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Sims 3 and things


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    The tutorial video on how to place stairs inside a foundation is up on YouTube and ready to view.


    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    I took a little break from tutorial videos to make the next episode of Caroline and Friends.

    Caroline and Friends Episode 8 is now on YouTube


    In this episode a few of the things she's been working towards in previous episodes finally happen.

    She completes the adventure she started in Episode 1 to find Refuge Island.

    She gets me the Shark Smark badge by beating 3 sharks in a fight.

    She rescues several sims from drowning and goes scuba diving.

    I do hope you are able to watch this episode as it is quite eventful.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    edited April 2018
    Last night i had a brainwave. I had been waiting, since October last year for the next episode of a perfect genetics challenge and since I still can't find one I was getting a bit cranky.

    The person who was doing the challenge has a website and twitter and about half a dozen other places on the net that I could go to to find out what's happening with it. But I didn't want to do that.

    Then it occurred to me if I want to see how it plays I should just do one myself. Now I've always said I'd never do a challenge. I don't like rules in my game.

    Today I've been setting up a mod and CC Free Sims 3 Folder. I've made my sim. I'm now setting up the town by adding my venues . Its going to be in Moonlight Falls.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    @TadOlson thank you.

    My new video series - Perfect Genetics Challenge - is now available for viewing on YouTube.


    This video is a little over 16 minutes. It is an introduction to my founder, Olivia. We first meet her in Create a Household. We see her first home and job. She meets her man and they start getting to know each other.

    This challenge ought to be colourful. Not only does Olivia have blue, purple, pink and yellow hair but she has a very pale blue skin and pinkish purple eyes. The challenge requires her to produce an heir, male or female, who has the exact same hair and eye colour.

    Once the heir is confirmed, the mother will concentrate on living her life until the heir is old enough to take on the challenge.

    There is no upper limit to the number of babies she might have to produce before the heir arrives. Consequently I've set the age spans to be reasonably long but will use cake to age the family up as required.

    I plan to stop the mother from having more babies once it is confirmed the heir has been born.

    The heir will age up from toddler to child when they have done all of their toddler skills.

    And from Child to Teen after completing all of the child skills and getting onto the honour roll at school.

    The teen will age up to young adult after they have been to a prom and have learned fishing and cooking skills and read all of the fishing and recipe books. This means they'll need to get to level 7 in fishing and level 10 in cooking before I will let them age up to Young Adult. They may learn other skills along the way and need to be at least A Grade students.

    If they haven't learned the required skills and done the required reading within 105 days they'll age up automatically.

    When the heir is about the age up to Young Adult, hopefully the day before the teen is ready to age up to young adult, I'll age the parents up to Adult.

    The Adult life stage is also quite long just in case the mother automatically ages up to adult before she has produced the heir.

    The Elder life stage is also long. Babies will need grandparents around for a while.

    I may reduce the length of the Elder life stage at some point if the elders are accumulating.

    Moonlit Falls is full of supernaturals and I won't worry about when that population ages up.

    I'll be using EA Story Progression so if the town population ages up very slowly maybe there will still be sims around town by the time my founder's descendants start moving into the general townie population.

    All babies born to the founder and her heirs will have randomised traits with the one exception that each heir must have the dislikes children trait.

    There are no restrictions on how the main household earns their income. They can go out collecting, or gardening or whatever they choose. I will be getting them the no bills ever lifetime reward asap because I have a bad habit of forgetting about the bills and have difficulty working out what the repo man has taken.

    Due to the lack of restrictions on how they earn/come by their money the game will have many and varied activities in it throughout this challenge. One of the first wishes my founder got is to travel to Egypt to buy a recipe book. I do plan to grant that wish soon. Perhaps she can go there on her honeymoon.

    She has already met her man. I made him specially for her. She's blue with purple and blue hair, he's green with green hair and eyes. But their skin colouring is subtle.

    I think that about covers it. I hope you decide to watch. I'm keeping the length of these episodes to around 10 to 15 minutes each.

    Please consider subscribing if you are going to watch the videos as that way you'll know whenever a new episode is posted.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Colourful Mermaids - Episode 4 is now up on YouTube.

    It is 10 minutes of mermaids bowling and diving.


    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    My Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 - Episode 2 is now on YouTube.


    Olivia goes to work, gets to know Don better, earns some extra cash with the Claw Machine. Finally gets an actual roof over her bed so she won't have to sleep in the rain again. It runs for just under 14 minutes.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    The McFluff Story Generation 0 Episode 8 is now on YouTube


    This is the final episode of Generation 0. Next episode we will meet members of Generation 1.

    In this episode the sculptors leave in a rather unusual way and it remains to be seen if or when they may pop up again in the McFluff Story.

    This video runs for 10 mins plus a few seconds.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 3 is now on YouTube


    This episode runs for just under 10 minutes and includes a huge variety of activities. Olivea has been busy.

    I noticed I actually spelled her name Olivea, although I think of her as Olivia. I suspect the spelling I chose originally was caused by me initially wanting to name her Olive. Maybe I should have stuck with Olive as she's crazy about an olive coloured man.

    In this video they start exchanging love letters. She plants a garden that is immediately attacked by zombies. She goes dumpster diving and makes progress with her work and her cooking and gardening skills. I also add a bit to the house as she managed to collect a few things that I sold to help her with her housing situation.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Episode 4 of my Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 Episode 4 is now on YouTube


    Olivia and Don finally have some time together and she wastes none of it.

    Olivia does some cooking, working and gardening when she's not romancing Don.

    Progress is being made.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 61 is now on YouTube


    In this episode Muriel discovers another mystery staircase. She goes down into the darkness and finds a big tomb that she works through. In the end she finally finds the part of the tomb collection she was seeking. It was the French Signet of the Maze of the High Ruler.

    It took about 40 minutes to do the tomb but I cut the video back to about 22 minutes.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Episode 5 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge is now on YouTube


    Olivia and Don go on a date. She goes shopping for furniture and sends another love letter to Don.

    Other significant happenings is the arrival of 3 magic gnomes, including one gnome of the darned which results in ghosts haunting the home. At least she's no longer living there all on her own.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Thought I'd share this here - fun challenge

    OC Meme

    1. What is your name?
    Gertie - Gertie Annabel McFluff actually but most people know me as Old Gertie

    2. Do you know why you were named that?

    No idea

    3. Single or taken?

    Taken, single but taken.

    4. Stop being a Mary Sue!

    Don't be sexist. My Powers and abilities are the result of losing my youth to study and practice and development of my skills.

    5. What’s your eye color?



    6. How about hair color?

    7. Have you got any family members?

    15 cats


    8. Oh, how about pets?

    Lots of cats


    9. That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like


    10. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

    Working out how to make my cats be more human

    11. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Physically


    12. Ever… killed anyone before?

    Not yet

    13. What kind of animal are you?

    Cat - I'm a witch actually - but I identify with my cats


    14. Name your worst weaknesses

    Having a cat obsession

    15. Do you look up to anyone at all?


    16. Are you straight, gay or bisexual?

    Haven't had time to work that out yet - too busy with the cat problem


    17. Do you go to school?

    No - I did too much of that in my youth - now I just try to work it out for myself - that's the fun

    18. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

    No. I have cats


    19. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

    Not that I know of but most of my cats seem to like me ok

    20. What are you most afraid of?

    Not being able to work out how to find a way to make my cats more human


    21. What do you usually wear?

    My adventuring outfit - found it once while tunneling for minerals to use in my experiments.


    22. What’s one food that tempts you?

    Catnip - I just love to see what it does to my cats

    23. Am I annoying you?

    A bit - but you don't seem to be too much of a problem - yet.

    24. Well, it’s not over!

    Oh no.

    25. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?

    Depends on who's around at the time.

    26. How many friends do you have?

    15 cats and 1 human but I haven't met her yet but I have a feeling she's coming soon. She's green. Iris Green.


    27. What are your thoughts on pie?

    What's pie?

    28. Favorite drink?


    29. What’s your favorite place?

    My place - I'm in Hidden Springs at the moment, but I'm thinking of moving to Cake Island

    30. Are you interested in anyone?

    Not really - too busy trying to solve my cat problem

    31. That was a 🐸🐸🐸🐸 question.

    Well - you asked it.

    32. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

    I prefer to avoid swimming anywhere - but definitely not in the ocean - cats aren't too fond of getting wet.

    33. What’s your type? ¨

    Of what?

    34. Any fetishes?



    35. Camping or indoors?

    Indoors with my cats

  • ThrippaThrippa Posts: 678 Member
    Lol. Do you think she's a bit cat-obsessed?
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Thrippa wrote: »
    Lol. Do you think she's a bit cat-obsessed?

    Yep. She just wants to be friends with 15 cats - then is escalated from there. I'm doing a video series on YouTube that is all about her. It's the McFluff story.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Tutorial - how to build into the side of a hill or slope

  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    edited April 2018
    I love your witch , she litteraly collects all the cat races of the game .
    Follow and read Miss V Detective (ts3 story)
    on wordpress: thesimsophonique.wp.com / on dreamwidth: simsophonique.dreamwidth.org
    Follow me on tumblr (sims only)
    simsophonique.tumblr.com (please no triggers I am autistic asperger)
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    I had another go - no video though unless someone really needs it.

    It is on a steeper hill. I left 2 tiles between inner and outer walls all around the hilly parts on the lower levels.








  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    I love your witch , she litteraly collects all the cat races of the game .

    Thank you. Yes - she will take any type of cat. So long as she gets her lifetime wish which is to befriend 15 cats. She wants to become a Cat Herder.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    edited April 2018
    Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 6 is now on YouTube


    Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 7 is on YouTube


    There are ghosts inhabiting Olivia's house now - and she decides to have a bachelorette party at the Toadstool on the night of the full moon.

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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Some pictures of my Cake Island save

    Fanny, the one with the pink and grey hair and glasses was sent to City Hall to enroll in the gardening career. She is needed full time at the Boarding School as there are only 3 Young Adults there now that I got rid of the other 4 who were there. They have their own houses now.

    So Fanny went to City Hall and joined the gardening career but didn't seem to ever be coming home so I went looking for her. It was interesting.

    City Hall

    Fanny got into a taxi to go home

    I noticed Carlie and her toddler son. Carlie is married to Bruce Winterbottom. He is another of my favourites and I've played him often but not lately. Their toddler son looks a lot like his father.

    I also noticed a strange looking sim walking towards the City Hall and I had a closer look

    He had a green cloud of body odour pouring off him as he walked.

    I looked closer and was astonished to see it was one of the fawns. So they are out and about around town. He vanished into City Hall.


    That's it for now.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    I have temporarily disabled story progression. Four of my couples, who have been happily living together and have had children together, have suddenly decided to get married. Now, I want to get pictures of weddings. I don't want them getting married automatically and me not having pictures to post. But I'm busy trying to prepare three toddlers who are in imminent danger of aging up without reading all their books or learning to walk, talk, potty etc....

    Well, Stephanie and Sammy, the twins, came to the day when they had 0 days to age up. They had just finished reading their books and I'd had them in the playpen for a few minutes to get a bit of charisma and logic. Then I aged up Stephanie and gave her a makeover.

    Before I show you her pictures here is a picture of her mother, Sally. This pic has been posted before when I was playing Louise and Leanne in Riverview for the Oscar and Louise story.


    Here are Stephanie's pictures.

    How she aged up








    Sally is in Cake Island so they do know both of their parents. Stephanie and Sammy live with their father though. I don't have pics of him yet.

    I still have to give Sammy his makeover. He has pale blond hair like Sally has and he looks a lot like his mother too.

    In the meantime, Steve has read all of his books and done blocks and xylophone and learned to potty. Still has to learn to walk and talk. He has a different father.

    I had Sally in brief relationships with a series of different Sims to see her babies. She is living with a crazy genie at the moment. The game matched them up and I'll see what happens there.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Here are Sammy's pictures. Both Sammy and Stephanie were given KBPrimeHD skin. I think that's what I gave to their mother, Sally.








  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    In my search for the save file for the next episode of Oscar and Louise I noticed a save file that I'd made when trying to find an object in buy mode but couldn't find it and wondered if it had somehow vanished from my game. I knew the object was in the Koffi house in Sunset Valley so I had created a new save and placed a sim in that house. I seem to have got rid of Gobias as well because there was only my sim in the house. The think that was on my mind and has been gnawing at me for a while now is the loss of the ghost of Gaylord Koffi. He got lost during one of my moves of my Big Game from one world to another before I started using Traveler mod to have them scattered across numerous worlds.

    Seeing this save just begging to be launched, I decided to have a go at finding Gaylord's ghost in the hope of adding him to my Cake Island game just to see if it could be done using Master Controller. At first it didn't work, I had Gobias's tombstone in Cake Island already and had added him as father to two of his children living there.

    It took a while but I managed to get Gaylord's tombstone to the Koffi lot using the assistance of Master Controller or Debug Enabler. I forget exactly how I did it as I was experimenting doing all sorts of things until finally one worked. Once I had the tombstone on the lot my sim was able to put it into his inventory. But I didn't want to risk it being an empty tombstone so I used Master Controller to generate a playable ghost. Gaylord appeared as a playable ghost with his tombstone in his inventory and I saved the pair of them to my library. Launched the Cake Island save and then found my sim could pick up Gobias's grave from Craig's lot without me having to do anything with any mods. This is what I'd initially expected to be able to do at the graveyard in Sunset Valley but all he could do was mourn and I couldn't drag it either. Well I did get it in the end with Master Controller.

    I placed Gobias's tombstone on the boarding school lot and made him a playable ghost too. I'd previously tried to use Master Controller on Gaylord's ghost to add a child but Gobias wasn't in the list of sims he could add. So, when I got Gobias's tomestone I made him a playable ghost too and was able to use Master Controller to add his parent, which was Gaylord's ghost. Then I check Gareth's family tree his grandfather, Gaylord, was in his family tree which is what I was trying to do all along. And he should appear in all family trees where Gobias is in them now. Next step, of course, will be to repeat this process in the Big Game which is a much bigger deal as there are lots of descendants of Gobias in that game. In that game Gobias has the children with Haley, plus 5 more with Haley's mother, Patience. And that five have children of their own, some of whom are almost young adults and will be having more babies to continue the generations which is what I am after. It is a lot of trouble to go to to just add a face to a family tree, but It's been annoying me for a long time now that I lost him back then and now I know I can fix the problem relatively easily. Now my problem is how to get those ghosts out of the boarding school. I think all I'll have to do is wait til the next morning and their gravestones should go back to the graveyard. At least that's what has happened before. But I just want to be sure.

    I'm using Grimm's Ghastly Manor venue as the graveyard. I'm not sure if that'll work but it is a graveyard lot type.

    I went to have a look at it and found Judy Butler there. She's not the version of Judy I have in the Isla Paradiso Bunch videos. That Judy is based on this Judy - but because I want to add the Isla Paradiso Bunch household to my Big Game I have given that Judy a makeover and she has a new name. My plan is to make them sisters when I add the Isla Paradiso Bunch to the Big Game. So the Judy I found at Grimm's Ghastly Manor is the Judy from the Witches Village in Dragon Valley. She is living in a household that includes PlumBots, her cloned daughter Anne, plus some other Sims one of which is a townie I captured from somewhere - not sure which world she same from now, but her name is Luella Horn. I've probably got her name wrong as I can't find anyone by this name on Google.

    Here is Judy at the graveyard. She seemed to be on a family outing and her plumbots went into the manor before I could get a screenshot.


    I told Gobias and Gaylord to go to the graveyard. I want their tombstones to be in the graveyard. This will probably happen automatically overnight but I can't help my need to interfere and make sure it happens.

    Here is Gobias traveling to the graveyard on his broom. He is a witch in the Big Game - got turned into a witch by the game before I turned occults off and I decided to leave him be a witch. Similarly Christopher Steel became a werewolf before I remembered to turn off occults.

    I waited and waited for quite a while wondering where Gaylord was. Finally I went to find him. Fortunately he is playable and I went straight to him. He was on his way to the graveyard carrying Gareth. So I told him to put Gareth down and then I teleported him to the graveyard.




    Gobias is behind a tree in the last picture.

    Well, Gaylord went into the Mausoleum. I think I may have told him to do that. I noticed he was starving to death and for some unknown reason decided to pull his hunger bar up and that crashed the game. So I'm reloading now and I won't touch his hunger bar again - he died of starvation to start with.

    When the game reloaded I got some more screen shots including a second look at Judy and her plumbot Bot001

    I noticed a gathering at the lot across the road. It is the mermaid household. The big one. When I was working on that lot I had no idea that Grimm's Ghastly Manor was across the street. This is the reason I moved everyone from the version of Cake Island I had been working with to the one I'd previously prepared for the McFluff story. This version of the world has all of the community lots placed plus lots of extra fantasy plants on lots.

    So I couldn't resist going over the street and getting a few pictures. I discovered Estelle was standing near the letterbox holding Mia Azul's clone, Mary Azul. Estelle is a copy of Ella from my old July 2010 save who I gave a makeover and turned into a Mermaid.

    When I post pictuers of Ella next time I open that old save you will see Estelle is Ella with scales. I didn't change her hair or wardrobe. Just gave her a new skin and softer makeup plus gave her the mermaid occult.

    Then I noticed Beau Stallings heading off somewhere.


    He was the useless butler they hired when they were the mermaids in the Skylight House in Isla Paradiso. I added him to the household as their only human at the time. This allowed him to do things that were dangerous for mermaids - such as sit at a fire pit on the hot rooftop and cook food.

    I noticed a group standing near the front door to the property. They turned out to be two visitors, Blossom Flower and the elderly Patience plus Maya Ocean. Little Sandy Seaworth, Salty's clone, was there too.

    This picture is of Grimm's Ghastly Manor which is just over the road, but that's Patience on the far left (almost not in the picture) and another view of Beau Stallings striding across the lot.

    This is another view of them from a slightly different angle.
    Blossom is a fairy and was added to add colour to the game. She lives alone and probably will just be a background figure. I can't play all the households intensly. Patience is in the game to link families. Her ex-husband Marty is around too. I think they are the only two elders in the world. In the Big Game I don't play them any more and I probably won't play them here either. In the Big Game Patience and Marty were married and had 5 children together, Helena, Heather, Henry, Haley and Hannah. Only Heather and Haley are in Cake Island. The others have way too many children to include them and their families. But they will still all be played when I move the Isla Paradiso Bunch to the Big Game.

    At this point I returned to the Boarding School which was the active household. I found Gaylord carrying Gareth. Gaylord wanted to eat hot dogs. There were hot dogs in the kitchen on the bench. He carried Gareth into the kitchen and I coudn't see what was happening in there and the game froze for a minute or so. I was sure it was about to crash but it didn't. When I could I went to see what was happening in the kitchen. I found Fanny in there cooking and Gareth was floating with his head poking through the floor above.

    Further investigation revealed Gaylord and Gobias out on the veranda which is next to the kitchen. Gaylord was no longer hungry - I assume he'd consumed the hot dogs and abandoned Gareth to float in the air.

    I clicked on the floor inside and told Gareth to Go Here and he calmly walked down, as if walking down steps and walked to the spot I had indicated on the floor.

    All seemed under control there. The Bartlett toddlers were reading their books and two of them needed to be moved to a different book so I did that and went back to the mermaids house. I wanted to get a shot of the science facility that was across the road, on the ocean side of the lot, and the game crashed. Probably ran out of memory. I'll load it up again and have another go at getting the picture of the Science Facility and then post this.

    Here is the Science Facility.


    It turns out there were all types of things on many lots surrounding the mermaids home lot. It was fortunate I chose a lot that happened to be empty. I just moved their lot to my library and placed it onto the same lot in the version of the game with all of the community lots already placed - except for the school that I placed when I found my children weren't going to school.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    Kathleen did her homework and then started a painting before school. I got a bit of video of her riding her broom, with training wheels, to school.


    When she got to school I was delighted to see the group of children still waiting to go inside.

    In this group I see Kathleen Koffi, a witch, Mary Ann Kluver, a mermaid, Joseph Bombay and Bertie Butler, Plant Sims and I see the remains of a plant sim flower trail so I suspect Benjie Butler may have just gone into the school. The two little girls with the black hair are both genies. You may not be familiar with them as they are Haley's twin daughters from the Isla Paradiso Bunch. Some of the toddlers you will be familiar with if you're watching that series of videos have now aged up to child. In this picture you can see Wendy and Gerri Armstrong (Haley's genie daughters she had with Salty Seaworth); James Bombay (a witch from the witches village - he is an evil clone of his father Gene - they are witches), Joseph Bombay a teen plant sim who Gene Bombay picked. And Tina Koffi, who was born in game and has the hidden trait of Imaginary Friend. Her father is Bob and her mother is Sally who I posted pictures of a few weeks ago when I added her to the Riverview Save of Louise from the Oscar and Louise videos. Tina is the little brown coloured girl with the pigtails and a bow on the front of her shirt. She is in her human form here but she will be able to use her doll form - but I'm not sure if children can do that she may have to wait until she ages up to teen. We'll see her at the boarding school where she'll get a makeover and learn her child skills before that happens.



    Some of the Black family were standing in their front yard and Fleur, the mother of the family, was looking towards the school. She has three sons who would probably have walked to school and already gone inside. They are all fairies. Plus her husband, Rod, who is a human, has an alien daughter. She's a teen now and was my first ever alien baby. I'd had sims abducted for years but none ever got pregnant then Rod came home pregnant. I was quite delighted about that.

    I noticed there is a female fairy toddler in the family now. I don't know if I remember her but I suppose I have seen her before. I haven't played this household for a long time. They are part of my Big Game and I collected them from Legacy Island III to add extra aliens and fairies to Cake Island. Fleur is one of the first fairies I ever made. I'm not too fond of her blue hair and matching dress now and might give her a makeover one day.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,878 Member
    I opened my Cake Island save this morning and found the active lot was Edith and Dave's new house. So I grabbed a screenshot before heading over to the boarding school where urgent toddler training is in progress.


    There are 4 toddlers in the boarding school. One is almost fully trained and has about 80 days to go before the game will age him up. He's the little fairy.

    I don't know why the baby sitter is still there.

    Gareth wasn't born a fairy - I had an add on to NRAAS Story Progression in my game and it started turning all the toddlers in Legacy Island III into fairies. When about 8 or 10 of them had been automatically turned into fairies I removed the mod. I had too much going on for that extra overhead in my game anyway and needed to get rid of a few mods.

    Little Gareth had only 1 toddler book that he needed to read then he could have gone home - but I put him into the playpen instead and he started learning logic and charisma. He is the son of Haley and Gobias Koffi. Gobias died of old age soon after Gareth was born. I managed to get Craig Steel to pick up Gobias's tombstone before I moved him to Cake Island so we do have Gobias's ghost to link his descendants too. But I didn't bring any of his 5 children he had with Patience into this game. So he only has the three toddlers he had with Haley in this game. Story Progression linked up Gobias and Haley after I'd married her to Bob. Bob is in this world and has his 3 children with him. He is the IF turned real of Percy Koffi, who, in my Big Game, is the half brother of Haley but I didn't bring him or any of his other full siblings to this save.

    The other toddlers in this boarding school right now - well that's a different story. Stephanie and Sammy are twins and they have 3 days to age up automatically. So far I've managed to teach them peg box and xylophone and potty train. I think they then just have to read their toddler books as they already knew how to walk and talk.

    Steve, on the other hand knows nothing at all. Fortunately he has longer before he ages up automatically. That won't happen for 5 days. So it's a crash course in toddler training going on right now.

    They've been living in Sunlit Tides in my Big Game and I spent a really long time playing with Heather and her family in Sunlit Tides. That's why the toddlers got so far behind in their training. Heather and family are in Cake Island. Heather and Haley are sisters. Their parents are Patience and Marty and they are the only two elders I brought to Cake Island.

    I noticed little Tina Koffi has aged up to child. I think she got to learn her toddler skills while I was playing her original household. She is half sister to Stephanie, Steve and Sammy. Tina was born with the hidden trait of Imaginary Friend. She lives with her father (Bob) and step mother and two half siblings Katie and Harry. Harry is a teen and is the son of Haley so he's also related to the Koffi toddlers who are in the boarding school.

    I noticed Tina's little half sister, Katie, has aged up to toddler and has no skills but she isn't in danger of imminent aging up to child. She'll be at the boarding school soon though. Katie is the daughter of Bob and his new wife, Kitty.

    I've posted many pictures of all of these sims over the years so you probably will recognise them if I posted pics. I might do that later, when I move on to their various households.

    I have 39 toddlers to get under control. Many of them have already been fully trained though thank goodness.





    Now, I was a bit nervous at the fragility of this game as I've added so many sims to it already. The Boarding School lot has a lot of stuff on it and there were 7 adults plus the toddlers and a child. I moved Dave and Edith out to their own little house to relieve the pressure a bit. But I was still nervous so I took time out from toddler training to build a house for my pair of faries - Mike and Felicity. They are not romantic interests or anything like that, but I didn't want to build two more houses when one would do. They seem to be getting along well together so here are a few pics of their new house.


    I gave them more stuff than usual. Just felt like doing a bit of decorating. It's always fun to go to play a household that hasn't been played for a long time and find not much has to be done to the house before play can begin. So they have a fairy themed house. I think I forgot to give them a fairy house though - will have to fix that omission soon. But toddler training first.



    EDIT: I also noticed Jeannie Genie, from the Isla Paradiso Bunch, is showing an interest in Don Genie who is in the Boarding School at the moment. That'd be interesting if they pair up. I've got the whole Isla Paradiso Bunch household in Cake Island. There are several more toddlers in it that have been seen yet in the videos.

    One more bit of info. You might remember Sally - I have her in my Story of Oscar and Louise videos. She used to be a nanny in my original boarding school. After she moved on from that job she decided to start chasing all the men in Sunlit Tides at the time and had several children with mostly different fathers and handed the children over to their fathers to raise. She now lives in this world with her one true romantic interest, a slightly crazy genie (or he might be a fairy - I forget). I have no idea why they got together - it just happened so I went with it.

    Well, Sally is the mother of the three toddlers who are currently in the boarding school and about to age up. She is also the mother of little Elizabeth, daughter of Harry Flower (the fairy with the red wings). Elizabeth was living in Barnacle Bay when I was playing the boarding school there and she is fully trained. She is in this Cake Island save along with her father, step mother and half brother (the toddler with the red wings).

    Sally is also the mother of Tina Koffi who is now a child and living with her father Bob and his new wife Kitty and her 2 half siblings Harry and Katie.

    I've tried to bring all the relations of all the toddlers to this world. Just had to lose a few of the entire families as I'd need to create a new Big Game to handle all the interrelationships.

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