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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @Steamvarius , happy birthday!


    @emorrill , happy anniversary to you and your husband! :)
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    @lisasc , I loved seeing Scooby sleep on Shaggy's bed, that was so cute! Shaggy's expression in the close-up at the end of the first post is excellent. :)
    I would faint too if I saw a Bonehilda!

    @GraceyManor , a singing fight sounds fun! :smiley:
    I wish the game could point us to the reason of the unfinished room moodlet. It looks completely finished!

    @king_of_simcity7 , I'm glad Tammy and Megan are becoming friends!
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    @coco, 3639.
    Thanks! Thank goodness I got up early. I've still got my volunteering jobs to do!

    @PalmArrow, 3640.
    Thank you!

    @meerkattime, 3640
    Thank you, too!

    Eee! I'm so freakin' excited!
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    @Mikezumi, page 3640.
    Guessing that dragon tried to steal my cake. Thank you!
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    @meerkattime How exciting that you are seeking out the Svard brothers :) Looks like you found the best looking one first! :) Good luck with your new save and looking forward to seeing what you get up to :)
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    Thank you, he has that weight gain and he and his girlfriend had triplets
    so I am going to send that kid back if I'm able to lol.


    Indeed he has, but as he just had triplets that 4th is going back
    to space.
    Thank you.


    Happy belated anniversary, hope it was nice.


    Happy birthday.


    Thank you, it was a lovely sky.


    Great update


    Lovely to see you back on


    Lovely update

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    'Well this is my room,' said Tammy as she had invited Megan upstairs.
    'It is like my room,' said Megan 'your house is like mine,'

    Tammy's room was painted pink and at the front of the house in the middle of a terrace with three bedrooms upstairs. The room next to Tammy's was her brother's and her parents had the room at the back.

    'How long have you lived here?' Megan asked.
    'Since I was young,' replied Tammy 'I think that I was two when we moved here,'
    'Do you like it here?' asked Megan.
    'At the moment I do,' replied Tammy 'I wouldn't want to live anywhere else,'
    'I used to hate where I lived,' said Megan 'I liked our house and our road but I hated having to go to the school that I went to,'

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    Swan Lake performance

    Broadway Theaters has started its run of Swan Lake. Its stars are Rachel Hamm, Nina Caliente, Melanie Wu and features Kyle Morel. They have prepared for months for this performance, including rehearsals.





    Frustrations and fights over the costumes....

    pFYi26z.jpg Nina: I hate this costume.

    f3kDI0T.jpg Rach: I feel like we're actually swans looking for worms. I don't know if that's a good thing or not....

    And months looking for the perfect place for this important show. They had to rent out an old theater and it needed a lot of work. But it turned out pretty good.


    The show was a moderate success.....










    The audience stood up and cheered afterwards. Then they rushed to the exits and headed home to sleep.


    Now that's winter is (finally) over, it's time to start spring. What will happen to Sims of SimMeapolis?

    See you next time! Happy Simming!
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    @PalmArrow Happy Birthday for the other day :smile:

    @Steamvarius Happy Birthday for today :smile:
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    @coco Thanks for the comments :smile: I have been writing about Tammy and Megan right now but a lot of it i will not be able to share to the forums so it will have to be toned down.

    I am glad that you spotted Jennifer. She would live along that street and in the save i use the family are in the front garden :smile:

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comment :smile:

    @meerkattime Thanks for the comment :smile:
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    In another attempt at elucidating the backstory, I loaded up another old save, this time from a point in the life of the family, when the two boys were already teens and the twin girls were still children. All four kids had IF's that had been made real, which means we had 3 adults and 8 kids in the household, still in the Koffi house. The house had got a few adjustments at this point.
    It had another floor further up, a basement, and the open floorplan was gone. Here's the basement with an overflow bedroom and two rooms for other activities, which were later rebuilt with more stuff from SN and WA. The major issue was the access via a spiral staircase. While the floorplan itself is ideally suited for a real stacked staircase, the lot is unfortunately oriented in the wrong direction, which is why the family had to live with this.
    The ground floor was unfortunately quite cramped. I could have got rid of the indoor pool, but traffic would still have been a problem. At least the kitchen got a bit wider, and in general, there were no real issues. I only made slight adjustments to this later. The bedroom here was for the butler. Unfortunately, it was also the favorite spot the kids chose for bedtime stories.
    The second floor with the four main bedrooms.
    Gobias had to move one up, with another room for one of the IF's. Here, the spiral staircase was perfect.
    All in all, the "1 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms" house from the description became an 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms house. For the most part, everything worked fine, but there wasn't really any space left in case you needed any.

    Jamie got a slight edit, but nothing drastic. She lost about two pounds of rouge, got a different hairstyle and color, and I thought she shouldn't be as pale in the constant sun among palm trees - that was before Seasons hit and the weather changed to near-continuous rain.
    Marcus mixing something - which he rarely does.
    Lucas playing chess. He does this autonomously all the time.
    Paul, still bald and with those bunny shoes. Both features got "lost" in some later edits. In the background his IF, Cosmo.
    Carla, also playing chess.
    Fiona painting. She shares that love with Cosmo, who also got the Artistic trait from the game. She was also the only one in the family Gobias liked - besides Jamie of course.
    Here we have the "Leader of the Free World" going to the most important point on his daily schedule - no, not golf, but playing with the sprinkler. And yes, he got turned by Madison VanWatson.
    He had three romances going at the same time - Madison VanWatson, River McIrish - and Jamie.
    In the current timeline, Jamie just got the opportunity to bring the remains of a loved one to the science center to have them "revived". I guess Gobias is the only one who fits the description.

    Edit: I forgot this. Snuggles, cheery as always.
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    @Silverofdreams30, @king_of_simcity7, page 3640.
    Thank you both!
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    @GraceyManor Fight dance! Well that ought to be fun! :smiley:
    That is not particularly true about the MA skill. Rafe has it maxed as well as his athletics and he will still occasionally lose a fight. Doesn't happen often and if it doesn't go with my story line it doesn't happen in my story! lol There is still an element of chance mathematically with the rolls if the two are fairly evenly matched, some of the hidden traits and other things factor in. I just do a reroll as I save before certain things occur in my stories. :lol:
    I hope their genius can help them figure out how to beat this evil singing dude.
    I look forward to the singing duel!
    It can be one floor panel under a cabinet that is missing. I hate having to hunt up those! :neutral:

    @meerkattime I do hope you had the time to play as well. Look forward to seeing a few random pics from your games! I didn't play at all last night :(

    @Silverofdreams30 Great pictures of the abduction and the beautiful starry night outside!

    @emorrill Happy Anniversary!

    @lisasc360 Enjoy seeing the gang in your pictures. Scooby guarding Shaggy in bed is so cute!
    lol at Shaggy passing out. So true to the shows!
    Bonehilda and Velma got hearts!! :lol:

    @Puddinroy The Cowboy story is in my siggy. The others are in the creative corner section. I need to add them to my siggy for those that want to read them there. :)

    @rubyskywalker Congrats on the wedding!

    @Karritz Congrats on getting them home and bummer about the error 12's.

    @coco Glad they got it done fast! Those boots sound pretty even if uncomfortable! :smiley:
    I wonder if we got the same lot. The one I downloaded had several themed areas even a space designed singing venue I believe...if my memory is correct, and I totally loved it, but the lag just made it unbearable to play in. :( Now that I know a bit more about building I wonder if I can go back and take a bit of it out and undo some of the moo and if it would work better? Another project? LOL! Of course, I don't have seasons in right now so it would be missing any of those items...so guess it will need to wait.
    Totally my favorite episode of Buffy. I dug out my dvd's and will start a marathon watch whenever I have a few hours free!

    Note to self, start top of 3640 sorry, ran out of time for commenting this am. Will play catch up later today.
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    @coco I agree, making the perfect bathroom often involves a bit of trial and error. It certainly helps if you have the space, but I got away with some really cramped ones, too.

    @Steamvarius Happy Birthday! May it be as colorful as your stories :smile:

    @ilikethesims30 That looks interesting. Is that part of Showtime? I'm afraid those performances bugged out on me at some point, which means I have yet to see a lot of what is possible. Nice story!
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    I googled the martial arts thing and it said which ever sim has the skill will always win.
    If they both have it, then its 50/50.I removed Darren's martial arts skill and sure enough he lost.
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    Part 29A

    They continued to talk about things and Megan revealed what had happened to her and Anna at school.
    'When I was at school I never had many friends,' explained Megan 'I was friends with a couple of girls who never really did anything out of school. People used to ignore us and I felt that the other girls were only friends with me because they had no one else,'
    For Megan things had gotten worse when a boy seemed to be interested in her and he invited her to meet up after school one afternoon. Megan had been excited to meet him but after a couple of meetings he had gone off her. It seemed like one of the 🎃🎃🎃🎃 girls like him and she had become jealous of Megan and a gang of girls had set on her one afternoon.



    'The girls would always push me if they saw me and would always say things to me like that I would never get a boyfriend or no one likes me,' explained Megan.

    The story was very much the same as what had happened to Tammy when she had been at school as well so Tammy could relate to it.

    'It was the same that what happened to me,' explain Tammy 'I remember meeting a guy who told everyone that I had woohooed with him when I hadn't. I was still a woogin at the time but these girls used to target me after that because one of them liked him,'
    'I used to hate going to school,' said Megan my Mum had reported it to the school and it got better for a while but every time they saw me they would stare at me,'



    'That was what it was like for me,' said Tammy 'I remember being scared all the time in case those girls had done something,'
    'Did you have any other friends to talk to?' asked Megan.
    'I was friends with Monica at the time but looking back she did seem to care as much as I thought that she did,' replied Tammy 'it was like she was scared of them as well so she did not want to get involved,'

    'That is how I felt,' said Megan 'I thought that if people where too scared of being with you then they would avoid you,'
    'How did you become friends with Anna?' Tammy asked.
    'Well the same thing happened to her,' said Megan 'After a while one of the girls had liked this guy who Anna liked so they set on her instead,'
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    Soon enough, Shane and Zelda had triplets. Their names are (from left to right in picture below) Anna, Tiffany, and Chloe. Since Zelda's natural hair color is much darker than her dye, Chloe was born with dark hair.


    Outside, Zelda was playing her guitar during a nice day. Pretty soon, she got to work. And then, Shane went to work at the bistro. They hired a babysitter, and everything went smoothly.



    Also, while observing the plaza, a random car decided to be glitchy. It was a little funny, considering that the car disappeared from the bookstore's front door to a nearby fence.


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    After their afternoon on the beach, I sent Poirot and his friends to dine at one of the cafes that I had turned into a restaurant.

    But I had forgot to check the opening hours, so just as the three were sitting down, the chef changed into his everyday clothes and left.


    I had them all take a quick meal from the fridge instead.



    It was starting to rain when they returned home to sleep.


    Roaring Heights is beautiful when it's pastel-coloured in the sunlight, but I love how it looks on a rainy night too!


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    @ilikethesims30 , those ballet poses look gorgeous, especially when the dancers are wearing costumes!

    @king_of_simcity7 , I think I remember the scenes with Megan and the bullies from before? Poor Megan!
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    Thank you


    Beautiful night shots.

    Short update today


    I played the university save, my sim Pamela was invited to a party.


    someone rich had that party


    At her own dormitory, there were ghost stories going on


    At the party, there were a few sims.

    All for today

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    @Turjan, page 3640.
    Thank you!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
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