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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,102 Member

    It was fun being an extra, and gives a little extra income, not
    much but a little.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,603 Member
    Starting a four day off stretch tomorrow. I’m hoping to catch up sometime in the next few days and maybe play at least once. However, think I’m playing Arkham Knight after work. I’ve made it to 96% completion but still have several things to get done to get to 100%. Things like collecting Riddler trophies and capturing villains.
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    @venusdemilosims: Hugs.

    @emorrill: Hello. I like the new world that you picked out.

    @Brandontaylor: Hello. Arkam Knight sounds fun. Is it on pc?

    @Silverofdreams30: Hello.

    @MamaSimTee: Hello.

    @lisasc360: Hello. Congrats on being mentioned for the Friday highlights.

    @Karritz: Hello.

    @bekkasan: Hello

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Hello

    @Turjan: Hello

    @Mikezumi: Hello

    @all: Sorry if I missed anyone. This thread goes by fast. Thank you for letting me read/comment on your pictures/videos/stories. :)
    :) Smile!

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    Looks like I’m gonna take a direct hit from ian
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    @Silverofdreams30 At least you got some money out of it. ;)

    @Puddinroy Thank you. You should try out Hylewood sometime. :)

    @GraceyManor I sure hope not... :( I'm sending prayers that it will pass on through without causing much harm or damage. 🙏 Stay safe!

    So hey everyone. :grin:

    I've been hard at work - and greatly enjoying it :blush: - creating all the characters for my upcoming Christmas story.

    I kinda wanted to reveal them all when I reveal the story, but...I was just so impressed and excited at the way the main character's mom (who is Thai) turned out, that I just had to share her. I think she's utterly beautiful!! <3


    Her name is Nin. :blush:

    Y'all have no idea how many pictures I've looked up and printed off to use as a reference when creating these various characters because they are all different races! I want to make sure they look as realistic as possible. 👍 (Sometimes it's a blessing and a curse being a perfectionist. 😅 Lol! )

    I do want to give a special thank you to @CravenLestat for already creating the main character for me and saving me a lot of time there. ;):lol: She was a very generous gift to me from him and I "luff" - as he would say - her SO much that I've been waiting for the right time to use her in a story. Now is that time. :blush: I hope you'll be here and reading it when it debuts, buddy. ;):kissing_heart:

    Guess I threw out some little teasers about the story there didn't I? :p

    Anyhoo, I sure hope I can pull the entire story together in time for the Christmas season because I always enjoy providing a cute Holiday read for y'all each year since I started doing so. <3 I think y'all will really enjoy it. :blush:

    Keep calm and Sim on everyone. :blush:
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,102 Member

    She looks lovely,
    I'm still busy with a course assignment but on Wednesday I'm going to
    post more of my story.
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    I just published three more blog posts in my Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge. I am caught up with my game at the moment.

    If you were caught up through 9.19 from three days ago, click here to read the next blog post 9.20.

    Otherwise, click the link in my signature to read any of the other posts.

    I have been thinking of creating a thread in Creative Corner under The Sims 3 Stories and Legacies and posting my entire Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge story there as well. What do you guys think? Should I do it?
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    Looks like I’m gonna take a direct hit from ian

    Stay safe!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    @Puddinroy hello back.

    I've started working on the next episode of the Perfect Genetics Challenge. This episode will start with 2 weddings. Then everyone goes home. The location at the start of the episode is Mountain Lake. The entire episode will probably be in Mountain Lake. Two things are expected to happen before Cindy and Bill go back to Moonlight Falls.

    Firstly - Cindy is pregnant so she won't be able to travel until the baby is born. I know that she can travel with the mod but I've tried that before and it has never ended well. So she'll stay put until the big day arrives.

    Secondly - Carla is pregnant. She wants to have 5 babies and raise them to teens. So I gave her and James fertility treatment. I need to stick around to find out how many babies she has this time. It looks like it could be 3 but I'm thinking of moving Carla and James in with Donna and Gary for the duration of the pregnancy so I can get her to read books and do all the things that could encourage her to have quads. I have done this before with Louise, years ago. That is the Louise from Oscar and Louise. I only gave Oscar fertility treatment and she produced triplets. Next pregnancy I got her to do extra things such as read pregnancy books and listen to kids music and other things that are supposed to increase the chances of a multiple birth. She had 4 and she had 4 in each of the next 2 pregnancies making it 15 babies in only 3 pregnancies.

    I won't be doing that with Carla. But if I can get her to have 4 this time then I might be able to encourage her to be pregnant again before Cindy and Bill return home. I would, of course, need to hang around and give James and Carla's house a makeover to accommodate all of those extra babies.

    Bill and Cindy are staying with Gary and Donna until they go home with their new baby. Cindy doesn't have a pregnancy bump yet but she knows she's pregnant. Bill's been painting and Cindy was watching TV. Here's Bill's painting.


    Carla and James cutting their cake.

    Donna getting ready for her wedding.

    Donna and Gary cutting their cake.

    Dancing at the wedding


    After the weddings everyone went home - except Donna went out to find a gem. She had a wish to find a gem during the full moon. She got one. She also came across this thing that was glowing. It was very animated. I've never come across this sort of thing being so active before. It looks like one of those pink lick things for horses. But why is it doing what it's doing. The zombies were out as it was the night of the full moon. If you watch the video when I finally get it up you should be able to see it in action as I'll probably add this to the video.


    So that's what I'm up to today.

    Happy Simming All.
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,025 Member
    You guys! :joy:

    I'm laughing so hard! :lol: The mods people come up with... :p
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,971 Member
    In so scared about this hurricane I really wanna post my story again. It I just do t have time
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 880 Member
    @ButterWafflesAR Thanks I'm glad you like it. ;) Maybe you could move there, because it is based on a real place.. sort of. :P

    I made a couple more buildings yesterday, a copy of the Fantoft Stave church and a combined restaurant, café, gym and beauty salon/tattoo place.. might take screenshots of it later.
    The original Fantoft Stave church.
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,025 Member
    Morning y'all. :) Quick question:

    Do any of you get these nasty shadows underneath your Sim's noses?


    Do you know the cause? Is it due to custom sliders? Windows 10 (or even EA) lighting issues? It's driving me NUTS and killing my photos. :cry:


    Would using a nose mask help? Or just make it look worse?

    Thanks. <3
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    I have a new post:

    Nevermind, the game crashed and I hadn't saved it, so I lost all of Tuesday's game play. :grimace:
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  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,685 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    Morning y'all. :) Quick question:

    Do any of you get these nasty shadows underneath your Sim's noses?

    Yeah, that's normal, even without custom sliders. Some custom skins can make this more visible. If you move the "nostril height" slider up and down, you can see these shadowed areas consecutively appear and disappear. Choose one of the many height positions where those shadows don't show.

    If that doesn't work because of lack of space - especially YAs have only very little space between nose and mouth to work with - you may need to move the nose slightly up, if it's in a low position, or the mouth down, if it's in a high position, and try again. Full adults, elders or teens have a lot more space to work with there.

    Some of the premades will cause this issue. For example, if sons of Claire Ursine inherit her nose, it's pretty much CAS time, as male noses are larger than female ones, and Claire already has no space in that area of her face.

    Eh, pic. Marvin with a derpy face.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,025 Member
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    Thank you @Turjan :kissing_heart: Glad to know it's a common occurrence and not just an issue with my game. ;)

    When I was working on that sim in CAS I was moving his nose and mouth up and down quite often and the shadows weren't going completely away so, I dunno. 🤷‍♀️ Guess it's just the shape of his face or something. I'll try again though and see what I can do. :)

    @Sprottenham :open_mouth: I definitely wanna see screenshots of your creation of the Fantoft Stave church in game!! That's a beautifully exquisite structure!

    @GraceyManor (((Hugs))) I'm sure it's going to be ok, but I totally understand you feeling nervous or even scared. <3 I'm still offering up prayers to everyone in the hurricane's path. 🙏

    @texansky (((Hugs))) to you too for losing your play to your game crashing. :( Gosh I hate that!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,685 Member
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    @emorrill The nostril height slider is the most important one. The nose you have looks like it has a rather large nose tip (you can try to reduce the tip and see whether that moves the center part up a bit) or a weird nostril rotation (they seem to open to the front, not down). Basically, you have to balance the nostrils with the center part in order for the skin between nose and mouth not to get distorted. Sometimes, even lowering the nose definition relaxes the situation somewhat.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,971 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    Thank you @Turjan :kissing_heart: Glad to know it's a common occurrence and not just an issue with my game. ;)

    When I was working on that sim in CAS I was moving his nose and mouth up and down quite often and the shadows weren't going completely away so, I dunno. 🤷‍♀️ Guess it's just the shape of his face or something. I'll try again though and see what I can do. :)

    @Sprottenham :open_mouth: I definitely wanna see screenshots of your creation of the Fantoft Stave church in game!! That's a beautifully exquisite structure!

    @GraceyManor (((Hugs))) I'm sure it's going to be ok, but I totally understand you feeling nervous or even scared. <3 I'm still offering up prayers to everyone in the hurricane's path. 🙏

    @texansky (((Hugs))) to you too for losing your play to your game crashing. :( Gosh I hate that!
    I’m in the direct path of it my entire neighborhood is boarding up I never experienced this before I’m so scared
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
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    Chapter One (Part Two)

    It appeared to River that the walk from their lot had not elicited a lot of attention from the rest of the populace. Whether it was the fact that they were carrying or they’d had the experience of having members of their family end up the loser in gunfights, that they knew to not mess with people who carried their weapons openly and at the ready. River and Haruo had started carrying their M4s at what was called the collapsed low ready position as they walked. That way their muzzles were pointed at the ground safe, but their hands were on the weapon ready to use it if need presented.
    Hunter was busy with pawing around in the dirt, several years of being on his own had made him hardy and able to avoid pockets of fall-out infected ground. It was uncertain as to what breed of dog Hunter was, but he was definitively a mutt. was clear that his genetic background was definitely a Spitz. He was heavy set and big for a Spitz but he carried his weight well and he was fast and aggressive. It was yet another reason why Haruo and River were never messed with. The rest of the populace were well aware that Haruo would unleash his dog on them if they so much as twitched the wrong way.
    Loki was a simple black cat who happened upon them, like Hunter, on their journey to sanctuary. He was very aggressive owing to being a stray who had been hunted by a cougar, just before Haruo shot the big cat saving the little one. He now was a member of the pack, Hunter accepting him. Loki was an efficient hunter being on his own for three years, which was impressive considering that house-cats were being slowly killed off by larger and more aggressive prey. Loki had to be a wild-cat in temperament, helping his survival instincts while being on his own, but reverted back to his housecat temperament, but those three years had done something to him in terms of mental stability. When he slipped out of the bunker to go on his hunting expeditions, he was back in survival mode; a wildcat ready to pounce on whatever prey or attacker that he could, lacerating them to the bone with strikes with claws extended.
    Social norms were a thing of the past. Everyone perceived everyone else as a potential threat; either grasping for survival by stealing or looting or eyeing power by killing others around them so that they became the top dog. All Haruo and River wanted was to be left alone and that meant making themselves as unpalatable a target as possible, which meant they needed to look as if they presented a threat to the rest of the population, strong enough to deal with any potential threat to their safety, which meant going armed at all times and presenting the image that they would deal with anyone who sought to take anything of theirs with lethal force.
    River’s husband; she been calling him that, ever since they’d had to bury Haruo’s father; started working on harvesting the fruits and vegetables once they’d reached the consignment store/community garden. There was a shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the wake of the apocalypse, with a lot of berries and fruits going extinct. Some wanted to bio-engineer them back into existence, however there was no guarantee that they would taste anything like the ones they were used to, if they were even edible.
    Considering how bio genetically engineered a banana was already, the likelihood of getting the same edible banana with the same taste was impossible. The current banana, before the apocalypse that one could find readily in grocery stores, was a result of years and years of man tampering with it to produce a banana that was seedless, sweet and edible. The natural banana that had very little edible inside and jam-packed with seeds was extinct. Even the harvesting ritual had been tailored to preserving the original plant, a eunuch, genetically cloning the plant and picking its fruits over and over again. No more banana cream pies for Haruo ever again, unless someone did the genetically-impossible, which was to bring back the edible banana from complete extinction.
    In this landscape torn apart by the ravages of time and war, the sunsets because of dust kicked up into the air were always still spectacular.
    And it appeared as though some trace of the of the past able to be recovered at least psychologically when one took the time to view the sunset. It almost made this part of Purgatory seem tolerable. Once sunset hit, Haruo and River strove to be back in their bunker, doors locked up tight; a metal bar jammed across the door frame to block people from battering the door in – intruders would make so much noise that the cat would be alarmed, the dog would start barking and the human occupants would be able to be alerted and reach for their weapons. Woe be to any burglar who tried to get in.
    River and Haruo took showers and decided that they would sleep until next morning. Retiring to bed, River cuddled with her husband and they fell asleep, hoping the next day they would be able deal with the rigors of getting a garden going.
    (End Chapter One)
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    I have a few family updates from Sunset Valley

    Gobias Koffi and his family. Young adult male with blonde hair is Gordon from Gobias first marriage with Zelda Mae, the rest of the children are with current wife Brandee.

    Lloyd McIrish family. Lloyd is the son of Fiona McIrish. He married Alecia Wainwright, daughter of the original Wainwrights. They have a son, Andrew.

    Patrick Langerak family, he married the daughter of Connor Frio and Jamie Jolina; Sophia, and they have a son they named Niles.

    Tyler Wallker-Bunch, local postman married Darleen Bunch and they had twin boys. The boys are now young adults and I am waiting for them to find their spouses.

    The Bunch house is now inhabited by Jerome Bunch and his family, and also his younger brother Jason. Jerome and wife Maria have five daughters, the eldest; Rosanna (with pigtails), is now a young adult.

    Goddard-VanWatson Household; Hank and Madison had 3 children. Hank moved out and Madison stayed with her now young adult children.
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    @emorrill I haven't noticed any problems with shadows under my sims noses but when I'm painting a portrait I am always careful to add a shadow under the nose if the light is coming from above.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
    Looks like Honest Eddie has decided to move in; a new consignment store for Woeville.
    Buy your "not hot" second hand stuff here, or sell it to make some simoleons for your sims. Honest Eddie has it all. Never mind about what others say about him fencing stolen goods on the side. That's just a blatant false rumor. Honest Eddie is as honest as the day is long.
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,431 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer I saw that town on MTS, it looks to be perfect for your apocalyptic type game play :)

    @emorrill Nancy Landgraab in my game is forever cursed with "the nose-effect", it looks awful. Thank you @Turjan for tips on how to remedy that situation :)
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,102 Member

    Lovely shots of the families as usual.
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