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*´¨`*•.¸.• The Social Club •.¸.•*´¨`* Part 1-38

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Forward by King of Sim City7

The Social Club is my latest in a series of stories and the first one to get its own thread on the forums. The stories date back to 2014 when I first started writing 'The Shadow People' which was based on the Paranormal Activity series with my own characters and is available on Smashwords.



After writing these two stories I decided to start another story with ideas going back to 2010 and this was 'Raver's Fantasy' and I eventually made a Sims film based on this in 2015 which is on my Youtube.


After making many stories that have appeared in threads on the forums I have decided to go back into writing properly and starting a new Sims series based on a number of young (adult) Sims who will be placed together in a social club to cater for their needs. These Sims might be regarded as vulnerable with various needs and would encounter various situations. Pars of this story will be dark and some parts would be edited to make it more suitable for the forums and will be taken place in various parts. The series will be on going so there will not be an end as such but new Sims will be added as the story develops.
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    Part 1A



    Simon was annoyed with Nick again. They had been friends a few years at school but since they started secondary school Nick had been neglecting Simon to try and hang out with some other kids. They had been placed in the same technology group and Nick would always want to try and sit with the so called popular kids but this time it did not seem to go that well.
    Simon watched as Nick tried was asked to sit somewhere else by a more popular kid named Gary. It seemed that neither Simon or Nick liked Gary much as he seemed to always seem to want to get his own way and as Nick was trying to sit next to Allen, another popular kid he was told to move so that Gary could sit there.



    Simon was sitting in the row behind in the workshop while the class where waiting for the teacher to arrive to start the lesson and as usual everyone was arguing over where to sit. Simon new the score, he would sit at the back and wait for the other leftover kids to be sent to sit with him if there was no room at the popular tables. This time it was Nick who would be sent to sit next to him.
    'Go on, move!' demanded Gary as Nick looked at Allen and some of the other boys sitting at the table.
    'To be fair, Gary usually sits there,' added one of the other boys.
    'Yeah, it is his seat,' said another boy. Accepting defeat Nick reluctantly backed off and looked around to see if there is space anywhere else.
    'Sit next to Simon if you want?' suggested Allen who seemed to be one of the more fair boys. Nick knew that he had no choice and even though he tried to look around the workshop to see if there was any more space the teacher had come into the classroom and demanded that everyone who was still standing to sit down. Nick went and sat next to Simon while feeling frustrated at the rejection. What if Gary had been in another group instead? Perhaps he could have easily got on with those other guys who did not seem to mind him that much. It was just Gary who had that problem with him and so Nick would hate on him for the rest of the day.



    'What's up with you?' asked Simon feeling amused at what had happened.
    'Just Gary being a 🎃🎃🎃🎃,' replied Gary feeling defeated.
    'Oh well,' said Simon 'I guess that they did not want you sitting there?'
    Simon was experienced at dealing with this kind of behaviour. One of his other friends had seemingly favoured another few boys and one of them had warned Simon not to hang out with them around the school. It could be a cruel place at time but these boys were all twelve years old and some reaching thirteen so there was a lot of mixed feelings going around. Everyone was growing up and trying to fit in and the pecking order had been decided. Simon knew that he was pretty much at the bottom of the pecking order but Nick would refuse to accept that place. For Nick he had a few friends in their previous school but like with Simon they seemed to have gradually paired off with other people. Nick hated the feeling of rejection but Simon was somewhat more used to it.


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    Perhaps a thread like this should go here instead: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/categories/stories-and-legacies

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    I'm glad you're addressing such an important matter as bullying! Can't wait to learn how it will work out :) Maybe your story would be better suited at the stories and legacies thread - more people interested in stories are checking those sides out!
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    Thanks for the comments :smile: I have contacted the mods and waiting for my thread to be moved :smile:

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    Part 1B

    On the table in front of them the boys were joking around until the teacher had told them to get back on with their work. It was a lesson where they were supposed to be designing a model to make in the workshop.

    'Have you got anything that you want to add to this lesson?' asked Mr Mitchell the workshop teacher.
    'Not really,' replied Allen.
    'What about you, Gary?' asked Mr Mitchell 'I can hear you laughing but not actually doing alot?'
    'I was just talking about my plans,' replied Gary innocently.
    'What are you planning on making?' asked Mr Mitchell.
    'Not much,' replied Gary.
    'He wants to make one of those things that beheads people!' added Allen.
    'You mean a guillotine?' replied Mr Mitchell.
    'I think so,' replied Gary.
    'It was what was used to behead people during the French revolution but unfortunately I am not a history teach so I cannot tell you how to make one and it would be a bit inappropriate for this school won't you think?' said Mr. Mitchell.
    'Yeah, maybe?' replied Gary.
    'Perhaps you could make some dolls house furniture instead?' joked Mr Mitchell.
    'No thanks!' exclaimed Gary as the rest of the class laughed.



    Nick hated it however. Gary was the one getting all the attention being the class clown and making the class laugh. That was what Nick wanted to do, be the centre of attention again and it was almost as though Simon knew it as well.
    'He should be beheaded,' scowled Nick quietly.
    'You don't like him much do you?' asked Simon but Nick remained quiet.
    'Why don't you tell him to 🎃🎃🎃🎃 off?' suggested Simon.
    'No point,' replied Nick.
    'Why not?' said Simon 'he is not that hard. He was crying the other day when he got kept behind during break for talking!'
    'Yeah I didn't cry when I got kept behind once either,' added Nick.
    'Then tell him straight,' said Simon 'I have seen him boss you around before. What are you scared of?'
    'Nothing,' replied Nick feeling annoyed that Simon was asking these annoying questions. This was one reason why he tried to avoid Simon at times. Simon was just a tag along who would annoy people but then again Nick felt that was how people saw him as well.
    'You are not scared of the others are you?' asked Simon.
    'Scared of who?' replied Nick.
    'All of that lot,' said Simon looking over towards the table in front of them.
    'Why would I be scared of them?' replied Nick.
    'Are you friends with them?' asked Simon.
    'They are alright,' replied Nick now feeling even annoyed at Simon's pointless questions.
    'They are not really your friends though are they?' Simon quizzed knowing full well that he was really starting to get on Nick's nerves.
    'They are alright though,' Nick said while trying to keep his cool.
    'But they did not even let you sit with them. If they really where your friends then they would have let you stay,' added Simon 'there is still space at the table,'

    By now they had both caught the attention of Mr Mitchell who had noticed that they were not focusing on their work.
    'Is there a reason why you two are talking?' he asked looking over towards Nick and Simon's table.
    'We were just discussing something,' replied Simon casually.
    'Is it to do with work?' asked Mr Mitchell.
    'Sort of,' replied Simon.
    'Maybe I might have to move one of you?' suggested Mr Mitchell.
    'Saying that, why are you two sitting at the back of the class?'
    'No room anywhere else,' said Simon as Mr Mitchell looked around the room.
    'There is plenty of room somewhere else. Shall I move you?'

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    Part 1C

    Nick started to feel anxious. He hated it when teachers made seating plans as it usually involved him being sat next to either someone that he did not like or someone who would not want to sit next to him.

    'How about the table in front?' suggested Mr Mitchell.
    'No, they cannot sit next to us!' exclaimed Gary rudely.
    'Any more from you, Gary and I will move you as well!' snapped Mr Mitchell 'perhaps I could sit you with one of the girls?'
    Gary went quiet as the rest of the boys on his table laughed.
    'I bet he would like that,' said Nick who was feeling even more anger towards Gary trying to humiliate him in front of the whole class.
    'What was that?' Gary said realising that Nick might have said something about him.
    'You should sit with the girls!' teased Simon.
    'No thanks!' snapped Gary 'you two should sit with the girls as we won't have you lot sitting with us!'
    'Okay, guys, that's enough now!' exclaimed Mr Mitchell 'any more disruptions' and I really will consider moving people around,'


    To Mr Mitchell it just seemed to be a bit of banter between some of the boys and nothing different from any other lesson but to Nick it was a lot more than that. He now really hated Gary. Who was he to decide who sits with who?
    'Maybe we would be better at sitting with the girls?' joked Simon.
    'You sit with them then!' replied Nick.
    'Would you want to sit by yourself then?' asked Simon.
    'I don't care,' replied Nick bluntly.


    The rest of the lesson had gone without any more incident but Nick continued to hate on Gary. He hated the very sight of him, the way that he would try and tell sly jokes when the teacher was not looking and how he always seemed to get away with things. He just hated him and would have loved it had Gary did not even go to their school. Simon kept mostly quiet for the rest of the lesson as well. He felt that he had made his point to Nick but it was up to Nick who he chose as his so called friends.

    At the end of the lesson the class handed their work into Mr Mitchell as the ball rang. It was now the lunch break so most people would be heading towards the canteen. Simon followed Nick out of the workshop into the main building while Gary and Allen where walking ahead with a few of the other guys. Simon kept quiet and watched as Gary had noticed that Nick was follow them.
    'Why are you following us?' Gary asked Nick as he stopped.
    'I'm going to the canteen!' replied Nick angrily.
    'Yeah so are we, but why are you following us?' replied Gary coldly.
    'I'm not!' exclaimed Nick.
    'You always follow us though,' added Gary.
    'Yeah, it is true,' said one of the other guys in the group. 'Maybe you should hang out with someone else?'
    Nick did not know what to say as the boys turned to walk away from him.



    'Come on, guys, let's get to the canteen,' said Gary as the other boys followed him like he was some sort of boss.
    Simon had watched things from a slightly safer distance and felt some sympathy towards Nick. It was not easy being rejected from your so called friends. He knew that Allen had often gotten along well with Nick before but he seemed to have said nothing. Gary seemed to be the one who was in charge in that group now.
    'Gary being a 🎃🎃🎃🎃 again?' Simon said to Nick once the other boys were further ahead.
    'I hate him!' exclaimed Nick.
    'I thought that you were friends with Allen?' added Simon.
    'I was,' replied Nick glumly. Simon did not need to say that anymore. He had been there as well. That was the moment of losing a friend for the first time.


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    @king_of_simcity7 Kids! I knew I couldn't be a teacher. They are so mean to each other. I'd a been making the arguing ones hug and sit next to each other. :lol: Will be interesting to see how this develops.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,940 Member
    @bekkasan Thanks for the feedback :smile: This reminds me of a science lesson at school 20 years ago when I was told to 'move' because I was sitting in someone's favourite seat. I got my own back on him in an IT lesson though when I got one of the better computers which I used to visit the original Sims website. I sometimes miss year 8, or '7th grade' as you might know it :D
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    Part 2A

    A couple of years after Nick and Simon's experience with Gary another girl in the same town but at a different school named Tammy was soon to have problems with people herself. She was originally a happy but shy girl who wanted to do well at school. One thing that she did struggle with however was being able to socialise with other people and as she got older she especially got nervous around boys that she liked. The first guy to talk to her was Callum who she had known for a few years but they had finally got talking one day.

    'So do you go online then?' Callum asked Tammy when they were in the canteen at school during their lunch break one Friday.
    'I do sometimes,' replied Tammy not expecting too much from the conversation.
    'I could add you later if you want?' Callum suggested.
    'Ok, I don't mind,' smiled Tammy liking the attention that she got from a guy for once.
    Over the weekend Tammy managed to speak to Callum a few times and she slowly started to feel herself become interested in him. He suggested that they could meet up after school one day which Tammy agreed to.
    'So what are you doing after school on Wednesday?' Callum asked Tammy online.
    'Nothing much I don't think,' replied Tammy wondering if he was actually asking if they would meet up by themselves.
    'Well I am free if you want to do anything?' Callum suggested.
    'Ok, I would be up for that!' Tammy replied. She was excited that a guy might actually like her.
    By the time Wednesday afternoon had arrived Tammy was feeling both excited and nervous about meeting Callum as she was only fifteen years old and this was her first date.

    Tammy waited for Callum outside of the school's main entrance and luckily she didn't have to wait for too long for him to arrive.
    'Alright?' Callum nodded as he saw her. Tammy was now feeling really nervous and only just about managed a smile but she could feel at ease with Callum.
    They went for a walk down to the beach and hung out together for a couple of hours and made conversation. Then Callum asked Tammy something that surprised her.

    'So have you ever had a boyfriend before?' Callum asked her.
    'No, why?' replied Tammy wondering if he was going to ask to be her boyfriend.
    'I just wondered, that is all,' replied Callum 'it is just that everyone seems to be getting together at the moment,'
    'I know what you mean,' replied Tammy.



    'The funny thing is half of our year at school have woohooed with each other and they are not even going out!' joked Callum.
    'Really?' replied Tammy.
    'Well, a few people have been sleeping around,' added Callum.

    There was then an awkward silence between the two of them until Callum then asked a few questions.
    'So, have you ever woohooed with anyone before?' he asked Tammy.
    'No, I haven't,' replied Tammy wondering what the fuss was about when it came to woohooing.
    'So you're a woogin then?' asked Callum seeming even more interested in Tammy.
    'Yeah, I am,' said Tammy feeling slightly awkward.
    'Nothing to worry about,' added Callum 'I think that it is cool that you are just waiting for the right person,'
    'Really?' replied Tammy feeling slightly flattered that Callum could tell that she was innocent.
    'Well, I wouldn't know why you would not still be a virgin any other way,' said Callum.
    'What do you mean?' asked Tammy feeling confused.
    'Well, you are good looking so I would have thought that loads of guys would be chasing you,' replied Callum.

    Tammy again felt flattered but also wondered if Callum was trying to suggest anything.
    'Well, if you are interested in anything happening with us then feel free to let me know!' suggested Callum.
    'What would you want to happen between us?' asked Tammy curiously.
    'Well, anything, I don't mind,' replied Callum casually.
    'Like being in a relationship?' asked Tammy.
    'Well, that or even having a bit of fun if you know what I mean?' added Callum.
    'Well, I don't know if I am ready for anything else yet,' said Tammy remembering what her mum had told her about not being pressured by boys into doing the things that she didn't want to do.
    'Are you looking for a relationship then?' Tammy asked Callum.
    'Maybe,' replied Callum now seeming slightly distant. Tammy very quickly could tell that he seemed bored but wasn't sure what it was that she had said. After that Callum did not bring anything what they had previously talked about up and he just made small talk until he told Tammy that he had to head home.


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    Part 2B

    Later that evening Tammy felt slightly disappointed and confused. Callum had seemed really interested in her until she had told him that she wasn't ready to have sex with anyone. She mentioned it to her mother who was quick to point out that Callum may have been a user and perhaps Tammy had better forget about him. She didn't hear from him again for the rest of the evening and he didn't seem to be online either. Callum had however spoken to one of his friends that evening down the phone and Tammy had come up in the conversation.

    'So did you do anything with that girl then?' Callum's friend Paul asked him.
    'The girl?' replied Callum not sure if he wanted to talk about it.
    'Yeah, did you woohoo her?' Paul asked again.
    'Well, yeah, but keep it quiet,' replied Callum hoping that Paul would believe him.
    'Fair play, was she good?' asked Paul.
    'Not too bad, but not the best though,' lied Callum.
    'Well you are turning into a right player, I think we are about level with the amount of girls that we have had now!' joked Paul.

    Thanks to Paul however it wasn't soon too long until the lied that Callum had told him about Tammy had gotten around their school and soon reached a girl named Lakesha who also happened to like Callum and who also happened to be a very mean girl who got jealous very quickly.
    When Tammy first arrived at school the next day she felt the tension straight away. She walked passed Lakesha's friends who gave her a dirty look and Tammy knew better than to make eye contact with them but she felt more nervous of them than usual as she could actually feel them staring at her.


    It was later on in the day when she first saw Lakesha though and it did not go that well.
    'I need to have a word with you, Tammy,' Lakesha said to Tammy while they were outside of a classroom waiting for a teacher to arrive.
    'How come?' Tammy replied nervously.
    'Don't worry it can wait until later!' smirked Lakesha. Tammy felt anxious as she knew what it was like what Lakesha had issues with someone but this was the first time that Lakesha had ever been hostile towards her before.
    The teacher then arrived and let everyone into the classroom and everyone sat down with Tammy sitting at the front of the class while Lakesha and some of her friends sat at the back. The lesson seemed to go ok without too many issues until the teacher went outside of the classroom and Tammy then heard her named mentioned from some at the back of the room.
    'Should we just ask her?' Tammy heard one of the girls say.
    'Yeah, just ask her,' someone else added.


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    @king_of_simcity7 Wow, the other boys aren't being very nice to Nick at all.
    Gary's not going to grow up into a nice person, is he?
    Hope Tammy and Callum have a nice date.
    Definitely sounds like school, everyone sleeping with people they aren't dating. :D
    I see what Callum is doing, it seems there are some people that only want woohoo.
    Geez, of course Callum is going to lie, he doesn't want to look bad with the other boys.
    Oh boy, I hope things don't get to out of hand with Lakesha and Tammy.
    Great updates!
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,940 Member
    @bekkasan and @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments and feedback :smile:

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    Part 2C

    'Tammy?' Lakesha called out and Tammy turned around.
    'Yeah, I am asking you something!' Lakesha snapped when Tammy turned around.
    'Did you meet up with Callum yesterday?'
    Tammy's face then went red but she wondered why Lakesha would be so interested in what she would have done after school when Lakesha had barley ever spoken more than two words to her since they had started school together.
    'Well did you meet up with Callum?' one of Lakesha's friends added.
    'Yeah, I did,' replied Tammy.
    'Ok, well is it true what he said?' asked Lakesha coldly.
    'What did he say?' asked Tammy.
    'Well he said that you woohooed with him?' said Lakesha.
    'I didn't woohoo with him!' exclaimed Tammy.
    'Well that is what he has been saying!' argued Lakesha 'are you saying that he is lying or are you lying?'
    'I think Callum made it up,' added Lakesha's friend 'after all boys will be boys, and who would want to woohoo with you anyway?'

    Tammy started to feel her face go red again but luckily the teacher had come back into the classroom and the girls at the back quickly quietened down but Tammy was feeling shaken at couldn't concentrate for the rest of the lesson. Eventually though the bell rang and Tammy made a very quick escape and hoped that she wouldn't see the girls for the rest of the day. Luckily she was in a different lesson to them the following period and so she had hoped that they would forget about what had happened but they found her in the girls toilets...



    'Oi, don't walk away from me!' Lakesha shouted as she came up behind Tammy.
    'You are a liar, I just spoke to one of Callum's friends and he said that you did sleep with him!'
    'I didn't!' murmured Tammy.
    'You need to keep away from the boys!' shouted Lakesha as she slapped Tammy across the face which caused Tammy to run off in tears.




    Feeling frightened Tammy had ran home from school which surprised her mum who hadn't expected to see her home so early. While crying heavily Tammy told her mum the situation and everything that had happened which resulted in Tammy's mum contacting the school explaining how her daughter had been bullied by another girl. Luckily the school dealt with the situation quickly and Lakesha was quickly suspended.

    While there was no repeat of the incident again at school, Tammy did start to feel very lonely and other people were reluctant to talk to her. She also did see Callum around school a few times as well but he completely ignored her. Thanks to him and his lie she had no hardly any friends left and when school was finally over at the end of term she was glad to leave. It would take her a while to forget about the hurt that she went through and it would be even harder for her to trust people in the future.

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    Wow, that Lakesha is a wicked one. Glad Tammy talked to her Mom and that Lakesha got suspended.
    Callum should be tarred and feathered for his lying about that.
    Shame that none of the other girls felt like trying to be friends with Tammy.
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    @king_of_simcity7 Lakesha and her friends aren't very nice.
    How dare Lakesha slap Tammy! :angry: It's sad, but there are a lot of kids who have to deal with this everyday.
    At least Lakesha got what she deserved. No one should have to put up with a bully.
    Great update!
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    @bekkasan and @Brandontaylor Thanks for the feedback :smile: I used Prissy Duke for Lakesha. The original Lakesha was the teen I used for passed stories and that was actually the name that the game gave her so I kept it. The story is actually the same as the one I used for Megan two years ago only this time everyone is a YA:



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    Part 3A



    When Humara was fifteen years old she spent most of her time with her best friend Stacy whenever they were not at school. They had other friends as well and eventually they would also start having boyfriends. Stacy's newest boyfriend was a guy named Callum who she had met through one of her relatives and she seemed to be happy with him at first. Humara had first met him with Stacy and a few other friends at the park one Saturday and it was easy to tell why Stacy liked him; Callum was tall, good looking and funny.
    At first Humara didn't talk to Callum too much but after a while he had added her online and occasionally the spoke to each other. It was clear that Stacy liked Callum but Humara did sometimes feel a bit envious of her as the only guys who were interested in her where the 🎃🎃🎃🎃 who just wanted to muck around. One day while Humara was online a message popped up from Callum asking how she was.
    'Hi, how's you?' the message from Callum started.

    'Good thanks, you?' Humara replied.
    'Not too bad, thanks, have you spoke to Stacy today?'
    'Not today, you?'
    'I think she rang me earlier and I am not sure if she is at work or not,'
    'I thinks she must be working. How are things with you both?'
    'Ok I guess,'


    Humara was curious, why did it seem like there was something wrong?
    'Did anything happen?' asked Humara 'you can always tell me,'
    'Things are ok but we have been arguing,' replied Callum.
    'I do like her though, it is just sometimes she gets funny with me if I forget to text her back or I don't pick her up when she rings me,'
    'I guess she just likes you?'
    'It just seems too much at times. Can you not tell her this though? I know that you are her friend but I need to talk to her about this properly,'
    'Don't worry I won't say anything,'
    'Thanks. Too be honest I don't know if things will work out,'
    'Why not though?'
    'Well, I just don't feel the same way. It isn't just about the phone calls or the texting, I just don't think that things will work,'
    'Sorry that you feel like that,'
    'It's ok, just please don't tell her I told you this, I need to tell her this myself. She is a nice girl though so I don't want her to get hurt, maybe you could just support her if she needs you?'
    'I will look after her don't worry,'


    Humara was surprised that Callum was going to leave Stacy but a small part of her felt happy about it, at least she could get to spend more time with Stacy again and she wouldn't have to feel envious whenever Stacy was with Callum.
    Eventually Callum had gotten around to break up with Stacy which resulted in Humara getting a phone call from a heartbroken Stacy. After hearing Stacy crying down the phone for an hour Humara did feel slightly guilty as she knew was coming. She felt bad for Stacy but at least Callum had been nice and honest about it even though he had only dumped Stacy by text.



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    Part 3B

    'I just don't know what I have done wrong,' Stacy sobbed down the phone to Humara 'he said that he needed more space but I don't know why,'
    'Maybe things where just not going to work out?' replied Humara sympathetically. She hated hearing Stacy being upset but she knew that it would have probably been for the best. Later that day Humara went back online and managed to speak to Callum again. Once again it was him who started the conversation and Humara was quick to reply.

    'Hey, how is things?' Callum started.
    'Ok thanks,' Humara replied.
    'You don't hate me then?' Callum said.
    'Not at all, why would I?'
    'Well as you know I broke up with Stacy earlier. It wasn't easy but I didn't want to just string her along,'
    'I know, I think it is for the best though,'
    'At least she has good friends like you?'

    Humara wasn't sure if she could take that as a compliment but she had hoped that Callum would stay in touch with her.
    'Well I get along with both of you,' added Humara.
    'Thanks, it would be cool if we can stay friends?' replied Callum. It was almost like he could read Humara's mind, he seemed to know exactly what to say. Both Humara and Callum continued to talk for a while long and Humara heard her phone ring a few times but she ignored it. Eventually Callum had to go offline so he said goodbye and Humara checked her phone. There was a couple of missed calls from Stacy and a few texts. Humara felt guilty for ignoring Stacy whilst speaking to Callum of all people but maybe Callum was right, Stacy was too forward with phone calls and text messages?


    Over the next few days Humara and Callum would continue to talk online and despite that Stacy continued to ring Humara about being heartbroken, Humara couldn't help but starting to fall for Callum. Soon Callum had suggested that he and Humara swap numbers and they found themselves texting until Callum suggested that they would meet up.
    Humara was in two minds about meeting up with Callum, she did really want to meet him but at the same time she was worried about what other people would think. What would Stacy say if she found out? What would everyone else say? Callum had suggested that they keep it secret and so they agreed to meet each other in the park where Humara had first met Callum with Stacy a couple of months earlier.
    As Humara walked to the park she felt excited and nervous, a mixture of adrenaline ran through her by both being aware that she was meeting up with her best friend's boyfriend and because she actually really wanted to see Callum. This was the first time that she had ever met him by herself without anyone else around and it felt like she was going on a date. It would be just the two of them and everything felt really good.
    After waiting for a few minutes at the park Humara say Callum arrive in the distance. Her heart started beating faster as she saw him approaching, he looked good as always and when he saw her he smiled. Humara could help but smile back as they greeted each other and then agreed to go for a walk together.

    'So how are you then?' Callum asked Humara.
    'I am ok, thanks,' she smiled.
    'I don't want to get you into trouble,' Callum added 'I mean I know you are friends with Stacy but I don't see why that means we cannot talk,'
    'Don't worry, I haven't told anyone,' replied Humara.
    'That's cool, this can just be our secret then!' Callum grinned.
    The two of them continued to talk for a while as they walked around and within no time Humara had now completely fallen for Callum. After a couple of hours the two of them parted ways but had agreed to meet up soon. Humara didn't know what it was but she really liked Callum and she couldn't wait to see him again.



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    @king_of_simcity7 I feel bad for Stacy getting dumped.
    I hope that Humara and Callum can stay friends but I don't want Stacy getting jealous.
    Uh oh, I think Humara is falling for him.
    Great update!
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    I'm enjoying the story, but I really don't think Humara should trust Callum!
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    @king_of_simcity7 Oh dear! Humara is not being a good friend to Stacy at all! She's just proved that with meeting up with Callum and agreeing to keep it secret. Shame on her! Callum is certainly not worth breaking up a friendship for. Look forward to more drama.
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    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments :smile: Callum sees Humara as an easy target to move onto

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comment :smile: Remember Humara is meant to be 15 here so she is still young and learning

    @bekkasan Thanks for the feedback :smile: The next part will be up tomorrow :smile: A lot of dramas to come throughout!
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    Part 3C

    Within just two weeks Humara and Callum had met up a few times and had practically become a couple. It had all happened really quickly and Humara was now head over heels for Callum but of course she knew that she wouldn't be able to keep everything secret for long and she knew that Stacy would find out. In the end though it was another of Humara's friends who had told Stacy and Humara and Callum had been meeting up after they were seen together holding hands one afternoon. It wouldn't take long for a rumour to escalate and soon Stacy would be on the phone asking Humara if it was true that she was seeing Callum. She had wondered why Humara had been more quiet the previous couple of weeks and she started to get suspicious.


    'Please tell me if it is true if you are seeing Callum or not,' Stacy pleaded down the phone to Humara.
    'I only met up with him for a bit in the afternoon,' Humara lied.
    'But he is my ex boyfriend!' exclaimed Stacy.
    'I know, but I can still be friends with him,' replied Humara awkwardly.
    Stacy felt hurt by the lack of loyalty and started crying which made Humara feel even more awkward. She hated lying but she couldn't keep away from Callum, she just had to wait and see how things worked out. After all Stacy would have to get over Callum eventually?
    Callum was not too pleased though when Humara later spoke to him on the phone.
    'She seems to think that because you are her ex that she cannot talk to you!' Humara complained.
    'Ignore her, she is just being jealous, that is one reason why I broke up with her,' replied Callum coldly.
    'I just don't want her to be hurt,' added Humara.
    'Don't worry, if she is a good friend to you she will have to accept that we are seeing each other, I mean I like actually really like you and don't want anything to come between us,' said Callum. Humara once again felt herself smiling. Callum actually really liked her and she realised that she just couldn't hide it anymore, she actually really wanted to be him as well and everyone else would just have to accept it.


    Not everyone did accept it though, Stacy stopped talking to Humara completely as did most other people who Humara knew but she didn't need to worry too much, she had Callum and that was all that mattered to her.

    The next month was complete bliss for Humara and she saw Callum nearly every single day and she really did think that they would work out. She still did let Callum see his friends though even though Humara now had hardly any friends of her own left but she trusted Callum and so wasn't too bothered by him going to town one night with his friends.
    While Callum went out for the night he continued to text Humara and let her know that he was still thinking of her before she fell asleep. When she woke up the next day though she was disappointed to not receive a text off of him but she just assumed that he was still asleep and planned to ring him later. Throughout the rest of the day though she heard very little from Callum, no text messages and it wasn't until the evening until she actually managed to talk to him down the phone.

    'So how was last night then!' Humara asked Callum excitedly down the phone 'I haven't heard off you all day!'
    'Yeah, sorry, I have been hung over all day,' replied Callum 'didn't get back until later than planned, you know how it is?'
    'Well I hope you fell better soon, babe,' said Humara 'are we still meeting tomorrow?'
    'Tomorrow?' replied Callum 'oh yeah I am doing something with my Mum tomorrow,'
    'Ok, maybe Tuesday then?' Humara suggested.
    'Yeah, Tuesday should be fine,' Callum replied rather glumly.
    By the time Tuesday came round though Callum told Humara that he was doing something else so suggested that they meet on Wednesday yet by Wednesday morning he had another excuse planned. At this point Humara was starting to feel anxious, why was it that since Callum had gone out at the weekend he was starting to seem off with her? Was he getting bored with her like he had with Stacy and had he met someone else?

    Sure enough by the time Humara woke up on Thursday she woke up to a text from Callum ending the relationship. It was almost the same as the one that he had sent to Stacy almost two months earlier.
    'I am really sorry to say this but I have been think about things and I don't think that things are going to work out for us,' said the text message from Callum. Humara was shocked so she tried to ring Callum but there was no reply and after that he just continued to ignore her. Humara was heartbroken but she had no one else to turn to as everyone else had stopped talking to her because of how Humara and betrayed Stacy.
    Feeling guilty about everything Humara eventually found the courage to contact Stacy. She rang Stacy on the phone although Stacy was not impressed.


    'I am really sorry,' Humara murmured down the phone 'but Callum has dumped me just like he dumped you,'
    'I don't really care,' Stacy replied 'what you both did was hurt me,'
    'But it was him who was coming onto me!' protested Humara realising that Callum had been playing her.
    'I don't care, you were supposed to be my friend!' replied Stacy now crying again.
    'Oh and I might as well tell you this,' Stacy added 'but I heard that the other night Callum was seen with his friends and some girls,'
    Humara didn't know if she should believe Stacy or not but it wouldn't surprise her too much, Callum was just a looser and player but thanks to him Stacy and Humara where no longer friends. Humara would have to wait until she started college until she made new friends and when she did she would soon forget about Callum and go out partying. She never meant to hurt Stacy but she could never resist certain types of guys but she had really started to hate Callum for what he had done. Sure enough she would soon see him out and about with other girls as he was able to move on to anyone he wanted.




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