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What CAN be done to fix TS4?


  • MDianaSimsMDianaSims Posts: 3,867 Member
    edited May 2015
    @FusionFang7 Thanks for taking the time to read it and doing something with it.

    Should it interest anyone, I did start a separate thread on advanced population options (as I said I probably would):

    I added one or two minor things/clarifications to what I wrote in this discussion. The main reason I made the thread is that not all details could be put in the list here. Also, the comment @simsinmypocket wrote made me feel confident there is support for my 'cause'. :)

    Sorry for cluttering the thread with non-helpful info. So, unless I have something to actually add to this discussion, I'll keep quiet from now on ;).
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  • SimSaraSimSara Posts: 525 Member
    A "user friendly" CAS that gives "casual players" more options and the ability to customize. I feel like there should be more options, but there should also be a limit as well so it's not too overwhelming, tedious, or game-breaking (which was how I felt about the CAS in TS3). So, take TS3 CAS and make it more efficient. Similar to how they revamped the creative-a-style and build tools. Apply what they did with that to CAS.
  • sooozeeebeeesooozeeebeee Posts: 665 Member
    Service NPC- Gardener. Or an item, device, or recipe that permanently eliminates weeds, insects and watering needs.
  • sooozeeebeeesooozeeebeee Posts: 665 Member
    An option to choose "auto" or "manual" culling. In "manual" mode, a notice pops up when max is reached and no new sims can be born or added unless you delete from a provided list.
  • SimmerForLife101SimmerForLife101 Posts: 61 Member
    edited June 2015
    -Color wheel
    -Ability to choose what gender(s) our sim is attracted to
    -Height sliders
    -Skin tone slider
    -Highlights for sims hair (like Sims 3, not pre-set)
    -Nail/Toenail polish
    -Ability to adjust sims teeth
    -Pacifiers for babies/toddlers
    -Ability to choose sims natural lip color
    -Slider to make hair curlier/straighter
    -Hair length slider
    -Ability to choose how our sim smiles
    -Ability to make our own family tree
    -Shy trait (not the same as loner)
    -Braces (for children and up)
    -Teens should look like teens (shorter height)

    Live Mode:
    -Option to buy cellphones (please don't make cellphones mandatory anymore)
    -Clothes shopping
    -Grocery shopping
    -Less rabbitholes (restaurants, diners, grocery stores, etc. should be open)
    -Ability to follow our sims like in Sims 3 (not just disappear off the edge or teleport)
    -Couples can hold hands while walking
    -Dinner proposals

    -Open world
    -Animated cars (like in the Sims 2)
    -Real babies like in the Sims 2 (not objects)
    -Regular intro and neighborhood start ups like in previous Sim games (not look like an online game)
    -Option in settings to have newspapers delivered
    -Ability to see what age group a random Sim is just by hovering over them
    -Bobble heads like in previous sim games (when telling a sim to do something)
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  • ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 1,634 Member
    I really don't miss the open world from Sims 3 for some reason. I think that many players only miss them because of the feeling of "realism" and the beauty of the worlds in The Sims 3. If The Sims 4 had similar worlds, there would still be players who complain, whether they are open or closed.
  • MeloMelo Posts: 1 New Member
    Thank god this is the kind of thing that gets better with expansion packs!
    And yes, yes, I know it's just the first but c'mon its not 2001 anymore. A lot of these "stock items" need an update, particularly pants and shoes!
    Also, i really feel like we should be able to dress our sims in what ever gender clothing we'd like. Sometimes you want your sim to rock the boyfriend tee with the skinny jeans! I'm just saying!
  • halimali1980halimali1980 Posts: 8,246 Member
    edited May 2015
    Op this is a great thread. Thank you for taking the initiative and updating it.

    What I would love to see:

    - Relationship Editor: would love to be able to edit the relationship between existing sims that are unrelated. For example making them siblings, cousins etc. I can create a sibling in the game for a sim with CAS but I cannot make two existing sims in different households as siblings. Another example is Ex husband/ Ex BF etc

    - elders to have the option to use cane for walking

    - GTW Related stuff: the world that comes with to be bigger. Four lots are not enough. Ability to have home business. Where is the ticket machine? Plz bring it back.

    - how about having lottery tickets in the game?

    - please bring back the option to write a bio for each sim, like Sims 2

    - for rotational players it will be very beneficial if they show the number of sims days you played a lot/household when hovering the mouse over the lot.

    - show percentage in the relationship panel, so we can know how the relationship progressed instead of a bar only.

    - all phone calls to be changed to the new dating calls format

    - when a sim chatting with another sim over the phone or computer the progress should be visible on the screen

    - add a family portrait/photography option where all family stand together for a family picture.

    Everything I post is an opinion here and I think every post of others is as well.
  • axel1015axel1015 Posts: 952 Member
    Don't think these are on here but:

    Create a world
    Option to name your kids even if pregnant sim isn't on lot
    Better reactions to life events: death, marriage, birth
    Less picky room system
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  • Illyianna2005Illyianna2005 Posts: 895 Member
    What everyone else said and Toddlers, Toddlers is a big one for me an Collection Maker or Collection Files related to each EP
  • GEATMA07GEATMA07 Posts: 16 Member
    I feel like they should find a way to expand the maps in oasis and willow creek to add more space for lots
  • ZahoelerZahoeler Posts: 36 Member
    I created a post with my ideas, but since yours are more comprehensive I am pasting it in here.

    The Get To Work expansion have a number of nice functions that can be rolled out to the rest of Sims 4. This will make the game more realistic to an extent.

    1.1 Split bank account for room mates.
    Just like your business and household have different accounts, room mates should have a split fund too. In reality room mates don't share their cash. Each have their own bank accounts and they just share the expenses in the house. If needed they can pool money into a house account to buy more expensive stuff. Also when a couple get married the money can go into one account. Teens can get their own accounts to start saving for when they leave the house.

    1.2 Tag item ownership
    This is a follow on from 1.1. When a room mate leaves the house he should be able to take his items with him. Just like you can tag items as For Sale, give each room mate a different color. If an item is bought from a specific sims' account it should automatically be tagged for him. Common items bought out of the house account should be sold and the money split evenly.

    1.3 Maybe give kids an allowance so that they can buy their own toys?

    A few other items that doesn't exist in the game today but can help make Sims 4 more realistic.

    2.1 Rent instead of buy
    In reality most people rent before they buy. This way when a teen change to a young adult and leave his parents house he doesn't magically get §16000. This way he can move out with his savings and rent a property. The rent can be deducted weekly like your bills. The bigger the place the more expensive the rent. In a rented property you should not be able to break down walls, but you can paint it or buy your own appliances. Maybe there can be some furnished properties and the items can be tagged as the landlord's. You should not be allowed to sell those items. The same for shops. If you don't have much cash you rent a shop instead of buying the land.

    2.2 Option to make land more expensive
    Just to make it realistic there should be an option to make land more expensive.

    2.3 Option to have less starting cash
    As with 2.2 there should be an option to give a newly created family less cash. That way you can force them to rent before they buy.

    2.4 Bring back the rent out a room functionality
    If I remember correctly we had this in Sims 2 or 3. This should fit in nicely with this. You can decide to play only 1 sim and get NPC Sims to help you pay the rent.

    2.5 Mortgage
    Again to make the game more realistic. Most people get a mortgage when they buy their house. It would be nice if the sims can have this too.

    3.1 Pre clean.
    Instead of waiting for items to get dirty you should have the ability to "Clean a room". This way sims who do their chores can prevent a dirty bathroom or kitchen. Maids should automatically do this.

    3.2 Maintenance
    The same with maintenance. If you do maintenance once every so often you can prevent items from breaking.

    4.1 The ability to lock doors!
    No explanation needed here. We need it for
    - the bathroom. Auto-lock if someone is inside.
    - rooms/properties/gates.

    4.2 The ability to invite someone inside a locked room when they knock. Said person should be able to leave without dying in the room. (Unless they get locked in by an evil Sim).

    4.3 Ability to set the lock so that maids have keys. That way they can still clean the room.
  • tasteofsweetnesstasteofsweetness Posts: 131 Member
    I don't know if someone already said this... but they should be able to have vacation homes and stuff like that like they did in the Sims 3, how you could have two homes like for vacation or something.

    ~tasteofsweetness - Living the Simming Life since late 2000 Sims 3~
    Christmas Cheer ~ Holiday Vibes

  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,978 Member
    > @SheriSim57 said:
    > i have only been playing a month, I would love to see toddlers, family tree's and memories. But, what bothers me most is that there aren't enough lots or worlds to house the sims I want to play. Please EA, with or without an expansion pack please either give us some new worlds with lots, or more lots in the existing worlds!

    I couldn't agree more. I have been playing for two months and it's my first Sims game. Unfortunately, I have nothing to compare it to and I do really like the game, but when I saw the things you could do in Sims 3 I was so upset. The customization is the first thing along with more lots that I want to see in the game. The amount of customization you had in Sims 3 was out of this world. You could build anything you could imagine, you could make sure it all matched, and was exactly how you wanted it. Right now I am getting a kick out of improving lots from TV shows such as Gilmore Girls, Friends, Smallville, etc. Making them more true to life by literally watching episodes and decorating them the way it is in the show. But you are so limited if you don't use CC or mods that people make. I had to download so much CC to make Lorelai's house on Gilmore Girls look more true to life because you don't have good rug choices, better couches, or even couch pillows!

    So that's my rant.. I want customization options, more lots, open world, and just overall better simulation with the family tree, toddlers, etc.

    I hear you I miss the creative tool too, and I don't like downloading custom content
  • MooPlaysGamesMooPlaysGames Posts: 27 New Member
    Before my 'The Sims 3' broke, I was really enjoying world adventures. What I loved most is the temple quests where you would find keystones, unlock doors and discover rooms. It kept me entertained for hours. I know this wouldn't be done in a patch but I would love for world adventures to be brought back, just like it was in the Sims 3, with the same features, in the future xxx
  • HamsysincyHamsysincy Posts: 141 Member
    Did anyone realize that none of the ideas here in forum were materialized? Instead EA came up with a luxury stuff pack with nothing interesting except for new hairstyles and chocolate fountain.

    Really??? We Simmers are asking for new towns, new gameplay, mindblowing EPs, toddlers and fixing the game but we got a chocolate fountain in return? Pffftt....
  • Ulfric_GrimbrandUlfric_Grimbrand Posts: 663 Member
    klch87 wrote: »
    Did anyone realize that none of the ideas here in forum were materialized? Instead EA came up with a luxury stuff pack with nothing interesting except for new hairstyles and chocolate fountain.

    Really??? We Simmers are asking for new towns, new gameplay, mindblowing EPs, toddlers and fixing the game but we got a chocolate fountain in return? Pffftt....
    Did you think to look at the very first post and the items that have had lines put through them? Those are the things that were added.
  • georgeopolisgeorgeopolis Posts: 475 Member
    edited June 2015
    What CAN'T be done to fix TS4?
  • KurtisBallingerKurtisBallinger Posts: 28 New Member
    I'm sure this has been said but apartments would be a great feature, and each apartment has its own mailbox etc.
  • DrZaneDrZane Posts: 64 Member
    edited June 2015
    Well despite being so Modder friendly CAS has a lack of filtering ability to just view CC items. So that would be nice.
    Auto Roofing.
    Toddlers(of course).
    Terrain Editing. (I miss being able to make unique yards and areas.)
    Larger Neighborhoods.
    Door Locks and/or Bed Ownership setting. I feel this should have been part of the base game to begin with as it was so helpful in TS3.
    Or perhaps since we have nifty pre-made rooms and can set them down like lego blocks maybe assigning bedrooms via the door to the room.
    More World Editing, again this is a staple and I hope it is coming if not via update than later via EP.
    Wider variety in general would be a welcomed thing. There are literally two types of carpets, they are both mostly pastel colors. This makes it hard to make a home that isn't all wood or tile flooring. Makes it hard to create rooms that follow a theme or go together in a pleasing manner.

    These are just some bare basics I feel the base game is lacking. I think each base game should take in the best little things from the previous incarnation and use those things. So each base game is a little better than the last. TS4 as a base game? It feels like TS1 with better graphics, and that is bad.

    As a side note, I know why they took out Create a Style, it was quite a large thing. I know it isn't coming back however I think something to replace it should be in order. Even if it is just an add on like the Pattern Creator that lets you upload recolors into the game. This goes back to the variety problem. The Sims is meant to be creative, the Base Game is supposed to be a foundation but even now it feels like one that is only half finished.
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  • Markus_skyfiresMarkus_skyfires Posts: 14 New Member
    One Word, Weather
  • ShannonCShannonC Posts: 2 New Member
    edited June 2015
    I'd like to be able to have sleep overs with children and teens. Have them be able to invite up to 4 others to come spend the night watching movies and having fun. Instead of sleeping in beds have something like blankets that are on the floor for pallets to sleep on.

    Make the best friends forever last longer than 30 seconds. If they haven't spoken to someone in a few seconds they "lose contact" and are no longer best friends. That's ridiculous.

    For children, let them have games like tag and other interactive games they can play with children, teens, young/adults, and elders.
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  • Twilight32Twilight32 Posts: 165 Member
    I really hope that they are working for toddlers now, and make it even better..
  • SimTovahSimTovah Posts: 7 New Member
    edited June 2015
    The gigantic microscope, cupcake machine, telescope...?? They look ridiculous and their role in gameplay is glaringly limited.

    Get rid of "exciting" new content like Star Wars costumes.

    The chocolate fountain is kind of a waste of time.

    Get To Work has some new features that expand game play. Outdoor Retreat? Seems like a desperate attempt to release anything. For me it was a complete waste of $20.
  • dariodario Posts: 41 Member
    edited June 2015
    fix sim intelligence. they literally pass by a kitchen sink, carrying dirty dishes, to go to further bathroom sinks, when there's no other sim using any of the sinks. they place dirty plates in shelves that are close by, but to get to the shelf they go pass a dining room table, or the kitchen, but insist on placing the dirty dish on the living room shelf. this is clearly bad coding. if(on way to sink && pass by available sink ) { use closest sink }
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