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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,864 Member
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments :smile: Going to share some new updates :smile:

    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments :smile:

    @coco Tammy and Megan have been getting along well but Anna would drag Megan along with her while Tammy was more loyal to Humara

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,864 Member

    Simon had been spending time at his work placement but things were starting to get worse there. Since Brett had been off sick Simon was now the butt of every joke and the second chef Wes was feeling like pulling pranks.

    It had been a slow morning and Wes was bored and was thinking about a prank to pull. Simpson was in on the pranks as well and had suggested a prank called sneaky hat.

    'You have not used the sneaky hat in a while,' said Simpson to Wes while Simon was washing some dishes 'see how he reacts to that?'
    'Good idea,' replied Wes 'have we any spare plastic buckets?'

    Sneaky hat was a prank where Wes would sneak up on someone with a plastic tub and put it on their head without them noticing. It was a pointless prank but Wes was confident that it would give him and Simpson a good laugh. He picked up a plastic tub and waited for Simon to have his back turned. Once the moment was right he went right up to him and placed it on Simon's head which took him by surprise.



    Both him and Simpson had a good laugh but for Simon that was the last straw. Two waitresses had also seen it and laughed along. Simon decided to just walk out and with that he just left. Simpson was not impressed and followed him towards the back door.

    'Where do you think you are going?' demanded Simpson 'you have to do these dishes!'

    '!!!! you are not even paying me to do it!' said Simon and walked out of the door and slammed it behind him. He was furious and felt humiliated but this was a prank gone too far so he now had the perfect excuse to leave. After walking out he decided to walk to the skills centre to explain what happened.

    See more:
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 2,673 Member

    Page 3631

    @GraceyManor I'm glad that Darren doesn't blame Chelsea.
    I just hope she enjoyed that kiss.
    Great update!

    @Karritz You're welcome.
    Wow, isn't it neat how one set of Sims can inspire many different stories? I'll probably check them out eventually as well.
    He looks nice, I can see why you gave him a motorcycle.
    Lol, that's funny that they were still eternally faithful even though they flirted with others.
    Great pictures!

    @lisasc360 You're welcome.
    I bet Willamena and Willie will have a lot of fun together.
    Thanks, I'm full of them and could probably type forever but I didn't want to go into too much detail, lol.

    @coco Lol, I know what you mean. They should be able to before long.
    She's starting to do a bit better. She isn't making much but it is better than nothing.
    I thought so too. I thought she might be the better one to propose since she rejected his due to her traits.
    Thanks, I'll have a few more of those through Friday.

    @Turjan You're welcome.
    Wow, having Nick Alto as a son-in-law would be hilarious, especially since Marcus doesn't like him.

    @Silverofdreams30 Nice update, everyone looks great!

    @bekkasan You're welcome.
    Thanks, I think they had a nice wedding.
    Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. Can't wait to see what happened.

    Elvis Facts: 1968 Comeback Special
    Today's GIF comes from the 1968 Comeback Special, originally called Singer Presents: Elvis. Elvis was beginning to tire of making all those movies. He wanted to be taken as a serious actor but he wasn't given anything good to act in, even though a few movies did make some good money. In the summer of '68, Colonel Parker had Elvis start working on a special to air around Christmas. Parker wanted him to sing all Christmas songs but the producer of the show, Steve Binder, knew that this was the perfect opportunity to show that Elvis was still the King. He convinced Elvis to go against the Colonel, something that Elvis hardly ever did. To convince him, Binder did an experiment where Elvis would go outside the studio and try and get a crowd. Due to his sinking movie career, nobody even paid attention to Elvis. Elvis knew Steve was right and so the music shifted to Elvis' greatest hits instead. Wearing a black leather suit, Elvis performed his songs in front of a small live audience for some parts but also filmed musical segments to be shown in between. Elvis only performed one Christmas song to make Parker happy but otherwise he stuck to what made him famous. At the end of the show, Elvis performed a new song called 'If I Can Dream' which became a number one hit, his first in years. After this, the Colonel realized he needed to get Elvis back in front of an audience and he began to set up shows at a Las Vegas hotel.

    Elvis Medley from the Special

    If I Can Dream
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,576 Member
    PalmArrow wrote: »

    @emorrill , that's really Scott Bakula singing? He's an excellent Elvis imitator!

    @PalmArrow ^Yes indeedy. :mrgreen: He started his acting career doing plays and he's also a very good singer and musician. <3

    Another example here of him doing an Elvis impersonation in of the shows he did WAY back in the day. :love: (It keeps going onto other moments he sang and played on TV. ;) )

    The man just continues to boggle my mind. :astonished: I REALLY need to start watching NCIS:NOLA one day, we don't have any cable TV that's why.
    I should just buy all the DVDs as they come out. :p

    More comments later! Gotta run!
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    @Mikezumi I'll try that :)
    @bekkasan I don't think I got debug...
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,291 Member


    Thank you, will post more later tonight been
    taking new screenshots today.


    Thank you

  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,179 Member
    @lisasc360 Fun Festival pics. Looks like that fall on the skating rink would have hurt a lot. No wonder Willie is nervous about fitting into the tiny fairy house.
    Thank you... :) Yeah I think a fall like that would hurt as well... :# hehehe, yeah he's probably worried about tearing up her little fairy house... >:)

    @lisasc360 , oh, I haven't played in Isla Paradiso in such a long time! I love the picture of the moon in the early morning.
    Yeah, I don't really play over there that often as I'm afraid of the lag coming back but so far I've been lucky on that so far. Thank you... :)

    @Silverofdreams30, great updates and pictures as well... :)

    @king_of_simcity7, great update and pictures... :)

    @lisasc360 Nice to see you and your Willemena story.
    Thank you... :) I want to try to rotate my gameplay with other saves that I have. I played my Scooby and the Gang save last night. I went and started over with that as I had some missing pictures and I really want to start a thread over in the creation corner with their gameplay... :)

    @lisasc360 You're welcome.
    I bet Willamena and Willie will have a lot of fun together.
    Thanks, I'm full of them and could probably type forever but I didn't want to go into too much detail, lol.
    Yeah, I'm hoping that they have a lot more fun later in their gameplay... :)
    You're welcome... :) That man sure does have a lot of history in his short time on earth that left a lasting legacy for years to come. Did you the Elvis special that came on earlier this year with the different singers/groups getting together singing Elvis songs? The stage that they used in the show was the same stage that Elvis used in his comeback special.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,864 Member
    @lisasc360 Thanks for the feedback :smile:
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,179 Member
    edited August 2019
    So I decided to play my Scooby-Doo and the Gang again. So instead of picking up where I left off at, I went and started over again with it as I had lost some of the beginning gameplay pictures. I just copied their house into the library and just placed the house in a new save after I had bulldozed the original house already on the lot that I want the house to be as the house that I'd saved is already fixed up to my liking... :)

    I also have a thread over in the Stories and Legacies section but here is the link to it as well for anyone who wants to read it over there... :)

    Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang just moved into their new house in Moonlight Falls. Typical Shaggy Rogers is already cowering in his shoes... :#

    But soon as Shaggy is done cowering, he makes his way to the trampoline and starts jumping on it... :)

    Shaggy is sure having a blast on the trampoline as it makes him forget what he was cowering about... :p

    The university mascot shows up to pay them a brief visit while Velma Dinkley is playing with Scooby... :)

    The paperboy came to deliver the newspaper and then changed out of his clothes into his swimming trunks thinking that he was going to go for a swim in the pool, but the gate got locked and so he changed back into his clothes and left.

    Then the mascot took out a university goodie bucket from his car and left it outside of their fence for them to see... :)

    Fred Jones decided to go for a swim in the pool. As he was walking to the backyard, a strange blue static like light emerges from the ground... :o

    Daphne Blake gets a phone call from the school board asking her if she can teach a art class at the school, so she said yes. Of course she is curious about the strange device that just appeared in the front yard... :)

    When Shaggy was done on the trampoline, he headed to the diving board as he wanted to make a big splash... :)

    While Shaggy was getting ready for his dive, Fred decided that he wanted to use the sliding board... :)

    Shaggy made his dive but it wasn't the big splash that he wanted to do... :)

    Fred seems to be having fun sliding down the sliding board..."wheeeeeee" Fred said as he was doing :p

    Then it was Scooby-Doo that was cowering due to the fact that there will be a full moon tonight... :#

    Scooby then saw the strange device, so he went over to sniff it out and saw the university mascot on his way over there... :)

    Once Scooby finished checking out the device, he started searching for some clues around the area of it... :)

    Velma then spotted the strange device and went to check it out.

    After she swiped her foot over it, a strangely dressed man popped out of it knocking Velma into the bush behind her... :#

    Once Velma came out of the bush, she went to the strangely dressed man and asked him who he is.

    So he introduced himself as Emit Relevart as he was handing her the almanac of time. She then wanted to know why he was there handing her an almanac and he explained to her that he came from the future looking for The Mystery Gang. He said that he had read all about their many mysterious cases that they had solved over the years and that he needed their help in his timeline in Oasis Landing.

    Shaggy gets a phone call from the Bistro in town asking if he could cook up some excellent quality crepes for their cooking class, so he accepted their offer. It looks like there will be a trip in the future to France so that he can buy the recipe... :)

    Velma called Fred out to the front yard so that she could introduce Fred to Emit. So he wanted to know why he was on their property...

    So Velma explained to him that Emit was from the future and that he needed them to help him with a mystery in Oasis Landing which is in Emit's timeline... :)

    Then Emit leaned into their conversation and whispered something to Velma and Fred.

    Then Velma and Fred called Shaggy and Daphne to the front yard so that Fred and Velma could tell them that they have a new mystery to solve... :)
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    Simon made his way towards the canteen and managed to speak to Jamie, Tammy and Megan and explain what had happened. He noticed Nick by the sink washing up. At least no one would give Nick a hard time.

    'Well I am glad you left that place,' said Tammy 'that place sounded horrible,'
    'Will they let you back in here?' asked Jamie.
    'Not sure really,' replied Simon.


    Nick overheard the conversation with Simon but it did not matter what Simon did now. He had won over Humara. He would have rather that he was hanging out with her rather than being in the kitchen though.

    'I need to go and ask someone something,' Nick said to Brenda when he thought that no one was listening.
    'What's that?' Brenda asked him.
    'Just need to ask someone in the canteen something, it won't be long,' replied Nick.
    'Okay, fine, but no more than five minutes,' replied Brenda. Nick went out of the kitchen and sat with Humara for the rest of her break.


    'He is still following her around is he?' Simon asked.
    'It looks like it,' replied Tammy 'I am not talking to Humara much anymore anyway,'
    'Is she still ignoring you?' Simon asked her.
    'Well they have all got another party planned and we are not invited,' added Megan 'Cassie is organising it,'
    'No doubt that there will be guys there,' added Jamie. He had also been feeling disappointed in Anna ignoring him.
    'We should organise our own night out,' suggested Simon 'now that I have more free time anyway,'
    'We can have more fun without them,' said Tammy.

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,629 Member
    Haha! I know right? "Defending her from Defender" XD
    He kind of brainwashed into showing him the lair.
    Yes she has, all that martial arts training in China XD
    Yes she does, but she was feeling guilty and didn't think he'd want
    to talk to her.

    She just assumed he wouldn't want to talk to her.
    So she tried to clam up lol.

    Bryan was a pain in the behind.
    He brainwashed her into showing him the lair.
    Yup, he's sick of all the running XD

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    I was adding new lots to Sunset Valley just now and my game crashed on me. Ugh.
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    "I suppose if I go to Paris, and I say let me do it on my own; you're just gonna follow me?" Darren smiled."Of course I am." "So I guess, I might as well just let you come." "Absolutely."

    "I know we're here to find your sister Chelsea; but I would like to spend some alone time with you while we're here.Is that possible?" "I think we could try that; but I want to find my sister first." "Oh of course! I understand that."

    "Where is she?!" "Oh Red Talon, you got our message.Well, then you'll know we need you to go down into tomb hidden many floors beneath this building, and find an ancient relic." " I find it, I come back you send me on another goose chase.This is getting annoying." "No more games, we will give you the location of Kris." "Alright then."

    "Let me do this, love." Darren took the axe."What did you call me?" "Uh, Chelsea?" "Riiiight." Darren blushed."Just let me handle this."

    "This is getting tedious and boring." More rocks to destroy.

    after many hours of searching....

    "Wow! This place is creepy....They sent us down here for a bottle of 10,000 year old wine?"

    "Alright here's your wine...where is she." "We have left the map at your base camp.She's safe and well.Just lost in one of the tombs.
    No more tasks for us, anything you find is yours."
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,291 Member
    edited August 2019
    The thread has been slow overnight.



    Thank you, are you going to play wow classic?
    Great Scooby update, your Shaggy sim look similar to the counterpart.


    Great update


    Darren is a great looking sim


    Thank you
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    edited August 2019
    Gemma knows all the toddler skills now, so Marisella took her to the library to read toddler books.



    Evangeline's homework face: :smiley:


    George mastered the painting skill.


    Geoge had the stir-crazy moodlet and Evangeline wished to go to the Winter Festival, so I sent the two of them to the festival when Evangeline was done with her homework.



    Marisella met Marisol Meyer at the library - a sim with a similar name who was also pregnant. Their children will be school friends someday!



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    @meerkattime and @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the comments :smile:
  • Nomiko13Nomiko13 Posts: 1,486 Member

    This is a span of major things that have happened over the course of weeks :)

    My Sims went on a date to the Seasonal Festival. It rained but it didn't rain on their parade nor did it stop Joel from proposing to Azura:

    That night, both dreamt of the wedding, which I found so cute:

    Their adopted child, Kadence, had a birthday and aged into a toddler!

    Kadence spent her first few days as a toddler doodling on the wall and enjoying her new comforter set mommy and daddy bought her:

    Azura played Peek-a-boo with Kadence and have been teaching her how to potty and reading her toddler books:

    Then around sometime in the morning, Azura goes into labor and the family welcomes baby Kaden.

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    @Brandontaylor Thank you. I hope I will have time to write it up this weekend. :)

    @lisasc360 I always loved the old Scooby story!
    Great start on the new Scooby and gang mystery story.
    Gosh, Scooby and Shaggy could sure get into trouble in the future!

    @GraceyManor Progress on sister and with each other. Good to see. Hope they find sister soon so they can concentrate on each other. :wink:

    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments. :)

    @PalmArrow That is a great treat for her after the homework face she made! Cute pic of the two moms meeting up.

    @Nomiko13 Congrats on the engagement and so cute both dreaming about the wedding.
    Kadence is a cutie! Congrats on the new baby Kaden!

    Late night fishing with a purpose.
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
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    @bekkasan Heh, yes, those IF's are really prone to bugs. All four of Jamie's and Marcus' kids got one. After I had seen what a pain they are with children when the two older ones got theirs to animate, I had decided to i) make them real and ii) not to let the dolls of the two girls out. However, the game had other plans. After a vacation, the girls' IF's simply got out and animated. Either the game itself or one of the NRAAS mods noticed that something had gone wrong and dutifully put a new set of IF dolls into the girls' inventory. Which they started to play with, while the other ones danced around them. I panicked. I used MC to force the new dolls into the family inventory. At first, they were stuck there, but after a reset, I was able to move them out of the Inventory and gifted them to someone else.

    And we got a teaser :smile:

    In my game, Fiona and Sam Sekemoto had a few attempts at getting another date going, but they all failed. Either Sam called when Fiona was about to leave the house for school, or he invited her to some place just to not show up because he forgot he had to work, which happened twice. When one of the Applegate brothers - the insane one - called her to the sports complex, she agreed. I guess some date is better than none at all for weeks.
    Salvador was happy to see her. I wonder what kind of response this is...
    Well done, Fiona. Well, I guess, technically, he's still at least pink on the inside, but nevertheless.
    Fiona seemed to be awfully proud of her deed.
    We can only hope this isn't his Hannibal Lecter look.

    A few hours later, I checked back on the two, but everything seemed to be peachy.
    Another successful day in the dating circus.
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    Today's update


    Teresa wished to have a party, shes not even a party animal, but she invited a few
    sim and here shes taking a photo with Rei Matsuri.


    Rich Richmond


    Teresa chatted to him for a bit.






    Karlie Goldberg and Wylie Luck sang karaoke togheter


    Gavin glitched with that invincible holding plate


    Always one sim leaving as soon as they arrive



    it was supposed to be a juice kegger so ofc a kegstand or two

  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,096 Member
    edited August 2019
    Those juice kegger parties are always hilarious. At least as long as the guests don't spend all time complaining that they cannot reach the juice keg.

    While the date in my last post was going on, Jamie had her own date. It was someone with a name I didn't recognize, and I promptly forgot it again afterwards, but it happened. Jamie ended up in the Stout Historical Library that way (I think it's the only building I actually named after the family, mostly because it didn't have a name in the first place). Suddenly the door opened and the game pushed 3 other families into the building. All at once. One of it was part of the split-off half of the Stout family, so I grasped the opportunity to start a new attempt at changing the IF's. I was lucky and Puzzle actually is still the changed version, which means I must have edited her before that save. That's great.

    That's Monika Morris in the center. Puzzle is the one in the upper right (still the same as before), and the girl in the medical suit is the new version of Hesper. Left of Monika, you find the new version of Snuggles, now deceptively innocent looking. There's something vaguely anime about how he turned out, but I don't really care at this point.
    Hesper doesn't really look in any way like the former attempt, but I don't mind.
    Of course, Snuggles' usual mood is somewhat different.
    Someone complaining about Angelica, the simbot.
    Angelica flees the scene and goes playing chess.
    I suppose Monica Morris and her household came over to give the toddlers something to read. The toddlers haven't even made it into the library yet. They are the kids of Monika Morris with Marcus, by the way.
    Inside, the madness reaches new heights.
    All this, while Jamie thinks it's a good idea to join the blob in order to chat on her phone.

    I think we can leave all those ladies and gentlemen to their own devices for now.

  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,761 Member
    @Brandontaylor, 3625.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I really wish the mobile forums came with a save draft button. Anyway, we have two new chickens. One's a Speckledy we named Prudence and the other is an ISA Brown we named Sadie.
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    Hopefully this is the last job for them and they can find Chelsea's sister.

    "Least my handiness skill comes in handy." "Must you always make jokes?" "Yup." Finally managed to get the traps unset.

    Many hours later(There wasn't much to take pictures of)

    "This must lead to the basement...I hope she's down there.." "We'll find her." "She's gonna wonder why her sister isn't here..." chelsea added."I think it would be okay to tell her, Chelsea." "Are you sure? I made a promise..."

    "Not trusting you almost drove you way, I'm not making that mistake again Chelsea.You can tell her." "Darren...Thank you."

    "Kris?" The lady turned around."I know who you are! But I half expected a family member to be here, not that I'm not grateful, ugh I sound I ungrateful...And I'm babbling.." "Its fine, you're just stressed and Your sister is here?" "You know Chelsea? Is she mad at me? Where is she?"

    "I'm a little annoyed that you didn't believe me when I said I had a job, and you packed up and left, and got yourself into all sorts
    of trouble...but I don't hate you." "Chelsea? You work with him?" "Yeah, I wasn't lying...I just couldn't tell you."

    "I'm sorry Chelsea...I should have trusted you more." "We all should have." Darren added with a smile."Let's get you back to the base."

    "Thank you Darren, I'm so glad you were here to help." "I'd do anything for promised me sometime together?" "I did...tomorrow, I'm tired right now." "You and me both."

  • Shadow_AssassinShadow_Assassin Posts: 1,180 Member
    " What are you pluming looking at? "

    Snow devil

    I always think that Wuren is kinda familiar
    Entrance to the abyss
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