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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 806 Member
    edited February 2022
    My team only made two signings this Window (A defender and goalkeeper from the MLS) though they are now down to three strikers, and two of the strikers are due to become "Free Agents" in the Summer, plus I have been playing Legends Arceus recently, plus with the Extension nearly complete I won't be able to play The Sims 3until at least March
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,105 Member
    that sounds really interesting! It´s a fantastic world :)
    ^I hope it will be interesting story for y'all. :lol:
    It really is a fantastic world. I fell in love with it the moment I first explored it. <3
    LOVE your new signature pic. :love:

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments on my story. <3
    OMGosh acne was the bane of my existence when I was a teen! :confounded: I got it ALL over my forehead and no amount of makeup could EVER cover it!
    I hate to say it, but I think she's pregnant. That's gonna come with some complications.
    ^It would wouldn't it... :(:smirk: Guess we'll see if you're right or not. ;)
    Some great 90's country songs you shared. :grin: I am very familiar with both.
    Tim hunts on some farmland pretty close to the farm my great grandparents used to own but haven't ever seen him around. Before I started at Walmart, though, people saw him and Faith Hill there, if rumors are true.
    ^What!? :open_mouth: Well that's super cool! :smiley:
    Enjoyed your posts as always. Pretty plantsim gals, just like their mom. :blush:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Is this a cc boutonnière?
    Cause I like it and must have it in my game. :mrgreen:
    River's dress is gorgeous! She and Haruo look so happy and very much in love. <3
    I totally see Patricia Richardson in this shot of her here: Wow!

    @lisasc360 The dialogue between your SS and snotty Officer Zhong! :lol: That was highly entertaining!
    I wish her and Donny the best at Uni! :star:

    @Sprottenham I could pick Sofia Carlton out of a crowd! :lol: Enjoyed reading your posts. :) That cruise ship rocks!
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,387 Member
    edited February 2022
    @emorrill - yes, it's the Helen Sims Lily set boutonniere and head accessory - just give me a sec while I look up the URL.


    There you go.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    Working on downloading a bit more CC, mostly just hair. Will do comments soon before I test the hairstyles.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,105 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Thank you my friend. :)

    I didn't know that site existed. Some cool stuff on there. 👍 (Just wish the downloads weren't behind stuff like AdFly... I hate that. :confounded: I'm thankful for my Google Chrome Extensions that get me through that stuff with ease. :mrgreen: Now y'all know about that righteous extension, if you didn't already. :star: )
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 806 Member
    edited February 2022
    Finally played The Sims 3, albeit not as long as I wanted (One Sim Day). Won't be able to play for a few days as the carpets and flooring is due to arrive at some point, plus my brother's room needs some more work to be done. We're still undecided on what colour the walls of the dining room should be plus the patio needs to be finished off, but hopefully the Extension will be finished soon.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one dayhttps://store.thesims3.com/myWishlist.html?persona=katcalls2k907 (My Wishlist)
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    Found 7 or 8 different hairstyles I'll test. If they look good, future family members of the Langerak's might use them. Well, the winter storm warning that was issued caused almost all schools in the area to either close, or do remote learning. At the moment, it's just been raining but snow will start once temperatures cool down. I'll probably just stay indoors and do the things I need to get done before playing the save file. Of course, that is if the power stays on. Anyway, here are comments!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I actually do know someone with Moran as their last name, lol. Used to work at the high school I attended.
    Yeah, it'd really surprise me if you made one of them have cold feet. I don't know if that'll ever happen, River and Haruo are meant to be.
    Congrats to the newlyweds!

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks! Some of the settings were already close to high, but I had some on lower settings. I like the way these high settings look.

    @lisasc360 Darn burglar!
    I see a deer in the police car pic.
    That cop sure has nerve. Ineffective cops are a problem in SimNation, someone needs to fix that.
    That's like my old History teacher, he'd go out to get his newspaper in his underwear.
    Good luck at University, Donny and Lisa!

    @Sprottenham You're welcome.
    Thanks, I like how my PlantSims look too.
    So far, she is 14 days past the 90 day lifespan.
    Seems like they are having fun on the cruise ship.
    Great update!

    @emorrill You're welcome.
    It wasn't a fun time, that's for sure. I never had an issue as bad as some, but I still hated it.
    I have a feeling I'm right, but I have been wrong before.
    There were so many of them that I like from that era, both male and female singers.
    Yeah, Illinois is known for being a great hunting area. I know Alan Jackson had some hunting land in my region somewhere as well. Some MLB players hunt in Central Illinois too. My mom got an autograph from Jim Thome but we lost it in a move. Actually, the only person I ever saw that was famous who stopped in the area was Jimmy Buffet. Imagine seeing him stopping into a small bar in a town of only 2,500 people. I would have loved to seen Tim and Faith in Walmart but I'd be so nervous if I had to be their cashier, lol.
    Thanks! I really love how Lily turned out, Rose will be pretty too but I just decided I want Lily as heir.

    ***There are other Elvis songs I'd like to share, but I think I'm going to just share this last one and stop with sharing music for a bit. This is the very last song Elvis ever did in concert and it is called Unchained Melody. Some of you who watched the Patrick Swayze movie, Ghost, will know this song as sung by the original artists, the Righteous Brothers. However, Elvis done it a bit differently and he backed himself up with piano. This song showcases his vocal range, even at 6 weeks or so before his death.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,109 Member
    edited February 2022
    @emorrill Thanks, oh yeah, I was a bit.. hmm.. blown out of the water when I found there was actually a cruise ship available for this game! Free of charge, there really is a lot of good custom content for this game.. I wonder what could be next? A space station? Whoa, that would have been something for the austronauts!

    @Brandontaylor Thanks, yeah, that cruise ship sure is an.. interesting experience. :P

    @GraceyManor Wow, a post office! I never even thought I needed that, but I might have a look at it.
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 224

    When Daisy woke up, I had her do some more work on her athletic skill.

    Meanwhile, I had Ariana do some more paintings. She is 105 days old currently.

    I also decided that Lily needed to learn the athletic skill, as it is one of her traits, just like her mother.

    Then it was time for Daisy to work in the garden. She is just $2000 shy of reaching the top of the gardener career.

    Harlan decided to help Rose learn chess. She got the first couple skill points and he is about halfway through the skill.

    Then I sent Daisy on a jog around town for a while, with the brain enhancing power enabled. It came from the PlantSim mod.

    Upon returning home, I had Daisy start to teach Lily how to drive. I'll have to buy a fourth car soon so that Lily has her own.

    Just a random picture of some descendants protesting at City Hall.

    I had sent Ariana to the Bistro for an opportunity, but it was her time to pass away and she left early. I got a notification saying she failed the opportunity.

    Harlan and Lily zoomed to the Bistro as fast as they could, and they happened to get there in time to see Ariana beg the Reaper. However, he refused, and she died for good.

    Even though they were upset, I had them watch the cooking channel to get their minds off Ariana's death.

    ***I messed around too much last night and only ended up playing one day before going to bed. I plan on playing more tonight.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    @Sprottenham You're welcome.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,192 Member

    Great updates everyone... :)

    @lisasc360 Donnie and Lisa seem to have a really nice life together. :)
    Thank you... :)

    @lisasc360 Great update!
    Thank you... :)
    @lisasc360 Darn burglar!
    I see a deer in the police car pic.
    That cop sure has nerve. Ineffective cops are a problem in SimNation, someone needs to fix that.
    That's like my old History teacher, he'd go out to get his newspaper in his underwear.
    Good luck at University, Donny and Lisa!
    Yup, darn burglar... :D
    Yup it came across the street after the cop pulled up... :)
    Yeah really she does have the nerve to mock someone who's only trying to protect their belongings... :D Should be a way to fire them when they act out like that...lol
    Yikes! I'm surprised no one complained when he would go outside like that... :s
    Thank you... :)

    @lisasc360 The dialogue between your SS and snotty Officer Zhong! :lol: That was highly entertaining!
    I wish her and Donny the best at Uni! :star:
    Thank you... :) I was trying to come up with something funny to go with the pictures of the police officer mocking my simself. It took me by surprise that a law enforcement agent would mock a robbery victim unless of course she is a bad cop and needs then she needs to get into another job in my opinion...lol
    Thank you. It's already starting off pretty interesting at the moment which will be in the next update... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,192 Member

    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 10

    Donny: So after about a 3 and half drive from Aurora Skies to Sims University, we finally arrived to the house that we will be staying in for next 2 weeks. This will be our home away from home.

    Donny: So Lisa, what do think you think of this house that you picked out without looking at the pictures of it?
    Lisa: It looks cozy to me but let me see inside of it.
    Donny: Okay, let's go inside then and get settled down. Ladies first.
    Lisa: Give me one of the keys so that I can unlock the door for us, please?
    Donny: Sure thing. Here you go and be careful going up the stairs.
    Lisa: Thank you and I will. Okay, I'm unlocking the door now. Oh this is nice inside but the kitchen has the same refrigerator and stove that we have at home which probably means that the food that I cook will the cooked uneven.
    Donny: Yikes! Well we could see if we can either get a better stove put in or just buy a microwave and just eat microwaved food or just go to Simburger to eat.
    Lisa: Yeah, let's see if they can either get us a better stove or a microwave to use as I don't want to eat burgers every single day that we're here.

    Lisa: Oh look Donny, here's our schedules for our 1st semester here. I have 3 science classes and 1 art class.

    Donny: Let me see mine. I have 3 technology classes and 1 Physical Education class. What's up with the PE class if I'm trying to get into technology in the military?
    Lisa: You're need to still go through boot camp when you go sign up for the military. So wouldn't you want to be prepared for the physical training of your military career?
    Donny: Yeah I know that I need to go boot camp but I....never mind, you're right that I do need to be prepared to do physical activity when I go to boot camp. Don't won't to be one of those slackers who ruin it for the rest of the squad and have to do extra push-ups or longer hikes with all of that gear that they make you wear.
    Lisa: I know I'm right... ;)
    Donny: Okay Lisa, don't let that go to your head now... ;)

    Donny: Maybe we should head on over to the student building a bit early for the meet and greet, okay?
    Lisa: Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Maybe they will allow us to look around the building as that is one of the where I have to go for a lecture on Tuesday from 8 to 10 am.
    Donny: I have one on Thursday from 4 to 6 pm over there as well.

    Lisa: I wonder if they have a cafeteria in this building as well?
    Donny: I didn't see one listed on their website. So we're just have to carry some food and drinks with us so that we can have a quick snack to have.
    Lisa: Well anyhow, I'm going to go sit down and read my book for a little bit, okay Donny?
    Donny: Okay, you go do that as I'm going over to the next room to check it out.

    Lisa: You called me over, what do you want to show me?
    Donny: I wanted to you to see this room and what I've done on the board.
    Lisa: Well I don't see anything but a bunch of scribbles.
    Donny: Scribbles? That doesn't look like scribbles to me, it's a diagram that I've drew up.
    Lisa laughing: You call that a diagram? It just looks like a bunch of junk to me... ;)

    Donny: Okay, you shut up and come here... <3

    Donny: Have I told you today how beautiful you look?
    Lisa: No, not yet... :blush:
    Donny: Well you do look beautiful today and everyday and I love you so very much. <3
    Lisa blushing: Owww, thank you. And I love you very much as well... <3

    Donny: I can't wait until we get back to our house as there's a few things that I like to do with you.
    Lisa: Oh yeah, like what?
    Donny: I can't tell you here as I don't want anyone to hear me say them... :blush:
    Lisa: You can whisper them in my ear if you want.
    Donny: Nah, I'll just let you keep guessing on what it is... ;)
    Lisa: You know you're a big tease, right?
    Donny: Yes, I do know that.

    Donny: Hey let's take a romantic picture together in front of this contraption here.
    Lisa: That contraption is a science machine that I will be learning how to use while we're here.
    Donny: Oh is that what that is, a science machine. Okay, I'm getting my phone out for our selfie so that we can post these to Simbook for all of our family and friends to look at.

    Donny: Are you sure that you want to be messing around with that now? Because if you break it, we have to buy it.
    Lisa: Don't worry Donny, I'm just doing a little science research on it. And don't be silly about me breaking it because I didn't see anything on the website about having to pay for anything that we break. And besides, they have maintenance crews that come in and work on these during the off hours so that they can make sure that they keep working for the next day anyhow... :p
    Donny: Yeah, okay. But just make sure that you don't do anything weird on that thing, okay?
    Lisa: What kind of weird stuff are you talking about?
    Donny: Well I don't know, maybe like cloning yourself or me. Haven't you ever seen those movies where someone uses a machine like this to create another human being?
    Lisa: You do know that they are just special effects and not real life, right?
    Donny: Yes but I've been reading online about doctors and scientists coming up with ways to replicate human cells that can help with people who have life changing injuries as well as trying to clone a human to be able to use them for transplant patients. They also want to clone humans so that the military could send in the clones to do the fighting as well as to search for underground bombs in warzones.
    Lisa: Well I think things like that are a long way off. Heck, it probably won't even happen in our lifetime anyhow.
    Donny: Okay Lisa, if you say so. But I do believe that it will happen in our lifetime.
    Lisa: And what if it is? I mean the thought of having a clone of the person who needs a transplant or needs something from someone who's match isn't a bad idea at all, is it?
    Donny: Well, no it isn't. But I just think that it would be weird to see a copy of someone that I love. I think that it would be confusing for others as well to see 2 of me or 2 of you, don't you think?
    Lisa: Well I would imagine that if someone does have to have a clone of themselves that the clone would be kept at a hospital or some facility for future uses so that they're not out running around risk getting injured or killed before they can be used to treat the real person.
    Donny: Yeah, I suppose you're right about that, but it's just a bit too freaky to me.

    Donny: Well while you'll doing that, I'm going back to the drawing board and work some more on my diagram, okay?
    Lisa: Sure Donny, you do that.

    Donny: Well I'm done with my diagram for now, so I'm going to play on the computer until it's time for the meet and greet, okay Lisa?
    Lisa: Okay Donny. I'll see you when I'm done doing my research. Love you <3.
    Donny: Love you too <3.

    Lisa: So it's time for the meet and greet which is upstairs in the same building that we're in.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,192 Member

    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 11

    Lisa: When I got upstairs, both Alfred Jobb and I headed on over to the freebies table with him in front of me until he allowed me to go ahead of him.

    Alfred Jobb: Hi, my name is Alfred Jobb.
    Lisa: Hi Alfred. I'm Lisa Dawnlight. It's nice to meet you.
    AJ: It's nice to meet you as well. Are you going to freebie table as well?
    Lisa: Yes I am.
    AJ: Well you can go ahead of me as I don't mind.
    Lisa: Thank you Alfred. I won't be too long looking at the table.
    AJ: You're welcome. And you can take your time looking.

    Lisa: After I took a look at the table and moved over for Alfred to look, then Donny came over and grabbed himself a frisbee while I got a can of soda. Then after that, we took some romantic photos over in the photo booth that we will hang up when we back home in Aurora Skies.

    Lisa: While Donny and I was taking out pictures, the university mascot walks on by.

    Donny: Hey Lisa, want to go play some ping pong?
    Lisa: Sure Donny, it sounds like fun.

    Donny: Prepare to get your rear end beat.
    Lisa: Not likely to happen.
    Donny: You wanna bet?
    Lisa: Sure. What should we bet on?
    Donny: If I win, we play pool. If you win, we can go bowling. Deal?
    Lisa: Deal!

    Lisa: YAY! A score for me.
    Donny: It'll be your only score that you get.
    Lisa: Don't be too sure about that.

    Donny: Haha, I got a point now. So you better watch out.
    Lisa: Well look here, I got 2 more points on you now...lol... :p

    Lisa: So the game kept on going until a winner came out on top. (The rest of the ping pong photos are under the spoiler with the exception of the last one where it shows the winner.

    Lisa: WOOT! I won, I won, I won.
    Donny: More like you cheated.
    Lisa: Cheated?
    Donny: Yeah, cheated. I wasn't ready for some of those serves... :p
    Lisa: Oh just admit it, you're not very good at ping pong.
    Donny: Oh you just wait, I will kick your rear in a rematch once I get some practice in.
    Lisa: Yeah yeah yeah! We shall see... :p

    Lisa: Well I'm getting hungry. Want to buy a piece of cake from the stand?
    Donny: Sure. I'm getting hungry as well.
    Lisa: Excuse me sir!
    Donny: I don't think he hears you. Here let me try. Excuse me. We would like to buy a piece of cake from you.
    Sales guy: I'm on break right that moment, so you're have to come back in 15 minutes.
    Lisa: Come Donny, let's go play some video games and then we'll go bowling afterwards, okay?
    Donny: Okay Lisa.

    Lisa: Hi Alfred. having fun?
    AJ: Hi Lisa. Yes, I'm having fun. How about you?
    Lisa: So far, so good. I just kicked my fiancé's rear end in ping pong.
    AJ: Congrats to you... :) Playing some video games now?
    Lisa: Yeah and then afterward, we're going to go bowling next.
    AJ: Sounds good.
    Lisa: Thanks!
    AJ: You're welcome!

    Donny: Just getting my nerd on over here...lol...This is so fun. Once we have enough money to expand our house, I would like to have a gaming room in it loaded with all kinds of video games.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,192 Member

    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 12

    Lisa: Okay Donny, let's head on over to the bowling alley now.
    Donny: Okay Lisa. Hey! Where did you get the bike from?
    Lisa: From the bike rack.

    Donny: Hey Lisa, wait up for me.

    A picture of Jeffery Dean just because the watcher wanted so snap a picture of him.

    Donny: Woah, that was pretty tiring. I need to get in shape for more physical activity but at least I'm here. I saw Lisa made it okay as well.

    Lisa: Slow poke. What took you so long getting here?
    Donny: It's not my fault if you're faster than I am. And besides I needed to choose a bike that would fit me.
    Lisa: Yeah sure... :p I'm just kidding. I got us a lane to play on. Ready for me to kick your rear end again?
    Donny: I'll like to see that happen. I know how you bowl and it's not good... ;)
    Lisa: Okay we shall see about that.

    Shasha Parks to Donny: Hey there handsome.
    Donny looking around blushing: :blush:
    Ruby Parks to Donny: We have a lot in common and I would like to get to know you some more.
    Donny looking a bit worried: :neutral:

    Lisa: Okay ladies, you're talking to my fiancé. So you better stop as he's with me.
    Ruby and Shasha: We shall see about that!
    Ruby: If you're not married yet, then he's available to whomever wants him.
    Shasha: What my sister said. We will have him before the end of the semester is over with.
    Ruby to Shasha: Sorry sister, but I saw him first. So I'll have him before the semester ends.
    Lisa: No one is getting him except me.
    Ruby: You can have him back when you 2 get married provided that he hasn't fallen in love with me by then.
    Donny: Sorry Ruby, but that won't happen as I'm very much in love with Lisa. I'm hers and she's mine and I will not be getting with anyone else while we're here.
    Ruby: Whatever you say but I won't be giving up on you.
    Donny: You can try but I'm not interested in anyone else. I'm only interested in Lisa and getting a degree in technology so that I can go into the military to do military programming and communications as well as trying my hand at engineering.
    Ruby to Lisa: And what are trying for? Or are you here just to make sure that he doesn't cheat on you?
    Lisa to Ruby: No, I'm not here just to make sure that he doesn't cheat. I'm here to get a degree in science and medicine so that I can get in the medical career.
    Ruby: You don't look like someone who should be in medicine.
    Lisa: Oh Yeah. And what do I look like I should be doing then little Miss Prissy?
    Ruby: You look like you should be in retail. Or better yet, a janitorial job scrubbing toilets.
    Donny to Lisa: Don't listen to Ruby. She's just mad because I'm refusing to be her boy toy during the semester.
    Lisa to Donny: Oh don't worry Donny, I'm not letting her get to me. She's just a nobody to me.
    Ruby to Lisa: I'll show you who's a nobody...
    Donny to Ruby: Just shut up already Ruby and leave us alone already.
    Ruby to Donny: Oh, I like that attitude in a man.
    Donny to Ruby: I'm only going to tell once more that I'm not interested in you. End of story.
    Ruby to Donny: Yeah okay. But yo will regret not getting with me.
    Donny not listening to Ruby: Blah blah blah blah!!!!

    Lisa: OOPS! I didn't mean to do that.

    Ruby laughing at Lisa: You couldn't even hit the broadside of a barn to save your life...lol

    Donny joking with Lisa: BOOO! You stink at bowling... :p
    Ruby to Lisa: Even your own fiancé thinks you're a bad bowler.
    Donny and Lisa both at yelling at Ruby: SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!
    Donny to Ruby: Lisa knows that I'm only kidding with her. She's good at sports. She was captain for the girls softball team in high school and voted as our high school prom queen.
    Lisa to Ruby: You don't know anything about my fiancé to say something like that. We love to kid around with each other like that.
    Ruby looking at Lisa: Prom Queen, huh? That should be Queen of Scrubbing Toilets in my opinion as I wouldn't vote for you as prom Queen.
    Donny to Ruby: I said that's enough Ruby. I'm done listening to you and your snide remarks to my fiancée.
    Donny to Lisa: Just disregard Ruby and keep bowling. Once we finish this game up, we're head back home so that we get something to eat and some rest for tomorrow.
    Lisa to Donny: That sounds good as I am getting hungry.
    Ruby to Lisa: I hope you choke on your food.
    Shasha to Ruby: Will you stop already with harassing Donny and Lisa. If Donny's not interested in you, then just leave him alone as there are plenty of other guys to choose from.
    Ruby to Shasha: What did you just say to me?
    Shasha to Ruby: I said would you stop harassing Donny and Lisa? Grandmother wouldn't like it if she knew that you were trying to take someone else's man away from them as well as telling someone that you hope that they choke on their food. You do know what they say about karma, don't you?
    Ruby grumbling to Shasha: How dare you ruin my fun by bringing up Grandmother. She's not here right now to stop me.
    Shasha to Ruby: Well she's here now standing by the door on the other side of the wall. So you better stop before she gets angry with you.
    Ruby to Shasha: Oh, what is she going to do to me? Send me to my room?
    Shasha: Just stop now. You're old enough now to not act like a child.

    Patty Yong: Hi, I'm Patty Yong. It's nice to meet you.
    Lisa: Hi Patty. I'm Lisa Dawnlight[/b]: It's nice to meet as well.
    Donny: Hi Patty. I'm Donny Lorde. It's nice to meet you too.
    Ruby to Lisa: Would you please shut up as I'm trying to concentrate on my bowling as well as your man.
    Donny to Ruby: SHUT UP RUBY!

    Donny to Lisa: Okay step aside, I'll show you how it's done Lisa... ;)
    Lisa to Donny: Oh, so you're going to show me how to bowl when you know darn well that I was on a bowling team... :p
    Ruby to Lisa: Hmph! A bowling team? I don't think so with the way she was bowling. The team probably stayed in last place with her sloppy bowling. But then again, who would want you on their team anyhow?
    Shasha to Ruby: Didn't I already tell to stop harassing Lisa as it's getting old now?
    Ruby to Shasha: Yes you did. But it's fun to harass her.
    Shasha to Ruby: Well it's old now and messing with the mood around here. Plus you're making yourself look like a fool. Let's just keep bowling and leave Donny and Lisa alone now.
    Ruby grumbling to Shasha: Okay, whatever you say.

    Donny to Lisa: WOOHOO! I did a better job than you did... :p
    Lisa to Donny: Great job Donny!
    Donny to Lisa: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Ruby to Lisa: He did a...
    Shasha to Ruby: I said stop it already!
    Shasha grumbling to Shasha: Mind your own business, sister!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,077 Member
    edited February 2022
    Rachel ended up having twins: Ashley and Brian.

    Rachel: My nose is not a chew toy...let go.

    Babies are so needy in the game.XD You talk to them, put them back in
    crib, then they poop themselves.XD

    Jeffrey:-looks at rose-: What's she doing here? The sun is still up.
    Rose: I am not in the mood, I'm about to start, so back off.
    Jeffrey: Point taken.-backs away.-

    Rachel: I'm so exhausted...
    William: go to bed, I'll finish up
    Rachel: You sure?
    William: You need your rest, go sleep.
    Rachel: Thank you.Ow let go of my hair.

    And the photos below I forgot to share from their honeymoon! I can't believe I forgot these



  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    @lisasc360 You're welcome.
    I always get so mad when they steal my stuff.
    I wish there was a way to fire them, lol.
    Probably since we are a small town, no one paid any attention but who knows.
    I think they need an upgrade in appliances.
    Lisa's classes are early compared to Donny's.
    It does look like scribbles.
    I need to use the Science machine more. I only used it a bit a while back.
    Just don't shake the soda machine.
    Looks like they had fun bowling.
    Great updates!

    @GraceyManor Congrats on the twins!
    Yeah, you constantly have to watch them. At least toddlers aren't quite as bad.
    Great update!
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    Goth Family, Day 225 through Day 228 Part 1

    ***Not changing the name of the story thread, but I've only got Goth's living in the house now so updates are changing to the Goth family.

    To start this update, I waited for everyone to get ready then sent Harlan to the cake. He is now an Adult and has a midlife crisis. This is his second time hitting this life stage, and it'll also be his last. He's basically lived two lifetimes.

    Afterwards, Daisy took Lily to practice driving again. This time, she completed her training and she can now drive a car. Speaking of which, my Corvette went missing so not sure who took it. Still have the Silverado and Camaro though.

    Rose watched some TV for a bit, I believe it was the kids channel.

    Harlan needed to throw a party for an opportunity, so I decided to have him dance for a bit until they got there. I wanted the partygoers out in the kitchen since it is the biggest open area other than outside.

    Daisy talked with Sheena a bit at the party. She and the other family members actually spent time with a lot of family.

    I had sent Rose over to Dwight's house to visit relatives. However, she spent most of the time playing tag with him until this happened. Looks like his head is caught in the fence.

    An aerial view of the partygoers dancing.

    When the party had ended, Daisy went to work in the garden.

    I had Lily work with the chemistry table some. She hasn't got them all yet.

    Daisy did some more exercising in an attempt to reach the top of the skill.

    Harlan wanted a little loving so he and Daisy ended up kissing, and woohooing.

    Daisy had a low social meter for some reason, so I had her chat with her hologram creature.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,387 Member
    Oopsies... too much fun on the wedding night. :D:mrgreen:
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    Goth Family, Day 225 through Day 228 Part 2

    In the morning, the family ate pancakes for breakfast.

    Both Harlan and Daisy had wishes related to athletics so that is what they started out with after breakfast. Daisy was very close to getting athletics finished.

    They went on a date after Daisy finished in the garden. I never really have Sims windsurf so decided to have them do that.

    Daisy asked her distant relative, Alex Langerak, out to the beach. However, he said no so she ended up calling Brannon Naquin instead. I was going off the guys she already showed interest in.

    They did their homework together and about that time, I heard Harlan and Daisy stop windsurfing.

    Lily had a wish to learn guitar, so she took it out in the kitchen to learn to play. Luckily, her time on the xylophone as a toddler paid off and she started out at level 2.

    Either later that night, or early the next morning, Lily worked more on her athletic skill.

    For some reason while she was playing chess, Daisy looked at the wall.

    Rose had a wish to preside over the Royal Court, and since it was easy, I granted that wish. She's only staying in the household until she gets married later on but it'll help her if I get her some rewards.

    Daisy went to the park since it was one of her wishes, and I had her chat with some of the townies there. To be honest, it's mostly descendants of Emily that are still left, but a lot of them are distant cousins now. This woman's name is Beth (Sekemoto) Gaffney, and she is married to a pudding face that the game generated. She is the granddaughter of Sam Sekemoto and Rain (Forest-Sekemoto) Langerak. Her mother is the daughter of Christen Bunch, so this does make her a distant relative of Daisy's. (I have to thank my FamilyEcho tree for this one, I use it to reference how someone is related so I can keep track).

    Daisy felt a bit more comfortable with skating, so she got a wish to do a spin.

    Rose and Lily are both good at doing their homework autonomously.

    Daisy still needs to reach the top of the logic skill to complete her LTW, so I had her challenge Harlan to a few games of chess.

    For the first time in her life, Lily photosynthesized outside.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,746 Member
    Goth Family, Day 225 through Day 228 Part 3

    Lily invited Brannon over again and he said yes so they hung out for a bit in the front yard. If they end up together, his name might slightly get altered to Brandon. However, either way, I got rid of his old haircut and slightly edited his face.

    Then, I had them start to flirt a bit and Brannon seemed very receptive to it. It led to Lily pressing her luck and giving him a kiss.

    I sent them over to one of the pools in town to swim, when I realized that Brannon was wearing a diving suit.

    Lily saw that Troy Langerak was at the pool so she went to talk with him. He is Dwight's son.

    Then it was time for Rose to age up. I was getting tired at this point, so I didn't give her a makeover yet.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,192 Member

    @lisasc360 You're welcome.
    I always get so mad when they steal my stuff.
    I wish there was a way to fire them, lol.
    Probably since we are a small town, no one paid any attention but who knows.
    I think they need an upgrade in appliances.
    Lisa's classes are early compared to Donny's.
    It does look like scribbles.
    I need to use the Science machine more. I only used it a bit a while back.
    Just don't shake the soda machine.
    Looks like they had fun bowling.
    Great updates!
    Same here. I once had sent my Sims in my Riverview save to Roaring Heights and a burglar came in and stole the bathtub. The bathtub? Who steals and bathtub and where would they even hide it at when leaving the house?
    Yup, same here.
    Right. If it's minor crimes, then they wouldn't be reported like the big crimes are.
    They sure do. It's like the builders of the houses still thinks it's the 50's/60's when putting in the appliances. But then it's probably like that to keep the rent down so that the sims could afford to stay there.
    Right. While his is from the afternoon to evening, my is from morning to afternoon with only one class in the evening.
    She thought the same as well...lol
    I've only a couple of times. U used once in my Riverview save when @CravenLestat sim had abducted my SS and then scanned her for her dna and then used the machine to create a baby with it.
    Yeah, I don't think that I want my sims to die by having the soda machine falling on them
    They sure did have fun bowling with the exception of the Parks sisters thinking that Donny was hot and with Ruby trying to get o know him.
    Thank you... :)
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    edited February 2022
    My new simmy

    Orabella DeMarco

    An famous international news anchor who uses her trips around the globe as opportunity to loot artifacts from historical sites and smuggles them for large amounts of cash on the black market.
    She is extremely charming beautiful and cunning the authorities have yet to suspect she is the mastermind behind the largest illegal theft ring in history.

    With the end of winter nearing she is heading on an assignment to Egypt to cover the Sham Al Nessim spring festival ...

    This is the perfect chance to plunder the great pyramid and ruins of Karnak


    Born Salesperson

    Lifetime Wish

    Star News Anchor

    EDIT: Orabella means beautiful gold in Italian :p very fitting

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    @lisasc360 So you are accusing my sim of dastardly deeds like kidnapping :o

    I am innocent just like

    Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty

    Ursula in The little Mermaid

    Cruella De Ville in 101 Dalmatio....... :/



    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,192 Member
    @lisasc360 So you are accusing my sim of dastardly deeds like kidnapping :o

    I am innocent just like

    Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty

    Ursula in The little Mermaid

    Cruella De Ville in 101 Dalmatio....... :/



    @CravenLestat, Oh we know that you like to kidnap the female sims that you like and force them to have your sim babies... :p

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