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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,970 Member
    @PalmArrow I have never seen him with a cane before so no idea what he was doing with it lol
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,593 Member


    Something I do for fun when I have the opportunity be an extra
    a few times its often a nice time even if there is waiting.
    Enjoyed the update.


    They are adorable together


    I created a new Sim will place her in the world Sunset Valley final the edited
    version of sunset Valley someone created, her name is Tracy Love.



    Loves the cold
    party animal
    commitment issues

    I wanted to create a different sim from what I normal
    play with and I will let her walk around and do things as she, please
    while out and about.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,970 Member
    Small update: :smile:

    Shelly's party went well but she was asleep when it ended


    Hana is up early to go to class


    Stacy is off to her first class


    Shelly ended up being late as she overslept


    I send everyone to study in the afternoon


    The next day Shelly wakes up early and throws another party

  • Fairy_HappyFairy_Happy Posts: 8,658 Member
    3375 cont

    @Karritz: Wow, that rollercoaster you recolored is really pretty. I like it. Thank you for your feedback and you’re welcome. No you didn’t take too much of my time. Don’t worry. Yeah, that house is perched precariously on that hill but yeah, they are just pixels, so they are safe. I haven’t been watching your videos but I do see the link to them. I have your YouTube channel bookmarked so I can watch them.
    Louise is pretty, as are the other Sims.
    15 kids? Wow, that be a lot of kids.

    5 kids. Good luck. Cassidy (Hannah’s mom) wanted 5 kids and she ended up with 6. XD
    Nice proposal picture. Congrats on the marriage. Wow, they ain’t wasting time.

    Tibor isn’t playing around lol. Yep, that guy made a mistake messing with Tibor. Maybe he learned his lesson. Leo is such a loyal dog.

    You did a good job on the dog.
    Thank you. I already started the Toddlers Revenge story a few years ago and I’m just now getting back into it.
    Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading the first 4 chapters before I get the next chapter up

    You did a good job making him look like Robin. Yeah, hopefully Brandon will remember to keep himself in check.

    I hope Zumi isn’t pregnant again but then again, knowing how she and Josh can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, it wouldn’t be surprising XD
    Kimo is so cute.
    Yes, I think Zumi wants a ball. Get that girl a ball. XD
    Congrats on Pika leveling up. I love that pose Pika is making.
    You’re welcome and thank you for your feedback as well. I like the Hawaiian themed names. Maybe I’ll use a theme for my third generation of the Whitaker family.
    I see they have a lot of Josh in them. Hannah loves her drum kit. Brandon, not so much lol. Yeah, his manly tears are funny. LOL right, I mean look at him. And they started automatically flirting with each other before the kiss so I kind of suspected it was going to get accepted.
    They are it’s like, just go around already.
    LOL on that last comment. Pets don’t understand boundaries.
    Those pictures of Josh teaching Kimo to walk are adorable.
    Josh and Zumi are really woohoo active, even after all those kids. That’s good. Usually that wanes after about 2 kids. XD
    The stroller glitch again. LOL That glitch is funny. I’m only laughing because it doesn’t seem like it’s messing up your game.
    Pika doesn’t look like he’s happy to be doing homework lol
    Oh so she is pregnant. Congrats.
    Let’s hope Josh wasn’t doing that invisible brake thing that parents do when teaching their kids to drive lol
    That picture of Kimo and Pika is cute.
    I definitely want that fixer upper car. It would give my Sims something to do. Thank you. Yeah, I was surprised when they both rolled that wish at the same time. LOL I would have had them woohoo with each other anyways whether they rolled the wish or not, but fullfilling the wish at the same time is bonus. Yeah, as well being vituoso, she’s also very ambitious, unfortunately though, given that she face planted 3 times in a row, she is not athletic or coordinated lol. Yes she likes her bass as well. When they both get jobs after university, then I need to get her a piano.


    Adorable picture of Kimo eating. He’s adorable.
    I still to install that mod you shared that allows Sims to eat together. It’s notdoing me any good, sitting in my bookmarks. XD
    Congrats on Kala getting her final block skill point and congrats on Pika catching his first salmon. That picture of Josh and Kimo is cute and Josh’s facial expression in that picture is funny. Pika is a good big brother. Have you chosen an heir yet or are you not yet at that point?
    And thank you. I will have fun playing them. I’m already thinking of some storylines for them. And a few seem promising.

    Woo, that was a lot of feedback for you XD

    You’re welcome and thank you. Yeah, someone should have explained how things worked. Must have skipped woohoo education that day. But the story does revolve around their dislike of children and the toddlers knowing and getting revenge.

    You’re welcome and thank you. Yeah I thought I was being clever. XD

    I hope her house is still standing after she leaves the martian and the green dog there by themselves. I love Kaiden’s green eyes.

    Nice poses lol

    That trail was pretty intense. It was a good update.

    Thank you and you’re welcome

    That party is still going? Dang how long can Sims party?!
    Maybe that man is a woman and that woman is a man, either that or neither of them can read.
    I would just switch the doors

    Those swimming pools are nice. Wait, is that down in the basement?
    I really like those pools. I think I want Brandon and Hannah to have a pool when they can afford one. And your Sims look like they are really enjoying them. Oh and thank you for that link. I know about Create a Style but I didn’t know you could put them on Fire Trucks.

    Good night :)

    Nice update

    Congrats on completing Christopher’s LTW

    Thank you. Yeah, I was a bit worried that she forgave him a bit too easily but then I was like it’s not he really did anything THAT terrible like actually fight the guy or something so the apology fit the crime, I feel.


    Tracy is very pretty. I like her hair, both the style and the color

    Congrats on the party’s success
    I like Stacy and Shelly’s dresses. Very pretty.
    Shelly really likes parties doesn’t she? Lol

    This took longer than it should have. My annoying pain in the *clears throat* nephew does NOT like me being on this computer. And he fine until I bring my computer out then he starts up on his whining. Can't do nothing. I'm so annoyed I'm using double negatives. XD

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,077 Member

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice party. If you really want to keep the bathrooms separated by sex you need to use the doors with the pictures on them for ladies and gents. Otherwise they go to the closest in route.
    Shelly is turning into a party animal!

    @Advarius9001 You are a very generous Llama god to your sims. Great pics of them having fun in the pools.
    Rachel's assets seem to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger. :open_mouth:
    Great background story on them.

    @msbeckycat Nice pics of them. She is growing up.

    @Dancingstar Cute pics of the kids.

    @PalmArrow Thanks for commenting. I hope her singing does not cause wrecks! I had not thought about that part of the mythology. I think Lorelei as beautiful as she is must not be part siren. She seems too shy.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks! :)
    Tracy is beautiful! Love her hair color!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,077 Member
    edited March 2019
    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight calls Lorelei the next morning and invites her over for breakfast. "I've gotten pretty good at fixing waffles." He is happy when she agrees to come over. He greets her at the door and tells her to make herself at home.

    She sits at the bar and watches him cook. "You seem to be enjoying yourself."
    Dwight nods, "I've never had to cook for myself before. Living on the ranch meals were prepared by the ranch cook or you ate out at a restaurant if you wanted something different or had a date. I've really started to enjoy the process of cooking and will start trying out some new recipes. I will make sure to practice a few times before inviting you to eat a new recipe."
    "My Mom did the cooking or we ate out or had sushi which is not really cooked, but prepared. I just eat out or fix something that I buy and all I do is heat it up. I will be happy to try your new recipes." She watches as he prepares the waffles fascinated by how comfortable he is with making them.

    "This is delicious!" Lorelei exclaims. "Have you seen the new benches at the park down the street. I don't know what the council was thinking when they bought them, they are hard and ugly and might as well be made of cement."
    Lorelei cleans up the dirty dishes telling Dwight, "you cooked so it is only fair I clean up."

    They walk down to the pool and he invites her to swim in the pool anytime she would like too. "I know it gets hot and nothing like a refreshing dip to cool off."
    Lorelei explains that she would love to swim right now, but has a diving job that she better get busy and finish for the science department.

    Dwight does his laps and then his stretches and exercises.

    Lorelei swims out to the deeper waters and dives down searching for the fish that the science lab wants brought in to study.

    The days pass by and Dwight's muscles seem to be less tight in his back and leg. He made it all the way up the stairs last night without having to stop halfway up. The pain is still there, but it is bearable now. Ice and heat and soaks help him manage it without the booze and pills. He is finding more friendly people in the town to enjoy time with. He especially enjoys spending time with the lovely Lorelei. Dwight gets up one morning and decides he wants to learn fishing, so he grabs a fishing pole and heads to the beach. He selects the fishing lesson in his tablet and follows the instructions.

    Lorelei remembers to pay the bills and then heads to town on her bike to find another diving job. The science lab requested that she explore a few of the underwater caves and report her findings to them.

    I went to check on Lorelei and came back to find Dwight playing in the ocean and he had abandoned the fishing. He had two small minnows in his inventory though. As most of you know I rarely allow my sims full autonomy, but I have been letting them do their own thing in this save most of the time. I still make sure they do certain things like Lorelei has to collect and dive for her job and Dwight will eventually have a job too, but he still needs to get healthier. They both had wishes to go on a date with each other so I finally made him ask her out as it didn't seem like either were gonna do that on their own. That will be in a future update. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
    Post edited by bekkasan on
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    @bekkasan It will take me forever to catch up with this thread so I will head over to your S&L thread later in the morning. Looking forward to catching up on your cowboy and mermaid story :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    Pika woke with mood swings ... cancelled! :D
    Zumi got Kimo up and ready for the day :)
    The family enjoyed pancakes for breakfast :)
    Pika's waking wish was to spar with someone.
    Pika won the sparring match just as the school bus arrived :)
    I found Zumi chatting with the kids in the kitchen :) There were several attempts by the kids to form a group with Zumi but fortunately kids can't form groups because I am sure Zumi wouldn't want to follow the kids to school ;)
    I had a good chuckle when Akamu shared a secret with Kala. It can't have been much of a secret with Zumi listening in! :D
    Josh got first stroll :)
    I think this happens because of the gate so I removed the gate after finding Josh like this. I will know when the next toddler comes if my theory was right.
    Zumi rolled a wish for a massage but there was no time for a spa visit because it was Kimo's birthday and I wanted it out of the way because Kala would also be aging up after school.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    Page 3356

    @Emily4331 Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I also love the submarine adventure, especially when the tub breaks at the end and the kids get stretched! :D

    @Advarius9001 Awwww Marty is getting lots of love :)
    Cute pics of Drake and Iris :)
    Awww more kitty love from Iris :)
    Cute pics of Iris posing in her new outfits :)

    @Fairy_Happy Six stories is very ambitious! Have fun with your blog :)
    How fortunate that you found your Supernatural Girls and Lola :) Lola is lovely :)

    @imdragonit You did a brilliant job on your liveable trailer :)

    @Lucy_Henley Great update on Mason's adventures in Shang Simla :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    I've noticed that Zumi has been the one to take all the toddlers to the cake so it must be because she has a higher relationship with the kids. Although Josh does his share, Zumi gets a huge relationship boost because of the home birth.
    I think Kimo approves of my makeover ;)
    I let the birthday boy eat cake :)
    I'd forgotten that Pika had a field trip to the Theatre until I clicked on the kids' thumbnails to make sure they were okay and got to him just as he got off the bus :)
    Zumi prepared some pancakes for the fridge. They'll need more backup meals with all these kids! :)
    Josh rolled a wish to play with Kimo :)
    I felt sorry for Zumi because her back was constantly aching so I sent her to the Day Spa before the kids got home from school.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    Page 3357

    @emorrill Al is back! I was so worried about him!
    Of course they wanted to hug even if they couldn't <3
    Good for him! I hope he can stay off the cigars!
    I am sure Al is thrilled to hear that Sam and Emma are finally getting hitched :)
    The interior of the temple looks lovely :)

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the lovely comments :) I thought Zumi should try a new maternity outfit given the warm climate they are living in ;)
    Keenan didn't take the break up very well! :o
    That's sweet that the game treated Marisella as George's date :)
    I love the ask for hand in marriage interaction! Of course Amelia agreed :)
    What a lovely spot for a birthday party!
    Great turnout for the party :)
    Happy birthday, George! He aged up very well :)

    @TinySpaceFox Nothing wrong with snapping cooking pics! I agree that cooking is an essential life skill :)
    David looks so cute with his umbrella :)
    Martin did some beautiful paintings!
    Kizzy looks like an ideal partner for Martin :)
    Congrats to Kyla and Caleb :)
    Seb is rocking that suit and guitar :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    @AlexaKry Lucky Leo! Soulpeace can be worth a lot when cut :)
    Poor thing must have peed on the floor in his excitement to show Tibor his find :(
    Tibor and Leo have a lovely relationship :)

    @Emily4331 Adorable pic of Raidou!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    I was just going through my Flickr images looking for pics of a particular CC top and came across this funny old gem :D I knew I had used the top on Eddy Mullis but chose the wrong save album.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    Gosh! Now I remember what this album was about. I was playing around with moviemakercheats which I hadn't used before because I didn't have Generations installed and, until a few years ago, was only patched as far as Ambitions so didn't even have that feature added in a patch. I still don't use it, but I did play with it when I got it. Of course, I couldn't leave Jordan out :D
  • msbeckycatmsbeckycat Posts: 3,445 Member
    I would love to turn my Sailor Starlights into Sims but not sure if it is possible. Their hair is hard for one. They have ponytails. Then their looks and traits, etc

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,240 Member
    When you gotta go you gotta go is my motto XD
    Interesting choice for breakfast lol.Ouch, that had to hurt.

    Thank you for providing the link! I will def check it out!

    I totally forgot about barn fires in the game!
    Looks like it was a fun party!

    The ghost zone sounds....interesting! Very detailed description, you do a great
    job and describing the setting, got a good visual of the zone in my mind.

    Thanks! Yup, he's liking the little dog.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,970 Member
    @Fairy_Happy Thanks for the comments :smile: I like their dresses as well :smile:

    @bekkasan I keep forgetting to change the doors and I actually find it funny to see who walks into the wrong place lol

    Nice under water scenes :smile: Where is Lorelei's from? I am tempted to download it! :D

    @Mikezumi Nice aging up scenes :smile:

    @GraceyManor I always set up a bonfire for the Sims :smile:
  • WollybuttWollybutt Posts: 12 New Member
    > @Mikezumi said:
    > Gosh! Now I remember what this album was about. I was playing around with moviemakercheats which I hadn't used before because I didn't have Generations installed and, until a few years ago, was only patched as far as Ambitions so didn't even have that feature added in a patch. I still don't use it, but I did play with it when I got it. Of course, I couldn't leave Jordan out :D

    Oh my goodness, Jordan is very fine. I have a weakness for that colouring!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,240 Member
    Now that have Kaiden already made, I find all sorts of CC items for aliens.Go figure. :D
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
    edited May 2019
    Recently, Rachel Applebee took the Furystrykar children to the beach:
    Later on, Blair Furystrykar joined them and relaxed:
    Then Advarius joined them:
    Then it was time to go home for the children:
    When they got home, Marty greeted them. 'Hello Rachel, Hello children! How was the beach today?' the feline asked.
    'It was great! Iris found a ruby and Drake found a smokey quartz!' replied Rachel Applebee.
    'Glad the children enjoyed themselves today!' said Marty, cheerfully. Later on, Iris was practising her writing:
    And Cindy was continuing her painting:
    Back at the beach, Advarius and Blair were playing chess:
    They were both evenly matched! In the playroom of Coloursplosion Chateau, Drake and Rachel were playing video games:
    Back on the beach, Blair and Advarius were now watching the stars together:
    And in the playroom, Iris had finished practicing her writing skill and was now giving Marty a hug and a kiss:
    (Crikey, this one's quite fragmented, isn't it?) Back at the beach, Advarius and Blair kissed and then went back home:
    Marty greeted them. Upstairs in the playroom, Drake and Iris were chatting. 'I enjoyed today!' Iris said, smiling. 'So did I!' agreed Drake.
    Iris then gave her brother a hug and a peck on the cheek.
    And then Iris got a hug off Aunt Rachel. 'Thank you for taking us out today!' Iris said cheerfully. 'You're welcome, dear!' replied Rachel.
    Iris went back into her and Drake's bedroom. Meanwhile, Rachel was in her bedroom, along with Drake. She was wearing a brighter pink lipstick and a new formal outfit. She curtseyed:
    What do you think, Drake?' asked Rachel.
    'I think it's beautiful!' replied Drake.
    Rachel beamed. 'Awww, thank you very much, my adorable nephew!' She said, very cheerfully. She then gave him a big loving hug and a big smooch on the cheek:
    Then Rachel blew him a kiss which landed on his forehead:
    Drake blushed. Rachel had left big bright pink lip prints on his cheek and forehead. 'Thank you very much for taking us to the beach today, auntie Rachel!' Drake said, still blushing. 'You're welcome, Drake!' Rachel replied, batting her eyelashes at Drake. The family had quite a good day, and Blair and Advarius had some time together. The demigods were really enjoying life to the full, and the Llama God smiled warmly upon their children.

    I had to cut quite a bit out, otherwise it would have been ridiculously long.
    Post edited by ChuChuExpress on
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    I thought at least one of the kids should be a genius so that is what Kimo got on aging up. I thought it would go well with his evil trait :D
    Josh did the gardening while Kimo was entertaining himself.
    Unlocking the logic skill triggered potion wishes :)
    Pika got home early because of the field trip. I discovered that the Theatre is just around the corner from the house when he got home so quickly.
    Kimo had been chatting with Zumi when Josh came in for woohoo! :D
    Pika came home with a wish to learn the painting skill :)
    Kala and Akamu got home early because they don't go to Scouts on Fridays.
    Kimo found the spring rider when he got his potion wishes :)
    I heard Kimo scaring Zumi but couldn't see him until I brought down the wall :D
    He must have some super scaring powers :D
    Josh's waking wish was to play a game with Pika and he finally got it :)
    Pika did get beaned a couple of times but can mostly hold his own against Josh's hard throws :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    Page 3358

    @king_of_simcity7 Looks like Courtney had a lovely visit with her parents :) I am sure she will enjoy having Grover in her life :)

    @Brandontaylor Great shot of Derek and Brittany sparring :) I am always relieved when I see Derek in your posts :)
    Congrats to Brittany on getting a new belt :)
    Wow! She really progressed with her MA in Shang Simla!
    Congrats on becoming Grand Master :)
    I hope Brittany had a good time visiting Marilyn :)
    Great to see Derek alive and well and sparring with Brittany :)
    Congrats on the buyout offer on her blog :)

    @Advarius9001 Cute pose pics of Iris :)

    @PalmArrow The beach really was the perfect venue for the party and I am sure the guests had a ball :)
    I hope Marisella gets pregnant soon!

    @Fairy_Happy Thanks for the lovely comment :)
    I love my virtuoso sims but I do get a little annoyed with them playing instruments all the time if they have them. Hannah looks good playing the drums :)
    Congrats to Brandon on passing his final exam with flying colours :)
    Fun pics of Hannah playing pool :)
    I have a mod that stops sims from watching others playing instruments so my sims can't make tips. It's a pity that Hannah didn't get any, though!
    Brandon really gave that guy what for! Imagine how he would react if he actually made a move on Hannah :D
    To the game, romantic interests are as good as married as far as jealousy goes!

    @lisasc360 The TS4 conversion trailer looks great!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    The family gathered for Kala's birthday :)
    Oh my! :o
    Phew! Much better! :D
    The family had cake for dinner :)
    Pika practised MA after dinner :)
    I found Akamu and Kimo playing catch which was good because Akamu had a wish to become good friends with his brother :)
    Josh and Zumi watched the stars :)
    Kala got bookworm on aging up and it didn't take long for her to find a book :D
    Pika leveled up :)
    Pika and Kala have always been close so I wasn't surprised to find them chatting :)
    Akamu and Kimo went their separate ways after the game of catch. Akamu played the guitar and Kimo played chess on the computer.
    Kala and Pika also went their separate ways. Kala painted while Pika broke boards :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,474 Member
    Page 3359

    @Lucy_Henley Congrats on the new puppy, Muffin :) Sorry about the passing of Helena May :(

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice update on Courtney and Grover getting to know each other better :) He seems to have everything he needs to keep him happy :)
    Thanks for commenting :)

    @Fairy_Happy Your Supernatural Girls are very cute :)
    You must have removed the skin that Karmen was originally wearing.

    @emorrill Thanks for the lovely comments :) Papaya is definitely just as bad as Cashew as far as names go :D

    @nodoubtfan I didn't know that sims could die while pregnant! Sorry it happened to your sim :(

    @Dancingstar Winter looks nice :) Good luck with the LTW's :) What a pity that Stiles got away! He's good husband material!
    Christopher is a good choice too!

    @ccarrig_95 Congrats to Leia and Teodor on their first child :) Turning off the snow sounds like a good idea given their location! ;)
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