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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,577 Member
    edited July 30
    After a semi-long stint of absence (I've explained why here), I finally got back into my game a couple of days ago and continue playing with my 5 families :)

    Managed to finish my container home for my successful engineer and her family (she met the father at the community gardens :love: he's currently working as a lawyer but is also studying history to get his degree and move up quicker - he even got the special career scholarship).

    Meanwhile, her brother is still living off the land with his wife and their kid in Sulani. Her parents are also still in their parental home in Sulani.

    Lastly I finally decided what to do with her brother, he's off to Foxbury to get his culinary degree and will move to an EL apartment and open up his very own restaurant once he's out - well okay, he might have to climb up the cooking career first to gain some money!

    I thought he'd meet the love of his life and his best lifetime friends there. You know, college!!! Well, .... he did find love but she wasn't my favorite. Unfortunately, she was also the only who'd have him sooo well okay. We'll take it. He also, as expected, met his best friend and roommate there! Until Tetsu, unfortunately, passed away while Kay was at soccer training, so yes.

    All in all his last semester seems to be one full of depression instead of college fun :sweat_smile: Here he is, sad as always, with his girlfriend (I gave her a slight wardrobe makeover ;))

    On the upside, I finally turned the Foxbury Commons into something somewhat useful (I find this a very hard building to furnish, it's got a weird size. But I'm happy :D)

    Some more of the interior:
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,577 Member
    Update: Kay and Liz broke up :joy: She kept flirting with other people.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,587 Member
    Ross Dryburgh tries out the rocking chair.

  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,452 Member
    I have played for hours with the premade siblings, Cassidy and Ollie Purdue.

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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 652 Member
    To be honest , I have never played with relics from JA, I have no idea what those things do , so I made my sim to test one of those.. lol, okay :D
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  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 457 Member
    Hey everyone! I am loving everyone's posts and updates! Here's what happened in my game. I am still playing my alternate save with Simeon and Joanna Silversweater's family. Their oldest son Tobias finally graduated college and got engaged last time. So I was a bit bored with playing him and it was time for his younger brother Myron to age up to YA. Myron, unlike his brother and parents, is not a geek. He's a bro and genius. He's a bit of the dark horse in the family . He may try and look like the rebel/bad boy but he's a great kid AfRU6gH.png
    He aged up looking the same but in an atrocious outfit. I fixed it
    He moved to San Myshuno, the same nasty apartment Tobias used to live in. It has the typical roaches, electrical outages, rats, and the welcome wagon BIbSY0q.png

    Myron doesn't really mind that his apartment is atrocious. He aged up with loves the outdoors trait so he spent most of his time outside exploring the city! He likes checking out the art gallery
    He tried the hookah but decided he wasn't a fan. syhmSR7.png
    He also likes to contribute to the mural culture as well erYOuyN.png
    The food trucks/stalls were amazing 4xYpPOh.png
    He didn't have much luck at the romance festival. The Love Guru said he'd most likely be unlucky in love :(
    The night life at the karaoke bars was fun! His singing was atrocious and had me dying with laughter the whole time lol
    He visited family and saved his mom Joanna from a dryer accident. 61u0dWm.png

    I swear they are the most flammable family ever. XD
    He got inspired and decided to attend police academy. At least in my imagination lol. He graduated with honors, entered the force as a cadet, and quickly was promoted to corporal!
    Myron is really enjoying his new job GT5QsnL.png
  • orenjiAiorenjiAi Posts: 197 Member
    Jaik is loving his new home! Look at how domestic he's become.

    He managed to regrow the plantation and is earning over §50K from dragon fruits alone. (A little excessive, but I'm pretending part of it's from the house he's leasing out in Evergreen Harbor). Vertical planters are nice but nothing beats a real backyard (I can now see the allure of a farming pack.)

    Cleaning up the playground across the cul-de-sac. Darn parents can't even cleanup after their picnics!

    Trying out knitting. My Sim kid(s) and their rooms are gonna look so cute and cozy!

    He gave the beanie he made to Zoe. They should still be alright so long as it's not a sweater right?


    And chill. lol
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 609 Member
    edited July 31
    rosepicker wrote: »
    the ambrosia my ghost sim made did not work on her. and i had no human sim to make it bc she is in a household of one other young adult and her baby twins and she was the only person with full cooking skill and the goumet cooking skill. *she has max gourmet cooking though* why game? just why? maybe i need to press fix game? if anyone else ever had this problem please tell me how to fix it. is it bc i downloaded the angelfish off the gallery and used cheats to get the rest? idk

    @rosepicker Sorry, I don't know why your Ambrosia didn't work. Can anyone help out Rosepicker? Their posts are on the previous page to this one.
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  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 609 Member
    @Kimmer Lucky in love! I've had a couple of couples like this too, I love them. I call them my extremely compatible couples and they are spontaneously affectionate all the time. It's really sweet. One couple serenades each other, another couple always kisses their spouse on the cheek when they come home from work. There's totally an attraction system in this game, it's just kind of subtle.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 1,402 Member
    (What happened wednesday, but just posting now) ;)

    My first "born-in-game" spellcasters have aged up to children!!! I put alot of work into making them look cool. Then played them awhile building up their skills. :smiley:

    Angelica :innocent:

    Braynee :smirk:

    Tantrum :warning:

    Reticulating Splines...
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 806 Member
    I love this thread. <3
    Thank you everyone for your wonderful screenshots and stories. :)
  • orenjiAiorenjiAi Posts: 197 Member
    edited July 31
    Zoe shared the big news to Jaik while he was working from home. He was so excited at being a dad. I’m gonna have to give them both parent makeovers soon.

    Jaik has been knitting a lot so he can make stuff for the baby. He managed to do the rug, up next are a pouf, toys, and the onesie. Also I made the unused empty room into a baby room! (I can’t build a kid’s room to save me so I guess the baby will just have to like Scandinavian design!) lol

    Aww look at their cute little family! It was worth not sleeping for! I named her Gia.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,587 Member
    Tiberius Landgraab Sr. aged up to elder and has retired from the Secret Agency.

    However, the villainous secret agent son of his, Tiberius Landgraab Jr. is just getting into his stride.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,577 Member
    With my off the grid items, my sims had sort of forgotten about their bills. So this is the first time I got a visit from the repo(wo)man, who honestly looked entirely too happy stealing my stuff

  • blockhart93blockhart93 Posts: 25 Member
    Today my sim June Moonstone mastered her Lifetime aspiration and earned a cool new trait; become fireproof and having the ability to put out a fire without any trouble👏🏽😁 Will add a pic later
  • blockhart93blockhart93 Posts: 25 Member
    edited August 1
    @Sharonia 🤔 I see a pattern with death in the game. That happened to me too. The minute after my sims got engaged his mother passed away in a freakish way. She was a mermaid and she just so happened to be in the same part of town as her son (He lived in Windenburg and it was winter time) and she didnt have on winter clothes and she froze to death 😵
    Their wedding was going to be extremely private and she was going to be the only guest so It 🌺🌺🌺🌺 she died then and he was too depressed to get married for a couple of days
  • Sim_ArchitectsSim_Architects Posts: 131 Member
    Cool thread! I really want to participate in all of the many positive, fun and encouraging threads here on the forum, about Sims 4, so someone please like my comment. Im friendly and *new* :)
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,577 Member
    Just another day on the island for my off the grid family (they have 3 kids now :love:)

    Meanwhile, Kay is still working his way up. And yeah, he and Liz didn't just get back together, he asked her to marry him on a trip to the jungle! Also, here's me being jelly at my sims because it's so warm here rn and I wish I had a swimming pool like that :weary:
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,577 Member
    Also finished building the first spa I made in a long, long time lol :)

    The Jungle Spa!
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 806 Member
    edited August 1
    I played my 100 baby challenge today. It's been a long time since the last time. I've been afraid that the dragon fruit garden will be ruined and the family loses their income (because of the gardening bug), but they have almost 2 million simoleons already and the mother Elina is also level 10 painter, so she can paint for money if needed.
    The dragon fruits are in a greenhouse and they were fine the whole time I played. So far so good. :)

    Kids are eating breakfast. The girl on the left is called Viivi, her father is Gavin Richards. She looks miserable, for some reason. The teens are twins. The girl is called Ulla and her brother is called Ukko. Their father is Caleb Vatore. Ukko is a vampire (as you probably noticed from his breakfast choice). Ulla is not a vampire, but she really wants to be.

    Their little sister Xenia loves dancing. Her father is Diego Lobo.

    The mother Elina had a new baby girl. She's her 29th baby, her name is Yvonne and her father is Gunther Munch.
    Xenia is being curious about her new little sister.

    This happened accidentally. Ukko was very thirsty and I didn't notice it until it was too late. I wanted him to bite and drink from that random lady at the background, but for some reason he bit his sister. Luckily it didn't hurt their relationship.

    Elina is pregnant again and is telling the big news to the father who is Sergio Romeo this time. It was an awkward situation when they came to the toddler room where Ulla was reading a vampire tome.

    Here is the picture wall with the mom and all her children who have aged up and moved out.
    If you want to know the fathers of these "children" (fathers are all premade Sims). I put the list under spoiler. You can make the screenshot bigger by opening it on a new tab.
    Of course the big photo is the mom Elina.

    Upper row from the left: Aamu (her father is Marcus Flex), Birgitta (Travis Scott), Bella (Travis Scott), Barbi (Travis Scott), Casper (Paolo Rocca), Daniel (Bob Pancakes) and Elli (Jaques Villareal).

    Second row: Fiona (Don Lothario), Gabriel (Joaquin LeChien), Henri (Dominic Fyres), Ilona (Geoffrey Landgraab), Inka (Geoffrey Landgraab), Janita (Mortimer Goth) and Julia (Mortimer Goth).

    Third row: Katariina (Eric Lewis), Leo (Bjorn Bjergsen), Maria (Johnny Zest), Noora (father winter Clement Frost), Olivia (J. Huntington III), Petri (Wolfgang Munch), Pauli (Wolfgang Munch), Riki (Makoa Kealoha) and Sami (Alexander Goth).

    Last row: Tiina (Mitchell Kalani).
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  • floridameerkatfloridameerkat Posts: 1,130 Member
    edited August 1
    My poor sim.

    She just wanted to spend her days playing with her dog, tanning, swimming in the ocean, and cleaning up Sulani. Now she has a toddler and a live-in partner because no way was my child-hating sim raising a kid on her own.
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  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,498 Member

    Kitty: "Me, eating your food. Stupid prejudiced human. The salad was not even good"

    Kitty: "Keep on making sup-par salad and I will think about it."

    S'more clearly has zero plums to give regarding my sims desperate work to raise him into a proper house cat. Good thing I got them training on raising a cat before adding noobos to the picture.

    Today I also backed up my two main-saves and my current Mods-folder. Yay, riveting stuff but the feeling of doom when you think that you accidentally deleted something vital is a good motivator. Save your hearts and back up your stuff.
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 609 Member
    @SimTrippy It's a beautiful spa! Can't wait it check it out!

    @Kimmer How are you managing the relationship building with the townie sim baby daddies? Does it take a while? Love your photo wall!

    @SilentKitty I love your floral and leafy wall decorations. lol kittytude. Yay for game backups!

    To all of you: I'm having such fun reading all your adventures and misadventures. Love your building accomplishments and gameplay. Love the snippets and stories and piccies. You guys are great!
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 806 Member
    edited August 1
    Catzilla wrote: »
    @Kimmer How are you managing the relationship building with the townie sim baby daddies? Does it take a while? Love your photo

    Thanks. :)
    It's very fast now when mom Elina has the beguiling reward trait. With beguiling she doesn't even need to build friendship, she can just spam romantic actions until 'try for a baby' comes available. Even with married premades she doesn't need friendship, she just beguils them and they accept all her romantic actions with no fails.
    Beguiling costs a lot of reward points, but it's so helpful in this challenge. ;)
  • LauraRLauraR Posts: 41 Member
    My actress went to her gig and literally just before they started performing the main cameraman died of old age and Grim showed up. As they say in Hollywood, "The show must go on!", so they did manage to finish shooting with just the stationary cameraman. The director must have been really good friends with the deceased, though, because he couldn't turn off the water works at all even with my girl delivering a perfect performance.
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