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Creature War- Game

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Hey everybody! In this game, there will be 3 teams: nicknames that start with A-I, J-Q, and R-Z. There can be up to 7 players on each team. The game works like this. Everybody chooses a creature (I will list the creatures and their powers below). The first person who joined the A-I team will go first. They will either use their creatures power, skip their turn, or draw a power up. If u choose creatures power, you will say “creatures power” and choose who u want to use it on. Some creatures will help your teammates and others will affect the other teams. Make sure u pay attention to your power so u use it on the right person. If you pick skip turn then we will automatically go to the next person (EX: if it’s on the first person of A-I team, then it will go to first person of J-Q team. I will get in to more detail of how the order goes later).if you choose power up, then I will give u a random power up. Everybody’s health, power ups, and creature will be recorded at the top.

Here is the list of creatures-
• dragon: breaths fire, takes 10 damage from any opponent
• unicorn: heals 10 damage to any teammate
• Demon: makes any opponent unable to use creature until they get Demon release power up
• Gryphon: guards your team from damage for a round of moves
• Pegasus: you can either heal 5 damage on a teammate or damage an opponent by 5 damage (specify which one on turn)

Make sure you don’t have to many of one creature! I know Demon and Gryphon May sound really cool, but you can’t win without any dragons and unicorns! Pegasus too.

Here are a list of all the power ups-
• Super Creature power up: if u get this power up, your creatures moves strengthen for one turn. Dragons cause 15 damage. Unicorns heal 15 damage. Demons can cause their power to happen to 2 opponents, Gryphons guard your team for 2 rounds of moves, Pegasus can either cause 10 damage or heal 10 damage.
• Demon realese power up: if u have been affected by a demon and get this power up, then ON the turn you get the power up your demon will be realesed. I’d you don’t have the demon curse then you can save your power up.
• save me power up: this is a very rare power up to where if one of your teammates dies you can heal them but they will only start with 15 health.
• heal me power up: with this power up you can heal 5 damage but u can only use it for yourself.
• shield power up: if u get this power up than if someone attacks you with a dragon or Pegasus and right after they do u say “shield power up” then the damage won’t do anything.

The only power up you can use on the turn you get it is then Demon realese power up. Shield power up is the only one you can use on someone else’s turn. You may save up to 3 power ups. If you get a 4th you may either replace one of your power ups with it or throw away the 4th power up. You may trash a power up on any turn, just say “trash my ______ power up” and then say what move you are doing.

I will write who’s turn it is under the list of everybody who’s playing and their stuff. They order of who plays goes like this:
The first person who said they want to play on the A-I team goes first, then the first person who said they want to play on the J-Q team, then the first of the R-Z team, then the second person on the A-I team and so on. When you reach the end of your teammates you just start over again.

Everybody starts with 50 health. That is the max health. If you have 42 health and a unicorn heals you, then you just go to 50. Once you reach 0 health, you are dead. But still pay attention to the game because someone my give u a save me.

There doesn’t have to be a full 7 players on a team. It just depends on how many people join before we start. The game will start in 4 days. If u want to play you have to hurry and join.

You win the game when the other 2 teams has everybody dead. If you are playing, bookmark this so u can check if it’s your turn. Try to check often. If it’s been somebody’s turn for 2 days they will automatically be announced dead. But you can still be raised with a save me. If there are a bunch of A-I people who want to play but only like 2 R-Zs, I might make some of the A-I go to the R-Z team (it’s the same for J-Q, this is just an EX).

1. Bubbz. 20
-Super creature power up
2. DeKay. 35. Under Demon Curse
- Save Me power up
- heal me power up
3. Alexakry. 50

3. Mouselline. 40
- heal me PU

Ogre 26

ogres turn
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