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What is your least favorite/worst expansion pack?


  • babajaynebabajayne Posts: 1,822 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I wouldn’t touch Eco Lifestyle with a 10-ft pole. Using a voting system to force other sims to act a certain way should be reserved for things like preventing theft (hello Sharing Is Caring, you’re doing it wrong) or violence. The NAPs in principle are just too authoritarian, and I don’t think that’s fun. And they’re so buggy, when people think they’ve gotten rid of them, they find a way to disrupt the game again. The eco footprint system is buggy, too. I’m not interested in candle making or fabrication enough to deal with this pack. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Even if they were to fix all the bugs and give it out for free, I’d pass.
  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,948 Member
    Eco Lifestyle is probably my most annoying pack But I really dislike Cats & Dogs because I don’t like taking care of animals in a game.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,489 Member
    edited July 2021
    Snowy Escape
    If you can give a reason, why? What things do you wish to add on that pack? What can they change/add to that pack, if possible?

    Cottage Living, since I won't buy it, which will make it the first Expansioncclass pack for Sims 4 I have not bought.

    For already released packs: Easily Snowy Escape. The world is annoying (the mascot should be killed, it's so annoying), I don't really like any of the pre-made builds nor any of the pre-made families and two thirds of the pack specific activities are buggy and or boring (skiing / snowboarding is the only activity that works properly).
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  • PrincessrozeeSPrincessrozeeS Posts: 388 Member
    Discover University

    Discover University is probably the one I would choose. This is primary due to the game play at University. Bikes don't really work, often classes clash and your Sim cant get high grades because of it. I always took my Sims off to university in Sims 2/3 and I only see the worth in doing it in the Sims 4 for certain aspects of the game i.e for wanting to have a Sim get both tracks in some of the careers. It is too much work and not enough play for my Sims and the secret society is not a patch on the one in the Sims 2!

    I haven't really explored Eco Lifestyle or the world it came with, but not found it all that useful in the general game and the worlds I play.

  • FelicityFelicity Posts: 4,979 Member
    edited July 2021
    Get to Work
    It's difficult to answer this one because just about every EP has disappointed me. The one that disappointed me the most was Island Living. It's not my least favorite, but it's the one I was looking forward to the most. My least favorite is probably Get to Work because I feel like it shows so many of the flaws of the game without a counterbalance. The Sims 4 has never, for me, found a good way to balance time for larger households. When I play a larger one, I use a mod to add more away actions, but when the point of the pack is following individual sims to work, it seems like there should be some other way to not neglect the rest of the sims in the household.
  • CeridwenCeridwen Posts: 220 Member
    Not sure how I went with Seasons, so nix my vote there! I don't hate Eco Living in the slightest, but if I had to make a choice, I suspect that's where my vote would really go.
  • HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 276 Member
    Cats & Dogs
    I’m not saying Cats and Dogs is the worst, just my least favorite. I don’t like how animals take up a household spot. I tried to play as a vet once and just couldn’t get into it. It didn’t help that it wasn’t playing well with the outdoorsy lifestyle - my vet would be tense since she was inside at work, then be mean to all her customers. Oops.

    The world is lovely and I don’t regret buying it because I love having Brindleton Bay.
  • GracieO312GracieO312 Posts: 1,233 Member
    Island Living
    Scuba diving as a rabbit hole! Are you actually kidding me?!?

    Bad, EA! Bad, bad, bad!!!

  • JemmaTheSimmerJemmaTheSimmer Posts: 370 Member
    Get to Work
    Get To Work, just because I use it the least. Snowy Escape and Eco Lifestyle are also up there, but I've not had them very long so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    I just don't use GTW much, the careers are OK but I only use them for specific sims. Also I wish they could be fully rabbit hole but some promotions and tasks require you to follow them to work which is annoying. I don't use shops much, I'm building a mall atm but I just don't find it interesting to run them or to buy stuff from them. I'd rather own a restaurant or vet than retail. Plus Magnolia Promenade is the worst expansion pack world, it is tiny and basically a carbon copy of Willow Creek. I just don't get much from the pack at all.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,299 Member
    Eco Lifestyle
    I had a hard time deciding between DU and EL... I have only played university once because I found it so boring, but I use the CAS all the time and I like the servos. I may have got more gameplay out of EL with the career, aspiration etc but I had to switch NAPs off and overall I don't get that much gameplay out of it either. I also don't think its CAS is as nice as the DU CAS.
  • QueenMercyQueenMercy Posts: 1,679 Member
    Cats & Dogs
    I really hate that we can’t control them without mods, I don’t care how “unrealistic” or whatever it is.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    edited July 2021
    Get to Work
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • MissSweetVioletMissSweetViolet Posts: 50 Member
    Get to Work
    Get to work, simply because there is no way to make the alien abductions optional. It ether needs a toggle switch, or a pop up to decline if you want your sim to be abducted. It's not fair to players to force them into it, especially when some players might be sensitive to such topics if they themselves were a victims, or know a victim(s). I'm not knocking the fun for other players, I don't think the abductions should be removed, just made optional. I want to play my humans and aliens in peace.
  • haisinhaisin Posts: 792 Member
    Get to Work
    I don't own Get to Work and I have decided not to buy it, so I figure it's my least favourite. I'm a bit interested in some of the items and clothes it has and baking skill could be nice, but the other stuff doesn't interest me much.
  • MarinutMarinut Posts: 3 New Member
    Discover University
    Discover University, 100%. I never use it. Only bought it for CAS & build and buy.

    Uni packs have always been my least favourite ones because to me they have 0 replay value, but TS4 uni was just plain awful. TS2 & TS3 Unis had a 5 day class schedule with two days dedicated purely to goofing off/whatever. The aptitude test in TS3 made it possible to graduate in a single week, if you had done a good job with skilling etc so far, which is about as much as I can take of the gameplay loop. So the 3-4 weeks of 7 day study loop was pure torture for me.

    I always play with aging on too, so all my sims families were pretty much dead by the time my sim finished uni LMAO.
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 575 Member
    edited July 2021
    I'm usually a very positive person, and I do like at least something from every pack in the game (the scientist career in GTW, the clubs and world from GT, the festivals from CL, the Brindleton Bay from C&D, the weather and holidays from Seasons, the celebrity and reputation system from GF, Sulani from IL, the University system from DU, the green technology, changing community lots and world from EL, and Mt Komorebi from SE. However, I can also find a few glaring faults in many of the packs too and mostly they just make me sad because I think they represent a lack of effort or missed opportunities.

    In Get to Work, the aliens were the biggest disappointment for me, because they are so curtailed from their Sims 3 counterparts. (I hate when they take away things we had before). I do like that they have human disguises and that their alien appearances are very customizable; I also like that they have their own (small) world and tv channel. They should have more mental powers though. Get Together is not really missing anything for me; I am generally delighted with that pack. In City Living, I wish sims had more apartment related interactions with their neighbours and the world, more like the incredible range of interactions that existed in TS2: Apartment Life.

    With Cats and Dogs, I think a lot more could have been done to make the training system, tricks and exercise equipment more fun and interesting and I wish there were pet judging competitions as there used to in Sims 1. It also annoys me that children can't do a lot with pets, like walk or bathe them, or have unique play interactions with them. Seasons is another very enjoyable pack for me, which I think adds a great deal to the game (wouldn't want to play without it, really), and I can't think of any complaints about it.

    In Get Famous, the unduly small world was and continues to be a big disappointment to me, in particular the fact that there is no beach neighbourhood. Sulani remains a favourite pack for me for its beauty and uniqueness, but I will always be sad that there is no underwater diving lot for mermaids to have their own secret world and special interactions in, and for divers to explore. All they would have needed was one! What a missed opportunity to add so much more playability to this pack.

    DU's organizations don't work properly for me and never have, and I can't stand the secret society and those creepy sprites (which I avoid like the plague). I like EL quite a bit, but the broken neighbourhood footprint, which keeps reverting to neutral, is incredibly irksome. The world of SE is so beautiful, but the fact that there is no skiing or sledding or half-pipe available for Sims to use in other neighbourhoods is a big let down.

    In general, I wish there were more fun group activities added with every EP (as sometimes used to happen in Sims 2), like board games, yard games, water games, sports, etc. I would also like it if there were more cultural gameplay in some of the packs, like culturally specific instruments (a keyboard glockenspiel or concertina for Windenburg, bongo or steel drums for use in Sulani, a koto or shamisen for use in Mt. Komorebi, etc) and special cultural participatory activities (dances, games etc) unique to those worlds as well.

    Favourite Packs: Get Together, Seasons and Island Living
    Disappointing Packs: Cats and Dogs, Get Famous, Discover University
  • IzzyIceBellIzzyIceBell Posts: 8 New Member
    Get to Work
    I almost never use the any of the feautures from Get to work and I'm not a big fan of CAS and build and buy either. I forget that the world even exists. I do like ailiens but play with them very rarely.
  • ironknight35ironknight35 Posts: 3,747 Member
    Get to Work
    Get to Work. I never use anything that came with the pack.
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 726 Member
    Discover University
    I voted for Discover University. I don't own Eco Lifestyle, and I don't plan to, so it wouldn't be far to vote it as the worst.
    I chose Discover University, because I don't play it as much, and it has a lot of requirements for your Sims to even join, and not being able to see classes in a bit annoying, especially when it comes to grades, which are important. In Sims 2, you couldn't seen the classes that the Sims attended, but you could see how they were doing, and improve their grades if you needed to, or they would be expelled. Also, unlike Sims 4, that was the only way to get young adults by buying that specific pack for Sims 2. However, Sims 4 makes it easier to get young adults without having to bu specific packs.
    I do like the world, and the CAS items from the game, though.
    For the most least liked packs, I actually enjoy most of them. I like Get to Work mostly because it has Aliens, and that was a big reason I got it. I know pets in Cats and Dogs take up room, but I have a ton of fun breeding pets, especially fantasy type dogs. I like having mermaids, so even if Island Living isn't really a solid pack, I am just glad to have mermaids. Also, I enjoy the CAS items from these packs as well.
  • DominicLaurenceDominicLaurence Posts: 3,397 Member
    Snowy Escape
    Snowy Escape, Island Living and Get Famous are all on the verge of being glorified game packs. But IL has a prestigious world to show, GF has a good system, Snowy Escape got what?

    Lifestyles feels like it should be on a patch. Take that out and it's Jungle Adventure with a world you can live.
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  • ImagebearImagebear Posts: 46 Member
    Snowy Escape
    I only bought it for lifestyle yet it's so buggy . It's not like other pack where the feature come with them can be use on other world (general gameplay )
    I figure that every expansion have its strength and downside . for example , the best pack season come with the poorly design whim that destroy whim based gameplay .
    eco have a lot of bug but also a lot of gameplay for everyday gameplay .
    DU give you some challenge and meaningful reward for legacy player .
    CD give you ... cat and dog .
    GTW is still buggy but at least there's a significant amount of gameplay and endless possibility with the retail .
    GF come with annoying celebrity but the fame system work well with artistic sims .
    City living have useful festival .
    Get together have customable social group dancing skill and the closet.
    and then come down to the two "world pack" at least the odd job or mermaid come with isn't really buggy where the lifestyle constantly stuck , can't completely remove , have over-powered buff .poorly design , didn't work as designed (you can have 6 lifestyle active at the same time) .
    the festival isn't really worth going (other than story telling ) since most of them will just give you sentiment and there's no npc phone calls to invite you .
    there is no special neighbor event like living in Sulani or San Myshuno . the pre-made is hard to play because platform bugged sims routing .
    and since the lifestyle is buggy if you don't go skiing or hiking or climbing there's no gameplay in this pack .
    also the emotionally mindful is over-power and just get in the way most of the time . I can't have my sims practicing music without them suddenly feeling FINE (+4.+6) and the emotion moodlet come with it last so long.
  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,851 Member
    City Living
    City Living Was Cool, Except the world, I feel like San Myshuno was trying too hard. I feel like they should have chosen one city, and stuck with it, rather thank taking inspiration from the most popular cities around the world, and mashing them together.

    Every thing else in the pack was great, It's just the world is hideous.
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  • Furied FateFuried Fate Posts: 14 New Member
    Get Together
    I enjoy them all. I could nitpick, but I honestly can't really dislike any of them. I will pick Get Together just because I felt a little underwhelmed with the Club system.
  • summertaffy68summertaffy68 Posts: 211 Member
    Get to Work
    I get the least amount of use from Get to Work since I very rarely play careers and don't use the BB much.
  • summertaffy68summertaffy68 Posts: 211 Member
    Get to Work
    I get the least amount of use from Get to Work since I very rarely play careers and don't use the BB much.
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