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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    The grey night over Roaring Heights gave way to a pink sunrise.



    Poirot, who has the highest cooking skill, prepared breakfast.


    Hastings is going to join the military career today. He bragged to Miss Lemon about his strength.


    Miss Lemon grabbed a pillow to test how good he is at fighting.


    He was too good!


    I made an office for Miss Lemon to fit her role as Poirot's secretary, but she is actually going to work as a self-employed writer.


    This is Poirot's office - he is going to be a private investigator (of course). I wish private investigators in the game actually received clients in an office!


    I spotted a deer running through the center of town:


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    @coco Thanks! I'll be sure to post pics! I had the ceremony in a little garden type thing I made that has a building for the guests later to dance, have cake, and sing karaoke
    @meerkattime Thanks!
    @bekkasan Thanks!
    @Steamvarius Happy Birthday! 🎂
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    Hoping to complete this Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS.
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    @PalmArrow I love Roaring Heights when it is pink :smile:

    An improved private investigator career would be good :smile:
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    For Anna the situation had been slightly different. She had a few friends at school and had often tried to become friends with the popular girls. She managed to get some attention off one of the guys who one of her friends had liked and when the other girls had found out they started to target her.


    'I remember being in a Maths lesson and these two girls had come to our classroom and told the teacher that Anna had to see the head of the year so the teacher let her leave the classroom. She came back in a couple of minutes later and she looked really worried about something. I hadn't really spoke to her much at that point but there were these two other 🎃🎃🎃🎃 girls sitting near me and I heard one of them say that those two girls were going to give her a warning,'


    and I heard one of them say that those two girls were going to give her a warning,'
    Megan had remembered it really well as she sensed that there was something wrong but no one else seemed to have noticed. At the end of the lesson she noticed that Anna was the last to leave the classroom and seemed really nervous walking around. Megan had noticed the 🎃🎃🎃🎃 girls were waiting by the stairs and had called her over. Anna had reluctantly walked up to them and they told her to follow them outside. Megan had walked up towards the doors and looked through the window and saw them arguing with Anna and then one of the girls pushed her against the wall and hit her a few times. It made Megan nervous as it had reminded her of what had happened to her but this time it seemed more vicious.

    After about a minute the girls had walked off leaving Anna by the door in tears. Megan had gone outside to see if she was ok.

    'I asked how she was and she was really upset,' explained Megan 'I knew what those girls could be like but Anna did not want to tell a teacher. She just wanted to go home and be alone. I suggested that I would go to see a teacher with her but she just wanted to leave,'

    'Did anyone else see it?' Tammy asked.
    'No, it was only me I think,' replied Megan 'She said she was going to say that she was ill and go home but she asked for my number and said that she would ring me later,'

    Megan had given Anna her number and later that day once she had finished school Anna had rang Megan's house and they had spoken for a while.


    See more:

    Unedited original part 27
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    Great updates everyone... :)

    @lisasc360 I love your Scooby Doo sims, you did a great job making them look accurate to their cartoon selves. That's cute that Scooby sleeps on Shaggy's bed. Did you get the Mystery Machine from Fresh Prince? I feel like I've seen it before. Shaggy looks very worried. I suppose it being a full moon must be making him nervous too.
    That's nice of the town to give out free Bonehilda's to all residents. I knew Shaggy would faint even though he's probably come face to face with many skeletons before. That's interesting that Velma got hearts. She must be fascinated by Bonehilda :smile:
    Thank you... :) I tried my best to get them as close as I could to their cartoon selves... :) Yeah it is since Shaggy and Scooby always sleeps together anyhow... :) I got the Mystery Machine Van from MTS, the creator is xdarkshadowx. One of my friends had shared the link with my years ago but I could never download it as I didn't have a mods folder set up at the time, so I went without for a couple of years until I finally figured out to set up the folder... :)
    Yes Shaggy was very worried about something and you're probably right about it being the full moon making him nervous... :)
    Yes it was very nice for them to do that. Since a couple of them wanted to buy to Bonehilda, I figure that I would work it into the story as it appearing out of nowhere... :) hehehe, it's doesn't matter to Shaggy on how times he's seen a skeleton or a ghost, he will always pass out at the sight of them before running away in the opposite direction...lol Yeah I that it was as well as I didn't know that Bonehilda could have feelings for someone...lol

    @GraceyManor, Hopefully Darren and Chelsea can stop the singing curse so that the town can be normal again... :)

    @Steamvarius, Happy Birthday... :)

    @emorrill, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband... :)

    @lisasc , I loved seeing Scooby sleep on Shaggy's bed, that was so cute! Shaggy's expression in the close-up at the end of the first post is excellent. :)
    I would faint too if I saw a Bonehilda!
    Thank you... :)
    hehehe, same here as well... :p

    Great update... :) Love the rainy nighttime screenshots of RH... :)

    @lisasc360 Good dog! Sweet to see Scooby guarding sleeping Shaggy.
    I like The Mystery Machine van and its flower ornaments :).
    They do look worried wondering what made Scooby alarmed.
    A coffin in the front yard - that's strange indeed.
    Hello, Bonehilda :). Funny that Velma got hearts for her. Poor Shaggy fainting.
    Yup, Scooby is a good dog. It sure is nice to see him watching his best pal while he was sleeping... :)
    Same here. I believe you can have a plain van as well plus there was some accessories that came with as well but I didn't use them yet... :)
    Yup, but of course it could just be the full moon as well that's doing it... :)
    Yup, it just showed up out of nowhere just like that...lol
    Yeah I thought it was funny as well that they would get hearts for one another and they don't even have anything in common as one is a dead walking bag of bones while Velma is a living breathing human... :p

    @Silverofdreams30, thank you... :)

    Great update... :)

    @king_of_simcity7, great update... :)

    @ilikethesims30, great update with your Sims doing the Swan Lake performance... :)

    @Turjan, nice house and update... :)

    @lisasc360 Enjoy seeing the gang in your pictures. Scooby guarding Shaggy in bed is so cute!
    lol at Shaggy passing out. So true to the shows!
    Bonehilda and Velma got hearts!! :lol:
    Thank you... :)
    Yup you know Shaggy, he is even afraid of his own shadow...lol... :p
    hehehe, they sure did but nothing will become of it anyhow... :)

    @DeafSimmer, great update... :)

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    @lisasc360 Thanks for the feedback :smile:
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    Feedback time!

    Wow! That is a really old game! Appaloosa plains
    is one of my favorite EA worlds.Aww peek-a-boo is so cute!
    Erin is really pretty, I love her hair.Is it custom?

    Only if Frankini finds his way to your neighborhood.XD
    He really is a weirdo.Yeah, no.Frankini loves musicals
    so he doesn't want to give it up.


    I see your playing in Country Love.
    That is such a nice world! I only uninstalled it
    because I was cutting back on custom content.

    Chelsea's just fed up with the curse, and snapped at Schwarze.
    But a little Flattery does go a long way.
    Oh no, its just a sing off, no dancing.No, I downloaded it from DNA.

    Ah okay, I didn't know that.
    I downloaded a mod to disable the
    moodlet XD

    Oh how neat that your sims performed swan lake.
    How do you pose so many sims at one time if they're townies?(audience)

    That's a nice looking house!

    More of a Song Fight.XD
    It should be quite funny.

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    @Karritz, page 3640.
    Thank you!

    @rubyskywalker, @lisasc360, 3641.
    Thank you, also! I got a Lego Technic First Responder for my birthday, as well as a creeper lunch bag for when I'm volunteering at the animal sanctuary. And a £15 Nintendo eShop card from my sister. Got hollow knight with it.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Now my sim is doing another weird issue.
    Chelsea constantly wants to go to bed even though her energy is full.
    Moving them to a new SAVE to see if my save is corrupted.
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    Just a short one this time.
    "Community Service and light fines for murder? Private D verdict out"
    The soldier Private D has had his verdict delivered today, in the verdict Lord Justice Irwin said that a 2nd degree murder charge couldn't stand and as such found him not guilty."A charge of 2nd degree murder for someone firing at a gunman in panic requires a sentence that I couldn't in any good faith call fair, especially taking Private D's lack of experience at the time" He also made some barbed comments against the prosecution services "I find the evidence of the prosecution to be wholesale unconvincing in this regard, I'm not surprised that the prosecution would take this position as it is their legal duty, but I am slightly confused that Prosecution Services felt that this case was in public interest in relation to a murder charge when voluntary manslaughter would be a more fitting charge, especially seeing how the soldier's target was a gunman on whom lethal force was justified".

    He did however find Private D guilty of Negligent discharge of a deadly weapon and sentenced him to 100 hours of community service and 3000 simolean fine for the crime. Their have been mixed reactions to the verdict, an MOD spokesman said "The conclusion of the judge is one based on fact and we feel no need or grounds to appeal or question it. While it's not ideal we're glad that the proper steps have been taken and this matter is hopefully closed". The families of the journalist Private D killed were offered an undisclosed amount, this is the same for the man who was seriously wounded by his firing.

    Others felt that the charge was too light for a member of the armed forces, the Roseville hilltop community was conflicted, with one resident stating "If you gave me a gun and fired it madly around the area I'd get jail with no question, but if I put a uniform on then I can kill people and suffer less penalty than a petty criminal? Justice indeed!" Whereas another stated "If people truly want justice they'd bring the starters of the riots and the gunman to prison, they're the people who caused this, Private D was just a young man put into a perilous situation to help everyone else, how many 18 year old's wouldn't break in that circumstance?"

    It's unknown whether the state and the families will attempt to appeal the decision. Private D's future in the Army is unknown.
    Mona's technology degree, she'll start her PHD in the summer. She thinks a degree in Science and Medicine will be good, again with an emphasis on forensic science, either forensic pathology or forensic chemistry.
    2 more paintings by Evelyn.
    Ryan gets a promotion to Captain.
    Alex gets promoted to Regimental Sergeant Major (the highest rank besides command of a squadron in the special forces). and goes to tell Lindsey the news.
    "Hello dear, how was work?"(L)
    "It was fine"(A) Short pause. Lindsey looks at Alex in a somewhat questioning look.
    "Is there anything else, or do I know the reasons that you came in while I was bathing"(L) Giving him a smile in response to his blush.
    "Well, I got promoted"(A)
    "Oh Alex that's wonderful. So you're basically everyone's boss right?"(L)
    "Kind of, besides the person who's my boss, but yes there are very few people who are above me now"(A)
    "And that also means that as a general rule you won't be going to the front again?"(L)
    "Yes I'm more of a trainer type of guy now, whenever there's work I'll be behind the lines coordinating what goes on and what happens, in very rare circumstances I'll be called up. But as a general rule that isn't going to happen anymore"(A)
    "I know you'll miss it dear, but don't you think that 50 is a bit too old to be galloping around a jungle in a jeep or blowing up a communication dish against a horde of angry 20 year olds who will brutally torture you if they don't get the chance to kill you first?"(L)
    "Perhaps, or perhaps not"(A) Lindsey looks at him in a stern but sympathetic expression. "Yes it's a bit too old as a constant, but you know that there's a risk that Ryan might do that, he is a Para and most of my soldiers are Paras"
    "Well I'll cross that bridge if I come to it, right now I can just be happy that my husband won't be going off anymore, besides look on the bright side, we'll be able to see each other more often and work won't take as much time anymore" (L)
    "That's true"(A)
    "And if you come with me to our room, you can get to see a bit more of me"(L) And she walks with his hand in hers and a bit of a grin.
    Snowflake day comes, and they invite Pierre Whitten(Alex's friend in the special forces, he's the one called "Dragon's breath") over.
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    pg. 3640
    @ilikethesims30 Awesome ballet poses. Looks like a very successful show to me. I also like the costumes and the way you set up the stage :smile:
    @Turjan Can you explain to me about how the orientation of a lot affects staircases? I'm trying to wrap my brain around how you helped GraceyManor but I'm still not getting it :lol: You did well to get the maximum space out of the lot. My legacy household is in The Monotone so I know all about cramped spaces haha. Gotta love the appropriately named Snuggles :smile:
    @bekkasan Those boots are just some old Kmart ones that have really done well for me over the last few years. I'm surprised by how comfy they are (when I'm not walking far distances).
    I remember getting the lot from tumblr and in the basement is a hall of mirrors, which I thought was a cool idea. Builders should really test their lots if they are going to share it with MOO.
    I've been thinking of a lot I want to build lately. The last time I played it was raining and I was wondering how to get the kids out of the house but without them getting wet. I thought I could make an indoor lot that has an area for playgrounds, hopscotch, seesaw, trampolines and possibly sandpits. Then another area would be for arcade games, that basketball hoop game, claw machine, skeeball and bowling. A cafe for the adults would be tucked in there somewhere too. Just an idea but how I'm visualising it in my head makes it sound fun :smile:
    I rewatch Buffy every couple of years. I even bought a lot of the comics that pick up after the ending. It's a great show :smile:
    @king_of_simcity7 I remember those mean girls. Took me a couple seconds to understand 'woogin' :lol:
    @DeafSimmer Congrats on the triplets. At first glance it looked like the babysitter had a beard! :lol: It's always funny when vehicles go off-road, thankfully no one got hurt lol.
    @PalmArrow It's unfortunate that the chef decided to leave. I don't own the restaurant set but I've heard it can be glitchy. Oh I love the gloomy look of RH. I think I'm in a minority but I actually love rain in the game :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 Pamela and the rich girl are really pretty :smile:

    pg. 3641
    @PalmArrow When I think of Roaring Heights I always imagine pink skies. The picture of the palm trees looks almost real. Miss Lemon learnt the hard way not to test Hasting's strength. Is that a functioning type writer? I love how you decorated the offices. The deer looks a little bit lost.
    @king_of_simcity7 I tried to read it on your blog but it says I need to login. What an awful experience for Anna. I wonder if it would have been better to let the school know.
    @lisasc360 Thanks for the link. I like the other designs on the van too. I always get the wishes to buy Bonehilda but I ignore them. I have a feeling getting a sim in a relationship with Bonehilda would mess up the save :lol:
    @GraceyManor I feel like you have had this sleep problem with your sims before :frowning:
    @jonny522 Private D's verdict seems fair. It was a traumatising time and I wonder whether he will pull out of the Army now. Mona's doing very well at uni. I love Evelyn's landscape paintings. Ryan is also doing very well. Both his and Alex's promotions are great achievements.
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    I have.I moved them to a fresh copy of Salem.It seems to have worked.
    Edit: I take that back, its doing it again.And its only happening with Chelsea.
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    @Steamvarius You are welcome!

    @lisasc360 Thank you! I like the adventures of your gang, too.

    @GraceyManor Thanks! Let's hope you get your issues sorted out. I'm already looking forward to the song contest.

    @coco The staircases? I cannot tell you why the orientation of the empty lot is important, because I don't know either, but I know for sure that it is important, because I tried it out myself. If you look at an empty lot, the game shows this green or yellow grid (sorry, I don't see colors very well) when you grab the lot and move it, which will become red if you are not allowed to place the lot. This grid has little arrows on one side of each of the squares it's composed of. If you want to build a stacked staircase where the sims don't get stuck, these little arrows have to be in the same direction as your stairs. Back or forth does not matter, but they must not be in a 90 degree angle to the stairs, or the lower stairs of the stack won't work.

    I don't know any other way to see that grid than to remove the house and then grab the empty lot, but you can do that and then reload the last save. You can put the house in the bin and turn the lot around if it's square. While the Koffi house has a square lot, this lot also has the "beautiful vista" moodlet bonus, and I don't know of any way to get that back when you lose it by touching the lot. Which is the reason why I decided to just live with the fact that I can't put a full set of functioning stairs below the stairs to the second floor, although the lot is otherwise ideally suited for this, given the house doesn't have a foundation. Of course, I could also turn the stairs by 90 degrees, but that would mean rebuilding the whole house.

    I hope this wordy explanation was halfway understandable.

    And thanks. The Monotone was where Marcus started out ;). I made the erroneous assumption the Koffi house was much bigger.
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    Thanks! I'm planning it.=) Lots of Drama to come.
    I can also vouch for the staircase, rotating my lot with the arrows in the same direction worked.
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    I realized today it takes a 20,000 simoleons deposit to move to another town. So I upgraded their house for now. Sometime I'll have enough to move. And then I need a lot more for the house I built! :neutral:

    If ya need me... I'll be watching Jonas Brothers on demand... they delete it off it in September and I must rewatch it all! I was like 12 or 13 when it was first on... I think y'all can guess my favorite.

    I also bought the deep fryer for 170 simoleons! :joy: What to fry first... :wink:
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy on
    Hoping to complete this Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS.
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    Darren: "What do you mean Chelsea ran away Kris?"
    Kris(on phone): She called me this morning...She's not coming back!
    Darren: What? Why?!
    Kris: She doesn't want to sing....look, back in elementary school she auditioned for a musical; and didn't
    get the part.She's totally embarrased and doesn't want to sing..
    Darren: We have to find her..
    Kris: I think I know where she's at...Let me handle this.

    Kris: Came to mother's grave?
    Chelsea: Yeah....for comfort...
    Kris: Mother cannot guide you now you're on your own.Only me beside you, still you're not alone...no one is alone.
    Chelsea: I wish...
    Kris: I know...
    Kris: "Mother isn't here now...who knows what she'd say...Nothing's quite so clear now...Feel you lost your way...You decide, but you
    are not alone."

    Kris: You decide, but no one is alone. Believe me, no one is alone.
    Kris: People make mistakes...holding to their own thinking their alone

    Kris: Honor their mistakes, fight for their mistakes everybody makes

    Kris: Witches can be right, villains can be good.You decide what's right, you decide what's good...Just remember.
    Kris: Someone is on our side.(Chelsea: Our side) Someone else is not(Chelsea: Someone is not)
    Kris: While we're seeing our side(our side), maybe we forgot, they are not alone, no one is alone.

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    @GraceyManor Perhaps Chelsea is corrupted. Do you have a bin copy of her? If so, perhaps you could try putting a clean copy of her in your save. You can fix all the new copy's skills, relationships, etc. with MC.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,977 Member
    No I don't have a copy of her.
    But I notice with my other sims, their hunger goes ups really fast.
    Its weird.The bed issue has happened in the past and only effects females.
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    @coco , I love rain in the game too!

    The typewriter functions as a computer - the image that would appear on the screen appears on the piece of paper instead. It's one of my favourite pieces of cc.

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    Hey everyone. :)

    Thank you to those of you who sent out "Happy Anniversary" wishes to me and hubby. <3 It was a very nice day for us. :blush:
    I still can't believe we've been married for 13 years. I keep wondering where the time went....... :grey_question:
    We've been through some crazy hard times together, but at the same time many wonderful times together and after all that we're still the same geeks, best friends, and lovers we were since the day we married. :wink:<3

    Anyway! :p

    I've read all your fun posts and comments to me and have given out L&A's. :) Life's gotten strangely busy again...so all my free time has been given to my writing.

    I thought I would post the first scene of Chapter 12 in the Holland Family Next Gen story for you before I move on to the next scene as it's a completely different, happier setting. :blush: This is a deep scene and one that I've had to read over and rewrite quite a few times. I hope I delivered on all the emotions I was trying to portray; l even shed some tears towards the end. :cry: But don't let that discourage you. ;) Read on and you'll see.
    Thanks everyone. <3

    (If you need to catch up, you can give yourself a refresher by starting here on my Blog. :) )

    Chapter 12

    On this morning, Michael made his way over to his daughter Molly’s apartment. Her son, and his grandson, Shawn’s revelation about his unhappy mother who was possibly keeping a secret had been weighing heavily upon Michael’s heart ever since. He could no longer contain his curiosity, but mostly his great concern.

    Molly happily opened the door at the sight of her father and invited him inside. It’d been a while since he stopped by for a visit. Usually any family gatherings they had happened at his house. The official home of the Holland Family; where everyone grew up.

    “It’s nice to see you dad,” she said. “What brings you here this morning?”
    Michael slid his hands into his pockets and replied, “Oh nothing much. I just thought I’d stop by and see how my Molly is doing.” He smiled.
    Molly returned the smile. “Aww, that’s sweet dad. I’m doing...fine. Umm,” she paused, running her fingers through the back of her hair, “there’s really not a whole lot going on around here. Just the usual life stuff.”
    Michael nodded and figured he was going to have to ease his way into his inquiry.

    He started off by asking her how things were going at Tay’s work and also how Shawn was faring in school. They carried on a pleasant conversation about those things and he was happy to hear that all was well in those areas.


    “So what’ve you been up to?” he asked. “Doing anything fun with all this free time you’ve been given now that Shawn is in school all day?” He winked.
    Molly cracked a smile. “Oh, not much...just taking care of the house, managing the bills, going grocery shopping, reading my book and occasionally visiting with Jade and the triplets. You know, normal house wife stuff.” She gripped her hands behind her back and curled her lip nervously.
    Uh huh… “Have you given any more thought about going back to school? I remember you mentioning it.”
    “Yeah,” she replied with her nose scrunched, “but I dunno if I really want to. It’s just so much money and I’m not sure if I’d qualify for any scholarships.”
    “You never know unless you try,” he said, “or have you changed your mind because you two are planning to have another child?” He winked. He wasn’t usually this prying and Molly gave him a look like she was wondering why.
    “Yeeeeah, not right now dad,” was her reply.
    “Oh,” he said in a somewhat disappointed tone.

    A few moments of silence ensued between them, and during that time Michael studied his daughter’s eyes very closely. He could usually read people’s emotions quite easily that way, but how bloodshot hers were got the better of his attention.
    “Are you alright?” he asked. “Your eyes are a little bloodshot.”

    He swore he caught Molly roll them for a split second. She stammered in her reply, “Oh...uh...it’s my a-allergies,” and pressed her forefingers on the bridge of her nose. “They’ve been so itchy lately.”
    “In the Fall?” he questioned. “Your allergies always seemed to let up by this time.”
    She groaned, throwing her hands on her hips. “Okay so I was crying a bit last night. Can’t keep anything from you doctors!”


    Now Michael felt he was getting somewhere. “What do you mean by that?”
    “Nothing dad. I’m fine now.”
    But he continued to stare at her with concern. “No,” he said, “I don’t think you are.” He could see it now...everything Shawn could see. The little white lies she was feeding him were clearly an attempt to cover up an even more serious problem.

    For a moment they stared at each other and tears began to form upon Molly’s eyelids. She tried to hold them back, but failed. “I don’t know what you’re getting at dad…” It hurt her too much to say more. It did pain her to lie to her father, but she should’ve known it would all be in vain as he’d find some loving way to break her. He was good at that.

    Michael licked his lips as he started elaborating on Shawn’s phone call to him.


    He concluded by saying, “Look honey, I know you have a personal adult life and I respect that, but when my grandson calls me worried sick about his mom - my daughter - not acting like herself and may be keeping a secret...I can’t ignore that. Kids know more than we realize Molly so...there’s something you’re not telling me; not telling any of us.”
    “Dad,” she began, her heart pounding. “This is not something you want to know. I took care of it and it’s over now okay.” It wasn’t in the plan to reveal all this to her father before she did Tay.
    “But sweetheart I want to know...so I can help you.”
    “You can’t help me with this one dad.”
    “Is it drugs or some kind of addiction?”
    “Because if it is there’s hope! You don’t have to--”

    The sharpness in her tone silenced him.

    With tears rolling down her cheeks she went on. “Okay, you wanna know the truth?” she gulped, blinking rapidly. “For the past two years...I’ve been having an affair with another man.”

    Michael’s facial reaction to the news was exactly the way she expected it to be.


    Now she began to cry. “I’ve been cheating on Tay,” she barely managed to say, “and I did it willingly.”

    Michael’s gaze slid down to the floor, no longer feeling shock now, but great sorrow. He closed his eyes and shook his head whispering, “Oh Molly…”


    “Go ahead! Tell me how awful of a person I am!” Molly cried as she threw herself down onto the couch.

    Michael shifted his gaze toward her again. “No,” he simply said. “It would seem you’re already aware of that.”
    She nodded and said while sniffling, “I’m going to make this right dad, I promise! It was killing me so I broke it off with the other guy and now I’m just trying to muster up the courage to confess to Tay.”


    A million different questions poured into Michael’s mind and oh how much he wanted to grill her with them; to scold her for making such a stupid, terrible mistake and stress that he taught her better! But no, he thought, that wouldn’t do any good. He could see she felt ashamed and was reminded that no one, no matter how well raised, is immune to making mistakes. Heaven knows he’d made plenty! No one is perfect, as much as he’d always like to think his children were. It’s all part of the never ending cycle of growth and learning in life. If his faith had taught him anything it was that God still loves His children no matter what they’ve done; that His arms are open, ready and willing to forgive them if they desire it. Michael closed his eyes for a moment and took in a breath. He needed to rise up and be that kind of father too, no matter how difficult and how shattered his heart had just become.

    “I’m proud of your desire to make this right,” he calmly said to her as he sat down beside her. “And yes, you need to tell Tay, but you’ll also need to let Shawn know what’s been going on too.”
    “I know,” she sniffed, her head still lowered. Soon her shoulders drooped and began to shake rapidly as she sobbed, “I’ll lose them daddy! I’ll lose them!”

    Michael instantly pulled his dispirited daughter into a tight hug, gently stroking her hair and “shhing” her while shedding a few tears himself.
    “You may not,” he tried to comfort, “but no matter what happens you won’t be without help and support.” Hearing that, Molly nuzzled her face into the nape of her dad’s neck, feeling extremely grateful, but not exactly deserving of it.

    “Now,” Michael continued while rocking her. “I want you to tell me how this all happened.”


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    No I don't have a copy of her.
    But I notice with my other sims, their hunger goes ups really fast.
    Its weird.The bed issue has happened in the past and only effects females.

    @GraceyManor Does it happen in a fresh save? Have you tried playing a fresh save without mods? I suspect you have mod problems.
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    It was Pamela in both those photos, the dormitory she was invited to had someone
    rich organizing the party.
    Thank you.


    I use a second folder with minimal CC and its where I use country Love.


    Thank you, it was quite the wild party lol.
    I do not have many saves in this second folder, maybe three.


    I will read your chapter after lunch and I give a new comment then.


    Lovely Roaring Heights shots.

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    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments :smile: My blog should be public:
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    @coco Thanks for the comments :smile: Trying to fix wordpress now
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