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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Goth Family Days 325 - 329, Part 3

    After aging up, everyone but Christa had cake. She was still at work, so she didn't get to celebrate her sisters birthday.

    Oliver worked on his homework. He is now the only one who has to go to school.

    When Jacob woke up, Brandon was right there to start a conversation.

    Christa was rudely awakened by this conversation and she told Brandon off for being too loud.

    Brandon decided to chat with his wife, Lily, instead. They chatted about their favorite foods, apparently.

    James wanted to get a bit of handiness skill, due to being a retired firefighter. I just had him tinker with the toilet until he gained a level.

    Christa decided to play guitar and she seemed very excited about it for some reason.

    Belinda kept trying to invite Nate over to the Goth house, but he would not come so I sent her to his house. As you can see, he doesn't have the nicest house.

    Upon seeing her future husband, Belinda got the uncontrollable urge to kiss him right then and there.

    Then, since they have been dating for quite a while, Belinda popped the question. Nate said yes, and they celebrated their engagement.

    Since James is close to dying, and Belinda isn't staying in the household, I had her and Nate marry right after woohoo. When the moving screen came up, I sent Belinda and James to live with Nate. Now my household went back to just being Brandon, Lily, Jacob, Christa, and Oliver. Brandon and Lily have about a week left until they become adults, while Jacob and Christa have over 90 days until they do. Oliver has a few more days left until he reaches teenager, when I'll then have to start thinking about finding him a future spouse. We are not that far away from bringing in Generation 9, and 10 won't be far away either. I will not move the family until the Generation 10 heir reaches young adulthood, then Generation 10 through at least Generation 15 will stay in Moonlight Falls. I looked at the poll I had a while back, and it looks like Bridgeport was the next choice so I plan on that for the third town. I will hold a poll next year when they are in Bridgeport for the next town.
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    Chapter 17.6 – December 2022 part VI: The Curse of the Lady



    It was a dark and stormy night... that left with with the arrival of the morning light as the clouds appeared to pull away and back out to sea... to the dark, deep ocean where they supposedly came from...

    Palashs notes:


    Sofia was still sleeping heavily when I woke up this morning. I hadn't slept to well as the noise from the wind and the rain had made me a little anxious, and at one point during the night I heard some banging noise, so I went for a walk around the house to make sure everything was ok.


    Though it was nice and sunny out, the air was crisp and cold, and I found Yumi on the porch having emerged from her hiding spot under the chair in the living room, so I played with her for a bit.


    It looked like our cars had survived the night without as much as a scratch, which was good, though our christmas lights have probably seen some better days, but.. they're an easily replacable item, so no big loss...


    The ground was wet and soggy from the rain as I walked towards the gate to our backyard and swimming pool. It was partially open though we usually leave it closed, and some of our garden furniture had somehow piled up in a corner. I suppose that would explain the banging noise that I heard. Apart from the glass on the lamp that was broken, they looked like they were still useable, once moved back to their original spot. We probably should have put the garden furniture inside before the storm came, but there was so much else on our minds, with my father in the hospital and Sofia being worried about the new baby and not trusting that one doctor..


    Narrators notes:



    On the other side of the country, on its eastern coastline, in the old fishing village Sprottenham, Gaute was still napping after he had returned from taking his childhood friend Selma Vaddelmyr to the hospital where she had just given birth to a beatiful little girl called Rebecca.




    His stepdaughter, Bodil, was already up to enjoy a piece of birthday cake that was left over from her younger brother Orinders birthday party just last month.

    Continues in spoiler:

    Gaute woke up from his short slumber and ran downstars to have breakfast, still feeling the adrenaline rush from witnessing his friend giving birth, and the anxiety about the unsettling message he received from his mother-in-law just the other night... He wasn't looking forward to giving Leya the news about her father being in the hospital... He gave a quick glance towards Orinder that was sleeping safe and sound in his crib...



    The TV in the living room was still broken from last night, so Bodil couldn't watch her favorite kids show this morning, but as most kids, she has a pretty vivid imagination, so give her a few toys and she will keep herself busy. ;)


    While Gaute was making breakfast he thought about the strange dream he had just a few nights ago.. was it just a coincidence, or was there something more behind it? Now in retrospect the dream seemed almost prophetic in nature... except it wasn't his own father that was at the hospital, it was Leyas... and who was that strange woman from the dream that kept calling him "The undertaker"? And why did she call him such a thing.. because just the following night he had taken on more or less the opposite role kind of, by taking Selma to the hospital so she could give birth..


    While Gaute was making breakfast and Bodil was playing with her dinosaur toy, Leya woke up to change Orinders diaper. Orinder was happy and carefree, he didn't know much about the world yet.. all he knew was his safe home, mom, dad and his older sister and all of their friends that had come over to pamper him for his first birthday celebration.


    ..but the world would get larger for the young boy already later this day. Once Gaute had delivered the news to Leya about her father, he would get to go on his first trip out of home, out of town and on a plane right across the country to where his grandparents live...


    Leya got an unsettling feeling when she sat down at the dining table to eat leftover cake for breakfast as well...


    Something was up. Something was wrong somewhere. Gaute was still preparing his breakfast in the kitchen, so he hadn't gotten to talk to her yet.


    Once he sat down to eat, Leya started the conversation. "I have a bad feeling" she said "I don't know why, but just now I got the thought that.. mom was at the theatre watching the orchestra rehearse a song she had written for a play when someone said the unspeakable by talking about The Scottish Lady..."


    Gaute, not being much of a man of culture nor particularly superstitious, usually, didn't catch that reference that The Scottish Lady refers to Lady MacBeth, and that speaking her name out loud in a theatre, unless performing or rehearsing the actual play, would allegedly lead to a curse...

    "I'm sure the conductor has it all under control" he said, but Leya wasn't really convinced. She didn't actually believe that it would lead to a curse, but the feeling that something was up was still there. Gaute hadn't gotten much sleep, so it actually took him a while to connect the dots between his strange dream, the message he had gotten from Laranya just yesterday and Leyas concern at the breakfast table...


    It wasn't until after they had done the dishes he came to it, and told her about Deepak having a stroke and being rushed to the hospital last night...


    Leyas response was immediate. They had to travel to see her dad! She didn't say it, but she was really fearing for the worst now. Was his time soon over? She hoped not, of course. It would be terrible if her father would pass now, just before christmas and everything..


    Leya: Get dressed and pack your bags Bodil. We're going to visit your grandparents!

    Bodil: What? Now, mom? So soon?

    Leya: Yes, your grandpa is.. is at the hospital, but..

    Bodil: What happened? Why is grandpa at the hospital? Has he been in an accident?

    Leya: Yes, uh.. grandpa had a little accident and fell in the bathroom, but he.. he will be alright.. now pack your bags, we're going soon..

    Bodil: Ok, mom...


    While Bodil packed her bags and Leya ordered the plane tickets, Gaute made sure to pack theirs and get Orinder ready, and then it was time to go...


    They arrived at the Bewickton downtown hotel just above Dreas Salon and Tattoo just a few hours later. It was more practical to go for this hotel this time, Leya had thought, as it wasn't to far away from the hospital, and much closer to her mom's home, too.


    They quickly checked in and left their bags at the hotel room, before getting in a rental car that just like before completely matched their own and driving up to Leyas parents house...


    Leya always got a little emotional everytime she visited her childhood home, and especially in these times...


    After she had rang the doorbell, she could her her mother calling them in from the kitchen window upstairs. In any other situation, Laranya would have walked downstairs to meet them, but just this day, she felt her legs was a little heavier than usual and wouldn't want to walk around to much...


    Leya and Bodil was happy to hear their mom and grandmothers voice calling them up to the kitchen, before going upstairs..


    Laranya: Oh my daughter, it's so good to see you.. it's been a rough couple of days..

    Leya: It's good to see you to, mom.. how is dad? Is he ok?


    Laranya: Oh, he's doing.. fine, given the circumstances.. It all happened so fast.. but the hospital responded very quickly and sent an ambulance.. and I think the doctors did a really good job.. They got him back, and I today he is already going to start physiotherapy..


    Laranya: I called the hospital this morning and they said we can come and visit him later this afternoon when he is done with his physiotherapy and had gotten some rest... if all goes well, he might be out of the hospital just in time for christmas..


    Leya:That's good to hear.. I just hope he'll be able to paint again, just like before..

    Laranya: I should think so.. just from seeing how quickly he recovered at the hospital.. I really think it's amazing what the doctors are capable of doing..


    It looked like this could be a good christmas after all, and Bodil was finding herself right at home playing the Queen ruling her court at her grandparents dining table.. (She's just missing her paper crown that she lost when the family moved out of the house they shared with Solvej and her family.)
    Solvej Rasmussen singing to her tomato plants, July 2021.

    Patrik C. Jensen, Solvejs boyfriend, shouting at Bodil, July 2021. This was the last drop that made Gaute hastily decide for them to move.. and that's when Bodil lost her crown..

    This was as far as I got today. I hope you found it interesting.
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    Today marks the 21st anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks in America. It is hard to believe that it happened that long ago, yet I will never forget the day and everything that followed in the next several years. There are people now who weren't even born when the attacks happened, and it is up to us to remember the lives lost that day and the sacrifices of countless of emergency responders who saved lives on that terrible Tuesday morning.

    On to another note, I have a few days off now so I plan on keeping up with comments at least so I don't get too far behind. I probably will also play a few hours each day, as long as I have the time. My hours have been cut down a bit at work, so I will have a bit more time to play, just less money in my pocket.

    @Nikkei_Simmer I felt bad for the Royal Family after she passed, although she lived a very long and extraordinary life. It was kind of interesting when I did a bit of research and found out all the countries and territories that she was Queen over. I hope that King Charles III has a good reign as king.
    Great throwback pic of Haruo at the piano!

    @texansky Nice to see some more of your Simselves playthrough.
    Congrats on all the promotions!
    Great update!

    @venusdemilosims Keeping your mother in my thoughts and prayers.
    Nice Spooky Day outfit.
    Great update!

    @lisasc360 Hope your husband is feeling better. Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

    @Sprottenham Great update!
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    Here is one random picture of Christa Goth taken during today's play session. It is also my profile picture for the time being.

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    @Brandontaylor - I remember 9/11 very well. I remember getting woken up out of a sound sleep after my mother-in-law called us regarding the 9/11 event. She got the news when she was watching the morning news her time which was 2 hrs ahead of ours - in Louisiana. . She had to wait to call us since we were still sound asleep. I had an afternoon shift that got me home at 11PM and It usually took me till one in the morning to fall asleep so yes, I was sleeping till I had to get ready for my shift that started at 3PM. I still remember that day. My wife turns to me when she picked up the phone startled out of a deep sleep. “Somebody crashed two planes into the WTC.”

    My response was “say…what?!!!” Mama later told us that evidently AF1 was at Barksdale that day.

    You’re right, 9/11 to us old enough to remember that was like Pearl Harbor was to our Grandparents and we need to remember that.
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    I remember 9/11/01 enough to remember exactly what I was doing that day and what the weather was, it was unseasonably cool that an early fall cold front had come through, I was walking from the library (yes I was exactly the type to be working at the campus library) where I was working at the time. It was a Tuesday.

    @Karritz Another great group of IFs turned real!
    @Brandontaylor Great updates! Congrats to Belinda on getting married and great pic of Christa! Belinda turned out very pretty.
    @lisasc360 That's a terrific thrift store find! Reminds me of one find I made one year on my birthday, the full Sims 1 ultimate collection, which is around here somewhere....
    @texansky I remember you! Your simselves have been very busy!
    @Sprottenham You put a lot of thought into your story and your map! Great job!
    @Nikkei_Simmer Your build is very beautiful. I remember being in somewhat a suspended state of disbelief when I heard the news.
    @emorrill Yeah, I kind of surprised myself how that wedding turned out. Stressed enough over it.
    @Emily4331 That Jake Russell sure does get around eh? Lol Chrissy is gorgeous!


    We return to the Valley of the Sun, which isn't very sunny these days. This is the home of Sebastian and Cherise Jolina-Plumb, which is a little less full these days, now that Sebastian's older daughter has moved out and gotten married.


    Sebastian's middle son, Jazz Lyric, is a couple days to teenager and showing every bit of his father's, um, stuff, already...


    Sonata finally got potty-trained.


    His wife, Cherise, who's reconciled herself to the idea of being a Jolina-Plumb and who has two Jolina-Plumb children, is trying to get accustomed to the idea of speaking to her stepdaughter's plumbot.


    Then, it was time for Sonata to age up. She mostly has Cherise's features, but Sebastian's coloring. She has light blue eyes, courtesy of Sebastian's mother Shandra. She aged up with Sebastian's "Good" trait, along with "Virtuoso" and "Genius."
    Sonata appears to be every bit as bright as her sister Kaydence, as even though she is three simdays younger than her brother, she picked up her toddler skills faster and seemed more amenable to learning. And there could be no doubt about Sonata's influences: she has a robotic nanny, built for her and her brother by her half-sister, and her father made his name as an actor playing scientists and astronauts. So, upon making her birthday, little Sonata decided she wanted to be... drum roll please... The Tinkerer...to max logic and handiness... This family keeps making prodigies and it appears to have made another, and again from Sebastian's line.
    Yet for some reason the first wants Sonata rolled are to learn to paint and to make potions...

    BTW her brother has yet to roll a LTW.


    Sonata and Jazz reading books


    Video: The very talented Sonata playing piano


    Father and brother react to Sonata's piano playing


    Sonata with her dollhouse

    Notes: Another thing that is interesting - The parents seem to recognize Sonata's abilities, but disagree on the direction to take them. Sonata's mother, Cherise, wants to send her to Le Fromage Art School, while her father, Sebastian, wants to send her to Smuggsworth Prep School.
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    jpnbanner2_zpscb7d2475.jpg header_zps436f0053.jpg

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    @venusdemilosims thank you. I still seem to want more of those imaginary friends to make real. And a new generation is being born in my game.
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    I'm not an American citizen, but I also remember excactly where I was at and what I was doing on september 11th 21 years ago. I had a conversation with my physical education teacher on the way home from school. It was pretty surreal coming home to find the tv home and literally watch planes crashing into skyscrapers. Like what the? I think everyone was pretty shocked at it, though I won't claim to actually understand what it must have been like for an American, or even New York, citizen to watch that happen in their own country or city.

    @Brandontaylor Thanks. ;) I have always liked the look of your Christa, so I think you have a very nice new avatar. ;)

    @venusdemilosims Oh, thanks, that is a heartwarming comment to read on a Monday when feeling groggy after a night shift. ;) I guess I am a bit of a map nerd, well, I am a nerd in many ways.. :P

    Haha, I like the names of the kids from the Jolina-Plumb family. Jazz Lyric and Sonata. ;) Cherise is also a pretty sim. Hmm, well, it looks like Sonata should go to a school where she can learn more about music.... :P
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    Goth Family: Days 330 - 332, Part 1 of 2

    When I first loaded up the save, Lily wanted to watch the cooking channel. However, it wouldn't let me click on the TV with her or Brandon. The other Sims in the house could. Everyone was able to interact with everything else, so I knew it was just the TV. I ended up selling it, moved a few things around, then put a big screen TV on the wall. Lily could now watch the cooking channel like she wanted to.

    Jacob and Oliver were both hungry and so they ate breakfast together.

    Brandon finally was able to break 5 concrete blocks so I started to have him break space rocks.

    Jacob had lost his relationship with his grandmother to the point where it was just under being friends. I had Carrie invited to the house so he could chat with her. She is on her 3rd known partner now, a man named Nicholaus Radford.

    Christa and Oliver played chess together. Oliver doesn't have many skills yet, so I'm trying to build him up a bit. Being a fairy, he's going to be around for quite some time.

    Carrie Breaux decided that it was time to leave since she had "things to do at home", from what her notification said when she left. However, I think she should have used the toilet before she left, seeing how she peed herself on the front porch.

    I'm not sure what the opportunity is exactly for, but Brandon needs to make $500 in tips so I sent him and the rest of the family to the theater. Both he and Lily made a bit in tips, but not enough to make the $500.

    Oliver spent his time at the theater meeting kids his age. This girl is one of his relatives, as you can tell by the green skin and red hair. She must be related to Ivy Langerak since I made Ivy have red hair when she was growing up.

    Oliver then started a chat up with his great-grandma Carrie, who happened to follow the family to the theater.

    After playing for a while, I sent the family to the Bistro to eat supper outside.

    Two paparazzi members decided to try and hook up on the front porch.

    Brandon trying to break one of his first space rocks.

    Lily and Christa had a chat in their nightgowns because neither decided to change.

    ***Part two coming shortly.
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    My Mancini save won't load at all for some reason, so I'm trying to figure out if I am going to have to cut my losses and start all over on it or if there is a way to save it. I read something about cleaning the same, but I don't know how to do that. Honestly, kind of bummed out about that, I was having a lot of fun with that save. SO, till then I shall share some gameplay I had with my other sims save, Emily Hart.

    Emily starting off her morning caring for her horse, aka her best friend in the whole world, Neptune. I like to pretend that he doesn't like anyone riding him except for Emily.

    Emily and Neptune when out to the fairground to enjoy the wonderful, warm and sunny day. Here Neptune and Marney are sniffing each other. They look frighteningly similar.
    Anyone want to take a crack at guessing which one is Marney and which one is Neptune? :smiley:

    Somehow this foal got trapped in the museum's little garden type area. So I got Emily to friend the little fella and adopt it. Went into edit town, evicted the Hart family, then moved right back into their house just to free the little guy. Gave him the name Dämmerung. I like to pretend that Emily found him lost from his herd, so she adopted him and gave him a nice new home.

    Dämmerung soundly asleep in the front lawn of his new home. The foals on this game are just so stinking adorable, I want to reach into the game and hug the crud out of them.

    Emily practicing the piano. She has the soul for music.

    Breakfast time!!! Emily, you could have put on some clothes, though.

    Everybody is going to the training grounds. Neptune already ran up ahead, and Emily is trying to train Dämmerung.

    So happy to see these two are getting along. :heart:

    A couple hours later, Emily had to drive to work. I guess she wanted to flex her graduation gown from university at work. Show off. :D

    What do you guys think so far?
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    Goth Family: Day's 330 -332, Part 2

    Later on, Christa had to go to work. She got promoted that night, although I forgot to try and get a picture.

    Brandon and Lily shared a kiss in the living room.

    Jacob went out to pay the bills and get the countless love letters and packages sent to the family.

    Oliver went to his last day of school as a child during this play session.

    Christa went to Jacob to get romantic. Lily and Brandon were watching TV, but it looks like Brandon is watching them kiss.

    Jacob and Christa decided to take it up to the bedroom, but just as they were getting ready to woohoo, Lily comes busting in to have a chat with Christa. I made her use the ability that the PlantSim mod gave me to teleport out of their bedroom.

    Christa had a wish to exercise, so I let her do that. This is the actual picture I took of her, but my current profile picture of Christa is from the very same paused moment, just a different angle that shows her face.

    Since Brandon had a wish to learn the cooking skill, I had him watch TV. However, Christa wanted to use the TV for exercising, so I had Brandon make a pie to level up his skill.

    Another photo of Brandon trying to break a space rock, this time back outside.

    Then it was time for Oliver to age up to teen. I mostly kept his age up look, but did change the hair a bit and changed some clothing.

    I had Lily buy several lottery tickets, but she only ended up winning $50. Still, she seems very happy.

    Then Oliver popped up a wish to chat with a vampire. The only person I could think of is the immortal vampire, Elizabeth Radford. Lily summoned her to the house, and Oliver got to meet her. Surprisingly, Elizabeth and Oliver have attraction to each other, and their zodiac signs are compatible. Are they meant to be, or should I find someone else for him that is actually his age?

    And lastly, Christa got another promotion. She had built up her guitar skill while being unemployed, so she is good for a while on that particular performance metric. Band members and mood are the ones I have to work on now.

    ****Meant to post this a bit earlier today but got interested in some more DC comic book reading. I'm reading some 1995 comics centered around Batman's third Robin, Tim Drake. At that point in Batman's career, Richard Grayson (Robin I) had become Nightwing, Jason Todd (2nd Robin, later resurrected and took on the mantle Red Hood) had been murdered by the Joker, and Barbara Gordon (first Batgirl) had been paralyzed by the Joker and became a computer expert calling herself Oracle. Also, Batman was involved in a mass crossover with his fellow superheroes not long after the resurrection of Superman. Tim has been Robin for awhile, and he sometimes teams up with Stephanie Brown/The Spoiler, daughter of supervillain Arthur Brown/Cluemaster.

    Since I played last night, I decided not to play today, and I am not sure if I will play tomorrow either. I've got some things I have to get done tomorrow and I'm not sure how long that will take but I do plan on doing some more commenting.
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    @emorrill very handsome cop!

    Hi...wondered where you been? Hope all is well and you are just busy or playing another game for a break

    I been really sick for the past 2 weeks, but yeah I been playing an otome game on phone and got hooked, so I decided to
    join a roleplay group facebook and been busy interacting over there. I haven't launched my game in almost 2 weeks.

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    Great updates everyone! i have given out
  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,014 Member


    Thanks for commenting on my last three posts! I enjoyed playing another day in the life of "our" Simselves game (ie: the forum members who created the characters in my game).

    Beautiful picture of Christa Goth!

    I remember you too. Welcome back. I just came back to the forums at the beginning of the year.

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope the treatment is successful in knocking out that infection.

    I remember reading about Kaydence back in the day. Loved the story then, and am enjoying it now. Congratulation to Kaydence and Terry, the newly married couple!

    I almost feel sorry for Skylar.


    That's a charming colonial starter home. Looks like Martin Flannagan testing the sink.

    My OCD is going into overdrive looking at that dormer window on the 2nd story. :lol:

    I was going through some of my older posts and ran across one from you from May 1st.
    I enjoyed the recent update, if you want I have two of my most popular
    male sims on my exchange, they have no cc and the name is the same as on here.
    I have used cc on them when I played them, but on the exchange, they have no cc.

    I totally missed this offer from you. So, of course, I had to go check them out, and I have added Adam Moon, Gizmo, and Oliver as well as the fairy Dedric George to the Simselves game. I will probably introduce them in the next few days if everything goes well.
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    Hey everyone! :grin: I've been busy doing some things with my game which I will share in a bit. :blush: (In my next post after commenting.)

    I hope y'all have been doing well. <3 Things have been settling down and getting better in my neck of the woods.

    However, I just found out a couple of days ago that a friend of mine - who was a fellow Scott Bakula fan - that I met at the Salt Lake FanX Convention in Utah passed away on the 10th due to health complications. :pensive: I don't know all the details, but I remember whatever it was it hit her suddenly and next thing I knew she was in the ICU and her husband was giving updates on her condition to all her friends on her Facebook page. I wanna say she was in her late 60's. She was a beautiful woman who extended a hand of friendship to me without any reservation and even though we only knew each other a short while - mostly through Facebook - I will miss her. :cry:<3

    Someday when I finally get to meet Scott, if that ever happens, I will think of her. We often got on the SLC FanX Facebook page and would post pictures of Scott with the hashtag #BringmeBakula and then tag each other. :blush: It was fun. We hoped that through our efforts they would invite Scott to the Con, but...not yet.


    @Brandontaylor Ah yes, cashier duty. It's a job I never want again. :p Now that people are more rude than ever before, especially with their money... :(
    I saw in receiving that we are already starting to get Christmas trees and stuff in. It seems to start earlier every year.
    ^Oh gosh seriously! It kinda drives me nuts. :unamused: I mean, I love the heck out of Christmas, but...Halloween and Thanksgiving needs to come first! (I get and don't mind the decor coming out before Thanksgiving, but it certainly shouldn't be coming out before Halloween! :grimace: )
    Yeah I think people are just finally over COVID and all the mask wearing. Even my Doctor told me COVID is not something to be worried about anymore. He said many of his patients don't even realize they have it now, it just seems like the common cold. I'm so thankful to the Lord that it's not as scary as it used to be. 🙏 Whether the vaccine truly had a hand in that...I don't think we'll ever know, but I wanna believe it did.
    Thanks for the compliment on my starter home. <3
    Brandon has nice genetics.
    ^Yes he does. :smirk:
    Your ladies are very pretty too, have I ever told you that? ;)
    Aww, bless your dad's heart. COPD can be real awful... :pensive:
    Great pictures of Hank!
    ^Thank you. :blush: I have more coming. Lol! :lol:
    Enjoyed your recent posts. :)
    Christa does look very pretty in that picture so I can see why you used it as your avatar. :)

    @Nikkei_Simmer What a beautiful tribute you gave there to Queen Elizabeth. <3 She was a wonderful woman, and a very good ruler, and I was sad to hear of her passing. :cry: The end of an era for Great Britain that's for sure...
    Where did you find the cc organ pipes? :)

    So handsome sim! you are great at making over sims!
    ^Aww, thank you. You're so sweet. <3
    Right back 'atcha girl! ;):kissing_heart:

    @texansky Hey lady! :grin: Great to see you back. And it's always fun to see what all our simselves are up to! :mrgreen:
    I have to say I'm glad Bekkasan broke up with Kenji. :lol: She's too good for him. ;) (And he seems a little too hipster from what I remember. :lol: )
    Aww, welcome (my) baby Franco. 💙 Looks like my simself has lost weight. :smirk: (I have actually lost a bit of weight recently too. ;):star: )
    Thanks for the compliment on my starter home. (Sorry to poke at your OCD there. :lol:<3 ) I was going by an inspiration picture that had an angled dormer like that...
    Yup, that was Martin! <3

    @venusdemilosims My prayers still go out to your mom and I hope the antibiotic treatments will be successful and not miserable. 🙏
    Anyway, as sim couples go, Terry and Kaydence are strange. I have never in all my years of playing, had a sim couple get married and not roll a want to "woohoo" after they wed. They do roll a lot of like wants, though, just not "those" kinds of wants, which is odd.
    ^Wow. That IS strange. :confused: Kinda makes you wonder...... Anyhoo! :lol:
    I know I am late on delivering this, but...
    Here's Pauline modeling a hot pink Unicorn skirt, with two different hot pink tops. :p Which do you prefer? :)



    @lisasc360 I'm sorry to hear about your husband. :( I hope he gets feeling better very soon and can go home. (Gosh his experience in the ER sounds like the many I've had with hubby going there due to all his medical issues... :unamused: The ER is truly a nightmare sometimes!)
    Nice SCORE from that yardsale! :smiley: 🙌 I'm kinda jealous. ;) My hubby has all the original Sim disks except Making Magic. Good times...those early sims days.

    @Sprottenham Welcome back. :)
    That snakeskin bedspread made me cringe a little bit. :lol: But at the same time it's cool. 👍
    Nice map of the United Kingdom of Simbria. :mrgreen:
    I enjoyed the update. And it was interesting. :)

    @BurntWafflesAR Welcome back. :)
    Those white horses of yours! :love: I'm in love!
    Anyone want to take a crack at guessing which one is Marney and which one is Neptune? :smiley:
    ^Nope! :joy:
    Awwww the foal! <3
    This picture is adorable!

    emorrill very handsome cop!
    ^Why thank you. :blush: It's Hank Goddard from SV, if you can believe it. :p
    Hope you feel better soon. It's not COVID right? ;):p

    I decided to add the Uranesia lighting mod back into my game. There's so much about it that's just so pretty I couldn't help it. :blush:
    (More on that in my next post.)

    The sun getting ready to rise in Sunset Valley:

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,104 Member

    Hope you have fun with them,


    Fun to see your new post!

    I moved my story game to the gaming laptop
    which has more ram, it started crashing on my desktop,
    so works top-notch now.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,033 Member
    Alrighty everyone! Time for another episode of "Emorrill's random gameplay!" :smiley:

    So since I don't have a story I'm working on (for now :p ) I've been able to devote much more time to my game in creating the perfect game folder, with safe cc, and finding ways for my game to run much more quickly and smoothly. :blush: (I've been watching @Astro 's YouTube videos on how he's gotten his game to run so quickly and look so pretty and I've learned many valuable tips from him. 👍 Thank you Astro. 💜 )

    Now that I have all the safe cc I want, I took the plunge and merged all my Package files. (The ones that are safe to merge. 👍) I still kept them in organized categories because that's just smart to do. But yeah I had like 1,500 mergable cc Package files the game was trying to read upon every load up and I've reduced that number now to 15! :smiley: (Give or take)

    People...you would not BELIEVE the difference that has made in my game!!! :open_mouth: I am STILL in awe!
    (Okay, I think some of you would who have merged your cc Package files too. :p )

    It was taking my game 6 (sometimes 7) minutes to load up. :neutral: I realize for some of you that would be an awesomely short amount of time, due to the kind/age of the computer you have, but for my high end gaming computer...that was just annoying and unacceptable to me. :grimace:

    Not only that, but the game hiccupped often in LIVE mode, especially when turning the camera, and then switching from one house/lot to another there was A LOT of slow rendering and it was driving me freaking crazy! :confounded: Almost to the point where playing the game was becoming unenjoyable...and that was breaking my heart. :cry:
    But.......I dealt with it because that's the price you pay to have all the cc you want. Right? Until I learned just how beneficial merging all those Package files can be. :smirk: I'd always heard about the benefits, but was somewhat hesitant to do it because I'm a worry wart. :lol: (Some friendly advice: Make sure you backup ALL your individual Package files into a safe place before merging, which I made sure to do. Cause you never know what might happen and you don't want to lose all your precious cc files! I was fortunate to not have any mishaps during my merging. 👍) And if I choose to add anymore cc to my game - which I totally will ;) - I know I can merge those files too to keep the game running quickly and smoothly.

    So yeah, NOW my game loads up in 2.5 minutes! :smiley: (Crazy right!?) And there's no hiccupping or slow rendering in LIVE mode. My game runs smooooooth like butter...even when turning the camera around and around and around. :relieved: I mean *blissful sigh* I feel like I've gotten my GAME back! And it's a beautiful feeling. <3 Not only that, CAS loads up quicker! :grin: No joke! My game would take almost a 10 second pause after clicking on the Hair category just for it to load up all the hairs I have. Not anymore! 2 seconds, the hair is there! Fully loaded! :star: I'm not making this up. :mrgreen:

    Well anyhoo, enough of that rambling, but I was just SO excited to share that with y'all! :smiley: 👏 HAPPY DANCE!

    So remember how I mentioned loving Nilxis' Uranesia Lighting Mod, but disliking how dark the shadows were? Wellllll...I found a tutorial online that I think helped me to reduce the darkness of the shadows. :star:

    Looking at the before and after photos I took it seems to be a slight lightening of the shadows, but I'll take it! And my sims seem to look more "lit up" in those said dark shadows after my tweaking. Example pic here. Such a happy Pauline! :blush:


    Obviously she looks a little darker because she's standing in shadows, but at least this time I can SEE her face! Before I tweaked the Package file, her face - and body - was pretty darn dark in those dark shadows, even for a fair skinned girl.

    While I was checking to make sure my cc was still showing up in the game after merging files, for fun I placed this bed of tulips down in the shadows...


    ...and had Pauline walk right through them. <3 I love tulips!


    After that, on the other side of the house where the sun is shining :lol: , Pauline played in a rain puddle. <3


    The Uranesia Lighting Mod adds a blue hue to everything and since I love blue I don't mind that at all. :blush:

    I also added in that thicker clouds mod from Nilxis (again) and took a bunch of scenery pictures! :mrgreen:

    Rainy photos:



    Rainbow! :love:


    Pictures of the next day which was sunny with mostly clear skies. ;)


    Birdies! <3


    That gorgeous sunset again. :love:


    Sunset is around the time Hank comes home from a hard days work as a law enforcement officer.

    He wanted some intimate time with Pauline before she headed off to work... :smirk:<3


    Gosh he's so fine! <3<3

    This post wouldn't be complete without throwing in a few yummy photos of him. :mrgreen:



    ^I just realized his bushy eyebrows were still applied to his nekkid outfit. :confounded: I'll have to fix that later...But for now, let's continue. :p

    That gasping for precious air face after holding your breath under water for almost 5 sim minutes. :lol:


    But he was enjoying himself. ;)



    Night shots. <3



    The wee hours of the morning...as the moon is setting not long before the sun rises:


    *Sigh* I am just loving my game right now more than I have in a long while and I'm very very happy. :blush:

    That's it for this episode of Emorrill's Random Gameplay. :) Hope y'all enjoyed it.

    Happy Simming! <3
  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,014 Member

    For those interested in my Forsythe Legacy Challenge, I don't think I have posted many of the updates to this forum. I have all the previous story posts on my blog. You can click the link in my signature to go to my blog. Then click the link on the left for Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge to filter my blog posts to only that game.

    I also maintain a family tree, complete with portraits, on the Family Echo website for those inclined to view the entire bloodline and how they are all related to one another. You can access it by clicking the link in my signature. It gets complicated as the 7th generation started marrying and having children with their distant relatives in that generation. Some of them hooked up with more than one 7th generation relative.

    The challenge started out in Sunset Valley and I had just completed Week 39 when I could no longer save the game. I used the Porter Mod to move the entire family, living and dead, to Glenvale County ( @Rflong7 ) and continued my game through week 13. Therefore, by that time, I posted this story for a total of 52 weeks of gameplay between both worlds. My latest post is Forsythe: Generation 9.3, which covers Week 53: Sunday. The Forsythe save is currently at Week 55: Wednesday, so I have quite a few posts (17 days of gameplay) to publish in order to be caught up to the game.

    I've spent quite a bit of my "absence" from the forums muddling through my screenshots and clippings of notifications for this game just trying to sort it all out into some semblance of a story to bring my blog up to date with my current Forsythe game save. This project is starting to look like the one @Karritz undertook last spring sorting out her families in her Big Game. The more I dig into it, the worse it looks!

    My time has not been completely unproductive. I have created a blog post called Generations of Forsythes showing every descendant of Precious Forsythe and Gobias Koffi and their significant others. It contains portraits as well as their traits and personal data. I will be updating this whenever there is an addition to the family.

    I have also updated a blog post from January 11, 2022, called Forsythe: Living Descendants with portraits and the names and parentage of all of the currently living descendants to reference if you are confused about someone in my current stories. Several of these Sims have passed since the last update, so I will have to address the deaths in this post at a future date. I also have to add the most recent births and update portraits of those who have aged up.

    However, trying to sort out the screenshots and clippings of notifications has been nothing short of a nightmare. It doesn't help that my memory is not what it used to be and the screenshots are from December, January, and March. Also, in my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be easier to paste all of the notifications in one paint file for each game week instead of continuing to save each clipping with its own filename that had date and time stamps to place them in order with the screenshots. I did this for weeks 13 (aka 52) through 15 (aka 54). Fortunately, I had completed the posts for week 52, so I only have to deal with clippings from weeks 53 and 54 now.

    To gather the portraits for the above posts, I have had my game running on pause most of the time, but when I got new notifications, I saved them right after the latest screenshot and numbered it Screenshot-###.jpg accordingly (one number higher). I have also been documenting the story as I go since Week 54: Friday. In the future, the screenshots and clippings will be grouped together chronologically by date. This will make it much easier to write my stories.

    I am still trying to fill in the gaps in the story from Week 53: Monday through Week 54: Thursday. My biggest hurdle, besides putting the notification clippings into a single file for each week, is that the game crashed on me several times during that period of gameplay, and I didn't remove the "alternate reality" screenshots, so I have to try to determine which screenshots actually happened in the current game save. I've been working on it for a while only to discover that I went down the "alternate reality" screenshots by mistake. I am going to try going backward through the screenshots to see if this works better in completing the eleven-day gap in the story.

    I hope I see an end to this endeavor soon. It bothers me that this game is not up to date on my blog. Especially since I am so close to reaching the 10th generation and completing the challenge. My level 9 heir just became a teen, so it's only a matter of a few short weeks of game time before he becomes father to the 10th generation.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,104 Member
    I had to re-age Shawn up after this photo cause the game crashed, but here he turned
    to a teen in my story save.



    Wow, Hank is so handsome love those bath shots haha,
    they are perfect.
  • venusdemilosimsvenusdemilosims Posts: 1,918 Member
    @texansky I came back a few weeks ago. Yeah, the update is that Kaydence and Terry grew up and got married in Oasis Landing's utopia. And yes, Skylar did create a lot of her situation.
    @emorrill So sorry to hear of the death of your friend :(
    As for my mother, they started her on a "new" antibiotic yesterday, but she seems to be in good spirits. And my older sister, who's in her 50s, was placed in a 'different' hospital in another state on yesterday, so there's something else to fret about.
    Those new pics are gorgeous. My whole 'legacy' if you will started out with random gameplay. Hank looks like he's really having the time of his life in the tub, lol.
    Of the two top choices I prefer the 2nd as it "melts" into the skirt. Where can I download it?
    I would love to learn how to merge packages to make the game run smooth. I really need to sit down and organize my folders, weed out stuff I don't use anymore. The problem with me is patience, I just want to plaaaayyyy.

    @lisasc360 I hope your husband recovers soon :( What is it about people getting sick all of a sudden?

    @ButterWafflesAR Gorgeous horses! Sorry to hear your other save won't cooperate. Hate when that happens. Do you have a backup?

    @Sprottenham Aww, that's so sweet. Yeah, the Jolina-Plumb kids have musical names, because going back to their female founder Jamie Jolina, who dabbled in music with her guitar, and her son Nathan, who was a hit movie composer, music has been in the family. The kids' father Sebastian gave his kids musical names, even though he himself became an actor. The Plumb part of the family name comes from Nigel Plumb, who was a farmer. You can find out much more about the family here.

    Hello @GraceyManor and @Silverofdreams30 !

    Wanna know how strange Kaydence Jolina-Plumb and her new husband Terry are? I wanna say that Kaydence's difficult childhood with the parents she grew up with explains some of her skittishness towards woohoo and possibly children, but even that doesn't totally explain all of it. After all, sims woohoo anything that moves.


    Also, I want to demonstrate their similar want panels. They do have the lover moodlet, but again, no woohoo.


    You'd think KJP and young Master Ho would pick some exotic locale for their honeymoon, the heat of Al Simhara, the tranquility of Shang Simla, the countryside of Champs Les Sims, the tropical Sunlit Tides, or maybe even the sun-baked vineyards of Monte Vista.
    Nooo...Miss Jolina-Plumb, great-granddaughter of Jamie Jolina and Nigel Plumb, and Mr. Ho have mutually decided to forgo the traditional honeymoon period to hit the books at gray, gloomy Sims University. Remember, Kaydence already has a degree, so she doesn't really need to be there.


    The day after her wedding, Kaydence is in the campus computer lab, playing video games.


    Meanwhile, her new bridegroom, Mr. Ho, is reading a book that is not for his studies. Egads!


    At noon, Kaydence repeated the oft-familiar routine of swiping candy from the tables...


    ...and listening to a grad student talk about something which might have been mildly interesting to her.


    Meanwhile, her bridegroom went upstairs to play ping-pong...


    ...and a video game.


    After eating dinner together at the eatery, they were tired, so they went upstairs and went to bed. So went day one of their married life.


    Day two of Terry and Kaydence's married life begins with Kaydence burning their mushroom omelette...


    ... and receiving an offer to cameo in an off-Broadway play.


    At this point Terry has got to be wondering what did he really sign up for.


    She really does love him, though, this was her reaction when she saw his face. She doesn't seem to be a big fan of woohoo, though.



    Meanwhile, both Terry and his wife went on to their classes.

    jpnbanner2_zpscb7d2475.jpg header_zps436f0053.jpg

  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 111 Member
    emorrill wrote: »

    @BurntWafflesAR Welcome back. :)
    Those white horses of yours! :love: I'm in love!
    Anyone want to take a crack at guessing which one is Marney and which one is Neptune? :smiley:
    ^Nope! :joy:
    Awwww the foal! <3
    This picture is adorable!

    Thank you! It feels awesome to be back. I missed sharing with you guys and checking on everyone's sims are doing. :3
    Marney isn't my horse, he's my sim's neighbor's horse. :smiley: (On the left) Neptune is mine, though. (On the right) They are practically best pals. I know, the foal is so darn cute. Unfortunately, he grows to be an adult in 10 days, but at least I got some cute pictures of him before he ages up. <3
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,033 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Thank you my friend. :blush:

    @Silverofdreams30 Shawn looks great! :love:
    Wow, Hank is so handsome love those bath shots haha, they are perfect.
    ^Thank you. <3 I knew you in particular would like them. ;)

    @venusdemilosims Thank you. <3
    Glad your mom is in good spirits.
    Hank looks like he's really having the time of his life in the tub, lol.
    ^Lol! Right!? :joy: It was so cute to watch. :blush:
    Here's the link to the top. It's a new favorite of mine. <3
    Oh girl I prefer to play too. ;)
    Enjoyed your update. :grin:

    @ButterWafflesAR Goodness, did I tag you as BurntWaffles? :grimace: Sorry! :joy: Honest sims player's mistake. ;)
    I was totally thinking Marnie was on the Left and Neptune was on the Right! :grin: I should've just said it! :p
    It's unfortunate that baby animals can't stay in their super adorable state huh?
  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 111 Member
    emorrill wrote: »

    @ButterWafflesAR Goodness, did I tag you as BurntWaffles? :grimace: Sorry! :joy: Honest sims player's mistake. ;)
    I was totally thinking Marnie was on the Left and Neptune was on the Right! :grin: I should've just said it! :p
    It's unfortunate that baby animals can't stay in their super adorable state huh?

    You're fine, I actually didn't notice you tagged me as BurntWaffles. I saw the word WafflesAR and I didn't bother looking at the first part. :D Right!? They are so cute as babies!! :blush: With their high energy and their baby sounds. Just AGgghhh!!! What's not to love about them.
    Speaking of BurntWaffles, first time I saw that name mentioned in a forum when I was on a hunt for skins I thought, "I wonder if this person was just as hungry as I was, when they made their user."
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,978 Member
    Hope you feel better soon. It's not COVID right?

    No, I tested 6 times, because I would have bet my life that IT WAS covid, but
    came back negative, thank the maker XD. However itsleft me with this nagging cough.
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