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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • Zarius03Zarius03 Posts: 2 New Member
    I would love to see on both PC and console, the ability to play online with friends, while using a headset to talk to them. We see games like COD where you can talk with your friends while playing with them. I think it would be cool if you could do the same on sims, and invite your friends over instead of just bots.
  • Zarius03Zarius03 Posts: 2 New Member
    would also be cool to drive vehicles, back in the day when sims was played on gameboys you could drive a motorcycle lol bring the vehicles back too
  • Xbabygirl_x1Xbabygirl_x1 Posts: 2 New Member
    Can we have the opportunity to be kings, queens, princess, and princes'? I would love to see a sims world where you can be apart of the royal life. That would be amazing: Sims 4 - Royal Life.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,854 Member
    Can we have the opportunity to be kings, queens, princess, and princes'? I would love to see a sims world where you can be apart of the royal life. That would be amazing: Sims 4 - Royal Life.

    yes it would cool and go to balls and have a fairy godmother and maybe make laws
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • ShaeShae Posts: 163 Member
    I'll keep it short and sweet:

    Everything that was in Sims 2 and then some.

    Simply because Sims 2 feels like a complete, well thought out game - whereas Sims 4 feels rushed and rather empty content and gameplay-wise.
    Just a visually impaired gamer who enjoys taking ordinary Sims and making them extraordinary.
  • munroelemunroele Posts: 281 Member
    I'd love to see ballet, roller and ice skating added in as skills, and things you can do for fun, compete in and do to get around!
    On a more serious note, spiral and smaller staircases, more curly (like the cats and dogs ones!!) hair styles in longer lengths, crafting skill (like sewing), a more full on make out session like in the sims 2 and i'd really love to see more food options!
  • TeoBoyTeoBoy Posts: 23 Member
    This is a great thread. I hope the devs are listening. :)

    Here are some things I'd like to see in the game. This might turn into a long post...

    1. More build items and features/functions: This is way at the top of my list. I've been traipsing through the forums and noticed a lot of builder simmers saying that they feel forgotten by the devs. I was never much a builder in the other sim generations, but this time around I have become more interested in architecture and design. I think you should listen more to the building simmers out there.

    - Stairs: Give me more stair types! Just pack them in there! I will shout this from the rooftops until they are added. I feel we are really lacking the ability to create stunning foyers and entryhalls and the one, straight stair type is so incredibly inhibiting! Consider adding split stairs, winder switch stairs, spiral stairs, s-bends, beautiful fancy curved stairs, (elevators or maybe transporters if you're an alien?), etc. It would make so many simmers happy. We're waiting.

    - Ponds: Everyone says it but bring the pond tool back. Think about how great it might work with the Pets add on - dogs could jump in and make their owners mad, or people can go for a dip and come out with duck itch. I mean the tool itself is a must in my opinion, but there are so many avenues to make them interactive and entertaining.

    - Landscape Tool: This is just a basic, come on. How cool would it be if you could incorporate this into making caves (for the most adventurous sims and pets) or maybe tunnels/land bridges? You could also use it for water features, like making a waterfall and then be able to add a stone wallpaper on the side. Something else to consider is how great it would be to make a house and then be able to manipulate the landscape so there is an outside exit to the basement level (like, two storeys showing to the street and three storeys showing at the back of the house). You don't just have to make choppy or uneven yards with the landscape tool.

    - Different Foundations for Different Buildings: This is another must - it is infuriating to have only one foundation level for ALL buildings on a lot. I don't want my garden shed to be on the same level as my mansion. It makes no sense and everyone is mad about're waiting.

    - Raised Platforms/Stages: I think I remember this being in one of the past Sims games (TS3 maybe?) but I loved this feature. You can use it for a stage, obviously, but it also works great for things like throne rooms, music rooms, a raised outdoor bbq area near the pool, a little raised area for a tub in a luxury bathroom, maybe you could make your own podiums with them if you have a political sim, I mean it's actually really versatile. I think it would be great if you could change its size kind of like a room by dragging the sides.

    2. Gameplay:

    - Dining Together: I'm not going to beat a dead horse and talk about the atrocious table manners that sims have getting up and smooching in the middle of meals and whatnot, but one thing that just kiiiiills the gameplay for me is when my sims resort to ransacking the fridge like rabid animals at any and all times when they're a family unit. I want family meal time without disabling autonomy or the migraines. We have a Family Oriented trait it! It would make sense for these sims to want to herd the clan into the dining room and eat butternut gnocchi together! They should even get a boost from family meal time! So my idea is this - if there are multiple family members on a lot and they're getting hungry maybe there could be a pop-up saying "Family/Group Meal?" to which you could reply "Yes" and keep the scavengers at bay (unless they're going to die of hunger) until you make a group meal for everyone and call everyone to eat together. It would just make things so much easier and gameplay would be so much smoother and more enjoyable if there was juuust a little support from the game at keeping the simlings a little more civilized. If you want your pantry destroyed by semi-hungry sims then choose "No" or maybe allow the feature to be disabled entirely.

    - Part Time Jobs: I think these should be available for young adults - elders again. I think it would add some more jobs and also vary the gameplay a little more. You could include service jobs and administrative office/secretarial jobs, construction, etc. The career progression does not have to be super drastic, maybe 5 levels at the most.

    - Fashion Designer: This should be a career choice considering there is a fashion district in San Myshuno. It could add a lot of extra content as well like sewing (or sewing machines yaaaas!), knitting - you could knit your cat or dog a sweater, bring back the design table, and even throw in a dress mannequin that can be used as a skill object or destroyed by unruly sims. It would just make more sense to create a fashion icon in the fashion district. Another thing I was thinking about was maybe if you reach a high enough level in this career track you could get a bonus which would help you buy a boutique, for example, and add some extra positive traits to your business from the beginning. Just a thought. In general I think the game would benefit from some more careers anyways, whatever they may be.

    - Renown/Infamy: I think it would be great (and hilarious) if we could rack up some points of renown or infamy which will influence how other sims or acquaintances view one another. If your sim is a level 10 in the criminal career track and is constantly evil then good sims should snub them/be more hostile or scared of them, and other evil sims should adore them. I mean you must be a well known evil-doer by that point. Alternatively, if your sim is always out volunteering then you should have more favorable reactions from your neighbors from the outset and maybe have a bonus in making friends. I think it would add more depth of gameplay and fun.

    - Newspapers: I want them back. :( Even in apartments. Just think, you can put some dog poop in one and light it on fire to prank your neighbors (if you're a mischevious sim).

    - Burglars, Polic, Firemen, etc.: I saw a few posts in this thread and I think that it would be good to add these elements back into the game for a bit of fun. I mean it makes no sense to have ZERO police or crime in San Myshuno at least, right? And if you have a high level criminal career maybe you should be able to pay off the cops too. :P

    That's all I can think of for now, I might pop in with some more later.
  • LadyBonnabellLadyBonnabell Posts: 8 New Member
    If you want objects an functions players would like to see definitely check out custom content. I was impressed with how Sims development followed the lead with the locking doors features after the mod was released. Obviously some mods don't have a place in a mass released game but there are some features such as locking doors that were genius and over looked. I think the Sims has been great at releasing quality content and feature updates in patches, I really love the amount of concern they are showing players in that respect.
  • AlbaWaterhouseAlbaWaterhouse Posts: 3,953 Member
    If this thread is not only about CAS as your OP suggests, I would love the team to read and take this thread seriously:

    Build mode needs some love
    Origin ID is: AlbaWaterhouse
    All my creations are CC free.
  • mcorralmcorral Posts: 511 Member
    edited March 2018
    Thank you for this opportunity. Here it goes:


    - Real Estate: You can't invest in buildings as in TS3 and earn money with them. I don’t like to work, so my sims used to get money investing in buildings and every week they just collected the money. This is not an option anymore.

    - Moving Out: When a Sim wants to move out from the family home, it is very difficult to do it. There should be a more logic and user-friendly way to do it and manage the money transfer.

    - School graduation? I was playing a child, that’s really strange in my game play, and I waited and waited to age up for the graduation day to come. I searched the internet and I couldn’t find anything related to that, so I guess there is no school graduation. Why?

    - Traits should be more important in a sims life.

    - Teleporting: I know we can’t have cars or bicycles because there is no open world, but at least when a Sim is leaving the house to go somewhere else there should be an animation to make the Sim leave the house instead of just teleporting to the place, as sims do when they are leaving for work. It makes the game more realistic.

    - Different sims showing up: It makes sense that certain sims will attend some places more frequently due to their skills and traits, that’s realistic. The problem is that you see exactly same sims over and over in the same places. That should be balanced. For example, if 5 sims should attend the place, 4 of them should be taken regarding traits and skills and one should be totally random.

    - Cooking should be more realistic so that you cannot cook any meal without the required ingredients. That’s true for some meals, but not for all.

    - We need a grocery store to buy ingredients. Getting them just on the fridge is not realistic.

    - Why can’t sims swim in lakes, oceans, etc.? I guess it will be released in a future pack.

    - Needs decay is way too fast. Vital daily routines consumes most of the day: sleeping, eating, etc. Needs decay very quickly. I don’t like the steel bladder trait or similar traits because I like to play a game very realistic but these activities are way too consuming. Balance please!

    - Time change: Time goes by so fast in all the sims series. The first thing I do when I play a Sim iteration for the first time is to look for a change-time mod. There is a cheat in the game that in some aspect changes that, but it messes up things very badly. We have to use external mods to get this feature, which is not fair because it can be done within the game.

    - Drinking/eating consumes a lot of time. My sim sits for eating the meal and most of the time he/she is not eating at all, just sits there doing nothing. Why? There is a mod (there’s always a mod that fixes the game mess) that corrects this thing, but again: why should we use an external code to fix what can be fixed within the game? Balance please!

    - The Open World is not an option in this game, it bothers me a lot but… ok, I could cope with it in some way, but a loading screen for every move is just insane. Could they just be restricted when you move to another area/district? Balance please!

    - The phone rings too much. I get too many phone calls that interrupts what I’m doing. Besides, when I’m playing in x3 speed and receive a call, the speed automatically changes to x1. Some times this situation repeats over and over again making the game tedious. Balance please! Yesterday I was literally stalked by a workmate who called me 5 times for different things in less than 3 sims hours.

    - Neighbours are too noisy. It is very realistic that your neighbor sometimes bothers you with some noise. The problem comes when it is repeated almost every night. Really? Please, again, BALANCE!

    - More careers: DJ career, Policeman

    - More dancing options. Who dances like Sims do?????

    - Burglars and alarm system for the house.

    - More mean interactions.

    - More hobbies and activities: table games, more arcade machines, table tennis, puzzles, sticker collection (with the ability to exchange them), etc.

    - “Relax in bed” back and the ability to read on bed.

    - A better genealogy system.

    - Some NPC Jobs like adoption service, newspaper delivery, etc.

    - More activities for the pool: volleyball, swimming races, etc.

    - Where is the gardening channel on TV?

    - Story progression is a must in a life simulator game.

    - The ability to customize the work clothes.

    - More realistic ghosts: they should be scary at first, as vamps. The fear emotion should be added.

    - More realistic social interactions accordingly to the situation: I can yell at someone and suddenly we smile at each other as if nothing happened. Emotions should be more realistic and important.


    - Objects restriction: Some objects cannot be obtained unless you reach the top of a certain career. This is a restriction that I don’t like at all. I know you can cheat and unlock them, but I don’t like to cheat. Having in mind that you cannot change to another career branch once you finish the other it means that some objects will never be available. Really? Really? Really?

    - No dog house? Why? Should it be released in a future stuff pack for 10€?

    - No Sprinklers? Why? I love gardening but it is quite tedious to do it. I guess it will be released in a future stuff pack for 10€.

    - Some buildings are missing: Cemetery/Graveyard, Town Hall, Grocery Store, beaches, etc.

    - Stairs: I always wanted to have those L-shaped stairs.

    - Working cabinets for the kitchen to store ingredients.

    - More doors for the house.

    - Smaller telescope and microscope.


    - Three traits are not enough to make a unique sim/pet.

    - Color Palette: CASt should come back or at least items should have more color options.

    - More skin tones.

    - More tattoos and the ability to get them outside CAS.

    - The option to change the color of windows and doors differently for the outside and the inside.

    - The ability to build different foundations levels on a house.

    - The ability to build apartments outside San Myshuno.

    - World customization: I know that an open world is not an option in this game iteration, but at least we could get the option to change some features of the world with some kind of static template.

    - Lot orientation: I guess this would be impossible to do it, but I would like to change the orientation of the lot. Sometimes you build a beautiful 20x30 lot that doesn't align properly on a 30x20 lot.

    - Special Lot type: we don't like restrictions. There are some special lots like The Bluffs, Ancient Ruins, etc. that cannot be changed in the game unless you use a mod. Please, do not force us to use external mods for things that can be done within the game.

    - Apartments type: Very similar to the one before: apartments cannot be changed to, for example, a Nightclub, even those with just one apartment in the building.

    - Special Lot tratis: The same as before. Why can't I change the trait of some lots? I love some apartments but I will not live in many of them because the trait of the lot cannot be changed. What is more, some traits also makes impossible to remove some build/buy objects that are tied to them because of these tratis. There is one apartment which I cannot recall the name, with beautiful views of the ocean and the entrance hall, which cannot be moved, is just in the side of the house with the best view.

    - Apartment restrictions: More and more restrictions: We cannot change the distribution of the apartments in the same building, just one apartment.

    - Some worlds are tiny and some others are ridiculously tiny: Forgotten Hollow, Magnolia Promenade.

    - Object color matching: when you want to place different wooden objects, for example, it's almost impossible to match the wood color between them.

    Resuming it all, please listen to us when we say: less restrictions and more customization.

    Thank you.
  • NicnetNicnet Posts: 2 New Member
    I would really like to see a Todler stroller in the game. I thought of it this morning while my sims took their todler to the comic festival and she was sleepy and hungry and wanted to go home. It would be great if they could take them for a walk/feed them/and todler could sleep. Todlers get tired of walking in the big world. :)
  • SimmySimianSimmySimian Posts: 353 Member
    My Sims 4 Wishlist

    -Ability to mentor the Singing skill
    -Singing counts as an instrument for songwriting
    -Herbalism remedies for multiple uses (i.e. Soothing Skin Balm for burns from fire)
    -Add the option Mind Control: Change Clothes: Random
    -Sortable inventory!
    -Filterable Fertilizer list (and better stacking, too, instead of listing 27 Nice apples and 13 Nice apples separately)
    -Ability to Transform the Rudimentary Matter Cube
    -Info when hovering over a plant or insect would include its uses (i.e. “for Insect Repellent Liniment”)
    -Dig for Treasure would result in random collectibles (besides MySims Trophies)

    Edited to add:
    -Evolve would auto-repeat more than once (like planting or watering)
    -Talk to Plants would increase Charisma as well as Gardening
    -Inventory that stands still (instead of resetting to top every few seconds - even when my sim is asleep or clearly not using anything in inventory)
    -Sims could converse while fishing
    -Info box - when hovering over anything - should appear close to the mouse/cursor and not at the top of the object (causing me to zoom out)

    -Add the option: Neighborhood Hivemind: Freak Out (was that in TS2??)
    -Objects with no available options should not be clickable (click on a plant to discover they need no tending)
  • HarwouyHarwouy Posts: 2 New Member
    Okay for sims 4 it would be super cool to have up to date clothes more dress gowns wedding dresses etc. more makeup a more ethnic hairstyles and I’m not talking about braids. I mean braids natural curly hair in different patterns like tight curls, loose curls etc.

    Also in sims 4 it would be Dope to be able to play with our friends and visit them. I don’t know if this is possible but you could make a expansion pack where we can connect to the internet and search people by username add them as a friend and play with them. It’ll be cool if we could actually type and communicate with our friends and it’ll come out as speech bubbles and in English but the sound it makes would be simlish. We’d be able to visit each others houses. We could go out with each other all the regular sims stuff. That’s thought.

    Also for sim city. I hate that game so much but it would be so much better if that was a explanation pack and not a separate game. And In this pack you could create yourself like usual and you’ll be able to choose to be a politician and be able to go to work like a detective, doctor, or scientist and at the highest level of being a politician you get a choice to be Mayer or one of the other branches. And if you choose mayor you’ll be able to be the Mayor of the city you’re already in or the Mayor of a new city (such as newcrest) and you get to build it yourself! You get to place, for example, a police station in your new city and you can also decorate it or have the default station.

    Also you should add cars and a pond tool like on sims 3 and you should add places where we can add or take up lots and change the sizes like on sims 3

    ANDDDDDDD I miss when sims used to have people rob our houses and etc that made the game fun

    Btter paint options nothing that’s super tacky. Hip hop music I think I remeber sims having that before.

    Also when sims get married can you make them automatically get their newlyweds last name. Or give a decision right then and there if they wanna keep their name or change it.
  • HarwouyHarwouy Posts: 2 New Member
    And expansion on what colors we want our furniture to be. We only have a few colors to choose from
    Or sometimes no colors at all. It’ll be nice to have more colors.
  • IndrewIndrew Posts: 74 Member

    Working garden railroad(G-Scale) with variations(though would be cool if we could lay track and put miniture roads and buildings down):


    or add a new park with rideable railroads:

  • IndrewIndrew Posts: 74 Member
    edited March 2018
    Dwarven Beards:


    Images posted for suggestion only. Most are probably copyrighted.

    Heck rob the EA fantasy game franchises for dwarven beards. Dragon Age had some good ones. In fact rob all the franchises for their hair styles for all the races. Goes for interiors as well. Beds, desks, wall hangings etc. Make them into stuff packs per franchise.

    Edit: Apologies for the ad. Didn't notice the company logo on the pic.
    Post edited by Indrew on
  • LoriTSpLoriTSp Posts: 395 Member
    My wish list includes -


    Recognition for self employed Sims in regards to those with a Veterinary Clinic/ Restaurant / Retail Shop
    Freelance option in the Careers menu for those interested in Archeology, Music, Writing, Painting, Gardening or Computer tech.
    There are several more options here as well, though they may be considered more recreational than career oriented ... Bowling, dart & chess tournaments.
    Part time employment for teens or seniors, maybe dog walking or pet sitting


    Spiral staircases, portable easels, laptops, reasonably sized microscopes, doghouses and terrain tools.


    Birds, reptiles and fish, along with all the appropriate accessories.
  • lornalexlovelornalexlove Posts: 106 Member
    Please please please - a million times please - more than 8 sims per household. It is not enough, especially now that cats and dogs take up a slot. I am aware of the mod that allows it, but it has its own problems. It needs to be a base game thing. I mean, like even just two more slots would be a huge improvement. Pretty please?
    happily simming since 2000
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited March 2018
    SPRINKLERS for gardening and kids playing in.
    Toddler pools also table and chairs with tea sets for toddler and child age sims to have tea parties. Kids easy bake oven.

    More ladies hats - stylist one perhaps.

    Long hair for toddlers and child age girls with a bow, and long braids for all ages including toddler, like Indian braids.

    Space and time travel with our sims, where we get to go too with them..
    Witches school.
    Ocean liner vacation.

    All of these last 3 were in a survey from marketing in 2014 when Sims 4 came out - why have we not got a one of them yet. All new ideas perhaps?
    Post edited by Writin_Reg on

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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    In REALITY, I simply exist.....

  • Missy_b297Missy_b297 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see spiral staircases, more stair options and even an elevator you can use to travel between floors, like in TS3.
    You've given the ability to create animals with eyes in two different colours (heterochromia) and I'd love to have that choice with my Sims as well.
    More tattoos! I love adding ink to my Sims, but there's not that much to choose from - maybe some more sleeves, back pieces etc?
    As has already been suggested a couple of times... ground level hot tubs.
    Piercings! Facial and maybe body.
    I know Jungle Adventures has just been released, but maybe another vacation spot, like TS3 Island Paradise, that was a great game pack and I loved being able to scuba dive and build houses on the water.
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 302 Member
    More types of stairs would be really nice - and not just different material/color - but split staris, winding stairs etc.

    An option to change the ceiling - the curent bright white does not fit in everywhere (at all).

    More bright colored wooden siding - Why is there no real yellow and no nice green? (- and several other colors).

    The ability to build different foundation levels on a house

    Laptops and smaller telescopes would be very nice - I like my Sims to have telescopes but I really don't want that monstrosity that is our current telescope in all my homes.

    A shower that is not "in a box" - uhmn, I don't know the word for it - but basically a showerhead that's put on the wall and you can build your own walls around it. I think we had one in Sims 2 or 3 - maybe both?!

    More farm/living off the land options. Bee-keeping, making jam, juice and preserves. Small farm animals like chickens.

    More worn/run-down stuff. I love that we have all the cracks in the walls and cobwebs - but we need more furniture that looks used/broken.

    Part time jobs for our Sims

    More options for pictures and painting frames!

    In-game 24 hour clock option
  • zanygiozanygio Posts: 3 New Member
    I was wondering why we can change the animals eye color individually, but not the actual sim characters? I think to be fair, we should be able to since there are people with that genetic mutation.
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 354 Member
    This isn't really an item but I'd really like to see more supernatural life states! I'd really love to have a game pack for every one of the previous life states the series has had, and maybe even new ones too! <3
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 416 Member
    As summer is coming up, i'd like to see all the pool stuff we're missing for ages. (Two promising stuff packs, none of the features)
    Lounge-/deckchairs, water slide, pool bar, interactable pool waterfall, bring back the diving contest and let them play marco-polo in the pool!

    Also more sim outdoor interactions from child to elder, like playing tag, frisbee, hopscotch, stone paper scissors (...lizzard, spock for nerds), building kites and let them fly, maybe also paper planes. Limbo contests! Kids drawing with chalk on the paveways together, or playing tic tac toe... Being able to give away gifts to other sims would also be nice, in a variety of possibilitys: normal, romantic, prank, nerdy...

    The Build mode must haves are (still) L-shaped and spiral stairs, useable elevators, pedestals, independent foundations... and let colors match, at the moment white ain't always white, and 10 shades of black drive people insane. Also more vibrant plain colors for wallpapers. yellow, red and orange always look smudgy and dull.

    Give us back smaller sized, and less noisy science equipment aka telescope and microscope, bigger is not always better.

    Give the clubs from Get Together a time schedule, so you can make unplayed sims/clubs appear autonomously (just) at certain timespans in their club meeting locations. So much more possible ambiance.

    Enable giving close friends a key to your house, not just for city living appartments, and add a function to shoo away unwanted visitors, without saying hello first (and make the "ask to leave" conversation for friends less dramatic ;) )

    Careers Careers Careers! Sculptor, rock-/popstar/-singer active careers, stylist maybe even with option on his own shop.
    Bands, at least the option for jam sessions, adding drummers to the musician skills.
    Some more rabbit hole Careers would also be good, with the related career rewards... and how about some more vampire friendly options.

    Talking about vampires we defenitly need more occult creatures, werewolves and witches especially come to my mind, and that would bring back astrology, alchemy, and spellcasting as skills.

    Sims University Expansion, nothing more thrilling than living life between being a party animal playing juice pong and having mental breakdowns because you did not study for the test tomorrow! And one can't be a real Plumbot inventor without having a dregree on your wall saying so.

    Plumbots. Because they're hilarious and fun to play with. (And please no cheap version like the current Plant Sims...) And yes they would be no new thing, but why not carry on with something that was well made.

    More social CAS traits, mostly all sims react the same way in any given situation, where are the shy ones, the posh, the humorless, the overly emotional, the party animals and all the other ones that just don't react as you would expect them to when playing.
    This should include more chances to fail in an interaction, as example a animal lover will more likely react negative or start arguing when talking to an animal hater, as a serious sim would to someone who's always playful (not even only specified by action, than by contradictory traits - if they know them) Some may say that it makes the game "harder" i say it would add a little more spice to it.

    Laptops, Sketch Blocks and pen&paper for writing, that you can use anywhere.

    More makeup variants, and not that kind of blocky, artsy colors like the aliens got, a little more blushes here, some more decent eyeshadow there, in colors that actually match and can be used in an everyday apparel.

    More basic color swatches when it comes to clothes, you cant do pink and green and mudcolored, and don't give an option to white and blue and red, if you know what i mean. And we definetly need more skirts, especially long ones.

    Phew, now that was a lot of wishful thinking and writing, and i'm sure i've forgotten some vital things, but thats it - for now.
    Parcour - the art of jumping to conclusions.
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 302 Member
    I can't find the edit options for my old post but I wanted to add this:

    Can we please get some options to sell all the nice produce we get from gardens?

    I would love to see some "Farmers Market" type of items - like baskets, boxes and sacks that you could fill with with produce from your garden. Would love to see better and more market like options for selling bread and food too.
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