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Not had any playtime on my Sims 3 after downloading the EA App. Would seem simple that swapping over from Origin to EA App would not cause the user to have so many problems, then taking time to download items from the Sims 3 Store, instead of playing! I know the Sims 3 is an older game now and I do wonder how long we have with the Sims 3. And once the Sims 3 launcher is no longer available, or the Store closes, does that mean we wont be able to play. All the money we have paid for packs and store items when our game will no longer run. So much for online tech. Give me a CD/DVD disk and offline anyday! I saw the writing on the wall long time ago on the Sims 2 forum when they were discussing an App like Steam! Can causes no end of problems although playing without a disk is nice but need an internet connection in order to do so.


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