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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,425 Member
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    Chapter One: Meeting My Nemesis (Part 5)

    Next Day Same as the Last

    Evil Haruo: Next morning was pretty much a repeat of the previous morning where we went to the park. Phil got on Bebe's nerves...and they got into a rousing argument...thank goodness that it subsided before I had to get involved or one or both of them would have been tossed out the window...then they'd really be in some pain since I would have to replace the window and then I’d have to take it out of their hides.
    Bebe: You’re not trying THAT again, Phil. Or I swear, I’m going to kick your family jewels into next week.

    Phil: What the hell did I do?
    Bebe: You kissed me...

    Phil: certainly look kissable.

    Bebe: ...without my permission, you 🐸🐸🐸🐸.
    Phil: Well...maybe you just need kissing more regularly.
    Bebe (gritting her teeth): You’re incorrigible!

    Evil_Haruo: Ah, the ever changing tides of family dynamics. It’s enough to make you seasick. Anyhow, I realized that I couldn’t just watch the two of them arguing all day,
    Meanwhile, the other pair in the house were doing something together that just about turns my stomach, unless it’s me and Brooke doing it. Good God...thank goodness I had the foresight to put up a cedar bush fence that obscures those two. Way to give the neighbours a peep-show. The things I have to put up with in order to help out a pair that can’t function on their own without financial help. Just how do I get myself into these things? Yeah, that’s right. My parents couldn’t stop at just one kid.
    So evidently my brother decided that he was going to bring in a crafting table, so I decided to do a little “crafting”. Evidently what I crafted exploded – I mean, it really wasn’t supposed to though with a few tweaks I’m sure that I could make things explode. But of course I ended up with my rear-end on fire.
    “OMG...Brooke, I’m on fire...Put me out!!!”
    Brooke McIrish: “Honey, you know where the shower is...go put yourself out and stop disturbing my beauty sleep.”
    Evil Haruo: I decided that I needed to head down to the bookstore to pick up a few skill books. Hey, even Evil_Haruo can learn something to help out the family finances. The first rule of admitting that one isn’t omniprescient is knowing that he doesn’t know everything, so better that he admit that the capacity to learn is infinite and that one never ceases learning. Besides it gets me out of the house and keeps me from putting two more sims in the Sunset Valley graveyard.
    When I get to the bookstore, who do I see, but Little Nicky. Yes, that’s right, Nick Alto. I don’t know if he’s got the insane trait, but he was choking himself when I got there. Then some preternatural force picked him up and slammed him on the ground several times. Every one saw that happen. It wasn’t my imagination. Nor did I have anything to do with it. But frankly it amused the absolute pee out of me. If anyone deserved that bit of shellacking, Little Nicky did. He’s an 🐸🐸🐸🐸-turnip of the highest degree. I’d love to beat the ever-loving carp out of him, but well, it would be a waste of my efforts. Better to bleed him dry financially and I’ll figure that out eventually.
    I also had to go to the grocery store. Brooke and I have to eat. Guess the other four have to eat too, but it’s tempting to just starve them. Maybe that might give them some incentive to do something constructive.
    Brooke: “Hey, honey...we’re at the park again and guess who showed up.”

    Evil_Haruo: “Lemme guess...a few more idjits that we have to beat up?”
    Brooke: “Something like that... You comin’ over?”

    Evil_Haruo: “As soon as I finish grocery shopping.”
    Evil_Haruo: Evidently Jared Frio had 🐸🐸🐸🐸 off the Watcher and He’d launched lightning at him. Jared Frio was walking around looking like he’d walked right into the path of a flamethrower – too bad it didn’t kill him, but well, he really wasn’t much of anything other than a speedbump that I’d run over on my way to the top of Sunset Valley’s financial heap. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, that is.
    I could see Brooke was foreseeing a huge dustup and exulting in the anticipated carnage. And of course, I couldn’t disappoint her. So me n’ Frio went at it.
    Evil_Haruo: “Hey, Frio, ever heard of a shower, you smell like six day old road kill and you look like you sat on a backyard grill.”

    Jared Frio: “What’s it to you? you puny shrimp...”
    ...and the fight was on...
    He hits like a pansy.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks!

    @CravenLestat Such talent! Beautiful sim and cute shirt!
    Happy Birthday!

    @Jano Welcome! lol, ticked off a witch?

    @meerkattime hey! :smiley:

    @Astro Love the pictures!

    @Karritz Wow...takes a long time to upload those!
    Thank you! I'm glad you downloaded the world. I'm testing out a few more builds tonight.
    I worked on my builds this morning, but am tired of building at the moment and want to just enjoy playing.
    My next Mary update is almost ready.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Glad to see you are managing to play even with the monitor set back.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer That's why I always play without a story, it's just easier.
    Have fun getting the booster shot.
    At least River doesn't seem too mad yet. I imagine she'll get really angry when she gives birth though.
    Congrats on the baby! (Well, toddler now)
    Yeah, Phil, don't kiss a girl when she doesn't want it. That's a good way to get into trouble.
    Evil Haruo has a funny point of view on things. I like hearing his thoughts.
    I never thought of it, but it's kind of funny that parents would name one kid Haruo, then go and name the other one (Evil) Haruo. Kind of like George Foreman, all his boys are named George.
    Great update!

    @Karritz Gerri certainly did well. 37 grandchildren is a nice amount.

    @Shadow_Assassin Great update!

    @bekkasan More money is never a bad thing, although sometimes one gets tired of working all the time.
    I'm going to have to check the Disney world out. Just from the pictures you shared, it looks neat.

    @CravenLestat Great job, it looks almost exact!
    Happy birthday! Hope your day has been good!

    @Astro Awesome pictures!
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Goth Family Update, Days 230 thru Days 233

    Harlan got up and took care of one of the babies. I can't remember if it's Holly or Ivy.

    Lily need to raise her fun meter some, so I had her play some chess.

    Daisy worked some more in her garden in an attempt to get some perfect plants. I'm not sure what day she planted life fruit, but I know that I got a seed somehow. I didn't even know that I had it until I looked in inventory.

    Lily invited Brandon (I changed his name) over to hang out. She asked him if he'd move in with her and he said he would. However, Harlan and Daisy said they would have to sleep in different beds.

    After moving in, I found out Brandon had a romantic interest: Janis Langerak. I sent him to one of the parks to break things off with her. Needless to say, she wasn't very happy about it, but Brandon smoothed things over and they are still good friends.

    Afterwards, I sent him to the park to see if there was a Potent Cure Elixir to make him a normal Sim. However, I didn't find one, so I'm debating whether to keep him as a fairy or not. I'm almost thinking I'll just keep him as a fairy.

    Harlan and Brandon are the only ones who have to eat in the home. Sometimes, the Plantsim ladies do eat, even though they don't have to.

    The two eldest daughters decided to play chess together. Lily also chatted with Rose about trying to find a boyfriend for her. Lily knows a guy who might be someone Rose would like, so Lily promises to give him a call soon.

    Thought I could use a couple elixirs to get Daisy's last logic skill point, but they increased other skills instead.

    Brandon wanted to get to know the family, so he decided to chat with Rose.

    The "twins" had their birthday and immediately went to play with the dollhouse together. I need to edit Ivy's hair, was trying to go for a darker redhead since I named her Ivy. Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy) is a redhead, and I was going to slightly base this Ivy off the comic character.

    ***Part two coming up next.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,918 Member
    @bekkasan it took unusually long for this one to load. I do them in HD now and the video quality is much better but it adds hugely to the file size and with my slow internet it is very slow. But even so, 12+ hours was a lot more than expected. I always use my tablet to load my Sims videos to YouTube so I don't have to sit at the computer the entire time while it loads.

    And here is the link to the final episode of 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt.

    If I do more videos with the sims from this series I'll probably call the next series something like the 'Holden Family'

    Here's the link to the video

    We get to see most of Gerri's 15 married children and their spouses in this episode. And the middle bit is spent in Gerri's house with her new housemates. The evil Klaus, the mean spirited imaginary friend made real, Lucy and Lucy's two plant sim toddlers.

    They managed to inspire me to do more with all of the grandchildren and plant sims and any other toddlers or babies in the world. I am thinking about moving them all to a new world and adding a boarding school so I can get all of the toddlers and children and probably teens if the game lasts that long. They'll all move through the boarding school in groups and learn skills and get to know each other. When I'm tired of that I'll add their world to my Big Game.

    The next video I plan to do is Oscar's Teen Years and he will be travelling around various worlds in the Big Game with his two travel companions Eric and Susanne. I'm thinking Oscar might visit the new world I'm moving the Holdens to and he might meet a few of them. I suppose most of the grandchildren will have to be teens by then for that to work.

    Happy Simming and I hope you enjoy the video.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,773 Member
    Goth Family Update, Days 230 thru Days 233 continued

    Lily was to her word and suggested that Alex Langerak take his sights off her, and to see if he had anything common with Rose instead. Luckily, they did hit it off and slowly worked up a relationship. On the other hand, he had 0 days left to age up and after he left, he became a young adult, and started dating someone. Looks like Rose will have to look elsewhere.

    Harlan and Daisy took their children down to the kitchen and started to teach them how to walk.

    Brandon decided to help them out by taking Rose driving.

    Lily decided to play her guitar, and the option to make learning charisma and guitar her LTW came up. I went ahead and accepted that one, maybe I'll have Lily start a band with Rose playing keyboard. Not sure about the bass yet, but I think maybe Brandon for the drums.

    More working in the garden for Daisy. I think I'll add some alchemy ingredients next.

    I granted as many wishes for Brandon as I could, one of which was to learn a recipe. That was an easy one, others were visiting the festival, among other things.

    Brandon is an angler, but the job he really wants is a stylist. Since I don't want him to be a stylist, he joined the angler career instead. He got wishes for that job, after the stylist one.

    Then he used his fairy aura of soothing for a while as he exercised in front of the TV, shortly after this picture. I had more to post, but I accidentally killed Daisy so I deleted that. Also, my game crashed shortly after I resurrected her, so that was another reason. Day 234 will be different and Daisy won't have died since I found out what done it. With a mod, Plantsims can cause plants to grow faster, but it uses a bit of their hydration. I didn't realize this, and I accidentally used it one too many times. Let's just say that was a nightmare Harlan had and move on.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,918 Member
    @Brandontaylor thank you - I think 37 grandchildren would be perfect if you didn't have to raise any of them. Training them all could be a bit tiring. :D
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,080 Member
    Rose: Hi there!
    William: What are you doing here? Its 3:30 in the morning.
    Rose; Well I know that silly, but I came to visit -steps closer-

    William: At 3:30 in the morning? That's not normal.
    Rose: I thought you could use some company.
    William: What?
    Rose: Oh come on, you know you like me.

    William: Not in that way....and I'm starting to not like you very much
    at all...
    Rose: -moves closer-
    William: I'm married, remember that.
    Rose: So what? That can end.

    William: -pushes Rose back.- You can kindly leave.
    Rachel: Please, let this show continue..

    William: Its not what it looks like, I swear.
    Rachel: No? She looks like she's about to pass out from whatever
    you two were doing.
    Rose: I am feeling quite faint, someone catch me?
    William: Catch yourself.She's lying Rachel.

    William: You just messed things up, and now you can fix them.
    Rose: But why? I'm a much higher class than she is!

    William: Right now, you aren't acting very classy.And if you don't
    fix things, I can easily replace you with with another business partner.
    Rose; Now, don't be all dramatic.

    William: I'm not being dramatic! You probably just cost me my relationship.
    And now I have to clean this mess up.

    William: Why is the nursery locked...oh come on, let me in.
    Rachel: I'm taking care of my kids.
    William: open up.
    Rachel: I'm busy, go away.
    William: I'll just way until your finished.
    Rachel: You're gonna have a long wait.
    William: That's fine.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,200 Member

    Hapoy belated birthday!
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 261 Member
    @bekkasan Hey to you too :smiley: . I hope life treating you well!
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,143 Member
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comment. ;) Good thing there are tender boats, or they wouldn't have made it onshore anywhere, probably! :P

    Hehe, well, I couldn't make the bus driver park on the road, so... ;)


    Hmm, yeah, could a plantsim have any other hair colour then green? :P

    That's a really cool looking truck! However, probably a bit difficult for a teenager to handle such a big vehicle right away! :P

    Haha, I'm still laughing at them having to plant their kids! :P

    Hehe, that random photosynthesizing thing is so cute, and so is the dog! :P

    Oh, I can see that they all look similar to their mother, but I don't mind, because it is a nice look. :P


    I handed out awesomes to the updates, screenshots and outfits made.

    @bekkasan Hehe, that train station looks cool, but should your sims be walking on the tracks in front of that train? :P
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,116 Member
    Hey everyone. :)

    Been enjoying reading all of your posts lately as always. <3 I need the enjoyment I gain from them so much.
    I feel sad when I don't have the time, or mental energy, to be social and type out comments (this week was a little rough emotionally for me), but hopefully this week will be a much better one. 👍

    A couple of quick things here...

    @CravenLestat What? It was your birthday and you didn't tell me!? I think I'll have to slap you with a slim Jim now. j/k ;) I hope you had a lovely birthday and your new sim is gorgeous as always. <3 Love your new pattern too.

    @meerkattime Hey girl. Always nice to see you pop in. :blush: I hope life is treating you well. <3 Got more of my story for ya on my thread. :mrgreen:

    @bekkasan Those Disney lots are amazing! :star: I love that you used Shane :love: and Gina to test them out. :blush:

    @all Take care! Stay safe and healthy. Happy Simming! :)
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    Dealing with a migraine at the moment. I took something for it but it hasn't went away yet. I kind of am just forcing myself to do comments and my update but I don't know if I'll play much until after the headache lets up.

    @emorrill Hope this week is better for you.

    @Karritz You're welcome. Yeah, I wouldn't want to have to raise them all either.

    @GraceyManor Nice, it seems Rose is trying to take William.
    Uh oh, hope it isn't going to cause any issues.
    Now I can see him just sitting by the door until she opens it.
    Great update!

    @Sprottenham You're welcome.
    Yeah, they can have any color. I just went with green since it made sense, lol
    Probably so. It'd be better to start with a car. I got the vehicles from Fresh Prince Creations.
    I know, it's kind of funny.
    It's a neat little feature that really makes a Plantsim seem partially like a plant.
    Yeah, in skintone and hair they do. Actually, Lily takes after her father when it comes to looks though.
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    Goth Family, Day 334

    Daisy continued her work in the garden. She has a longer lifespan still due to a genie wish so she'll be around a while but since Lily has the Green Thumb trait, she can take over when Daisy is gone.

    Harlan had another opportunity to exercise for 4 hours to get celebrity points. I want them to have high celebrity status for now, so I went ahead and done it. Eventually, I'll get rid of the celebrity status but not sure what town or generation I'll do that. In the background, the older daughters play chess again.

    Brandon joined in as well, with the same opportunity. He used the aura that helps with athleticism, logic, etc. to help himself and Harlan. It also helped the girls as they played chess.

    Upstairs a bit later, Harlan and Daisy helped the "twins" learn how to talk. They technically aren't twins but since they were born on the same day, they may as well be.

    Since Brandon is in the angler career, I thought I'd get him started on it. He caught several fish, which I later sold to get him his first promotion.

    Brandon doesn't have the childish trait, but he wanted a trampoline for some reason. Wish granted.

    The girls came back from school so I made sure they got their homework done before I let them do anything else.

    Daisy still had one more person to get interested in the Bistro, so she ran across the street to the Israel household and got that finished.

    Harlan and Brandon got to know each other a bit better over supper. The ladies were off doing other stuff and did not join the men.

    Harlan got invited to a party so I sent everyone else to bed so I could focus on him at the party. He took an invigorating elixir to help him stay up longer, the last one I had. He caught up with one of Daisy's relatives, Jenna Langerak.

    He also caught up with Dwight Langerak. Dwight and Rain just recently had another baby named Tyler. They already have a son named Troy.

    ***Got rid of my headache finally so decided I should get this posted. I have only talked about the family's move a bit, but I am only going to take the main family and any deceased members with me to the next town. I'll collect the graves I want from the cemetery and put them in the inventory. Any living family members will just stay in Sunset Valley and won't be seen again. On another note, I have a feeling that the game won't give Rose, Ivy, and Holly any children since they are Plantsims and they can't get pregnant. I'm a bit curious though if SP will just randomly give them one or not. If not, that will make it a bit easier to end the family on their end. I just don't want to deal with using Porter to move every single descendant still living of Emily Jones' to the new town. And for those of you who haven't checked out my poll, it looks like at this point, Moonlight Falls will be the next town the family moves to.
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    Been clearing out my Wishlist, and trying to think of a suitable hairstyle for Todd Oakley when he ages up to teenager. I might do a poll when the time comes
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    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    Hello everybody, long time no see. I wasn't feeling that well, and lately I'm playing a different game, so I first didn't feel like posting anything and later didn't have anything. Anyway, I'm still around and enjoying your updates :smile: .

    I thought I simply give a very brief summary of what happened in my game before I stopped.
    In Jonathan's household, the kids had slowly grown up from toddlers to teens. Here, Jonathan is teaching them how to best clean the kitchen :wink: .
    Alexander and Rebecca on the left are his own children, the former plantsims. When they became teens, I added a second parent from the town and remixed them to get a bit of variation, not just clones. To the right, we have Ms. Absent-minded Serena and Mr. Diva Paul, the former IF's. I made the friendly policeman from the last burglary and one of the mixologists nearby their parents. They got the last name of their mother to prevent the whole town from having the same last name after a while.

    The next time when Jonathan went to one of Kaylee's parties, the washing machine was still broken. When I moved the camera there, Jonathan was autonomously repairing the washer, and he seems to use the opportunity to wash his hair at the same time. Note the strategic baby placement, which should make cleaning the baby when changing diapers much easier.
    All kids except Serena wanted to learn to drive, with Rebecca going first.
    Alexander was next, and I wanted to take Curtis take over for Paul. But Paul, the diva, had managed to have such a bad relationship with Curtis that that wasn't an option, so Jonathan had to go and do it a third time.
    They passed by Curtis and Tyler, who spent some boss-employee time together. The things you do for promotions...
    At least it worked, although I first didn't recognize Tyler.
    By the way, SP finally decided to have Tyler marry the mother of his child. Surprise, surprise, as I had more or less given up on that.

    Paul may be a diva, but his girlfriend Abby King is really pretty, and they seem to get along swimmingly.

    Jonathan had the wish to change back to the science career, and both he and Curtis had those 15,000 point wishes to get a second degree, so off to university to get a science degree it was. Curtis didn't need it, but whatever.
    As it is tradition...
    Jonathan and Curtis seem to have limited sympathy for the troubles of their classmates.
    University was the same as most times.
    Girls being eaten by Murphy beds...
    ... or roommates burning the expensive stove to a crisp.
    I was a bit miffed, since neither Jonathan nor Curtis were even using the stove (Jonathan was using a charm and Curtis plama juice), but I couldn't do anything, since they both were sitting in class and Bonehilda decided to bug out when it was her moment to shine. Anyway, my pondering was cut short by the message that there was a shadow above Jonathan. He couldn't really afford to skip any class, and he had a death flower in his pocket, so I decided to sit it out, as it was just about 14 minutes to the end of class. He actually made it away from the building before the meteor hit.
    Well, that more than paid for the stove, so all's well.
    Jonathan made the replacement stove fireproof though.
    They both got their degrees and returned home.

    There, it was business as usual.
    "If Serena spent more time on eating than talking, we wouldn't be sitting and waiting for her..."
    Serena and Alexander have pretty much been an item since early in their teenage years, and it shows. Not even SP tried to "find" different partners for them. Nice that you want to have kids, but I'd suggest to wait till your are adults. Just saying.
    During the last day of their teenage time, they went to another prom. You can see that Serena isn't happy that Abby wears the exact same dress.
    Rebecca had a romantic interest, but that one wasn't a teen anymore, so she went alone to the prom. I tried to get her together with someone else though: Abby's brother.
    We'll see what SP makes of that, given her old romantic interest (another diva and a mooch) is still in the race.

    Looking at the Jones'es, Meredith's and Tristan's son Latimer, Alexander's and Rebecca's nephew, is a few days older than both of them, and here you have him with his little sister, Annemarie.

    Serena's and Alexander's attraction is still going strong.
    Last thing I did was take the test for university, here with Serena, Rebecca and Alexander.
    Paul wasn't there. He wants to become rich and famous, and he had just moved in with a childless, rich widow who was long past the date where the dice roll every day (not one day too early, as it turned out). However, he will also go to university, if I ever get back to this.

    This is just a very compressed part of what had happened in my game, and I hope you found some of it enjoyable :smile: . Happy gaming!
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    Lily Goth is a young adult now so generation 7 isn’t far away.
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 261 Member
    @emorrill Hey girl, I'm good :blush: . I read your story updates too and wrote you comments there :) .
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,918 Member
    @Turjan good to see you back and sorry you've not been well but enjoying a different game can be fun. I did enjoy your update. Your sims seem to be having a wonderful time. Variety is the spice of life - maybe. They are enjoying it anyway. And I enjoyed reading about it.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member
    edited February 2022
    @Brandontaylor It will make an awesome destination vacation for a sims family. More venues/houses are being added each week.
    lol at Brandon having an RI. Those things happen so sneakily sometimes. I remember that I found at Dedric had a RI back in Midnight Hollow just before I was having him meet Wisteria. It required him taking a trip all the way back to MH as I couldn't change the relationship since she wasn't in Moonlight Falls. I had to laugh because he was only out of the Ballan family for a very short period of game time so I'm still trying to figure out how the game think they became RI's so fast.
    So many beautiful plant sims in the family!
    I'm glad you don't plan to leave Daisy dead!
    One of the mods at Nraas allows plant sims to get preggers. I believe it is the one that rhymes with woohoo. I plan to try it in my supernatural world at some point.

    @Karritz Congrats on the video finally loading. I'm sure it was a little frustrating not getting the badge. If I'm ever tempted I will remember this. :grin: I was over on the sims 3 forum recently and was surprised to see how many badges I had. 111 which is not very many but more than I thought.

    @GraceyManor Enjoyed the update. Poor WIlliam. I say that a lot about your guys. :wink:

    @Turjan It's good to see you and I enjoyed the pictures from your last game. That meteor! :open_mouth: I still have not had one happen in my game. I was kinda waiting for it to happen autonomously before I start cheating them. It's been 10 years now. Should I just give up? LOL I didn't have alien abductions happen for 3 years and first time my hubby played just to test something for me, his Sim got abducted and preggers too!
    I hope you feel better soon and glad you are enjoying another game. I will occasionally play something else, but always come back to my Sims.

    @meerkattime Yep. Busy, but a good busy. Hope you are finding some time to relax and play.

    @Sprottenham It is cool, the whole thing is set up as a resort and I look forward to having a sim own it someday. They most certainly should not be walking in front of it. Good thing the resort is not open yet. :lol:

    @emorrill The world is really looking less empty now when I have my sims exploring. Shane and Gina are having fun and I use the big tester family with the kids to test as well.

    I took a few more pictures of the Disney world venues and houses. This is a starter home in Tomorrowland built by @LMC6255. I love the house comes with some landscaping, carport and a scooter and she did it under budget! I love that door too. It's from one of the steampunk sets and I've never thought about using it but would have gone great in my criminal headquarters. Next time I hope I remember.

    This is the entrance to the Jungle River Cruise by @romagi1. It is so gorgeous, packed full of fun things to see on the ride through the lagoon.

    A few tame birds to play with and talk to while you wait for your turn on the ride.

    A lion sanctuary.

    Not the best picture but there is a cool pool on the other side of the gondola. Several small animals are bathing and playing in the waters.

    Shane and Gina were hungry and visited Tony's Town Square Restaurant by @Sandraelle . It is set up as a bistro, but I didn't open it by adding the chef's and waiters yet.

    They found the snack bar at the Confectionery and Tea Shop built by @soocoolsim instead. They also carried the food all the way upstairs past multiple tables to eat in the kiddie room. :grin: At least they sat at the same table!

    After eating they took a taxi over to the Pirates of the Caribbean hangout by @romagi1. They closed the place down singing Karaoke.

    PS: I missed one picture of the restaurant and labeled the room they ate in incorrectly. That's what happens when I add stuff before I finish that first cup of coffee. :open_mouth::blush:
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    I have finished up this course assignment, I get a booster dose on Thursday so will
    be good not to have to do any work then. I have two courses left after this course.


    Lovely shots, you going to use the world in an update


    Nice to see you pop in, enjoyed the
    update the sims look great as always.
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    Think I am buying Dragon Valley and either Roaring Heights or Midnight Hollow when I get my tax refund. I figured out if I get the gold version of Dragon Valley, I'll get enough points to add to what I have left so I can afford two for the price I decided on. I'm considering it my early birthday present, even though it's not until March.

    @Turjan The one on the far right might want to put a shirt on to clean the kitchen.
    The washing machine picture is funny, so much going on in that pic.
    That would be a bit cold, having your business hanging out in the snow.
    Abby is pretty.
    Wow, that's a lot of hungry people. The others should have used the bathroom before classes started.
    I've never had a Murphy bed incident, but I usually replace the bed my Sims uses so that could be why.
    The stove fire always happens though.
    Great update!

    @bekkasan Yeah, it will. I'm gonna check the actual thread out soon, I forgot to do it when you posted about it last.
    I know, and I never saw where the little summary thing said it. I try to read them when the mod pushes them out so I know when someone got with somebody, and to keep track of new babies.
    I'm quitting at four children for Daisy, but I have a feeling the toddlers will be around the house when Lily has her children so I'm gonna have them around a while longer.
    Yeah, there was no way I'd keep her dead, unless I had a "story" reason for doing so.
    It probably is. I tried using it to get her pregnant, but it reset or something because she never did have a baby.
    Looks cool! I don't have the steampunk items yet, working on buying worlds currently.
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    Goth Family, Day 235 thru Day 237

    Daisy still has her little holographic creature, Shonna. It helps her out when she needs to talk to someone quickly. Probably going to get a dragon though when I get Dragon Valley.

    Downstairs, the girls played another round of chess. Each of them are getting skilled in it.

    Daisy got the opportunity for more celebrity points so I decided to take it.

    Brandon helped the twins learn to use the potty, even though they don't need to. It's just so I can pick their traits.

    The paparazzi lady wants to keep using the trampoline so I put it in the inventory after I got her off it.

    Brandon had an opportunity to meet a celebrity that some of you may remember. Michael Langerak is Ariana's younger brother and he is now an elder. Brandon didn't have enough celebrity status to chat with him, but he easily fixed that by name dropping Daisy, talking about the family wealth, and bragging about his fishing skill.

    It was either lunch or supper so I decided to have someone make some salad. The fridge is getting full of tomatoes now so the salad has a nice quality to it.

    Harlan and Daisy took a turn at playing chess and Daisy finally hit level 9 of logic. She got a bit of a start on her last skill point.

    The family hired a maid to help take care of the house because there is so much going on. I randomized her face so she isn't a pudding face.

    This is the last time that Lily had to do homework. She didn't really have to if I didn't want to, but I didn't want to hurt her grade.

    I'd almost forgot I was having her work with the chemical table, so I had her do that.

    Rose asked one of her classmates out on a friendly outing. I believe he is Brett Goth, but I may have mixed his name up with another one I tried. And yes, she invited him to the family cemetery. :tongue:

    Things at the chemistry table did not work out as planned, so I had to send Lily to the shower. She hasn't learned any beneficial ones yet.

    ***The second part will be posted next. Only had 28 screenshots so I broke the update down into 14 for each post.
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    Goth Family, Day 235 thru Day 237 continued

    I got a bit busy with things so Harlan and Daisy hadn't had much time together. I decide to have them woohoo since it had been a bit.

    Lily went to the park for a while with Brandon. She is getting pretty skilled at the guitar, but Brandon was brand new to the drums. Rose came by later and joined them on keyboard.

    After a while, Brandon and Harlan were getting hungry. Harlan was at a party so I sent him over to eat. Lily just made herself a snow cone, as did Rose.

    Daisy was working on another opportunity so she was doing the chatting part of it.

    The following morning, Harlan decided to make some pancakes. Unfortunately, other Sims usually did the cooking so he ended up burning them. I'm not sure why, he has a decent cooking skill and the house has the highest appliances.

    Daisy continued teaching the girls how to use the potty.

    She then had a bit of a chat with the maid. Her name is Kay Cox.

    It was time for Lily to age up to young adult. Brandon is inappropriate so he makes fun of anyone when they age up.

    They young girls got a block table to play at. I got it since I knew it would help them build up a relationship.

    Here is Lily after her makeover. I wasn't sure on the hair but I decided to keep it. Afterwards, the family celebrated by eating cake.

    Lily looks like she is getting mad at Rose about exercise, but she is actually just enthused about it.

    She was happy to finally be able to kiss Brandon again, something she hadn't been able to for several updates.

    She also was happy because she and Brandon could finally woohoo, something she enjoyed.

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