What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    I've had two consecutive days of doctor appointments, and I have gotten worse news at both regarding my mother's health. It's a difficult time for my family, so please keep us in your thoughts. On Saturday my mother was admitted to the hospital with osteomyelitis, a bone infection.

    @Brandontaylor Belinda and Nate are a cute couple and being a fairy seems to suit Christa! Oliver seems to be an adorable, happy baby.

    @Emily4331 I kinda-sorta remember you. How are you? Yeah, I kinda-sorta came back a couple weeks ago. Dealing with a lot of stuff in real life atm. Good work doing all the conversions. Congrats to Kenny on his engagement! That happened with Terry and Kaydence, Terry proposed on his own. It must be that mod. Because of that proposal I had to reshuffle all my plans, lol. Lol at those carefully hidden eggs!

    @polrbear Congrats on getting the lovely plantsim! Ginger and Madeleine are beautiful.

    @bekkasan Thanks for the link to the outfit, appreciated. That is a great build!

    @Karritz It's been awhile since I turned an IF real in one of my saves, and I've forgotten how to do it, lol. I've only had a couple IFs that were made real in my game, and one sim married hers. They haven't reproduced yet, so I don't know what they will look like. Do they have special qualities?

    @Nikkei_Simmer I'm afraid the ins and outs of the CC you're talking about is above my paygrade, lol, but good luck with your story. I would love to learn Blender but I lack both time and brain power to do so, lol.

    @emorrill That build is lovely! Great job.

    @Avatarit The reason I have never played in Midnight Hollow is because it's too dark for my eyes.

    These photos were done just before my mother went into the hospital.


    Even Emit Relevart has wedding fever as he discusses the upcoming nuptials with Kaydence.



    "Are you ready to do this, Terry?" Kaydence asks her bridegroom, noticing that he seems to be having some nervousness.
    "It's now or never, I guess," he shrugged.


    And so, in front of assembled family, friends, descendants, and the Time Traveler, Terry and Kaydence became Mr. and Mrs.





    Emit pronounces them man and wife and gives them his blessing


    After getting married, Kaydence changed into a beautiful violet skirt and top combo, courtesy of @emorrill, and broke out into a badly out-of-tune duet with her new husband.


    She didn't forget to thank her aunt, who had taken her in for a few heady days in her teens after she'd run away from home following an argument with her dad.

    Bonus: A video of the event! https://youtu.be/dBuP35pkYjs

    Notes: This was without a doubt the most challenging wedding I've ever done in Sims. My computer crashed no fewer than three times, but not before I got these pics. Not only did I have to move a whole bunch of sims into one household, but I had to get them all to travel to Oasis Landing and plus secure a venue. I ended up doing these shots at base camp at Oasis Landing. These shots were taken just before crash time.
    Also, I have never, in all my years of playing Sims 3, had a couple get married, and not roll a want to woohoo or have a baby - until now. These guys are strange, to put it mildly, lol.

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    @venusdemilosims Lol I guess "kinda-sorta" is better than not remembering me at all. :sweat_smile:
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    @venusdemilosims I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she soon recovers.

    As for the Imaginary Friends, they are just like other sims except they have a doll form that they can switch into or be in their human form. Once you've made several of them real in the same household they start to look alike so the thing I have most fun with is taking them into CAS and giving them major makeovers. For some reason this is more fun for me than making a new sim but there really isn't any difference in the process. I usually keep their traits unless I really don't like them at the time and can't resist making a few changes.

    When they have their babies they can be born with the Imaginary Friend occult state and may get their own Imaginary Friend doll in the mail just like any other sim.

    In the game, if your child plays with their imaginary friend and has a sufficiently high relationship with it you may get the chance to turn it real. The opportunity is 'When Dreams Come True". I do not let my sims accept that opportunity because it requires them to find some extremely difficult to find gems and take them to the science facility which pays them for the gem and then the sim uses that money to buy the potion. My preferred way of doing it is to get my sims to get a logic level of 8 or above. They can get this from discovering potions from the chemistry table. They will eventually get the potion to make their imaginary friend real. If they start out with a logic skill of 8 or above they can find the potion at any stage, but if they need to learn logic then they can't discover it until they get to level 8 so it can take a while. But not as long as finding that gem and they learn logic along the way.

    Imaginary Friend in doll form.

    This one hasn't been made real yet but it's the form they take after they are real and want to appear as a doll. You will need to tell them to go into this form. The only difference between this form when they are not yet real is, before they are real they are only visible when their owner is the active sim. Although other sims can clearly 'see' them.

    This is one example of an imaginary friend I've made real and given a makeover to.

    And another

    Two more in a different save




    I better stop. They are all imaginary friends made real, and as you can see I love to experiment with their makeovers. They all looked almost identical as each other before their makeovers.

    The way to make them real is to get the relationship between the doll and its owner to maximum and the doll will then take the potion when offered and drink it.

    Since I get so much fun making them over I use Debug Enabler mod to Force them Live. This way I can take dolls out of any inventory of any sim at any age stage and have them make it real. This is also a great way to overpopulate the household. M current household in my Perfect Genetics Challenge videos has 22 sims in it and at least half of them are imaginary friends made real. I'm currently in the process of moving them out to a different world to make room for more sims to be born in the main household.

    If you watch my 30 Grandchildren videos or Perfect Genetics videos you'll see the whole process many times in numerous episodes.

    Happy Simming
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    @Brandontaylor Good to see you had time to play.
    Nice to see Brandon chatting with his Mom. She looks as young as him. :smiley:
    Oliver is adorable.
    That was a good idea to have them move in so a family in need could have the bigger house.
    Congrats to Chrissy on becoming a fairy.

    @emorrill Glad to see you got the house uploaded. It looks fantastic and yep, you got that colonial look. It looks very comfy and I love that you did a fireplace and stayed in budget. I look forward to my sims to checking out the new stuff over the long weekend.

    @Simexpert123 He looks like a cute sim!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comment on my pics that hair! :grin:
    Thank you for your comment on my dive bar. :smiley:

    @Emily4331 Your sims are sweet to keep candy on hand for the early (or late) trick or treaters. :grin:
    Well, I never quite liked Kenny for Chrissy anyways (hard to get that mohawk out of my brain :lol:)
    I've never figured out a way to save outfits so if you do...let me know. I don't use dresser. I just save the individual pieces in cas if I really like how I changed them.

    @GraceyManor Hi...wondered where you been? Hope all is well and you are just busy or playing another game for a break. :grin:

    @Karritz Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments. Very nice that you have a car again!
    I do enjoy seeing your IF's when turned, just not the doll form. :cold_sweat:

    @venusdemilosims I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I hope and pray they find the right antibiotics to treat it.
    You are very welcome regarding the link.
    Thanks for the comment on the build.
    Congrats to Kaydence, Terry and you for surviving the wedding.
    The both looked beautiful all dressed up. :heart:
    I giggled at the out of tune karaoke song.
    I had to giggle again at Aunt with her pinched lips.

    A close up of cc free Gina and Shane :love: testing the karaoke machine in the tavern. I just love the expressions on their faces.
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    Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend (for those who have it). I went to visit my dad, who I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. Spent several hours visiting with him, two aunts, one of my uncles, three of my cousins, two great aunts, and a distant cousin.

    I should be able to catch up on comments sometime this week, and possibly will have some time to play.
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    A few days ago I moved some of my Sunset Valley charecters to Bridgrport, and I have story plans for each one of them.

    In personal life it's a really hectic times at work so I barely have time to play as I wish... So a lot of stories are planned but the execution sometimes takes place long after I have the ideas....
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    I finally finished my video and started loading it to YouTube about 12 or so hours ago. It tells me it is now 97% loaded. So I'll get onto something else for a while. The video should be ready for you to watch in a few hours. It is Episode 1 of Generation 2 of The Perfect Genetics Challenge and it's set in 2 worlds. The main world is Moonlight Falls and the extra world where I'm moving excess sims is Mountain Lake which was made by @Rflong7
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 1 video is now available for you to watch on YouTube.


    In the final episode of Generation 1 the heir, Cindy, aged up to Young Adult. Now she's ready to get married and start having babies. First she needs to graduate.

    This episode is pretty busy. There is a graduation, two birthday cakes with candles to blow out, two marriage proposals, two weddings, a journey to another world, a sim meets his future wife in the middle of a park and they get to know each other. There is dancing, flirting, marrying, hugging, kissing, travelling and all sorts of adventures.

    There is a need to depopulate the main household and the world in general so I'll be moving sims out of Moonlight Falls for a while to allow the world to play without lag.
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    Chrissy and Jake are dating now. This means 2 of my sims, in separate saves, are dating Jake Russell. :lol:

    Chrissy looked kind of evil walking out of the grocery store. :fearful:

    And I took some fancy pics of her for funsies.


    I thought this one looked cool in spite of her foot clipping through the couch. :lol:
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    Looks like a fun save!

    I have been busy with a game called " My time at Sandrock"
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    Hey everyone. :) I've been busy with life lately. Just enjoying the good times and hanging in there during the hard times. ;)

    Comments first before I post pictures. :mrgreen:

    @venusdemilosims I'm so sorry to hear your mom is back in the hospital with a bone infection. :( My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 🙏
    That build is lovely! Great job.
    ^Thank you. <3
    So, how cute is Emit underneath those sunglasses? :smirk: Guess I need to finally install ITF and found out for myself. :p
    Beautiful wedding. <3 And the video of Kaydence and her new husband singing karaoke together was cute. :blush:

    Glad to see you got the house uploaded. It looks fantastic and yep, you got that colonial look. It looks very comfy and I love that you did a fireplace and stayed in budget.
    ^Thank you. <3
    I dunno what my brain was thinking before with thinking the mansard roofs looked colonial. I swear I wonder about my head sometimes. :p
    Awww, look at those eyes Shane :love: and Gina are giving each other while singing. <3<3

    @Brandontaylor Glad to hear you could see your dad after a few years and had a lovely time visiting with him and your other distant family members. <3

    A few days ago I moved some of my Sunset Valley characters to Bridgeport, and I have story plans for each one of them.
    ^That story idea intrigues me. I'd like to read that. :) Oh I totally get it about the planning and then executing of a story. ;)

    @Karritz Congrats on getting your Perfect Genetics Challenge video posted. :star:

    @Emily4331 Striking photos of Crissy. :star: I don't think I would've noticed her shoe clipping into the sofa if you hadn't pointed it out. :lol: Those strappy heels are hot!

    Lately in my game I've been drooling hard over my made-over version of Hank Goddard. :love: I think I'm going to save him to the Bin. <3

    *Near fainting sigh*

    The way he looks holding Pauline in his sleep. <3

    (Looks like Pauline is having second thoughts about getting married as well! :lol: These two and their commitment issues... )

    Returning home from work...


    I zoom in to his gorgeous face and think, "Why do I never run into a cop that looks as hot as this?" :lol::p:love:


    And y'all know I swoon hard for a man in uniform. <3<3<3

    Naturally I had to capture some silly photos of him doing the Smustle! :lol:<3




    The other day I was testing out another clouds mod from Nilxis and I love the look of these clouds much more than their "Realistic Clouds" :love:

    Photo dump! :mrgreen:








    However......I feel like it made my game hiccup a little (especially when turning the camera in Live mode). :confused: If anyone would like to test it out and see if it does the same in your game, please let me know and I'll send you the link.

    Cause I totally love it and would like to find out if it's the mod or just my heavily modded game doing the hiccupping. :p

    Have fun Simming everyone! <3
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    I finally got a few more days off to play and comment so I'm trying to make the most of my time. I went out to eat for breakfast this morning and overheard a woman saying Queen Elizabeth II was hospitalized. A few hours later, I heard she passed away and that Charles is King now. It's strange to think she is gone after seeing so much about her, even though I am an American. I remember as a kid that my great grandmother had some older encyclopedias from the mid-1960's/early 70's, and the Queen was in them. Even Charles himself was in those, although he was only around 10 at the time. I am sure that she will be missed deeply.

    On to a different note, the Goth Family save is at just about 3 to 4 Sim weeks until Oliver (currently a toddler) helps bring in Generation 9. When I play tonight, he will have his transition from toddler to child. His parents, Jacob and Christa are somewhere around 90 to 100 days from becoming adults, while Brandon and Lily are 20 days from doing the same. James Wolff, the father that Christa barely knew, is around 7 days from the end of his lifespan, while Christa's sister Belinda is just a few days short of becoming a young adult. She's only staying until she marries, then she is leaving. James will stay until he passes away, probably before Oliver even reaches young adulthood.

    @Nikkei_Simmer You're welcome. Hope you can get your computer as soon as possible.
    Nice to see a picture from your early days of playing the game. That house design looks better than any I've ever built.

    @venusdemilosims You're welcome.
    Great update with the wedding photos!
    Thanks for the comments!

    @Avatarit You're welcome.

    @Karritz You're welcome.
    Nice update!

    @Emily4331 Lol, I wish Sims would autonomously take a shower after getting singed. So many of them just stay all burnt like that.
    Congrats on the proposal!
    Glad the fire didn't do much, and that none of your Sims died.
    Great pictures!

    @Onverser Great pictures of the house!

    @emorrill Thanks, work is going fine. I haven't had many issues, although the front end has been short on cashiers a lot so I get called away from my normal duties a lot to go cashier. I saw in receiving that we are already starting to get Christmas trees and stuff in. It seems to start earlier every year.
    Yeah, things seem to be settled down in that regard. We've pretty much gotten rid of all the COVID protocols we had, the only thing that remains is the leave for COVID, and the pharmacy workers still have to wear masks. Certain days we are busier than others, and nobody's really trying to hoard things like they used to. A few customers still are wearing masks, but most are not anymore.
    It's a nice house, even if it might be a bit over starter.
    Nice job on the house for the collab!
    Brandon has nice genetics.
    Lol, I never changed his sleepwear so I had to mention it.
    I thought it'd be easier than feeding her Life Fruit all the time, or using Young Again elixirs.
    Hopefully, Nate and Belinda will work out together as a couple. Who knows what the game will do with them once they move out.
    Thanks. He has emphysema and COPD from being a lifelong smoker, so in the early days of the pandemic, I couldn't go see him. After we all got vaccinated, it was hard to schedule things where I could go.
    Great pictures of Hank!

    @misty4m You're welcome.

    @polrbear Your fairy looks nice.
    Congrats on harvesting a PlantSim! Madeleine looks great!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!

    @bekkasan Nice job on the build!
    Yeah, I was happy that I found some time to play.
    Carrie is pretty young still, although I believe she is in the adult stage now. The fairy I created a long time ago and put in the town, Rain (Forest) Langerak is just now an elder and I think she is Carrie's mother.
    Thanks, I thought so too. Almost a child now.
    Kind of what I thought. I was also getting tired of the game telling me about it, lol.
    Great picture of Gina and Shane!
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    The Queen is dead; “Long live the King”.
    Got shocking news today whilst browsing my web-browser. Now The Commonwealth goes into mourning.
    Going to be hard for me to think of Charles as the King now since for the entirety of my life (two-thirds of the entirety of her reign, she has been my Queen (as a subject and citizen of a Commonwealth nation).

    Well, we will all see what happens.

    Nothing happening in Sims 3 on my end however other than the usual perusing my past Sims stuff.
    Guess if Haruo had a piano at this time he’d be playing a mournful dirge at this time.
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    Long time, no see again.. I think I Iost it a bit when it comes to creating the storyline for my game, but I have just now slightly started to work on the next update about Palash, Sofia, Deepak and their family.. It's going to involve some travelling again. :P

    In the meantime I have learnt the process of making my own objects and putting them into the game, however, as with me learning how to make clothes, don't expect to actually see anything being made, though. ;) Well, I guess there's a higher chance of getting to see objects made by me as opposed to clothing, because I could never get the sewing function in Blender to work properly.. I just got a wrinkly mess everytime I tried to use it, even when trying to make the most basic of shirts...

    Also, I had a couple of notifications I should probably have replied to, but they disappeared as I clicked on the globe item next to my username to check them out (I guess they were to old?), so sorry, no replies. :/
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    So handsome sim! you are great at making over
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    Just popping in to leave recs for all your posts.=)

    Have fun simming!
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    Simselves 4.4

    My last update for this story was published on June 4 (page 4360). Monday has three posts. I hope you enjoy the latest updates.

    Week 4, Monday, part 1

    Cami Kat has been promoted to Elementary School Teacher! She now has the ability to shape the young minds in her class personally.

    Josie Vulpis-Pinkerton has improved her writing skill to level 2.

    Sprotten Sprottenham has just increased his unmentionable skill.

    Phoenix Flannagan and Treble Schmidt are expecting puppies.

    Becky Black-Tanner has been promoted to Paramedic! She, Ross, and Shana are celebrating at the library. John is still at school.

    Cami Kat talked to a friend about how to write a bestseller. Then she went home to relax by playing bass guitar.

    Lexi Rykins has been promoted to Yes-Woman in her Political career.

    Lexi is raking leaves in her yard in the rain!

    Kenji Midden and Bekkasan Sim have broken up.

    The paparazzi wasted no time in asking Kenji about the breakup.

    Bekkasan just got home from work.

    Sprotten Sprotteham has just improved his writing skill to level 2.

    While working at the Flying V's Coffeehouse, Craven Lestat has just improved his cooking skill to level 2.

    Martin Flannagan has improved his logic skill to level 5. He is celebrating by taking in a movie.

    @mailin32 - @mycami21 - @Zinniavanilla - @Sprottenham - @Tinyspacefox - @CharlottesMom66 - @king_of_simcity7 - @bekkasan - @CravenLestat
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    Week 4, Monday, part 2

    I found David Arellano visiting Betty Simovitch-Singleton at her home. They were talking about getting hit by hail. Michel was sleeping upstairs.

    Celina Simovitch-Schmidt was at Varg's Tavern with John Black-Tanner. They went there after school to hang out.

    Rodney Simovitch-Singleton had been visiting the historical society.

    Sam Fin-Beckett improved his guitar skill to level 5 while playing at the theater.

    Al Calavicci failed to pay his child support to Hailey Shepherd for Conor Shepherd-Calavicci again. And he has another one due on Wednesday with Nicola Stanford.

    Cheri Nash received her child support from AJ Bishop for Andrew Nash-Bishop when it was due. It looks like AJ has stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for his son.

    Happenings Around Town:

    Emma and Booker Fairfax-Singleton are keeping their relationship strong. It's too bad she isn't insisting that he pays his child support.

    Sprotten Sprottenham failed to pay his child support to Nicola Stanford for their son Arturo Stanford-Sprottenham.

    Benjamin Schmidt failed to pay child support to Betty for Celina and to Gracie Loveland for Susanne Loveland-Schmidt.

    Josie Vulpis-Pinkerton has purchased another property. She is now the landlord of Sprotten Sprottenham.

    Martin Flannagan just bought a brand new Smooth Cruise bicycle and Craven Lestat bought The 390 bicycle. I wonder if they ran into each other at the sporting goods store?

    Lexi Rykins has been stalking David Arellano. Maybe he was avoiding Lexi by visiting Betty?

    Becky and Josh Black-Tanner are determined to make their relationship work.

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    Browsing in my archives in my blog, I noticed how “industrious” I was at making what I thought was an insanely complicated build. Having Alexander Chubaty’s cathedral organ, I wanted to make the perfect Moonlight Falls home for my sims. 🤣.

    Placing the “pipes” was a royal pain.

    Of course I had to have a GRAND staircase splitting the pipe sections in two.

    The finished organ piping.

    One of my sims in the actual organ loft playing the organ.

    Yeah, I tend to go a bit nuts with my builds. 😁
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    Week 4, Monday, part 3

    Mark and Emmaline Simself-Woods are the proud parents of a boy. Meet Franco Simself-Woods!
    Franco Simself-Woods (Mark Woods & Emmaline Simself)
    Born: Week 4, Day 2
    Sign: Scorpio
    Favorites: French Music, Lobster Thermadore, Red
    Traits: Brave, Couch Potato

    Who knew? LOL

    Mark and Emmaline Simself-Woods are finally caught up on their bills. Hopefully, they can keep it that way now.

    Alouette Bird has also paid off her tax debt.

    Craig Clarson spent the evening at the Bishop household hanging out with BJ.

    Sprotten Sprottenham improved his writing skill to level 3. That's two increases in one day. He's been hard at work.

    Keith Parrott-Rees celebrated his birthday and became a child.

    Cashew Fairfax is now an adult dog.

    Camellia Tee-Clarson has celebrated her birthday and is now a toddler.

    Cole Preston-Burton has entered his teen years. He doesn't look too thrilled about it. I feel for his parents, Ross and Jamie!
    Or maybe the expression on his face is because he just got a part-time job at the Mausoleum?

    Betty Simovitch-Singleton has aged gracefully into an adult. She is still as beautiful as ever.

    Happenings Around Town:

    Ethan Parrott has become a young adult. He is reading a bedtime story to his younger brother, Keith Parrott-Rees.

    Ethan has registered as a self-employed writer.

    The following Sims have been promoted:
    Martin Flannigan to Stage Hand in the Music career.
    Keagan Rees to Rookie in the Professional Sports career.
    Nikkei Simmer to Vegetable Slicer in the Culinary career.

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    Sprotten Sprottenham has just increased his unmentionable skill.

    Hmm, what? Now you're making me a little curious.. ;)
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    Hello, I'm back... sort of.

    My mother will be transferred to another facility soon and will be there for several weeks taking antibiotic treatment for her bone infection.

    Anyway, as sim couples go, Terry and Kaydence are strange. I have never in all my years of playing, had a sim couple get married and not roll a want to "woohoo" after they wed. They do roll a lot of like wants, though, just not "those" kinds of wants, which is odd.

    But leaving them for awhile...

    Sebastian has 2 younger children at home and his older sister, Savannah, has one younger child left at home.


    This is Savannah's child left at home, Sawyer, who for some reason is trick-or-treating in the spring in a diving costume.


    Life got back to something resembling normal in the Valley since the wedding. Sebastian and his wife, Cherise, were milling around in Kaydence's old room, trying to decide what they were going to do with it.


    Meanwhile, Sebastian's 2 young kids left at home, Jazz Lyric and Sonata were left to play by themselves for awhile.


    Jazz was visited by his cousin Michael...


    ...and showed off his skills with the family piano.


    Meanwhile, Sonata disappeared into the toy box and emerged with a toy dinosaur.


    That evening Sebastian's friend Amanda Clegg hosted a party across town and decided to entertain the guests by telling a ghost story.


    And yes, that is Sebastian (recognizable by the family tattoo, a white rose flanked by the plumbob) getting much too close to Amanda) getting a slow dance in with her)


    Savannah was there, too, along with her son, Andrew, Jr. (a @bekkasan special, he is most definitely a mama's boy) and she's giving him an ink blot test.


    "Mom, what are you doing?" AJ wondered in disbelief.
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    Great updates everyone... :)

    Sorry that I haven't been on making my comments as things have gotten a little rough around here the last couple of days. First off, the hubby went to the ER this past Tuesday as he wasn't feeling too hot as he might had thought that he had corvid as he was feeling fatigue, achy all over and losing his voice. So they tested him for the virus and it was negative so they sent home telling him to take a couple of days off. So he was suppose to return to work on Friday but ended back up in the ER with his pancreatitis acting up. So we spent almost 7 hours waiting to be called back to an ER room as they were busy which by then was around 4 on Friday morning. They ended up keeping him where they are giving him fluids to keep him hydrated as well as pain meds and nausea pills. They started giving him a liquid diet today to see how well that does but they are still keeping him over night. Of course we're hoping that he comes home tomorrow but I guess it just depends on how he feels and whether they start giving him some regular food.

    So as I was driving to the hospital, I saw a yard sale that I had stopped at and spotted me a rare find that I brought for $1. I brought the Original Sims base game as well as TS Vacation, House Party, Unleashed and Makin' Magic all for $1... :) I know that I can't play them on my PC but it's nice to have some of the collection anyhow... :)
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    Goth Family Days 325 - 329, Part 1

    When Brandon and Lily woke up at the beginning of this play session, they had a bit of private time before facing the day.

    Jacob and Christa had a friendly game of chess after they woke up.

    James had something to do at the stadium, so I sent him there. I forgot now what I was having him do.

    Then it was time for Oliver's birthday. The second picture is him after his age up.

    The family then ate Oliver's birthday cake together. Everyone but Oliver has big wings, but I may change them when he ages to teen.

    Before going to bed, Belinda worked on her homework.

    When Christa woke up, she decided that was the perfect time to start playing her guitar. Luckily, I think that Jacob woke up before she started playing, otherwise he would have been mad.

    For breakfast, Lily made some Life Fruit pancakes.

    Oliver spent some of the morning reading a book about logic.

    Jacob played some tunes in the kitchen while Brandon practiced breaking stone boards. He is very close to being able to break space rocks.

    Now that Oliver is a child, Christa decided to join the workforce as a music fan. Her ultimate goal is to become a Hit Movie Composer.

    Christa and Belinda decided to dance to the music that Jacob was playing.

    Belinda finally got hungry so she ate some pancakes while Lily joined Jacob on drums. James also started to dance to the music.

    ***Parts two and three coming up a bit later.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,694 Member
    Goth Family Days 325 - 329, Part 2

    Brandon played a prank on Oliver, and he wasn't happy about it. This caused a little hit to their relationship.

    Jacob and Christa played around in their small forms. Their wings are similar in color, so it is a bit hard to know which one is which.

    James was asked out on a date by a person whose name I forgot. He chatted with her a bit, but he left the date when he found out she was already with someone.

    At another time, James got another call for a date.

    It just so happened to be Lily's sister, Ivy Langerak. James and Ivy hit it off alright, and she is also single.

    Many guests came over for a Snowflake Day gift giving party. Here is a list of what everyone got that I saw.
    Oliver - Teddy Bear
    Lily - Chess Table
    Jacob - Guitar
    Elizabeth Radford - Guitar
    Brandon - Game Console
    Carrie (Brandon's mother) - Guitar
    James Wolff - Shell Planter
    Rain (Forest) Breaux - Radio, Umbrella
    Nicholaus Radford (Elizabeth's current husband) - Easel
    Belinda - Chess

    Lily had a nice chat with Belinda's boyfriend, Nate Gordon.

    When the gift giving was over, the family and guests ate some chocolate gnomes. A lot of the guests had started to leave by this point, but Nate was still there.

    Carrie started to play her guitar at the party, and luckily she chose a jam session. Lily ended up backing her up on the drums.

    Belinda got her first taste in being an adult as she got the mail and paid the bills.

    Oliver spent some time playing chess with his Aunt Belinda.

    Then it was time for them to attend school. Belinda didn't have a lot of time left, so she most likely was going to end her time in school with a B.

    By the early afternoon, it was time for Christa to go to work. I've been too lazy to change her outerwear yet, I probably should do that before the next winter comes around. With the fairy lifespan, Christa will still be a young adult when that rolls around again. By the end of her shift, Christa was just shy of her first promotion, so she will go back to work as a music fan on the following Monday.

    When Belinda got home, it was time for her to become a young adult. Picture two is how she turned out after her age up, while the next photo is her after I changed her up a bit.

    ***Part 3 coming up soon, and comments coming sometime today.
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