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    Chapter One: Meeting My Nemesis (Part 4)

    Making the Town Hate Us

    Evil Haruo: Phil is an idiot; mainly he tends to drape himself over others but he got on the wrong side of Bebe Hart with a “heat of the moment” kiss. Boy I could hear Bebe let him have it from a mile away. That girl’s got some good lungs.
    Of course the dimwit tried to pass it off as “he didn’t know what he was doing”. Yeah sure, Phil. Evil_Haruo knows most things and he definitely knows you don’t lay hands on a woman if you want your knackers intact. I’m wondering why Bebe didn’t just free-kick his family pair into low earth-orbit.
    At least then Phil could be useful in the sense that he could sing castrati in a choir…that is if he wasn’t tone-deaf. At least he doesn’t try to sing while doing his morning constitutional since he has the musical tonality of a sick cow and I really don’t want to listen to his braying. I’d be tempted to bury him sixty feet underground just to preserve my hearing.
    Well, there’s nothing like the park for meet n’greets with the rest of the townsfolk. And you know pretty much about the townsfolk of Sunset Valley; they all grind my gears to the point where I just want to exterminate them all. And they all gather here like bees to honey and of course, I just have to come down here...
    ...because I’m hungry. ...and so's my brother...and there's food here. Simple logic really...
    Do I happen to give off an evil aura or somethin’? Because I step into the park and who do I spy but Buster Clavell – he’s a whiny old goat that goes around ticking people off just for gits and shiggles. Of course I try to ignore his mutterings but finally it gets me to the point where I go off on him.
    Evil Haruo: geriatric old dog, you mind knocking off with your muttering before I clam your mouth up for you?

    Buster Clavell: What? How dare you talk to me like that.
    Evil Haruo: I dare all right. I’m trying to enjoy a nice day at the park and your whining, whizzing and moaning is downright starting to jack me up straight-up. If you don’t shut your pie-hole, I’m going to shut it for you.
    Buster Clavell: I’ll have you know that I was a bruiser in my day. I was mopping the floor with losers like you. You won’t lay a finger on me, you miserable piece of human excrement.
    Evil Haruo: Did you just call me a miserable piece of human excrement? I’m going to make you measure your height horizontally in the dirt, you ancient colostomy-bag. I gave him a resounding slap to the left cheek and followed it up with a return-slap with the back of my hand. That oughta make him see stars.
    ...and the fight started.
    Buster got the worst of it. Not only was he slow; he was moving like he was encased in a coating of molasses. Maybe he should actually use a cane. What a great way to start the day off at the park; beating up a geriatric.
    Meanwhile the rest of the family was at the park too. Bebe was at work at the Science Center and as such, she was away for nearly all the festivities – yes, there was a festival in town.

    Meanwhile, Brooke got into an altercation with the town’s other evil hag, Vita Alto...and frankly, Vita-Mean...had it coming. Nobody does evil like my girl, Brooke, and well, she decided to give Vita a right hook. I don’t know what Vita said that caused that, but well, let’s face it, she ended up flat on the ground.
    Well...that's going to leave a mark.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Alrighty y'all, I've been hard at work today finalizing these next two scenes of the story just so I could get them posted for your enjoyment. :blush: Meant to post this much earlier today, but got way too caught up in fine tuning it. :grimace: *Sigh*

    Anyhoo, Enjoy! :mrgreen:

    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Continuation of Chapter 17

    Early the next morning, Alex was up and exercising; back in the routine.



    Outside the front door, Haley adjusted her jacket and ruffled her hair a bit before entering. Earlier she texted Sam that she had a “surprise” for him and accidentally woke the poor guy up, but he told her he looked forward to whatever it might be. I’ll be there soon, she ended the texts with.

    As she rushed over to the guy’s house she reminded herself that even if Sam didn’t like her new look, she did, and that’s all that mattered. But she had a strong feeling he would.

    When she walked into the living room her heart stopped for a moment when she discovered Alex. S**t. She sighed. I shoulda figured he’d be working out this early…


    Upon hearing footsteps behind him, Alex did a side glance to see who it was and when he found it to be Haley he did a double take then fully turned around. Haley’s feet finally stopped in their tracks as the two met each other’s gaze.

    The previous feelings of hurt, loss, and pain instantly returned; along with a fleeting feeling of gladness to see the other person. They stared at each other for what seemed like the longest two seconds of their life.

    “Hey,” Haley softly greeted.
    “Hey,” he greeted in the same way.

    Their hearts pounded, struggling to find something to say next.


    Until the obvious stood out to Alex. “What did you do to your hair?”

    It really shouldn’t have been a surprising question. “I cut it.”

    “I can see that. Why? It was so pretty before...”


    Haley didn’t care for the snarky and disappointed tones in his voice and part of her wanted to go on the defensive, but no. That wasn’t how she was going to act about it. That’s what the old Haley would do…and it just wasn’t worth it.

    She folded her arms and simply replied, “I wanted to do something different for a change. And I really like it.”


    Alex nodded, having a few opinions about the change, but not voicing them. “I’m glad,” he said, then paused, feeling to add, “I uh…didn’t mean how that initially sounded. You still look pretty.” His heart pounded all the more, hoping it wasn’t too early or inappropriate to say.

    “Thanks,” Haley appreciated, giving off a light smile.
    He gave a "you're welcome" smile in return.


    Both felt an immediate sense of relief that they were able to be civil towards each other so soon after what happened and hoped it would stay that way. It was definitely a step in the right direction.

    “Well,” Haley sighed, dropping her hands down onto her thighs, “guess I’ll…see you later. Bye.” And with that she turned towards Sam’s bedroom door, lightly knocking on it before swiftly entering. She couldn’t spend another uncomfortable moment out there with Alex.

    Alex didn’t utter a word of goodbye, just watched as she left his presence; not sashaying the way she always did, right into the bedroom of another man. For a moment he felt the dagger stab into his heart all over again.


    Ruffled, he pursed his lips and thought, Geez, is Sam turning her into some rocker chick now? He shook his head with a huff as he headed for the solitude of his bedroom.

    Once there he released all the new and pent up frustrations in loud grunts as he did pull ups.


    He thought he was at a point of accepting that she had so quickly moved on from him, and thought he was ready to move on himself, but after seeing such a change in her appearance, for SAM - he was sure of it - was a bit too much. The anger part of the grief cycle reared its ugly head.

    What’s so special about that punk anyway? What’s he possibly giving her that I haven’t already given her? I gave her everything! My friendship, my heart, ALL of me! How was it not enough!?


    He pulled up faster and faster. Perhaps it was true what everyone said about her…but he knew all of it wasn’t. No one knew her like him.

    But that was changing…

    He let out one final, exasperated grunt as he dropped himself from the bar and sharply turned towards the frosty window, gazing at his reflection within.

    C’mon Alex, pull yourself together, he thought while panting, wiping away the sweat from his brow. You can’t keep feeling like this every time you see her. You're always gonna see her! You just gotta let it go. Move on. For some strange reason he could hear it being said in Maru’s voice more than his own. Maybe because it was precisely what she would say to him in this very moment.

    It’s over…


    Even so, the feelings of anger and dislike towards Sam - raging now more than ever before - remained and he wasn’t sure how he was going to let that go. Or if he really wanted to.

    Something about Sam’s part in all this still wasn’t sitting well with him.

    Random song that popped into my mind after writing the end of this scene. Anyhoo, carry on. :p


    Previously, when Haley walked into Sam’s room and promptly shut the door behind her, Sam burst up from his bed with a start. “Haley!” he cried, standing and pulling his sweatpants up. “Dang girl you didn’t even give me a chance to get dressed,” he bashfully expressed as he went to her and took her hand in his.


    “Sorry,” she half-grimaced. “I ran into Alex out there and had to get away as soon as I could!”
    “Oh…,” he grimaced too. “Everything okay?”
    “Yeah. Went better than I thought it would actually,” she replied while taking his other hand.
    “Sweet! That’s great!”
    “Yeah,” she said again with a bright grin, swaying their arms from side to side. “I definitely feel much better now being here with you."


    She almost couldn’t believe those words escaped her mouth, but it was indubitably true.

    Sam’s heart went pitter-patter as he heard it, loving that she said it yet. He gripped her hands a little tighter and rubbed at them affectionately with his thumbs.

    “Something seems different about you,” he playfully observed. “Is that a new color in your hair?”


    “Not quite,” she lightly tittered with a blush.
    “Nah, you’re right,” he continued to play, “it must be something else…hmm…” This was a lovely opportunity to study her perfect, sexy body. “Rad outfit. That’s new.”
    “Oh you tease!”
    He chuckled.

    On the top bunk, overhearing the playful banter, Sebastian rolled over, saw the two people in question, rolled his eyes and then rolled back, covering his head with the blanket. It was too early in the morning for anyone to be alive in his mind.

    “Of course it’s your hair,” Sam finally said with a grin.

    Her cheeks blushed. “Do you like it?”


    “I do. You were already drop dead gorgeous before, but man…I’m loving this new look on you even more.” Confirmed by his nod of approval and arched eyebrow.


    “Thanks,” she beamed, her cheeks growing redder. Eeeek! I knew he’d love it!

    “So hey, with your epic fashion sense,” Sam went on, leaning in a little, “maybe you could help me get dressed? Find the perfect outfit that goes with my style."


    “Oooh I’d love to!” she happily expressed. “I seriously thought you'd never ask! Cause…I was thinking earlier,” she paused, tilting her head slightly to the side with a desiring smile. “Would you mind if I tried out a certain look on you? I just wanna see.”
    His smile lowered in reservation. “Whaaat kind of look?” Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into…?
    “Just humor me okay?”
    He suppressed a sigh. Like I’m gonna tell her that I think most fashion stuff looks stupid! Regardless, he really couldn’t resist that smile of hers, or her beautiful self for that matter. And he trusted her. “Ohhh alright,” he consented.
    “Yay!” She clapped.
    “But if I don’t like it…you won’t be offended will you?”
    “No! Just let me play with you!”
    His eyebrows bounced, very much liking that idea; in a completely different way though. “Alright…,” his voice faded as he allowed her to push him towards the dresser.
    “This is gonna be so much FUN!”
    If you say so…, he thought with uneasiness, but who knows…he might actually like what she comes up with.

    “Okay, I’m gonna cover the mirror up with a blanket here…,” Haley began, grabbing one from Sam’s bed. “Then when I’m done, we’ll do the grand reveal okay?”

    Sebastian pulled the covers tighter over his head. He had a feeling he was going to be hearing a lot of giggles and fashion talk for the next hour at most and why he felt he could get anymore sleep at this point, he didn’t know. “Sorry Sebastian,” at least Haley was kind enough to acknowledge, to which he waved her off with a guttural moan.

    The clothes Haley picked out for Sam obviously couldn’t be hidden from his view, but that was alright. It wasn’t her main focus.

    “I never wear shirts like this…,” Sam noted with a scrunched nose.
    “I know, but put it on anyway. It’s all part of the experiment.”
    Not sure I like where this is going…


    Ten minutes into it…

    “Ow! Geez!” Sam finally cried out. “What are you doing to my hair!?”
    “Settle down, I’m almost done.”
    He blew out a giant sigh before a thought made the corner of his mouth quirk up. “You know, you’re lucky you’re hot. Because I don’t let just any girl play with my hair,” he turned to her with a smirk.
    Haley bounced her eyebrows at him with a smirk in return.

    Oh puleeeeze, Sebastian thought, shifting his weight so he could see what the blonde was doing. His brow furrowed as he watched.

    “Aaaaand, done!” Haley declared, in twenty minutes time. “Okay! You ready to see?” she asked Sam as she gripped the corner of the blanket draped over the dresser mirror.
    “Heck yeah! The suspense is killing me!”

    “Holy h'ell...,” Sebastian couldn’t help vocalizing.
    “Hush you!” Haley playfully ordered. “Don’t rain on this moment.”
    The man just shook his head.

    “Alright. One, two, three!” Haley counted, pulling the blanket off. Silence filled the room for a second. “Soooo what do you think?” she asked Sam, snapping her mouth shut afterward. It got much more humorous watching his reaction and it was very difficult to suppress.

    Sam tried to keep a straight face in respect to Haley’s feelings.


    “Wow,” was all he managed to get out.

    Haley wanted to say something in compliment, as is normally done after a makeover, but she just lost it and burst into laughter.



    Sebastian continued to hold a look of disgust as he shook his head while staring at Sam’s reflection in the mirror.

    Noticing, Haley couldn't help asking him mid-laugh, “What do you think, Sebastian?”

    The dark haired man didn’t hold back for one second. “I think it is an abominable misrepresentation of everything Sam and it must be destroyed!”

    Haley guffawed at his remark to the point that she couldn't breathe. “Oh my gosh…,” she gasped, holding a hand to her chest to steady it. “Oh that's really NOT a good look on you Sam, is it?”

    “No," came the honest reply. "It too groomed for me. I’m with Seb, it’s gotta go.”


    As her laugh ended, Haley placed her hand on Sam’s shoulder and deeply expressed, “I totally agree,” to which they smiled at each other for a moment. “But I just had to see anyway. I was always curious how you would look with a traditional, combed hairstyle. I don't remember ever seeing your hair flat. That was entertaining!”
    “Oh you want entertaining?” Sam asked, grabbing his comb and hair gel. “How about I style your hair now the same way I style mine?” he playfully taunted at her while gesturing with the beauty items.
    “Absolutely not!” Haley cried, holding her palms up in defense.
    “What? I just want to ‘experiment’ a little. I've always been curious to see how you'd look with spikey hair,” he threw her words back at her while winking, inching closer.
    “No! Get back!” she giggled, stepping back herself. “I’ve already changed my hair. I’ve gotta rock this look for a while first before I change it again.”
    “Yeah, whatever," he dismissed, squirting some gel into the palm of his hand and readying the brush. "I’m gonna getcha…” And he hurled himself at her.

    Soon the two were chasing each other around the room, Haley throwing a pillow at Sam at one point to slow him down, and a bunch of cries rang loudly through the air. That’s when Sebastian threw off the covers and decided, “I’m outta here…”

    Sam and Haley’s chase ended with Sam holding her tightly in his arms and gently combing her newly cut hair, telling her he loved it again and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Haley dreamily gazed into his eyes as he did.


    It seemed like a good moment for a kiss, but both held back, feeling it wasn't quite that perfect, first kiss moment their hearts were so greatly holding out for. They knew it was coming soon and until it did, they were just enjoying getting to know each other better and having fun together; dating.

    Haley soon took the comb from Sam’s hand and brushed his hair upward as she said, “I’ll fix it now. I prefer the real Sam anyway.” She blushed. “And there’s not a thing I'd change about you either.”


    To be continued...

    The chapter finale is all written! :star: I just have to touch it up and take the pictures for it. Hopefully it will be posted sometime next week. 👍

    *Have enjoyed reading all your awesome posts everyone. Keep them coming!*
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    I hope you're not tired of these honemoon sims yet.. this became a bit of a lengthy update.. :P

    Chapter 16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea/Sunset Valley - October 2022. Part IV: Until Death do us part...


    Sofia woke up early this morning, so she walked into the lobby to read a book while waiting for her husband to wake up, and breakfast serving to start..



    Current location of the cruise ship.


    The weather was a little grey as they were heading south across the 20th paralell, and when Palash woke up he was nervous about the thunder and lightning from outside.


    They meet at the breakfast table and Sofia talks about her job again and being late or forgetting to use the time stamp machine to clock the hours.. or something like that..


    They had hoped to spend this day relaxing on the sun deck, but the weather wasn't on their side, so they went back to their room to watch the shopping channel on tv..


    Well, Palash gets restless after a while, and decide to brave it anyway..


    The thunder seems to have stopped, but it still wasn't the most enjoyable experience sitting out there all alone and getting soaked...


    So he walks inside and one floor down to the 24/7 open bar and disco area to ask this lady if she got any... fish, that is.. to which she replies that yes, sure she's had some luck getting fish on this boat, and it looks like she could be hungry for more, as her next move is to flirt with him...


    Update continues in spoiler, many images inside..


    ..but she's not getting this one, he has already swallowed anothers' bait. ;)


    If Palash had remained on the top deck, he might have been able to make out the contours of Sunset Valley in the distance there as the ship is approaching to make its last port of call, before they head south on the last leg of their journey to go into international waters and cross the equator...


    Palash walks into the dance area to engage in conversation with these two, a couple of young and flirty party animals called Magnar Aksnes and Juliane Haagensen, when the captain announces over the speaker system that they are approaching Sunset Valley.


    Sunset Valley doesn't have a harbor large enough for a cruise ship of this size, so for those that want to get some solid ground under their feet there will be a regular shuttle of tender boats going to and fro every 30 minutes. Of course, after having spent three and a half days on board a ship, Palash thinks its time to head for land for a while, so he runs down to get Sofia still watching tv..


    They get onboard the tender boat, and they weren't the only ones with this idea as it fills up rather quickly. :P


    Of course on their way to land they Sofia once more brings up the topic of children..


    It would probably be wiser of her to not do so, if she is serious about not wanting kids, but.. ;)


    The tender boat finally comes to a stop, and it is announced that everyone can get off, and that the last tender boat will leave for the ship at 03:00 AM so there should be plenty of time to have a look around, and possibly enjoy some night life..


    Welcome to Sunset Valley. ;) Unfortunately, it still rains, like it had been doing all month down here.. but the clouds on the horizon look promising, so maybe it is about to clear up...


    The tourists are walking on a temporary boardwalk set up to the road and this bus that will take them into town..


    The bus drops them off on this parking lot behind the theatre and the bookstore. Palash immediately asks Sofia to go watch a movie, but she would rather go bowling, so they run off to the "Throwing Ball" bowling alley.




    They get their bowling shoes from the receptionist at the counter and begin bowling when a few locals enter, among them Lisa Bunch, and she immediately takes a liking to Palash...


    She walks up to them and watches them as she waits for them to finish, because she wants to ask Palash for a dance.. (I know because he has the action queued up).


    She thinks she can see the wedding ring on her finger already... :P But Sofia and Palash both ignore her and eventually she gives up and walks away..


    Sofia won the bowling game, and both of them had a great time before they sit down at some of the chairs to rest.


    Sofia is happy to have spotted Eirin Motorsen, a local celebrity, especially after she helped solve the kidnapping case, and has some gossip to share about Eirins social media usage...

    Palash is looking forward to reaching their destination, to relax on the beach in a tropical paradise...


    None of them have ever been to Sunset Valley before, so they aren't very well known around here and don't really know where to go and what to see, so Palash suggests they head off to the park to see and hear what the locals are up to.. and it looks like it has finally stopped raining. ;)


    Since its October, there is an autumn festival going on and Palash thinks going to the park was a splendid idea, before he heads off to the ghost house.



    Sofia joins the locals Erland Sollid and Carlos Opsal for an apple eating contest.



    Palash exits the ghost house and has been.. ghostified! So he might as well just go for another round.. being a ghost has the benefit of not needing to care about things like walls and doors, so he just drifts straight through to the entrance..


    While Palash exits the ghost house again and goes for a third round, Erland Sollid declares his own victory at the apple eating contest.


    Sofia gets hungry and orders a meal from the food stand clerk and sits down to eat it next to another local resident, Jose Gonsales, enjoying an ice cream.


    While she is eating and Palash is going into the ghost house for the fourth time... I hear some kid playing king in the park, so I look around and find Morten Kråke-Karlsen, Ingrids younger brother, ruling his kingdom with an iron fist from his iron chair.... Long may he reign! :P


    After having visited the ghost house a grand total of 6 times Palash finally decides to head for his wife, but is a little nervous about it of course, since he now has the appearance of a ghost and all.. Sofia wants to head for an ice cream, and appears not to notice his presence.. Palash begins to wonder if he has turned invisible! How awful, maybe she can't see him!


    He tries to make contact with her, but it doesn't work.. disappointed and heartbroken he goes back to the ghost house.. "Maybe this is my home now..."


    End of marriage and honeymoon....


    Then Sofia gets an idea, she wants to head out for a drink.. Being a snob and all, she has noted that there is an exclusive club in town, so she puts on her finest wear and runs over to the Club V.I.P. Exclusif..


    Palash notices that his wife is leaving and decides to follow her.. He may be dead now, as far as he knows, but the marriage hasn't officially been broken.. so maybe, maybe.. if he can make her notice him.. maybe she won't be to scared.. maybe..


    Sofia enters the club just as Jonathan, Ingrids father, is leaving, and Monica stands there trying to enter with her son Thomas.. before she realizes that of course, toddlers can't enter here, so she calls a babysitter to take him home. ;)


    After entering Sofia is happy to spot Monicas husband, Ivar Motor-Notesen, a local musician and apparently also celebrity now, and Monica, being a member of the Motorsen family (She is the sister of Ranveig, the daugher of Erin and Oliver Freddys aunt – see Motorsen family tree: has never been good with understanding dress codes, so she changes into her swim wear..


    Palash also makes it to the club, and is happy to find that his ghostly state was only temporary. Phew, not dead after all! That ghost house sure gave him a scare... wow! Best ghost house ever, he thinks! ;)


    Monica seems to be aware of his previously ghostly state and walks away from them.. "I don't want to hang around ghosts or people that just returned from the dead" she thinks.


    Palash realises he is hungry and goes down to the bottom floor to order a meal. Palash is also sometimes a little confused about dress codes, so he follows Monicas example and changes into his swim wear as well.. the more of them there are, the more confused they get.. :P
    "I'm going to the top floor to eat" he says to his wife, while she orders a drink.


    And as he walks up the stairs to enjoy his meal on the rooftop, I hear someone being slapped... Jared Frio is out on the town, and has some kind of feud with Monika Morris..


    Palash finishes his meal and Sofia follows him upstairs with a confession to make. She enjoys watching him as he sleeps..


    Palash has the usual reaction of being a little uncomfortable about it, but quickly forgives his wife when he notices how it makes her feel and goes for a romantic hug.


    Sofia wants to kiss and woohoo, so she pouts her lips as best as she can and flirts heavily with him.


    Palash understands his wife wants a little playtime, but is a little slow at times, so he initiates a water balloon fight with her instead..


    If this had been anyone else, she would have yelled at them, but since he is her husband.. and she really wants that woohoo, she only laughs at him, but at the same time rejecting the water balloon fight..


    She wants him to take the hint, so she gives him another romantic hug and their outing again becomes a date.


    Palash can be a little tricky to get into the mood for lovemaking sometimes. Right now he feels like he wants to entertain, and perhaps inspired by his own recent ghostly experience, he tells a ghost story to Sofia and the bartenders right before they close the bar and send everyone home.


    As they leave Sofia quickly orders a taxi. They are getting a little anxious now to not reach the last tender boat back to the ship, but their pulse is lowered a little when they see that it is still docked to the small pier.


    They still run for it as fast as they can, hoping that the doors won't close just in the last minute..




    Phew! Made it! It's been a good, long and fun day for them now, and they are getting tired, but someone in the background still has energy left for some pillow fun. ;) And maybe this couple does too...


    Once back on the cruise ship, things escalate as Palash finally is in the mood, as he drops flirtatious comments to Sofia about all the things he is going to do to her as they reach their destination! ;) And this might just be the right buttons to press, because it makes Sofia think positively about children.


    Happy that Palash finally understands, she grabs him for a sudden smooch and they kiss and make out more for a while in front of the elevator before...


    ..before umm.. before..


    ..well, ok, so they weren't done yet.. :P


    Having learned from previous elevator mishaps, maybe, Sofia calls for Palash to use the stairs and go back to their room where she will wait for him on the bed..



    "Woohoo?" she aks him... :P


    ..and he's up for it. ;)


    The luxury of being on a high class cruise ship, of course, is silent and comfortable beds without those squeaky springs! ;)


    But it doesn't matter, the laughter and other pleasant sounds of pillow pleasantry all give it away as to what's going on here..


    And Sofia gets her wish fulfilled and can now fall happily asleep after yet another fun day of their honeymoon.


    Sweet dreams. ;)
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    Played on the Oakley Save. Richard started his first day at school and Iris got promoted
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    Not much happening in game as I've been very busy lately, but I did get a new monitor and I am loving it!
    Upgrading from 1080p to 1440p makes everything look so much crisper.
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    Started a poll on which world I should move the Langerak's to after I hit the 10th generation. It will not be long before Lily gets married and the 7th generation will be born. I just decided to do the poll now so that I can plan accordingly. Some of the towns are ones I haven't played in much so I kind of want to play a bit in the winning town before moving the save there. Eventually, they are moving to all of the towns, but it'll be a while. Here is the link to the poll.

    I ended up picking Bridgeport as my vote since I am familiar with it and Riverview, but pick the one you'd like to see them go to next.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Looks like it. I'm curious to see the child now.
    Bebe isn't very happy with Phil.
    Looks like some Sims were having an eating contest in the background. Looks like Ayesha Ansari, Beau Andrews, and Jared Frio, if I'm not mistaken.
    Man, it's been awhile since I've seen Buster. He's long gone in my save.
    I think Buster is overestimating himself. He's not a young guy like he used to be. I like how Cornelia Goth just sits there and watches the whole thing. :lol:
    I'm not sad that Vita got beat up by Brooke.
    Great update!

    @lisasc360 Yeah, I mean how would you even carry that on your own?
    Probably so, since I think the developers felt people would send a poor, fresh made Sim to University. However, a preestablished family that sent someone to University can afford to swap out appliances.
    I used the science machine to get a seed which resulted in Daisy Langerak being born in my save.
    No, that wouldn't be fun. Actually in real life, I'm not sure if the soda machine would kill a person, or if it'd just injure them. I think it might depend on certain factors.
    Some Sims seem to get attracted to every Sim, to be honest. It's kind of funny.

    @CravenLestat Orabella looks awesome!
    I found another Sim you gifted to me a while back. I got her installed in my game but am waiting to put her in a town once I move my family. I can't remember her first name, but her last name was Bishop.

    @Karritz You're welcome.

    @emorrill I'm not sure if Alex likes her haircut or not yet but I feel like he doesn't.
    Glad she stood her ground.
    Yeah, it did seem like he was saying she wasn't pretty anymore, even though that's not what he meant.
    Man, he's going to be strong if he uses all that pent up frustration in his workout.
    I like how Sam is acting like he doesn't know she cut her hair, lol.
    I think the shorter hair does make her look more mature.
    Wow, Sam looks good like that! He looks more mature now as well.
    Okay, never mind, I guess no one likes it. :lol:
    Great update!

    @ZhakiraP You're welcome.

    @Sprottenham I like Sofia's outfit.
    Yeah, the weather isn't very nice.
    I'm glad he said no to that random lady.
    That is a problem when a place doesn't have a harbor big enough for a ship. I know Titanic had that problem, and that was back in 1912, not current times.
    Looks like the tenders got them there okay.
    Whoops, looks like the driver got on the sidewalk.
    Fun times in Sunset Valley.
    Great update!

    @Astro Nice graphics!

    ***An update is coming up next.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Goth Family Update, Day 228 continued and Day 229

    Here is Rose after her makeover. I didn't touch her genetics at all, so her face is 100% identical to her mothers. However, I gave her a different hairstyle and makeup to so it should help make them look a bit different.

    Brannon (haven't officially renamed him to Brandon yet) was still at the house, and he didn't join the birthday party. Instead, he did his homework. It seems funny to see so much green hair at the table.

    Then, since Rose is now a teenager, I decided that Harlan would be the one to teach her to drive. She wasn't as lucky as her sister because she had to learn to drive in this big truck.

    Daisy stayed home for the day again so she could continue with the logic skill. I may have to have her throw a protest to get the skill building moodlet, or there are other ways to help.

    Lily gave Brannon one of her flower kisses, and he was happy about it. Then she asked him to go steady and he accepted.

    The following morning, Lily was trying to learn the cooking skill. I might just send her to classes on a weekend day so that she gets several skills.

    Harlan and Daisy had tried for baby a few times after Rose was born, and I happened to realize there were two seeds I hadn't used. I had her plant them a few days prior and it was time to harvest them. Daisy harvested a girl she named Ivy (after Poison Ivy from Batman, which I plan on basing this Ivy), and Harlan harvested another girl named Holly. For both girls, I used the parent who didn't pick them and used MC to transfer a bit of their genetics into the kids as well. This way, they won't be clones of their parents, or their sisters.

    Daisy went to the park for a bit, just to enjoy the nice day. There, she ran into Beth (Sekemoto) Gaffney and they had a nice little chat while Jaimee played by their feet. Beth might get a makeover today when I play as I feel she needs a little tweaking in clothing, makeup, and hair if I feel like it.

    The two friends took a picture together to remember this moment. I think this picture is cute.

    Before she said goodbye, Daisy played with Jaimee a bit.

    Daisy thought since it was such as nice day that she would photosynthesize at the park. However, this dog got confused about what he was seeing. :lol:

    Then to close out this update, it was time for the teens to go to prom. Lily almost forgot about it, so I clicked on the limo to have her go. Unfortunately, it messed up Rose so I had to send her separately. Lily met up with Brannon there and was crowned Prom Queen, while Rose went alone. I'll see about hooking her up when I play tonight. I also got a notification that Brannon had aged up to young adult while at prom, so I better check in with him to see if he needs new clothes and hair.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,424 Member
    edited February 2022
    Enjoying my "freeplay"... relaxing...not having to worry about writing a story with this one.

    Also finally got my booking for my third Covid 19 Booster shot. Getting the shot on Valentine's Day. OUCH.

    Wondering if it will be Pfizer like the last two. And...when exactly am I going to get my 5G broadband reception the conspiracy theorists promised me that the third booster would bring? ~evil smirk~ I need great cell-phone reception. My wife wants "free wifi" for life. She drives a hard bargain.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,918 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer I'm getting my booster on Valentines day too. I was supposed to get it last week but my son had to take the car to work so I had to cancel my appointment. I hope I will have the car for the next appointment or I'll have to cancel again. Enjoy your game.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,424 Member
    edited February 2022

    River...with the "bun"..."in the oven". :mrgreen:
    River: "Thank the Watcher the projectile vomiting has quit"

    River: "I hope you're happy, I feel bloated and I can't see my feet any more."
    Haruo: "I love you so much..."
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,918 Member
    Hello All.

    The pressure is off for me at the moment.

    After trying to get that badge for Head of the Family (30 Grandchildren) with a variety of sims I've decided it's not going to happen and the final video with all 30 grandchildren in it is now done and loading to YouTube. Gerri ended up with a total of 37 grandchildren and 16 children because she had an extra baby after all of the grandchildren arrived.

    In a second attempt where I packed up the entire population of Cake Island into an NRAAS Porter file and placed them into a new version of the world she ended up with 38 grandchildren because one of her daughters produced twins after trying for the second and final baby.

    I think I'll get on with Oscar's Teen Years for a few episodes now. I will probably do about 2 or 3 episodes of that story before moving onto another story I haven't worked on for ages. I think I'll just do 2 or 3 episodes of a series in turn so all of them continue to progress. I really wanted to reduce the number of series I had on the go and that's the reason I focused on 30 Grandchildren until I completed it. I didn't realise it'd be over a year, probably 2 years, of just doing the 30 Grandchildren series with no progress on the others.

    I expect the final video, Episode 43, will be ready to watch some time tomorrow. That will be my tomorrow which will probably be your tomorrow night. It's coming up to 6 pm on Feb 6th at my place right now.

    Happy Simming All.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,424 Member
    River's a Mommy... Yay! :D:mrgreen:
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,200 Member
    Great updates everyone! I took the weekend off doing
    comments but I have given awesome out.

    I have updated my story here
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,200 Member

    My gaming laptop has a screen like that, I mostly play on the older gaming
    desktop though looks great those graphics.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,273 Member
    My new simmy

    Orabella DeMarco

    An famous international news anchor who uses her trips around the globe as opportunity to loot artifacts from historical sites and smuggles them for large amounts of cash on the black market.
    She is extremely charming beautiful and cunning the authorities have yet to suspect she is the mastermind behind the largest illegal theft ring in history.

    With the end of winter nearing she is heading on an assignment to Egypt to cover the Sham Al Nessim spring festival ...

    This is the perfect chance to plunder the great pyramid and ruins of Karnak


    Born Salesperson

    Lifetime Wish

    Star News Anchor

    EDIT: Orabella means beautiful gold in Italian :p very fitting

    @CravenLestat, nice sim. Are you going to let us know how she does in her adventures?
  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,670 Member
    edited February 2022
    Patrick's apprentice Tolhildan Rekani. He's the type in horror stories who got away because of some kind of relationship with the villain (though Patrick isn't villain, I think he is neutral)

    And he's muggleborn

    Tol and his girlfriend Bronach Grieve, she is born witch. When Tol tried to find his master and attack by a mysterious "woman" then cause a motorcycle accident, they met. Then Bronach found Tol and both of them found the "woman" call the ambulance first. Anyway, the plot is complicated.
    Guess who that mysterious "woman" is. Hint: Gender can be misidentified, red and black color matching, Eastern Europe gangster
    If you don't have an impression, you can look through my posting history
    Entrance to the abyss
    It's a scratch-off ticket
    There's a "_" in my usename. My usename is Shadow_Assassin, not ShadowAssassin or others

    Sometimes it's not me who talks to you, it's machine translation

    She/Her but you can call me as any pronouns
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member
    edited February 2022
    Gosh, life (work) keeps getting busier. More money, but less fun time. :tongue: I've been reading and enjoying the stories and clicking that awesome button though.

    When I've had time I've worked on Mary's story. Almost ready to post the next chapter! The next three chapters are all tied together so I've waited until I had the last update almost finished so as not to leave y'all in suspense too long. I'm fine tuning things and needed a couple more pictures which I took this morning.

    I'm still keeping up with the Disney thread and if you have not checked this amazing world out you should. It's here. It will be an amazing place for Sims to visit or live in. I'm currently working on two more builds for it in my spare time. I don't have pictures to show yet though as they are still in progress and I change things too many times to post pics as I go.

    I do however have a few pictures of some of the recent builds uploaded by a few of the talented creators. I had cc free Shane :love: and Gina check out. I still have a few more of the recent ones to check out so depending on time today I might get a few more pictures to share later this week.

    This is the Mickey Mouse Garden at the entrance. @soocoolsim did an amazing job on it. You can see the railroad station behind it and that was also built by @soocoolsim .

    Shane and Gina stopped to check out the train (flirt). Luckily, the train was not running. :wink:

    This is just one of the floats available to view at Town Square Performance park. Built by @soocoolsim . Shane and Gina are probably not supposed to be climbing on the float! :sweat_smile:

    Shane and Gina enjoyed visiting the Harmony Barber Shop by @Sandraelle . Gina wants a new outfit that doesn't make her butt look so big and Shane is getting a new tattoo.

    Hungry, they check out the Columbia Harbour House Restaurant by @Sandraelle, a really cool place to eat.

    and of course they eat at separate tables! :lol: Silly sims!

    They take a taxi boat over to the next attraction. You can see Gracey Manor the haunted house by @Sandraelle in the background.

    Shane and Gina enjoy the view from the docks of Potter's Windmill by @soocoolsim
    Post edited by bekkasan on
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,200 Member

    Lovely screenshots!
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    I made something earlier

    Was on computer and seen a TokiDoki ad thought how cute I must make something at once

    Here is what I liked but thought I don't like the regular cupcake hearts sleeves so I decided on mine to do TokiDoki's heart and crossbones brand logo


    My first attempt :p


    I only need to do the main picture a tad larger wasn't sure when was making the design if wanted it bigger :#

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • JanoJano Posts: 100 Member
    My sim turned into a toad today, was not expecting that. So awesome. :D
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    @meerkattime Thank you for wishing me happy birffdayz <3

    But did you seriously need to cut the cake with an axe 🤔


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 261 Member
    @CravenLestat Lol :D
    Still hoping you have an awesome birthday. And your bear hug simmy shirt is adorable! :blush:
  • AstroAstro Posts: 6,651 Member
    Not much in terms of gameplay, but some nice screenshots to feast your eyes on. ;)

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,918 Member
    A little update. I'm sad/annoyed/frustrated to say the file I said I was going to upload last night is STILL uploading. It's been over 12 hours now. It currently says 97% uploaded.

    @bekkasan I love your screen shots of the world you've been working on. It looks great. So great in fact that you inspired me to download it. I also downloaded some of the more recent lots but for some reason I can't download anything from the exchange at the moment so I hope I remember to go back for another go one day. I need to do something else now anyway.

    Since I have now completed my 30 Grandchildren Challenge I'm looking for a new world to move the huge family from that game into, with their friends from around town. I thought I might try out this magical disney world to see if they will fit. It would look great in one of my videos - if I ever get to make a video including it. I could possibly use the excuse of Oscar and co wanting to visit Disney world for a vacation as they won't have and friends or relatives living there and therefore probably no excuse to visit. I need to take the sims all out of Cake Island as I am already using that world in my Big Game. I do have quite a lot of other unused worlds to look at too so it isn't critical that I use this one. I'm currently having problems downloading the builds for it. I got a few than nothing's happening. There's something goin on with my internet connection I think - the upload of the video just clicked over to 98%. I'm not going to sit here and watch it as I'm convinced it'll get to 99% and drop back to 0.

    I'm glad to see you're getting plenty of work even if it is interfering with your play time. Just think of what you can do with all of that extra cash - expecially when/if the work dries up a bit later on.

    @CravenLestat Happy Birthday and I love the new sweater with the big bear hug on front. I like the one with the decorated hearts on the sleeve better than the one with the hearts and cross bones.

    The video uploaded. Now I have to finalise all the extra bits and pieces to get it available for you to watch. At least it's now safely on YT.

    And I just got another idea for how to maybe get that badge (30 Grandchildren).

    I'll be back with more later.

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