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☆☆ Sims 4 Quality Control Contest ~ Challenge 74 up due (EST) 9th March ☆☆

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Welcome to my Sims 4 Quality Control Contest, this competition is a builders and designers contest. I love seeing how creative people can be and I have been a part of some wonderful competitions on these forums. I could only dream this competition becomes as popular as them but for now we will see how it goes.
My goal with this challenge is to see people improve, I started out having no idea how to build anything but a square box house. I started entering competitions and never dreamed I could build some of the things I have today, though I still have a lot to learn.
I see a lot of builds on the gallery that look wonderful on the outside but are lacking on the inside with decor or simply play ability with sims so this competition is all about Quality.
There is 3 parts to the Quality Control Contests
Quality Control Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)
Quality Control Monthly Contest
QC Create A Room Contest (Bi-weekly/fortnightly)

QC Competiton Guide
If you are new to the competitions or thinking about entering I highly suggest checking out the QC Competition Guide, it has tons of helpful information that pretty much explains what we look for in entries. It's kind of like cheating because we tell you what you need to win haha.
You can find it here: QC Competition Guide

Quality Control Practice Challenges are to help people learn about all aspects of building, decorating and landscaping. It is also a place for more experienced players to share their knowledge
Please check out the Quality Control Practice Challenges HERE

This competition challenge will run for 2 weeks each.
The challenges will specify the lot sizes and budgets but they will be between:
Lot sizes: 30x20 to 40x30
Budgets: 80k - 300k

You also have the option to enter just for fun without being judged, there will be no feedback. Just simply enter as an unofficial entry and share your amazing creations with us.

There are 4 levels you can enter in this contest:
Intermediate - For newer players and new people entering the qc competitions
players that tend to have placement issues, that are still learning the tips and tricks to placement and still learning to be really creative.
Experienced - For those players that have been building for a while, can use moo and ALT
have an understanding of placement and play ability and experiement with creativity
Advanced - For those more confident players that can be super creative, great attention to detail, little to no placement and play ability errors.
Unofficial - For those players who just want to have some fun, entries will not be judged.

We love our Novice (beginner) builders and we offer building tips and advice in our feedback to help you learn and improve, so please don't feel overwhelmed entering the only way to improve and learn is to jump and have a go. Novices please enter the Intermediate level and note on your entry form you are a novice.


If you would like to be a guest judge for 1 challenge please contact me through the mail.

The scoring system is awarded with stars.
All the entries will earn stars as follows
xu6cded.png5 Stars Less than 3 errors, great creativity and design and nailed the brief requirements
SvKFZyt.png4 Stars Less than 6 errors, great creativity and design and nailed the brief requirements
vewJ0w4.png3 Stars Up to 10 errors and/or failed 1 brief requirement
WPBu687.png2 Stars More than 10 errors and/or failed 2 or more brief requirements
RaIzZMi.png1 Star Lots of errors and failed 3 or more brief requirements

Errors being placement, play ability or general errors

Each challenge will describe the extra challenge requirements that will be scored on.

Scored out of 100
Interior - 10
(Styling, clutter etc)
Exterior - 10
(includes landscaping, exterior styling etc)
Challenge Requirements - 10
(Followed the brief)
Decoration/Clutter 0/10
(points taken off for bare areas)
Quality check 0/15
(includes sim necessities and unusable items/play ability)
Placement 0/15
(points taken off for items sticking through other items)
Creativity 0/15
(Out of the box ideas or themes)
Overall - 15

For placement and play ability errors 1 point will be deducted for each error, major errors may incur a higher deduction

All entries will receive a short feedback on where they need to improve or issues we found, you can request not to have this published in the thread, if you wish to have it sent privately please let me know before current challenge ends. Novice builders please note on your entry for as we will also supply building tips and a more indepth feedback for you to learn and improve.

If you are not within the challenge budget or on the right lot size requirements you will not be eligible to win the challenge.

Sim Challenge Scoring
Traits - 0/3
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(Specific traits are hinted at in brief of challenges)
Aspirations - 0/1
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(Specific aspirations are hinted at in brief of challenges)
Outfits - 0/5
(We look for style flowing and suiting brief)
Makeup - 0/3
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(For female sims we look for at least 3 different make up changes through outfits)
Hair styles - 0/3
Amount changes depending on required number of sims
(For all sim excluding toddlers and young children we look for at least 3 different hairstyle changes through outfits, length of hair and fringes must flow and be similar)
Accessories - 0/5
(We look for good use of accessories through most outfits)
Overall - 0/5

These are general rules and specific rules for each challenge will be posted with the write ups.
No Custom Content allowed – we want everyone to be able to play your wonderful creations.
Be polite and respectful when using this thread.
Standard cheats allowed bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.
1 entry per person per challenge.
Number 1 rule: HAVE FUN!

Maxis Nomination in the Maxis Thread - experienced and advanced levels only and earned 3 or more stars
Banner and Signature featuring your winning entry to post in your showcase.
A featured spot on QC Stars Wall of Fame
Guest judge on a challenge (optional)
Design a challenge for any of the QC comps (optional)

Judges Awards:
These awards will vary from week to week. Each judge will give out a judges award based on something that really impressed them during judging the entries. Everyone will be eligible for these awards except for the winner of the challenge.
Some examples of awards will be:
Best Landscaping
Most Improved Builder
Best Interior Design

So put on your creative caps and think outside the box to blow us away and win an award.

Current Challenge Post here
Challenge Results Post here
Sim Challenge Results Post here
QC Stars Wall of Fame here
QC Stars Sim Wall of Fame here

Past Challenges:
Challenge 1 - Wheel of Color
Challenge 2 - Fairies Favour
Challenge 3 - Island Getaway
Challenge 4 - Sky High
Challenge 5 - Creepy Creatures
Challenge 6 - Pirate Town
Challenge 7 - Fantasy Movies
Challenge 8 - Trick or Treat
Challenge 9 - Star Employees
Challenge 10 - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Challenge 11 - Seasons
Challenge 12 - Merry Christmas: Naughty or Nice
Challenge 13 - Lets get together
Challenge 14 - Birthday Bash
Challenge 15 - Magical Theatre Park
Challenge 16 - The Love Boat
Challenge 17 - World Leaders
Challenge 18 - On top of the World
Challenge 19 - The Smurfs
Challenge 20 - The Beast Within
Challenge 21 - The Pub
Challenge 22 - Witches at War
Challenge 23 - Asian Inspiration
Challenge 24 - Invest In Me
Challenge 25 - Critic's Choice
Challenge 26 - Granny's Cottage
Challenge 27 - Kiddy Care
Challenge 28 - A Sultan's Oasis
Challenge 29 - Futuristic
Challenge 30 - QC 1st Year Anniversary
Challenge 31 - The 3 Bears
Challenge 32 - The Haunted House
Challenge 33 - Opposites Attract
Challenge 34 - The Art House
Challenge 35 - Christmas Spirit
Challenge 36 - Rich and Famous
Challenge 37 - Toddler Tot Station
Challenge 38 - Dracula Jnr
Challenge 39 - Will You Marry Me?
Challenge 40 - Gym Junkies
Challenge 41 - The Beach House
Challenge 42 - The Burger Joint
Challenge 43 - The Bar & Bowl
Challenge 44 - We're Expecting
Challenge 45 - Party Under the Stars
Challenge 46 - Bungling Burglar
Challenge 47 - Full House
Challenge 48 - Community Garden
Challenge 49 - Adventure City
Challenge 50 - Color Combinations
Challenge 51 - Alphabet House
Challenge 52 - Toddler's Play Park
Challenge 53 - Garden Gazebo
Challenge 54 - Halloween!
Challenge 55 - Brindleton Pawspital
Challenge 56 - Christmas Trees
Challenge 57 - Holiday
Challenge 58 - The Proposal
Challenge 59 - Monuments
Challenge 60 - Into the Jungle
Challenge 61 - Getting Started
Challenge 62 - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Challenge 63 - A Mother's Love
Challenge 64 - The Ski Chalet
Challenge 65 - A Season of Living
Challenge 66 - Out of this World
Challenge 67 - Caribbean Escape
Challenge 68 - Stack them Up!
Challenge 69 - Halloween
Challenge 70 - Starting Small
Challenge 71 - Stars & Glamour
Challenge 72 - A Merry Christmas
Challenge 73 - Let's Celebrate!
Challenge 74 - My Love

I love hearing feedback good or bad to help improve this competition so please post or message me if you have some.

I hope you all enjoy The Sims 4 Quality Control Contest and feel free to spread the news.
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