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Creature War - Villains Win!

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Set Up
The game has already started, but here is a rule that at a certain point you are allowed to join, so I’ll go in to more detail later. If u would like to join at one of these points, then ask if u can play. Also choose a creature. I will add your name, Creature, health bar, and power ups at the bottom of the page. Your health bar starts at 50 and u can find up to 3 power ups at a time.

How to Play
The order of when u play is a matter of who signs up first (discluding the 3 beginning players who go first and Me who always goes last). When it is your turn, you can either do one of your Creature moves, search for a power up, or skip your turn. All the creature have different moves (which will be listed below). Search for a power up allows you to put a power up at random in your inventory. You do not get to choose your power up. Skip a turn may sound useless but if a Shield is up and u have 3 power ups you enjoy you might want to skip a turn. You have a health bar that starts at 50. It can not go any higher even if u heal your self. The goal is to get all opponents health bar to 0.

Losing Rules
We can lose in this game if all players health gets down to 0. We get 5 lives so if we lose the game 5 times the game is over and the bad guys win. For the first 3 times we lose we are allowed to invite more players for a 2 day intermission, which is how new players who want to play are allowed to play. Just keep watch until then, or tell me u want to play and I’ll Alert u when u can play.

Shield Rules
If the opposing team puts up a shield, then no one can attack the team till the monster who put up the shields next turn. If u accidentally say that u want to attack, then I’ll warn u by saying “The team as a shield up, do U want to continue?” There is one of other way to take down the shield. If u attack the shield with a Super Creature PU (Power Up), then the shield will automatically go down.

Power Ups
You get powers ups by doing the move “Search for Power Up.” You can have 3 power ups at a time. Power ups do not take a turn, but u have to use them on your turn (excluding the Demon Release PU). You can also trade power ups or just give one to a player who needs it. You can do this at any point not just on your turn.

List of Power Ups
Super Creature PU - allows your power to strengthen. More info is listed below. Also used to take down force fields. Chance of getting it: 3/10

Demon Release PU - makes you be released from the Demon Curse. May use as soon as u get it. Chance of getting it: 2/10

Heal Me PU - heals 5 of your health. Chance of getting it: 2/10

Shield PU - protects you from an attack. Use right after u are attacked. I will ask u if u want to use it. Chance of getting it: 2/10

Save Me PU - able to revive a teammate after they die. Only heals them to 15 health. Chance of getting it: 1/10

Dragon - attacks 10 damage. Super Creature PU makes u attack 15 damage

Unicorn - heals 10 damage to any teammate (not yourself). Super Creature PU makes you heal 15 damage

Pegasus - gets the choice of either healing 5 damage to a teammate or attacking 5 damage to a opponent. Super Creature PU makes u have the choice of healing 10 or attacking 10

Gryphon - gets the choice of either attacking 3 damage or setting up a team shield. You can only form a shield every 3 turns.

If u have anymore questions plz ask

1. Bubbz. Dead
2. DeKay. Dead
3. Alexakry. 10. Demon curse
- Super Creature PU

3. Mouselline. Dead

Crush. 200

Stink. 200. Has shield up

Dave. 171.

Alexa’s turn
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