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What's your favorite SOUND in Sims 4?

We know how beautiful Sims 4 can be, especially with Seasons (thanks again, @simgirl1010 !). I usually play wearing headphones, and the whole game really comes alive when those visuals are coupled with the fantastic sound design.

So I'd like to salute the unsung heroes of TS4, the hardworking and clever sound designers by asking the musical question: What is your favorite sound?

A thunderstorm in Willow Creek? The way Sims footsteps change when they walk from one surface to another? The cringe inducing crunch when a vampire bites into a victim? Simlish with a Southern accent when a Sim is singing a Country song? A gust of wind across the desert in Oasis Springs? Eliza Pancakes talking like a pirate? The gentle murmur of the river between the fishing spots in Granite Falls?

My favorite sound is all the ambient noise in the Granite Falls campground. I don't know how they did it, but it doesn't sound like a forest, it sounds like a campground in a forest (if that makes any sense). It reminds me of camping when I was a kid, and I like to spend time just lingering there. It's so perfect I can just about smell the pines and the campfires.

Here's your chance to make some noise. What's your favorite sound?



  • Voldarian_EmpireVoldarian_Empire Posts: 134 Member
    The toddler babbling noises are too adorable...I never game this much thought but I'd have to say if I have one it would be some of the particular noises they make when they're being silly
  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 3,858 Member
    Crickets on a hot summer's evening; thunder and heavy rain; pretty much all the sfx in Selvadorada; the snuffling, crunching noises that greedy cats and dogs make when they eat <3
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 15,720 Member
    The warning sound that your toddler is completely out-of-sorts!
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  • JibartJibart Posts: 28 Member
    Rain. I love the Rain
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,065 Member
    edited September 2018
    I love all the sounds mentioned so far, it really makes the game feel alive. Some of my favorites though would be; waves crashing on the beach of Windenberg Island, coupled with seagulls calling while my Sim is fishing, wind-chimes tinkling a melodic song in a gentle breeze and last, but not least, the ballads and Latin songs my Sims play on their guitar once they reach a higher level. I could just sit and listen to them play all day.

    Oh, one more sound would be the low rumbling of an approaching thunderstorm that increases along with the wind and rain the closer it gets, which culminates into impressive bolts of blindingly bright lightning. I just LOVE the thunderstorms in Seasons! The accompanying crash of thunder when a lightening bolt strikes is so loud, it makes me jump every time one hits nearby my Sims house. Bravo Devs! <3
  • SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,425 Member
    The sound of a sim becoming extremely dirty reminds me of World Adventure sounds in Sims 3. I can't remember which ones. Think when finding/opening a hidden/locked door. Can't even remember how it went lol.
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  • SimsandraSimsandra Posts: 306 Member
    I like the sound that shows that your child is entering a phase 😅
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    The crackling sound of THUNDER!

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  • Voldarian_EmpireVoldarian_Empire Posts: 134 Member
    I really miss some of the old sounds from sims the flamboyant trumpet when something bad happened....and as a lover of symphony and opera I really REALLY miss the piano music for build and buy mode back then
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited September 2018
    Sounds of the jungle in JA - just love the atmosphere of the whole place and walking along the trails and listening to the sounds in the evening. I find it one with nature - where I can't go in real life anymore - but right here on my pc. Being a naturelover kills me not being able to enjoy the sounds of the wilds - so overjoyed to feel I can hear it when ever I want - just hope off to JA with my sim.

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  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,447 Member
    The sounds I imported into the radio station files. Nothing like Sims enjoying and dancing to some of my favorite tunes.
  • AlbaWaterhouseAlbaWaterhouse Posts: 3,953 Member
    Spa Day's sounds. They are so calming! Specially the rock massage, sometimes I make my sim get one when I am a bit stressed out myself.
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  • CementCement Posts: 3,455 Member
    The ducks in Willow Creek are my favorite hehehe
  • filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,193 Member
    I love the season transition melodies, they’re so peaceful and set up the new developing season perfectly.
  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 2,973 Member
    Toddler's laughter. I have a hearing deficit so I used to play on muted sounds for the rest of my family's sanity, but now I play with a headset so I can hear them laugh. It sounds so joyful I can't resist.
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  • TheStarHermitTheStarHermit Posts: 280 Member
    The maniacal laugh that my sim gives when he uses the Sim Ray on another sim, makes me giggle. :smiley:
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  • OEII1001OEII1001 Posts: 3,136 Member
    The theremin sound that accompanies some of the vampire and alien abilities. It's pretty sweet.
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 2,418 Member
  • MonaveilMonaveil Posts: 345 Member
    My favorites are all of the ambient sounds that I hear throughout the day when my Sims live on the Dock Den lot on the island in Windenburg. My Sims always have wind chimes that are set to a medium pitch.
  • AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,093 Member
    I like that ominous music that plays when one of your needs are at a minimum level. It took me months to figure out what triggers that music.
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  • snarklessnarkles Posts: 242 Member
    I really love the sound of footsteps. I'll follow a Sim around for ages, just listening. That, and the sound of rain/thunder, and all the little ambient sounds of them going about their day.
  • helen912helen912 Posts: 114 Member
    I agree, the laughter, mostly of toddlers, but any laughter at all, too, is brilliantly made from my Point of view. Somehow I am also conditioned to love the cash sound … and indeed the rain. I mean, if sunshine made some noise, I'd love that more, I guess … And the Sims taking showers and singing always make me laugh. :)
  • FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 2,288 Member
    I like the crowded sounds of the city SM or in a bar/nightclub. The bottles crinkling, chatting sims and a loud laugh in between sometimes. Make it truly alive! That was very much missing in the sims 2 where the neighbourhood was so quiet and kind of depressing.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,448 Member
    My absolute favorite sound is a chorus of sims singing Mayzie Grobe. It’s my favorite Simlish song and sims being able to sing the familiar Sims 3 song is what sold me on Sims 4 Seasons.
    I have my sims and their friends sing it every Leisure Day. (Yes, I made the Sims 3 holiday in Sims 4!)
    I have a video of a bride and groom, Father Winter, the Flower Bunny, and a few other sims singing the song during my first time playing Summer.
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