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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • Didleo123Didleo123 Posts: 2 New Member
    I would absolutely love to see a remake for the Sims 4 of the Sims makin' magic! It was definitely one of my favorites of all time and it's sad that it never got resurrected.

    Another addition that would be great would be the ability to have a farm with horses, chickens, cows etc and being able to do everything a farmer does and have it as an at home career. Stuff like making milk at home, certain recipes with home grown fruits, veggies, and grains. Homemade bath products to sell, etc. Definitely miss horses though.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,916 Member
    Add the food that Sims prefer.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,916 Member
    - Instead of insignificant moddlets Sims need more real reactions in the game
    - Astrological signs
    - What kind of Sims they prefer (like in TS2)
    - When they are enemis, they shouldn't interact like they're friends
    - Specifics interests
    - If Seasons come, they should be aware of the weather and react to the weather
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,916 Member
    edited February 2018
    Big square tables

    Bench for tables

    Remote controlled car like in TS2.
  • giveit2megiveit2me Posts: 37 Member
    In general:
    1) Will love to see more of European(industrial, scandinavian and gothic) and Japanese style in game.

    2) I need households bigger than 8 people (10-15 at last)
    *I want be crazy cat lady with 20 cats, at last with 10 cats, or play for big family who love to live together, please.
    I know that at some PC this will not work well, but why should people with better PC be limited?
    At last let us choice this limit by our own. I can do it with mods, but wish it be possible in game without mods.

    3) Want option/possibility to turn off some of default CAS features for random created sims (clothes, make up, hair styles, body shapes)
    And if it impossible, then possibility to turn off "random" in my own world.
    Wish turn off/on some of those CAS things for service workers at last.
    *I want have control in my own world or this is not my own world then.
    I can make my own people, why game do not let me stay with them only?!
    Why i can't choice options for random?
  • giveit2megiveit2me Posts: 37 Member
    And if be more specific:

    Build options:
    • more types of stairs;
    • different levels for floors/foundation;
    • more doors;
    • more windows;
    • more trees, flowers, moss and stones for gardens;
    • more roof types.

    Buy options:
    • more home and office electronic (air conditioners, printers and such);
    • more different light;
    • more refrigerators and stoves;
    • more post boxes;
    • more trash cans;
    ≫wish to have mixers, blenders, rice cookers, bread makers (and possibility to grow rice and wheat will be nice too);
    • more eco options like solar panels, trash recycle/sorting options and etc.

    CAS options:
    • pale skin tones (2-3 at last) for east Asian and north/central European sims,
    * there are no options for us in this game, all tones since 1st till last are over-tanned yellow-grey/yellow/red or just dark or not for humans, not fair!
    • more eye colour options;

    • please give us more bigger pallet options for clothes:
    ≫i want to see more plaid and checks, stripes, dots, flowers patterns;

    • more CAS options for pets:
    - more whiskers types,
    - more tails and ears presets,
    - more skin colours for nose/ears/paws;

    • more men's clothes (at last give more patterns or colour for those what already);
    • more clothes and shoes for old people;
    • shawls category as accessories;
    • coat/jackets as accessorises;
    *i want more layers for clothes

    • more clothes at sport, underwear and swimsuit categories
    ≫more kinds of pj, socks, sleeping shirts and yes, sport clothes
    (i own all packs except spooky+kids+toddlers ( plan to buy those when weather will come to game), it will be nice to have more of those items by default without cc);
    • more clothes for business.
  • catitude5catitude5 Posts: 2,537 Member
    For building, I would like more taller doors. With a taller wall, the small doors look out of proportion. There aren't many choices in the taller doors. I would like more stuff for children, swings, slides, bikes. For adults, dancing together, a casino, a pool table.
  • Funky_simmer22Funky_simmer22 Posts: 1 New Member
    I personally think it would be cool to have platform style beds with more basic-solid colors. Separate from the platform beds we could have head board options to put behind the beds to create a more aesthetically pleasing/custom bed set....I’m imagining the head board would fit behind the bed like a wall hanging. Also, platform beds (similar to the beds in the outdoor retreat pack) would be cool to have for apartment style and tiny houses.
  • XantheanmarXantheanmar Posts: 445 Member
    Lots of people have made so many great suggestions already, so I'll make one that would help the game to represent me: a romanticism slider. Before you throw the idea out, allow me to explain – it simply sets how much of the green friendship bar needs to be filled before a sim will be able to initiate flirtations, and will create an uncomfortable moodlet of some sort if the other sim attempts to flirt. Turning it up all the way would disable romance entirely. Since it's not a trait it doesn't take up a trait slot, and since it's a slider it's more easily adjusted to one's own experience.
  • Gaming_ElizabethGaming_Elizabeth Posts: 6 New Member
    I would like to see;
    - more hair styles for toddlers
    - more modern clothing
    - Bringing sims 3 Ambitions to sims 4 would also be nice for more job options.
    - more modern furniture for base game and better color schemes or just more coloring options
  • KettleburnKettleburn Posts: 1 New Member
    So I don't know if this has been bothering anyone else, but I would really like to see in a new patch the part where men are basically never abducted resolved. That was one of the main reasons I even bought the Get to Work expansion pack, and now I actually have to use a cheat code to trigger the abduction. Getting this fixed would be a major plus! I would also, if possible, be really interested in seeing maybe one or two more career types (I would recommend one possibility being teaching). Thank you!
  • orangeplumboborangeplumbob Posts: 1,102 Member
    I'd like to give you all at EA challenge. I challenge you to sit down every time you want to talk, and make those that you are talking to to sit down immediately and talk to them. Do this just for a day, and then tell me if it feels "normal" or "annoying." Then, I'd like you to patch the game with the opportunity for Sims to remain standing no matter if there's a chair or not when they have conversations.

    So far this is honestly what I have to do to my game to resort to keeping them from sitting while talking to each other:


    Please, I am at my wits end when it comes to using normal game-play to tell my story. I'd really love it if the talking and sitting issue could be addressed. It's not normal to sit for every conversation you ever have. Most of the time when I'm talking (unless I am already sitting) I am usually talking and standing. So, please, PLEASE fix this!
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,415 Member
    Please update the Science Lair lot trait to include the Archaeology skill.
    Origin ID: paradiseplanet27
  • LafooteLafoote Posts: 70 Member
    I'd just like to see sims actual eat in some sort of normal fashion. The getting up and running all over the house, the hugging, the changing chairs, it's all just endless delays. Also, keep the 'eating' counter moving, even if 1/5 speed while they're talking. It shouldn't take an hour to have Mac n' Cheese.
  • RisingStarrRisingStarr Posts: 3 New Member
    My Sim has the Genius Trait and is studying Archaeology. She still gets "Unchallenged" Tense moodlet.
  • MizzLMMizzLM Posts: 10 New Member
    Can we have a Uniform option for school uniforms or work outfits in CAS? Like maybe an actual Career outfit option and not just using the Everyday 1 outfit as the default for when the Sims go to school or work. Or even a checkbox to indicate that the outfit is for certain situations/occasions. I'd love to be able to customize what they wear for school or work without having to use the Everyday 1 outfit as the default. I hope that that makes sense!
  • CarolinaCanCarolinaCan Posts: 116 Member
    i want 2 see Africanized bees in the Sims :)
  • JinxiePie13JinxiePie13 Posts: 11 New Member
    It's not an issue that can easily be fixed, since it's something the game just doesn't have.. Though, I am sad that I can't change a sim from one race to another in create-a-sim mode. I like the sim I made, but I wanted to be an alien, so to do that, I have to start a whole new other sim.. In TS3 you can easily change a sim's race within create mode (human-witch-werewolf-alien-etc.) but TS4 doesn't have that option :disappointed:

    It's something that isn't a huge issue to the majority of simmers, but it would be pretty neat to have anyways :sweat_smile:
  • SimmySimianSimmySimian Posts: 357 Member
    edited March 2018
    My Sims 4 Wishlist

    -Ability to mentor the Singing skill
    -Singing counts as an instrument for songwriting
    -Herbalism remedies for multiple uses (i.e. Soothing Skin Balm for burns from fire)
    -Add the option Mind Control: Change Clothes: Random
    -Sortable inventory!
    -Filterable Fertilizer list (and better stacking, too, instead of listing 27 Nice apples and 13 Nice apples separately)
    -Ability to Transform the Rudimentary Matter Cube
    -Info when hovering over a plant or insect would include its uses (i.e. “for Insect Repellent Liniment”)
    -Dig for Treasure would result in random collectibles (besides MySims Trophies)

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  • Aquarius94Aquarius94 Posts: 488 Member
    Figured this was the more appropriate place to put my comment instead of the thread I originally posted it in:
    Aquarius94 wrote: »
    Speaking of Welcome Wagons, can we stop making sims lose relationship points with their neighbors just because they aren't in the mood to entertain uninvited guests? I just moved in! Can y'all give me time to unpack before dumping your gross fruitcake on me!?
  • candy8candy8 Posts: 3,815 Member
    I would like a pack where the Sims actually have something to do in Sims 3 they had more things to do besides socialize. Please give us Seasons and not in just one world.
  • CarolinaCanCarolinaCan Posts: 116 Member
    i want to see Alien Space Bats
  • V8CuckooFlowerV8CuckooFlower Posts: 11 New Member
    i would love to see the option of homelessness in the game. Would help on gameplays
  • soko37soko37 Posts: 593 Member
    More bed interactions. Relax, daydream, read in bed, make out on bed, chat, cuddle, maybe even cuddle and watch tv in bed.

    Maybe make it a part of a romance package with more interactions with partners. Lovers can take strolls together and walk holding hands. Lovers can jog together. I hate how walking and hiking and jogging is always lonely. Have it be something a sims can do with someone else.

    Interactive vehicles.

    Sewing and other crafts. Jewelry making etc...allow sims to make items from cas and wear them/sell them etc...
  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 851 Member
    More romance interactions like slow dancing or any kind of couple dances, interactions like walk while holding hands, sleeping together on couch ir cuddling on bed. Romantic bite on neck with vampires.
    Other than that more supernaturals and interactive jobs like singer, model, designer, even a thief.
    Turn on and offs for sims, more effective traits.
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