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What CAN be done to fix TS4?

FusionFang7FusionFang7 Posts: 90 Member
edited October 2015 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
LAST UPDATE: August 15, 2015

So here's my question to you all: what changes CAN be made to make TS4 a game you would like to play?
(Try to keep your answers restricted to what you think is necessary for a "base game")
Unfortunately I cannot add your suggestion to the list if it is not technically possible, or not in the spirit of the game (i.e. drugs, suicide, or teen pregnancy)

Let's make a concise list that the Devs can use as a guide for direction in the future.


  1. Body hair category
  2. Way to hide undesired CAS assets
  3. Way to disable CAS assets for random townie generating
  4. Random Trait generator
  5. More trait slots
  6. Turn ons/offs
  7. Favorites and Astrological signs
  8. Way to set relationship as Boy/Girlfirend or fiancee
  9. Piercings
  10. Scroll bar for traits
  11. More variety of natural hair colors
  12. All Hair colors available for children
  13. More ethnic hairstyles
  14. Eyelashes and length slider
  15. Personality point system (TS2 style)
  16. Interests
  17. Opacity sliders for makeup
  18. Option to assign initial skill levels for sims
  19. Scroll Bar (or a Wider Display) for swatches. (They tend to get cut off if the asset is the last on the list)
  20. Way to select poses for gallery icons instead of having poses randomly assigned
  21. Piercings

  1. Basements [GTW Patch]
  2. Hip-roofs with overhangs
  3. Smaller Telescopes
  4. Auto-roofs
  5. Round and Octagonal Roofs
  6. Vehicles (with animations)
  7. More color option (especially ones that match)
  8. Way to change colors of different parts of an object separately (i.e. bed frames and sheets)
  9. Dishwashers, trash compactors, landline phones
  10. Slides and diving boards for pools
  11. Hot Tubs [Patio Stuff]
  12. Terrain elevation tools
  13. Increased floor limit [GTW Patch]
  14. Split-levels
  15. Way to upgrade beds/chairs/showers to the same stats
  16. Chests for storage of collectibles (fossils, slides, crystals, flowers...)
  17. Tilt control, for TS4 camera
  18. Less picky lot requirements
  19. Greater attraction of NPC sims to 'generic' lots
  20. Cooktops, Built-In-Microwave Ranges, Wall Ovens
  21. Way to rotate entire lots (some lots get placed backwards) [GTW Patch]
  22. Spiral Stairs, stairs with adjustable landings
  23. Collections

  1. Option to display map in color instead of white as it is now.
  2. Town Editor (especially way to add lots)
  3. Lots bigger than 50x50
  4. Larger neighborhoods (more than 5 lots)
  5. No Population Cap and more control of Population size
  6. Way to split funds when merging/splitting households
  7. Way to manage townie jobs
  8. Way to manage townie generation amounts by lifestage
  9. More venue types (grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores, hospital, cemetery, arcade, coffee shops, town hall)
  10. Things that make going to the library/Gym better than simply building one on home lot [CoffeeKatt: pg.4]
  11. Option to control culling of townies when limit is reached
  12. Option to pause townie generation
  13. Option to rename the worlds/workplaces/schools
  14. Show service NPCs explicitly or have a way to sort for them in the household management
  15. Option to disable supernatural species

  1. Family Tree (and increased recognition of relationships: in-laws, first and second cousins) [Genealogy Patch]
  2. Way to lock doors (room assignment)
  3. Way to assign beds
  4. Way to paint custom pictures (TS2 style)
  5. Way to paint posed portraits, and still lifes [GTW Patch]
  6. Memories (more automatic)
  7. Alert for multiple births (for better naming)
  8. Urns/Graves and ghosts for sims that die off-lot
  9. Service Sims (firefighters/police/burglar/newsie/nanny)
  10. Reactions to events (cheating/death/divorce)
  11. Better tuning for time-consuming multitasking (like eating and talking)
  12. Medical career [GTW]
  13. Military career
  14. Political career
  15. Allow babies to be removed from bassinets
  16. Option to change last name after marriage
  17. Option to change babies' clothes
  18. More interactions with babies (like bathing them)
  19. NPC's generated for bartenders, maids, and mailmen. (explicitly shown in townie listing for editing)
  20. Game consoles
  21. Nervous=>Scared=>Frightened emotion
  22. Compound emotions (angry & focused, angry & playful)
  23. Sub-skills (categorizing skills so the starting level for a sim with some skill is higher)
    • Handiness: Woodworking, mechanical, electrical, and more...
    • Logic: Programming and more...
    • Visual arts: Painting, sculpting, photography, and more...
    • Performing arts: The instruments, Stand-up comedy, acting, and more...
    • Culinary arts: Gourmet and mixology. Basic cooking is covered as this umbrella skill.
  24. Carpools & buses
  25. Way to reorder actions that have already been queued
  26. Action blocks/bundles for consistently scheduled interactions [LPent: pg.3]
  27. Way to sort/filter and sell multiple inventory items at once
  28. Way to influence other sims (TS2 style)
  29. Way to add tattoos outside of CAS
  30. Illness (TS2 style)
  31. Ability to see Emotional Auras
  32. Closed Social Groups (for dates)
  33. Option to homeschool children
  34. Clothing racks that function the way dressers do

  1. Option to enable the display of CC in "my library" by default.

  1. Fully adjustable lifespans
  2. Toddler lifestage
  3. Pre-teen lifestage
  4. Story Progression
  5. Remove load screens between lots (if possible)
  6. Increase 20 sim load limit
  7. Create-a-world (if possible)
  8. Recolor tool (even if external program)
  9. Less linear, more sandbox
  10. More mature sense of humor (no more poop jokes)
  11. Control of non-user initiated romantic relationships (too much cheating occuring)
  12. More Slots for Save Files
  13. Option to disable Auto-Save
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    FusionFang7FusionFang7 Posts: 90 Member
    I've created my own threads for this, but doesn't hurt to repost and contribute.

    1) Pregnant sims not aging until birth
    2) Townies taking items from public lots (e.g. a lady sim started playing the Violin. Shortly after, I noticed the violin was missing. When I go back to the lounge, the violin still hasn't returned)
    3) Sims reading skill books not increasing skill (only reading like enjoyment with the green circle)
    4) All twin births since patch (I know they're working on this)
    5) Alert for multiple births for better naming
    6) Elderly spouse did leaving a widow. Widow still has option to make ghost husband "Ask to be boyfriend"?
    7) Since patch, one of my sims Career goals are frozen (causing him not to get promoted). (i.e. he needs to get guitar and comedy to level 2, but both of them are over that, and it still does not detect this)

    1) Please put in door-locking (so difficult for Romance sim to do their thing without it)
    2) Smaller telescope/microscope (no room on lot to put this)
    3) Townies living in home dying, please have urn available in visible place, or automatically move out as Unplayed household (Can't locate urn, can't get rid of unwanted ghost)
    4) Random trait generator
    5) Sims that move out can take items/furniture/household money with them (So much excess money in "parent" lot, but kids who move out are dirt poor. All the poor lots are already filled)
    6) Auto-roof
    7) Ability to paint custom pictures (like Sims 2)
    8) Give adult ability to "Help with homework", especially if it's an aspiration goal and the child/grandchild is not in the same household
    9) Still too many elders spawning a townies. Need more children/teens/young adults walking around neighbourhood (I know there is a mod for this, already have it, but it would be nice for Devs to include it)
    10) Revert Never Weary trait
    11) Children's skills negated when they become teens... why?
    12) Children/Teen's homework still in inventory after they grow up.
    13) Children/Teen leave homework all over the house.
    14) Would like family trees and memories back!!!
    15) Toddlers

    I added most of your list, I'm trying to make the list easy to read so I'm afraid I didn't include requests for bug fixes (although I hope they do get fixed!)
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    FusionFang7FusionFang7 Posts: 90 Member
    LaAbby wrote: »
    All lifestages back in for one, family tree, open neighborhood at least, a better map overview, and much much more. (sandbox play back in to)

    But most of all, I wish they'd recover their "vision" and look back at what made The Sims a Sims game.

    Could you clarify what you mean by "better map overview"?
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    munchie885munchie885 Posts: 8,439 Member
    colton147 wrote: »
    Justine Keaton.

    No I want that voracious disease away from my game...
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    COOLGAME8013COOLGAME8013 Posts: 3,090 Member
    edited January 2015
    If any an Open neighborhood would be nice, i know most of assets for the other "Unloaded" lots still show. So i assume an Open Neighborhood shouldn't be too harsh of a transition.
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    catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,464 Member
    OP you should link this to the gurus the 13th when they open the thread. It s the sticky at the top of the page.
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    GruffmanGruffman Posts: 4,831 Member
    @fusionfang7 @skellyspades

    I am quite impressed actually.

    This is a well thought out, balanced and would be a wonderful addition to the game. Very excellent suggestions.
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    zombii3zombii3 Posts: 388 Member
    zombii3 wrote: »
    AnnLee87 wrote: »
    Fix the game before adding more content. It's needs a different romance system and other stuff. I don't care what they add to the game. Just give me an option whether to buy it or not in the form of an game pack or EP like previous games. No more of this "you have to download content or you can't play the game" crap. I want to choose what I put in my game.

    Finally someone who agrees with me that we should fix the game before adding even more stuff.!

    This topic is not about adding things, so much as it is about making the base game more playable for more players. I understand bug fixes are important too, but I wanted to make a list of all the features we want to make TS4 a good base game.

    Exactly. That's what I also mentioned in my list comment. (although I did include bug fixes because fixing the bugs is included in the topic of making this game more playable..)
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    catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,464 Member
    If any an Open neighborhood would be nice, i know most of assets for the other "Unloaded" lots still show. So i assume an Open Neighborhood shouldn't be too harsh of a transition.

    I don't think an open hood is possible but they probably could cut the loading screens when you visit your neighbor.

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    FusionFang7FusionFang7 Posts: 90 Member
    OP you should link this to the gurus the 13th when they open the thread. It s the sticky at the top of the page.

    Hey CLP, I will try and remember to do that, and if not I hope you or one of the other members of the community could.
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    catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,464 Member
    Hot tubs are needed badly.
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    FusionFang7FusionFang7 Posts: 90 Member
    I see the thread's been moved. I doubt it will receive as much traffic now, but I'll try to keep updating if anybody does decide to post.
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