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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Kris(on phone: Chelsea, you got to get over heree Chelsea: Why are you singing? Why am I singing? Just brush your teeth and get over here Chelsea: You can smell my breathe through the phone? Kris: What? No, listen someone put a musical curse over this town. Chelsea: Go outside and see for yourself

    Time for action...

    Newsman: In case you're tuning in, there's a musical curse over this town.

    "I'm here! Wait, why are you two not singing? Why am I not singing? Yay! Its over." "No, sometimes in musicals there's a break between songs for speech." Schwarze added.

    on the tv:...
    Citizens of Salem, It is I Frankini the glam

    In case you haven't noticed, there's a musical curse over the land..Now everything is perfect, just like me!

    Even Ted is singing XD

    Here's the link for the actual song, taken from Henry Danger the Musical.

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    More from my Poirot household in Roaring Heights - I'm letting them just explore the town for a few days, before getting jobs.

    No, Poirot, you can't have hearts for the university mascot! You deserve better!

    The three visited the Boardwalk venue.

    Hastings and Miss Lemon enjoyed the roller coaster. Poirot wasn't sorry there was only room for two.






    (I'm terrified of roller coasters in real life, so I would opt out of this experience, like Poirot did! I got scared just watching the video of the "boring" roller coaster @emorrill posted. But she sim version makes for such pretty screenshots!)
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    After the roller coaster the three introduced themselves to a townie, and then went to the beach.



    "Poirot is not interested in swimming!"

    "But you're already up to your knees in the ocean, Poirot! Might as well change into your swimwear."


    "Trés bien."


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    @HillyBeth , welcome, Mason William Burkett! :)

    @bekkasan , your sims have a beautiful car. Your fair looks wonderful! I love that a little townie chose to hold a bake sale there.

    @meerkattime , your sim is very pretty!

    @Steamvarius , I like the cottage in the snow painting too! One of my sims painted it recently!

    @GraceyManor , although I wouldn't want to be put under a musical curse, it's fun to read about! :smiley:
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    @PalmArrow Roaring Heights looks beeeeautiful! Also happy belated birthday!

    I unfortunately don't have an update yet. Will play today. Couldn't yesterday. Darn storm made power go out. Normally it's only 2 sec and back on, but this time wasn't.
    Stupid storm also ruined grocery shopping. 😑 Walmart is creepy in the dark...

    Thankfully the power's back! I'm eager to find out if Valentina & Clifton will settle their argument before the baby comes....

    Name suggestions please?
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    Part 28A

    The next day Simon was glad to be back at the skills centre. He avoided Humara and spent the morning with Ben, Warren and Dom and during the morning break he would see Jamie, Tammy and Megan in the canteen.

    The group had planned a night out for Saturday and Simon was actually able to attend as he was no longer working. They had noticed Humara's new group over on their usual table and once again Nick had gone out to join them.



    'Looks like Nick is still trying to hang out with the populars?' said Simon.
    'He really needs to be careful,' said Tammy 'I spoke to Stacy yesterday and she told me a few things,'
    'What is that?' asked Simon.
    'Well Stacy said that Humara has been strange with guys before,' replied Tammy 'I don't want to say much though but I think that you had a lucky escape with her,'

    Simon was still missing Humara but his thoughts were going from feeling lost to feeling angry. He would be thinking about Humara and missing her and would then realising that they had never even been together and that she was just using him until she found someone else. He would feel revolted at the thought of her sleeping with Nick and it made him angry. Perhaps Nick might soon realise what she was like as well?
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    I decided to start a legacy in Sunset Valley. Although I couldn't recreate every single detail of the generational legacy from my first ever save, I'll try to mirror it. It's hard to resist the temptation to cheat... especially if my sims were to get multiple babies. My sim, Shane Delaney, married Zelda Mae. While his lifetime wish is to have five kids, his wife's lifetime wish is to reach level ten of the music career. I'll see where the legacy goes from here on!


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    @bekkasan Yes, I must admit, I was a bit scared, too. The first snowman of that kind I've ever seen one of my sims make.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you for the suggestion. I will check that site out.

    @PalmArrow Hey, "Mr. Porridge" went for a bath! Great characters.

    @DeafSimmer Sometimes, it's nice to walk down memory lane.
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    Talking about walking down memory lane, I took a short look at how the family of Jamie and Marcus had been living quite a while ago. It took a few tries, but I got the savegame to load. Here's the cast after an automatic reset.
    The game actually deleted all the IF's :lol: and the butler must have been gone already for quite a while, given the state of the house.
    This is actually a one bedroom house. The result was one bedroom with two double beds and three cribs. It was sheer terror.
    The last crib and the bed for the butler were on the ramp to the bathroom. Originally, this was the only full bathroom, but hey, at least I bought a second shower downstairs.
    Lots of potties and four high chairs on the ground floor. Which was terribly impractical, because the toddlers had to be brought up and down the stairs all the time.
    Most of the time, there was at least one toddler stuck at the top of the stairs where it's impossible to pick them up.
    The situation wasn't completely hopeless. I didn't have Seasons at that point in time, which meant I could place a bed at the only place where it was quiet - outside. If anyone needed sleep, they could try to catch some z's there.
    I don't really miss this chaos. Fiona was the only toddler with hair, by the way.
    And I don't miss this, either.
    The little ones were cute though.
    Needless to say, I had to remodel the house when the toddlers grew up to children.
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    Great updates everyone... :)

    @GraceyManor, Oh good, Darren moved to the town where Chelsea and his sister live and that she is working side by side with him again... :)

    @lisasc360 It must take a lot of power to travel through time.
    Guess Shaggy and Fred forgot the sunscreen, lol
    That's a good idea, for all they know Emit might not be what he seems. (Even if we know he is)
    Glad to see the zombie didn't bite Fred. Shaggy and Scooby definitely couldn't handle that.
    Got that completely right, they are always hungry.
    Great update!
    It sure does. Would hate to think that the machine would stop working in the middle of being teleported and have the sim dropped in a different timeline that's not theirs....lol
    hehehe, they sure did forget about the sunscreen... :blush:
    Yeah, the gang just wants to be cautious as they never know if or when someone will try to lure them into a trap as you know that they have a lot of angry people that they have unmasked over the years. So you never know if or when they might to seek revenge on the Mystery Gang... ;)
    Yeah that would be bad for Fred if the zombie was successful on biting him... :) In my last story with them in it, the gang was in Oasis Landing and Fred got bit and tried to bite Velma but was unsuccessful as well and he was also dancing with the other zombies...lol and yes, I think Shaggy would had passed out if he saw the zombie and Scooby would had ended up cowering as he always does and then run away from the zombie...lol
    hehehe, it's like they have a bottomless pit in their stomachs... :p
    Thank you... :)

    Loving The New Adventures of Ava Sinclair... :)

    @Karritz, OH NO! The meteorite attack looks bad

    @HillyBeth, congrats on Liam and Victoria's engagement and wedding... :)

    Yikes to your sim up in the air when she was windsurfing... :#

    @lisasc360 Looking forward to the exploits in the future.
    Thank you... :)

    Great updates and pictures on your story... :)
    I see someone built the Grim Reaper snowman...YIKES!

    @lisasc360 You found a really cool Sim Elvis video...thanks!
    lol at Fred and Shaggy's sunburns! I'm being mean laughing at their pain, but it is such a cute picture.
    I don't know why we never got an interaction to fight off the zombies with our brave sims!
    Thank you... :) And you're welcome... :)
    hehehe, yup and you're not being mean. Just before I had them get dressed, I canceled out their sunburns so that they wouldn't free miserable doing the time that they had them... :)
    Yeah really. They should had allowed the Sims with the brave trait to be able to fight them off. I think it would had been pretty cool to see that happening when zombies showed up and tried to attack them.

    Great updates... :)
    The family looks like they're having fun at the amusement park... :)
    @lisasc360 Cool pics of Graceland.
    Thank you... :)

    @PalmArrow, Great update... :)
    I think Evangeline should be wearing a winter coat outside so that she doesn't get sick... :)
    Congrats on the new baby... :)

    Love the gameplay in Roaring Heights... :)

    @Silverofdreams30, great updates and pictures... :)

    @emorrill, great update and pictures... :)

    @Steamvarius, great update and pictures... :)

    @king_of_simcity7, great update and pictures... :)

    @CravenLestat, YAY to having internet again... :)

    @DeafSimmer, great update and pictures... :)
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    Well, Liam and Victoria's son Mason is now five days away from becoming a child! He looks exactly like his father, but has his mother's eyes!

    He's also going to be a big brother!
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    The Iltah's both J'drurf and Toby who are currently separated but dating .. ;), decided to take a daring picture on the runway of the Empordà airport! .. :#
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    Welcome, Aleah Montoya! Born 3:01 PM on a Sunday :smile: Since I have a more traits mod she already has 2 traits: Excitable and Artistic. Neither of the 2 parents have these traits so I'm not sure where these were from. Maybe from Valentina being absent-minded and a musician?

    On a side note, I gave Juliette something to do. Sure, she'll hate it, but it'll get her out of the house...
    I got a repair-salvaged-junk mod and plan to have my sims head to the dumps and repair broken stuff to either sell or keep.

    A peaceful supper of PB&J - Not. All 3 started arguing over nonsense.
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    @lisasc360 Thank you! I'm really curious how your future will look.

    @rubyskywalker You can usually choose two traits for your newborn, if you don't neglect the pregnancy. Even for inactive sims, the game chooses two traits at random. If your mod doesn't change how this works, those traits that the game chooses are completely random and not related in any way to the traits of the parents.

    Regarding images, try to paste the links into the image field at the top of the editing box.
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,051 Member
    @PalmArrow: Happy Belated Birthday. Yikes, that's me on rollercoasters. They scare me.

    @rubyskywalker: congrats on the Aleah Montoya.

    @HillyBeth: Cute pictures

    @CravenLestat: Awesome pictures and videos

    @DeafSimmer: Cute pictures

    @Turjan: Nice trip down memory lane

    @bekkasan: I can't wait to read more of your story.

    @lisasc360: Love the adventures of Scooby Doo and Gang.

    @emorrill: Need to read your story

    @Brandontaylor: Awesome update

    @deadhaus123: Awesome pictures

    @coco: Hello

    @king_of_simcity7: Hello

    @Silverofdreams30: Great pictures

    @Steamvarius: Awesome updates

    @GraceyManor: Loving your new story

    @Mikezumi: Hello

    @Karritz: Need to watch your video

    @all: Thanks for letting me read and comment on your pictures/videos/stories. :)
    :) Smile!

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,937 Member
    @lisasc360 Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @Puddinroy hi!
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 655 Member
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    And so the drama continues...

    @Turjan I would, but I don't know which link to put up there. I'm using Postimage.


    Valentina and Clifton broke up. Exactly the day after little Aleah Montoya was born. :disappointed::cry:

    On the good news side...

    Justin + Juliette are officially a couple!


    Should this crazy family stay in Twinbrook after all this, or once the wedding is done, move somewhere new?

    I'm thinking Starlight Shores since Valentina IS a singer after all...
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    I've read through and given out Awesomes and Likes.

    @PalmArrow happy birthday for yesterday. I love your pics of Poirot and co. One of my favourite TV shows. And I've had Roaring Heights since release but have only recently started playing a game in it. It does seem to be a beautiful world. I love Miss Lemon's bright red skirt.

    @bekkasan thanks for the thoughts. :)

    @lisasc360 thank you - it was pretty bad.

    @Puddinroy thanks for the mention - I'm working on another video now.

    For those who are wondering - even a little - about the events following the meteor strike here's my report on the incident as well as the results of the return of some young sims to their homes in Barnacle Bay.

    Barnacle Bay was interesting. I put all 5 of my students back into their homes. I got video of it all. I activated the home of each of the sims I was returning to make sure they had all they needed - such as somewhere to sleep.

    Barnacle Bay Boarding School

    Coral Goldbeard went back with her parents. She was a child when she left home for boarding school, which was in Barnacle Bay at the time. THen she aged up to teen while at boarding school so I kept her there to do some extra teen skills such as fishing and gardening and reading fishing books and recipes. The Goldbeard home is luxurious.

    Serena Abe was placed with her sister who turned out to be pregnant. I just noticed her pregnancy moodlet as I was leaving their house. It is a small pink house (including a pink rubbish bin out front) and is near the beach in town.

    Serena Abe inside the Barnacle Bay Boarding School with the toddlers.

    Tyree Verona went back home too. His home turned out to be a bit complicated. It is a big luxurous place and his mother was living there with a male sim who's name I've forgotten for the moment Richie Radan, and Alec Trebo was his father. But Alec Trebo was living with the Caliente sisters (Dina and Nina) and the Richie was the boyfriend of Dina Caliente. So I swapped the blokes over. I also discovered Tyree has a new baby sister who was lying on the floor due to there being no cots. Actually, I think there was a baby brother too. He had twin baby siblings on the floor. Since Tyree had completed his toddler skills I aged him up to child while at his house. He'll return to the boarding school at some stage to do child and later still, teen skills.

    Alexanda and Westley Cross went home to their place too. Their mother is Odessa Cross. She isn't married and now has 5 children. The father of all of her children is Ahmed Barbarosa. The two eldest were still toddlers so I aged them up to child while I was there. They were in a tiny house so I added an large extra room to the front of it and put 2 bunk beds in it. I didn't age up Westley or Alexander yet. I found Alexander hadn't completed his toddler skills so he had to work on his xylophone and peg box after I sent him home. He's all good now though.

    Here is the Cross home after I added the big room to the front of it. No windows in the front of that room due to placement of beds and a mirror.

    This is Melinda Cross after I aged her up.

    I just couldn't leave that house with 4 toddlers and a baby. Especially since Odessa wasn't home and actually decided to sleep on a seat in a park rather than return to her home late at night. I was in control so I sent her home and she did manage to put the baby into a crib. There were more than enough cribs in the house from last time I was there.

    Since Barnacle Bay is so full of the fairy village I saved regularly - had to go to a patch of grass or the ocean each time though. I got plenty error 12 in Barnacle Bay. Once, after doing lots of changes I got really desperate and reduced all of the graphics to absolute minimums when it error 12 while low down over the ocean. It worked and saved that time.

    Next I went through all of the houses left in the fairy village and emptied their inventories and aged Gloria Flower up from toddler to child. This time noting I did could get it to save. So I shut down and when I relaunched I merged Gloria into the boarding school to age her up by triggering age transition with Master Controller. Then I merged her back home. And saved successfully. I left the inventories full this time. I did get video of my visits to the various fairy households so anyone who watches the video can see some of that, including the time I aged Gloria up with cake.

    I managed to get a picture of Gloria's birthday cake - but the lag/freezing was so bad I didn't get any pictures of her. I think I did get some video though.

    This cake shows a little bit of inside one of the houses in the Fairy village in Barnacle Bay. I think I'm going to have to move some more fairies out to other worlds to make that world more playable.

    On Mena's return home I removed all of the wroght iron fencing from all around the boarding school. The freezing is still just as bad. I think I'm going to have to get rid of most of the huge garden from over the road. I'll probably bulldoze it eventually. I was hoping that, after moving out 5 sims and removing all that fencing the game would behave better. But it is just as bad as before. If not a bit worse. Anyway, there was huge destruction from the meteor. I don't know what got destroyed but there is a massive amount of scrap for them to collect indoors as well as outdoors. On two floors. Also lots of the objects they use that didn't get turned to scrap had to be replaced. They still have lots of cleaning to do before they get it all cleaned up. One thing I know got destroyed is one of the big dining tables with all 8 chairs from around it all reduced to piles of scrap.

    Only one sim got singed. Everyone is still alive.

    Mara Nix from Moonlight Falls cleaning up after the meteor.

    Ages ago I was in Moonlight falls and went through every house to record the occupants in my spreadsheet. When I got the the Nix household I detected some indication that a child ought to be there. Mara was in the process of being deleted from the game but I managed to grab her back and later sent her to the boarding school.

    More images of after the meteor hit

    Eric Koffi cleaning up

    A singed nameless Mysteriuous Mr Gnome - teenage version

    This table needed replacing but the chairs surrounding it were all reduced to scrap.

    I wonder how many magic gnomes were turned to scrap. I haven't noticed any gnome tombstones yet but haven't looked for them yet.

    I found Cricket Irwin and some of the other teens over in the garden building. It has a living area upstairs at the back of the building.

    Eric reading a bedtime story to Oscar

    There are several sims from Moonlight Falls at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island. I want to keep them there a bit longer but I need to move more sims out. While they were all cleaning up after the meteor there was a message that Flora Goodfellow is about to die. Two of her grandchildren are toddlers at the boarding school and they've completed their toddler training so I think I'll send Mena off to Moonlight Falls with those toddlers now. Hopefully removing two more of them will make a difference. If not I'll have to send some home without finishing their training as I can't continue to play this boarding school with a few seconds of action followed by 5 to 10 minutes of freezing constantly. I will set them to work removing plants from the garden - that'll help with their gardening skills and also try getting rid of stuff inside. In the end I might just bulldoze everything and start building them a new boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,029 Member

    Page 3634, continued

    @GraceyManor Hope Chelsea gets the job, although Kris is right that she may want to wear more appropriate clothing to do so, lol.
    I knew it! I knew that Darren would follow her.
    Hopefully Chelsea feels the same way Darren does for her.
    Great update!
    Glad to hear that Chelsea is returning to her Red Talon job. I'm sure there are a lot of people who need their help or lots of villains to take down.

    @lisasc360 That world looks really great, unfortunately I don't have all the items for it. My computer issues are another downfall but thanks for sharing!

    @DeafSimmer Thanks, it's one of mine as well.

    @Karritz Poor Oscar, that must be hard on him.
    The black unicorn is neat!
    Wow, that meteor sure was a bad one.
    I guess the meteor made her body invisible, lol
    The Barnacle Bay boarding school looks great.
    Great update!

    @rubyskywalker Great update!

    @HillyBeth Congrats on the marriage!
    Their wedding looked beautiful, great update!
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comments. :) I miss playing and doing the updates when work is busy!

    @meerkattime Thanks so much for the comments!
    I dunno why she did the toe thing. I may have to do some experiments and find out!
    Awww, thanks for the comments about the outfits. I loved playing dress up too when I was a little. I remember some red high heel shoes my mom found at a thrift bargain bin she got for me to play with. Loved those things! lol...I wear jeans and tee's now. :flushed: Go figure. I turned into a hippie child in the 70's.
    I love seeing folks random pics too. That is why I started posting a few random ones during the week when I don't have time to do an update.

    @GraceyManor That was totally my favorite episode of Buffy when they all started singing! and yes....I did click and watch the video! :smiley:

    @PalmArrow Great coaster pics! I don't mind the old fashioned ones like I rode as a girl, but not those loop da loops and twisters and upside down, mile high drops....no thanks.
    lol at Poirot in the water in his suit!
    Thanks for commenting. I thought it was cute that she set up shop so of course my sims had to buy a few things.

    @rubyskywalker Bummer about the power outage.
    Your pictures are not showing. I think you need the img around them.
    Congrats on the new little one though!
    oh, sorry they broke up. Still no pictures. I don't know anything about postimage so can't help.

    @DeafSimmer Good luck with the legacy in SV with Zelda and your sim Shane.

    @Turjan That was a bit of a crowd in one bedroom. Not much privacy for making more babies! :lol:

    @lisasc360 Thanks...it was lots of fun. :)

    @HillyBeth So cute! and congrats on another one on the way.

    @deadhaus123 Cool airport!

    @Puddinroy Hi! More will be coming soon. :)

    @Karritz Glad to see you got the kids back home. I'm also glad no one was hurt from the meteor. Looks like it did a bit of damage. Good luck getting things cleaned up to help the lag situation.
  • cocococo Posts: 2,688 Member
    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend :smile:

    It was just my luck that I got pulled over by the police this morning, my first time ever! :grimace: Yesterday I had a flat tyre and had to call road service out to replace it with my spare. He told me that all of my tyres were borderline illegal so I was determined to book my car in to get them changed today since all the places were closed. But I didn't get that far before getting pulled over and having the police officer tell me the exact same thing. My brake light was also out. Gosh I must have seemed so dodgy to him :lol: Thankfully he only gave me a warning, and I've booked in my car this afternoon. The trouble is that I had to book it in somewhere I've never been before and I will have 2 hours to kill. I just hope it won't rain so I can go for a walk. Anyway that's been my morning :grimace:

    @PalmArrow I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day! Congrats on getting Roaring Heights, the rollercoasters are so fun but a pain to build from scratch haha. Your Poirot is perfect :smiley:

    I've got some catching up to do :smile:
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    I have been playing this game since the day it came out and I didn't know this was even possible. My girl Taryn invited Wogan Hemlock over for a visit. After a while I could see that he was very tired so I had her ask him if he wanted to stay the night. He agreed and went straight to her room and went to sleep ( she keeps a coffin there for guests ). She did some things around the house but wasn't very sleepy. I told her to take a nap instead. While she was sleeping Wogan woke up. He walked over to her bed and just stood there looking at her for awhile. Then he laid down next to her and woke her up for woohoo. I was stunned.
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    So for this particular update, I need Darren to lose a fight.However he keeps winning, is there a way I can have him "lose" at being beaten up? I lowered his atheletic skill and removed his trait "atheletic" and he still lost.
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