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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,386 Member
    Brooke vs. Vita. Yes, Brooke has a nice "right-hook".
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family Days 218-221

    Note: For these updates, I turned all my graphics settings to the highest they go. The game still runs fairly decent and everything looks a little better so as long as I have no issues, I'll continue to play this way.

    Daisy went to let Rose out of her crib when Harlan decided he wanted to get romantic.

    Then it was time for the campaign party where Harlan got $50,000. I had fixed outfits but my game crashed so I left them as is when I rebooted.

    The older family members went around and chatted with the guests, and Harlan danced with Carrie Langerak. I expect she'll be around a while since her mother was a fairy.

    Lily had an opportunity to collect certain bugs around town. She started on it, but didn't finish it that day.

    Ariana had only a tiny bit of the painting skill that she had gained back when she and her siblings were competing against one another to be heir. However, I decided it'd be a nice little pass time for her since she is retired.

    Daisy worked in the garden in an attempt to prepare the garden for the new produce.

    Lily went after another one of the bugs she needed. I feel like this is the one she needed to complete it, but I forgot.

    Ariana went out to get the mail and pay the bills.

    Daisy is a few skill points short of completing her lifetime wish which is to max both athletics and logic.

    Harlan and Ariana spent some time honing their chess skills.

    Then it was time for Rose's age up party. She looks exactly like Daisy did at that age.

    Then the family ate cake together. I've got a bit better picture of Rose though.

    Here she is playing video games while Daisy watches.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family Days 218-221 (Part 2)

    On one of the days, Daisy chatted with Rose for a bit. I had put aging on pause for a few days, just so the children could attend school a bit before Lily ages to teenager.

    Lily and Rose spent some time together while they watched TV.

    Then I sent Daisy to the gym so that she could get the benefit of the moodlet. She had a wish to train somebody so she trained this guy who is a random Sim.

    Ariana decided it was time to throw a protest against unskilled Sims. Those of you that know me know I do this every so often after Llandros mentioned it in his Ultimate Sim Challenge videos. It gives that 2 day skill boost moodlet to the whole family. With the faster learner LTR, skills are learned much faster.

    Daisy went to the Bistro shortly after to get the celebrity opportunity done. It was the one where you eat there, then chat with three Sims about the place. Abigail from University came to visit since I once invited her to a party just for fun.

    Ariana and Rose had a pillow fight in the third floor bedroom.

    Harlan and Daisy spent some time alone together to enjoy each others bodies.

    That night, Christian Jones came back for a visit. For those who don't remember, he is the clone of Christopher (Steel) Jones.

    ***More coming at some point, most likely tomorrow after work.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Playing in the reboot where I made over Sunset Valley descendants tonight. I’m continuing it as my personal game at the moment.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,386 Member
    Sometimes, you just wanna play without having to go to the trouble of telling a whole story. With this hair, I'm getting a sort of a Patricia Richardson/Home Improvement vibe...

    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • CororonCororon Posts: 4,272 Member
    Hello, and thanks for the comments! I'm looking through the updates. :smile:

    I have a migraine today and don't feel like doing anything. The painkillers are starting to do their job, though.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,386 Member
    edited January 2022
    How do you know someone loves you for who you are?
    When they agree to marry you: broke and penniless.
    ...and will stand by your side even through the worst that life can throw at you...
    That's TRUE love.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,101 Member
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comment on my update from several days ago. ;) I've been a bit busy preparing for something, game wise...

    Oh, Rose looks like such a cute toddler. Hehe, well plant sims might not need potty training, but it sounds like it could be necessary anyway. :P

    Hmm, to have lots of children quickly, being a plant sim is probably good, come to think of it, since they don't get pregnant the standard way, but only plant seeds. :P

    Ariana is probably exercizing because she wants to live a long life. ;)

    And of course, Lily and Rose also look cute as children!

    Lovely detail that Daisy leaves flowers on the ground where she has walked!

    I read through all the updates so far and there are many good ones and nice pictures!
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member
    edited January 2022
    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 7

    Lisa: Dinner's ready Donny.
    Donny joking: Okay Lisa, I'm coming. Smells and looks good but does it taste good is the question!
    Lisa joking: Oh Donny, you know it'll taste good.
    Donny joking: Well I'll be the judge of that... ;)

    Donny: You know Lisa, I think that you need a spa day to yourself. I've been reading about the local spa here in town and they offer a wide range of spa treatments.
    Lisa: Well thank you for saying that.
    Donny: I know how much you've talked about trying out the spa in Bridgeport but was always worried about the cost of it since everything in Bridgeport was way over priced. Plus I've seen your facial products in the bathroom and they look like they need to be thrown away as the tubes seem empty to me.
    Lisa: Yup, I've always wanted to try going to a spa as it looks relaxing and everything but the cost was always a turn off for me. And yes, I know but it's just I like to get every drop out of the tubes before throwing them away.

    Lisa: So how did you like the Goopy Carbonara? And be honest about it as it's the only way that I will know if I need to do anything differently.
    Donny: Well it tasted good but it was a little undercooked.
    Lisa: Well I did let it cook for the time it said in the recipe unless it's because of the stove being so old which if that is the case, then we need to replace it soon.
    Donny: Yeah I suppose that could be the reason why the food hasn't been that great. And no, I'm not saying that you're a bad cook because you're a good cook. And I know that good cooks have their bad days when it comes to cooking.

    Donny: You do the dishes and I will clean the stove like I said I would, okay?
    Lisa feeling frustrated: Okay.

    Donny: I'll put the leftovers away so that we can have them for later, okay?
    Lisa: Okay.
    Donny: What's the matter Lisa?
    Lisa: Nothing.
    Donny: It doesn't sound like anything?
    Lisa: I'm going to back to my painting that I've started earlier today.

    Donny: Lisa, turn around and look at me. Please?
    Lisa looking at Donny: Why?
    Donny: Because I want to do this and to tell you that I love you.
    Lisa: I Love you too Donny.
    Donny: No need to feel frustrated about the food being bad. We're replace the oven when we get from our 1st semester at the university. Okay?
    Lisa: I know but I just feel bad that my cooking isn't up to par at the moment. You know I'm a natural born cook but just hit a few snags here and there when trying a new recipe. And that sound goods. We're look online to see what we can find and compare prices with other online stores.
    Donny: Well that's way it takes practice and patience when it comes to trying new recipes as you're just learning them for the 1st time and no one expects them to come out right the first time around. Or even the 2nd time around which is why cooks keep cooking them is to get the right taste and texture just right. And yes, we can look online for stoves.
    Lisa: You're right about practice and patience when it comes to cooking.
    Donny: I know, I'm always right... ;)
    Lisa: Not always... :p

    Donny: Now shut up and come here.

    Donny: I do love our new bed as it's comfortable and it doesn't squeak and shake when we turn over in it. The last one always felt like it was going to fall down on us.
    Lisa: Yup. And the mattress was way too hard and the springs felt like they were poking me in my back.

    Donny: Yeah, right. And it made it harder to snuggle with you like this.
    Lisa: Yes it was.

    Lisa: Dang! My cellphone is ringing.
    Donny: Don't answer it. Let it go voice mail. It's probably a spam call anyhow.
    Lisa: You're probably right. And who in their right mind would be calling at 11:00 pm except for spammers who doesn't know what time it is in this part of the world.

    Lisa: Sorry Donny but I got to answer the phone as they won't stop calling whoever it is.
    Donny feeling frustrated: Okay, but I'm going to go to sleep now that the mood was broken by that dang phone ringing nonstop.
    Lisa: Well it seem that the Füd Feud Diner located where the Everfresh Delights Supermarket is now wants me to enter into their food cook-off. I went and accepted it but I don't think that I will be able to complete it in time if we enroll to the university tomorrow.
    Donny snoring: --
    Lisa: Oh well, he didn't hear so I might as well join him now.
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,101 Member
    Chapter 16.7 – Bewickton – October 2022. Part I: All on board!


    The news about the police raid had of course also reached the coastal community of Bewickton just off the east coast ,where especially old grandpa Deepak was glued to the tv set absorbing everything he could about the ongoing case...


    Laranya was concerned about her daughter and her grandchildren, so she gave Leya a call, but Leya could assure them that everything was just fine with them.


    Of course, Leya and most of the townsfolk was shocked that something like this had been going on in their little town, but all in all they were doing just fine.


    The news had also reached Palash and Sofia, currently located on the cruise ship, MS Princess Ragnhild, that just left Cyme Ixotic and is about to stake out its course to the tropical island of Belo Horizonte where they will spend their honeymoon... after getting married in July... Going on a cruise is in high demand, so they didn't get tickets until October...


    Before they went, little Yumi had been dropped off at Laranya and Deepaks house because the cruise ship did not allow animals, with a clear message from Palash not to spoil her to much when they were away.. "Oh no worries, we won't spoil her" Laranya told him with a small wink in her eye. I mean, since when has a grandmother ever spoiled anything..... :P

    Departure and Day 1.


    The cruise ship was set to departure from Cyme Ixotic late that night, so by the time they went on board, it was already bedtime, so not much to do but to locate their room and go to bed.


    Sofia had originally wanted to order a room for them on the aft deck*, but those rooms were already full, so they had to make do with getting one on the Mid Deck, right below the disco area... the least quiet area of the entire ship.. and loud music was already blaring from above as they exit the elevator on their floor...
    * Well, that was what I thought I had set up, but.. somehow that didn't work..


    I hope they can get a good nights sleep! :P


    Day one of their journey, time to get up and locate the buffét! They sit down to eat their morning salad, and Sofia hopes to meet some celebrities on their journey. It is very important for her to have something to brag about once she gets home.. why else would one go on such an expensive cruise to a tropical island, if not for keeping up appearances? ;) If we would have had access to her social media account, I'm sure it would have been full of pictures of her happy life..


    ..but this is actually a happy life, because they are really enjoying the surroundings of the cruise ship already. And after breakfast, Sofia grabs Palash for a heavy kiss, and I think this is so cute!

    Update continues in spoiler:

    Sofia gets lots of pleasure from kissing (and woohoo! And why wouldn't she, its good stuff. ;) ) Palash enjoys it too, but he also has some different thoughts.. Where Sofia wants to go on a cruise simply for the experience (and something to talk about once they are back home), Palash, being a family oriented man, has hopes that when they come back Sofia will be pregnant...


    Sofia meets one of the young party kids living on this deck, and she immediately starts talking to Sofia about children.


    Interestingly, Sofia is not reacting to the conversation topic negatively, so maybe there is hope for Palash's wish. ;) Palash is seen out in the lower left here, where he is walking around to explore the ship.


    He locates the restaurant on the main deck and thinks this would be a really nice place to dine with Sofia later.


    He is so excited, he cheers at his own idea. ;)


    Palash then locates the cinema, that is just opposite from the restaurant across the open mid section. The doors are a little anonymous, the only thing indicating there is a cinema inside is the obscure movies poster to the left of the doors, but its there. ;)


    Palash sits down to watch an action movie, "Puritania", about dangerous robots from the future, travelling through time to conquer the planet and exterminate all of mankind...
    Let chaos entwine
    On defenseless soil
    Remove errors of man
    And sweep all the weakening kind


    Bygone are tolerance
    And presence of grace
    Scavengers are set out
    To cleanse the human filth parade

    - Dimmu Borgir, Puritania

    Phew! Thank goodness its only a movie...


    Afterwards Palash and Sofia sit down to read each their book in each their lobby when this woman comes over to brighten his day. Palash listens politely, but isn't to interested in this stranger. He only thinks about the restaurant.
    Its a very big ship.. and the opportunities for nice screenshots are plentiful, so I find it really hard to limit myself here, but I'm trying not to overload this with images... so a lot of good looking shots unfortunately have to be skipped! These shots are not among the best, but they give an overview of the ship.

    Sofia and Palash's room is on the Mid Deck, second to top floor on the port side of the ship (left side when facing front).


    Its Sofias lucky day, so after she finishes the book, she wants to try her luck with "The Claw", however, the elevator doesn't really care how lucky she thinks she is, and decides to go for an attack when she tries to exit...


    Maybe they are already here.. maybe this is where the take over begins...


    Machines: 1. Humans: 0.


    Sofia gets up to brush it off, and locates "The Claw" machine. It is in on the main deck, in the entrance area to the cinema.


    ..but again the machines prove to not care about Sofias perceived idea of luck, and gives her absolutely nothing. A small victory for the machines again. Sofia is a little disappointed, but happy nonetheless..


    "There will be plenty of opportunities to get kids toys later" she thinks. Kids toys, Sofia? What are you gonna need that for...? I thought you disliked children...


    After being unlucky with "The Claw" Sofia also goes into the cinema to watch a movie. This time its a horror movie about an unsuspecting girl checking her appearance in the mirror, before a ghostly demon appears and... bad things happen!


    In the meantime Palash has been checking out the dance floor upstairs, just without doing any dancing. Guess he is not feeling ready for that yet. :P


    Sofia finishes watching the movie, and then its time for supper and they meet downstairs in the restaurant. Aww, this is so cute. Sofia is missing Yumi, their dog, already.


    They grab their meals and sit down to eat, at each their table.. so much for the romantic dining experience...
    (..and yeah, there is a piece of wall coating missing there, I actually didn't notice until now. I'll notify whoever manages the cruise ship, so that they can hopefully fix it! :P )


    Oh well, atleast the moment of dining alone together can be savoured by taking a romantic picture afterwards! This gives Sofia a wish to party, so she heads towards the dance floor, but the elevator is not having it again....


    So she changes her mind, and decides to follow her husband that is already on his way to bed. I have to give her a hand with this though, and guide her up the stairs, becuase the elevators really aren't cooperating today... why does the ship even have them? :P


    After lots of walking about she finally makes it there, and they both fall safely asleep after this first full day of their honeymoon...


    Lets just hope these evil machines, elevators and computers won't come around and take over completely... :P


    Good night. ;)
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 957 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Congrats on the mention in the weekly review! Yay!

    I hope my fellow North East US folks are faring well with this storm. We had snow all day, but didn't get slammed like the Jersey shore or Long Island.

    I had to "work from home" today, which consisted of me checking billing and watching stuff on Prime.

    No updates on my game because I didn't have much time this week to play. May go into a game similar to @Nikkei_Simmer and @Brandontaylor where I just play and not try to achieve any story or particular game style.

    Happy Simming all!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,101 Member
    edited January 2022
    Chapter 16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea - October 2022. Part II: Elevator Boogie.

    Mabel Scott - Elevator Boogie.

    It's the second day of their cruise, the ship is now out in more open waters, and Palash is the first to wake up this morning, at around 06:20! Early bird and all that...


    Breakfast serving does not start until 07:00, so he has a bit of time to walk around.. He stops by the elevator and happily reveals his main wish to us. ;) He spends his morning walking around, exploring a bit more of the ship.


    Sofia wakes up and walks downstairs to eat her breakfast alone. Palash tried to get there to eat with her, but was stopped by a quarrelsome elevator...


    But when he finally does make it there to eat, she has a very cute reaction. This is true love, it is so pretty. Both of them get a big heart moodlet whenever they are in the same room.


    She walks over to sit down at his table. She's got a bit of a poker face hiding her eyes behind those sunglasses, but its no secret who she is looking at...


    After breakfast this man walked over and tried to flirt with Sofia, but she wasn't to interested. Palash was on his way to walk around the ship again, but he went over there to join their conversation once he heard the flirting going on.


    After breakfast, they want to explore more of the ship, so they head towards Mid Deck 3 inbetween the Mid Deck 2 (where they are staying) and the Aft Deck.
    If anyone is interested, the ship I am using is MS Plumbob, and can be downloaded from here (it is a world file):
    ....but just be warned if you want to use it, you're gonna have to do a lot of interior work, because all the decks (except the aft deck) are empty shells without content and rooms inside.
    To save you some work, a Captain's Deck can be downloaded from Mod the sims:
    I am not using the Captain's Deck, so I don't know what it looks like.


    They walk inside on the starboard side to find a store that sells groceries, some essentials, clothes and various tourist items.. Palash is a little hesitant to walk inside, but Sofia immediately locates the fashion section to gawk at shoes. ;)


    "These high heeled shoes are just marvelous. I wonder if they have them in alligator skin?"
    Sofia is obviously not one for eco-travel or consumerism... :P
    She tries a few of them on while checking her own appearance in the mirror in the changing room just behind her, and ends up buying a couple of pairs.


    Palash wants to drag her out of there before things escalate, and suggests they explore the upper floors on this deck.. hopefully there are no more shops there! :P

    Update continues in spoiler:

    This appears to be Palash's unlucky day as he once again gets trapped by an elevator and falls behind as Sofia walks through what looks like a fitness room to locate a sauna.
    "This looks like a nice place to relax and enjoy the ocean view" she thinks as she heads for the bathtub.


    Palash finishes the argument with the elevator and eventually makes in there to enjoy some relaxing steam.


    "You know, we should really get one of these at home!" Sofia says.


    "Hmm.. that would be really nice, but where should we put it? I don't think we have room.."


    "Haha, oh, but what about kids, then? If we have room for kids, I think we will also have room for a sauna..."
    Palash is defeated and has no answer..


    After a while of relaxing they get hungry, so its time to head back to "their" part of the ship to eat at the restaurant. On the way back Sofia passes another couple slow dancing in the fitness room, perhaps also on their honeymoon.


    Palash falls behind once more, because he is stopped in his tracks by this woman with an important secret to share.. "If I had a superpower, I would choose to fly" she says. He laughs at it, before he has to run. Sofia has already ordered and received her food at the restaurant and is now standing there waiting for him...


    He finally makes it there to order, well, hot dogs, and there appears to be another crew there about to fill up their stomachs before, presumably, partying the night away...


    Sofia doesn't want to eat near such a rowdy bunch, and she is uncomfortable by the flirtatious looks Palash gets from the women, so she suggests they find a more quiet table upstairs in the breakfast area...


    "I have been thinking a lot about children lately" Sofia says "but I am a little scared of this thought..."


    Palash is very happy about his wife bringing up this topic, and of course tries to cheer her up about it. "Children are such wonderful beings" he says "and I am sure nothing would put a greater smile on our faces than watching those little buggers grow up!"


    "Oh, I don't know..." Sofia says "I am very happy with our home just the way it is, with just you, me and little Yumi. I already have everything I need..."


    Palash listens and lets her speak her mind. He loves his wife just as much as he would love children, so he doesn't want to push her into it, but of course, he still hopes that her mind will change about it. He thinks that for now the best he can do as set her in the mood for love making, so he goes for a romantic kiss.


    This works for Sofia, so she grabs him for a sudden, but wonderful, smooch. ;)



    They kiss and make out in the breakfast area for a great while...


    ...before it looks like they are heading back to their room as they walk towards the elevator..


    Once both are inside, Sofia leans onto Palash and the elevator door closes...


    The picture doesn't show it very well, but this elevator is moving... not upwards, but sideways!


    You've been having some fun in there, haven't you? ;) That's risky! I thought you were going to bed! :P


    Well, Sofia decides to find the bed, by using the stairs again, so I guess the elevators no longer work as a means of transportation.. but atleast they still have some use! :P


    Palash sits around in the lobby for a while, looking at this image of a spider... appropriate I guess, as they're both entangled in each others web now, so... just don't eat each other. ;)


    He eventually joins his wife in bed too, where Sofia is dreaming sweet dreams of their future home life.. with or without children, only time will tell... good night. ;)

    P.S: I will not make the promise that they will actually have children, I will leave it up to them, or Sofia to initiate or accept the "try for baby" interaction... I will be pleased if they do, but I'm not really expecting it.

    (Edited post because I mixed up which deck they were going to. Its easy to get lost on this boat!)
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,104 Member
    edited January 2022
    emorrill Penny looks ravishing in that school girl outfit! :p
    ^Thank you. :blush:
    Beautiful royal family of Praaven. :star:
    I'm totally going to set my next story in that world. ;) It will be a recreation of something medieval I wrote when I was a teenager. :)

    @Brandontaylor Your new graphics look good. :blush: Enjoyed your posts.

    @Nikkei_Simmer I could totally see Patricia Richardson on River. 👍

    Enjoyed all your posts everyone. Awesomes handed out. <3
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,386 Member
    edited January 2022
    I'm NOT trying to make River look like my Jedi Consular...
    Really, I'm not...
    Ummm...yeah...definitely not.

    Although I could make a new female Jedi Sage with the name: Hsiricm Revir :mrgreen:
    Post edited by Nikkei_Simmer on
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,439 Member
    @emorrill that sounds really interesting! It´s a fantastic world :)
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Just have comments to do tonight as I don’t believe I have any updates left to post. Will probably also play tonight.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    edited January 2022
    Found out I do have one update to post, so here it is.

    Lily likes to play with the dollhouse, which she had done ever since she was a toddler.

    I have also been having her continue to learn logic by playing chess, or using the chemistry table. She did use the telescope in an earlier update.

    Daisy got a guitar at the recent Gift Giving party, so now she likes to play it every time she gets.

    She still has a bit to go to reach the top of both the logic and athletic skills. She's not far from completing her lifetime wish and should get it done before her age up to Adult.

    One of the people that Daisy plays chess with is her mother, Ariana. It's still surprising that Ariana is alive, I'm not sure why my Sims are living so long past their lifespans.

    Rose is good about doing her homework, as is her older sister Lily.

    Then Daisy worked in the garden where she had added some of the plants I wanted her to plant.

    Some of the family went to a party and since they are celebrities, even the kids get their pictures taken. Here, Lily poses for the camera.

    Daisy chatted with her brother John, who was also at the party.

    I believe this lady is either Abigail Langerak's daughter, Sheena, or her granddaughter. I can't remember though.

    The girls got tired of the party so they decided to play tag.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Worked a short shift (8-1) this morning, now I have two days off. We have a Winter Storm Warning now and the National Weather Service is calling for a foot or more of snow, blowing and drifting, dangerous roads, and power outages that could last a few days. Luckily, I don't work the next couple of days, but Thursday is supposed to be the worst and I work 11-8 that day. Probably will not make it in so that means I'll have 5 days off work if that happens. Anyway, I'm gonna get caught up on comments and post a couple songs.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Germophobic would be a fun trait to play if there was one.
    Brooke looks like she's laughing at Evil Haruo.
    She does look a bit like Patricia Richardson, lol. I always loved Home Improvement, it was better than Tim Allen's newer show, Last Man Standing. Saw where he is going to play Santa Claus again in a Santa Clause Disney+ show.
    That's when you know you have someone special. A good husband or wife is someone who sticks with you in good times and bad times.
    Try saying that out loud, lol. I can't pronounce Hsiricm but Revir isn't hard.

    @emorrill Thanks! I'm having so much fun with the family that I can't play anything else, lol
    So do I. I was listening to some 90's country the other day but listening to some 50's music at the moment.
    Yeah, I may have to put a No CC Dwight up though since I uploaded him with a CC hair.
    Looks like they are going to have a good Christmas.
    I hated acne as a teenager. Sometimes I still get one or two but not very often.
    I hate to say it, but I think she's pregnant. That's gonna come with some complications.
    Haley did seem happy... until her snarl happened.
    Her new hairstyle looks good. It's shorter, but not too short.
    Great update!
    Thanks! I just figured since I've had this gaming laptop for a while, might as well give it a try. I've had no issues and played several days, so highest graphics settings is staying. I think my pictures look a bit crisper or something, they just stand out a bit.

    @Karritz Great update!
    Yeah, the video one makes sense. I wonder if the badge is glitched, to be honest. I haven't tried that one so I'm not sure.

    @ZhakiraP Great picture of the Royals!
    Thanks, trying to stick with flower names if possible.
    Yeah, they age up quick on normal lifespan.
    Thank you!

    @Sprottenham You're welcome.
    Yeah, it seems like its gonna help on picking traits. Potty training doesn't take long at least.
    They could actually woohoo multiple times, plant all those seeds, and end up with a ton of kids all at once. :lol:
    That might be why Ariana is living longer, although she doesn't have the skill point part done.
    Yep, and now her girls get to leave flowers too.
    Great updates!

    @lisasc360 Great update!

    @MamaSimTee I just found out it works best for me to just do loose play styles. If I had more time, I probably would try a story though.

    ***Taking a bit of a break from posting Elvis songs. @emorrill and I were talking about 90's country so thought I'd share a couple of my favorites. Of course, I have a ton more than these.

    The first song is called "Sticks and Stones" and is by Tracy Lawrence. I got to see him in concert a few years ago down around Springfield, IL and it was probably one of the best concerts I've been to.

    The second song is called "I Like It, I Love It" by Tim McGraw. I think it's interesting how he didn't know that his real father was baseball Hall of Famer, Tug McGraw. Tim hunts on some farmland pretty close to the farm my great grandparents used to own but haven't ever seen him around. Before I started at Walmart, though, people saw him and Faith Hill there, if rumors are true.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,386 Member
    Well, my sims in my freeplay just got married. Had to take shots when the pose player decided to work. Guess I have to do each pose one sim at a time. Otherwise, they just get confused and stand there like "morans", no offense to anyone with the last name "Moran".

    Haruo wondering what he got himself into.
    River wondering the exact same thing.
    River: "You're not getting cold feet, are you?"
    Haruo: "Never...Always and Forever, River..."
    River: "So shall we do this thing?"
    Haruo: "Ready when you are..."
    "I do!"
    "You may now kiss the bride..." oh wholeheartedly, yes...
    Pose for the cameras...
    Now they're Mr. and Mrs. Haruo Chikamori... :mrgreen:
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,197 Member
    edited February 2022
    Finally, time to comment, been busy with the coursework was a big assignment but I turned it n
    today. Time to start the next one lol. :D


    I used to play in Praave a bit, but there were too many fixes for it so I
    gave it up. lovely photos as always you do the best
    group shots.


    The new graphics look great, lovely


    Lovely wedding shots

  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,742 Member
    Langerak Family, Day 223

    ***Just a quick note here, I did some calculations and figured it will roughly be day 400 when generation 10 is born. That is when I plan to permanently move them from Sunset Valley, as long as the save holds that long. I think I'll do it this way for every town, but this time, I'm going to hold a poll of what town I should move them to next. It won't be for several months though, still have 177 days until 400.

    As soon as Lily got up, she went downstairs to play on the family's new video game console.

    Ariana continues to paint for fun as she doesn't know how much longer she'll be around.

    Harlan wanted to woohoo Daisy so I granted that wish before he had to go to work. Needless to say, it was enough for me to put him on work hard at work. That would get him a raise later on in the update.

    I decided that Rose needed to learn a skill as well, so I had her work on her logic skill. She gained the first couple of levels before school started.

    Daisy needed to go to the grocery store so I decided to have her jog there. She could have used a car, or she could have used the teleport/emerge power she has from the PlantSim mod, but this will help her out. I did have her use emerge to teleport to her garden afterwards though.

    I had her buy some of the more common fruits and vegetables to plant, but she does have the special grapes from France, the money trees, and I hope to find some others to add too.

    I find it odd that two of her fellow housemates are at level 4 celebrity, yet she is only at three. She's married to a four star, so I figured that'd do it. However, it doesn't so I said yes to the Bistro opportunity for the umpteenth time.

    Since the girls were at school, Ariana decided to take a turn at playing video games. She only had a laptop when she was growing up as I never gave them a console to play on.

    Daisy found that Carly was at the Bistro, so she chatted with her. They are as good of friends as Ariana and Cori were, and as Emily and Zelda Mae Sekemoto were.

    Rose wanted to go to a distant relatives house after school, so I let her. His name is Brett Goth, and I thought since they aren't close cousins, maybe they could end up together. However, when I looked at him as an adult, I saw he is going to be really messed up. :lol:

    Then it was time for Lily to age up to teenager and we can actually see how pretty she is. However, this is what happens every time a PlantSim ages up so see below for her makeover.

    Here is Lily after her makeover. I only fixed her lips slightly, scaled down her chin, and lowered her head width. Everything else was not touched. The reason I've decided to make her heir is that her looks are different from Daisy and Rose, as Rose is an exact clone of her mother and grandmother.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member

    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 8

    Donny: So over night we had gotten a surprise visitor in the form of a burglar named Erla Nilsen. She freaked out when the alarm that Lisa paid to have installed in our house yesterday. It's a good thing that Lisa decided to have an alarm installed or else we would be short of 2 laptop computers.

    Donny: Officer Annie Zhong showed when she heard over her in-car radio of an attempted burglary in process.

    :Donny: Officer Zhong comes into the house while Erla Nilsen goes outside. I guess there was no need for Officer Zhong to arrest Erla Nilsen as she didn't spot any stolen good on Erla as she told Erla to leave. Erla Nilsen then gets into the drivers seat of a taxi cab and leaves. I guess she isn't making much money as a taxi cab driver as she has to go and try to rob poor innocent people of their belongs. Thank the watcher that it was a failed attempt on her part.

    Lisa: So Officer Zhong comes strolling into our bedroom to have a look around just to make sure that nothing was missing and makes her way around to me to ask me questions about what I know about the attempted burglary. Of course I told her that I didn't know anything about the attempted burglary as we were sound asleep in our bed until the alarm went off waking us up. But she didn't seem too satisfied with my answer as she mocked me.

    Officer Zhong: Miss Dawnlight, what can you tell me about the attempted burglary that just took place in your house.
    Lisa: Well we were sleeping soundly in our bed until the alarm with off and my fiancée peeked out the bedroom door and seen the burglar freaking out because the alarm was going off.
    Officer Zhong: It states in the county records that the alarm was just installed yesterday, a day after you and Mr. Lorde moved in. Is this correct?
    Lisa: Yes ma'am, it's correct. We just wanted to feel safe in our house that his aunt left us in her will.
    Officer Zhong: You do know that you're attracting attention to yourselves by installing an alarm in your house, don't you?
    Lisa: What does that have to do with us getting burglarized? I thought that alarms are suppose to help people sleep better at night knowing that they feel secure!
    Officer Zhong: It has a lot to do with you getting burglarized. When someone gets an alarm installed, it becomes public knowledge. And when it becomes public knowledge, the local burglars as well as ones from out of town then will decide to see how well the alarm works by attempting to burglarize the home. And if they're successful the first time around, then they will be back to make another attempt at breaking into the house.

    Officer Zhong: So can you explain why you thought that you needed to have an alarm installed in your house? You see, we don't have very many burglaries and crime in Aurora Skies as everyone in town all know each other. And then you move in and a burglar tries to break into your house.
    Lisa: Well you see Officer Zhong, we just moved here from Bridgeport and we didn't feel safe living there. There was way too much crime going on despite the fact that local news stations and newspapers didn't have any write-ups about any crime taking place.
    Officer Zhong: Then why live there if you didn't feel safe there?
    Lisa: We moved there from Riverview in hopes of getting well paid jobs so that we could live in the lap of luxury. I want to be a doctor while Donny wants a career in the military. And like I've said, according to the research that we did before moving there, the crime rate wasn't very high. But we soon found out that was a lie as the local officials kept whatever crime that took place out of the news as they were trying to bring in new residents to the city and they didn't want to scare them away.
    Officer Zhong: And did you do research on our fine town about the crime rates here?
    Lisa: Yes we did but I wasn't going to fall for that again. We came here because my fiancée came here as child with his family for summer vacations and he loved it. He has fond memories from his visits with his Aunt, so he didn't feel right about selling her house after it was left to him since his aunt and uncle never had kids of their own to leave it to. And granted that we could had let one of his siblings live here but they all have homes that the all own themselves and we didn't.

    Officer Zhong: You expect me to believe that sob story that you just told me?
    Lisa: Look, I don't care what you believe but it's the truth.
    Officer Zhong: BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! I'm not listening to you. The robbery was your fault for installing an alarm in your house.
    Lisa: Okay, don't listen to me but I will be reporting you to your superiors for your attitude towards me. And I would thought that someone like you would appreciate the fact that someone cares enough about their house to have an alarm installed in their so that the police department can catch the robbers in a timely manner.
    Officer Zhong: You do whatever you think that you need to do but know this, my superiors won't do anything to me as they can't fire me.
    Lisa: Oh we will see about that... :angry::rage:
    Officer Zhong: I hope that I don't have to come back out here anymore.
    Lisa: I hope you don't as you are rude and not a nice person.

    Lisa: Man, I'm glad she's gone. She was very rude and condescending to me. If she's going to have that type of an attitude, then she shouldn't be a cop.
    Donny: Don't let what she said worry you and get you all upset. You did a good thing by having someone come out and install that alarm that I was so against getting. I'm glad that I've listened you. And as always, you're right and I was wrong.
    Lisa joking: Oh my!! Did you just admit that I was right and you were wrong? Oh my, it's going to storm now!!!
    Donny: Yes I did, but don't expect me to say it all of the time as the man is always right... ;)

    Lisa: And why are you going outside to check the mail in your underwear, Donny?
    Donny: Because I can and besides, no one is awake yet to see me like this... :p

    Lisa: So I went back to my painting since I'm up and it's almost time for breakfast.
    Donny: You're first painting is looking good.
    Lisa: Thank you Donny.

    Donny: While you're finishing up your painting, I'm going to race my brother in this racing game. Get out of my way you nitwit.
    Lisa: Are you calling your brother a nitwit?
    Donny: Yes I am. He's trying to block me from taking over 1st place in the race.

    Lisa: My finished painting worth 30 simoleons if I ever decide to sell it.
    Donny: Are you planning to sell it?
    Lisa: Probably not as it's not that great but I as I get better at painting, then I might sell some of them for extra money.
    Donny: Once we get enough money to where we can expand our house, I will make sure that you have your art studio so that you can have your own room to paint in.
    Lisa: Okay Donny. That sounds great to me.
    Donny: Glad you think so. Anything for the love of my life... <3

    Lisa: I'm going to fix breakfast now. How does pancakes sound this morning?
    Donny: Sounds good to me.
    Lisa: Okay, pancakes it is today.

    Donny: Smells delicious out there. Let's hope that they taste just as good as they smell.
    Lisa: I hope so as well. I can't wait until we get a better stove so that I cook our food better than what I've been cooking with this stove.

    Lisa: Okay Donny, breakfast is ready now.
    Donny: Okay Lisa. Just let me finish up my last lap here so that I can win this race against my brother.
    Lisa: Okay Donny but be too long as the pancakes will get cold.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,167 Member

    Life in Aurora Skies - Pt. 9

    Lisa: So what do think about the pancakes? They're good to me but I think that they will taste better if I had strawberries or blueberries in them.
    Donny: Some of the pancakes didn't get down all the way though. But that's not your fault as the stove is old and needs to be replaced with a newer one.

    Lisa: So I was thinking that when we enroll for our classes that we should do 2 semesters and try to get 24 credits to help us try to get to our goals a lot faster. So what do you think about doing that?
    Donny: That sounds like a plan. The sooner we get our degrees for what we want to do, the sooner we can get into our chosen careers and start earning money. After breakfast is done and cleaned up, I will get us enrolled in our classes.
    Lisa: Okay, that sounds good.

    Lisa: You know, I already have 6 credits towards art and science degrees already.
    Donny joking: Yes I know. You don't have to rub it in my face that you're smarter than me... :p

    Lisa: I think you forgot my plate Donny.
    Donny: You were still eating when I got up to wash my plate... :p

    Donny: You put away the leftovers while I'll clean up the dirty counter, okay?
    Lisa: Okay Donny. Thank you for cleaning the counter for me.
    Donny: No problem sweetie. I don't mind helping out around the house.

    Lisa: So I sat down to watch a horror movie while Donny gets us enrolled in our classes.
    Donny: You know you're going to have nightmares watching that movie, right?
    Lisa: I don't have nightmares when I watch these horror movies.
    Donny joking: Sure you do. I have to listen to you talking or should I say, yelling for help while your sleeping.
    Lisa: Prove it. I don't believe you. Record me next time when I wake you up from my dreams... :p

    Donny: Okay, I just looked in their website and see that they have a couple of empty houses for rent that we can choose from. One is a 2 bedroom house while the other one is a 1 bedroom place. I think the 1 bedroom would be good enough for us and it's right across the street from where our classes should be at. What do you think?
    Lisa: That one sounds good as I'm sure that they other one is more money to pay for rent. Plus if we're across the street from the classroom buildings, then we shouldn't be late for classes then.
    Donny: Okay then, I will go and tell them that's the one that we want. And you want to do 2 semesters and try for 24 credits this go around, right?
    Lisa: That's right.

    School administrator: School administrator, how can help you?
    Donny: Yes, I would like to enroll myself and my fiancée in some courses at your school.
    SA: Okay, just give a second as I need to get your email address so that I can email you to forms that you will need to fill out.
    Donny: Okay. The email address is [email protected].
    SA: Okay, they e-forms should be in your mailbox. Just fill them out and send them back so that we can approve them. And do you know where you want to in, a dorm or a house?
    Donny: Thank you. We want to stay in the Frome's Cabin at 1057 University Drive if it's still available.
    SA: Yes, that house is still available. The rent for that one is 158 simoleons per week. How many weeks do you plan on attending classes?
    Donny: We will be applying for a 2 week stay.
    SA: Okay. It's in the computer listed under your name. Just make sure that you also list the house and address on the your registration form as well so that the person who looks at your registration will see that you will be staying in that house. Once you get, we will give a copy of the registration form for your safe keeping. Is there anything else that I can do for you, sir?
    Donny: Thank you ma'am. I see that once the application has been approved that someone from the university comes out and picks us up. Is that right?
    SA: Yes sir, it is. Once we review your application and get it approve, then we send out a university moving van to come and get whatever you're going to bring with you to the university and have everything moved either into your dorm or house that you will be staying in. Is there anything else that I can help you with sir?
    Donny: Thank you for answering my question. And no, there isn't anything else that I need at the moment.
    SA: Okay, sir. We will see you in about a day. Oh yeah, one more thing that I need to add, just make sure that you get here on time so that you can be at the meet and greet at the student building for your orientation. Your class schedules will be left at the house that you will be staying in as well as sent to you to your email address that you have provided to us. Have a nice day and good luck with getting whatever classes that you and your fiancée want to take.
    Donny: Thank you again ma'am.

    Donny: Okay Lisa, I will fill out the applications that the school administrator has to sent to my email and then we can go and pack our suitcases as the moving van will be here soon after the administration approves our applications and assigns is our classes.
    Lisa: Okay, I will go and start to pack my stuff up so that I can be ready for them when they get here.
    Donny: Get out your umbrella and use it so that you don't get sick before we get to the university.
    Lisa: Okay Donny. You do the same thing as well.

    Donny: Okay Lisa, here comes the moving van. Are you ready for this?
    Lisa: I see it coming. And yes, I'm ready to go and get started on our higher education.
    Donny: Good, so am I. I love you Lisa <3.
    Lisa: I love you too Donny <3.

    Donny: And we are now leaving Aurora Skies for 2 weeks to attend the university about 3 hours up the road.
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,101 Member
    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it is always nice to see updates from your plantsims. They are good looking. :P Oh, well I do hope that Ariana gets to live a very long life...
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    edited February 2022
    Chapter 16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea - October 2022. Part III: Surrounded by the strange and unfamiliar..


    Sofia woke up first on the third day of them heading south, thinking about children again as she walked to the mirror to check up on her appearance..



    Breakfast time and their conversation this time revolved mostly around work, before this lady sat down at their table to eat. They woke up a little later this morning, so the breakfast area was already quite full and eating spaces were limited.


    Palash had finished eating and quickly excused themselves from the table to explore Mid Deck 1 of the ship...



    Once there, their outing immediately becomes a date and they find themselves in what looks like an indoor playground area for kids... Palash would probably like this place, but for Sofia this would probably be less than ideal. She gets the negative moodlet, because of course, this place has attracted children...


    And then this woman runs over to Sofia to yell at her, asking what she is doing there in the play area without a child of her own!

    Sofia: What is your problem, lady? I was just exploring the ship with my husband! I didn't know this was a play area for kids!
    (Sofia didn't know about this, but I did... o:) )


    Sofia: Palash, I don't think this is a place for us.. lets get out of here...



    Sofia runs right across the ship and into another area with arcade machines and bowling lanes where she is approached by this guy with hydrophobia.. and yet he decided to go on a cruise to surround himself with water... :P

    Update continues in spoiler:

    Sofia thinks he is a bit of a dork. This cruise ship sure has attracted some weird people. :P


    Palash has found a foosball game, so she joins him to play, but wouldn't you know, this dork guy decides to follow her there to cheer at her game. :P


    Palash is thinking about the woman that started fighting with Sofia earlier. He hopes that she won't decide to follow them as well..


    They keep playing until Sofia needs to use the bathroom. During their game Palash tries different ways to bring up the topic about children, but Sofia is only interested in talking about their home or marriage in general.


    Afterwards, Sofia goes to play at one of the arcade machines, but once again this lady runs over to hear to start another fight. This time there is no speech bubble, so it is unclear what she is fighting about, but she seems to have decided not to like Sofia for whatever reason...


    The ladys name is Hulda Ogden, and what must be her son, because his name is Nils Ogden, approaches Sofia to ask where she is from. Sofia happily answers the boy, but his mother does not like this, and gets furious again...


    She can't be all stable that one and Sofia is starting to think she has some issues and wants to get out of there...


    Mother and son then share some gossip, and Sofia laughs heartily with them though, trying to keep a good mood in this strange situation..


    The boy then goes away to play with the shuffle board, and the mother turns to Sofia with ghostly thoughts on her mind... right, ok..


    Another lady in green clothing approaches Sofia and asks for a water balloon fight, but such a childish activity is not at all to Sofias liking..and especially not here, amid all the electronic equipment! "What are you thinking!?" Sofia shouts at her.


    And speaking of electronics, Sofia just has to brag to the ladies about her brand new X-phone 13 Pro, as if they care.. that's just so lame... so they both abandon her and leave her to play with the foosball game alone...


    The waves are smooth, but life is rough sometimes when you're a braggart..


    Meanwhile, Palash has been out exploring the ship on his own again and has located a cafeteria two floors up and bought himself something to eat, so I send Sofia walks up there to eat with him as she is also getting hungry..


    Their meal starts off nicely enough, but I don't know what's up with the people on this part of the boat, because after a while everyone gathers around their table as if.. I don't really know what..


    I mean seriously... what gives? :P


    Of course, to top it off a toddler starts crying and both Palash and Sofia agree to get out of there and head back to their part of the ship... at least the party goers over there had the sense to leave them alone for the most part during their meals, and better yet, atleast for Sofia, no children!


    It had been a long day for both of them, so once they were back to their part of the ship, they went straight to their room and fell asleep...


    Their room is the first door to the right in the hallway right in front of Sofia.


    Good night. ;)
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