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My Sims stories

lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,531 Member
This is a thread with my links to all of my Sims stories that I have on this site for easier viewing... :)

The Sims 3

My Simself in Riverview:

Pluto Mars in Lucky Palms:

Scooby-Doo and the Gang Moonlight Falls:

Krusty Karen in Roaring Heights:

The Blakes and the Bakers in AP:

A Vegetarian Werewolf in Moonlight Falls:

Birdie Family in Isla Paradiso:

Birdie Family in Starlight Shores:

Michael Myers:

Life in Aurora Skies:

The Sims 4

My Simself in Willow Creek:

Lorde family in Oasis Springs using only the base game:

Lorde family in Oasis Springs:

Too Many Toddlers:
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