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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    I enjoyed reading your posts on here. Today, I posted the first chapter of my Simlit to my blog. The story is called "The Guardian of Neverglade."

    -The Guardian of Neverglade, Chapter 1: Introduction-

    (Click spoiler to see pics)

    Jasmine Nakamura was a teenager living in Neverglade. While her father came from an Oriental background, her mother was born in Appaloosa Plains. She was dating Wesley Brackenridge, a redhead with European origins.

    Jasmine and her mother, along with the twins, possessed magical powers. Wesley discovered the truth one day when she used magic to defend him from bullies. The spell she used wasn't too harsh, although it made the bullies leave. Because magic was still widely misunderstood and feared in the human world, she wiped the bullies' memories of the spell.


    Harper and Sammy were energetic dogs who enjoyed exploring the neighborhood. They were close friends with each other, although Harper might consider having puppies with Sammy. She was a bernedoodle, while Sammy was a goldendoodle.


    Prudence and Kenshin, parents of three children, had a wonderful marriage together. Back in high school, when Kenshin was watching a musical, his attention had been fixated on her as she sang and played the guitar. He had asked her friends about her, and it didn't take long for her friends to set them up. After graduation, Prudence and Kenshin got married. While she rose to fame as a well-known guitarist, Kenshin achieved his lifetime goal of becoming a five-star chef.


    Saoirse and Preston, like their older sister, achieved good grades from working hard in school. People who knew the family expected them to follow in their parents' footsteps. But they might pursue different careers someday when they were older.

    To the people who didn't know the magical secrets of the Nakamuras, this family was a typical suburban household with two dogs. However, to the people they trusted the most with their secrets, their power came from an ancient bloodline.
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    @Sprottenham - nope, definitely NOT optimized for gaming. However, for the time being, it will do me just fine. The SSD means that there won't be a whole bunch of heat pumped through the chassis, it's just the CPU that I have to worry about: small frame, not a lot of room for the heat to dissipate from the processing unit.

    Now...for the bad news. Just found out that my HDD external has some rattling noises coming from it. Evidently it's been damaged. I have to recover the 3.5" HDD from my laptop to see if I can get the stuff off it... - if not, resuming the Legacy will be incredibly difficult since I will have to remake the characters. In that case...I may have to restart the legacy right from the beginning. :neutral:
    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Part 4)

    On other days, Haruo went swimming with River at the rec centre and it was nice to get in the cool water during the hot day. They splashed each other and challenged each other to breath holding contests which River usually won. The pool was nice on a hot day which served to cool them off. La Petite Shark Swimming Pool in town was a place to go if one wanted to go swimming and it was always fun to dive in and do laps of the pool.
    River would usually end up getting splashed in the face with pool-water by Haruo and River woudl playfully return the favour which always resulted in a water fight with more water getting splashed out of the pool and a reprimand by the pool safety monitor.
    And their breath holding contests were legendary insofar as length of time that River was able to hold her breath underwater. Nearly every time that they had an underwater breath holding contest, River won the match. Haruo always felt his lungs burning with the need for oxygen and he'd claw his way up to the surface, gasping for air when his face broke the surface.
    ...and it would be a very smug River McIrish that would break the surface, her hair drenched and a wide smile on her face, going, "I won..." and Haruo would gladly give his friend the win since his lungs were on fire.
    Famished, they both would head for Hogan's Diner, a little Sunset Valley based family owned chain of restaurants, which resembled the very early stages of McDonald's in its inception almost thirty-seven years earlier. The proprietor Demetrius Hogan was reputed to have made his first million simoleons as a result of franchising his sit-down concept restaurant as opposed to the drive-ins that dotted the landscape of 70s North America.
    After they ate, River and Haruo would have long conversations about what they were going to do the next day and made the most of every day that they had, whether it was summer holidays or whether it was during the school year. They would often do their homework outside of the school after classes in order to maximize the amount of time that they had together.
    The Summer Festival was usually in full swing just after school let out so spending time at the festival together was a must do for both. If Haruo was lucky he would get enough simoleons to get a decent amount of food at the fair. And of course Fiona would give her daughter plenty to enjoy the day. Haruo never asked to borrow any but River, being the generous soul she was always bought him an extra meal so that he wouldn't go hungry.

    Elementary school often was a hotbed for bullying and as one of only a few Asians in the school, he received a few mean glances as River always seemed to hang out with him by the swings offering them no opportunity to make their own introductions as River simply had no interest in any of them.
    Worst of the delinquents was VJ Alvi who was more than happy to try to beat him up. So that's when Yasunobu decided to send him to martial arts classes. It certainly didn't do well for his son to always feel as though he wasn't able to defend himself.

    Yasunobu was trying to develop a gardening business so he was not earning as much as the women in the house...and Mayumi made it a point of telling him so every single day. As usual Mayumi didn't care that her son was getting picked on and beaten up so she kept telling him what a spendthrift that Yasunobu was for wasting money on Haruo to take those martial arts lessons.
    It didn't matter that he was keeping the household running by cooking dinner and making sure that everything was clean and on top of that trying to make sure that his business got up off the ground. No, for Mayumi, it was who was bringing in the greater number of simoleons and to her, since he couldn't match her teacher's salary, Yasunobu, for all intents and purposes was a financial eunuch.
    So Yasunobu went ahead and headed to the bookstore and got gardening, cooking and handiness skillbooks so that he was able to do whatever he needed to do, all the while ignoring his shrew of a wife, who went and did as she wanted; haranguing anyone that she could get away with abusing.

    The years went by and elementary school was left behind as high-school beckoned. Haruo and River started high-school at an eight-twelve high-school which mid-way during the year transitioned to a 1-12 format (not true in Canada in real life as the social dynamics between elementary school and junior high are far to great to intermingle the age groups) and Sunset Valley High School became Sunset Valley Combined Educational School. Their school had the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the walls of each classroom and well, “O Canada” was sung at assembly “O Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love in all our sons command” No, it was truly “sons command” no political correctness had invaded the land during the 80s.

    VJ Alvi had tried his same old stunts try and gain street cred with the new kids in the school who had joined them from the feeder schools to create his own little gang to terrorize the school and of course the kids were bigger and tougher. However that wasn’t a good choice for VJ since Haruo had started training in kung fu; he was now a blue belt and those who had picked on him were loath to try it after seeing a rematch between Haruo and VJ and observing VJ get his rear end thoroughly beaten and handed to him. It had pretty much gone like this.

    “Hey, whatchoo lookin’ at...” VJ had mouthed off at him. “Do I have to turf ya again, eh?”
    “Try it, VJ...and you’ll measure your length in the dirt.” Haruo had warned him.
    “Kick your tail-feathers, man...chicken-poop.” VJ scoffed as he strutted towards him with an attitude, fists balling up.
    “Ya made of spare parts? Bud.” Haruo taunted him. “You’re so stupid you couldn’t roll a tire down a hill.”

    “Nice hair...your father cut it with a bowl?”

    “Haha...VJ...ya got more yaps than a Hong Kong telephone directory. Too bad your brain hasn’t caught up with your mouth, eh.”
    It wasn't certain who swung first, but after the first swing, it was all over.
    VJ may have been good with his fists, but Haruo made him understand in no uncertain terms via physical reinforcement that he tired of VJ's baloney. It was also a brutal warning to guys like Parker Langerak and Ethan Bunch that he was capable of putting those two on their derrieres should they attempt to try to start anything with him. It also had the added effect of nullifying the instances of anyone attempting to pick on him as they knew if they started something with Haruo; Haruo would end it.

    End part 4
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    @Nikkei_Simmer I enjoyed your update!
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    @Sims4MagicalTales - Thanks.

    I just loaded up my Sims 3 on my 1TB SSD... HOLY SCHMOKIES... That thing loads so freakin' fast, my head is spinning. Since I also have to remake my River McIrish, I decided to do so and play a test game. I'll edit this post later and show you all exactly what I did with the BASE River McIrish from the game. :)


    She WILL be stunning again...

    ...and I redid Haruo...

    Of course, because my HDD external appears to have something rattling around that has caused a major problem (I also have a missing cord - that HDD may not be salvageable. I will more than likely have to do something about it with salvaging my HDD from my laptop and putting THAT in a case and hopefully recovering the files from there.
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    Do you think they are like a couple (actually siblings)

    Yin. Awwwwwwwwwwww

    I think Mogure is better for this effect
    Tomie Kawakami

    Escape Plan Yin and Shuangjian. Shade and FrostSword.

    A cutie wizard ghost Shuixian Chunyu. His given name is "Daffodils". I don't know why it's a bit embarrassing to type his given name in pinyin
    He may be the ancestor of Chunyus. Chunyus not only has a special surname but also has a special ancestor :)
    Entrance to the abyss
    It's a scratch-off ticket
    There's a "_" in my usename. My usename is Shadow_Assassin, not ShadowAssassin or others

    Sometimes it's not me who talks to you, it's machine translation
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    Hello everybody! I'm not really around as I'm playing some other game at the moment, but I took a short break with some random game I started in Sunset Valley today, so I though I'd drop in for a moment. Great updates everyone.

    @bekkasan I wouldn't worry too much about your computer, as long as this doesn't happen all the time. Starting the computer in safe mode, doing absolutely nothing there, exit and restart normally is a tried and true method to fix issues where the graphics driver decides not to work anymore. At least in my experience, as I have done so a few times over the years.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Awesome you got a replacement solution. I hope everything turns out reasonably well for you. I should probably look into some replacement, too, given my computer will be 11 soon (how fast they grow up... :lol: ).

    @Everyone else: I'm happy you are mostly having fun. :smile:

    As I said, it's more or less just a short throwaway game, which probably won't go anywhere. I don't think I edited anyone else than the small household. Marvin Dent has the "perfect garden" LTW, and I managed to finish that one within a few days. He doesn't have many friends yet, as gardening isn't overly social. He met Agnes Crumplebottom though. She calls from time to time, but I don't have the feeling this is going anywhere.
    He met Madison VanWatson at the consignment store. The two autonomously behaved like glued together, so after a short while, they had a maxed relationship. That's original Madison, only slimmed down by SP, as usual.
    Xander got kicked out by his parents (seems to happen quite often in my games) and ended up living in Marvin's house. I thought fulfilling his lifetime wish at university would be fun, so I had them do the test.
    However, today the game told me that Xander had fulfilled his LTW. Color me surprised. He got the points, so I won't complain, but I have no idea what happened. He sure wasn't dating around.

    Given his wonderful personality (Hot-headed, Inappropriate, Commitment Issues, Mooch, Party Animal) it's hard to have any conversation with him that doesn't horribly derail. Then the game tried to make things interesting by giving him the first celebrity task:
    I had to laugh so hard. Those two can't exchange two words without blowing up. No, game, I may be up to a challenge once in a while, but this is just Mission Impossible. Anyway, I disabled the celebrity system for good (except for a few careers).

    Do I want to play this further? We don't really need to go to university now. Xander was supposed to get a Technology degree to get his hands on that machine to get his temper sorted out. However, on Marvin's first trip to the consignment store to consign some produce, he spotted a tiberium, and the cut yielded four piles of dust. This means they're already rich now, and he can just buy the deluxe version.

    Not sure I'll ever go on with this, but it was fun while it lasted. See ya, everybody :smile: !
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    A few more pictures from my test-game...while I start rebuilding my game... ~sigh~... I miss my "gorgeous River"...but River is beautiful regardless... :smiley:
    A bouquet of red flowers to give to her.
    The obligatory smooch... :D
    ~flirt~. :D
    Just so you know; no graphics card on this, but the graphics chip is cranked up to Ultra on most settings.
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    @Nikkei_Simmer River sure is beautiful!
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    I started a spin-off legacy based on a friend's story and I'm loving it!
    I brought back Scott and Lily Delaney, but they're not dating or living together..... yet. They already had one date which ended in their first kiss!
    Scott is a Spellcaster and Gillian is a non-supernatural sim.
    Origin ID
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
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    Yes, I got some cc for River. :) And now I got her decked out the way I wanted her - maybe not as stunning as the one in my avatar...but close enough.
    River's normal every-day attire. Sintiklia Mary lashes, Praline sims lipstick, I love this hair from Nightcrawler (I downloaded mainly Nightcrawler hairs this time around)
    Evening out - Nightcrawler hair (looks almost like 80s hair). dress by Billsims - yep...his stuff is AWE-...some...
    After a day at La Petite Shark Swimming Pool - River... a nice wet-look hairstyle from again, "Nightcrawler" and of course the skimpiest EA bathing suit I could find. ~evil smirk~
    EA attire. ~smirk~ EA hair, one of the few I like. Hey, it's winter...she's gonna be in what's comfortable for the weather.
    I also managed to corral Bebe...and aged her up to the same age as River (Bebe is actually older in Canon, I believe).
    She's a little TOO excited at the prospect of a lamp and a double bed. :D
    River is annoyed at the chess pieces. Well, she's practicing and thus playing herself. That's a bit of a problem, isn't it?
    And...Holly Alto...she's sitting on the bench, enjoying her afternoon. I guess she's also wondering where her best friend Bebe went to. Well...Bebe's still enjoying the book "Commitment Issues" back home. She's rooming with Haruo, Phil and River. :p I may stick her with Noel. :p

    As you can tell by the multitude of pictures, I'm dumping on the're probably well aware of the fact that I'm SOOOOOO happy to be back posting "new" pictures this time around.
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    I am enjoying the story of River and Haruo. I remember most of it. Your storytelling skills were awesome.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Right now there are 82 blog posts for that story. Don't be deterred by the number of posts. The majority of them are short reads.
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    The Guardian of Neverglade sounds interesting. I can't wait to read more.

    So sorry to hear that your external drive is rattling. Hopefully, you will be able to recover the files from both the external drive and the 3.5 drive from your laptop, or at least something from one of them, so you don't have to start from scratch.

    Just a suggestion. If it's possible, you may want to limit you FPS to 60 to avoid burning out your graphics chip. Would hate to see that happen.

    Your "new" River and Haruo are looking very good! Bebe Hart and Holly Alto look great as well.

    You haven't flooded the forums yet. :lol:

    Madison VanWatson looks great in your game. Yeah, I don't think Xander and Jarod Frio could be friends or even amiable acquaintances.

    Can you use the science machine to clone tiberium? I've never tried.

    Glad to hear that your new legacy has you excited. Between Scott the spellcaster and Lily learning alchemy, they've got most situations covered.

    Non-supernatural Sim? Is Lily a Supernatural skeptic or merely human?
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    @texansky Thanks for the comments :smile: .
    texansky wrote: »
    Madison VanWatson looks great in your game.
    She's just the vanilla version. SP put her in the military though, and I guess that made her lose some weight.
    texansky wrote: »
    Can you use the science machine to clone tiberium? I've never tried.
    Yes, you can :smile: . This was too early for any science shenanigans though. However, I had placed a gem cutter at the consignment store, which produced four times tiberium dust. While the original cut bugged out and didn't grow, the dust piles all became large crystals, which are worth roughly 40k each. Which is enough to jump start investments etc.

    Madison in her military outfit at the park:
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    @texansky Thanks for the comment!
    -The Guardian of Neverglade, Chapter 2: The Young Martial Artist-

    You could either read the second chapter on my blog, or read it on this post.

    (Click spoiler to see pics)


    The three siblings took the time to finish their homework while their parents were working. Prudence and Kenshin had told Jasmine to watch her younger siblings, and she did. So far, Saoirse and Preston had been well-behaved. There wouldn't be much to worry about if she were to visit the martial arts training grounds, right?

    "A lot more answers required for this assignment? Well, I know a trick..." Jasmine whispered as she unleashed a completion spell.

    "What did you say?" Saoirse asked.

    "I was talking to myself. And I just finished my homework," Jasmine said.

    "Already? That's super quick."

    "Magic can be useful."


    Jasmine rose to her height. "I'm gonna visit the martial arts place. You be good and don't get into any trouble."

    "Okay. We'll be good and stick to playing with Harper and Sammy," Saoirse said, grinning. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes as she spoke.

    Jasmine knew the look all too well. "Promise me you won't do anything bad. I'm serious."

    Preston looked up. "I'll watch her closely."

    "You better stick to your word." Jasmine conjured a teleportation spell.


    Jasmine teleported to the martial arts training grounds. Fortunately, no one was around to catch her appearing out of nowhere. She took a moment to admire the beauty of nature. The afternoon sun glided toward the horizon, casting shadows across the ground. A cool breeze rippled through her ebony hair as she collected the oak boards and placed them onto a pair of rectangular stones.


    In the distance, birds cawed, and vehicles stopped by the narrow pathway at the bottom of the hill. Jasmine changed into her martial arts outfit, then stretched her limbs before breaking the boards. Due to the strength gained from her training, she could easily slice the oak boards with her bare hands.



    Once Jasmine was done breaking boards, she made her way to a dummy and practiced her moves. Sweat poured down her face as she continued her training. She had always enjoyed martial arts and spellcasting. Both skills were useful in their own ways. Martial arts allowed for physical self-defense, while spellcasting would solve problems in a heartbeat.

    Thirty minutes passed, and when no one was looking, Jasmine teleported home. She took a shower and changed into her pajamas, then sat on her bed to read a book.
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Have fun with the downloading! :smiley:
    Cute little machine!
    I sure hope you don't have to start all over again with the legacy.
    You've done a fantastic job recreating River. She looks fantastic. The others do too. Don't forget backups!! That's what I am working on today. Well sorta. I plugged in my external hard drive and spent hours looking at the pictures I'd saved. Some I had thought I'd lost.

    @texansky I read the recent updates. I did not know it was a thing in Sims 3 to have a psychotic episode and have to go to the hospital! I'm glad it worked for him and was cute seeing him dance afterwards.
    Your site looks great!
    The one thing keeping me from blogging my stories is the tiny little area you have to put the story in. It's hard for my eyes to read. I want more space like we have on the forum. Well that, and the fact I don't know how to start one. I actually made an account on WordPress years ago, and that's as far as I got.
    Thank you for the comments on my recent cc pictures. :smiley: Much appreciated.

    @Karritz Thanks. Those projects are definitely ones that have been put off and I will enjoy having more space once I'm done. I've loaded the back seat of my car with clothing to donate.

    @Sims4MagicalTales Sounds like an interesting story. Enjoyed the introduction to the characters. :smiley:
    Love the martial arts pictures. I hope the kids were good while she was gone.

    @Turjan Hi! Nice to see you. Thanks for the reassurance. It had never happened before. I'm going to be sure I have the most updated drivers and perhaps I'll load my cc free build folder since that won't stress the puter too much. At least I don't think it would. I'm a little nervous though. Backup is in progress before I make that attempt.
    Best laid plans of the sim creator foiled again by the sim! :lol:
    See ya next time!

    @hillybeth Hi. Looks like a fun story.

    @GraceyManor :waves:

    Found some old pictures on my external hard drive when I was cleaning it out to back up my current folders. Some were of my old abduction story so perhaps I can go back, rewrite and finish that story. This is Patrick watching a mummy disintegrate.

    A funny underwater taxi. :confused:
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    Chapter 17.6 – December 2022: Part VIII – Parenting skills.

    When everyone came back inside after returning from the hospital, Laranya made sure to cook them a meal to make sure they didn't go back to the hotel hungry, even though all of them had just eaten at the hospitals caféteria. It's lovely to see, because this is excactly the way I know grandmothers from my own childhood! Always concerned about others wellbeing, and especially when grandchildren are involved! Making sure noone is hungry, is comfortable, isn't cold, etc. ;) Of course, sometimes, it could be a little to much, but nobody could blame them for it, because they meant it well! ;)


    Before they went back to the hotel, Bodil wanted her aunt Nitya (who was outside playing darts) to read her a bedtime story. Nitya first said yes, but once she went inside and smelled the food, she sat down to eat as well. Both plates on the table are Nityas. She didn't want to eat the first one she got, because a bug came flying and landed in it...


    Gaute: Say bye bye to auntie now, Orinder!
    Orinder: Mama!


    Back at the hotel Bodil asked both Gaute and Leya for a bedtime story, but they were both to tired from this long day of travelling, visiting Laranya and Deepak at the hospital, so Bodil was sent to bed without a bedtime story. Well, Leya tried, but was to tired to find the bookshelf...


    Sleeping in a hotel bed is never the same as sleeping in your own bed at home, but nonetheless, they all got a good nights sleep and was ready for the next day..


    And it looks like this experience, of visiting Leyas father at the hospital, has brought Gaute and Leya even closer, because now I'm seeing something I haven't seen here before. They are both really happy to be near each other and keep getting that big heart moodlet whenever they're in the same room..


    Then it was breakfast time for the family. Leya had prepared waffles for them, while Gaute made sure that Orinder got his breakfast.


    Leya noticed Gautes parenting skills, and was sure happy and excited to have found such a good father for her second child. I love it when they do this happy reaction. ;)

    Leya was indeed fond of her husband, and he was likewise fond of her. Definately a good father, the same could not be said about Bodils father however...


    Continues in spoiler:
    Speaking of fathers, Deepaks physiotherapy session at the hospital was going quite nicely and when it was done he was able to walk all the way to the cafeteria to have lunch with the physiotherapist, which was a huge step forward from just walking around in the hallways.


    Deepak was very grateful for everyone at the hospital saving him from his near death experience..

    Hihaa! While they were eating, the barista in the cafeteria would entertain herself by thinking she was a horse...


    And from one strange employee to another, the doctor that first greeted Sofia and Palash, well... she was in her office busy reading up on the latest medical knowledge or uhh.... whatever she is reading there....


    Back at the hotel Bodil wanted to play the queen again, as she often does, but Leya had other plans. She hadn't visited her brother Palash since he married Sofia, and wanted to catch up and hear how they were doing.


    Leya: Come along now, Bodil! We're going to visit your uncle Palash!


    Leya had called him prior to them driving off to tell him they were coming, and of course, to make sure he was home. She got a little unsure though, when she only saw Sofias car in the driveway and not his. Palash could be a little unpredictable at times, so it wouldn't surprise her to much if he had gone off to somewhere in the meantime..


    Those thoughts were without reason this time, as it was Palash that opened the door after she had rang the doorbell.


    He invited them all in and Leya got emotional again from seeing her brother.
    Leya: *sniff sniff* I'm sorry, it's just so nice to see you again, you know...

    Bodil was excited that they had a dog, and wanted to pet her, but Yumi wanted otherwise and snarled at Bodil before tackling her. Not a very nice first meeting.. that dog has a temperament!

    She tried again a little later, but Yumi still growled at her.

    Bodil: What a nasty dog you are! Shame on you! Shame!


    Palash heard Bodil shouting at Yumi and stepped in between them now to defend his dog (and reinforce bad behavior probably... My owner doesn't reprimand me, but that other person, so clearly it must be their fault!)

    Palash: Don't talk to my Yumi like that! You're much bigger than her, she's just a small puppy! She's only protecting what is hers!


    Bodil tried again to say hi to Yumi, but only got growled at a third time.. standing inbetween the dog and her bed might not be the best idea..
    Bodil (thinking): This sucks! Uncle and his dog, they're no fun at all! I'm going out to try the swings...


    "Woohoo 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 haha! This is so much better!... Hmm, I wonder why uncle has so many kids toys when he has no kids...."

    Inside Palash had to do some laundry, so Gaute and Leya did what is typical for them. Gaute does the smustle dance and Leya watches the romance channel... They have been hanging out at Palash and Sofias house for a good while now, but I see no sign of Sofia. Of course, I was hoping she would be there, so that she could talk to Leya about her pregnancy, but there is no sign of her..

    I find Sofia being busy at the fire station maintaining her physique. Sofia really enjoys her fire fighting job. Not really because she gets to save people, but more because it increases her popularity in the local community.. The best thing about the job is the praise and love she feels from the community, something she can't get enough of.. Something she never got enough of.... That silver spoon, the fancy house and all the toys her dad provided wasn't worth anything at all! That's what Sofia learned.. children are to be shoved away, not to be seen, not to be heard.. give them toys to keep them occupied and out of sight.. Daddy has more important things to do! Daddy is busy! Daddy has no time for a goodnight story! Turn the light off and go to sleep now...

    Back at the house Palash had started to feel a little bad for yelling at Bodil earlier and had gone out to apologize and give her a hug.

    "I'm sorry for shouting at you earlier, I didn't mean to.. It's just been a very stressful time, with dad, your grandpa, at the hospital and all..."

    Leya had gone outside in the cold to play guitar, because the outside air gives it a better tone or something...

    Temperatures were dropping as night began to fall. Leya had wanted to meet Sofia, his brothers wife, so they stayed quite late hoping she would come home, but Sofia was still busy at the fire station... Gaute, wanting to be near Leya, the one true love of his life, had also gone outside now. He wanted a pillow fight..

    Orinder was feeling tired and had crawled over to rest at one of Palash and Sofias garden chairs. It's getting cold out, so don't forget the kid... Gaute asked Leya for the pillow fight, and being very mutually attracted the answer was given, so they walked inside to where the pillows are... that is, of course, the bedroom.

    Palash and Sofias bedroom... The pillow fight didn't go one step further though, because Gaute got a little mad that Leya used a dirty trick on him...

    "Game over! We're going home!"

    Outside at the swings Palash and Bodil was really hitting it off now that they have reconciliated after they had a bit of a bad start earlier.

    Leya had not forgotten about Orinder and walked outside to pick him up..
    Leya: Say goodbye to uncle now, Bodil. It's getting late and we're going back to the hotel..

    Aww mom, just now when things had started to get fun...

    Back at the hotel it was feeding time, before bedtime and Leya was once more really happy to have such a wonderful husband with such parenting skills. ;) Not every dad is a super dad, but this one is!

    Gaute put Orinder to bed and read a bedtime story for Bodil about insects and flowers, giving Leya some alone time to care for herself before everyone fell asleep to get themselves ready for the next day..

    Goodnight. ;)
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    @bekkasan Thanks for the comment! I'm pretty sure her siblings were good while she was gone.

    -The Guardian of Neverglade, Chapter 3: The Dream-


    While Jasmine slumbered, she slipped into dreamland. At first, the area was pitch-black. It was unlike the darkness she normally saw in real life. Despite the lack of light, she could make out a fog. Stepping forward, she reached out her hand, expecting to touch a light switch. But her hand swiped through air.


    "Jasmine Nakamura..."

    "Hello? Who's there?" Jasmine asked, her voice as soft as a whisper as she glanced around. "Where's the light?"

    "I am here to share a message. A spellcaster with a dark heart will attempt to bring harm to the world of humans. Those who don't have supernatural powers will be at his mercy."

    "The only witches in Neverglade are me and my siblings. Also, the twins don't have a mean bone in their bodies."

    "I am not referring to your family members, but to someone you have not met yet. You are the most powerful witch in Neverglade, and... you must stop the wicked spellcaster before he succeeds..."


    Just then, the dream ended. Jasmine's eyes fluttered open. Taking in a deep breath, then another, she shoved the covers off her body. It was a strange dream. First, she couldn't see the speaker. Second, the bit about her stopping someone she never met? She was just a teenager living the life of any other, who had big, ambitious dreams of traveling around the world.


    Jasmine attempted to fall asleep, yet she couldn't bring herself to do so. Yawning, she sat up and put on her slippers, then walked downstairs. She wasn't about to do something crazy just because some disembodied voice spoke to her in the dream. She poured herself a tall glass of milk, taking in the silence that blanketed the entire home. The dogs trotted into the kitchen and looked up at her, as if expecting a treat.

    "Harper, Sammy, you can wait until morning, can't you?" Jasmine murmured.

    The dogs didn't budge. Releasing a sigh, Jasmine gave them some treats from the treat jar. At least the treats would hold them over. She drank her milk, placed the glass into the sink, and went back to bed.


    Morning came. Still feeling tired from last night, Jasmine walked outside to take in some fresh air. Gazing at the distant mountains, she dwelled on her dream. After ten minutes passed, she walked back inside and had breakfast with her family.
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    @lisasc360 Hope your husband is feeling better. Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you... :) He came home on Tuesday of last week but still have a little bit of pain but we hope that will pass soon... :)

    @lisasc360 That's a terrific thrift store find! Reminds me of one find I made one year on my birthday, the full Sims 1 ultimate collection, which is around here somewhere....
    Thank you... :)
    @lisasc360 I hope your husband recovers soon :( What is it about people getting sick all of a sudden?
    Thank you... :)

    @lisasc360 I'm sorry to hear about your husband. :( I hope he gets feeling better very soon and can go home. (Gosh his experience in the ER sounds like the many I've had with hubby going there due to all his medical issues... :unamused: The ER is truly a nightmare sometimes!)
    Nice SCORE from that yardsale! :smiley: 🙌 I'm kinda jealous. ;) My hubby has all the original Sim disks except Making Magic. Good times...those early sims days.
    Thank you... :) He came home last Tuesday but still in some pain but hope that will pass soon. Thank you... :) I was shocked when the guy said that he will sell of them for $1... :)

    @lisasc360 Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he is improving.
    Love your sims find!
    Thank you... :) He's home now but still in some pain but we hope that will pass soon... :)
    Thank you... :) I had actually installed the base game but when I brought up the launcher, it would play but it was worth a shot anyhow... :)

    Sorry to hear that you have been having problems loading your saved games. I'm glad that replacing the and *.ndh files has restored some of your games. @Karritz is truly a blessing with all of her knowledge of The Sims 3.

    You probably found out where it came from, but to that sink looks like something that might have come with the canning station? Just a wild guess that makes logical sense. I didn't look for it in-game.
    Thank you... :) It's frustrating as heck trying to figure out what the heck happened to some of my saves. And yes Karritz is truly a blessing with her knowledge of the game and the issues with it. I've never had any issues like this before, so I'm not if I might had messed something up when I was trying to save the files over on the Google Drive and the OneDrive app so that I could share with the new computer that we ended up taking back as it didn't have enough storage for my files. I need to find me a computer with at least 1tb of storage.

    No I haven't figured out where that sink came from yet. I too was thinking that it came with one of the sets from the store such as the bakery or Grandpa's Groove or with the Farm Fresh Folk set or the Country Livin' set but no such luck. And the only custom content sink that I have ever downloaded in my game came from Around the Sims 3 which is the one listed under the Laundry room. I haven't gotten around to look anymore for it as I was off playing other games and going to visit my hubby when he was in the hospital. And I'm still thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling it back onto my computer since I do have an eternal disc drive. I just haven't yet since I have everything from the store installed back into the game and would hate to have to do that all again. But at least if I have to do that, I can just copy and paste from my downloads folder that I have outside of the Sims 3 folder as I have a copy of it in my Documents section.
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    @bekkasan - Doing a lot of reconstruction of my game. When I went to reconstruct my game, I had to locate my external hard drive where I keep all my backups. Oh goody, I found it…well dip me in oil n’ call me a french-fry…it’s making unhealthy rattling noises. Next time I move, I’m the one that’s going to move the hard drive. Somebody dropped it during the course of the move in April, and I’m sure the write head is damaged if not broken. Which means THAT drive is irrecoverable.

    This means that the only drive that I may have any sort of hope in recovering anything from is my laptop hard-drive. Years of photography images gone. Same with my backup screenshots of Sims and other games. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to deal with the HDD drive in my laptop and convert it to an external drive. Then I’m getting myself a SSD external backup that’s 5TB so that I won’t ever have this problem ever again.

    On another topic, the Sims 3 store has been giving me headaches. Half the stuff that I downloaded corrupted my desktop framework of my Sims game so I had to do a complete rebuild of my game. Not looking forward to the length of time it’s gonna take before I can play a full on game with my sims as a result of having to deal with this caca.

    Oh well…at least this time around my Sims game is having load times now of 5m to get into the game so it’s not all bad. 😁

    Anybody on SSDs ever heard of some nebulous voodoo magic called TRIM? Evidently it’s supposed to always be enabled so that erasing sectors is easily accomplished? I have absolutely no idea what that is because this is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with a SSD before; I’ve always used HDDs before. 😬🤔

    If I have to replay the legacy, I’m keeping the main story-line and just replacing the pictures with the fresh legacy pics. It means I'll have to play the Sims like I was starting all over again.

    This "Friends" game that I'm currently idling my time using to test stuff and make sure that it's working. It's pretty much a headache and a half because everytime I have to go in and out of my game - doing the requisite deleting caches, etc in order to make sure that my game loads neatly and "quickly".

    Well, @bekkasan, you know, River (my Sim-spouse/RL Spouse soul-surrogate) and my Simself go wayyyyyyyy back. 🤣

    While I'm trying to rebuild my game, I'm basically trying to test everything that I put in. I have very few cc right at the moment, since my entire collection of cc got borked at the same time that my HDD drive bit the dust. I'm not happy about that, but I have one other HDD drive that I MIGHT be able to recover.

    At least I don't have to listen to someone going, "You shoulda bought a Mac..."

    "Yeah, yeah...shaddup, Noel..."

    @lisasc360 - 1TB is essentially the bare minimum nowadays. I'd be looking more at 2-4 TBs minimum. I've seen a WD Black 2TB for under $100.00.
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    Time for me to share what happen in my sims game from last week to today. We got funnies, heartwarming and unfortunately, one sad picture.

    Look who made a new little friend. :smiley:

    Emily finally got herself a man. Not gonna lie, he reminded me so much of my husband irl, so I just had to go for him. Benjamin Schmidt. I updated his outfits.

    Pizzaman was tired of smelling like cheese and onions, so he made some burgers for us after dropping off the pizza....but then ran off with the plate of burgers when he realized he was going to be in trouble with his boss. :|

    She looks a little over-dressed to be riding without shoes. But hey, she do her.

    Emily: "Man, look at all the neck hair."

    This picture was just heartwarming. Going to make it my new profile here shortly. I love it. Emily and Neptune, best friends till the end. <3

    Appaloosa Plains is the place to live. Not only does the newspaper girl deliver newspaper, but she will feed your foals too. All in all, this is a very beautiful scene. :)

    That's just....really sad. :'( What does a red ghost mean when it comes to animals? Never seen a ghost animal before.

    Timed this perfectly!

    Ben: "Hey, beautiful. You like firefighters? Hope you got tickets to the gun show, because look at these bad boys."
    Ben flexes his muscles
    Emily: "Ooo, those are really handsome"

    And that's all I have for now. :smile:
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    Excerpts from my Testing Game: "Sims 3"-Friends.

    Noel: "What kind of cark-hole did you stick us into, Haruo?"

    Haruo: "It had a for-sale sign. I wasn't sure if the price was right, but it was in our price range."

    Noel: "Are you kidding me? They wanted §12,845 for this dump?"
    Holly: "I like it, sure it could do with a little bit of fixing up. I mean, isn't that what those kinds of places are referred to? Fixer-uppers?"
    Haruo: "I wonder how much fixing up this place is going to require to make it resalable and recover some of what we put into it."
    River: "I sure hope this doesn't take up ALL our savings."

    Bebe: "I have a feeling we're financially sunk. Did you at least get an inspection. If we have to dig up the moisture barrier with the next rainfall, we're going to be out §16,000."

    Haruo: We've only got §347.00 after we bought appliances that won't set the house on fire and a fridge that won't make our food go bad after two days. I didn't want to eat food that smells like fridge.
    Phil: "I wanna go to Disneyland."
    Micky: It could be worse, Noel, he could have bought the near-falling-down shack on the cul-de-sac around the corner."

    Noel: "Madre de dios..."
    Noel: "Hey, buddy, next time you get the bright idea to move us into a shack... use a realtor..."
    As of 8:07AM in the morning, the seven friends are seen doing tasks. Holly and Bebe are headed to the hospital to join up in the medical career; Haruo is heading to the park to go pick apples and Phil is headed to the science center to take up a science career, Noel still hasn’t figured out what he’s planning to do with himself. River is going over to the easel that they were somehow manage to be able to scrape together to do some painting...and Bebe and Holly are going to share the other one. Micky is headed over the stadium to join the Professional Sports career. And so the game starts.
    Holly: I sure wish I was linked up with someone like River is...
    Bebe: Well, at least my medical career will mean that I won't have to worry about finances just in case this wreck of a house decides to implode.
    Phil: I still wish we went to Disneyland with the money. It would have been more fun.
    River: Sure hope Haruo brings home some food. Otherwise we're gonna be starving.
    Noel: I hate this house so much.
    @ButterWafflesAR - a red ghosts means that a pet wasn't able to get enough lifetime happiness points during the course of its lifetime. Unfortunately, pet needs get ignored a lot in favour of human sims and most pet-sims don't get all the happiness required to get reaped and become a blue ghost (which is the happy pet ghost).
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    Slowly making over Sunset Valley. They're not all going to end up looking like River, Bebe or Holly...

    First up: Found the Bachelor family while watching Haruo fish at the park.

    Jocasta Bachelor (yeah...she's a tough one to do. I'm not aging her down for this but I had to do a lot of "chin-work". She's recognizable as Jocasta, but the jaw-line in her EA mesh...was absolutely impossible.

    Simis Bachelor: didn't need to do much to him other than giving him some clothing that looked a bit better on him. I'm using Kurasoberina's Primer for the non-Asian sims.

    Michael Bachelor (I've left him as a teen right now). Who knows what his hair looks like under that hat... So I figured I'd give him typical teenage bed-head hair. That green jacket combo was hideous so I gave him something else.

    Bella Bachelor (Goth) is an interesting one. She looks completely weird-looking when she ages up to adult if you leave her the way she is as a child. So I aged her up to young adult and worked from there.
    This is how she looks as a child:
    JXtMPir.jpg as a young adult (to bring her more in line with how she looks like as an adult)

    Evidently, I'm going to have a lot more families to go...
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    @emorrill: Hello. Did you see the ads for the new rebooted Quantam Leap?

    @lisasc360: Hello.

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Hello.

    @PalmArrow: Hello.

    @Mikezumi: Hello.

    @Silverofdreams30: Hello.

    @Karritz: Hello.

    @texansky: Hello.

    @bekkasan: Hello.

    @Brandontaylor: Hello.

    @all: Sorry if I missed anyone. Thanks for letting me read/comment on your pictures/stories/videos.

    :) Smile!

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
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    @Puddinroy - YO...

    ...and a bonus. River's Mom - will be working more on her when I get some more hair cc installed.
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    @ButterWafflesAR Aww, yes the newspaper girl feeding the foal is really cute. A little sad also, because nowadays I always think of the newspaper kids as homeless (I owe this thought to another users storyline that doesn't post here anymore?)...

    @Nikkei_Simmer Hehe your friend Phil looks like a weird one...

    I used the same house for my first family in game as well, and I my sims never thought the house was a dump. Cheap affordable, but not bad. ;) Of course, over time the house kind of blew up in all directions as they needed more rooms, so it has probably ended up being a little strange layout wise. ;) But they still kept the same colour on the outside walls... maybe time for a repaint? :P

    I always thought Bebe was the prettiest of your version of the sims. It is the kind of face I would like. :P
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