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Creature War- Game

MousellineMouselline Posts: 859 Member
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Set Up
The game has already started, but here is a rule that at a certain point you are allowed to join, so I’ll go in to more detail later. If u would like to join at one of these points, then ask if u can play. Also choose a creature. I will add your name, Creature, health bar, and power ups at the bottom of the page. Your health bar starts at 50 and u can find up to 3 power ups at a time.

How to Play

The rest will be edited later. I have to go to school

1. Bubbz. 15
- Super Creature PU
2. DeKay. 20.
3. Alexakry. 45
- Demon Release PU
- Heal me PU

3. Mouselline. 20

Crush. 190

Stink. 192

Dave. 179. Has shield up

Bubbz turn
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