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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @GraceyManor Yeah, the sim I used had handiness maxed, but he got terrified when zapped, which means it was slow going in that mansion.

    Which town are you in now? Is there a custom town named Salem?

    @PalmArrow The Magic Mirror is an awesome contraption, yes. Regarding the reputation, I may have found something in the long defunct scrapbook of this game. It mentioned that the longest going romance of Marcus was with Dorie Hart, 337 days. I think she may have kissed him once in the early days, but she was married and rather - difficult - and nothing ever happened again. The Hart family moved away. Nevertheless, the game may have considered Marcus cheating on Dorie Hart all the time. Which is all sorts of weird.

    @Silverofdreams30 Marcus may not be the worst looking, but you have a whole parade of candidates to choose from ;) . I never tried any poses, I have to admit.

    @meerkattime You would think sims would take offense at getting roasted to a crisp, but funny enough, the game doesn't even give you a ding for it. Which means the date of Salvador and Fiona was considered great. They went from acquaintances (0 relationship) to "Best Friend" territory. No romance involved though, lots of joking around instead.

    @bekkasan I don't know either. How Jamie could keep her "eternally faithful" while starting a romance with Gobias Koffi, in front of the whole family no less, was kind of baffling. She lost the moodlet at some point though, so maybe it was a glitch. As Jamie and Gobias both have the "flirty" trait, that was kind of expected though, as they flirted pretty much every time they walked past each other. Magic duels are great for gaining levels at higher spellcasting levels.

    I have never tried the architect career. I will save most Ambitions careers for times when I don't have to deal with a whole family.

    @Brandontaylor Yeah, witches is pretty much all I use from Supernatural, plus the occasional vampire, but as I started Sims 3 with the "starter pack" in Bridgeport, those were more or less baseline in my mind. I have switched off some of the autonomous spellcasting though, like the love charm, or eating poison apples, which is funny once, but not all the time.

    Heh, my favorite starter home in Sunset Valley. And lots of known faces. Good luck to Ava!

    @lisasc360 Looking forward to the exploits in the future.

    @Karritz I haven't had any meteor strikes in my game yet. That seems to be quite devastating. What do you think the reason for the lag is? The play pens? I never got those to work properly (the kids were overly attracted to them, and the adults obliged). Depending on how those iron-wrought patio fences were modeled, it may also be them.
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    @Turjan thank you. I have a long list of possible causes for the lag. Probably everything on my list contributes to it. I don't think the playpens have much to do with it.

    Inventories are usually top of the list. But I've tried to keep them small.

    The fact that there are 25 sims in the household probably contributes to a lot of it.

    There is a 64x64 garden across the road from the boarding school building and they own it so it will be causing problems.

    The boarding school building is big and has a lot of stuff in it.

    I know the world is just about totally empty and there isn't much else there to cause problems. I did turn my graphics up a little to get reasonable quality video so that'll be contributing to it too.

    And there are other possible 'unknown' factors. Now I've moved 5 sims out of the household I'll experiment a bit and see how much difference having only 19 sims makes - if any. If I remember correctly, I think things only started getting really bad when I added too many sims to it.
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    @Karritz Yes, that makes sense. The reason why I split my family of 14 was also mostly lag. While the lag wasn't gone afterwards - too much stuff in my Sunset Valley - it got at least into "playable" territory. I still get the occasional error 12 though.
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    @meerkattime thanks. The problem with Barnacle Bay is I added too many additional lots in the fairy village so the whole world was a laggy mess until I moved a heap of the fairies out to other worlds and bulldozed their houses. It is a lot better now. But I might have to move a few more out yet if I want to be able to play in the world for extended periods.

    I'm trying to have some sort of boarding school or base camp in each of my worlds in this big game.

    As for the meteor strikes. I almost never see them. I went to great lengths to get the original meteor strike that killed Oscar's parents.

    I still remember the first ever meteor strike I had. It was before Seasons was released and I have 3 female sims living in a house with a garden out the back. They were gardening when they got hit by the meteor. I don't think anyone died - one had a death flower and she used it and that's when I found out what they are for. It wrecked their garden though.

    Then next one hit a house and killed two of my sims. A father and his child. The father had a death flower but the little girl didn't so then I had to make ambrosia for her. That led to me putting a wishing well indoors in my houses as it was mid winter - seasons had been released by then. Her mother made the Ambrosia and the little ghost wouldn't eat it so she put it in the fridge and someone else in the household ate it. Then she had to catch another death fish and it was winter and snowing and she couldn't stay at the graveyard all night fishing. So I put the wishing well in the basement and she got her death fish. Next time she made ambrosia the child ate it and became alive again.

    Then there was this one today. I don't get them often.

    I remember someone once telling me she started a new game and the first thing that happened was a meteor strike and it killed her sims. They hadn't had a chance to do anything in the game yet. They can happen at any time.

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    Turjan wrote: »
    @Karritz Yes, that makes sense. The reason why I split my family of 14 was also mostly lag. While the lag wasn't gone afterwards - too much stuff in my Sunset Valley - it got at least into "playable" territory. I still get the occasional error 12 though.

    I've been lucky with Chocolate Cake Island as the rest of the world is so empty I can drop a GB of used memory just by leaving the boarding school lot.

    But in Barnacle Bay it's almost in error 12 territory all the time due to the fairy village I've got at one end of the world.
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    After her parents had gone to bed, Marcus could finally start a conversation with the girl who had invited him over.
    That bare kitchen didn't really hurt the mood, and the conversation with the host was very pleasant. Soon it moved into different territories.
    It was late, and both of them wound down, taking a shower.
    Jamie was producing her version of "Starry Nights" at the same time. It became one of her first brilliant paintings.
    Autumn ended on a more mellow note, and the family spent some time outside.
    In the evening, Fiona enjoyed herself, dancing in the kitchen.
    Lucas rarely plays the guitar, but here he puts on a show in the parents' bedroom.
    That's what vacation is all about.

    Oh, who am I kidding. Tomorrow it's back to getting your skills up ;)
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    @Turjan nice pictures of your sims. I hope the shower made them feel suitably relaxed.

    I see you also wondered if the wrought iron fences might be contributing to the lag. They are Store Content 'The Forgotten Iron Work Fence" from The Now and Then Century Manor.
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    Ok, guys any help here?, im thinking of replaying sims3 once i have the packs i love the most (not that i have a prob with sims4 but i missed the sims3) so, last time i played and it was along time ago, it was lagging and crashing. Now i see alot of you are still playing the sims3 and im wondering how. Litteraly HOW? My pc is made for games and thats why im having a channel on Youtube showing my creations of the Sims game (actually its having alot of contnt) BUT (and i will say it again) BUT i dont know why it still crashing/lagging. Any help will be great, serously. Also, for you that like to check my creations of the Sims4 the channels name is StayTunedwithDorothy. So, now i will wait for an answer. Thank you for reading this. I missed my car on s3 and my bike and litteraly EVERYTHING T^T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Dorothy. If it is both lagging and crashing it is possibly a memory thing.

    I can give you a list of guesses. Others might be able to help you narrow it down. They might want to get a dxdiag from you so they can see if it could be something about your computer. No point in spending ages trying to fix something that can't be fixed with any of the solutions offered.

    Firstly my list of guesses.

    Inventories - they cause massive lag. Keep them almost empty or as close to empty as you can.
    Gardens - those plants wave in the breeze and use up a lot of processing power. If you plant enough of them you can bring the game to a standstill.
    Stuck sims - if a world or a house is badly designed sims keep trying to do things they can never do and that takes up a lot of processing power and causes lag.

    That's three possibilities for you to think about. I'm sure there are a lot of others out there.

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    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comments and feedback :smile:

    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments :smile:

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments :smile: The truth is coming out about Humara now! Thanks for the feedback :smile:

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    Hehe, Thank you I like to edit my sims.
    I use a minimum of cc in this folder though.


    Thank you, Mithun is a premade from showtime,
    those are often already taken.


    Glad Darren followed her.


    cute couple.

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    I'm playing in the world Salem.Its based off of Salem Massachusetts.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,934 Member
    @Turjan Did the guitar wake the parents up? :D

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,934 Member
    @GraceyManor When I think of the name Salam I always think of this cat:

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    @Karritz You could say so ;)

    That mansion takes much longer to load when I move the camera there than my home lot with the big family. However, that could have several reasons.

    @Dorothy Without the NRAAS mods, I would have had to stop my current game a long time ago. I couldn't save anymore, the lag ended in crashes, etc. The mods make it playable. Also, there's a bunch of ini edits and another mod, which vastly improve routing. Also, no memories, no connection to the servers (which is why I never responded to the "who is actively playing" threads), cleaning the caches and saves regularly, avoiding the photography skill as much as possible, etc. I discovered there's a hard limit of 1 GB for the save folder. Take a guess how. For loading times, I just discovered CCMagic, which helps a lot.

    I have the Origin version of the game, but I think this guide on the Steam forums gives a lot of good tips. You can skip over the part concerning the game using more RAM though, as I think the latest patches cover that.

    @Silverofdreams30 The results look good. The reason why I don't use much cc at the moment is that I'm just overwhelmed. I started with Sims3 this year, and I met a game with about a decade of people producing stuff for it. It's like standing in front of a mountain of toys and have to decide to pick one.

    @GraceyManor Ah, thank you. I only know the Fallout 4 version of that town. Let's see whether you recreate the witch trials.

    @king_of_simcity7 Hehe. For once, it didn't.
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    @Silverofdreams30 Theresa is smart to ask them right away if they are involved!

    @GraceyManor Delete the clutter! :smiley: I renovate everything I download to kinda make it more mine. I even renovate my own builds to make it more suitable to the world I'm using.
    I would love to make you a lair. I've never done one, but I have too much cc in my current folder and wouldn't want anything to attach. I'm trying to get a cc free folder set up, but, I've been too tired after work to set it up and once done with paperwork I just crash with a book until bedtime. :lol: I'm a very slow builder too. Maybe I will do one anyway when I get that cc free folder set up.
    This is a lair made by someone I knew from the Daily Deal thread when I was on it. I still have it in my downloaded files so was easy to find. I've used it once in a story. It is a venue, but could be converted to a residential if you wanted.
    He is certainly smitten to have followed her!
    Nice house! Glad she still wants to work with him and didn't tell him to go away.
    lol....I see you found a lair so just ignore the above. :tongue:

    @Brandontaylor I enjoyed your Elvis snippets. Such great memories. I enjoyed playing the music while I read the thread! Thanks for posting.
    Great Ava update! Fun pics of the gals arguing.
    Oh, hearts with Dustin. He's married. Oh, you don't care if she breaks up a marriage. Go for it!
    Poor Nick having his picnic ruined while they talk and flirt.

    @emorrill I didn't post much about my avatar. Her name is Bekka in my stories. There is a thread somewhere in creative corner if it still exists where I was posting my builds. I don't even remember the name of it....lol. Okie...found it Bekkasan Designs. I only put up 4 of my builds/renovations. Maybe I will start adding them again when I get a cc free folder made just for builds. I have too much cc in my current folder to use the builds I've made in it. Bekkasan was also in my Bekka and Patrick save which I've never finished.
    I guess the only thing left for pictures will be the pay sites. Kind of a bummer, but, eventually that is the way it works. They want money and then more money to operate the sites.

    @rubyskywalker Love the story of Snow White! Have fun with it!
    Oh....such drama and everyone mad at everyone else! haha

    @lisasc360 You found a really cool Sim Elvis video...thanks!
    lol at Fred and Shaggy's sunburns! I'm being mean laughing at their pain, but it is such a cute picture.
    I don't know why we never got an interaction to fight off the zombies with our brave sims!

    @DeafSimmer Awww, I'm a sap for romance and that was very romantic!
    I love that lamp too. I always forget about it!
    I love this picture. So much love shows in her face!

    @HillyBeth Hope things work out for this save.
    Congrats! Great pics of the engagement, wedding and fun in the sun.

    @king_of_simcity7 Great new poses!

    @Karritz Hope all goes well with the return to BB.
    I really didn't want to give you and awesome for a meteor strike, but like and insightful just didn't do it either! I keep looking for that bummer button, but the mods apparently did not like my suggestion for that particular addition to buttons!
    The pictures are great. I hope when all the smoke settles and you get back to it that no one died or disappeared.

    @meerkattime lol....technically Bekka is still abducted. I had to stop her story when that puter started acting up and had to restart with less packs and stuff in it. I have tons of pictures and I could finish the story. Maybe when I have some time this weekend I will hunt those pictures up and refresh my memory on the story and try to get her saved!

    @Turjan Lots of fun on vacation! Even getting squeaky clean...go Marcus! :lol:

    @Dorothy Karritz gave you some great tips. Patience is definitely a key factor in playing sims 3. It has warts and bumps and bruises. I eventually took out Pets and Seasons on my lap top and my errors quit happening. I hated doing it, but would rather play without them, then not play at all. They were just too intensive for my puter to handle and play the game. I used several of the main Nraas mods to help with issues that the dev team didn't bother to fix regarding performance and those are Overwatch and Error Trap. They make a big difference in me being able to play longer sessions and not have to quit and reload as often. I use many other Nraas mods to help me change things to play the style game I want to play and the ones I consider essential are Relativity (controls time) MC ...gives the ability to change many things in game for story telling, SP...way better than EA and very adaptable to different play styles with all the choices it offers.
    @igazor and any of the other techies over in the tech section could look at your dxdiag and graphics card and make suggestions for you on a more tech level.
    Good luck and we <3 pics and stories in this thread. :smiley: Please share once you get going.
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    @bekkasan Thanks for the feedback :smile:
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    Evangeline didn't have to go to school because it's a snow day, so she baked her first plate of muffins.


    Then she played in the treehouse.



    Marisella went to the hospital and gave birth to her and George's third child, Marcel.


    While she was driving back home past the school, I noticed that the snow day was just for Evangeline. The other kids were at school, and were taking the field trip Evangeline was supposed to take too! That made me a little sad.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,934 Member
    @PalmArrow Congratulations on the new baby :smile: I guess that Evangeline would be disappointed to learn that instead of enjoying a day off she actually missed out on a school trip
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    Congrats to the new baby.


    Thank you,
    it's a good option.


    Yeah, there is so much CC out there it can really be
    a jungle.
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    It became winter in Shang Simla. Training alchemy in the fresh air must be an exhilarating experience (at least you can try and tell yourself that).
    I had sent Jamie on an adventure, and she ended up watching TV with some local woman. It's kind of funny, because there's hardly anyone watching TV in her family, ever.
    Fiona painting another brilliant work among icicles. She's the most gifted artist in the family.
    The two virtuosi among the kids are working on completing their "one sim band" lifetime wishes. Both of them already mastered the guitar and the piano, which means two more to go. Technically, Carla already finished some lifetime wish, although it was in passing (due to a NRAAS mod) and I have no idea what it was. She has a lot more LTR points though than her siblings.
    I think it was a date that made Jamie end up somewhere in a camp above town. The horses behaved as if she were frying horse sausages, but they soon left the scene.
    Her energy bar was completely red. Nevertheless, she proceeded to build a snowman, and the result looked somewhat ominous.
    Instead of choosing the tent, she decided to take the long walk home. All the time, she had this smile on her face.
    Now, while I found the snowman somewhat irritating, she has the "immune to cold" LTR going, which means I was at least somewhat sure she could pass out in the snow without any ill effects. Other than her son Paul, who froze solid after he used the outdoor shower when he got singed while he tried to discover a potion (sorry, no pics because I forgot during the emergency). Note to self: Don't use the outdoor shower when it's freezing. I gave him "immune to cold" afterwards though, as he had the points.
    Paul was nearly finished with his bass training.
    Jamie arrived home just as Paul had mastered the bass, and she was still smiling.
    After a nap, she wanted to dance, which ended as usual.
    Jamie went to a party later, where she got some flowers. She was really excited, which obviously didn't please everyone. However, I think she was very happy, as she never gets any flowers from Marcus. He's kind of cheap.
    You see, getting your bliss this way doesn't cost you a dime.

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    This also happened yesterday. Perfect timing!
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
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    Today's update


    Teresa invited Gavin over again.


    Who showed up a bit later, they are neighbors.



    It was a nice time so they ended up woohoing.


    The stride of pride, he was so happy.


    She decided to ask him to become her boyfriend.


    Of which he accepted of course.




    Gavin is a sim from The sims resource.

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    These are the pictures from the Graceland house in the Forever the 50's world that I took last night... :)


    Elvis Presley and Ann Margret


    Movie theater

    1st floor (sorry that it's not up close pictures)

    2nd floor

    1st floor rooms

    2nd floor rooms

    Backyard Gazebo

    Backyard pool
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