettypop2012 ~ The Loveboat

    Challenge 15 ~ Magical Theatre Park:
    Exp ~ @Oliana ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Intermediate ~ @mommataurus2 ~ Farting Out Fairies Park

    Challenge 14 ~ Birthday Bash:
    Exp ~ @RivendellStar ~ Pebblycat's Party Palace
    Intermediate ~ @crysk ~ Remote Fachwerk

    Challenge 13 ~ Let's Get Together:
    @Liziann1 ~ Percy Thrower's

    Challenge 12 ~ Merry Christmas:
    @lisa17ann ~ Tinkers Toy Shop

    Challenge 11 ~ Seasons:
    @lisa17ann ~ Spring Getaway

    Challenge 10 ~ Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous:
    @lisa17ann ~ Kurts Childhood Home

    Challenge 9 ~ QC Star Employees, Opt A and B:
    @Issabella14 ~ Suburban Modern
    @lovelylyssia095 ~ Lisa's Cottage Lisa's Cottage

    Challenge 8 ~ Trick or Treat TIE:
    @Issabella14 ~ Peak a Boo and
    @lisa17ann ~ Franks Fruit-n-Veg Stand

    Challenge 7 ~ Fantasy Movies Opt A and B:
    @lisa17ann ~ Putrid Pink Cottage and
    @BUTTONSGINGER ~ Pandora

    Challenge 6 ~ Pirate Town:
    @leotrixy ~ Pairets of Sunset Bay

    Challenge 5 ~ Creepy Creatures:
    @mommataurus2 ~ Temple of Athena?!

    Challenge 4 ~ Sky High:
    @lisa17ann ~ Cottage in the Clouds

    Challenge 3 ~ Island Getaway:
    @RivendellStar ~ Turtle Cove Island (Gallery Link)

    Challenge 2 ~ Fairies Favour:
    @Twiggy ~ Silvermoon Solace

    Challenge 1 ~ Wheel of Colour:
    @Pebblycat ~ Flamingo Pink (Gallery Link)

    Challenge 1 ~ Wheel of Colour Novice:
    @ShesVeryNice ~ Green with Envy (Gallery Link)
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  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    Wonderful idea @Cbear13, will definitely participate. I always play test my build but from now on I am going to make a point of adding #playtestest to my builds :)
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
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    Challenge 54 ~ Halloween!:
    All entrants shared the win

    Challenge 53 ~ Garden Gazebo:
    @coolsim9999999 ~ King Triton and Friends

    Challenge 52 ~ Toddler's Play Park:
    @Liz_GoBucks ~ The Booker Family and
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ The Jacobs Family and
    @Ainsleyf ~ Lee-Khim

    Challenge 51 ~ Alphabet House:
    @Ainsleyf ~ Hip to be Square

    Challenge 50 ~ Color Combination:
    @Laebeth ~ The Mackenzie Twins and
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ The Eleda Twins

    Challenge 49 ~ Adventure City:
    @Ainsleyf ~ The Party's Started

    Challenge 48 ~ Community Garden:
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ Spruce

    Challenge 47 ~ Full House:
    @flowerofavalon87 ~ Edwards
    @popettypop2012 ~ The Smiths

    Challenge 46 ~ Bungling Burglar:
    @phantasmkiss ~ Bungling Burglar
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ Freddie Coletti

    Challenge 45 ~ Party Under the Stars:
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ Luna Li (Pop Star)

    Challenge 44 ~ We're Expecting:
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ You +ME=3
    @popettypop2012 ~ Waiting for Baby

    Challenge 43 ~ The Bar & Bowl:
    @Ainsleyf ~ The Rolling Dead

    Challenge 42 ~ The Burger Joint:
    @Ainsleyf ~ Surfs Up

    Challenge 41 ~ The Beach House:
    @CaramelLibra29 ~ Swag Surfer

    Challenge 40 ~ Gym Junkies:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Stay Fit Friends

    Challenge 39 ~ Will You Marry Me?:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Love is In the Air

    Challenge 38 ~ Dracula Jnr:
    @Rostri-Jodu ~ Edvard's Entourage

    Challenge 37 ~ Toddler Tot Station:
    @Rostri-Jodu ~ Darling Doolittles

    Challenge 36 ~ Rich & Famous:
    @Don_Oello ~ Prince

    Challenge 35 ~ Christmas Spirit:
    @BreezyBlue022 ~ Season's Greetings

    Challenge 34 ~ The Art House:
    @kerplukee ~ Violet Mona

    Challenge 33 ~ Opposites Attract:
    @BreezyBlue022 ~ T&T Opposites Attract
    and @popettypop2012 ~ Opposites Attract

    Challenge 32 ~ The Haunted House:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Trick or Treat

    Challenge 31 ~ The 3 Bears:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Goldilocks

    Challenge 30 ~ QC 1st Year Anniversary:
    @Liziann1 ~ Dizzi's QC

    Challenge 29 ~ Futuristic:
    @steskens ~ Earth

    Challenge 28 ~ A Sultan's Oasis:
    @Xenami ~ Bosley

    Challenge 27 ~ Kiddy Care:
    @UniSims ~ Ala Maktoun

    Challenge 26 ~ Granny's Cottage:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Red Riding Hood

    Challenge 25 ~ Critics Choice:
    No entries

    Challenge 24 ~ Invest In Me:
    @Xenami ~ Croft

    Challenge 23 ~ Asian Inspiration:
    @Xenami ~ Zen

    Challenge 22 ~ The Witches At War:
    @chips46 ~ Good And Evil Witches

    Challenge 21 ~ The Pub:
    No entries

    Challenge 20 ~ The Beast Within:
    No entries

    Challenge 19 ~ The Smurfs:
    @crysk ~ Schlumpf

    Challenge 18 ~ On top of the World:
    @steskens ~ Beach y Friends

    Challenge 17 ~ The World Leaders:
    @Twiggy ~ Rutte

    Challenge 16 ~ The Love Boat:
    @popettypop2012 ~ The Lovebirds

    Challenge 15 ~ Magical Theatre Park:
    @chips16 ~ Fairy Musical Company

    Challenge 14 ~ Birthday Bash:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Pebblycat's Party People

    Challenge 13 ~ Let's Get Together:
    @MarkHarris17 ~ The Sunshine Squad

    Challenge 12 ~ Merry Christmas:
    @MarkHarris17 ~ Naughtynice Twins

    Challenge 11 ~ Seasons:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Mother Nature

    Challenge 10 ~ Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Sim:
    @popettypop2012 ~ Coldplay

    Challenge 9 ~ QC Star Employees, Sim:
    @Twiggy ~ Lovely Lisa

    Challenge 8 ~ Trick or Treat Sim:
    @mommataurus2 ~ Doctor Facilier

    Challenge 7 ~ Fantasy Movies Sim:

    Challenge 6 ~ Pirate Town Sim:
    @Liziann1 ~ Huckabee Pirates

    Challenge 5 ~ Creepy Creatures Sim:
    @BUTTONSGINGER ~ Jack Skellington

    Challenge 4 ~ Sky High Sim:
    @mommataurus2 ~ Retired Fairy Godmother

    Sim Challenge 2 ~ Fairies:
    @Rostri-Jodu ~ Faire Fellowship
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  • pronteruspronterus Posts: 1,899 Member
    Interesting challenge! I might be able to think of something
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
    Awesome @pronterus cant wait to see what you come up with
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  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,735 Member
    This looks fun! I'll give it a try if I can! :)

  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,304 Member
    @Cbear13 Great idea Hun, wishing you all the best, thanx for the invite to judge :) but I really have a full plate and won't be able to judge. <3
  • PebblycatPebblycat Posts: 818 Member
    I saw your new competition not long after you posted it and I think it's great :) fantastic idea to put time conversions for everyone :)
    My brain is ticking away for some ideas so I'll see if I can come up with something
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
    edited September 2015
    @Pebblycat thanks hun glad you are joining in, I know not many aussies here and we are from the future over here in Australia I am happy to add a 1 or 2 other time conversions if anyone is struggling with it.
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
    Awesome @lisa17ann cant wait :)
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,683 Member
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
    No worries @pammiechick and thankyou I know what thats like I am trying to finish my school for 4sims4 I hope to get it finished in time, I plan to try get some more of it done tomorrow
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
    Lol @pammiechick its another out of my box build haha but it is getting there just taking some time
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  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 3,730 Member
    This sounds like a fun idea, @Cbear13! I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate in this first challenge but will certainly give it a try. One week is always hard for me... I'm such a s-l-o-w builder. :p
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 5,785 Member
    All good @WrathofCath I am a super slow builder so I know what you mean, I dont know how some people build so fast
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  • ManssomManssom Posts: 4,159 Member
    This looks super fun! :)
  • lovelylyssia095lovelylyssia095 Posts: 381 Member
    edited September 2015
    This sounds like an awesome challenge! I will get started on mine soon :smile:
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