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Krusty Karen's Adventures in Roaring Heights

This is Krusty Karen. She had a bad experience with her so-called friends, so she left her little town of Riverview and moved to Roaring Heights.

So I ended up placing her in Roaring Heights in a house that was 1 floor, living room, kitchen, 1 bath and 1 bedroom and had upgraded it to 3 floors with the living room kitchen and the tea table in the dining room section.

The 2nd floor has the bathroom and her drawing room where she has the drawing table at... :)

The 3rd floor has her bedroom and a dressing room for her as well as a door that goes out on the back balcony that leads to a spiral staircase to get to the roof of the house... :)

The roof... :)


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    Krusty Karen makeover Pt. 1

    After Karen gets all of her belongs into her new house, she goes into her dressing room and checks herself in her new mirror. She doesn't like what she sees and thinks to herself on how nice her image would be when she can get rid of the awful make-up and clothes that she has on. It makes her so upset that her so-called friends had went and did this to her when she was passed out when they had a night of fun at the local bar in the town that she was living in. They even had stolen all of her nice clothes and left her with one set of the ugliest clothing for everyday wear as well as the ugliest pajamas that they could find as well as other clothing items. She liked the little pants and shirt for her PJ's but just hated the colors that they had left her with. And she couldn't also believe that they would give her such a hideous make-over as well. She wouldn't had mind the make-up if she was dressing up as a cat for a costume party or something like that. And so because of what happened, she had left her little country town of Riverview for a new life and hopefully new friends that would like her for who she is.

    So was so mad at them that she ended up yelling at herself in the mirror for ever believing that these people could be her friends even though they made fun of her for being so darn clumsy all of the time. Boy was she ever so naive to believe that she could be so lucky like that... :cry:

    So after her very long rant that she did in front of the mirror, she was tired and had changed into her pj's and headed for bed. She hopes as she hops into bed that things can only get better from here and that things can start changing for the better.

    While she was sleeping, she dreamed of the day when she can remove her hideous mask that she wears as she knows that she is a beautiful young lady who didn't deserve the treatment that she got from her fake friends.

    She also had a dream that she was at the spa getting pampered and getting treated with the respect that she deserves.

    When she wakes up the next morning, she decides that after having her breakfast that she will try to do her make-up and then maybe try to look for some nice clothes.

    She goes downstairs and grabs a bowl of cereal from the fridge. She figures that would be safer to do as she doesn't have any cooking skills whatsoever, so she doesn't have to worry about accidentally burning down her brand new house. So knows that she has the unlucky trait which is why she is she unlucky when it comes to getting friends as no one wants to hang around someone that is clumsy and unlucky. They're afraid of what she might do or hurt if she ever tripped over something while carrying something that could break or hurt someone... :cry:

    She takes her cereal to the breakfast counter to eat. She's surprised that she even made it safely to the counter without spilling or dropping her cereal. And she's also surprised that she was able to get up on the bar stool without falling off of it. So she thinks that maybe her luck is getting better but she knows that she shouldn't get her hopes up too high in that department as she has been let down several times when she had that thought.

    After she gets done eating, she goes and cleans out her bowl so that she doesn't leave any dirty dishes around. But after she finished washing her bowl up and placing it in the dish rack to dry, she almost ended up face first in the sink as she had tripped over her own 2 feet... :# (I didn't get the picture of that.)

    She heads back upstairs to the 2nd floor where the bathroom is located and checks herself out in the mirror before she goes and washes that hideous make-off off of her face.

    After she washed it off, she put on some more make-up and checks it out to see if it looks good.

    She's not too impressed with the make-up job that she did on her face as she knows that she really doesn't know how to apply it on properly. She's used to caking the make-up on her face as she thought that's how it's suppose to be done. She never really had anyone showing her the proper way of toning it down and blending it in as she had no mother or any older sisters growing up as she was an only child raised by her dad who wasn't a very good parent to begin with.

    So it made her very sad that she wasn't like all of the other girls out there that knew the proper way of doing make-up thanks to either their mothers or sisters or both to show them how it's done... :cry:

    Since she was bad at doing her make-up, she decided to head on over to the spa for a facial and hopefully get some advice and tips on doing make-up. So when the taxi shows up outside of her house, the driver was a bit shocked at Karen's sight but chose not to say anything to her about her appearance as that would be rude as heck and she needed the money from this fare anyhow. She also didn't want to get a bad review from the passengers that she picks up as that would make her look bad and could cost her her job. So the she asks Karen where she wants to go and Karen tells her that she's going to the spa... :)

    Once they get there, Karen paid her fare and left a little extra money for a tip since the taxi driver was very friendly to her... :) So she heads on inside of the spa and is greeted by the owner. She asks Karen what she would like to have done today as she shows her the list of treatments and explains what all they do. Karen picks the facial treatment and also tells the owner that she needs a little advice for doing make-up if that was okay. The owner said that was fine as she doesn't mind helping those who need such advice... :)

    After her facial treatment, the owner then shows her how to do her make-up using the make-up doll that she has in her shop. She also gives her tips on her hair as well as Karen had told the owner that she wasn't that good at fixing her hair so she just leaves it down. She told the owner all about the incident with her so called friends and the owner told her not to dwell too much on it as it means that those people are winning every time she does. She told her that she has confidence in her and that she if she just keeps believing that she can be so much better than those people, that she will be the winner out on top. Afterwards, the owner then gives Karen a book with make-up and hair tips in it when Karen brought some better make-up, some very good facial products and some hair dyes and places them in the bag with the purchased items. Karen even grabs a couple of the free Beauty and Fashion magazines that was at the spa to read later. So said her thanks to the spa owner with a promise that she comes back again to let the owner see how she looks with her new make-over.

    Once Karen gets home, she heads up to her bedroom to place her make-up on her dresser and then checks herself out again in the mirror. She just hopes that she doesn't let the spa owner down because if she let's her down, then she's also lets her own self down as well and she doesn't want to do that at all.

    Karen then proceeds to remove her sunglasses and changes into her pj's for her make-over. She starts with trying to dye her hair a brown color and then styles it. But she isn't too impress with the look as it makes her look older.

    She then tries another hairstyle that she likes but isn't too crazy about it being in brown.

    She turn decides to use the blonde hair dye with this hairstyle as it reminds her of the Marilyn Monroe look and was quite impressed with it... :)

    She then decided to try this style which she also likes as well... :)

    She also tried this one as well. She thought it was okay but she still likes the Marilyn Monroe looking one better... :)

    She then did her make-up a few times until she got the look that she wants. She then checks herself out in the mirror and then decides that her next step would be to hire someone to pick up some of the clothing that she saw in the fashion magazines and bring them to the house for her to try on... :)
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    Krusty Karen Makeover Pt. 2: Everyday wear

    So Karen had picked out what outfits that she wanted and so the clothing store clerk brought over the clothes that she picked out. The photographer had also showed up and had set up different settings for her photo shoot as well. So the store clerk decided that she should try on her everyday outfits first... :)

    Here she is showing off the Countessa dress while she's sitting on her couch... :)

    She wanted a picture taken while she was still in the styling room as well because when I had her do the next pose in the line up, the collar of the dress was right in her mouth and she didn't like that... :)

    Here she is checking herself out after putting on the Cherries on Top dress... :) And yes, the store clerk had brought over some of their mirrors that they use in their dressing rooms so that Karen can get a complete look of herself in her new outfits... :)

    The shoot is behind a desk where Karen is sitting at... :)
    The poses that I had use in this picture and the one where she is checking herself out is the Marylin Monroe poses that can be found over at MTS... :)

    And here she is sitting outside in her outdoor reclining chair. (And yes, she hated being out doors as she has the "Hates the outdoors" trait. But I'm hoping that she changes her mind about the outdoors now that she has gotten rid of those hideous clothes and make-up that her so-called friends had put her in. Hopefully she only hated the outdoors due to her look.)
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    Krusty Karen Make-over Pt. 3: Evening Wear

    Next was the evening wear outfits. This is what she picked out for this shoot... :)

    Karen up on the balcony looking out at the city... :)

    I took this picture but I really don't like the way the neckline looks as there is some jagged edges around it. So I had ended up taking another picture of her in the stylish room before having her change into something else... :)

    Then she tried on this one... :)
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    Krusty Karen Make-over Pt. 4: Sleepwear, Outwear and Swimsuit


    This one is a bit racy in my opinion, so it will be under the spoiler... :)

    Now she's changed into her workout clothes. You know a lady like her needs to keep her figure looking good... :)

    Exercising in front of the ballet mirror... :)

    What grace she has... :) (Of course I was waiting for her to slip up and do something clumsy since she has the clumsy trait but she was perfect at what she was doing... :) )

    Here she is after cleaning up from her exercising in her outerwear... :)

    And since she has the hate the outdoors trait plus is was getting dark outside, we've decided to bring the beach inside of the house for her next set poses... :)

    Karen wants to give everyone a kiss and to thank you all for waiting patiently for her make-over and for enjoying her photo shoot... <3
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    After Karen was done with her photo-shoot, she went downstairs and fixed herself a salad for dinner... :)

    Once she was done with fixing it, she went to the counter to eat it... :)

    After she finished eating, she washed her dirty dishes up... :)

    She went upstairs to use the bathroom, so while she was in there she got a phone call for an opportunity. She got the "Charming Introduction" opportunity and so she chose to accept it. She just hopes that she doesn't embarrass herself when she goes to do it.

    Once she accepts the opportunity, she draws herself a nice bubble bath as she felt some sand was left on her after sitting in the sandbox.

    After she's done with her nice relaxing bath, she decides to use her drawing table.

    She drew a house.

    When she's done drawing, she heads upstairs to her bed and change into her little nightie and crawls into bed.

    She wakes up and goes out to her rooftop and sees that she now has a telescope. So she decides to take a look through it to see what she can find out there.

    She wonders what else is out there in space, so she decides that she needs to look through it again when nightfall comes around.

    She continues to look through the telescope and thinks that she should take the aptitude test to see where she scores at so that she can go to the university for a few classes.

    As she was looking through the telescope, her tummy starts to rumble some, so she heads on inside and downstairs to grab herself a bowl of cereal. She would like to try to cook something on the stove but is too afraid to do so as she knows that she is clumsy. So might end up buying herself a microwave instead just for safe measures.
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    After Karen finished eating her breakfast, she cleaned up her dirty dishes and then sat down at the tea table for a cup of tea. She was surprised that she didn't fall into the sink or dropped the teapot while pouring her freshly brewed tea or else that would had burnt her.

    When she was done sipping her tea, she got dressed and decided to head on over to the Summer Festival as she figures that it's time to go out and about in the town. Plus she has an opportunity that she needs to complete, so the festival probably would be the place for her to do the "Charming Introduction". She just hopes that she can do it as she is socially awkward. Of course she wears her dress instead of changing into a pair of shorts or capris to ride her bike over there.

    So the first thing she does is rents a pair of roller skates as she wanted to try rolling skating. She just hopes that she doesn't fall flat on her face and embarrass herself in front of a bunch of strangers as she doesn't want anyone laughing at her. She gets on the rink and starts out pretty good but then loses her balance for a second or two before regaining her balance.

    Of course she loses her balance again due to the 2 skaters in the middle of the rink losing their balance and falling down. She just hopes that they are okay and that they didn't break anything.

    Tina Buford wanted to skate with Karen, so of course Karen was a bit nervous to skate with someone as she didn't want to fall down and cause someone else to fall down as well but she was told not to worry so much about that. So she accepted the invitation to skate with Tina.

    They were doing pretty good until she lost her balance again and they both fell down. Once they both got back up, Karen apologized to Tina for losing her balance and she was forgiven as Tina told her that she had also lost her balance as well since she is still a little unsteady on skates herself. Once they parted ways and went back to skating on their own, Karen started skating circles around everyone as she had gotten a little bit better at staying upright.

    She skated around the rink for a few more laps before heading on over to the food stands as she was hungry. She looked over the menu that they had there and she decided on a funnel cake with a little bit of powdered sugar on it. Once she got her funnel cake, she went to a picnic table to sit down to eat it. She really loved the taste of it but decided that she would only eat this every once in awhile so that she doesn't gain too much weight.

    Karen sat at the table for a little bit debating on whether she was ready to do her Charming Introduction on one of the townspeople. She finally got her nerve up and decided that it was time to do her introduction, so she saw Gerald Picard and decided that he would be the 1st one for her to introduce herself to. She went up to him and introduced herself as Karen Krusty and that she was new to the town. (Yes, she changed her name before heading on out today as she didn't want to introduce herself as Krusty Karen.) So Gerald introduced himself after she told him her name.

    After their introduction which went very well, she was telling him about her new house that she's living in and he was delighted to hear that she loves her place as well as the town. He then gave her a friendly welcome to the town and told her that it was nice to meet her before he had to leave, so she thanked him and told him that she had somewhere important to be anyhow and that it was nice to meet him as well.

    She hopped back on her bike and headed on over to Thomas Fontaine's house as that is where she had to turn in her opportunity. But as she was pedaling pass her house, she saw 2 wild horses out on her front lawn. She hopes the get to see them when she gets home since Thomas's house is just right around the corner from her house.

    She pulls up outside of Thomas's house where she saw him by his mailbox checking for mail. So she heads on over to where he was standing at and turns in her opportunity to him. He thanked her for completing it and asked if she had any issues completing it and she told him no that it was a breeze to do it.

    After she was done talking to him, she almost fell into him. Of course she thought to herself how the heck could she fall into someone while she's just standing there but of course then she remembered that she's clumsy by natural and that it doesn't take much effort for that to happen in her case. As they were walking away from each other, she heard Thomas laughing out loud to himself as she was walking home and was wondering what was so funny unless he was laughing at her for almost falling into him.

    After the short walk home from Thomas's house to hers, she realized that it was a full moon tonight so she headed inside as quickly as she could because she knew that bad things happen on full moon nights.

    Once she settled down, she sat down on the couch and turned the TV on the cooking channel to see what they have on there that she could fix without using the stove or oven.
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    After she was done watching a couple episodes of the Sims Cooking Channel, she decided to read "Which is better, pen or pencil? It's a draw!" book.

    While she was reading, another wild horse shows up in her front yard and was pawing the ground as well as looking around.

    Then a 2nd wild horse shows up as well.

    Karen saw some movement outside so she goes to her door to peek her head outside only to see 2 wild horses in her yard. But as she was stepping out on the front porch, the 2nd horse starts to back away from the porch and into the side yard just because it was afraid to be seen.

    Then a 3rd one shows up in the yard as Karen watches on. She was amazed by them and amazed by the fact that they were showing up while she was outside.

    The 3rd horse decided to show off for Karen...

    Then the 1st one decided to show off as well. She was amazed even more by their showing off in front of her.

    She went inside after the 1st and 3rd horses left leaving only the 2nd horse there as it was grazing in the yard. She was a little hungry, so she had some vanilla yogurt with some fruit mixed in before heading upstairs to use the toilet and to take a bath before heading to bed for the night.

    About 2:30 in the morning, a zombie appears out in her backyard as she was sleeping.

    He headed on up to the back porch hoping that the back door was unlocked so that he could get inside but luckily enough Karen made sure that the back door as well as the front door was locked before heading upstairs for the night or else she would had been turned into a zombie.

    While Karen was sleeping, the Sim God placed a rocking chair out on the newly added back porch so that the zombie could sit down and not keep making moaning sounds while she was sleeping. He went to sleep as soon as he sat down in the chair.

    Karen woke up a couple of hours later and headed downstairs where she had noticed someone out on her back porch, so she goes out to investigate who it is. She noticed that he looks a little sickly and wonders if she should call 9-1-1 or even the police to come and get him off of her property but decides to go back inside thinking that she'll just let him sleep off whatever is ailing him as he could had 1 too many drinks last night and had gotten lost on his way home.
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