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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,923 Member
    All of the 15 little daughters and daughters-in-law of Gerri are now pregnant. They've already all had their first baby while Gerri's house is active and I'm logged into the site. I haven't activated any other houses. I've got a few other things to do at the moment but later today I'll launch the game and leave it open while their pregnancies advance. It'll take 3 sim days. I'm not sitting in front of the computer for that long. I don't need more game play recorded for the next video. If all goes according to plan we will soon know if the 30 Grandchildren (head of the family) badge will be awarded or not.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,427 Member
    Yes, I can't do it... I can't stay away from the game even with the bottom half of my screen borked. At least it doesn't translate to the screenshots.

    ...and no, River wasn't happy...about the Watcher ignoring her...and Haruo.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member

    That was a great little story, those Tv edits are fantastic great job.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,923 Member
    Well, Gerri has her 30 grandchildren but no sign of the badge.

    There was a problem when 2 of the mothers failed to deliver their babies. I had to use Master Controller to end their pregnancies and gave them instant babies. First I tried resetting them several times and resetting the lot a few times too but none of the resetting worked.

    I can only assume I was required to stick to Gerri's place throughout the game and never activate any other households.

    I have now started a new game where I'm going to have one go at doing it fast. To see if the badge is awarded. If that doesn't work - well it was a fun try. I'll do the final video in a few days.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Finished my 6 day stretch last night, now have 3 days off. I literally spent all of yesterday's shift doing price changes across foods, pets, health and beauty, pharmacy, paper/chemicals, and infants which are all the departments I care for. Thankfully, our store is a regular Walmart so it is smaller than Supercenters. Since I worked all those days, I didn't have time to post my Langerak family updates so I plan on getting that done after feedback. Last night, I did play some, but it was in a just for fun game with the current version of Dwight in a new Sunset Valley. I threw Emily Jones in a house too, just to see who SP put her with, and lo and behold, she ended up with Christopher Steel. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, isn't it? It just shows me I made the right choice when I started the Jones/Langerak's to have her with Chris.

    @Karritz That's a good amount of LTP.
    Wonder what gender the PlantSim baby will be?
    Great update!

    @lisasc360 Looks like the arrival of Emit is inevitable.
    Wonder if they'll go to the future?
    Great update!
    Sounds like their old house wasn't as good as this one.
    Thinking Donny's traits caused those two to be a bit higher, and if he has any skills. I'm glad Lisa did well.
    Another great update!

    @ZhakiraP Great pic of Albin and Pauline!
    Looks like the Goth family is doing well. They aren't doing that bad in my save either.
    Sounds like a better husband than Don Lothario would be.
    All the other families look great too!
    Great update!

    @bekkasan I kind of wonder why I set Dwight up with Rain now but oh well, lol. It'll be interesting to see if SP has him have more kids or what.
    You're welcome.
    It looks like she looks good in almost any hair.
    Looks like the right amount of fog.

    @GraceyManor I really gotta send my Sims windsurfing. I don't think I ever have had them do that yet.
    Somebody is pregnant.
    Yeah, I don't know about spaghetti and cabbage.
    Great update!

    @coco Glad to see your Sim beat the mummy. It's good to hear from you again.

    @Silverofdreams30 Nice to see some of the Sunset Valley Sims.

    ***More comments to come later. I'm just posting throughout the day when I have time, next post today will probably be an update. Here are a couple more Elvis songs.
    I Can Help
    The second song is called "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" and was originally recorded by Elvis in 1975. Years later, a country singer named Travis Tritt did this song, which is probably one of the only times you'll hear me say a singer did a song better than Elvis. For comparison, here is Travis' version.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 212-215, Part 1

    Ariana is still around, I have a feeling she'll live as long as Quinton did, if not longer.

    Daisy worked out in the garden like usual. She's waiting to get some seeds she wants, then the garden will provide food for the family.

    Dwight was going to spend time trying to meditate to achieve the skill challenge, but that was before I changed my plans with him.

    Both Daisy and Ariana wanted to exercise, so I just let them do it but changed it so they wouldn't break a sweat.

    Dwight had a wish to use the telescope so I let him do so until he found a star.

    Then it was time for him to go to work as a toddler coach. I don't know why, but he didn't start out at level 1. It may be because he was in the sports career for a bit before he became a cop.

    A kid came to the house for Spooky Day and Ariana gave them some candy.

    It then was time for Rose to age up to toddler. You can just tell that Harlan is a proud papa.

    The following day, it was time for Lily to become a child. Her PlantSim skin colors were a bit different than her mothers, so I later edited them after this picture was taken.

    Afterwards, Lily wanted to get to know her grandmother a bit better.

    Daisy spent some time teaching Rose how to walk. I know they don't have to be potty trained, but since Lily didn't get to pick her trait when she aged up, I'm gonna always potty train PlantSims.

    Lastly for this part of the update, Harlan and Dwight had a nice chat about Rose, from what I can see of the thought bubble.
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    AstroAstro Posts: 6,651 Member
    Took a trip to the local arcade/bowling alley.

    Heartthrob Matthew Hamming seen chatting up a WITCH of all people...
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    edited January 2022
    Langerak Family, Days 212-215, Part 2 [Edited to add 5 more pictures]

    Lily had been wanting a chemistry set since aging up to child. I got her one but then had some issues finding a spot for it. I ended up putting it on the upstairs landing.

    Ariana took a turn on teaching Rose how to talk.

    Harlan and Daisy had a little fun under the sheets. It wasn't a try for baby, as I already have a third seed if I want them to have one.

    Harlan had recently taken a trip to the alchemy store and he wanted his daughter to learn more skills. He threw a skill booster at her, which didn't get her a new skill but it did build up one.

    Ariana wanted to exercise (again) so I let her do it (again).

    Lily and Rose had some bonding time where they played peekaboo and when they were done, Lily hugged Rose.

    Dwight went over to visit his girlfriend, Rain Langerak. He also got to meet his infant son with her named Troy. He now has 5 children altogether.

    A bit later that day, Dwight popped the question to Rain. She agreed so he placed the ring on her finger, then they had a private wedding ceremony. Rain had been married twice before since she is a fairy that is only in the early days of the adult stage, and Dwight had been married once before. That was partly why they held a quick wedding. Then, I decided for some reason to allow Dwight to live with her but I may change that if I decide to use mods to allow more than 8 Sims.

    Harlan and Daisy spent some time together on one of the days.

    Winter had finally hit the town so there was no school. Ariana spent some time homeschooling her granddaughter.

    A bit later, Lily chatted with her father about possibly getting a puppy. I'm not sure if I want to yet, but I may.

    Daisy got some new powers with the PlantSim mod I downloaded. One of them is that she can blow some kind of pollen into a Sims face and there are different effects based on what you choose. This one is a skill booster effect that causes the receiver to get a skill boost moodlet for a while. The moodlet is one that the game already has but it's just repurposed for the mod.

    Lily hadn't had any luck with the chemistry station as she kept blowing herself up.

    To gain some logic in another way, she plays chess with whoever is available. Daisy has higher logic than some of the others so she's a good one to play against.

    Harlan went to a party where he saw a cat. He let it sniff his hand.

    Meanwhile, Daisy met her uncle Troy while Rain admired her wedding ring.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,923 Member
    So update on the 30 Grandchildren. No badge from Gerri's household. I assume that's because I didn't stick to her household throughout the entire game. It would have been a bit boring to do that and we'd have missed all the vacations etc. I did wonder if she'd get me the badge but the series was fun to do and people who watched it appeared to enjoy it.

    Next I decided to have another go. I started a new game in Starlight Shores. I added a pair of sims to a copy of that big house I did up for 3 of Gerri's family. I also added 5 single female sims to empty houses in town. Primrose and Charlie were the couple I added and the 5 females are Nina, Cilla, Janice, Carlie and Sandi.

    First thing I did was give Primrose Ross and Charlie Smith an instant baby boy, Josh Ross. I aged him up to young adult with birthday cakes as fast as the game would let me. I gave each of the 5 single females 6 instant babies. No badge was awarded.

    I got Primrose to adopt a little girl, Charity Ross. No badge.

    I wondered if the grandchildren were being somehow split between Charlie and Primrose.

    Then I decided to have another go. Primrose adopted a boy, Casanova Ross. I aged him up with birthday cake as fast as the game would allow. When he became Young Adult I gave each of the 5 single females 6 instant babies with Casanova as the father. He never actually met them. He was sitting at home playing a game on the computer at the time. No badge was awarded.

    Then I'd read it was necessary for the grandparent to have another child (that's why she adopted Charity). So I got Primrose to adopt again. This time she got a girl named Wendy.

    All of the adoptions were at the child age.

    Here is the current household.
    From left to right: Charlie, Wendy, Casanova, Charity, Primrose, Josh.

    So far no sign of a badge. I was logged into the site throughout this process.

    I don't want to put any more time into getting this badge. I will do a final video to show Gerri with her 30+ grandchildren. It is possible the badge will be awarded at some time as they do sometimes appear a day or so after they were earned. I'll let you know if it happens. I doubt it will though.

    I will stop trying to get that badge for now. I will put together the final video and post it to YouTube and get onto other video series. I'll probably start on the video tomorrow. I need a little break from Sims at the moment.

    Happy Simming all.
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    sulfurstylesssulfurstyless Posts: 100 Member
    Kierra Holmes is the mother of two children - Payton (Teen) and Anemone (Child). For context, she doesn't stay at home - but rather, goes out all day long, not taking care of her children. And even has the audacity to be unemployed, leaving Payton to get a part-time job.

    Kierra is starting a session.

    Her daughters have been setting up pranks.

    Kierra is trying to seduce the bodyguard so he'd allow her to enter the celebrities bar.

    Then, she gets to have a free trip and of course takes it, just to escape responsibilities.
    Ambitions > Island Paradise > World Adventures > Generations > Showtime > Seasons > Supernatural > University Life > Pets > Late Night > Into The Future
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    bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @GraceyManor Congrats on the twins

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks! I kinda love him too. :grin:

    @Astro Looking forward to seeing what mischief she will create.
    The bowling alley/arcade looks like a fun place to hang out.
    Had to snicker at Matthew a little overdressed for the hangout.

    @Karritz Congrats on all those babies! Yeah, I wouldn't want to sit waiting on 15 more babies.
    Sorry to see you didn't get the badge. :confounded: I'm glad you had fun trying and you've got lots of lovely sims to use with whatever you try next.

    @Cororon :tongue: well dag, not a good sister teasing like that. Love the pose.
    I looked at your story. I enjoyed it very much. Such a cool idea for a story in the story. I love how you get it on the tv screen. Spider! lol...Tox is much easier to handle than the ones hiding in my house. It's winter so not seeing any right now. Yeah!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Good luck!

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments. :heart:
    Congrats on the birthdays. The kids are adorable.
    Congrats to Dwight and Rain on their child and marriage. :smiley:

    @sulfurstyless I bet the kids have fun while Mom is gone. Sounds like they already do.

    I found Ms. Ida Dunnit, a dancer in Hidden Springs enjoying the spring afternoon at one of the local parks. Gotta love some of the names! :lol:
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,427 Member
    edited January 2022

    Chapter One: Meeting My Nemesis (Part 3)

    Getting Jobs

    Evil Haruo: well, pretty much everyone got part-time jobs except for that slacker Phil and my brother; goody two-shoes Haruo. Of course I got a part time job. I need some time to contemplate mayhem.
    Evidently Bebe took it upon herself to train Jimmy the Rottie how to hunt. Not sure how well that’s gonna go since Jimmy was the most confused pup out of the litter. My gut feeling says he ate insulation. Yeah. The dimmest bulb out of the entire package of light-bulbs.
    I don’t know what everyone else is doing but since I’m the one paying the blooming taxes, they’d better be pulling their weight. Otherwise I’m gonna be real annoyed and they don’t wanna see me when I’m really annoyed.
    Except Brooke, she can do no wrong by my books. And we both plan a lot of mayhem. There’s a lot of unlikable people in this town.

    Brooke has gotten to the point where her sister is really starting to get on her nerves. And I’d hate to be the one Brooke is antagonistic to. Sure glad it ain’t me.
    Anyways according to what I’ve heard, Phil and River have both got jobs as Candy-Stripers at the local hospital. Who knows what their job entails. I have no idea what they do, other than being around sick and dying people. That sounds like a great occupation. Just hope their shots are up to date and they don’t bring home anything catching.
    Me, I’m doing a gig as a part-time deliquent, y’know “Sticky-fingers”, “five-finger discount” n’ all that stuff. Hey, if it’s light, portable and easy to hide, why not? It’s not like these stores aren’t making billions off the backs of hard-working stiffs like, uh well, other people. Me, I like the easy game.

    Look, even if my gig’s part-time, I can use the time I don’t spend there laying the groundwork for my plan. Kingpin better watch it; I’m comin’ for his job.
    Of course, at that moment, I hear one horrendous screech like a giant ripping a huge piece of paper; ear-splitting in fact.

    And of course a thunderous explosion in the foothills. Rumour had it that it was a meteor. And evidently, Stiles McGraw, Kate Pistachio and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd were in the general vicinity of ground zero. Hopefully they got flattened. We also found out that Geoffrey Landgraab was also there and got singed. Looks like Sunset Valley General emergency is going to have a bit of work on its hands.
    I hope Haruo is collecting that meteorite because that thing’s probably worth a lot of money and right now we have §187 in our bank account and we need to eat at some point today.
    According to Haruo, he went over to Aleister’s after he picked up the meteorite. And evidently he had several small meteorites as well as two large and one gigantic one. That must have been a slog to carry them over but well, he got them there. And the haul brought us to §93,000 or thereabouts. Not bad. Thought we might end up having to kick him and his girlfriend out. Maybe not.

    Cheeses me off somewhat since I have to bust my tail-end off working for a boss trying to make a living while he gets to roam around free as a lark looking for stuff. Lucky schmuck.
    Well at least he and Phil are doing something. Brooke decided to become a chess master and well she plans to use her winnings to take over the town. That’s my girl. Now all she has to do is beat a ranked chess player and make a name for herself. Then we’ll be swimming in dough.
    Meanwhile Bebe got herself a job at the Science Centre which for someone who is technophobic, is an achievement. I gain malicious pleasure in knowing just how uncomfortable she is at her job. And of course she had to buy herself a computer to write books and reports with so she gets absolutely no respite from her anxieties. Oh my Watcher, am I ever in stitches. Then of course Bebe’s a busy girl. She headed out to take a writing class.
    Meanwhile Phil has come home from his Candy-Striper job and gone straight out to the garbage dump and now he’s gonna go dumpster diving. He’s gonna need a shower after this or he’s going to end up stinking up the house. That’s gonna affect the resale value of the house and then I’m going to have to hurt him…terribly.
    With the next day gemstone sale and even a §467 tax bill from the government, we were still able to buy a nice little place out in Summerhill Court. Vacant property, no loud neighbours and we get to build a house that can fit all of us comfortably.

    After all, Jimmy, as confused as he is, managed to find a tiberium and two soulpeace gemstones. We’ve struck it rich, boys n’girls.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    @emorrill Penny's got a wild side that no one knew about, lol

    @GraceyManor Skipping dessert won't help her, lol. Pregnancy weight is one of those things that varies from person to person.
    He guessed it pretty quickly.
    Great update!
    He was right, it did put her into labor.
    Congrats on the twins!
    Oh Jeffery. I could actually see the Fresh Prince version doing the exact same thing.
    Great update!

    @coco It looks enough like her that I can see it.

    @bekkasan Thanks! I'm almost done with sharing them now, not too many left.
    He's ripped.
    You're welcome.
    Thanks! At the point I left off on last night, Lily is still a child and Rose was a day or two away from child herself. Going to try and get her to child tonight, then I'll pause aging for a bit to let them have a childhood.
    I was happy to have Dwight get married again.
    Great pic of Ida!

    @Astro Nice park!
    Looking forward to seeing what Cecilia gets up to.
    Looks like everyone had a good time.

    @Karritz Congrats on the 15 new babies!
    Looks like Gerri has 22 grandkids now.
    Too bad that the badge wasn't awarded. I wonder if it's one of those that is hard to get. However, even though you didn't get the badge, at least you and all of us know you accomplished having 30 grandkids.

    @lisasc360 Great updates with Lisa and Donny!

    @Cororon That's a nice thing for Susanne to say, lol

    @Nikkei_Simmer Glad that you can still play at least some, and it's a good thing it can't affect your screenshots.

    @sulfurstyless Great updates!
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer It's always fun to see what Evil Haruo gets up to.
    Well, maybe Bebe can train Jimmy.
    Sounds like a job for Evil Haruo, to be honest. I feel like he'd delight in the patients pain and suffering.
    Doesn't sound like anyone important was lost under the meteor then, lol. Geoffrey is about the only one I care about out of them.
    See, Evil Haruo, your brother knows what he's doing.
    Great update!
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,427 Member
    edited January 2022
    @Brandontaylor - Unfortunately, Evil_Haruo's "hidden" trait is germophobic.
    Yeah, I know, it isn't in Sims 3, but well, I'm playing him like there is one. He hates anything that could potentially cause him to lose time in gathering in the §millions. :D

    @bekkasan - am gonna try to play this game even with the ganked screen...although now I have to mouse over anything green or comes out gray...and so does blue (which is absolute hell trying to make the distinction between tiberium and a quartz - because now they both look the same...same with anything like tanzanite or emerald or straight quartz)...with the pink/red screen mucking up my monitor. I'm going to try to get my TV-monitor hooked up by HDMI...but just need to clear a space in this room so that I can set it up... It's annoying, but I'll make do until I can replace this computer with a gaming laptop --->then it's saving up for a desktop gaming PC.

    @emorrill - the makeovers will have to wait until I get a full-clear screen (like my TV monitor set up) before I can do them...I like to be able to see my sims that I makeover properly with the proper colors. :) 👍
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Langerak Family, Days 216 and 217

    Ariana is 99-100 days old for this two day update. Only she and Harlan are the ones who must eat breakfast as the other three household members are PlantSims.

    Lily had a wish to make a snow angel, so I sent her to the backyard to make one.

    Lily finally learned a second potion at the chemistry table. Neither one is a beneficial one.

    Ariana and Harlan took turns teaching Rose how to potty, even though she doesn't need it.

    Lily then got herself another wish, this time to use the telescope. I let her continue using it until she found an orange star. I drew a blank for the name so I just named it Orange Flower.

    Harlan kept wanting to use the bicycle he got last Christmas for his vehicle, so I bought him a 2015 Chevy Silverado to drive. The family also has a recent model Corvette and Camaro.

    I just happened to look over at the family cemetery when I saw that there were two snowmen that were left unfinished by ghosts. Daisy went to finish one while Lily finished the other one.

    Daisy got invited to a party so she went to it. She chatted with Jenna, Leo, and played with two of her toddler relatives.

    Harlan decided to exercise in the kitchen.

    Ghosts still travel over to the main household. This time, Ariana chatted with her great aunt, Jessica Bunch. They dislike each other for some reason, but I had them chat long enough to make them have a neutral relationship.

    Pretty much the whole family wanted another gift-giving party so I decided to have Ariana throw one. I only invited Langerak family members, and Harlan's two previous children from before he got with Daisy and before the Young Again potion.

    After getting gifts, Harlan tried to ask as many people as possible for campaign donations. He got somewhere around $30,000 but he still needs more to make it better so he'll probably throw a campaign party tonight when I play.

    Lastly, Harlan and Daisy woohooed in the shower as they both needed showers and they only have three. You can tell that Harlan had a good time.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Dwight Langerak is now up for download on the Exchange! I did forget to remove his CC hair so if you don’t want the hair, I’ll reupload him with base game hair at a later date.
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    Hey everyone. :) It's been pretty busy over here and I've enjoyed reading all your posts. <3

    I wanted to make some quick comments to some of you before posting more of my story. :blush:

    @GraceyManor That's a new England accent? Cool. :grin:
    Congrats on the twins. :star:

    What am I seeing? A school uniform that almost needs a mosaic covering half of it. :lol:
    ^Hee hee. Sorry. :p
    Susanne is a mean sister doing that to the scale! :lol:

    @Emily4331 I'm glad you liked the pictures of Penny. :blush:

    @Karritz So sorry you didn't earn the badge... :cry: Think you'll try again someday? (Sorry if you already answered that and I missed it. )

    @coco Oh you're okay, you've been busy. :kissing_heart: Thanks. We're finally starting to feel settled here. :blush: I was very excited we got snow that evening, even if it melted by morning. :p We had a lovely Christmas with my family visiting. <3
    I'm glad you're doing well. Sorry COVID is bad over seems like it is everywhere now with this new variant. :(
    You nailed creating Julia Louis-Dreyfus! :star: (Why do I not have that hair in my game!? :open_mouth: )
    That picture of Logan oh my!! :love:*SWOON!* I could never get him to look that hot in my game. :p

    @bekkasan Mack's muscles are indeed very nice to look at. :love:
    That's quite the top Ida is wearing. ;) I'd always laugh at her name when I'd see her walking around HS when I was playing Sam's story. :lol:

    @Brandontaylor Loved reading all the happenings going on in your posts. :grin:
    I 100% agree that Travis Tritt's version of T-R-O-U-B-L-E is much better! I love 90's country. <3
    emorrill Penny's got a wild side that no one knew about, lol
    ^Hee hee. It would seem so. :joy:;):p
    Oh yay! You uploaded sexy Dwight! :smiley:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Couldn't stay away eh? ;) I totally understand.
    I don't think I could ever play out an evil version of myself. Might reveal too much. :naughty::joy:;)
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,121 Member
    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Continuation of Chapter 17

    After dinner, it was decided among the group that the guy’s house would be the best place to celebrate Christmas - which was in a couple of weeks - because it was more roomy to accommodate everyone when it came time to open presents. In that regard, Leah, Penny, Abigail, Maru, and Emily happily decided then and there to decorate. Alex offered to cut down a tree for them - he saw a perfect one up the hill behind the house - and did just that. Everyone was impressed with how quickly he did so and effortlessly carried it into the house. It smelled lovely, a twinge different from the pine smell they were used to back home.

    Gathering up whatever craft stuff they could find, and maybe with a little of Abigail’s magic, the girls created a very festive scene in the guy’s living room.


    That evening, Leah and Elliott were readying themselves for bed in Elliott’s bedroom. Leah stood before the dresser and undid her braid, running her fingers through her hair to brush it out, while studying herself in the mirror. Geez, another zit? she noticed. Why do these things keep popping up lately?


    Then she turned her body to the side and studied her figure, trying to su’ck in her stomach. “Hey babe,” she addressed, “does it look like I’ve been gaining weight to you?”


    Oh boy…, Elliott thought, choosing his words carefully - and quickly - like a smart man does whenever that question comes up. “Not at all. You look fantastic!” he sincerely replied, enjoying the unintentional show she was putting on for him while studying herself.

    Leah sighed, not entirely believing his response, as she stroked her belly and then her hips. “I’ve just been feeling kinda bloated lately and my fingers are puffy,” she informed as she twiddled them. “I’ll bet my period is coming.”
    Elliott shrugged. He never cared to discuss that sort of thing.
    “Or maybe I’m coming down with something…watch it be some sort of infection. Figures I’d be the first to get one,” she muttered.
    “Come again?”
    “Remember? I was the one that was all like, ‘Oh Harvey none of us have gotten sick around here so we really don’t need to test out the antibiotic.’ But karma being what it is,” she shook her head, “is totally swooping down and biting me in the butt.”
    “I don’t think so,” Elliott tenderly assured. “Karma Shmarma!” When he didn’t get an immediate response to that, as he knew she very much believed in karma, he added, “Maybe you should pay Harvey a visit later. Just for peace of mind. You really do look great.”

    But Leah was so lost in a bunch of concerning afterthoughts that she didn’t hear him.


    “Hey,” Elliott addressed again, sitting up a little and gesturing with his hand, “c’mere. Let’s snuggle.”

    Leah always liked it when they’d snuggle so she turned around with a smile and joined him on the bed.

    Elliott closed his eyes as he held her, pressing his cheek against her forehead. The depth of his undying love for her pulsed through his touch and Leah could feel it.
    “Mmm, I love this,” she whispered. He always made her feel so safe and secure. So loved.


    Elliott sat back a little to look into her eyes. “I love you,” he emphasized, then studied her hair and body for a moment. “Do you know just how gorgeous and incredibly sexy you look tonight?”
    “Oh,” she dismissively blushed.
    “No really, I mean it.” He caressed her hip. “Even when you feel like you’ve gained weight, which I totally can’t see, you drive me wild. You’ll always drive me wild. No matter what. Cause it’s you.
    Her eyes sparkled at him. “Even when I get old and fat, I’ll still drive you wild?”
    “Of course! Cause I’ll still love you. Forever.” His eyes beamed at her in return. “Nothing’s ever going to change that.”
    That’s all she needed to hear. To be reminded of. “I love you too Elliott. Forever.”


    In no time at all, Elliott slithered over her body and they locked lips; making out with such intense affection.


    Things got heated up fast. As soon as Elliott’s hand started wandering, Leah gently stopped it with hers and drew her lips away from his.
    “Babe,” she breathed. “As much as I would love that, and I know it’s been a little while, I’m just…still not feeling very well. I’m sorry.”

    Her eyes spoke more than she could convey and while a little disappointed, Elliott understood. “Okay,” he whispered, pulling back.

    He snuggled her all through the night as they slept, to awaken to another unpredictable day on this mysterious quest.


    Meanwhile, at the girl’s house, Haley hummed a tune for the first time in a long time as she showered.



    After drying herself off, she wrapped the towel around her body and casually brushed her hair in front of the mirror, thinking about a lot of things. Mostly about her life, what she wanted to do with it now, and which direction she should take to accomplish her dreams.


    Thoughts of Sam continued to creep in, working hard to occupy her every thought, and when she finally allowed them to stay she smiled with a fluttering heart.


    If there was anyone who was encouraging her to be a better person lately, it was him. She couldn’t figure out how he was doing it, but she sure didn’t mind it. There was so much about him that she admired and wanted to be like and maybe…his example was how he was doing it. She smiled again.

    Somehow, while lost in besotted thoughts, the brush met with a snarl. Lovely. It’s not like she wasn’t used to that happening. They're generally pretty easy to brush out. This snarl however kept growing bigger and bigger with every gentle attempt to comb it out and it just didn’t make sense. “Ugh!” she grumbled in frustration. “What gives!?


    There was now a nice ball of mangled fuzz near the base of her hair and it looked horrid. She let out an exasperated sigh.

    For a second she wanted to cry, knowing that the only solution was to cut it off and how awful might that look without cutting the rest of her hair to match? Alex won’t like it, instinctively was her first thought. He loved her long hair; always said as much. That’s why she kept it long. For him.

    But she wasn’t dating him anymore…and never would again. Things were different now. Lately, she was different. She wasn’t that hot, popular girl in high school or dating the handsome jock anymore. Saying it to herself stung a little bit, but now she began to feel a sense of freedom. Free to be and try out something new for herself; with no thought or care as to how it might impress someone else or gain their adoration. Honestly, the whole “everyone look at me” lifestyle was getting boring. It never really did her any favors and it never brought her any true joy.

    She lowered the brush as an awakening of sorts transpired. Emily was right, it was time for her to change; if she ever wanted to be taken seriously, accomplish her dreams, and be worthy of someone like Sam.


    Oh how much she wanted to be worthy of him. Her heart was screaming it at her. Do what makes you happy, his words echoed in her mind again as she gripped the snarl. No one ever told her to do that before and it was amazing how deeply it resonated with her.

    She was determined to do just that.

    The world wasn’t who she was out to impress anymore, it was time to impress herself.

    With flared nostrils, she opened the cabinet underneath the sink, grabbed the scissors, and started chopping off strands of hair, beginning with the snarled mass. Her heart raced as she snipped and snipped, the adrenaline flowing, the excitement rising. It felt so daring, yet so thrilling at the same time!

    Slivers of hair rested on top of and all around her feet when she finally put down the scissors. Her face lit up with a glowing pride.


    It was a literal chopped look, one she used to criticize on others, but seeing it on herself now…she loved it. A lot!


    She felt like a whole new person. In a way, that was the whole idea.

    “Look out world. A new Haley is here.” She happily clapped and jumped with a squeal. Oops, she thought about the squeal, but quickly dismissed it. It was okay that some things about her stayed the same.


    To be continued... :grin:

    More is coming. Sooner than you might think. ;):mrgreen:
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,923 Member
    @bekkasan thanks.

    I love the picture you posted of Ms. Ida Dunnit. The house behind her is the original house I put Oscar into when I first made him. Then I moved Louise in with him and that's where the story of Oscar and Louise got started. I don't recall coming across Ms Dunnit in my travels around Hidden Springs but I rarely take much notice of the sims my sims come across in many of the worlds. I do usually get to know a few of them.

    I half expected to not get the Head of the Family badge - actually I almost totally expected to not get the badge. There are a few badges I've given up on.

    Mostly I use the badges as a challenge to try something new and this was new. I doubt I'll try it again as I have so many other things I want to do.

    I'd love to see all of those babies grow up.

    In the second, very fast moving, attempt at getting the badge, I used a new family in Starlight Shores.

    The 'Father' of the household is Charlie Smith.
    I made him many years ago. He used to have the commitment issues trait but this version of him seems to have a different set of traits. I do vaguely remember changing his traits for a game once as he was getting annoying. So that's probably the version of him I have in my current library.

    The 'mother' is a Sim I made a few months ago for a house I was building at the time. It was a new type of design I wanted to try out and liked it enough to have made a few more just like it since then. I made a few new housemates for her and used some sims I'd made specially for a previous recent game in Midnight Hollow. Actually, I think I dumped the game in Midnight Hollow when I got and idea for this particular house design. No idea what prompted the new way of building.

    I had a look and found some pictures I loaded to the Postimages site at the time I first made her.

    This is the house I made her for. It's in a player made world, Cornucopia. I didn't much like the world so didn't use it for any of my video series. I might give it another go one day. I forget why I didn't want to use it. It might have just been a bit small.

    This is Primrose Ross.

    I almost lost her but luckily I tracked down the old game I made her for and saved her from it. I have no idea how I realised I didn't have her in my library, but I think it might have had something to do with her name. Primrose.

    In this new game I got Primrose to have an instant baby with Charlie first and then I got her to adopt because I'd read she needed to have another child once she got 30 grandchildren and adoption was a good way to do it.

    I hadn't adopted since about 2009 and decided it was about time to have another go. So I had to work out how to do that. Finally her daughter arrived and the child is very 'spooky' for me because from most angles she could be a close relative of mine. No one in particular but sufficiently familiar to be closely related.

    Charity Ross

    So I think I'll play more with that family.

    I like the look of all the adopted children.

    Josh Ross was born in the game as an instant baby of Primrose and Charlie
    He's a Young Adult now as he had a birthday cake a day until he became a YA. I couldn't have a newborn baby being the father of 30 children. I can see he's not been into CAS yet. He needs a custom skin and new wardrobe. Not sure about the hair. He looks like he's got quite a lot of Charlie's characteristics.

    So after Josh's 30 babies failed to produce a badge even after Charity was adopted I adopted again. This time is was a boy child who had a birthday cake a day until he became a Young Adult. I named him Casanova - my sense of humour was kicking in at this point and I was seriously over the attempts at getting this badge.

    Casanova Ross

    Casanova also has 30 children but no badge.

    So I decided to get Primrose to adopt one more child and this time it was another girl.

    Wendy Ross

    Still no badge.

    I gave all but Josh custom skins and new wardrobes and changed Charity's hair because it was long and horizontal in front of her, otherwise they are as they arrived when adopted.

    I'm loving playing in the new version of the house I did up for the 30 Grandchildren videos.

    The other sims I had in Primrose's original house include:


    Penny and Annette were originally made for a house I played for a while in Midnight Hollow. I had one of @CravenLestat 's sims in that house too.
    CravenLestat's Oyon
    She's just in the one Midnight Hollow game I'm not playing at the moment.

    Annette and Penny have since been added to The Great Southern Land as townies for the 30 Grandchildren video series. They have both turned up at the bowling alley a few times and probably in other places during the series.

    I've used Penny again in the Isla Paradiso Bunch game. If I do a third series of videos on that game she is a potential wife for someone. She's living alone in Dragon Valley with the main household and I've moved Judy and her family to Sunlit Tides as if I do more with that game I'll break them up and move each of them to different worlds. And the Sunlit Tides house is a version of the house I worked out how to build in Cornucopia.

    Amy Porter also new for Cornucopia house.
    I haven't used her again. Didn't do much with her in this household either.

    Prudence Perfect (obviously I ran out of inspiration when trying to find a family name for her)
    Prudence is probably still suck in the Cornucopia house and I've not used her since. I'll probably need to find the game again and get her out of it if I want to use her again. Or she is probably in a library for one of my many Sims 3 folder.

    Sherri Saunders - another one I'd forgotten about and still in the Cornucopia house.

    Claire Cunningham - she's been a tester sim and is currently running around Cake Island somewhere in the 30 Grandchildren videos.

    Back on track ...

    Of course, when Primrose and her housemate, Charlie, had their instant baby for my next attempt at getting the Head of the Family badge I named the poor child Josh. So he's Josh Ross. o:):#:#

    If I hadn't been trying to get that badge quickly I would never have adopted any children. I had completely forgotten how to do it. It took me a minute or two to decide on the manual telephone which I usually add to my games because it is the only way to hire the gardening service which I've not hired for a long time now.

    @Brandontaylor thanks. I do wonder why the badge wasn't awarded. I can understand it regarding the game I used for the video series because I was jumping into different households all the time and you have to stay in the same household throughout to get the badge. But I had two more goes with a fresh game and it didn't happen. I'm beginning to wonder if it is like most of the Isla Paraidso badges that have to be done in a single sim household. I don't think I'll bother to try to find out. It's time to move on. I'll do the final video and call 30 Grandchildren done.

    Gerri had a few grandchildren before I decided to start adding the 30. I played logged into the site and stayed in the same house from the start of the arrival of the 30 babies. There were 2 groups of 15. Although only 13 were born in the second group and I had to use Master Controller to end the pregnancies as they were stuck in labour. Then I gave them instant babies to make up the 30. So Gerri ended up with about 37 grandchildren in all.

    I haven't made a screen shot of her family tree with the 30 grandchildren in it but I have recorded it for the video so anyone who watches the video will see it.

    In my second attempt with the family in Starlight Shores I had added 5 single female sims to 5 different houses and gave them each 6 instant babies. Then I had a second go and they each got another 6 instant babies. I keep worrying about how they are managing with 12 babies in those tiny one bedroom houses and with no other sims to assist them in their child rearing woes. :s
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,427 Member
    edited January 2022
    Love between two evil (and mean-spirited) sims

    Evil Haruo: "OMG OMG OMG...I'm on fire!!!! PUT ME OUT, PUT ME OUT!!!"
    Brooke McIrish: "You know how to put yourself out. If you don't, I'll get the broom. Now hop in the shower and quit disturbing my beauty-rest."

    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,201 Member
    edited January 2022
    Busy finishing of a course assigntment,
    but great updates everyone!


    comments n your thread later!
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    ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,439 Member
    edited January 2022
    The Royal Family of Praaven:
    Left to right: Princess Caroline, Princess Cirilla, former Queen Margareth I, King Caspian I of Praaven, Queen Bronhilde of Praaven, former King Richard I, Princess Cordelia (soon to be Lady Cordelia of Lughaven), Sir Desmond Lowell of Lughaven and servant Gabrielle.

    King Richard and Queen Margareth has finally stepped down from the throne. King Caspian is well on his way to be an elder.
    Post edited by ZhakiraP on
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    ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,439 Member

    @Karritz Wonderful wedding and what an awesome house!

    @lisasc360 Donnie and Lisa seem to have a really nice life together. :)

    @Sprottenham Thank you, the Pok family is a favorite of mine as well. I am looking forward to playing with Ariane :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Very nice colorful pictures, and your sims look great. Morty looks a little bit uncomfortable in that tub, but then again, isn´t he always? :D

    @emorrill Penny looks ravishing in that school girl outfit! :p

    @coco Elaine looks awesome! I knew it was her just by looking :) She´s such a great character.

    @GraceyManor Happy pregnancy!

    @Cororon that picture of the girls is gorgeous! :)

    @Nikkei_Simmer what?! A picture of River, what a surprise! :p
    Evil Haruo and River, what a nice couple... not :s

    @Brandontaylor Thank you, I bet Rose and Lily will be extremely cute, and great names btw.
    Oh, they are children already, I wasn´t gone that long! :o:p
    They are such a nice family.

    @bekkasan Thank you, I think Bartholomew might be what you call an unfortunate accident and not related to Mortimer at all :s

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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,427 Member
    Brooke vs. Vita. Yes, Brooke has a nice "right-hook".
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~

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