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  • Working on the Oct/Nov Blueprints Build
  • Hellloooooo! @Aljay I couldn't help myself and I built the house on my lunch break. Now I have to finish it. LOL It's a really cool floor plan. I'm glad I didn't see the Yurt until after it was over. I did try my hand at it and I like the idea of curved walls but the clipping and not being able to put anything resembling a…
  • Yeah. I emptied my folder and tested and it stopped. I need to figure out what the cause is.
  • My saves aren't saving the actual Sim progression. Aging is fine, but they're all now stuck in a temporal loop.
  • Several hours of gameplay later. Aging is fine. I log back in and try "Resume" and "Play" from a save, and everything is as it was, before I started playing last. No progression.
  • 52 Years Young! I mostly like to build, but actually playing right now, after not for several years.
  • LOL Yet, there were 9 Lassies.
  • Also now seeing that all of my Sims are Global Superstars. My Mailman is a Global Superstar. y Plumber is a Global Superstar. Even my dog is a Global Superstar. Dogs can't handle that kind of pressure.
  • I have that hand washing thing too. I have a rather large generational home and they will potty and then walk all the way to the other end of the house to wash their hands. When I see it, I stop them and have them wash their hands in their bathroom and it works, so I know it's not a sink MOO issue.
  • I shut off autonomy. I'm not seeing it anymore. They're wetting themselves and my kids go to school stinky now, but at least they're not glued to their phones and they're getting their homework done. Pick your battles. LOL
  • My teen came home from school. She used her phone so much during homework, that it was 6AM before she finished her extra credit. I sent her to her room and removed the doors. Only Maxis can save her now.
  • Some people do. I think those of us who do not, are seeking an option to not have to have our Sims do so.
  • Art imitates life, but this is way too excessive. Phone, Phone, What Baby?, Phone, Phone, "I'll never look up!", Phone, Phone, Oops another fire, Phone, Phone, Phone, I know the light is green but I still have a text to respond to. least make a switch to turn off the phone use, for those of us who are not…
  • No life span mods, no MCCC. Everyone aged up as soon as I logged in this morning. Now I have a silly phone and my family is all wrong. =( Please hotfix soon.
  • Despise the new Cell Icons and how unintuitive it is. Like I'm forced into using an iPhone. Please make it optional. I'm not 12 and I don't need hieroglyphs and pretty colors for everything.
  • Thank you @AlJay
  • Thank you kindly @JojoMOMSTER =) I didnt use the bulbous bushes. Anarchy!!! Thank you @rosemow ♥
  • Everyone has such beautiful homes! Much love to them all! ♥♥♥♥
  • That made me LOL
  • Challenge Number: BB30 Origin ID:Taoron24121 Gallery Name of Build: 3 BDRM Contemporary Gallery Link: The Gallery is being obstinate. *Spinning....spinning....spinning.....* Link to slideshow: Additional Notes: I've been so busy, I felt like I rushed at the end. I hope I didn't leave out a…
  • Thank you @illusie ♥
  • I just played with it a little. The back deck might be causing you issues. I made that 3 tiles deep, like the side decking, as opposed to 2. Normally, I would use a shed roof and on the corner, a hipped or half hipped, depending on the application, and blend them in to the same height. But...a couple of patches ago, that…
  • Thank you @GlacierSnow Thank you @Aljay I wish I had changed seasons when I took pics. That overlay for the grass looked much nicer in the spring, when the grass under wasn't brownish. But, it worked.
  • @Lissykin Haha! Thank you. Thank you @Illusie
  • TY @rosemow ♥
  • Tythe Barn Wedding I love the fireflies in the Gardens at night Wedding Altar & Seating Bar DJ and Dance Floor Dining & Buffet Caterer's Kitchen Interior Entry/Exit from the bottom of the stairs from the Honeymoon Suite Grooms Party Rooms Bride's Party Rooms Upstairs to the Honeymoon Suite Office Other Images
  • Thank you @Lissykin LOL Yeah....that sign took some work and I figured someone would see it and either laugh of be mad. Can't win them all, but it was topical at the time and I had to follow in Bob's footsteps.
  • I love what you did with your barn, @AlJay. That roofline is very cool and the decor inside is perfect. I never thought to stack those juice barrels like that. Yay for new ideas. LOL Awesome Mission style @Lissykin Another of my favorite styles. I could see that fitting right in Florida or Southern California, beautifully.…
  • Thank you @AlJay ♥
  • Thank you @rosemow & @JojoMOMSTER ! I have not, but I just saved it to watch later. I adore old architecture. There are days when I am out and in historic parts of town, where I just stop, park the car and walk. I was doing a wellness check on an old Lab a week or two ago and every day I just stood and looked at old…

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