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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    This link might work:
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    @PalmArrow Those Roaring Heights pics sure look stunning!

    @GraceyManor Maybe, you could grab a copy of Chelsea from an older save? However, if you have more general issues, there's probably really a mod conflict involved.

    Also, another nice installment of "A Girl on the Run" ;)

    @meerkattime Yes, I think I have to make a few tweaks in Tempest, because that constant rain surely gets annoying. Gobias Koffi also wears those bunny shoes btw. Lol at the piano comment. It's not even the portable one Paul uses to play in other people's bedrooms.
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    I enjoyed the chapter. I like how supportive the father is of his daughter.
    they seem to have a good relationship.
    Great writing as always.
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    Part 30A

    After a mostly quiet week Friday had finally come around and the two groups had organised nights out by themselves the next day. One group consisted of Simon, Jamie, Dorley, Ben, Tammy, Megan, Stacy, Hana, Shelly and Courtney who had all arranged to meet each other on Saturday.

    The second group consisted of Nick, Damien, Humara, Anna and a few from other courses such as Craig, Tony and the 🎃🎃🎃🎃 girls Bianca and Lakesha. Nick was hoping that this would be the weekend that he could ask Humara to be his girlfriend but before the end of the day the tutors had some news for him.

    Jean, Sue and Regan had been looking at getting more students placements and Sue was still disappointed that Simon had walked out of Yeates.


    'There is this hotel who said that they might take a few students on,' explain Regan 'We can send some of our students there maybe?'
    'Anyone in mind?' asked Jean.
    'Well I want to see Nick move on from working with Brenda,' said Regan.
    'I will need to find something new for Simon,' said Sue 'I am so disappointed that he would not give Yeates another try,'
    'How many are the hotel willing to take on?' asked Jean.
    'Only two in the kitchen,' replied Regan 'I was thinking of sending Nick and maybe Jamie there,'
    'What about Simon?' asked Jean.

    Regan thought for a moment and then had an idea.

    'If Yeates are still taking people on I could send either Nick or Jamie there instead?' he suggested 'then maybe Simon could work at the hotel instead?'
    'That could work,' agreed Jean 'we would just have to keep an eye on Yeates though,'
    'Who gets on better to work together?' asked Regan 'as even though Nick and Jamie work together with Brenda they do not actually seem to get on that well. They get along but I sense that they avoid each other,'
    'Does Simon get along with them?' asked Jean 'as I have noticed that Simon tends to get along better with Jamie now as there seems to have been some girl trouble with him and Nick,'
    'Maybe send Nick to Yeates and have Simon and Jamie work together?' Regan recommended.
    'We could try that I guess,' said Sue.
    'I think that might work out actually,' agreed Jean.



    And with that Nick had been offered a new placement with Yeates. He was not best pleased when he found out the news. He thought that things had been going well for him and Humara but he knew how Yeates was with Simon and the unsociable hours and so now this might makes things difficult.

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    In the current game, there wasn't really much interesting stuff happening. The vacation was going on as before. The sound and some of the visual feedback bugged out at some point (I think one of the skill stations bugged out). Anyway, here are a few shots.

    During vacation, Jamie and Marcus sure have more time for each other. Also, because I have them spar with each other, they are more often tired at the exact same time.
    Which also means they get up at the same time, which leads to some early morning flirts. I just love those dopey looks during the amorous hugs.
    They both seem to have much larger people in mind, if I look at their arms.

    There was one important step happening for Paul this night though. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the exact moment, I just saw him getting his fifth star back (my sims always lose stars during vacation), but there he is, fulfilling his "One sim band" lifetime wish. He netted 95,000 reward points from this (40,000 from the LTW, 7,500 from reaching level 10 in drums, both doubled by a wish potion), and the game gave him another chain of easy to fulfill stuff afterwards, which means he is sitting on about 123,000 points now that I still have to see what to do with.

    Much easier than Lucas or Fiona, who usually get wishes that take ages to fulfill (like "discover all potions" - yeah, thanks game).

    Marcus asked Jamie to watch the stars, and here they are.

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    Today's update


    Pamela finished her class and drove home, the sorority had a few cars the
    students could use while at university.


    Her dormitory mates like to jump


    Pamela is usually the one making the food, but here someone else had
    created late dinner.


    They watch TV and she usually studies right after the class finish
    for the day.





    She also got herself a university flirt in Mugsy.

    All for now

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    @Turjan not sure what girl on the run is but this update was based on Henry danger the musical where captain man runs away so he doesn’t have to song
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    @GraceyManor I got that. I couldn't resist the joke anyway ;) . I enjoy the show.
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    @Steamvarius Hope you had a great birthday!

    @ilikethesims30 Great ballet poses. Your sims like terrific and glad the performance was enjoyed by those who came.

    @Turjan I like the much needed changes in the house! :)
    hehe, that was a nice chain of events to get all those lovely wish points!
    Cute pics of them watching the stars!

    @DeafSimmer Congrats on the triplets! Looks like lots of fun. Love those glitchy cars!

    @PalmArrow Guess the chef didn't want to work any overtime! :grin:
    Great pics of the rain over the city.
    Love the pink sunrise!
    It would have been nice to be able to have an official office for the private detective career.
    Miss Lemon will need her writers salary. PD don't make much money! :open_mouth:

    @Silverofdreams30 She looks great in her formal wear for the party!
    lol at the sim that is looking a bit awkward with them kissing right in front of her.

    @jonny522 Good to see that Private D's issue was handled.
    Congrats to Mona on her degree.
    Congrats to Ryan and Alex on their promotions.

    @coco I love indoor arcades!
    Great idea to put playground type things in it too.
    When I built the place in MH it started with the pizza room and dance floor and grew from that into the bowling in the basement, pool and ping pong and a small bar upstairs and there is one room on the top floor still empty! I guess I'm waiting to put my seasons stuff up there eventually.

    @GraceyManor You have the weirdest glitches happen! :open_mouth: ::hugs::
    Enjoyed the update....at least your heroine ran away this time for a different reason. I wouldn't want to sing either, although that might just finish of the evil villain with my horrible voice!
    Nice that sister was able to track her down.

    @rubyskywalker Fried oreos!! except I don't think they do that in the sims....only at Shrimp festival....yum!

    @emorrill Wow...I just love Michael. I'm glad he visited Molly and was persistent in getting her to open up to him.
    He was so accepting of what happened and no ranting or raving, just love for his daughter. He knows she's gonna have a hard time telling Tay and who knows what Tay will do. I know what I would do...but I don't think you can do that to girls? :lol: Sorry, had to throw in so fun to break the tension. It was a very emotional scene and you wrote it wonderfully enough that you make me feel just a bit sorry for that low down cheating sl.... okie...I'll behave now. This is a family thread after all. :blush::wink:

    @meerkattime You Vlad is very handsome even with that funny expression!
    I'm trying to decide if doing a bit of cleaning is necessary later today or is playing sims more important? hehe

    @king_of_simcity7 I've seen you have made several updates. Will catch up on your thread later today after work.

    No play time last few days, but this was from Sunday.
    Alice was taking a break and playing at the broom arena. The sky was getting dark considering it was still early evening. It looks like they are getting ready to have one of our Florida thunderstorms except I don't have seasons in....just that lighting mod.
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    @bekkasan, page 3642.
    I did. I have ordered a new lego train set using my birthday money. So looking forward to it arriving!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
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    @bekkasan Thanks I won't have any more updates until tomorrow as heading to work in a bit :smile:
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    Turjan wrote: »
    @GraceyManor I got that. I couldn't resist the joke anyway ;) . I enjoy the show.

    I'll have google it and see what its about always looking for new shows.
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    post deleted
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    @coco The babysitter actually has pigtails. It's hard to take good photos with that hairstyle.
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    @bekkasan Thanks. Life certainly got much easier after the remodel. Regarding those reward points, Paul mostly has all the important rewards already, which means I either have to plan out his future or just keep a good part of them ready for future needs.
    That "watching the stars" was completely autonomous, and I'm happy when it doesn't get interrupted, which is often the case in a household with many sims.
    Turjan wrote: »
    @GraceyManor I got that. I couldn't resist the joke anyway ;) . I enjoy the show.

    I'll have google it and see what its about always looking for new shows.
    @GraceyManor I'm so sorry for being so terribly unclear today. My mistake. I meant that I enjoy your show. The title was one I came up with on the fly. If there's a real show with this name, it's just coincidence. I don't really watch any TV in RL.
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    Feedback time!

    Oh how neat that your sims performed swan lake.
    How do you pose so many sims at one time if they're townies?(audience)

    I use Relativity to slow down time. Then I pause the game, and use Master Controller to make each Sim family active. The I pick the poses. One Sim at a time.

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    Turjan wrote: »

    @ilikethesims30 That looks interesting. Is that part of Showtime? I'm afraid those performances bugged out on me at some point, which means I have yet to see a lot of what is possible. Nice story!

    Not really. It's a bunch of ballet poses I found. I wanted to do a ballet show.

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    @emorrill Michael knows her daughter well - he got through her quite easily even if he didn't quite guess what the problem was.
    Two years is long time to have an affair behind everyone's back :s . Michael handles the situation very well... He's a great father. I'm not sure I agree that she should tell Shawn what happened (he's still very young), but she definitely should tell Tay whatever the consequences will be.

    @meerkattime Thanks for the sweet comments. <3
    I agree Shawn is too young to know the entire truth, but he deserves his mom coming forward and saying she hasn't been completely honest with him and his daddy about things she's been doing and that she made a mistake.
    It's good for children to see their parents admit mistakes. It shows them that mistakes are normal in life. :)
    No forum errors for me so far. But the place sure was going bonkers a couple of weeks ago! :confounded:
    Did you give Vlad a little makeover? He looks good. :love:

    @Silverofdreams30 No worries lady, take your time. :blush:
    Oh hey that was quick. :lol: (For me anyway. :p )
    Thank you. <3 The thing that I'm trying to portray in this story is that there is power in the family unit. :star: I've witnessed that kind of power all throughout my life within my own family. <3
    "Dorm mates" I love that. :blush:
    Oooh, nice smooch at the end there. :love:

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks for the new link to your blog. I was gonna let you know that when I clicked on the original link it just took me back to MY blog and I was like..."Weird!" :confused:
    Will read your newest chapter on your story thread and give out comments there. ;)

    @Turjan Enjoyed your update as always. :grin:

    @bekkasan I love Michael too. <3 He's modeled after my father and other great men I've known in my life. :star:
    Thanks for the compliment. <3 Glad you enjoyed reading it.
    I know what I would do...but I don't think you can do that to girls? :lol: Sorry, had to throw in so fun to break the tension. It was a very emotional scene and you wrote it wonderfully enough that you make me feel just a bit sorry for that low down cheating sl.... okie...I'll behave now. This is a family thread after all. :blush::wink:
    ^LOL! :joy: Oh man, what a great laugh you gave me this morning!
    You know...the way that my parents so graciously and lovingly handled the situation of my sister getting a divorce (her asking her husband for it) was a huge example to me of the love of a parent. They were heartbroken by the news, as were the rest of us, because we all love her (now ex) husband and it hasn't been easy to support her through this. But in her heart she feels she's doing the right thing and...we may not understand it, but my parents encouraged all of us to love and support her, not take sides, and pray for her and her ex husband. It's really all we can do. I couldn't help portraying that incredible example of love in this scene. <3

    @GraceyManor I love musicals. :mrgreen: Enjoying your story as always. :)

    Gotta run now!

    Happy Simming everyone. :)
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    @Turjan , I enjoyed reading about your large household living in the Koffi house! Sounds very fun and chaotic!
    I never had any problems with spiral stairs - perhaps I was just lucky!

    @king_of_simcity7 , hah, Nick deserves to have to go and work at that place!

    @bekkasan , I love the broom-riding picture. It looks exactly as if a storm was coming!
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    @bekkasan Never had fried oreos before... seems like at fairs they'll fry anything! Now if only churros weren't so rare... I've only found them at one out of three fairs I've been to!
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    Hoping to complete this Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS.
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    @GraceyManor Sad, sad song.

    @emorrill Always a pleasure making you laugh! Glad you get my weird sense of humor!

    @PalmArrow I really should have taken a picture out my front door that afternoon. The sky looked just like that. We had lots of loud boomers, sharp lightening and a fast moving storm.

    @rubyskywalker The fried oreos are very good. They used to do fried twi.nk.ies, (I cannot believe the censor plums twin.k.ies) not sure why they stopped doing those though. Those were yummy too. Funnel cakes were very messy but oh so good too. Not quite like churro's but similar principal....fried dough with confectioner's sugar sprinkled on top. Now I'm craving all kinds of junk food! lol
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    Hi all! Life here at the end of summer has gotten CAH-RAY-ZEE at the Abellakellaher real life homestead, keeping me super busy lately. However, just as promised, now that the Thunderbolt lots are finished, I have returned to Niella's clan (that now have their own story thread over on the Stories and Legacies forum btw) and am back with the next update! But first, I thought I'd throw a teaser in for my next side project (who knows when I'll actually start it) called Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

    Left Shoulder Right Shoulder will follow the story of twin sisters Betha and Bella Kellaher (loosely based on my SS,) that were separated at 12 when a tragic accident killed their parents. Betha was sent to live with very distant relatives in Finland while Bella was sent to a group foster home in New Orleans. Now 18, after receiving a small trust fund provided for by their parents life insurance, the girls have reunited determined to rebuild their relationship and recapture the sense of family they lost. Can they overcome the differences their shared tragedy created between them?


    This update is pretty big (in excess of character limits in fact haha) so I'll post a bit here and then link to this exact update in the story thread :)

    Ammon knew it was foolish to think that he might be able to catch a quick catnap before heading into Nautilus for the day, but none the less he felt he should try. After an hour of his mind and heart racing he decided to let the ocean air refresh his senses before reporting in and climbed the stairs to the main floor. He assumed he would be the only one up; it was still early and he hadn't heard anyone above. When he stepped onto the deck he saw he was wrong. Karlie was staring out to sea, lost in thought "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were up dear. I was just going to get a breath of fresh air before heading into work, sorry to intrude!" he said, wondering if he should turn and head back in, leaving Karlie any respite she might have been looking for. "No, please, sit" Karlie softly said nodding to the seat to her right.

    As he walked over to the chair Ammon couldn't help but comment "Such a beautiful morning." Karlie closed her eyes and inhaled the ocean air, feeling the sun and breeze dance on her face. "Mmm. Yes it is" she said softly. "You sound exactly like Adrastria - er well, your mother, last night" Ammon said warmly as he sat down. Karlie couldn't help but hear the gentle devoted love Ammon had for her mother when he said it, and couldn't help but beam with happiness that he still felt that way after everything that had happened. "Told you that the mornings here were fabulous" Karlie softly joked. "That you did, my dear, that you did" Ammon replied as he sat down.

    After a moment he asked "So.. How are you doing, dear? Did you sleep ok? I'm sure it's been all quite a lot to take in." "It would have been a whole lot easier to take in if this hadn't been all my mom's fault. And not even fault, but I mean I use to think I could trust her more than anyone else in the world yet she's lied to me my whole LIFE, more than anyone else ever even could have. I can't even imagine how you and Niella must feel after she just left you both." The words came out of Karlie's mouth before she could stop them. They stung her as they did, knowing that had her mom heard them she would have been crushed. But her mom wasn't here and right now she didn't care, SHE was crushed. Ammon frowned, hearing the pain in Karlie's voice hurt his own heart. He sat quiet for a minute and then said "Yes, you're right, you know. It was very hard for both Niella and I. I'm sure there were many times in Niella's life growing up that she wondered if her mother even loved her. I know I did. And here come to find out it was all so your mom could live on the beach, too, right? Talk about betrayal." "Wait, what??" Karlie asked, giving her eyes a strong blink and her head a quick shake. She wasn't sure she heard him right.

    "I mean here we are decades later and she has everything she ever wanted, right? But hey, far be it from any of us to step in her way" Ammon did his best Magdy impression. "Nooo no no no uh uh" Karlie fiercely defied, shaking her head and finger. "If there's two things I know about my mom it's 1. that the only reason she left was because she felt she had no choice, it was what was best for you and Niella, not her. And 2. Even though I didn't know why then, my mother's heart has been broke ever since. This ocean is full of the tears she cried herself to sleep shedding night after night. She doesn't have a selfish cell in her whole body!" Ammon threw his hands up "I surrender I surrender! Whew you certainly are as fierce as she is over her loved ones! " he protested with a sly smile.

    Karlie sat staring blankly at Ammon for a second, her own words reverberating in her mind as she slowly realized what Ammon had just done before bursting into laughter. "Ugh! You're as bad as Niella! She pulls that reverse psychology shtick on me all the time!" "Well who do you think she learned it from? She is the apple, I am the tree." Ammon playfully boasted. Then, clapping his hands and rubbing them together, he added "Well the day isn't going to grow time just for me! I guess I should head to Nautilus." "You're still going to work?? Man, tough boss!" Karlie chided, knowing full well Niella would would shake her head in feigned disapproval of her father's hard core work ethic.

    As Ammon started to stand, Karlie did the same, though just a slight bit slower and more awkwardly. Ammon offered his arm and helped her up. She threw him off guard when she wrapped her arms around him after she was standing. "Thank you so much Mr. Anni.. Dad" she added quietly. Ammon felt a leprechaun kick him in the Adam's apple riiight before he felt one kick him in his slightly out of shape belly. "Oh! My! What a kick! You've got quite a little fighter in there!" he said, surprised. "Hehe yes, he or she is quite strong. Go on, you can feel, Papa" Karlie smiled warmly. Instantly Ammon felt his roll in Karlie's life was forever cemented and it filled him with love and a hope he had never felt before.

    And then *boop* he felt another kick under his hand. He looked at Karlie and they both chuckled. "Well I'm off!" he said, standing and gave Karlie's hand a soft squeeze before turning toward the door. On his way in he heard Karlie's phone vibrate on the table while Linda Belcher's voice said "I love showahs and mornings and bologna and turtles. ... I'm Linda. I love showahs and morni" before Karlie answered the call. "I. I didn't wake you did I?" Shari asked, tentatively. Karlie had shown her mother love and grace at the end of the night but Shari knew she still had a lot to answer for.

    "No Mom, you didn't wake me." Karlie said flatly, still not ready to completely forgive her mother. "How are you feeling?" Shari asked, her voice heavy with guilt and concern. "You know Mom, everyone keeps asking me that - how I'm feeling and I really just wish they'd stop because I'm not really sure what I'm suppose to say!" Karlie snapped, throwing her hand up on the air in frustration. She was as frustrated with herself as she was at her mom. She wasn't mad that people had asked her how she felt, it was just a convenient target to throw daggers at rather than directly at her mother. She loved her mother fiercely but feeling like her mother had kept such a huge thing from her, ABOUT her - that really hurt. And Shari knew it. "I'm so sorry Karlie Ana. How can I help? What can I do?" Shari implored.

    "I don't know, mom, how you're suppose to help. I don't know even know what I am but all I could think about all night long was what that might mean for my baby!" her panic poking it's ugly head out from Karlie's normally "together and in control" demeanor. "Well, I might actually be able to help you with that" Shari tried to ease her daughter's tension. "Oh Right. And I'm suppose to trust you?" Karlie said, bitterly. Shari gasped the blow to her heart hurt so much. "Karlie Ana," she said softly, "I know you're very hurt right now and you have every single reason to be angry at me for.. all that I've done.. But please just think back to two days ago. Have I ever done anything else that hurt you? Did that Karlie trust that me? I promise, with my whole heart, that I will never hold anything from you again, or lie to you ever. I'm not asking you to trust me forever. But if you can just trust me right now, I will help you get some answers."

    Halfway through her mother's words, Karlie was already filled with regret. She had always trusted her mother, without question. Her mother had never ever lied about anything... except this... "I'm sorry Mom, I'm just feeling very overwhelmed and I really am trying to understand but right now I'm just very worried about this baby. I mean am I half mermaid and half genie? Half witch and half genie? Human?? What does that mean for this baby?? Is going to be some kind of mermaid--genie-faerie-witch-human freak? With wings and scales and blue skin and a pointy hat and a giant sense of entitlement?? Can that even happen??" Karlie's panic was rising again. "Karlie Ana take a deep breath. If you can trust me, come to my house, I have something to show you. I promise you, whatever answers you need I will help you find, ok?" "Ok, yes, alright." Karlie replied, letting herself be comforted by her mother's words. "I'll be right over." Shari told Karlie she loved her and as she hung up she steeled herself for what was in store. Today Shari would find herself again in the worst, most painful place on earth. But there was no way to avoid it.Cs4jtIW.jpg

    There's some really good things in the rest of this update (in my own unlimited opinion :lol ,) so if you'd like to read the rest it you can find it here

    I have a bit of work to finish up yet today but then I'll be back for catching up :) Hugs to all!
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    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comment :) It might lead to some dramas!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,981 Member
    Oh no, no need to apologize.I just thought maybe there was a show.
    Glad you're enjoying my "show." :)

    It is a very sad song.I first heard it when I saw the Lion King live stage show...So sad.
    I have yet to use the broom arena...There's so much in this game that I haven't tried.

    Aww, thanks! Glad you're enjoying.

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    I don't know which mod could be causing Chelsea to want to go to bed even when her energy is barely low.

    Mods I have:
    All of Twallan's Nraas Mods
    Shimrod's Townies out on the town.
    Pets "Always pee here available"
    Diasters & Blessings Mod
    Job Overhaul Mod
    Romance Overhaul Mod
    Passion and Romance Mod
    Demonic Powers Mod
    Recipes and Foods Mods
    Deep Conversations Mods
    Mental Powers Mod(Could this be it?)
    CC Loader(required for custom recipes)
    Buzz Carpool Disabler
    Buzz Take home food
    Bye Bye Zombies Mod
    Shimrods Attraction Disabled Mod

    The rest are clothing and hair.
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