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TS3-Lisa Dawnlight adventures in Riverview

This is my story about Lisa Dawnlight and her adventures in Riverview... :)

So I just moved to Riverview from Appaloosa Plains to get away from bad memories that I just want to forget about and to get on with my new life. So I went from town to town trying to find a new place that I could call home. I arrived in Riverview and just fall in love with the landscaping and marveled at how peaceful and friendly this town is, so I decided that this is the place for me. I went looking for houses and found a nice starter home, so I called the real estate agent who's name was on the "For Sale" sign and set up an appointment with her so that I can take a look at the house. The house has a living room, kitchen, 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms, so I told her that I wanted it and signed the papers for the deed. Once I moved in, I knocked down the wall between the 2 bedrooms and made 1 big bedroom for me.

So on my first day living there, I had 2 visitors show up to greet me to the neighborhood. They were 2 guys, one was Yuri Ivanov and the other one is Hal Breckridge... :)

I was given flowers from both guys. Yuri is the one with the long black hair and Hal is in the red tank top... :)

Yuri wasn't too happy about Hal giving me flowers, so he went and whipped out his guitar to play for me... :) I guess he thinks that he needs to impress me since I had accepted the flowers from Hal, Yuri had the negative symbol above his head as he walked off to play some music... :p

So I go and invite the guys into my house... :)

It would seem that the conversation was about the universe as these types of thought bubbles kept popping up while they were
Maybe Yuri is saying: "Hey babe, your my universe."

Then Yuri talked to Hal after talking to me... :)

Now Yuri is talking about music with Hal... :)

Now Hal is talking about shooting stars... :)
Maybe he's saying: "I wished upon a star to meet the lady of my dreams."

Now Yuri and I just kept flirting with each other using our eyes and body language... <3

Yuri must had liked the flirting taking place between the 2 of us... :)

Yup, I would say must certainly by the look on his face in this picture... :p

I hope you're just tired Yuri as I am not ready to go to bed with you just yet because we just met and I don't know much about you... o:)

I am most certainly on his mind... :)

Me: Okay SS, why are you going into your bedroom with 2 guys in your house? You barely know these guys, so why is Hal following you into your room?

Me: Ah, okay. You just wanted to have a pillow fight with Hal while Yuri goes outside to stand on the porch... :) The looks on the Sims faces when they pillow fight is just too funny... :p

Alright Yuri, what are you implying?... :o

Then Lisa goes out to talk to Yuri about her new house... :)

That's it for now as I will have more later to post... :)


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    So after everyone left, I decided to do some street art on my bedroom wall since I don't have anyone round telling me what I can and can't do in my own house... :)

    She I was going through this bucket that this person who was dressed in a llama suit brought up to my door and left there. They said that they were from the university located over in the next town and just wanted to leave this goodie bucket that has things from their university. So I was going through the bucket and found this megaphone and decided to give it a try... :)

    So while I was trying to get this thing to work, it blared right into my ear making me go deaf for a few seconds... :s

    So I started ranting about men and their cheating ways.

    So then the next thing that I noticed in the bucket was an aptitude test, so I go ahead and take the test... :)

    Me: Come on, you should know the answer to this question... :D

    Off to the university I go. I just hope that I meet a lot of nice people there... :)

    Entering into the co-ed building... :)

    Asala Karam having some rude words with Anoki Moon.

    So I'm meeting Tammy Parker for the very first time and she seems to be pretty friendly at the moment... :)

    So Tammy tells me a story that I found to be pretty funny... :)

    So now it's time to go to the meet and greet so that I can meet other students... :)

    So I got hungry while I was there and went to buy a cookie from Ray Wise the Barista Bartender... :)

    Me: Okay SS, what are you looking at? Actually she was nodding her head and tapping her feet to the music playing in the building during the Meet and Greet... :)

    I had decided to play pool with the school mascot... :)

    My turn... :)

    Taking some funny pictures... :)

    So now I'm on my way to a pool party at Miles Forthright's dorm... :)

    The first thing that I did when I got there was to help Miles do the keg stand... :p

    And then we went to the next room so that he could use the juice kegger. This is all Miles did, was the keg stand... :s

    Then I tried to do a friendly introduction with Harold Assange but he just ignored me... :smile:
    So when I went to help him do his keg stand, I dropped his sorry :p
    Lisa: This is what you get for ignoring me you 🎁🎁🎁🎁!!!!

    Harold wasn't too happy with me for dropping him. I could had sworn that I heard him growl under his breathe. (I was trying to take a picture afterwards as it looked like he was about to choke her for dropping him but missed it.)

    So I was getting ready to go home since all I was doing was helping everyone else do keg stands, which wasn't too many people at this suppose to be pool party. But then Jeffery Dean came walking in, so I wanted to meet him while I was there... :)

    This is the reaction that came with the friendly introduction to Jeffery... :)

    Got some hearts happening here... :)

    Uh oh, he's blowing me a kiss while he is thinking about himself... :open_mouth:

    Just the look on my face when he's doing

    Jeffery Dean must had some stanky breathe here as I was about ready to throw up. But then again, he just had a drink from the keg, so that must had been some bad smelling ale in there... :smile:

    So I just kept making disgusting faces at

    Lisa thinking to herself: Really dude, you either need to get a breathe mint or go brush your teeth because you have some very nasty smelling breathe.

    That's all for now... :)
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    Lisa: How dare you blow me a kiss with that skunky breathe of yours. You really need to learn how to keep your teeth clean and your breathe fresh. LEARN HOW TO DO GOOD HYGIENE IF YOU EXPECT WOMEN TO LIKE YOU!

    UH OH, I've done made Jeffery Dean mad. He walked away from me with the negative symbol above his head and then turned around to do this:
    Then I went back to my dorm as I was getting tired of JD's attitude and the party, plus it was 11:00PM and my first class starts at 4:00PM the next day... :)

    So while I was bicycling back to her dorm, I sees Cyd Serverus in front of me on his bike... :)

    Practicing my painting by starting out with a small one... :)

    Next morning, I fixed myself a TV dinner for breakfast... :) And as you can see, I have slobs for dorm mates as no one knows how to clean up after themselves... :s

    This is yummy but not with a foul smelling plate next to me, so I can't really enjoy my breakfast over here... :s

    Cleaning up after the slobs... :s

    So now I want to the bowling alley. I got there just a few minutes before they were to open. So I went across the street and back when it did open... :)

    Going to get a couple of rounds of bowling in... :)

    HAHAHA, I went crossed eyed while I was bowling... :p

    Okay, I will get it this time around.

    Oh yikes, darn ball made me fall down... :s

    This is got be to embarrassing falling flat on your face. I hope that I don't have a red face when I go to my 1st class.

    Dang it, I did it again but only this time it was in front of Brian Petersen... :s I now have the Jock status as well as having the rebel status... :)

    After introducing myself to Brian, we started talking about books... :)

    Then Amil Shaheed stepped in and started talking to Brain about lobsters... :)

    So I went upstairs to play some pool but that was short lived as I needed to get to my first class soon... :)

    On my way to class on the first full day of being here... :)

    A few screenshots of some of the landscape there... :)

    The first of the students coming out of the building from their classes. I saw Rex Lovelace talking to himself and pointing at

    Come on Asala, you really need to take a shower... :s

    Rex with the disgusting thought bubble after Asala walked away from him... :p

    WOW, really? Does anyone here know how to take a shower or practice good hygiene?

    Rex reading his book... :)

    Class is finally over for the day. What a class it was... :smiley:

    And that's it for now. I will post more after I get back into game play and get some more pics... :)
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    So I decide to make mac & cheese after I got done studying from my book when I got back from class... :) Millie Grubb had made mac & cheese for herself but ended up burning it. So she got some hot dogs out to fix but since I was getting ready to use the stove, Millie left the hot dogs on the counter and left.

    Then Derek Khan came in and fixed himself a salad... :)

    This is very good for my first meal that I prepared if I do say so myself... :p

    As I was getting up, Derek was sitting down to eat... :)

    Going to try my hand at some pool again... :)

    I thought for sure I was going to get this shot in. DANG IT... :D

    Just daydreaming about painting... :)

    REALLY? Everyone has to make a lot of noise while they are leaving for class!!! Can't anyone study in peace?... :#

    I decided to wear a shirt with the decal that @CravenLestat made for me. Don't I look so cute?

    So after I got up, I went to the Comic Shop to look around and saw Sophie Mander, Alfred Jobb and Joanie Arc coming in through the door behind me... :)

    Alfred and Joanie started to dance right in the middle of the store... :)

    So I went over and started playing the Longhorns & Laser Beams Arcade... :)

    I must had gotten something good since I was jumping up and

    Capturing a

    Then I went over to this machine to play but that too was short lived as I had to leave for my next class which was at the lecture hall... :)

    Bicycling to the lecture hall... :)

    Now I am running to the lecture hall... :)

    A couple of the Sims had me on their mind. Wonder why that is? Wonder if someone is spreading rumors about me? Guess I will never know.

    I get into the classroom and find that most of the students are sleeping in there. Must going to be a very boring lecture today... :s

    Even though my energy bar was full, I still fall asleep. It must a contagious thing here... :#

    I guess the student next to me wants to send emails back and forth to whomever he's talking to instead of listening to the lecture that Debbie Richards is giving.
    Lisa thinking to herself: Dude, if you want to pass this class, then you really do need to pay more attention to the teacher... :s

    OH NO, don't tell me that Jeffery Dean is in this class!!! Please help if he is, that slob of a 🎁🎁🎁🎁... :s

    Showing the class a chart on the dry board... :)

    YAY, the end of the lecture is over with. Now time to go back to the dorm and to get away from Jeffery
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    After I got back to the dorm, Tammy comes in and starts to criticize me for whatever reason. Tammy has the mean spirited trait, so I guess it's just in her nature to criticize whenever she feels like it.

    See if you like me mocking you, you little witch... >:)

    So, how do like that you little meanie? Don't like, do you?

    Yeah yeah yeah, I got something in my ear that needs to be cleaned out... :#

    Now you want to gossip about something after you criticize me? Really not interested in listening to you now.


    Ayana Yuki was across the street working on the science project thing.

    Cyd got a sing-a-gram from Alison Kramar.

    Hard at studying so that I can get good grades this semester... :)

    I went to the swimming pool after my studies. Right after I left the dorm, Tiberius Willard was right behind me. Was he stalking me or spying on me? As soon as I got to the pool, he left as he was tired and ready for bed.

    Watch me make a splash... :)

    Learning to do snorkeling... :)

    So the next morning, I decided to do studying on the computer... :) I really want to do well this semester... :)

    I think that I want to go down to the water today before class starts... :)

    Oh look, a mushroom. Let me pick it up and take it home with me to use later... :)

    Me: That's not how you skip stones. You need to be standing on the shoreline at the waters edge to do that, not wading through the water... :#

    Lisa: Alright. alright, alright! Just give me a minute and I will go back to the shore. I just wanted to get my feet wet as well as my legs. Gee wiz, can't a girl have a little fun?

    Lisa: Okay, I'm ready to try to skip some stones. Happy Now?

    Enough stone skipping for now, let me do some windsurfing while I'm here.

    Is that a Death Flower bush over there? I think that I will go and harvest it before I need to go to class.

    OH NO! I killed the bush... :'(

    Time to go to class. Better hurry so I'm not late for class.

    Some bonus pictures of some of the scenery... :)

    Who puts a keg in the middle of a park?

    A nice sunset tonight... :)
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    I think that I will go back to the coffee shop and get me a piece of cake... :)

    Oh yay, someone has this wall tagged. So that means it's okay to paint on this wall. Need to make sure that my rebel standing doesn't go down.

    Is that a trash dumpster that I see? Let me try dumpster diving because I am such a rebel.

    Me: You do know that is so unlady like to being doing this, don't you?
    Lisa: So what? I'm away from home and no one can see me. So would you mind your own business and let my live the way that I want to live for now?

    Me: Oh great, you see another one and need to dive into this one after you felt sick after diving in the first one. I guess you didn't learn your lesson, did you?
    Lisa: Hush there sim god. I will do whatever I want to do. Go live your life so that I can live my life.

    I think that I going to tag this wall back at the dorm.

    Come on Tiberius, want to play some juice pong?

    I know that I can get this little ball into that "Red Solo Cup"... :)

    Well I missed the other time but I will get it in there this time.

    YES! Now drink up.

    OH shoot, it's my turn to drink this juice.

    Tiberius: Yes, I'm still #1 at juice pong. See my victory dance baby.

    So the next day, I decide to play some social games on my tablet for a little bit. Like who is also playing some games, it's Derek Khan... :) Boy don't he look good in that shirt... <3

    Well since that I never properly introduced myself to Derek, this is my chance. Darn, must you stand in front of me dressed like that? (The hubby turned around and seen this sim standing in front of my SS and asked me why he was dressed in his underwear in front of me. I told that this is what happens at college plus it was also Leisure Day which would explain why some of the Sims is running around in their underwear/bathing suits.)... :p

    Well then Millie comes over and gives Derek some flowers which he seems to like. Hey Millie, how dare you to come and interrupt while I'm trying to get to know Derek?

    Even Asala was walking around in her underwear/bikini. But at least she isn't stinky today... :p

    Tiffany Angles is playing some console games on the old TV... :) A girl after my own heart who just loves playing video game... :)

    REALLY? Doesn't anyone know how to clean wipe the stove and the kitchen counter off?... :#

    Me: Really SS? Not's not how to use a chair while you're trying to set a booby trap on the computer

    They will never know what hit them..... >:)

    Well I guess I better go and be social on the net and talk to Debbie Richards... :)

    Need to get my presentation ready for todays class... :)

    Yup, I'm most certain that I will pass my finals at the end of this week... :)

    Off to class I go. Don't I look cute in my pink outfit today? I'm Pretty in Pink... <3

    This is my chart that I present to you... :)

    Ashley Corono just came in and is setting her portable business desk up in front of me while Debbie Richards looks on... :)

    That's a lot of portable business desks in this little space here.
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    Okay, now that I'm finished my class for the day, it's time to go practice the trick shots on the pool table... :)
    Let me see how do I want to make this shot... :)

    Okay, you can do this... :)

    Oopies, I don't think that was supposed to happen... :#

    Okay, let's try to Putt Putt Gnome trick shot... :)

    OUCH, that hurts... :'(

    Lisa: Hello, Lisa speaking. Oh, hey Brian! What's up? Sure I will meet with you tonight. Where at? Okay I will be there. See ya when I get there... :) Later.

    Pedaling real quick to meet up with Brian Petersen... :)

    Aww, how cute! You're talking to the Cardinal... :)<3

    I love listening to music. My favorite music is Country. What is yours?

    Classical music is okay but I like Indie music the best... :)

    Lisa: Want to go bowling?
    Brain: Sure. Let's go... :)

    I have a funny video that I want to show you. Want to see it?

    Brain: OMG, that video is so funny...lmbo at it.

    Brain: You know, you're fun to hang out with... :)

    Aww, shucks! That's very sweet of you to say that, Brian... <3<3

    Well, we're here to do some bowling, so lets bowl.

    Okay, I only knocked down 1 pin on the last try. Let's see what I do this time around.

    That's not bad this time. I knocked down 9 pins, YAY ME!

    Brain: Not bad, not bad at all!

    Brain: Well it's getting later, I better get on home as I have 1 more class to attend to. See ya later, Lisa. And thanks for a great evening. Oh, and good luck on your exam later today... :)
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    Okay, I'm about to post the pictures that I think will have everyone rolling around on the floor. So if you should be eating and drinking while you are reading this, then PLEASE put down any food/drink that you have until you have finished reading this update.

    And if you should keep eating and drinking, then don't say that I didn't warn you... :p

    It's going in a spoiler this time around... :)

    Okay, here we go now... :)
    Well since Brian left to go home, let me go home and practice my school cheer... :)
    Sorry that I don't know any cheers to add to these pictures as I was never a cheerleader in school.

    There is that mean spirited Tammy who just goes around and insults anyone that she wants to... :#

    Now you all need to remember that my traits are as follows: Bookworm, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic and Green Thumb. So as you all can see, I am not an evil sim or a mean spirited sim. But what I'm about to do to Tammy is mean and evil but she deserves everything that she gets for being so mean to everyone... >:)

    Hey Tammy, I got a little something for you! Meet my little friend, the Voodoo doll... >:)

    Feel my wrath, you little meanie!

    The binding spell worked. I am so evil and mean right now... >:)

    Okay, let's see what I can get her to do now that she is bind to the doll...evil laugh... >:)
    Pins and needles will be the 1st thing that I will try... >:)

    Feel the pain Tammy!

    Time to pour some water on this voodoo doll...evil laugh again... >:)

    Is someone in desperate need for the bathroom?

    Really Tammy? You're going to go bathroom in the middle of floor and on someone's feet. Nasty little brat!

    This is so fun to do. What else can I do with this thing?

    Let's try a curse on her now and see how she likes it!... >:)

    That don't look to good, but at least she deserves it... >:)

    OH MY, look who turned into a skunky smelling zombie! Yes, that's right Tammy, you are now the walking dead. This is what you get for criticizing me and everyone else.

    Are you embarrassed by the way you look? Well good as you should be. Just maybe this will teach a lesson.

    Yes, that's right I've said what I've said about you. So what are you going to do about it?

    That's right Tammy, go take a shower to get that stench off of you but it won't take the curse away just yet.

    Hey SS, you better watch out as Tammy is coming in for the attack.
    SS: that's okay as I will use the voodoo to do the hot foot on her. That should stop her.

    Zombie Tammy couldn't wait around for me to use the hot foot on her, so I will get her the next time that I see her.

    Hope you all enjoyed this update. I do have more for later... :)
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    Okay, I'm off to the Comic Book store to play some more games before it's time to go take my finals. I need to get rid of some this stress before going into class today and video games is a good way to relieve stress... :)

    Killing zombies in the Night of the Shambling Shades IV is just what the doctor ordered... :)

    Now I feel stress free and it's time to go to class to take my finals... :)

    Now that is over with, it's time to go get something to eat at the burger joint. Oh yay, HURRAY for me making the Deans list... :)

    This place reminds me of one of those joints that was from the 1950's where the waitresses comes out on roller skates to serve you your food. I just hope that they have some good food here as I really don't want to go back to the dorm to eat in a pig sty of a kitchen and dining area... :#

    Well I got all dressed up as I had received a text from Brian inviting me over to his place for a formal party but I guess I answered the text too late as I was inside of the burger joint enjoying my juicy burger and the party was over by the time I arrived to his house as he wasn't there. But I will still write him a love letter though... :)

    Since Brian wasn't home, I will go back to the dorm and spray paint on the sidewalk in the pouring rain because I am a rebel like that... :)

    Okay, what's this little ball in bag here? Let me see what I can do with it! OHHH. this is so much fun!!!

    YIPPIEEE, I passed my finals with a GPA of an A. I am so happy that I passed. I will have to enroll here again for the next term. So this experience is so much fun... :)

    Let's do a little gaming now to celebrate... :)

    Time for a commercial break:

    A couple of bonus pictures. A wild horse running around in the backyard of the dorm while another wild horse was running around on the other side of the fence... :)

    Okay, back to the show... :)

    So Millie comes and sits down next to me to read her book but then soon stands up as Tammy as about to come and talk to her.

    Warning: please put your food/drink down again!
    Of course Tammy is up to her old tricks and went about insulting Millie. I guess Tammy didn't learn her lesson after being turned into a zombie... :(

    Okay Tammy, that's enough of your insulting others you snobby little brat. Time to pull the voodoo doll out again and bind it to you... >:)

    I didn't get any pictures of her with the hot foot.

    Lisa: Time for me to throw the curse back on you again.

    Tammy: OH please, NOT the curse again. Why oh why?

    Tammy: Great, now I'm green again. This can't be too good.

    Tiffany: OH yippiee, Tammy is playing zombie. I love this game... :)

    Tiberius is eating Brain Freeze Ala mode... :)

    Anoki: I'll make silly faces at zombie Tammy because she doesn't scare me.

    Derek went out to light up the bonfire as it was 60 degrees outside. Tammy has some type of vial on her hands and is planning to throw it on the fire. Nothing happens after she throws it in the fire.

    YIKES! Here comes zombie Tammy to attack me. I guess she didn't like me turning her into a zombie twice already.

    Thank God Tammy can't go through with it. Saved again for another day.

    Lisa: Oh Hello Brian. Yes I will attend your party this afternoon... :)

    Time to go to the party at Brian's.
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    I arrived at Brian's house for the party but somehow I couldn't get in the house. So I introduced myself to this young lady who's name has slipped my mind.

    So I went around back and got a drink from the juice keg.

    WOW, what was in that juice keg that made me pass out after having 1 drink from there?

    Well it's time to go home now. But I will try to be back again for more classes.

    I really miss being in my home and being back in my nice comfy bed.

    I'm hungry. Let me make some pancakes for breakfast... :)

    Flipping pancakes is easy to do... :)

    These are pretty good if I do say so myself for making them for the very 1st time.

    I've heard about this potions shop that just opened up in town. Let me go take a drive to the other side of town and check it out.

    Hello, I'm here to see what you sell and see if there is anything that I can buy from you.

    Now that I've brought a few potions to carry with me when I return to the university for another semester, I will visit the festival grounds... :)
    Oh no SS, that is not the way to drive your car. You're suppose to sit on the seat, not half way in the seat with your face in the head rest... :s

    Oh, this is neat as the festival is inside of an old warehouse. COOL

    So I get there and I see Yuri Ivanov and his wife Nadine there as well as Marcos da Silver, Tom Shallow, Kurt Shallow all going to the festival.

    Oh they have a roller skating rink here. I haven't tried to roller skate since I was younger. So let me give it a try to see if I can still do this.

    Oh wow, Yuri's wife Nadine wants to skate with me.

    Rayna Kamiaski skating pass us.

    oopies, we fell down. Sorry Nadine.

    Then Rayna wanted to skate with me.

    Sorry Rayna that we fell down.

    Then Nellie Spenster wanted to skate with me. I feel very pleased that a lot of people wanted to skate with me.

    OH no, here we go again with the falling down.

    Marcos da Silva, Ma Bagley, Rayna Kaminski and Yuri Ivanov all in the hot dog eating contest. Rayna won this contest while Yuri walks away from his plate of hot dogs.

    Ma Bagley and Rhoda Bagley are having a water balloon fight. That sure does look fun.

    Oh wow, there's some flowers here so I think that I will go and pick them.

    Need to take some time out to smell the flowers. Nice!

    I see a wall without any street art on it, so let me tag it and see what I can come up with.

    Some screenshots of the landscaping and sunset.
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    Here is some more of my update. It will be in a spoiler again... :)
    Now I want to have a water balloon fight with someone, so I'm practicing my moves and the "You can't hit me" and "You missed me" faces... :p

    YAY, Nellie is going to do the water balloon fight with me... :smiley:

    HAHA, you missed

    OH NO you didn't. You just knocked me down with that one.

    Nellie: Well you just got me back. Now we're even.

    Randall Brown the paparazzi and Anita Lobos joined us but then Anita had to leave, so it was just the 3 of us doing this.

    A deer came jumping pass us while we're playing. I guess maybe it wants to play too.

    My team won the water balloon fight as it was 100 to 80... YAY team.

    I placed @CravenLestat SS in my game before I sent my SS off to university and this is what he is doing for a job... :)

    Time to go home and play on the PC for a little bit... :)

    Having waffles for an early morning breakfast... :)

    Let me read the 2nd book on street art so that I can learn everything there is for it.

    Well it's time to get out and about and do some things today. I want to go and get myself a tattoo since I had wanted to get one for leaving for the university but couldn't then.

    Maybe I will get a tat around my belly button... :blush:

    I went to the bookstore to buy me some recipes to learn and saw Craven Lestat walking in my direction... :)

    So I went to sit down to read one of the recipe books and Craven came and sat down next to me... :)

    So after reading the recipe book, I introduced myself to Craven... :)

    Is that hearts that I see coming from the both of us? What could this mean?

    I was just here buying me some cooking books. How about you?

    What kind of work do you do Craven?
    Craven is a Kitchen Scullion at the moment and he is a Natural Cook.

    What kind of cookware do you use? While we were standing there talking, Ma Bagley, Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, Constance Shelley all showed up while Yvette Grisby was getting flowers from Odin Crosby.

    After Craven left, Meadow whipped out her guitar to play for the crowd.

    Oh look, a rare seed. Let me take it home and I can use it when I get my gardening skill up.

    Now some screenshots of the evening sky.

    This comic book seems to be interesting... :)

    I think that I want to practicing doing a ground mural in my yard.

    Let me do some exercising out on my back deck... :)

    DO NO go and inspect those lights. You do not know what may happen to you!

    The return home.

    OHHH, I'm not feeling so good now. Must been the trip to and back from where ever I was taken to.

    I just hope this never happens again and I never see that alien ever again.

    Now I need to go and take me a nice long shower as I feel dirty now.

    OH no, the tub broke. Well let me see if I can fix it so that I don't need to pay someone to come and fix it.

    Now I need to clean up this water.
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    I'm off to the stadium to play some tennis... :)

    Just some of the banners on the outside of the stadium... :)

    Another sunset shot... :)

    Marcos da Silva had passed out outside of the stadium.

    That was a great game of tennis. I should do this again one day.

    Let me see what's in the newspaper today before I throw it away.

    I have a taste for mac & cheese again.

    Let me practice with the kicky bag again.

    While I was inside practicing with the kicky bag, I had an alien visitor show up outside of my door. It's a good thing that it's locked.

    The alien must be related to the alien that abducted as she has the same last name as the other one. Or all of the aliens may have the same last name but not be related. Who knows?

    Alien: Who put this portal in this yard? And why would they want this person to have the portal?

    Yes alien lady, that's a mailbox. You send and receive mail through this box.

    Upgrading my toilet to self-cleaning.

    A morning sunrise... :)

    Doing another ground mural. I need to try to keep up my Rebel status which is now level 5.

    Back to Summer festival I go to do some more skating. While I was there, I had Meadow, Kiwi Birdie (Genie) and Billy Caspian all wanting to skate with me... :)

    I'm getting pretty good at this. So maybe now I will be able to try out some spins later. But for now, I will just keep skating like this.

    It seems more people are gathering here to skate.

    Just brought me a sketch pad to draw something.
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    @lisasc360 The sim who's name you said is slippery in your mind is....

    MIKA MOORE And you let her escape,she is such a beautiful premade.Your SS was right there all you had to do was throw her in a sack and run.
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    @lisasc360 Just awesomed all your posts.I think I did not miss any :*
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    edited May 2017
    Well since I've been abducted by aliens, I want to see if I can spot something, anything in space of the UFO or any UFO's that look like the one that abducted me. I want to know what happened to me while I was away and why I was abducted for.
    I see a bright star in the night sky.

    That looks like a very scary looking planet that I just saw. I just hope that wasn't where they took me to.

    I'm trying to do research on alien abductions to see if anyone else may had experienced the same things that I had experienced. That's when I saw 3 of the pictures that I took on this old fashion camera that somehow appeared in my bag because I don't remember buying me a camera or having the photography skill which is level 3. They must had did a mind probe on me to try to erase any memory of the abduction but bits and pieces seem to be returning to me.

    These are 3 of the photos that I supposedly had taken while I was there but I don't remember uploading them to my PC. This world has some very interesting looking plants. They remind me of giant mushrooms in the World of Warcraft that I play in. And that water fountain at the little pond is pretty nice looking. Not bad photos using the old timey camera and for someone who has never taken a decent photo before. Or for someone who has never taken any photos at all.

    Now this is really odd as I am in a different house in a strange land or world.

    This is the house that I was dropped off into. Not too shabby for a house for a single person. It could be worse, I could be locked in a cell on a alien ship getting probed and tested on. So I should be happy that I am free to move around as I please.

    So I go over to the community pool and I see what looks like to be humans. But what's that on this lady's arms and legs as it looks like some type of design or it could be tattoos? Maybe they're symbols of her species providing that she isn't human after all.

    So I decide to go over and introduce myself to her so that I can meet a local in this strange land.
    Hello, my name is Lisa... :) And you're name is?
    Strange lady: My name is Chrissie Landgraab. It's nice to meet you Lisa.
    Lisa: And it's a pleasure to meet you Chrissie... :)

    Another lady that looks like a human comes walking in. Her name is Sofia Vanderburg.
    Well I can say that so far, these beings all have human names, so they must not be too bad then.

    So I decided to go take a dip in the pool. I mean what could go wrong here? It looks like this place has been populated with humans and they even have taxi cabs here as well as regular cars here. I even have my car here and I don't even know how that alien got my car on their ship as it was too small to hold a whole lot of stuff.
    So Chrissie follows me into the pool to also take a dip herself.

    Well enough of a swim for now. I have other places that I want to explore around this world.

    Random shot of the world with me driving my car to my next destination... :)

    Nice looking park. It's called Memories of Appaloosa Plains. Hmmm, never heard of Appaloosa Plains. Maybe I will do some research on it when I get home to my house and not the house here in this world. Providing that I do get back home to my world. (My SS want's to forget AP as she had some bad memories there, so that's why it put down as "never heard of Appaloosa Plains)

    Awww, that's cute. There's a bone shaped pool located on the park grounds as well as trees and plants in the garden areas. They look like trees and plants from Earth. I'm wondering if the abductees brought these with them or if the aliens had collected seeds for all of these plants for the abductees to plant for food.

    Oh wow, I spotted a familiar face on this strange world. It's Tiffany Angles who was my roommate while I was at the university. She's a tourist here as well as I am. I guess the aliens must had abducted her as well.

    That's Frida Tamarind talking to Michael Tomyoy over there.

    OH wow! They have a grill here as well. Let me grill up some hot dogs to eat... :)That's Christina Landgraab sitting there reading a book.

    After eating my hot dogs and cleaning up my mess, I meet Chris Landgraab. What's up with the long white hair and the outfits that these Landgraab's are wearing? Are they some kind of clan or occult to look like that? Questions, questions and more questions! Well at least Chris doesn't seem to have those same designs/tattoos that Chrissie and Christina have unless he has a different set and they're hidden unlike the 2 ladies designs.

    Off to do some fishing.

    Well it's starting to rain, so I better head on home and out of the rain.

    Let me whip out my sketch pad and draw for a little bit.

    Let me play some social games on my tablet.

    Well it would seem like that they have the same TV shows on their TVs like we do back home on Earth. But the reception is very poor here.

    I need to make a rant about conformity.

    Here comes those blasted lights again. What do they want from me this time? Maybe they want to introduce themselves to me and tell me why I'm here.

    The return back to this planet instead of my own home world. :pensive:

    This aliens name is Paguk Exipelh and all she wanted to know was how I liked it here so far. But the trip to the ship and back just makes my stomach queasy... :( I really wish that they would give some motion sickness pills before taking me to their ship and back.

    Some random pictures of some of the places while I was drawing... :)

    A strange light appeared over at the pond that I was fishing at after I got back to the house.

    I thought maybe it was the spray coming off of the fountain from the pond until I scrolled in and saw a Clover horse. So pretty and strange that they have animals here on this planet.

    A view of the tower from the pond.

    A stray dog sleeping outside of my door... :) I guess they must had abducted the stray dogs and cats so that they could have a place to live.
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    Thank you @CravenLestat... :)
    @lisasc360 The sim who's name you said is slippery in your mind is....

    MIKA MOORE And you let her escape,she is such a beautiful premade.Your SS was right there all you had to do was throw her in a sack and run.

    You certainly do know your Sims... :) I have to write down names of Sims so that I can add them to my stories until I get use to seeing them around town and know who they :smiley:
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    It's early in the morning but I want to go and visit the Memories of Riverview Park. Now why would this planet have a park named after Riverview? Is this a future world? And if it is, then what happens to Riverview in the past? And if it's not, then what is the purpose of this world? Is this suppose to be some type of paradise or this some type of slave colony for the aliens of some sort? If it's some type of slave colony, then I don't see anything that the inhabitants is slaving over unless it's happening overnight during the nightly abductions where no one can witness these things. Or are we here for them to harvest our DNA for some type of experiment to try to repopulate worlds? I guess I will never know the answers to these questions.

    They have more of the fruit and vegetable plants here that they had at the other park. Maybe I should read up on gardening so that I can gain a skill or 2 to try to harvest some of these.

    Another random screenshot.

    I saw Hunter Cottoneye who is also a tourist out of the corner of my eye talking to himself. Wonder what his problem is? And why he was acting so strange? Maybe he's insane or the aliens made him insane when they abducted him!

    Now Hunter comes walking past me and starts talking to himself all over again. What a strange man!

    Well I didn't get around to try to harvest any of the plants as I got hungry. So I want to go to the Armstrong's Diner to get a bite to eat.
    Well I can say that I have never had frog legs to eat but that it was an interesting experience that I will never try again.

    I also noticed that one of my University friends is also on this strange planet with me. I guess Miles Forthright got abducted by the aliens as well.

    Miles was doing the school cheer at the pond... :)

    Then he went on to read a book while he was standing there.

    So I after I leave the diner, I make a bee line over to where Miles was at to greet him and say Hi.

    Hello Miles! What are you doing here?
    Miles: Hello Lisa! I could ask you the same thing.

    Miles: I got an idea, lets do the school cheer... :)

    Oh boy, that was fun!... :)

    I love art and I love to draw. Can I sketch you?
    Miles: Um, no I don't think so right now.
    SS: Sorry that I asked then... :(
    Well I will see you around. I have other places that I want to visit in case this is a short trip here. Bye Miles... :)

    Oh no, not another one of these Landgraab people here at this pool. This is Christa and she is dressed just like Chrissie and Christina and Chris except she also has the same markings as the other 2 women. I wonder of all 4 of the Landgraab's are clones. And if they are, did the aliens clone them? Then we also have Martin January, Amire Grace walking in while Jax Benton is sitting on the ground reading something.

    Time for a little dip in the roof top pool. I've never been in a roof top pool before. This is such a cool idea... :) While I was in the pool, Eddy Mullis and Christa Landgraab just stood there while Dahlia Benton and Jareth Alto also took a dip in the pool.

    Okay, enough of the swim since this pool really isn't all that big to do much swimming in... :)

    Well while I'm here, I'll go to the library to see what books that have here.

    Hmmm, what to read as they have such an interesting selection of books here. I wonder if they're books about earth or this planet? It looks like it's a variety of books that they have here.

    Well I chose to read a Social Networking book to learn about blogging and such things.
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    So I went off on a jog after I was done at the library. Boy, that was a good jog... :)

    Then I decided to go and visit the Kelvin Pavilion for a little bit... :)

    I had to go through the maze to reach the stairs.

    Once I reached the top of the pavilion, I lit the fire pit... :)

    Once it was lit, I sat down and started roasting some marshmallows... :)

    These are yummy... <3

    Then I felt cold and wanted to warm myself by the fire... :)

    Next stop was to take a tour of the Curious Community Theater... :)

    Random shot of the world... :)

    Next was the art museum... :)

    Off to do some fishing in one of the ponds in the craters... :)

    Another random shot... :)

    Then it was off to the graveyard... :)

    I was mourning over one of the lost inhabitants... :(

    Random shot of the Grim statue on the graveyard grounds... :)

    So while I was exploring the catacombs, I came upon some zombie bears. OH MY!

    Then Alexander Cross wanted to come over and talk to me. He looks like a mad scientist to me, so I better watch my step with him... :o

    There goes the hearts again. And I believe his wife was also at the graveyard with him talking to someone else.

    So I went back to my vacation home to take a shower and the darn thing breaks down on me. So I want to fix this just in case I leave to go back home to my own house.

    I'm doing some more sketches in my sketchpad... :)
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    YAY, I'm finally home from my little trip to Lunar Lakes. Hopefully the aliens won't be abducting me anytime soon. Hopefully they got what they needed from me and they can leave me in peace now. So let me see what's been happening here while I was gone.

    I guess while I was in Lunar Lakes and reading up on the gardening skill, I had these strange looking seeds that just appeared in my bags. Maybe I should go out and plant them. I'm just surprised that the aliens didn't take them away from me when I got back home.

    I went to Yuri's and Nadine's house as Yuri had invited me to a party at his house. Well I get here, and he's not even home. So I go home to my house and as I was leaving, he comes home an hour after his party was to start.
    SS: Dude, if you throw a party and want people to show up, then you need to be home and on time for the party. And if you can't be here in a timely manner, then don't invite people over.

    So I get home and decide to hang up all of my pictures that I had taken while in Lunar Lakes on my bedroom wall... :)

    SS: REALLY? I've only been home for 1 day and you're back to abduct me again! Just leave me the heck alone you stinking aliens... :s

    The return home.

    Well let me go and get a pint of my favorite ice cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to eat as that will help me to calm down some.

    Let me try to sketch what these aliens look like.

    Well this is what I think of the those nasty little aliens that keep abducting me.

    Well let me continue my search on alien abductions... :)

    I've brought this horseshoe game, so let me go and try my hand at horseshoes... :)

    Let me visit the graveyard and see if there is any seeds to be picked up that I can plant in my little greenhouse garden... :)
    SS: Hello, this is Lisa speaking. Oh Hello Yuri. I've been fine. How's the family doing?

    MaryKay Shallow seems to be having an issue of some sort as I caught her talking to herself.

    Well let me explore these catacombs and see what I can find in them. While I was there, I found a book titled A Crumplebottom Legacy: A Tale.

    And then I saw a rock formation that resembled the face of a

    Then I got mauled by bears again but at least they weren't enraged zombie bears this time. Who knew that bears were living in the catacombs. Or unless it's @CravenLestat hiding in the catacombs dressed as a bear to attack unsuspecting innocent sim

    So after exploring the catacombs and being mauled by the bears, I went to the gym to use their showers to clean up after that ordeal. So after the shower was done, I've decided to paint a wall mural on the wall where the swimming pool is because I am such a rebel like that... :p

    Well evidently word has gotten around about me painting murals on walls and on the ground as someone had called the cops on me. So I wasn't able to finish this mural up.

    Well this is great, I've been arrested for going around expressing my art style around town. Where's the love for art around here?

    SS: Please don't take me to jail for expressing my love for the arts.

    Nancy Chow: No I'm not taking you to jail. So there's no need to worry about being locked up even though I don't agree with what you did. Anyone who defaces walls on community lots should be locked up for 1 night but that's not up to me as I don't make the laws, I just enforce the ones in place.

    You're okay for a rebel but I need you to pay me the $1,000 simoleons for the fine.

    How dare she arrest me then tell me I'm okay and then tell me that I need to pay a fine for defacing property... :smile:

    Well I feel the need to do another ground mural. Let them come and tell me that I'm not allowed to paint on my own property.

    Now let read the paper to make sure that I'm not in it.

    I feel the need the make a rant about politics because I got arrested and fined for displaying my art the way that I want. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
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    Spoiler time again as this is a long update... :)
    So after my rant, I've decided to play some PC games as they're a good way to relieve some of this stress that I have built up since being arrested.

    Me: Lisa, you really need to stop going outside and checking those strange lights every night. Then you wonder why when you come back, you feel sick afterwards.
    SS: But they're pretty lights and I like pretty lights.

    So when the daylight hour comes around, I decided to go to the consignment store to have a look around. I see this water fountain in the middle of the store. Who would sell such a thing in the consignment shop?

    So I get outside to leave and Yuri calls me again.
    SS: Hello. Oh it's you again Yuri. I'm just out enjoying this nice weather and doing some window shopping.

    So I decide to go back to the Summer festival since there's only a few more days left before Fall comes around. I see Wa ng Lum here skating instead of out doing his job which is delivering the mail.

    I'm getting real good at skating now that I will soon be able to do spins.
    Sure 🎁🎁🎁🎁, I will come and skate with you while you're taking a break from work... :)

    After skating, I decided to go and try to enter in the hot dog eating contest but there wasn't any takers this time, so maybe another day then.

    Oh fireworks! Let me set them off even though it's still daylight out... :)

    OH, pretty fireworks... :)

    So then I go outside of city hall and do some more sketching... :)

    Marcos seems to be almost every where I

    Now I'm back to rant about politics since I am outside of City

    So I get back home and decide to check out this weird contraption outside in my yard that's been there since right after I moved in.

    UH OH, what is this strange light from this contraption?

    I think I see something in this strange light coming at me.

    SS: EEEK! Who are you and where did you come from?
    Strange man from the light: My name is Emit Relevart and I'm here from the future. I'm here to give you the Almanac of Time. It's a complete history book of things that have happened in the past. I should say in my past, not yours as the things in this book is things to come here in the present and in your future days/weeks/months to come. But I can't say anymore than what I've said. What I need from you now is for you to find me 5 power cells that is scattered about your yard so that I can fix the time portal and return to my timeline.
    SS: ER, sure okay, I can do that for you.

    So while I was out collecting the 5 power cells for my strange visitor, he makes his way into my house and then into my bedroom and starts scanning my safe that I have in there. I wonder what he's looking for in there... :/
    SS: Here you go Mr. Relevart, the power cells that you have requested for me to find for you. Now you can fix your time portal and leave me be.
    Emit: Well thank you ma'am, I appreciate this.
    SS: If you don't mind me asking this but what exactly does this do and why is it on my property?
    Emit: It's a time portal...
    SS: Yes, yes, you already said that...
    Emit: Please let me explain what it does without you interrupting me. Okay?
    SS: Okay. Go on.
    Emit: Like I was saying, it's a time portal. It allows one to travel into time and back to their present day.
    SS: You really expect me to believe that this machine will take me to the future and back? Pleeeeeeeease.... :s
    Emit: Well it does. How do you think that I got here?
    SS: Well it could be a trick elaborated by the aliens that keep abducting me. They could had messed with my mind and planted this whole thing in my head. For all I know, I could be imagining the whole thing that's taking place now.
    Emit: You say aliens keep abducting you? Well what do they want? Where are they taking you?
    SS: Yes, they keep abducting me. The 1st night that this happened, I ended up on this planet called Lunar Lakes. It had these giant mushrooms and these craters but it also had plants and trees from this world. The people there were all humans. So my guess was that the aliens are going around and abducting humans and taking them to this planet for some type of experiments or to take DNA samples of them as some of the inhabitants were clones of one another.

    One night after arriving there, they had abducted me again to only ask me how I liked it there. Maybe they implanted this image in my mind then. Then after being there for 3 days, they sent me back home to here. So I thought that they were done with me but I've been abducted 2 more times since I've been home. Oh, and after the 1st time it happened, the night afterwards, I had an alien visitor that was very interested in this time portal.
    Emit: You say that they were interested in the time portal? Hmmm, that could explain the crashed ship back in my timeline. Maybe they're on some sort of researching project that brings them to my timeline where they crashed their ship. Well I need to get back to my timeline. Well if you should ever decide to take a chance to come to the future, then just step inside of the light and it will bring you to see me in my timeline. Bye Lisa. See you in the future!

    SS: Man, that was a strange man if I ever saw one. And the thing about coming from the future through that thing he called a time portal, he must think that I'm really naïve or something to believe that. There isn't no such thing as time portals. Oh wait, who am I kidding. I've been abducted 4 times already by aliens and placed in a strange world with strange looking mushrooms and plants. So what's one more thing to add to my list of weird things that have happened to me.

    Let look at a funny video on my phone as I need to have a really good laugh, not that what happened had me laughing.

    OMG, that was just too

    Okay, now I'm ready to dance to Dierks Bentley's Somewhere on a Beach on my record player. Music soothes the soul as they say. And I need my soul soothed at the moment... :)

    Oh yeah, I just love this song... :)

    Oh yeah, I've got the dance moves alright... :)
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    So a simfest was happening at a park today in town, so I've decided to go and see it.
    There was mime performing when I got there... :)

    OH wow, now he's balancing on a ball... :o That's amazing!

    Now he's throwing the ball around... :)

    Now he's doing a handstand on the ball. That must had taken a lot of practice to do something like that... :o

    Now he's juggling... :o Cool

    Once back home, I tend to my plants as they needed to be watered... :)

    I think that I want to sketch some more while I'm out in the rain.

    SS: Hello. Oh it's you again Yuri.

    I think that I want to go and do some snorkeling in the river across the street from where I live at... :)

    A random screenshot of the river... :)

    I had to get out of the water as I was getting hot and needed to go indoors to cool off. It's a good thing that I left the river when I did as there was a meteor shower that took place but I wasn't there when it hit.

    So I decided to play some pool while I'm at the club... :)

    Then over to the skeeball machine as it's one of my favorite things to play... :)

    Then I chose to do some DJ'ing... :) Not too bad for someone who's never DJ'ed before... :p
    Then someone wanted me to play some Funk, so I did but it didn't last too long as the club was closing for the night.
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    Another update from me... :)

    It will be in the spoiler... :)
    Oh great, here comes those little green aliens again. When will this ever be over?

    Well let's do a ground mural or 2 to relieve this stress from being abducted yet again... :)

    Leisure Day has come, so I'm off to the Summer Festival for the day... :)
    Now that I have become good enough with my skating, I can now try to do some spins... :)

    Okay, here we go for my first skating spin. I hope that I don't fall on my little fanny and embarrass myself.

    Norman Joy had to photobomb my shot here... :#

    Look at me, I look like a swan... :)

    I feel like a ballerina right now... :)

    Of course Norman, I will skate with you... :)

    Now back to practicing my spins... :)

    Now Elaine Joy wanted to skate with me... :)

    Now the festival is getting busy today... :)

    Now I want to do more spins... :)

    I'm getting really good at these spins now.. :)

    SS: Oh you want another go round Mr. Joy! Sure... :)

    Now Norman is skating with a little girl now... :)

    Let me go and watch the hot dog eating contest. Oh great, Yuri is in the contest. Well I'm pulling for Elaine to win this contest. GO ELAINE!

    It was a close race there for a bit but Elaine beat everyone else in this contest... :) Congrats Elaine... :smiley:

    I saw more fireworks that needed to be shot off, so I shot them off... :)

    Oh @CravenLestat, I have a little present for you... :) She was at the Summer Festival standing in back of me while I was buying myself a funnel cake... :)

    Can't go to a festival without buying a funnel cake... :)

    Well my allergies had gotten the best of me, so off to the hospital I go to get an allergy shot.
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    OH cool, let me try the rock climbing wall. I will put this on easy. What could go wrong?

    Okay easy does it. Get a real good grip on these stones and don't let my feet slip off.

    WOOT, I've made it to the top...YAY ME... :)

    OHHH, this looks like a fun ride to ride on. Let the cowgirl come out of me now... :p

    OH NO, I better hang on for dear life... :o

    This is sooooo fun... :)

    Ride them cowgirl. I just need me a rope to lasso me a guy

    You know the saying, grab the bull by the horns. Now I know what they mean by that saying. Grab the bull by the horns and hang on for dear life... :o

    That was one heck of a ride there. I need to come back one day and do this all again as that was too fun... :smiley:

    Now let me take to the trampoline and bounce for a while... :)

    OOPIES, I need to tend to my garden before all of my plants die... :o

    Now I'm off to do some more windsurfing in the river while the sun goes down... :)

    Now a little nighttime fishing... :)

    I feel like after eating that funnel cake, I need to do some exercising to work it off.

    I really need to get my painting skill up, so let me practicing my painting... :)

    What a cute painting I

    I think that I will work on my Charisma skill before heading back to the university. So I guess the mirror is the best place to practice my speech.

    When my SS left the house to go out one day, she had some mail in her box. So she goes and gets it out and it's from @CravenLestat... :smiley:

    Some random screenshots of the river again. I just love taking screenshots of the scenery around this world... :)

    So far, my SS skills are as follows:
    Athletic - Level 4
    Cooking - Level 4
    Street Art - Level 6
    Handiness - Level 4
    Logic - Level 2
    Painting - Level 2
    Photography - Level 3
    Gardening - Level 3
    Scuba Diving - Level 2
    Fishing - Level 1
    Writing - Level 2
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    Next update is up from me. I will be putting this one in a spoiler... :)
    So after I get my Charisma up, I decided to go out to the river again and do some more snorkeling... :)

    There's my house across the street from the river. It's the one with the strange light coming from the portal... :)

    I think that I want to practice my writing. Never know when I want to try my hand at writing a book of some sort... :)

    Well let me take my aptitude test again to see where I stand before enrolling for the university again... :)

    Let me think of what to put down for the next question... :)

    So my scores are as follows. (I couldn't get into window mode to use the snipping tool to get a picture of the results of the test.)
    Business - 100/400
    Technology - 100/400
    Science & Medicine - 400/400
    Fine Arts - 400/400
    Communications - 235/400
    Physical Education 208/400

    So since I already have some credits for Fine Arts, I will stick with that until I get my degree for it... :) Then maybe I just might reenroll at the university to do Science and Medicine. I just have to wait and see what I feel like doing afterwards... :)

    So now it's time to reenroll for the university. It is also the 1st day of Fall... :)

    It's time for me to leave to go to my dorm. I just hope that Brian will be back for this semester. I'm wondering who all will be back in the dorm. Maybe Tammy will be there. If she is, I have a surprise for her... evil laugh... >:)

    Oh wow, I'm the 1st one here. I wonder where everyone is or if they're coming back this semester... :)

    Oh, I have some mail in the mailbox. I wonder who it's from... :) Oh it's from Brian and he's been dreaming of me... <3 Awww, how sweet... :love:

    So I go to sit down to write him a love letter telling him that I had thought about him when I was at my house back in Riverview... <3

    Oh cool, he got my letter and I received one back telling me how important I am to him. Isn't he so romantic... :love:

    A couple of random screenshots while I was waiting on my roommates to return to the dorm... :)

    Oh here comes Millie Grubb. Hello Millie... :)

    Derek Khan is also here now. Hello Derek... :)

    Then I saw Tiberius Willard, so I make my way over to greet him... :) Hello Tiberius! How have you been? Ready for another round of juice pong?
    Anoki Moon has also arrived back on campus... :)

    Then there is Asala Karam followed by Tiffany Angles and Tammy Parker who you can't see behind Tiffany... :)

    Well it looks like the whole gang is back and ready for another semester of learning and fun... :)

    And there is my target, Tammy Parker who is so mean and rude. Well that's okay because I have something in store for you that you suit you very well. So don't you dare cross my path or I will put the whammy on you... >:)

    Time to chat it up with Tiberius... :)

    Now Tiffany comes over and joins our conversation. The more the merry there is... :)

    I feel like running over to the coffee shop. But why does Tammy feel the need to run after me? And what's up at her staring at me like that? I really wish that the aliens would abduct this mean rude person here and keep her forever... >:)

    Well it seems that we all need to run to the student building for the Meet and Greets. I hope that I run into Brian while I'm there... <3
    I just wish that Tammy wasn't following me that close. That's too close for comfort... :s

    There's Brain with Sarah Mahoney doing the school cheer while Levi Williams and Odin Crosby who is a tourist watch on... :)

    Now I'm making a bee line to go see Brian. So Miss Sarah Mahoney better back off my guy as we are trying to make a love connection here. Or I will have to pull out the voodoo doll on you. So you don't want to see my little friend, now do you Sarah?... >:)
    That's Hank and Scott Maclamoor that I'm running pass... :)

    SS: Well Hello there Brian. Miss me?
    Brian: Well why yes, I have missed you... <3

    Brian: Well come here and give me a hug baby... :)
    SS: Sure, I will give you a hug any day sweetie pie... :love:
    SS whispering under her breathe: Now go away Sarah and leave us be.

    Brian: That was a very sweet hug. We should do that again very soon... :love:
    SS: Yes we should as that was very nice... <3
    SS whispering under her breathe again: That's right Sarah, you better take your leave so that I don't have to pull out the voodoo doll... >:)

    Sarah: I was here first talking to him, so you better scam. We were in the middle of doing the school cheer and you're not a part of it. Now LEAVE... :#

    SS: I think you better leave Sarah as Brian and I need to catch up with one another here.
    SS: We talked about music on our first date. That was such a fun date. You were talking to that little birdie and then we went to the bowling alley... :) I hope we do that again, go out on a date with one another... :)
    Brian: Oh you can count on that. You are a real fun person to hang around with... :)

    SS: Oh I can't wait to do that again... :love:
    Sarah whispering under her breathe: Not if I can help it... >:)

    SS: That's right, you like Indie music. Maybe we will go somewhere to listen to some of that. I would really love to hear your favorite music... <3
    Brian: And I would love for you to listen to it. I too want to hear your Country music that you just love so much... <3

    Sarah thinking to herself: If there was only a way that I can make Lisa into a statue, then Brian would be more interested in me than her... >:)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,328 Member
    Next update from me... :) But be warned it's mostly all pictures of Brian and I together on the 1st day back at the University... :)
    So far this is what I have found out about Brain, he is friendly, rich, has a good sense of humor, he's an Aquarius and most of all, he's single... :)

    So Brian and I start making funny faces at one another... :)

    SS: Oh Brian, I have a little something for you... :)
    Brian: Oh you do. I love surprises so what is it?

    Brian: Pink flowers for me... :smiley: No one's ever given me flowers before. Thank you sweetie... <3
    SS: You're welcome and I hope you enjoy them... :)
    Brian: Oh I will. You're so sweet... :)

    Denise Frink decided to photobomb this picture. Well actually she wanted to join in on the conversation... :)

    Then Steve Texas comes over to insult Brian. How dare you Steve for you to insult my friend here. I have a surprise for you too if you continue to insult my friend here.

    Steve: You are nothing but a pesky little fly looking for nothing but trouble here. So I think that you should just fly away and leave this lovely young lady alone.


    Me: Really Lisa, why would you have hearts floating around your head for Steve after he's just insult the guy that you're trying to hook up with?
    SS: Well I am a hopeless romantic and I can't help it. If you don't want me to be a hopeless romantic, then maybe you should change that trait to something else since it was you who gave it to me... :D

    SS: ewwwww Sarah, must you sneeze in my direction? That's so disgusting... :s
    Sarah whispering to herself: I hope you catch whatever I have so that you will be too sick to go out with Brian and then I can make my move on him... >:)

    SS: Really Sarah, you really need to go someplace else to do all of your sneezing as that is just rude and disgusting. I'm sure your mother didn't teach you to be rude and disgusting, now did she?
    Sarah: Now don't bring my mother up into this as it's none of your business on what she taught me and didn't teach me. So go away before I pull out my toothbrush on you and brush you away.

    Sarah thinking to herself: I'm really going to blow my lid now since Brian is flirting with this little wanna-be... :s

    Sarah thinking to herself again: Oh great, he's talking about those ugly looking flowers that Miss Lisa gave him. Now I really am going to blow a gasket now. I really wish that she would go away and leave me alone so that I can get Brian to fall for me and then I can be rich, filthy rich.

    SS: I want to gaze into your eyes Brian... :love:
    Brian: Okay because I want to gaze into your eyes as well... :)

    Sarah thinking to herself: Okay that's it, I'm definitely going to blow my lid off now. See ya later Brian, I will be back later after this little gold digger leaves.

    SS thinking to herself: He's oh so dreamy... :love:

    Brian: Come here for another hug baby doll.
    SS: I most certainly will come in for another hug from you... <3

    SS: I want to whisper sweet nothings in your ear... :)
    Brian: You can whisper sweet nothings in my ears all of the time sweetie pie... :)

    SS: I'm hungry. Would you care to go to the burger joint with me?
    Brian: I most certainly will go there with you. Let's ride our bikes over there... :)

    Brian: Thank you for asking me to go and eat with you, that was some good food that they have here... :)
    SS: It was my pleasure Brian. I've enjoyed your company tonight... :)
    Alfred Jobb was there tonight as well as Bettie Franklin and Savannah Spaulding.

    SS: I'm so glad that I reenrolled back to this university because I get to see you again... :)
    SS thinking to herself: I'll be happy when Sarah stops following us and trying to steal my guy away from me.
    Sarah thinking to herself: Oh how I would just love to go to bed with Brian. He won't know what hit him then.

    SS: I have a cute cat video to show you. Want to see it?
    Brian: Sure I'll like to see it... :) You have the coolest videos on your phone... :)

    SS: I know that you're tired and all but if you don't mind, will you watch the stars with me?
    Brian: Sure I'll watch the stars with you if it means that I get to spend a little bit more time with you before we have to part for the night.

    Brian: Are you comfortable down here on the bare ground or should I put down a blanket?
    SS: No I'm fine being on the bare ground. But thanks for asking, you're so sweet... :love:

    A couple of the supernatural creatures are out and about tonight.

    Brian: This is so nice being this close to you while we're watching the stars... :)

    Brian: You see that star there? Well it's a shooting star. And you know what the say about shooting stars?
    SS: You make a wish when you see a shooting star.

    Brian: Well I made a wish the first time that I ever saw you that you would take a chance on me. And so here we are together watching the stars... :)

    SS: Well it's getting late and I as much as I would like to stay and hang out with you, I really need to get back to my dorm and get some rest as I have my 1st class tomorrow at 8:00am. Maybe we'll see each other later?
    Brian: Yes it is and as much as I would like to stay and hang with you, I too need to get back to the house to rest for my class tomorrow as well. And yes, we'll see each other again. Have sweet dreams about me as I will have sweet dreams about you my sweetie pie... :)

    Let me write Brian another love letter telling him how much I've enjoyed this evening just hanging with him... <3

    So while I was sleeping, there was a storm raging just outside of my window. It was pouring down really hard and the wind was blowing so hard, that it rattled the windows.

    So this is view from the university campus... :) That's a city off in the distance in this picture... :)

    Off to my 1st class of the week. I just hope that the weather doesn't stay like this all week.

    A nice rainbow over the campus... :)

    And there's the hot air balloon... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,328 Member
    So after my 1st day of class, I decided to go back to my dorm and study from my book since Brian was busy with his classes today... :)

    After doing my studying, I went out to rake up some of these leaves for a leaf pile but then I got distracted when I saw a falcon in the grass across the street. So I stopped raking to go and watch the falcon. I've never seen a falcon so up close like this. They are fun to watch... :)

    Then afterwards, I decided that I wanted to do another ground mural, so I went in the backyard to do one. The one that I did the last semester is still here as well as the wall mural... :)

    Every time I tried to get started on doing my mural, my phone would ring. First is was someone that I didn't want to talk to and then the other time was a text from Miles inviting me over to his keg party. I will attend that again but I just hope that I don't have to help everyone there do a keg stand like I did the last time.

    So I get there and I'm greeted by Harold Assange who snubbed me when I tried to introduce myself the last time. So I dropped his sorry stuck up self on his face for turning his nose up at me.

    So we got to chatting for a bit. I found out that he is rich, which probably explains why he was snobby to me that last time as I wasn't in his league. Now don't me all wrong since not all rich people are snobs. I mean look at Brian who's rich but he's no snob as he knows how to treat others even if they're not in his league.

    SS: Hey Harold, I would really like to try to do a keg stand. Will you help me out here?
    Harold: Oh, you've never tried doing the keg stand before? Okay I will help you do this.

    Harold: There we go Lisa. Now just drink from the tap there. You're doing fine. Now isn't this fun?
    SS: Thank you Harold... :) And yes, this is fun... :smiley:

    Harold: OH NO Lisa, you're slipping out of hands. I can't get a good hold on you, so be prepared to fall flat on your face.

    SS: OUCH!

    Harold: OMG! Are you okay there Lisa? Here, let me help you up.

    SS: Don't touch me! You only did this because I dropped you the first time that was here for a party.

    Harold: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I have totally forgotten that you did that to me as I was totally smashed after the last party. So please forgive me?

    SS: Okay Harold, you're forgiven. Let's chat about other things now... :) My favorite color is Lilac, thanks for asking... :)

    A picture of Jeffery Dean just because... :)

    Time for a drink from the keg now. No more keg stands for me for the time being... :)

    AHHH, there's nothing like drinking juice out of a "Red Solo Cup".

    SS thinking to herself as JD photobombs her picture: Okay Jeffery Dean, don't think just because I'm drinking from this keg that I will pass out and you can do whatever you want to do to me because I will not be passing out. And no, don't think that I'm going to fall for your bad boy charms because that is not me.

    SS: I'm feeling a bit tipsy now. So I want to do the school cheer right here and now.

    Now once I got back to the dorm, I finished up my ground mural... :)

    Oh wow, this wasn't here the last time that I was here. Let me bounce awhile for a little bit... :)

    WEEEEE, this is so much

    I can see the parking lot and all of the other buildings from this angle.

    Oh great, I've done fallen flat on my face again tonight. This is so embarrassing... :blush:

    Oh man, that hurts... :'(
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