What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


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    So, lots has happened since my last post :D

    The triplets, Niamh, Lewis and Josh, aged up to teenagers:


    (I don't have any photos of Josh, unfortunately)

    But it's okay, I deleted Josh and Lewis, I didn't like them, so only Niamh is left.

    Due to a bigger family, the household moved int a new house
    (House is Astin House by MeDeetoo)

    Niall decided he wanted to get fitter, so he started working out and doing yoga

    The cat, Sushi, gave birth to three adorable kittens



    Niall also decided he wanted to pull a few magic pranks on his sister, Niamh

    The mighty muscular Paul came out on top in that fight

    Hazel's fiance, Rohan, moved in, and their daughter, Annika, aged up to a child
    (I have no idea why she's blonde)
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    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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    Getting ready for the mountain get away trip. Sadly Raditz kicked the bucket thanks to a murphy bed. So Bardock is enjoying a slider and a coffee ironically next to his eldest son's urn.

    My simself and Bardock talking about the trip. Obviously it's not the first time Bardock has seen snow but the skiing will be new.

    My guess Turles is thinking about the mess this guy is leaving under the table when he drinks.
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    Today has to be the first time in years, and since starting Sims 4, that I launched the game in the morning before work, but I couldn't wait to see the new world! No screen shots, but I placed 3 households, then checked out CAS & build/buy. Now I'm back to my normal AM routine & can't wait to get home tonight & send my current household on a ski trip!
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    Yay!! I have done all the CAS-CC. After I have made a few more townie-households I can start a new rotational save with this little sim and I am looking forward to it so much. I am a planner, so getting stuff organized is part of having fun :blush:
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    From my last session a few days ago.

    Lunar Seven, my alien spellcaster scientist who recently got pregnant from an alien abduction, got abducted again. This is his fifth time. :lol:


    And this is when I realized that the game does not count being abducted by aliens as "leaving the lot" so the baby does not go to daycare. Poor little Tranquility was left all by him self in the bunker while daddy was off doing whatever it was he was doing on the flying saucer. This was a tense wait for me. :worried:


    Lunar was dropped off again just in the nick of time. Tranquility needed both feeding and a diaper change.


    I think it freaked Lunar out nearly as much as it did me.


    So, even though he is both a loner and paranoid, and he lives in a bunker, he decided to get a butler.


    I thought he was going to have to go through several rounds of hiring and firing since so many sim butlers seem to be so very very bad at their jobs in my experience. But he appears to have gotten lucky on the first candidate. Rania took everything in stride. She even got a confident mood from meeting him (most sims get angry at him being an alien) so she is possibly a geek or genius.

    After a brief conversation with Lunar, during which he warmed up to her faster than I've ever seen him warm up to anyone, she immediately started doing her job.


    She takes care of Tranquility, she weeds and waters all the plants. She rounded up all the stray water glasses and put them in the dishwasher and she even fixed the broken bathroom sink. And she even was smart enough to fix the sink first, and then mop the floor. :joy:

    Lunar is much less stressed now, due to actually getting some sleep.


    And he even was able to have his friend Morgyn over to play chess.... and to fulfill his... uh... telepathic needs, apparently. :lol:

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    My sim got an autograph from Penny Pizzazz and I thought it looked good on the nightstand next to some flowers.

    *:.。."It's great being ((Queen Bee))!".。.:*
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    I played a little bit of Snowy Escape. I didn't have time to explore much yet.

    I play with the married couple Mariko and Toshiro Sasaki. They just got married and moved into a new home.
    Toshiro is an athlete and he's going to be the one doing extreme sports. He started with not-so-extreme football kicking.

    And a video workout.

    Welcome wagon came and Mariko didn't look so happy, because it was raining. Toshiro was more welcoming.

    Finally they got inside. The fruitcake was missing. There was nothing to eat.

    Mariko is going to do the Mount Komorebi Sightseer aspiration. She's a perfectionist and a proper Sim. She started a salaryperson career. I wonder if there's even going to be much time to do the aspirations, because their work and daily work tasks are going to take most of their time. :#
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    Well, somewhere along the way somebody kidnapped June, because she is no longer in the game... not on the family tree, not a toddler, no where. Her bassinet is empty... just gone. I didn't really want another kid, but I didn't want her to just disappear either. Oh well. I finally rebuilt the house, though.
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    "What do you mean you didn't have any fun?" Erik said to his wife, Kayleigh.
    "Keep your voice down unless you want all four kids awake."
    "I take you and the toddlers away to have fun on the slopes and now you're all mopey because you didn't have fun? What do you want from me, Kay-Kay?"
    "Some personalized attention would be nice. I'm here all day long wrangling these little darlings of ours and while we're on vacation, you're busy wrangling Paparazzi and fans!" Photoshoots and concerts …
    Erik grew quiet for a moment. Looking back, things started off just fine. The kids loved the snow, which was deeper than they had here in Windenburg. Sadly, the family had just arrived at their rental house when they found themselves descended upon. The snow-pal he was building with Jamison was so big, for a moment, he thought he'd lost the little lad.
    As the crowd pressed in, Erik pulled out a guitar and decided to entertain his 'new' friends.
    He could hear Kayleigh and their little girls giggling for the longest time.

    Before Erik was aware, really, Kayleigh wasn't out front with him anymore. It was just Erik, the three kiddos and his 'new' friends. Where did she go?
    By golly I'm finally on vacation. I'm going to do something I want to do.
    Whoah, "Whoaaa! How do I stop? Somebody, make it stop!"
    "Whoa, gangway, gangway! Ohhhh!"
    "Ooof, remind me not to do that again."

    By the time she got back to their rental house, Kayleigh found Erik had fed the children. But the place was a mad-house. Again, with the fans and the Paparazzi!
    She felt a little bit better when they turned their attention to her. "Mrs. Cantrell, do you mind if we ask you some questions?"
    "You want to ask me questions? Sure." She shrugged. "Why not. But call me Kayleigh."

    A short time later, the Nanny Erik hired was at the door. "Kayleigh, come on, let's hit the slopes."
    "Oh, I've already been, but okay. This is family time. Why don't you try the snowboard?" she suggested.
    "Sounds like fun, what are you going to do?"
    "Well, I tried out the snowboarding earlier, so I thought I'd see if I'm any better at skiing."
    "Skiing! Don't forget we have four kids who need you."
    "Ha-ha. Don't try to talk me out of it. I've wanted to try this for years."
    "Okay, have at it, then."
    "After you."
    Erik slid down the slope with all the grace of a three-toed sloth. For a moment or two it even appeared as if he had mastered the art. That is until he forgot he was snowboarding and not playing baseball, sliding into home base, as he did.
    Erik got up slowly feeling every bit of his twenty-five years.
    Come on, get up, Old Man, before your 'friends' immortalize you in your indignity. I can see the rag-mag headlines now, Superstar crash lands on planet Earth.
    He got up in time to watch his sweet wife flying horizontally through the air. That's not how you do it, Kayleigh. "Kayleigh!"
    Suddenly, he was surrounded, yet again. By the time Kayleigh managed to hobble over, Erik, the Grand Duke of Rock N Roll was 'holding court' again.

    "Okay, okay, you're right. It was pretty much a circus. I'm sorry. Really, I needed some time off and away."
    "How is that working out for you?"
    "No need to get snarky. I have a Crazy Idea, do you want to hear it?"
    "Sure, why not? That's why I married you, right? Because you've always got some crazy plan to pursue. What is it this time? Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?"
    "No, not exactly, but you're close. I say next time we go off on a snowy escape, we do some hiking and then climb the mountain. Wada ya say? Are you up for it?"
    "Sure, why not."

    All for now. Thanks for reading!
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    Well, I wanted to upload pictures of the family I made to test out Snowy Escape, but Imgur is being weird so I can't. The family consists of the mom Aiko, her husband Hiroshi, and their three kids Izumi (teen), Mariko (child), and Haruki (toddler). They also have a Shiba Inu named Mochi. I haven't gotten the chance to explore too much, but they did go on a hike and have some hot pot. Izumi also went snowboarding for a bit. I didn't have much time to have them do all of the snow activities because I put both parents in the salaryperson career so they work a lot. I am having fun with it so far, though. Only two crashes and both were in CAS and not Live Mode, so that's good.

    Edit: Izumi is in my avatar with Yamachan
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    Tonight is my first experience playing Snowy Escape. I sent Jack and his wife Vivian to the onsen, because I wanted them to be the first of my Sims to experience Mt. Komorebi--nope, my rockstar guy Ian Riffsworth beat them to it

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    Here is a picture of my family.

    Teagan has on the Foxbury shirt and is an elder and the founder of this family. You see the back of the head of her new husband, Tamati. (He doesn't live with us, but joined us on vacation.) Sable is the other male and gen. two heir. His wife Alessandra is in yellow, and pregnant because Teagan wants to have 4 grandchildren. (Not sure if we will have 4, but I at least want back the child that shouldn't have been that disappeared... I hope it is a girl so we can name her June.) Then the identical twins, Amelia in blue and Mel in white.

    Amelia, who loves outdoors, is turning out to be very mean. I caught her being mean to her sister, so Sbale gave her a time out, and right after she was done she shouted forbidden words! She's a stinker. Mel, who is erratic, doesn't understand why her sister is being mean. I've never had siblings with such a naturally low relationship.
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    My sims had a great day at the beach next to their house - until the dog pooped on on their towel. On the bright side, they befriended a stray cat in a jumper.
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    Simon & Katrina's first time out on the slopes was met with mixed success. Simon rocked the snowboard, but Katrina struggled on the skis.



    Afterwards they took part in the snow sculpting festival, then enjoyed some food from the stands. You can see their snow creations to the right there, not the best, but other sims cheered for them anyway.


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    The Diggs family went on holiday...to Granite Falls (fooled you!).
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    HillyBeth wrote: »
    @haneul Wow! They come once a week. Try setting your lights to Auto-lights. That seems to help other simmers.

    Thanks for the tips. I think I have it set to auto-lights, but I will check again. Regardless, I think my sims are destined to have bills of over 50,000 simoleons because of the lot value, which is probably over 1,000,000 simoleons.
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    Mariko going to work as a salaryperson first time.

    Toshiro learning to ski and snowboard.

    Nancy Landgraab showed up on Bunny Slopes as well. She fell down. :D
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    I decided to test the sentiments by exploring a custom save, youtuber Pleasant Sims' "Pleasantview 25 Years Later" save. This continues the stories of The Sims 2 (Pleasantview), and has all the old familiars living in houses in Willow Creek, where they retreated to after a flood. Dina has Goth money, Don Lothario has various kids running around by different women, and Angela Broke apparently settled instead of making Dustin come up to her level. I decided to play Nina Caliente and her daughter, Gia. Gia seemed to be off to a good start, working as an astronaut, but her mom is in late middle age and still an intern to her boy toy Don. I decided to give Nina a wakeup call. Now, taking advantage of her frequent gym time, she's going to be a personal trainer in the athlete career. She'd made besties with one of the mermaids (Malani?), and I was having Gia bar-hop to look for love when the game crashed on me. I'm pretty sure I hadn't saved. Ah, well. Although I watched Pleasant Sims' intro video for this on youtube, that was a week ago and I didn't pay attention so some backstory things are still a mystery, like Cassandra Goth's hatred for Nina.
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    Oops, I accidentally did a bad thing. I sent my new couple in Mt Komorebi to the local lounge, and while they were there, decided that I didn't like the layout of the place, so I went into build mode. One thing I really despise in any bar or club are upstairs bathrooms, so I moved them downstairs, deleted everything upstairs, and then removed the stairs. I didn't see this poor soul upstairs until after I deleted the stairs---good luck, buddy.....

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    Here is my Nakamura family on a hike. This was from the night I bought the pack but I thought I'd post it anyway.

    After the hike they sat down for some hot pot

    Izumi met Kiyoshi at school so she invited him over and went on a hike with him and her dog Mochi

    The next day they hung out at the park and got some sushi from a food stall nearby

    Once the weekend came around, the entire family went to the mountain. Izumi went sledding with Haruki for a little bit

    Mariko went snowboarding

    Izumi needed to climb for her aspiration so she went and did that for awhile

    Hiroshi tried skiing

    Later, the festival of snow started. Izumi happened to run into Kiyoshi at the onsen so she invited him to join her family at the festival and they made a snowpal together

    They ended up having their first kiss!

    This festival is so pretty when they turn the lights on
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    Today was a Star Trek day. Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, and Nurse Chapel hung out with Lal Soong (Data's daughter). Kathryn Janeway and Seven Hansen moved into a house in Mount Komorebi.

    Here is a picture of Spock having breakfast on the Enterprise.

    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
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    Rouensims wrote: »
    Today was a Star Trek day. Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, and Nurse Chapel hung out with Lal Soong (Data's daughter). Kathryn Janeway and Seven Hansen moved into a house in Mount Komorebi.

    Here is a picture of Spock having breakfast on the Enterprise.


    Hmm, are those slippers regulation Starfleet?
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    I felt like Mt Komorebi needed some interesting faces in town, so here is my new guy, Goro Guchi

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