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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    I just found out some ugly news - that is on its way out. So my next week (starting tomorrow is going to be spent copying and porting all my fics from that site, making individual blogs out of each story I plan to continue (much like my Sims fics) and then attaching them ALL to my Nikkei Simmer Sims page. 🥺 I started writing fan-fiction on there in 2012 after a hiatus of 13 years from actually writing fan-fiction. So this is essentially the end of a site in which I have invested a lot of time into writing for - I don’t know if 10 years qualifies as an era. But it sure feels like it’s turning the page.

    I have two choices, I can start learning how to figure out Wordpress to make my fan-fiction (JAG/Sims) blog or continue on with Blogger and make another landing page to set up organizing my blogs into a navigable format. But I want to circumvent the possibility of the site going down and potentially losing all my JAG fics I put time into writing. So I may be away for a week organizing. 😞
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    I don't know if you see the tag, but you could check out AO3 its another
    fanfiction site. I used to read fanfictions years ago on, so weird it's about to disappear.
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    @Nikkei_Simmer I agree with @Silverofdreams30 about AO3. I used to read and write fanfics on that site a long time ago. There are Simmers who post Simlits on AO3.
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    I don't know if you see the tag, but you could check out AO3 its another
    fanfiction site. I used to read fanfictions years ago on, so weird it's about to disappear.

    It's a matter of getting my own fanfiction I wrote off the site before it disappears, so I want to transfer it to a site that won't vanish. Most of my JAG fanfiction is on and I can't have that go missing.

    Update: Woah...that was a quick one. Even sizable fics were quick to download so that I can begin the process of transferring them to my own fanfiction blog.
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    Seems like it worked out to save them :)
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    bekkasan wrote: »
    @ButterWafflesAR Definitely heart warming photos! The red ghost dog died in a fire. I have a red ghost cat that I use in some stories. She was a barn cat in one story about a farming family. I found her on the exchange.
    Even Death has a soft spot for horses in heart? o. o Assuming he has one under all those bones. :) Look at the loveable hug. <3 Ah, that actually makes sense. So sad what happen to your kitty, though. D:

    @Turjan It's almost like Marvin chose a spot behind the flowers, so the fish can't see him standing there. :D

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    Been busy putting up my fics into an "organizational form..." part of the way done, but I'm going to take a break from it today.

    No fancy wedding for these two (in my test save - that'll come later when I rewrite the darned legacy for the FIFTH time. :( )
    Well...the monstrosity in the background as Haruo runs across the bridge at Summerhill Court Park.
    Woah...Nilxis's Uranesia Lighting Mod + plus Realistic Clouds is awesome...and ominous-looking.
    Better batten down the hatches, Ma...storm looks like it's a comin'.
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    I'm back! Great updates everyone!

    Glad to hear that your fan fiction is downloading faster than you anticipated. I'd buy a few USB sticks and make multiple copies and put them in a safe place. If you have a safe deposit box at the bank, that would be a great place to store one copy.

    So, I have finally finished working through my Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge! :open_mouth::smiley:

    I have all of the stories posted to my blog to date. The latest post, published right before midnight (about 30 minutes ago) includes Week 55: Wednesday, and I am currently playing Week 55: Thursday in the game.

    I am so relieved to have that headache over and done with. Tomorrow morning, I am going to load up the game and play the rest of Thursday. It's currently 4:00 PM game time, so it shouldn't take long, and I may have another post later today (Friday). :wink:

    Click the link in my signature to head over to my blog. There are ten new posts to read if you were caught up through September 15th. If it's your first visit, there are 92 posts in the Forsythe story so far.
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    Well, last week I learned that if I hold down the shift button while moving the camera, it goes faster, then last night I learned that if I press the tab button, I can take even closer-up pictures of my sims, finally I was decorating my sim's house for Halloween, I noticed the lack of holiday decorations. So, I went to the sims shop and typed in Halloween and saw a whole set for free that I could have downloaded this entire time. Been playing sims 3 since 2015 and I only just, now noticed these things.
    And nothing, I mean nothing, could describe my face's reaction to learning all three things....
    ...better than this picture here.


    I felt like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. Why have I not noticed these before. :o
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    This is why my Sims (River and Haruo) married quickly.
    Gotta beat the relatives to the punch. Molly decided to have a relationship with the LEET-speak name weirdo this time around
    Man, this family tree is going to get complicated RIGHT out of the gate. lDfrSHZ.png

    After getting abducted by aliens, Haruo, decided to make an apple cobbler. Hopefully he's not pregnant with an alien child because that thing isn't going to make it to term.
    Meanwhile Haruo's evil mother is trying to follow Sim-Haruo (eerily like my Narcissistic mother's constant "following" - we went no contact three years ago - happiest three years I've ever had...)
    Sim-Haruo's poor Dad having to put up with that evil shrew. I mean really... just look at the face that poor man is making. He's absolutely downright miserable.

    Eventually, I'll re-start the legacy...but it may involve reworking a few things once I get a handle on the time and age of these sims. It may mean a bit of a re-write but over-all the story will be kept as close to the same as possible so I don't have to rewrite the WHOLE thing.

    BTW: Sims relationship trees are complicated: If an sim's uncle dates a sim's girlfriend's parent, can that parent and the uncle marry once the sim and his girlfriend are conjugally related as in "married".? :lol:
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    Good afternoon everyone. <3

    I totally had my Sims game running ALL day yesterday working on creating the characters for my Christmas story in between adulting. :lol: They are a certain race and I want to make sure I get their features right. 👍 It's been tough, but really fun! :mrgreen:


    Gorgeous photos, and I never get
    tired seeing sexy hunk.
    ^Hee hee, thanks. :blush:
    I still think it's so cool that you're an extra in a movie! :grin:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Yep, we all gotta be careful what we say in this day and age no matter what it is... :unamused: Drives me crazy all too often anymore...
    So I have had to develop a high sense of the benignancy of the synonym. I've reached conclusive evidence through three offspring that if it is anything that involves a dictionary, my cosanguinean find it anathema to their sense of "knowing it all". I have been warned by the large and in charge.
    So, I shall not stoop to the mien of the boor...and uncouth no more. eh-hem...nudge nudge wink wink say no more...
    ^Holy dang!! :open_mouth: I'm reading and re-reading that like:
    LOL! :joy:
    Impressive! :star: A couple of those words I've never even heard before! :lol:
    I found another Asian skin (on MTS) than the one I PM'd you about, but if you still want that one I'll link it below this one.
    The one I told you about in a PM:

    Here's another one by the same creator (Navetsea). Both are Non-default:
    So very sweet of your wife doing all that for you to get "Tiny." <3 She's a devoted woman who loves you dearly; a keeper. :blush: (Me thinks you already know this, but I'm just sayin'. ;) )
    I'll take your word for it that "Sexy Hunk" is sexy. :lol: Since I'm of the male persuasion - males in the Sims are just a "slap-together" and see if it looks presentable sort of thing in CAS.
    ^LOL! :joy: It's all good my friend. :) But yes, he's very sexy. :smirk: I will say too that your Satoshi is sexy also! :love::p
    Cool you modeled Yasunobu after your real dad. :) In that case...did you base Mayumi after your mom in real life?
    It doesn't surprise me that might go under. To me it wasn't a very user friendly place. I had so much trouble navigating that site, as well as trying to post anything on there - and you can't include pictures - so... 🤷‍♀️ And the search bar was terrible. I lost interest quick. :( But yes definitely go get your stories on there and save them! You haven't been doing that already? ;);)
    I just recently created an account on AO3, with hopes to post stories on there someday, but there's a waitlist to be allowed to create an account and post so just wanted to inform you of that. :)
    Woah...Nilxis's Uranesia Lighting Mod + plus Realistic Clouds is awesome...and ominous-looking.
    ^Right!? :smiley: I freaking LOVE it! <3

    emorrill ooh I like the look of Sexy Hunk, great name by the way!
    ^Hee hee, thanks. :blush:
    I actually haven't checked out Legacy Island and I totally need to! :) Rflong is the BEST! :star:

    @Turjan <3
    I have to agree with you that Hylewood is best suited for story purposes. I definitely need a bigger world for my sims to live in and explore when I'm playing for fun. :mrgreen:
    I will have to check out Pidgeon Rock. 👍
    If only this town had a hospital and anyone knew where it was...
    ^LOLOLOL! :joy: Ohhh man, I needed that laugh.
    Enjoyed your post; as always. :)

    @texansky Congrats on finishing your Forsythe Legacy Challenge! :star:

    I felt like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. Why have I not noticed these before. :o
    ^Lol! :lol: It's all good. 👍 There are so many things I'm still discovering about this game too and I've been playing since day one! :p And yeah, it can be just as exciting as opening a present on Christmas when you do. :blush:
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    @emorrill - the above "what"-inducing sentences are best read in a British accent. it makes it funnier. :lol::D Actually the last should have been "I shall henceforth forswear the mien of the boor...".

    Yes, Mayumi is based on my RL mom (but don't tell my family members that) :lol: Heck, if she didn't want to have half the stuff I do to her... on Sims... be done... in a way that is "disparaging to her", perhaps she should have thought twice about treating people in the manner in which she did.

    I think I'll be using Uranesia from now on. The realistic clouds give off an air of "real-life" environmental authenticity to the Sims.

    Yes...I love my RL wife - and it's why I play "River"...not just her backstory, but her similarity in temperament. :D
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    @emorrill There is just so much I've been missing out on. I can't believe it. lol But that's good, I like learning new things.
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    Haruo: "Gotta get in good with the mother-in-law and stay on her good side plus she's also my uncle's main squeeze...can't afford to have her PO'd at me. That's gonna make family dinners real awkward."
    The Watcher's back to frying Sims again. This time: tourists...Bo Kay... :lol:You, OK...Bo Kay... oh oh...Bo Kay no OK...
    Jamie Jolina pondering the intricacies of the human mind... (Guess she's trying to be more like the medical doctor-wanna-be that she is... - yes, I gave her a makeover)
    Satoshi: " want to go out for date with real man like me. I'm available next Saturday. You go out with me?"

    Bebe: "Are you friggin' kidding me. I'm dating your son. And I thought you were dating my friend's mother. Are you out of your ever-lovin' mind?!!!"
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Why does the mother-in-law look like she's hit the bottle pretty hard? o. o
    That aside, it's nice to see you're able to play sims 3 again. :)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Why does the mother-in-law look like she's hit the bottle pretty hard? o. o
    That aside, it's nice to see you're able to play sims 3 again. :)
    Well... Varg's Tavern is a few blocks away... and she's a writer for a newspaper...nobody likes newsies. :lol: Plus...she's dating Satoshi... that's probably gotta be good for a couple bottles of "juice" all on it's own. :lol:
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    @bekkasan -waves back-

    Might be getting hit with a cat 3 hurricane.
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  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 111 Member
    Well... Varg's Tavern is a few blocks away... and she's a writer for a newspaper...nobody likes newsies. :lol: Plus...she's dating Satoshi... that's probably gotta be good for a couple bottles of "juice" all on it's own. :lol:

    Can't argue with that. Though, she looks like she had a little more than a couple of bottles. X3
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    Hello everyone, I know I haven't been around lately ... there are several reasons for that.

    First and foremost, my mother is out of the hospital. However, that doesn't mean she is out of the woods, not by any stretch. She is still very ill. When she was released, she was given an IV antibiotic to take at home, but then that medication gave her a bad reaction, so she ended up back in the hospital for a couple days as they took her off that medication. We fear some brain damage has occurred as a result of the medication's side effects. She is now at home, in decent spirits, but still in a lot of pain.

    And she is not the only one dealing with health issues. At the same time my mother was in the hospital, I tested positive for Covid-19 and was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction, so I'm trying to get both of those things taken care of - which is not easy. The bowel obstruction "may" require surgery, but I'm hoping some non-surgical interventions I am attempting loose the obstruction first. They actually wanted to keep me in the hospital for a couple days, but I decided against it, putting me at odds with the medical staff.

    So far, my covid symptoms have been mild, but I remain under a partially self-imposed quarantine and continue to monitor for any changes or worsening.
    jpnbanner2_zpscb7d2475.jpg header_zps436f0053.jpg

  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,037 Member
    @venusdemilosims - I don't know if there are any words to extend comfort considering the trials of health that you and your mother are currently undergoing. Words fail me at the moment as it seems like you've been hit by one thing after another. My deepest sympathies to you and to your mother and a fervent wish that you both pull through your current travails with the least amount of "damage" sustained. I'm so sorry to hear about the health troubles you've been having.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,025 Member
    Oh my goodness @venusdemilosims :pensive: It's so hard when the "rain" begins to "pour" and it feels like it'll never let up... Been there...


    Sending prayers of healing your way. 🙏 <3
  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 111 Member
    First off, I just wanna say. @venusdemilosims sending prays of a quick, healthy, happy recovery for both you and your mom. I can't even imagine how hard it is right, now. But the both of you gotta be strong. You got this.

    Dämmerung had his birthday, so he's no longer our little foal anymore. Now, he's a big boy, ready for the bigger things in life.

    Emily training Dämmerung.

    Emily and Ben out on a date at the festival. It was both their days off, so they wanted to have some boyfriend and girlfriend time.


    Evidentially, Emily got spooked so bad, going into the haunted house, she turned in a ghost. BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP HER. Her and Ben when inside the haunted house at least five times on their date. x.x

    Ben has his very first BIG house fire. Look at that man go.

    Mm mm! Love a sim in uniform.

    Ben breaking down the door to save Benni, who is trapped inside.


    Ben: "Come on! You gotta go outside. It's not safe here!"
    Benni: "Are you crazy? There's a fire out there! I'm not leaving my room!!!"

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    @bekkasan Thanks for the comment on my last update. Yeah, Bodil is pretty much the first child that Yumi (the puppy) meets, but I know that the dog also has a bad temparement from her personality traits..

    @emorrill Nice church build and I really like the pictures of the water and the stream. That's really nice, and uh.. I guess that guy left his shirt and shoes behind. <_<


    I did play a session with Leya and Gaute a few days back, but umm.. haven't been to motivated to make a post out of it. Instead I have rediscovered the Create a World tool and kept myself busy with it..

    This is my second attempt at making the city called Wad Nahadau that is supposed to be the country capital of Frydain Pawr, the same country that Sunset Valley lies in in my "People of Simbria" storyline. And yeah, the city name is inspiried by the national anthem of Wales.. ("Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau")... and the map of "The United Kingdom of Simbria" I think obviously has some similarities with a certain other United Kingdom... ;)

    I took some screenshots of the first neighbourhood I finished (more or less, only some minor fine tuning that may be done, and some touching up on the mountains perhaps).

    Welcome to Sandbrekkevegen (english: Sandy Hill Road) a quiet road on the outskirts of town...


    Currently not populated of course, but I already sort of pictured some of the people that might be living in these houses...
    House 1, 2 and 3 (the green, the dark dark red and the brown one) are just modifications of premade EA houses, but house 4, 5, 6 and 7 are original builds).

    The strange red looking lot with a hedge around on the right side of the road is "Paradis subway stop".

    House 2 to the right, house 3 up the hill. House 2 is called "The Staahl house" (The Steehl house). It is rumored that Gunnar Staalesen used to live there, but it has not yet been confirmed... House 3 iso far called "The American House". It is said to be built by an American called Dee F. Snyder....

    At the end of the road to the left is a small lake/fishing spot called "Myravatnet" (The swamp lake).

    The red and white house has an almost similar look and layout to one of my aunts old house. ;)

    The terrain in and around the city of Wad Nahadau is very hilly and mountaineous. The climate is mild and wet.

    More pictures:



    The part on the other side of the main road is not finished...


    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    @Sprottenham Ooo, I love it. I love how it's tucked within the mountains. I would live there. :)
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    Woeville - "Life is Cheap" - An Apocalyptic Survival Story


    The End... Becomes the Beginning

    The sun paled behind a miasma of yellowish grey; it had been that way for six years ever since the missile warheads fell. The resultant radioactive devastation that ensued from the nuclear strikes had reduced humanity to a token number of survivors. Food was scarce and there was an underscoring sense of resignation to a life that meant eking out some measure of survival though spartan. It was a tough existence meant to harden those inured to suffering and to weed out the weak.
    Sunset Valley had been wiped from existence; being a military target, it was wiped clean from the map with three one megaton warheads detonating over Fort Gnome. Those who didn’t leave perished; starvation, radiation sickness – their bodies withering, the radiation slowly eating them from inside, or from predation – the weak suffered in this case being easy pickings for predatory animals or disturbingly from other humans.

    It was clear to Yasunobu and to Fiona that they had to leave Sunset Valley. Mayumi had perished in the blast of one of the nuclear weapons as she’d been on a field trip with her young charges to Fort Gnome that very day that the exchange of humanity-ending weapons was unleashed. And a grieving Yasunobu and a very terrified Fiona had gathered up their surviving youngsters and escaped the area after the requisite remaining under sealed cover for two weeks. Molly had lost her mind after finding out that Sandi had been one of the casualties of the detonation at Fort Gnome – she stayed and perished, only wanting to be with her daughter in the very end. No amount of coaxing would induce her to leave.

    Then there was no place to go other than into the desert wilderness – a problematic venture at best; a nightmare at worst, with food being scarce or contaminated, they’d subsisted by raiding highway rest-stop gas stations of their canned goods; the supermarkets being long since picked over by survivors and the perishables left unedible and rotting on the counters due to large counts of radiation. The electromagnetic pulse had rendered all cars unusable; their electrical systems fried by the surge of electricity that preceded a nuclear detonation. It was a terrifying six months of trying to make their way to any sort of habitable destination avoiding any pockets of radiation – population centers that were substantial enough to have warranted being targeted by the enemy.

    The travel was made even more difficult by Fiona growing ill with radiation sickness sustained from exposure from her trying to get home to find her daughter who’d had been watched over by Yasunobu who had been her long-time family friend. The amount of radiation exposure she’d sustained in making the decision to not shelter-in-place for the two weeks away from River had resulted in a very costly outcome. Eventually they had to take shelter in a cave...watching her succumb to a horrific death. Considering the fact that they didn’t want to leave her, cremation was the only choice. Yet they didn’t have a crematorium. So the only thing they could do was to burn the body in flames and carry her bones on their journey to wherever they would end up. River grieved her loss immensely.

    However the journey would not end up with even that number remaining. Yasunobu though he tried his best, was only human. Eventually he came down with the same symptoms as Fiona’d had and succumbed in much the same way and that meant Haruo had to dispose of his remains the same way in which Yasunobu had disposed of Fiona’s.

    That day also meant that River and Haruo; still teenagers came to a realization of an immutable fact- their lot in life was to grow up very quickly. From that day on, it meant that the two were an inseparable pair.

    Chapter One

    Woeville, even the name gave an idea of what the general temperament of the community was like, was a lawless place that meant that you had to be on your guard at all times. Haruo gazed out at the community with a taciturn gaze before turning to head down into their make-shift underground bunker. Somehow, he’d come across a sheriff’s detachment and they’d managed to break into the armory – now loaded for bear with two M4s .226 LR and two Desert Eagles .50s, they knew that they would be able to defend themselves. Two teenagers in the middle of the desert were easy pickings, if unarmed, less so now since they’d managed to find themselves weapons.

    “Promise me that you’re not going to do like Molly…” Haruo had told River who’d shaken her head at the thought. “We’re in this together.” He left unspoken the words that stated clearly that he wouldn’t be able to survive this on his own. It was then and there that their pact was sealed – she was his, he was hers and nothing would ever separate the two of them and that pact had grown into a bond of love. That was seventeen and nineteen. It took another two years before they stumbled across Woeville.

    Then it was another year of staking out a claim on a stretch of uninhabited land...and building a place where they could call home, digging out the foundation of what would be a place that they could take refuge and from there they would build it up into a defensible position, to be guarded by them and by their ensuing heirs.
    “I don’t like the fact that our food-stocks were raided.” Haruo was frustrated. Now twenty-two, he’d been hardened by the fact that they’d had to eke out a survival on their own from such a young age. He didn’t trust easily and the fact that someone would make off with their food invited retaliation. This was a lawless community and the advantages were for those who had numbers and strength.
    “I know…” River replied, “Those were the last of our resources and we were short to begin with.”
    “It has to be one of the others...they know what we’re doing and they want our land. I’m not letting them have it.”
    "Honey, we don't want to start a war over it...we only have so much ammo to do anything with."

    Haruo turned to look at his de facto wife who gazed back at him in concern; they’d gone through too much together to be anything else but a couple, “I don’t want them thinking that they can walk all over us and get away with it.” a prophetic announcement that bode ill for whomever had purloined their food-stocks. He and River had managed through hard-toiling over the past year to make a life for themselves and to give themselves a fighting chance. He’d learned a lot, from reloading his cartridges after hunting, to making his own gunpowder and caps. Here, as in the Wild West, there was a price for stealing. They hung cattle rustlers and thieves back during the 1880s. Now it was the 90s post-apocalypse and life was back at that era of gunfighting and eye for an eye. Except that now there were automatic weapons and sniper rifles. That made this Second Wild West even more dangerous than before. And Haruo was prepared to make those who didn’t know right from wrong suffer the consequences of their actions.

    “Just don’t make your vendettas cost us our lives…” River told him. Not only were there the two humans, but there was Hunter and Loki.
    “We need to restock our food which means we’re going to have to go out and pick stuff from the gardens.” Haruo stated. River knew that meant that they both had to go out. One to pick, one to stand watch to warn of any intruders. You couldn’t drop your guard for one second while out of the bunker or you could get jumped by any number of assailants. River took the M-4...
    ...and Haruo put on a leg holster with a Beretta M9 in easy reach and then they headed up to the surface.
    The desert had its own set of problems that came along with it, snakes, spiders,,centipedes, scorpions. beaded lizards, etc, could all make your life a living nightmare if you weren’t a fan.

    Haruo and River did not walk side by side they walked in tandem covering both sides of the street for better fields of fire. They knew, all too well, from anecdotal evidence from Haruo’s fascination with military books that too many soldiers died from not having clear fields of fire. Your muzzle of your weapon had to have at least one hundred eighty degrees of covering fire and ready to cover anyone who was approaching them on the street. You did not want to hit a friendly body within that range so each started their one hundred eighty degrees of fire-coverage from the center-line in the road or an approximation since Woeville had no paved roads.
    Even children were held in suspicion while out. River and Haruo held everyone else in suspicion. A child could have an explosive device or a weapon hidden on her person so River’s eyes never wavered from an approaching person while on their walk up to the “community garden”.
    It would sound horrific to someone but these years had hardened the both of them. If there were threats in the area, they were neutralized and age or attractiveness had nothing to do with it. The lesson of daily survival was a harsh taskmaster in these unforgiving lands and either one grew callous or one died through one of the many ways, by the hand of nature or man.

    Mother Nature was quick to seize upon the opportunity to eradicate those that she figured were doing her harm or from sheer malice.

    (to be continued)...

    (Chapter One; Part One)
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