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The Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *updated 07/08/2020*



  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 108 Member
    I love these chapters.
    Hey, I finally had a sim get a date. Go Briana! Poor Maite though. She is so very cute and sweet.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,786 Member

    Love watching sims bowl badly :D

    OMG I never thought about it before you pointed it out but Rose's name actually is perfect. The last rose she gives will be herself <3

    So glad that Oli is still in it even if she didn't excel at kicking balls ;)

    Aww I'm sad that Maite is gone, she was so sweet :( but it's hard because I love all the contestants!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,621 Member
    Man...we're getting whittled down to nothing quickly here!

    Only 5 left! :o

    But it makes things go faster.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,215 Member
    So am I! <3

    Seems that way doesn't it? :D Maybe I should wait for another Gen with a bachelor challenge and skip entering any ladies eh? ;) Did Rose add any ear wax dressing to the salad? #Ewwww

    Hmm, maybe none of them were the kind she likes? :p

    It's always that way with the male townies in my game, most of them are pear shaped, blond or redhead Asians too. So weird. I've only saved a couple male townies I thought were decent, but I have several females in my custom template.

    It is a gorgeous dress, one of my favorites! Despite that, I don't use it very often. It doesn't look right on a lot of my Sims or suit their personality. Love when I can use it though. :)

    I've used that hat in all those categories on occasion, but mostly use it for formal myself. My first ever vampire wears it as part of her everyday outfit.

    Hopefully it didn't, otherwise he might not be your butler anymore. Have you checked?

    I know you do, very commendable. Any one of the remaining ladies and Rose would make beautiful babies together. :)

    Current Chapter:
    Nice bowling alley, did you make it or is it one of the venues that came with the pack? Congrats to Skyler and Briana for winning a group date!

    Hi Melina the beautiful in your gorgeous coat! :) I'm guessing maybe it's because she's a spellcaster? I have no idea really since spellcasters don't live forever like vampires. *shrugs*

    The bowling fails are so funny! Loved it when Eddy would fail, he always looked so embarrassed. :# You are really getting into the ball jokes eh? Love it! :D

    Hello Mommy Blue! She looks sooooo bored and over being a celebrity. :p

    What do you mean by open style? Anyway, Congrats to Perla for winning the solo date! #ignoresVlad

    I adore karaoke, send my Sims to sing all the time, but turn off the sound until they get a few skill levels under their belt. o.O

    Hey! Hi there Sophie, Lonnie (swoon) and Brian! Lookin' good there Dr. May. :D Is the redhead behind Lonnie perhaps Kody? Even grumpy Kevin still looks cute. Hi Violet! :)

    Oh dear, poor Rose got shot down. I hope that didn't hurt their relationship very much. The look on Rose's face in the next frame is freakin' hilarious! Is that the hired caterer from the party? Regardless, invasive townies are probably one of or THE most annoying thing about this game to me. Grrrrr! The worst part though is it's not just the townies that try to engage my Sims wherever they go, it's ALL Sims. Why can't that be tweaked so they leave our Sims alone unless WE approach them? *shouts forbidden words*

    Are Perla and Maité wearing different clothes than the first Rose ceremony? I don't remember that outfit on either one. They look great though! So sad to see Maité eliminated @Skeilah, she's such a cute, cheerful Sim and she was really into Rose too. She will definitely be missed. :'(

    Excited to see what's in store for next time. Have a good one everybody! <3
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,551 Member
    Loved seeing the dates with Bowling & karaoke
    Sade to see Maité leave the house.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
    @DCJ504 Thank you :) It's so much fun writing these chapters :D
    Briana is so pretty! I seriously love her beautiful cat eyes :love:

    My favorite bowling fail is what happened to Briana: the ball flows in the air and disappears lol

    You're right! :o The last rose she'll give away will be herself. I might steal this for a cheesy finale :joy:

    Maybe Oli is too nice to kick balls? ;)

    It hurt seeing Maité at the end of the ranking... Those cute chubby cheeks... I will miss her.

    It seems so fast with only 7 contestants. Tho that's easier to play than with 10 or more contestants :sweat_smile:

    It's just my theory and it could be wrong :D But so far it looks a lot like your guys are more in favor than your girls :sweat_smile:

    I didn't see any ear-wax-adding but she probably did *gag*

    For whatever great reason my game is spared from generating pear-shaped men. There are a few but they're a minority. What I often get which bothers me is dark skin and blond hair. I prefer "natural" looks as in looks that can occur in real life. I would be ok if the eyebrows were dark but the hair blond as if they've been dyed but not as their natural hair color...

    Ah, the struggle that an outfit doesn't fit the personality. I feel this so much :D

    I daren't check if Kody will still be the butler. I would honestly miss this weirdo :D He fits in perfectly with the rest of the family :D
    It's the usual Dust Bowl Ally or whatever Maxis called it ^^ It's one of the venues that are in your gallery when you have the pack for it :)

    Hm, I think it might be her 3 pregnancies. It seems to stop aging for unplayed sims as well :) Remember Melina's curse and the ugly face thingy? I looked at CAS when I bought and downloaded knitting, and there's a face paint with those crates now :D Not green but the structure lol So ugly!

    Me likey some ball jokes :joy: The joke even made it into the title lol

    To me Blue looks rather smug like "yes, yes, look at me. I'm fame! You want to be with me. You want to be me..." :D

    It's hard to complain. There are not walls all around the house. It's like a pergola but the toilets and the rooms for karaoke are under the pergola and have 4 walls around them. :D So the blizzard was "inside" :D

    To be honest, Veronica - I think it was her - maxed singing and it still didn't sound that well... I mean, I probably expect an Adele or Freddie Mercury and they're more like... any normie after 5 beers in a karaoke bar :joy:

    I had to check this but nope, the redhead is a random townie :) Dr May in icognito mode :D Maybe real life celebrities should try costumes to avoid paparazzis? :D:D

    It was too soon to flirt... Well, their romantic relationship was - in the mod menu only tho - at -3 :D But that's something to make up quickly.

    I have no idea if that was the same townie. I don't care enough about townies to remember their faces :joy: Duh yes! I always have random sims join the conversation and I hate it so much! :bawling:

    Perla wears a different outfit. Even different hair. I'm a bit slow lately and didn't recognize Perla at first -.- :D Maité wore pants before. I think it's the same outfit :)

    Have a great weekend! <3

    @VanPelt81 Same procedure as every generation but it's kinda fun all the time ^^
    It's heartbreaking to see Maité leave :'( I honestly thought she would get very far.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,786 Member
    No problem about the shorter chapter, that's completely understandable :) there isn't much to say about fishing anyway, at least not without giving the winner away!

    Great idea, deciding the winner by whose catch's sold for the most!

    Burn the witch :D
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 528 Member
    edited July 31
    I think the suitors are very grateful that you did not let this continue any longer :lol:
    ... although I've been told that fish bite better in the rain B)
    I do not know if it is a superstition ... told by fathers (and mothers) who have lured their children on long boring fishing trips :lol:

    Skyler .... She really is something .... so grumpy :joy:
    I love this very personal tone you give all the women <3
    Unique ... as Alexis puts it ;)
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,215 Member
    I get that variety of townies too, curiously though, just the guys; dark skin, Asian eyes, blond or red hair and a pear shaped body all at the same time. It's ridiculous, happens over and over. Ughhh! It seems 95% of my male townies regardless of any other physical characteristics get the Asian eyes too. Nothing wrong with their eyes, I just would appreciate some variety once in a while. :| Oh and the same set of names that I can't pronounce.

    He does! I hope he's still your butler. I wish we could pick and choose our own service Sims without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to do it ourselves. It is possible, but it's a process. Oh wait, you have MCCC, did you know you can make the game use Sims from your in game library (tray file) for townies and service Sims? There's a thread about that somewhere. I don't have MCCC so I don't know how it works, but the method is probably listed somewhere on the Discord site for MCCC. :) Sheesh another + for MCCC that makes me sometimes wonder why I'm so stubborn about not using Mods. :D
    Ah, okay, I thought it looked familiar. I delete all the venues that come with packs because I like to keep my folders to the bare minimum, habit from having an old toaster of a laptop a couple years ago. I just download from the Gallery if I need a certain venue, or better yet, make my own. :)

    That's probably why, yup. I DO remember the green cursed face Melina got and I saw a thread about the face mask without the green being available from Knitting (or maybe it was EL?). It is ugly, but I can see how it would be useful for Simmers' stories. It might've been made available by mistake. I kind of hope not though. :D

    LOL You're so hilariously naughty sometimes. :p #ImLovinIt

    Huh, that's weird. Did you download that lot? Just wondering since the karaoke bar that I have in my game on that lot which came with the pack isn't like that.

    Seriously? All the Sims I've had max the singing skill sounded great in my opinion. True, not a Freddie, Adam or Adele, but much better than a normie after 5 beers. Maybe I just got lucky or something? :D

    LOL, it might work for awhile, but if they're a singer, as soon as they open their mouths, fans, true fans would know who it is anyway. For example, think of that show The Masked Singer. ;)

    Current Chapter:
    Love, love, love your shower in that house! I keep forgetting to make one like that now that we have independent shower fixtures. Thanks for that screenshot, helped jog my memory to design something similar. :)

    Bummer about the fishing spot limit, always wondered if there was a limit. Surprised none of the ladies stopped fishing when it started to rain or stopped fishing at all since it's most likely their first time fishing, right? Usually my noobie fisher Sims after catching seaweed or a log, stop and I get a notice that they should try a different spot or use better bait. I just force them to keep fishing anyway though, maybe that's what you did. ;)

    Do I sense a wee bit of animosity between Skyler and Perla? #MeowHissHiss Good thing you said that under your breath Skyler, I don't think Perla would've appreciated hearing it. Personally, I wouldn't mess with a witch. Might find yourself looking a bit Gnome-ish or worse! :D Love it when you develop conflicts between contestants like that. To quote Billy Idol, "With a rebel yell, she cried, more, more, more!" B)

    Short but sweet to read, no worries! Have a great weekend! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
    There will be longer chapters from now on ^^

    The last time I stole your fishing challenge, a lot of the contestants had no fish but tons of other stuff :D So I thought let's tweak it a bit.

    Burn the witch! Get the stake ready lol

    I have no idea about fish. Besides Nemo, that is lol

    Skyler always looks soooo angry/dangerous but she's such a nice woman!

    Thank you :) It's easier to give each a personal tone with only 7 candidates. I guess that also made me change the limit for contestants :)

    Yeah the Asian eyes are super common in my save, too. Or even game ^^ I think this started with CL. Same for all the names that don't sound "western" ^^ The names sound really fancy sometimes but I fail so hard at remembering them :# I even have a mod to get it back to more balance lol

    I'd love to pick my own butler! This would be soooo cool lol I'd pick Vlad just to annoy him :D Wait, what? No, I didn't know this! :o So it wouldn't generate random townies but the townies were picked from my personal gallery? That would be too cool! :love:

    Some of the pack venues aren't bad :) I barely use them but they look nice actually :) Like Chez Llama (the restaurant) or the bowling bar I ALWAYS use for dates :joy:

    Yes, the mask would be super useful for stories! You could make the evil witch from Snow White :D Not in her queen form but when she is an old woman and gives her the apple ^^ In the movie she looks similar like the mask :joy:

    I just can't help it lol

    I always thought it was closed, like a normal house. I've never been in BB on this lot so it can't be an oopsie from my side :D Maybe a patch has caused this? I think there used to be a similar glitch with apartments.

    I guess I just have too high expectations for sim singers :D

    Oh yes, the Masked Singer. Tho it can be hard to recognize a voice sometimes. Maybe back in the 70s/80s/even 90s you could recognize the singers. But now - my opinion only tho - a lot of singers sound too alike. Most of them that is. I think you could ALWAYS recognize Adel or Adam or Lady Gaga. But there are so many singers that sound alike or not as "unique" as others. It doesn't mean their voices aren't special, not at all- But they don't stick out as much. And not to mention those who use autotune lol
    You're welcome ^^ It's funny because I tried to make this shower look extra and expensive - gold and big and all that - but the shower is sooooo cheap in game :joy:

    I'm not surprised there's a limit for fishing. I thought about splitting 2 and 3 but then I saw I could use go fish with... and I could pick all contstants. I thought it might work. It didn' t ^^

    Some of them stopped fishing but I made them start again ASAP :D No quitting early, not on my watch >:)

    Hm, I think Skyler and Perla are the kind of friends that always have a bit of competition going on. Nothing bad tho :) And as Skyler usually has a mean face (she's a nice girl tho!) I thought maybe sarcasm or dark humor suits her :D Or it's the kind of "mean" jokes between friends ^^

    Haha, or she could end up as a fish like Judith Ward in one of your screenshots :joy:

    I'll try to add a bit of drama :p

    Have a nice Sunday! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,215 Member
    Both definitely started when I put CL in my game. I don't mind names that don't sound western to me, it's the ones that I can't pronounce that I have to change. Of course there's a mod for that, what isn't there a mod to fix? :D I take my hat off to Modders, it's amazing what they can do eh?

    I think if I remember correctly, the game might still generate a few Sims, but it's a very, very low number from what I read about it. Since you use MCCC anyway, I think it's something you should definitely consider for your game. I would if I used MCCC. :)

    Oh yes, I agree! Some of them are really nice, like there's one Spa that I did put in one of my saves, but I tweaked it quite a bit. I just don't like my tray file cluttered up with a lot of Sims and lots. It would cause serious lag on my old laptop. It's become habit now to clean that out and, well, I like to build anyway like I said. :)

    Oooo, that's a fabulous idea! I'll have to remember that for future use if I ever blog a story again. Not that I really blogged one at all, just a couple chapters, but you know what I mean. :)

    I'm guessing it's a glitch, they don't come like that in CL, they're enclosed.

    Exactly! I have the same opinion about some of, most, modern day singers except for a few. They do all sound alike, it's sad. I guess that's why Adam for one is so special to me. He definitely has a unique recognizable voice, phenomenal real talent and he has NEVER used autotune and has said he never will. AND he doesn't lip sync, ever! I wonder how many other modern day singers can say that about their live performances. Probably not many.
    That's a good point and one reason I think I keep forgetting to try to make a special shower using those shower fixtures, they're so low quality/performance. But I guess if you upgraded them, it wouldn't matter then. :)

    Darn. Well at least you tried! And you were fair to give her more time to make up for not starting when the others did too.

    Oh good, I figured you probably did that. :)

    Okay, I guess that makes sense. Personally it didn't sound like a teasing mean 'joke' to me at all though. But I've never had a friend like that so I guess I just don't get how that works. *shrugs*

    LOL You saw that screenshot? That would be hilarious! I could not stop laughing when my witch did that to Judith. I mean, I made her do it, but I didn't know they could turn into a fish! :D

    Hope you had a great Sunday too and have a great week ahead. <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
    I don't mind them either, I prefer a balance of all kinds of name origins tho :) And the mod helps do this ^^ Modders are magicians to me. I have no idea how modding works :D

    Yes, I forgot to look it up yesterday :D I was like hungover from eating too much the day before :joy:

    Oh yes, the spa. Also part of my save :joy: I like building, too, but sometimes I don't feel like building or don't have enough time for it ^^

    Write it down on a note so you won't forget :p And don't say "I don't need to write this down, I'll remember" because we never remember :p

    It looked a bit odd to me anyway. Well, I won't go there again too soon so maybe it'll be fixed by the time I visit it again. Or I use one of the other two karaoke bars :D

    I think the problem nowadays is that looks are more important than talent :/ Adam is a real musician :) The only other singers that come to my mind are Adele and maybe Lady Gaga :)
    Yes, the quality isn't the best. But I think my sims have never got the bad moodlet for a cheap shower. Upgrades work wonders on stuff ^^

    It was a whole 1.5 hours Skyler needed to get the same amount of time as the other four candidates :sweat_smile:

    I have a friendship like this :D We are a bit mean to each other sometimes but we both know it's only jokes ^^ Like I call her soulless because she's a ginger and she always counters with "better no soul at all than a pitch black one like yours" :D:D And then we laugh like two maniacs :D

    Yes, I saw it and I laughed so hard :joy: I can't think of a sim who deserves this more than Judith >:)

    Yes, I had a calm and rainy Sunday ^^ Was quite well after a hot and humid Saturday. Have a great week, too! <3

    I will work on the next chapter soon :) So expect it in like 1-2 hours.

    I can't promise tho if there'll be a new chapter tomorrow :# I finally know where I'll end up soon and my mom and I will look at some apartments tomorrow :) Depending on how long it'll take, there might be a new chapter later than usually or none at all... No chapter tomorrow would be made up with 2 chapters at once or the finale on Sunday instead of Saturday :)
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 528 Member
    I love the first pictures where Rose is completely overlooked in the cafe. She looks so sad. ... and when she looks sad, it's excessively sad. Maybe it's because she does not have a chin :'(
    Meanwhile, Oli and Alexis are having a party. Shame on you :angry: ....
    ..... and so they did for the rest of the date :|
    After all, it was probably not a very successful date for anyone :/

    It seemed to go much better with Perla and Rose. They look good together :)

    It was great to revisit a lot of known faces ... especially I was pleased when I saw Violet expecting :smiley:

    It's awful how fast the field gets smaller .... although Alexis is very grateful to get a rose :blush:
    Beautiful Briana had to leave the competition ... she really has very special cat eyes <3
    NB: I am getting withdrawal symptoms for lack of cat pictures ;)
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,621 Member
    Ahhhh! Perla and Rose look like such a cute couple already! :love: That Perla has some skillz I never knew she had!

    That group date didn't look like anyone had fun but at least they got to know one another enough to win a rose!

    Looking forward to what's next!!!
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,786 Member
    Oli seems to have forgotten why she is there :D bad girl, talk to Rose!

    Sorry about the hair :D I couldn't find another hair I liked so well on Oli. I know it's probably a real pain with the screenshots, I should have considered that!

    Ohhh Perla and Rose seem to be getting along very well <3 was that more flirting I saw? More successful this time me thinks ;) I don't blame Rose for wanting to flirt with Perla, Perla is stunning!

    I have to say I think Perla and Rose would make a great couple but that may be jumping the gun a bit!

    For a second there I was convinced Oli was the one going home. So relieved that that isn't the case. I guess we know which dress won then :D

    And we say goodbye to Brianna :( hopefully she finds love elsewhere though <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,215 Member
    I have no idea how it all works either. It was easy though in TS2 since there was a built in body shop. I used that all the time. It was fun making custom clothes and such for my Sims back then using that. :)

    No worries, the info I'm sure isn't going anywhere. I can certainly understand a food coma, I had one from too much cake at my Grandson's baptism. :D

    Understandable. I'd probably use the gallery more myself if I were blogging like you do too.

    lol Boy do you have my number! I always have to make notes for myself or I DO forget! Thanks for the advice! *writes note*

    I bet you'll just use another karaoke bar in the end. ;)

    Well hey, if that's how it is then Adam's covered on both ends, he's great looking AND has talent. Win-Win! <3
    Definitely! I always try to upgrade everything as soon as possible if I can't give my Sims anything higher quality right away, which is 99% of the time.

    ? Why is she soulless because she's a ginger? Anyway, as long as you both know you're just kidding around, more power to you! :)

    Current Chapter:
    Hi Melina, always nice to see your lovely face. But, uh, you should go away now, your time is over for the spotlight in this Legacy, time for Rose to shine. Rose looks so sad. I just want to hug her!

    Wow, April, you look fabulous darling! She looks just as young as ever.

    Ugh! Freakin' townies! That date didn't start off very well eh? The faces Rose is pulling say it all. Bummer Alexis didn't feel too well.

    Of course she picked cats/kittens over exploring. Honestly? I would too. I'd love to visit a place like Selvadorada and go exploring, but there's bugs, snakes, skeletons, fire ants, etc. Cats just might get fleas now and then. :D

    Sheesh, Rose sure is obsessed with cats. I get it though, it's her aspiration, she loves them. Bummer for Alexis though that she just blew off everything she said saying it would upset the cats. o.O

    Holy Simoly! I wonder if Violet has triplets in there, she's huge!

    Ah yes, the Spa! I love that particular one. I've tweaked it a little though. Reminds me about the giganto one I built and only used once. Need to take that out of a challenge save and put it in my custom template. Thanks!

    Congrats Perla on winning the solo date! :) Looks like they got a long great too and I'm glad they discussed the elephant in the room so they can move on from that. :) Ugh! Another townie, sort've! Still an invader even if she is 'family.'

    Aha! Sandy! I knew there was a Sandy! :D Hello there!

    Great party outfit for Rose, and I love that dress Oli and Brianna are wearing. :) Speaking of Brianna, so sorry to see her go @DCJ504, she will be missed. She's a beautiful Sim, I'm sure she'll have no trouble finding another lady to love. *Hugs*

    Good luck apartment hunting! Hope you get the one you want! Happy Hunting! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
    edited August 6
    I am so so sorry there hasn't been a new chapter in 2 days :# I was super busy (apartment looking, yesterday my niece ^^ ) but I will post the next one today. I won't post chapters on Saturday and Sunday as I didn't have the time to play the next few chapters either :sweat_smile:

    I think Rose looks super sad because she has these big lips that are already a bit turned downwards :sweat_smile: And probably her small chin, too ^^

    The date wasn't as bad as it looks on the screenshots tho. They had enough time and talked a lot :)

    Perla was lucky to win two solo dates in a row :) Maybe the two are meant for each other but maybe everything will change when someone else wins the solo date :p

    I think that's Violet's third pregancy. I took notes on how many babies, if boy or girl and even names of the last gen contestants. But little dumb dumb here threw that patch note away -.-

    Yes, it's so fast! Soon will be the finale o.O

    Haha, you'll be spammed with cats soon again :p

    It looks a lot like Rose and Perla have in-game chemistry, if you ignore the flirt disaster before :D

    The group date looks worse than it was. I always try to get screenshots at the beginning so I don't end up with none at all. They had a great conversation :)

    I hope the extra waiting didn't cause you to bite off your fingers :p

    Also, I can't answer to your comment on the blog... It's a mess again :/ Can't even like it...

    Here's what I wanted to reply:
    Talents sometimes need to be discovered first :P

    I was scared she'd do it again. It would have been the end for her then...

    Stupid townies -.-

    Oli remembered why she was there ^^ She was just polite enough to not ingore the townie :joy:

    Nah it's totally fine. The hair is awesome, Tempy had the same hair, it's just that you don't see her face on some screenshots :D

    Yes, more flirting between Perla and Rose :) I think I mentioned somewhere at the start - I hope I didn't forget to say it tho - that there will be flirting on solo dates as there are only 7 contestants :)

    Oli mainly was second last because of the dress thing :D I can't remember where in the ranking she is ^^

    It's the first time I hear about this body shop :sweat_smile: I would have been a bit too young to use it anyway ^^

    Food comas can be painful tho :D I usually have a hard time breathing (not like asthma tho!) when I have a food coma. It's like my stomach needs so much room inside me that my lungs can't fill up with air :D

    I take notes all the time. I write appointments and dates in my calendar, other stuff in a book-like calendar, for the sims I have patch notes :D

    Most likely, yeah :D

    True ^^ Talents like Adam are super rare tho.

    I barely use the upgrade option. Unless it's the rocket ship ^^ There it can be too dangerous to not fully upgrade it :D

    It's a common joke to say gingers have no soul. Or that they earn a freckle for every soul they steal from someone else :sweat_smile: It's a weird thing and probably ancient but we make fun of it ^^
    Melina is soooo beautiful! Love her. But she shouldn't have stolen Rose's spotlight. On a DATE -.-

    The date went better than it looks like on the screenshots. It wasn't perfect tho. Thanks to annoying townies.

    To me Selvadorada is like the area around the Amazon. I've seen plenty of documentaries about this river and I will never ever in my life get closer than 100km to that river. Nope. Never. Scary!!

    Nah that was only a joke ^^ Rose is a bit of a crazy cat lady but not that crazy ^^

    Nope, I think it was only one girl. If I recall correctly that is.

    Spas are great but I barely use them in "non-bachelor/ette" gameplay most of the time.

    It would have been such a pity if Perla had denied the flirting again. If she had done this she would have been the one to go home, I'm sure.

    Yes, that's Sandy ^^

    I'm so happy we have great CAS by now :) Just think back to the time we only had base game stuf... :joy:

    It went great, thanks! :) Have a great day <3

    Off to write the new chapter now. Finally lol
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  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 528 Member
    Super long sections can mean that there is a lot to comment on :lol:
    I will try to make it short....
    It really seemed like the women were having fun :smiley:
    ....Maybe just except Rose?

    It almost looks like Rose is trying to avoid all the suitors :/
    ....Except for Perla, who got an extra hug.
    Lucky girl! <3

    Oli looks so sweet and smiling and Skyler looks grumpy as always.
    Everything is as usual :smile:

    Maybe just except Alexis who chooses to read a book B)
    I'm glad she manages to impress you :smiley:
    (Pst! Alexis it's Rose you should try to impress)
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,621 Member
    That super fun slide really gets the sims to do that only. I had one in one of my bachelorette challenges and I couldn't get them to talk to the bachelorette so I deleted it. ;)

    At least Perla decided just to watch then hug Rose.

    I believe Oli will win the big date!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,215 Member
    It was a great feature, I loved it! Would've been cool if TS4 had that, but I guess it's pretty easy to Mod/make CC in this game too from what I've heard. Haven't tried it myself.

    Oh, I get what you mean. I just want to take a long nap when I overeat. :D

    I always have a small spiral notebook in my desk drawer to make notes for the game and such. Otherwise I use notepad on the computer for grocery lists and menus. Oh and I have a Nook that has an app I use to make my grocery list to take to the store. I just transfer from the notepad list when I shop. I also like to use Google Docs for some longer, more detailed challenges. I used Word/Excel in the past, but this computer doesn't have it.

    Rockets definitely need to be upgraded before using them, at least at home. Some of my Sims have used the Rocket at GeekCon without any Rocket skill at all though. Just for the 'mile high' club thing though, or to get a UFO or Orchid plants.

    Huh, I have never in my life heard that before which is strange because my Great Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, half my Aunts/Uncles and a gazillion cousins all had/have red hair and tons of freckles.
    Agreed, she's gorgeous and I figured it went pretty well despite the screenshots. :)

    o.O I would never, ever get near the Amazon, nope, nada, no way in H.E.Double Toothpicks! For me personally I think of Selvadorada as more like Peru or wherever the Mayans/Aztecs were located. Just because of the ruins/temples, but yeah, the jungle is like the rain forest. The temples themselves make me think of Egypt for some reason, except in a rain forest instead of a desert.

    Maybe, once is bad enough, Eddy did that with Amy too if I recall, but he still somehow made it to the next round if I remember right. Twice though and he would've went home much sooner than the last round.

    I barely use anything in CAS from base game now, except the make-up and a few other things. We have such a great selection now thanks to all the packs available. I'd still like more though, mostly hairstyles/colors, eye colors, more make-up, wedding attire, cold weather clothes (especially boots), more lingerie and most of all, eyelashes! Guys are in desperate need of everything in my opinion. For instance they barely have any underwear. Hey, most of my Sim guys sleep in their undies so it's important! :D

    Current Chapter:
    OMG! Poor Mary! I hate, hate, hate when the game does that to my Sims! Townies and situational outfits are things in TS4 that I have no problem saying I hate them.

    All the ladies look so serious playing those video games, except Oli, she was having a blast it seems. Perla must've done well by the end too by the looks of that big white smile! :)

    hehe All the Sims in your game seem to love the water slide, except for Perla. I wonder why she just stood there and didn't try it? Did she ever try it after Rose encouraged her to give it whirl?

    Hey Maralyn! She looks fabulous as an adult, could hardly tell until you said she was. Just a couple lines around her mouth, barely visible. She looks a bit bigger though, mostly in the hips. Probably from having babies. :)

    Okay, I'm confused, why was Skyler waddling to the bathroom such a shocking discovery?

    Rose sure pulls a lot of great faces doesn't she? :)

    Your Sims rarely read? That's one of the things any of my Sims on free will like to do, constantly! I rarely get any that drink a lot of water like I've read numerous times on here Sims in others games do. *shrugs*

    Fun chapter, can't wait to find out who will win the challenge prize! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
    @MonaSolstraale I don't mind long comments ^^
    Rose didn't avoid the contestants. She joined them on the waterslide :) She seems to be a bit shy tho :D

    Same procedure as all the time ^^

    It's kinda rare that my sims read a book on free will. It's even rarer when there's a waterslide.

    Yes, deleting the waterslide might be the most important thing to do soon :D Maybe there will be more talking then ^^

    Perla had a hard time deciding if she should play on it or not. I think she rather watched the others for like 2 sims hours :D

    Who knows :p

    I'm one of those fools who never ever writes a grocery list and that's not good. :| I either buy stuff I don't need or forget to buy half of the things I wanted :D Maybe I'll learn my lesson one day.

    Sims can die crashing the rocket and that's something I wouldn't want to risk :sweat_smile: It has only happened like once or twice for me tho. So it seems rather unlikely to lose your sim this way.

    Well, I think I read about the soul thing on 9gag years ago :D Might just be a thing in Britain maybe?

    Oh right, I totally forgot about the temples... Hm, it might be Mexico, too. Maybe? Is there a rain forest tho? Oh no, there are temples like in the game in jungles :) The temples in Egypt are more like the pyramids, aren't they?

    I always wonder why sims reject a flirt. Whenever I use flirt the first time in a relationship, I make sure they have a pleasant conversation, are in a good mood and their relationship shouldn't be too low (the green one). But well... doesn't work all the times :#

    Yes, there could be waaaay more :D I'd love some more freckles, moles and all that kind. More glasses... Yes, the male part in the game is lacking SO MUCH :'( I basically use the same pair of jeans for each men because the other ones we have are too extreme and they need to fit a certain character to look nice. I even think Roger's pants are way too "stylish/modern" for him :D A guy like Roger would never wear tight jeans like the one he wears.
    Why are situational outfits even a thing? Just why?! :D

    Well, you will find out in soon :p

    I think Perla has been on the waterslide before but this one day she avoided it. Or more like, she watched the others play.

    Yes, the only thing that made me remember Maralyn's an adult were her hips. Then only I noticed the lines around her mouth ^^

    Skyler drank all the water and then she waited for the last second to use the toilet. Sims do this too often imo lol

    Rose's faces are more impressive than Amy's were :D Her unique face makes them look even funnier ^^

    Nope, they avoid the bookshelves at all costs :D Well, you don't have a waterslide tho ;) True, it's water or - often in the legacy house - orange juice, tea or coffee.

    A bit late today but I'll work on the chapter in a few minutes :) Went furniture shopping with my mom and ... I bought a lamp and maybe found a couch :D I ate a great salad with shrimps tho :p So worth it ^^
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,757 Member
    And the new chapter!

    G6.D8: Rose's Issue

    Weekend break, again :p
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