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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 652 Member
    "Hey neighbor! Would you mind letting us in? We have a fruit cake, made from a very special fruit!"
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  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,498 Member

    @SilentKitty I love your floral and leafy wall decorations. lol kittytude. Yay for game backups!

    Thank you :)
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
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    @SimTrippy That Jungle Spa looks amazing!

    @Kimmer I really am inspired how you put the portrait photos on a wall in-game. Nice! I've been meaning to do something like that. You can name the photo too, I keep forgetting that. Doh!

    @Ellupelluellu Hahaha! Who's more the 'fruitcake' there?

    Well, I had the "Homeschooling" mod for awhile. It never worked right until one of the last patches.

    Since I have three children I'm actively playing atm, Braynee, Angelica, and Tantrum, and the choose "Go to work" (school) or "Work from home" option came up for all 3, I decided to have them all "work from home" instead of the 'rabbit-hole'.

    It is actually quite fun! They each get 2 or 3 tasks to complete each school-day like for example: advance skill a level (a specific one), sing karaoke, practice typing, read a book, collect two fish, play cards, put on a puppet show, etc...
    My hat's off (metaphorically) to whoever made that mod. :sunglasses:
    It makes playing children actively more interesting. (Of course you can always just send them to school if you don't want to actively play them) ;)

    So far, Angelica, the social angel, is advancing the highest for 'grades'. Though skill-wise, she's ironically behind the other two kids.

    In the meantime, I've been learning the magic aspect with the adults (when they aren't in the 'rabbit-hole' jobs they have. Heh! Though one, Gemma, I keep her unemployed so there is always an adult (T/YA/A/E) at home since the game will go into rabbit-hole mode if only children are home. Could hire a nanny I suppose. hmmm... My nanny Jerrica Poppins. ;) That would be cool since I loosely made her thinking of Mary Poppins, who was obviously magic. Though I made my nanny NPC before I had the RoM pack. Oi!
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  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,563 Member
    It was holidays and my sim was knitting some beanies.
    All of them loved it except her firstborn son :D
    Then the family enjoyed the rest of the day.
    Then my sim went streaking because it was one of the traditions. It went horribly wrong.
    Unfortunatelly her husband couldn't save her.
    A couple of days later he has autonomously taken after the knitting hobby in the loving memory of his wife, the mother of his two beautiful sons.
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 516 Member
    edited August 2
    Jove is learning to knit. Braelyn is being "helpful".

  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,563 Member
    edited August 2
    My sims had private wedding.
    And soon after that their baby girl was born.
    Mommy knitted a couple of overals for her. She looks sooo adorable in them!
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,054 Member
    @DeloresGrey Thank you for posting those adorable pictures. I wondered if the babies could actually wear the knitted outfits. And now I know they can. :) I've had more than a few setbacks, lately, which I won't go into on this thread, but suffice it to say, I have no babies in my game at this time. :open_mouth:

    Congratulations to the newlyweds and to the newborn. So sweet.
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  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,563 Member
    edited August 2
    @GalacticGal They can and there is so many of them! And the best thing is that they are mostly gender neutral and pretty decent, not many fast fashion styled, so you can definitely dress medieval. etc, babies! Which is absolutely splendid.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 806 Member
    I played with Brooks family today.

    Owen Brooks is my gardener Sim. He lives in Brindleton Bay with his family. Here he is walking his dog Belle. It's the second to last day of autumn and a cold day. Brindleton Bay looks beautiful when it's not raining.

    While Owen was walking Belle the rest of the family was home. Owen is married with Zoe Patel and they have two children, Amelie and Noah. Their neighbor Brant Hecking came to visit. Brant and Brent are very good friends with Brooks family.
    They also have a cat (Bubbles).

    Bubbles and Belle enjoying the last days of autumn. <3
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,054 Member
    edited August 2
    Today, once I saw that not only was my first game save still available, but the new one I began just yesterday is also still there, I decided to be daring and create another family for that neighborhood. For those who are unaware, my gaming rig is currently in the shop. I made a transfer of the copy I made of my game folder, but something got lost in the translation. Game was a tad buggy, to say the least, and the saves wouldn't load. Took some doing, but I uninstalled Origin, twice, and then regenerated my Sims 4 folder, twice. All seems well for the moment.

    Yesterday, I began my Cantrell family all over, once again. (I've had to do this so many times, I simply have lost count.) But, this was a copy of the one I began before my laptop or Origin, or whatever caused it to disappear, ate it up.) I had to recreate Erik, since originally, I didn't see my Sims in my Showcase. (They're hiding way down at the bottom, I discovered when I randomly scrolled all the way to the end.) Yeah, I could have taken my original Erik and started all over again, but there's something about the new Erik that is equally compelling. He pretty much looks like himself, just a shade younger, somehow. LOL

    And, he is once again on the fast track to fame. The one that disappeared was a Notable Newcomer in just two Sim days. This one got there in less than 24 Sim hours. I kid you not.

    As you can see I didn't spend time taking screenshots.


    Today, I created a new household, hopefully with a girlfriend for Erik. I was going to make her look like Tamela Durant, and then change her name and traits, but I failed to get her face the same. I'll try to take a picture of the new girl tomorrow, perhaps. She's got short hair and braces, of course, and she loves music. This time she isn't an only child. She has a younger brother, Treat. Her name? Gem Woodworth. I think she's cute, but once I post a picture of her, you can decide for yourselves. No gameplay, today, just busy building the new family. Oh, and they have two Beagle pups, too. :open_mouth:
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  • ParmaViolet87ParmaViolet87 Posts: 1,606 Member
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    Gideon is now a young adult. I cannot believe how handsome he is.


    With his sister Guinevere. :lol:

    Challenged his dad to a magic duel. Got his 🌺🌺🌺🌺 kicked as usual :lol:



    One day into university and dad misses his boy already :blush: The "Hey Honey." made me laugh :lol:



  • troshalomtroshalom Posts: 503 Member
    I created one saved game with all of the sims I created or downloaded and modified, builds, and custom clubs and then Save As when I play a new game from that saved game. Some clubs I plan to play and others are just for colorful stuff to happen when I go to community lots. This club - Da Mischiefs - just get into mayhem at bars in all the worlds. But, their fight club is just for members - they do other stuff to random sims. In this version I added all the mean sims, and some snobs too. This is what happened at the bar in Strangerville.
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  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
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    @DoloresGrey Nice! <3
    @ParmaViolet87 Cool! B)

    @troshalom Funny!!! OMG!! LOL!
    I think my gangster deviant character Rhober Calhouni would like to join that group, "Da Mischiefs", haha! XD
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  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 1,172 Member
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    Kimmer wrote: »

    Bubbles and Belle enjoying the last days of autumn. <3

    What dog breed is that? I want one in my game.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member

    Emilia, though barely tolerating her husband's sister, is jealous of the time he spends training her in magic. Gemma doesn't have a job, is barely an adult, but on the positive side does take care of her kids when Emilia and Darrel are out. Still, Emilia would LOVE to kick her plumbum. Especially since her fourth child, Esilley, got sad from something Gemma did. With everyone out of the house, this could be her chance...

    Gemma, though acting innocent and childish as always, has Emilia ready to explode inside. So Emilia puts Esilley to bed, then challenges Gemma to a magic duel...

    Although she knows the younger Gemma is more powerful and of the same ancient bloodline she married into, Apprentice Emilia unleashes all she's got! She holds her own...

    ...until Gemma realizes Emilia is not being playful, but serious. Gemma ends the duel quickly by force-choking Emilia.

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  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 4,018 Member
    edited August 3
    @ParmaViolet87, is that a cc hair that Gideon is wearing? Would you mind telling me where it's from?
  • ParmaViolet87ParmaViolet87 Posts: 1,606 Member
    @ParmaViolet87, is that a cc hair that Gideon is wearing? Would you mind telling me where it's from?

    @loubyloulou Yep! It is 'SweptBack with NeckHair'. I found it on Birksche's Simblog :smiley:
  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 4,018 Member
    @ParmaViolet87, is that a cc hair that Gideon is wearing? Would you mind telling me where it's from?

    @loubyloulou Yep! It is 'SweptBack with NeckHair'. I found it on Birksche's Simblog :smiley:

    Ah, thank you :) Downloaded!
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,681 Member
    This elder scientist and her engineer son + his wife have been setting up a robotics/inventions/serums retail, and it's finally done :heart:
  • SimpatsyannSimpatsyann Posts: 1,072 Member
    No pictures of this, but it gave me a laugh. Over the weekend I started a new family with the dad in the private attorney branch of the legal career, and one of his work tasks was to "offer representation/retain new client." They had just recently moved into the neighborhood that Bob and Eliza Pancakes live in so after work he invited them over (they were basically his only acquaintances) and after a few hours of schmoozing, he was able to get both Bob and Eliza as clients, separately. I mean, a couple with that many issues probably wants a good lawyer on the hook, right?

    Then he was exhausted and it was late so he sent them both home and started to go to bed, and no sooner were they off the lot than MCCC popped up with the notice that Eliza and Bob are going to have a baby. :D So maybe they won't need a lawyer anytime soon after all, hehe.
  • FamilyFriendFamilyFriend Posts: 24 Member
    There was a weird glitch in my game and my sim ate a table....I was in shock
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 1,519 Member
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    So my sim became a 5 star celebrity then had a child with kayla flemming and then their child went to have triplets
    Post edited by Cavapoo_King on
    Click on the spoiler ⬇️
    HaHa I made you click on the spoiler :tongue:
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,054 Member
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    As promised, I played my brand new family in my Cantrell game save today. An interesting little story presented itself, which allowed for me to capture some screenshots.

    Gem glanced at their new quarters and while she decided the house was far homier than the basic Base-housing she was used to, she was still a little sad. Gem didn't make friends too easily. Her father was in the military and the family moved around so much. As soon as she made friends, which in middle school she stopped trying, it was time to pack up and move to the next base. She hated it. As a compensation, her parents got her two female Beagle puppies. Gem also found she was signed up to a dog-training class. Her mother, Margaret, known as Maggie also took the class. With two puppies having two to train them just made it easier. A couple of years later and Gem was a big sister. She guessed her parents thought a Sim-companion would be better. Gem had a little brother, Treat.


    Gem walked into the Tudor-style house and on out to the deck. She filled the dog-feeders to the brim with the new bag of dog chow. She called the now adult dogs. The two came at a fast-break. Tea, the tri-color Beagle was a glutton. Normally, Lemon (because she was of the Beagle shade of lemon) and because no well-bred Sim would ever have tea without lemon.

    When she turned to grill up some lunch, she became aware that Tea was growling. A low, warning rumble from her furry throat. Glancing over her shoulder, she was in time to see the dogs get into it. She also caught that Lemon had coyly approached her sister's bowl. Lemon was getting bold in her adolescence. Most of the time she took a nibble from her bowl and just walked away. Very un-Beagle-like. Almost as if to invite Tea to have her bowl of chow, too. The pups were just two Sim years old.


    While Gem scolded Tea for her aggression, Lemon left the deck. Later on Gem couldn't find her — at all. Getting on her small laptop right away, she put out a lost pet alarm. Then she cried.
    How was her poor, lost pet supposed to find their new home again? They had only just arrived. Gem hadn't even had a chance to take them on a walk around their immediate neighborhood to get them acquainted. What was she to do now? Battling tears again, she decided to look around. "Hey, Treat, come on let's canvas the neighborhood. Maybe she's just on the next street over."
    "Okay, but I think Dad calls it reconnaissance or something."

    The two walked for what seemed like hours. Finally, they found themselves at the top of the hill that overlooked the town. What a big house. Gem thought as she dared to knock on the door.

    Somewhere inside this huge place she heard someone call, "Come in!"
    Looking around, Gem could find no-one. The place was very nicely appointed, almost as if royalty lived here. Certainly, they were of the Upper Crust. Tentatively, she took the illumined, winder stairs to the second floor. Gazing to her right she saw an open bedroom door and came to the door. A teen girl was inside.

    "Hi," Gem greeted. "Somebody said come in, so I'm in. I'm Gem Woodworth, we just moved here."

    "I'm Brianna Cantrell. Dad inherited this place when Grand Uncle Joseph, whom my dad was named for, passed away. We've been here since the start of summer. Come take a seat and tell me what's wrong."
    "How — what makes you think something's wrong?"

    Brianna shrugged her shoulders. "Sometimes, I just know things. So, what is it?"
    "One of my Beagles is missing. Her sister fought with her and then she just— left. You haven't seen any dogs just wandering around, have you?" Gem got up off the bed. "Here I have a picture of her."

    "What a beautiful dog. Is she what's called a lemon? She's got that nice almost tawny color spots and white all over."
    "Yes, here's a better shot of her."

    "Oh, I just can't bear the thought of her being out at night and so all alone," Brianna said. "Did you post a lost dog alert on your phone or computer?"
    "Yes, I did that the moment I realized she wasn't hiding in the house anywhere. I called out for her, too. Normally, she comes right away. This time she didn't," Gem's voice caught. "You said, sometimes you just know things. Do you — do you know where she is? Will we find her?"
    "I wish I had an answer for you. But, I don't control what I know or when I'll know it. Where do you live? And let me have your phone number, that way, i-ff — when she turns up I can either bring her to you, or you can come get her. Okay?"
    "Oh, thank you, Brianna, was it? You're the best."
    "My friends call me Bree."

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  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 516 Member
    I have this alien named Lunar Seven who I turned into a spellcaster-alien hybrid using a cheat. He specializes in alchemy and practical magic, and he works as a scientist.


    Anyway, last night and today playing with him, this happened...

    First, disguised aliens infiltrated the lab and started sabotaging the computers and lab equipment. Lunar easily identified them through the secret alien handshake and after that they left.


    When he got home that evening, while trying to make dinner he broke the fridge. A repario spell gone wrong caused it to catch on fire.


    He put it out with his freeze ray gun. Sadly I did not get a screenshot of this, because for some reason he ran outside and put the fire out through the wall, and it just looked silly. :lol:

    And then, immediately after he put the fire out, he was abducted by aliens.


    Guess they weren't happy about being kicked out of the lab.

    To my astonishment, he came back pregnant. I had no idea that aliens could get pregnant by alien abduction. :open_mouth::joy::joy:



    Baby Tranquility Seven has now been born. We're keeping him. :love: He's too adorable to send back. Lunar's just going to have to tough it out as a working single father.


  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 457 Member
    Hey everyone! I have the latest update with my save with Simeon and Joanna Silversweater. Last time, their second eldest son Myron aged up and moved out. He moved to a dinky apartment in San Myshuno. Here's the latest news
    He visited his family often too rrjK7CB.png
    And his brother Tobias fLuTtAy.png
    Myron's mom Joanna likes to come visit. They always played soccer together when he was younger. She accidentally bonked his head this time lol! XD iljjsFq.png
    He's been developing his magical skills and powers as well. He was in the magical realm when he ran in to a rather intriguing young lady named Delaney Morrison. QkpqQij.png
    She's a bro just like him! They decided to juggle a bit. She bonked him on the head too! Just like mom XD
    Then she challenged him to duel. 6NIGrUl.png
    Myron is a formidable dueler. But he was no match for her Yo2h8jq.png
    It was love at first sight. He just had to get her number!
    She liked him!
    Till next time!
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