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Sims 3 and things


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    I've been playing my Cake Island Boarding School today.

    Kathleen Koffi is a child and currently staying at the boarding school. This is because she was at the Chocolate Cake Island Boarding School when I picked up Craig Steel who was living there too but he's a young adult. Kathleen was there with two of her toddler siblings. Kathleen aged up to child while at the Chocolate Cake Island boarding school. I just gave her a makeover and connected her up with her dead father, Gobias Koffi. She now has two parents in her family tree.

    I sent Craig to Legacy Island III to collect Gobias's tombstone and he currently has it on his home lot even though he is not related to Gobias in any way.

    Here are pictures of Kathleen's makeover. I've been giving most of the children and toddlers Mango Yoghurt skin lately.

    Kathleen's parents are Haley and Gobias. You all know Gobias - he's a townie from Sunset Valley. Haley is the daughter of Patience and Marty both of whom are sims I made. Patience and Marty are divorced and living separately as elders in Cake Island.

    It looks like Kathleen inherited her hair colour from her grandmother, Patience. Haley's hair is black.

    Kathleen as I found her - I checked and her face is not all 0 sliders.



    Everyday outfit

    Athletic outfit


    Formal - she's a witch (she inherited her occult state from her father). This formal outfit came with Supernatural.


    Sleeping in her bed a the boarding school. She still has homework to do in the morning.
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    I did a makeover of Gareth Koffi too. He is at the boarding school in Cake Island. He has quite a while before he ages up to child and has completed all of his toddler skills and read all of the books. He's been in the playpen learning a bit of logic and charisma but I think I'll send him home with his sister, Kathleen when I've confirmed she's done her cooking and blocks.

    I didn't give him an entirely new wardrobe but did give him a few new outfits. I also linked him up with his father's ghost so he now has a father in this family tree. Gobias died of old age soon after Gareth was born.

    I gave Gareth Mango Yoghurt skin.







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    A few weeks ago I found an old external hard drive. I copied its contents to my new huge backup drive to be sure I had whatever was on it.

    That's where I found the Bonnie save. But - I knew there'd be other saves on there so I had a little look and there are heaps of old saves. So far the save dates are in 2009 and 2010. Haven't tried to open any of the others yet though. I'd like to find one with the rest of Dan's family on it. I think I was trying to play rotationally and not have the rest of the family age as ageing was giving them quite short lives. And I think I may have split them up to be able to do that but wasn't entirely happy with that solution and that was part of the reason I stopped family play until I got mods to let me handle it better.

    Anyway, I've done the two eldest girls of Dan and Bonnie's children. Here is their eldest son, Greg. He's still a child.

    The first two pics are how I found him - he just came home from school. Rode his bike all the way. I think he was at a friend's place as it's dark in that game now.



    This was his athletic outfit. I thought he looked like a watermelon in that so changed him. It might be a fun outfit for special occasions, but not for his regular athletic outfit.

    He looks much more dull and uninspiring in his new athletic outfit. But I like it better. Not much choice for small boys though unfortunately.

    This is Greg in his new everyday outfit.

    I checked and most of his face is down the middle, but his nose and mouth are not. So I'll keep him as he is for now.
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    Here's the second daughter of Bonney and Dan. Her name is Genevive Steel.

    As I found her



    New Hair and Skin and Makeup





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    I did a makeover of Anne Steel. She's the eldest child of Bonney and Dan. Here are some pics. I discovered how much content is missing for teens in my game. I gave up in the end but she does look a bit better than she did in her base game only teenage clothing. The little green dress she's wearing for everyday reminds me of the school uniform I wore as a 10 yr old.






    Now to start work on that house inside a steep hill.
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    Here's some pics of Bonnie and her man, Dan Steel.

    Dan is one of 6 but none of his siblings are in this save. His mother is there and she has a different man who isn't related to Dan. His actual father would have been Christopher Steel.



    Bonnie (forget her original last name - just known as Bonnie Steel now)
    I do remember Bonnie had a sister with black hair. Her parents were straight out of the sim bin in CAS. Mother with long black hair and a bright pink cap. Father sandy hair with red and white check shirt. They lived in a house next to Stony Falls - must have been Sunset Valley. That's where Bonnie was born. In this game she's living in Riverview with her husband and 6 children. Patience is living in the big house on the hill previously occupied by the Jones family.

    The thing I always liked best about Bonnie was the colour of her hair. But she was very soft and pretty in the face as a young adult. She's and adult now and her face seems harder.


    I tried a few hairs on her


    Finally settled on this one

    Then added a little makeup

    And gave her a new wardrobe.




    Both Bonnie and Dan are Mad Scientiest.

    Bonnie has achieved her LTW of Tinkerer by mastering handiness and logic.

    Dan's lifetime wish of Perfect Garden has also been achieved.

    They both want another child. They already have 6. Will I or won't I?

    Should I add them to Cake Island?

    If I do Dan will have a werewolf for a father and another one for a brother.

    Craig Steel is already in Cake Island as are both of his parents, Patience and Christopher Steel. See I was playing them as a couple all the way back in 2009 and still do it from time to time.

    This is Craig as a child - remember Craig is a werewolf and Dan is not. Dan was born a long time before Supernatural was released.

    Craig as a young adult werewolf

    I don't think Craig has benefited from a makeover yet. He looks like he has original, pre cc and mods, skin and hair.

    I think I'll definitiely add Dan and Bonnie and their family to my Big Game, which is where all these pics of Craig came from, but maybe not into the overfilled Cake Island world. Unless I expand it so the sims live in multiple worlds.

    I'll give Dan and Bonnie's children a makeover too eventually.

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    I do remember being really disappointed when Bonnie aged up from YA to Adult.


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    I've opened the oldest save I've found. It was last saved on 12/7/09.

    It looks like it was my first attempt to play a game with a large family. I wanted the children to all grow up and have families of their own. Unfortunately this thing I wanted to do was cleverly prevented by the game self destructing the family relationships. Family members started now knowing each other and some even vanished from the game entirely. I kept on trying to play the same game over and over and ended up with several versions of this game with Patience, Christopher, Gobias and Marcie with various families Patience had with Christopher and Gobias. The game self destructed on the first generation each time. Except for one save where I had Dan and Ebony but even that one wasn't really what I wanted. I had obviously moved Dan and Ebony to a new save thereby removing them from both of their families. Each of them had siblings and parents in their original game. I want to track down that original game. But I want this one too.

    This particular game is an early version of the one I wrote about a few days ago. The one with Christopher and Patience living in a big house in Sunset Valley with Gobias and Emma Hatch and his children he had with Patience. Emma was playing the Marcie role in that household. Across the road from Gobias was Ella who is taking care of the twins Patience had with Parker Langarak. Next door to Ella is the hose of Marcie. She lives with a clone of Patience who I gave different hair and traits and called her Patience's sister. There was another sim in the household who I made. Forget her name. She actually died and started haunting and it freaked me out. Didn't want to play that household for a while. Eventually Marcie and Christopher got together and had 4 babies quickly because Marcie was almost an elder and I didn't want her to not have any babies. The game became unplayable for me when the Langarak girls lost their family trees completely and eventually vanished from the game.

    So I started again. I think the next family Patience had included Dan as one of the children. Dan is not in the game I just described above.

    I don't know how many other games I tried to play, but the game with Bonney and Dan and their children in it came from another attempt at the Patience, Christopher, Gobias, Marcie combination. I added another family to that game so they could produce potential spouses for Patience's children. It broke too. I obviously moved Dan and Bonnie out so and started a new game with them but didn't continue it for very long apparently. Probably because I had really wanted the whole family there and it wasn't. Patience was in the save but no other of their previous family members were there. If I can find the others I'll get them all together again now I have mods and see if I can incorporate them into the Big Game some how.

    When I first started playing this old original game with Patience and Christopher and Gobias I had placed Patience in a house alone. She worked in the Science Career. She met Gobias at work. She wanted to be a heartbreaker and I thought Gobias looked like a good target for that particular LTW. She and Gobias started a relationship and things were going well between them. One day I sent Patience out collecting. She arrived at one of the ponds out in the forest and came across Christopher fishing. He's and angler. They took one look at each other and it was pink hearts all over. They had an extremely fast romance and got married all without Gobias noticing. She continued the romance with Gobias while at work. Then babies started arriving. I was a bit surprised that the first few were Gobias's babies. She had four with Gobias before Christopher managed to have one with her. In the end she had 6 with Christopher and 5 with Gobias - might have been 6 with Gobias but I think with this game it was only 5.

    This is the game where Gobias autonomosly visited Patience at home one night and begged her to marry him. She refused. She was already married to Christopher.

    I moved Gobias's babies to his house as she had more babies with Christopher and they needed the room - they were limited to 8 sim households. I had no mods.

    Here are some pictures of Patience, Christopher, Marcie and the current children, toddler and baby.

    When the game opened there was a reaset and Patience bounced out of bed and the baby bounced out of his crib into the garden. I had it paused and grabbed a screenshot.


    This is the original Patience. She was at the start of a spin into other clothes.





    I found Christopher at the beach. It was night time of course. That's why I took them all in to CAS. Had to have even light on them in at least one picture.


    Marcie - she was always the nanny for Patience in subsequent games and usually married late and had a family of her own eventually.



    Gary Koffi


    Gregg Koffi


    Lucy Koffi


    Walter Koffi


    Bob Steel

    EDIT: I found Gobias at home so added shots of him too.



    The home lot where Patience and Christopher live is next door to the Frios and they did chat occasionally but not often.

    And this is where I first encountered death flowers and wondered what the point of them was. I found out much later.
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    I opened another old save. The save about Ella. It was probably the first game she was ever in. She wants to have 20 friends and be super popular. But she doesn't know 20 sims yet. But she has 4 love interests.

    The game was broken when I opened it and that's probably why I stopped playing it.

    I couldn't click on anything, not even to get the NRAAS menu up. The bed kept on snoring even when she wasn't in it. She didn't have a portrait on the left of the screen. I was going to abandon it but I couldn't when she went outside and played in the sprinkler. She is so happy doing that. So I recorded a little video of it instead of posting a pile of screenshots with me telling bout it.

    I did fix the save by the way. I went into Edit Town and evicted her and saved her lot to the library then bulldozed the broken lot and replaced it with the version saved to the library. All was good after that except the bed kept on snoring. I picked it up thinking there might be a sim hiding there but there wasn't and it was snoring from every angle.

    The save date on this game is 16th July 2009. Or in my language 16/7/2009.

    Here's the link to the video. It goes for about 4 minutes.

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    sims 3 has consumed me as of recent omg

    and because i cant post my own topics in the help threads (>.>)
    i have to ask here,

    supernatural is "installed" but all the files are completely deleted.

    but nether the less,
    your sims are really pretty! i dont have cc installed b/c the clothing is great imo
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    maxyyyy wrote: »
    sims 3 has consumed me as of recent omg

    and because i cant post my own topics in the help threads (>.>)
    i have to ask here,

    supernatural is "installed" but all the files are completely deleted.

    but nether the less,
    your sims are really pretty! i dont have cc installed b/c the clothing is great imo

    I'm sorry to read you're having problems. I have no idea what the cause could be but you could perhaps find an answer in this forum.


    If you have a quick look through it you might find an answer to your problem too as often others have the same problem. I think there is a thread somewhere that @phoebebebe13 set up for people to post in if they can't make their own posts yet. But if she pops in here she might be able to assist you further.

    I assume you're on patch 1.69. But she'll want to know the details. There is also Answers HQ which is another place you might find answers.

    Good luck and I hope you get an answer soon.
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    I am currently working on the next episode of the Oscar and Louise story. I have got about (a little over) 9 hours of video to cut down to 30 minutes. When I've done that I'll be able to post it to YouTube.

    In the meantime, here is the first in series of Outtakes from the videos.

    It is now on YouTube and in a new Playlist just for Oscar and Louise out takes.

    It should be a fun playlist.

    This first video is all about Oscar's childhood and we meet him and his parents and see where he lives and goes to school - all in about 1.5 minutes.

    Here's the link

    Happy Simming
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    I've been consciously trying to make my sims different from each other for a couple of years now because I felt mine all looked the same. At least they did to me. I put the sliders wherever I want them to get the look I'm after. If that results in someone else's idea of pudding or zero slider sim well that's ok because they don't have to have them in their own games.

    Here are a few sims I have in my library. They are all in some game somewhere - or sitting in my library waiting to be played.
    This is one I discovered today when I wanted to test a new world I just installed. She's a witch. I think she must have been made a year or so ago and never used. I do recall making a lot of witches to assist me in some badges where a lot of different female witches were required but I never did anything more about getting that badge. By the time I'd made all the witches I was interested in something else so I've never made an attempt to do it since.

    Like most of my witches, her last name is Bombay. that's all I know about her. I placed her in a house in the world I was looking at and then shut it down. All she's ever done in game so far is sit on a couch and watch TV and I got a couple of screen shots of her. All I remember about making her is using that necklace and I assume it was her I was making when I remembered using it.

    I'll put them behind a few Spoilers just in case you want to speed past without looking - or just look at a few at a time.



    She does have a few 0 sliders but not many.

    Katie Kingston has been used as a tester sim. She's evil and in the criminal career. She's about to join Caroline in the Caroline and Friends video series.


    I've got no idea if she's got any 0 sliders or not.

    Olivia Friday was made to be in a tiny Paradise Island. The island was so small I was bored in minutes and she's languished in my library. I think she might be in my Big Game somewhere. No idea what her sliders are. She's human.


    The group I made for the Paradise Island save. I've moved them all into the Big Game and some are now in Cake Island too.

    I've forgotten this one's name. I think she's evil. I also think I made her as a base game only sim to put onto the exchange when I first installed the base game on my new computer.


    I used her as a testing sim and turned her into a mermaid so I could work out how to make the dive lot before I made the video on building a dive lot.

    This is Ella. Made in 2009 - probably made in June or July 2009.


    I gave Ella a makeover and renamed her Elaine

    Later on I turned them both into mermaids and named them Estelle and Julia.
    Caroline from Caroline and Friends videos
    Her outfit is from the Katy Perry Stuff Pack.

    Wilma, Caroline's first live in friend. Wilma moves into Caroline's house when Caroline has completed all of the badges that require a single sim household.

    This sim is supposed to be almost a cat and is wearing the skin that gave me the inspiration for the McFluff series of videos.

    This pair were made quickly a few years ago to be part of a random 8 unrelated sim household.

    They are both probably in my Big Game now. In this pic they had no cc of any kind on them as that was before I added cc or mods to the game.

    This is another one from before I had CC so she's just got no cc.
    I've used her in a few games. Originally I wanted her to be a rock star but haven't played her enough in any one game for her to even get close to achieving that LTW.

    Rose Flower - one of my favourite fairies.


    Most of these sims were made before I started to think I needed to add more variety to my sims' appearances.

    Karen Flower - I think I've renamed her for the Big Game but I forget what I called her in that game. She's married to one of Patience's sons and they have a couple of children.

    This is Tina Flower - she's in the Big Game and lives in the Fairy Village in Barnacle Bay. She's married to one of the other fairies I made and they have a toddler son who is also a fairy.

    Will Flower - married to Tina

    Marilyn Flower - another fairy in my Big Game.
    Xantha - a human

    Juliette Jones - a human and an attempt at a Base Game only sim with everything still installed

    Jack Flower - one of my early fairies. There is no CC on him as he's on the Exchange

    Deb Dee

    Chas McSweeney - a sculptor

    Verna Smith - a sculptor

    Fabrisio Smith (a sculptor and Verna's brother)

    June Joyce - an evil sculptor

    Sam Steptoe - another sculptor

    Michelle Abbot - a sculptor

    Horatio Flower - also made as a sculptor

    A few sims I made for my Rainbow Gondola Lot
    Jane - a makeover of my witch, Judy Butler. They are going to be played together as sisters in the Cake Island game.
    Jane will take over from Judy at the end of the Isla Paraidos Bunch series of videos. That's when I'll merge the IP Bunch household into the Big Game.

    Judy Butler

    Craig Miller

    Meryl Manson - evil and mean spirited

    Dianna Martin - made as a throw away tester sim but I kept on using her.

    Harriet Jackson - a witch

    Muriel Webster (I keep forgetting her last name. It is either Webster or Watson - I think)


    Josephine, Haley and Jeannie were all made as blue skinned genies when Supernatural was released. I gave them a makeover and added them to the Isla Paradiso Bunch household. I decided I wanted one genie in the household but couldn't decide which one so they all went into the game.

    Josephine is hot headed and a coward - she often faints when Mia Azul's ghost appears.

    Haley is the mother of twin girls - their father is Salty Seaworth
    I was hoping her girls might be mermaids but they are both genies. One does seem to have mermaid skin though.

    Megan and Grant on their wedding day. Megan is a fairy and Grant is a genie.

    In another old game Phyllis admires her wedding ring after she and Salty get married. They have two children - both are mermaids.

    I've since added this family to my Cake Island game and given Phyllis a makeover. New hair and new skin. She's not got any CC on her in this picture.

    Maggie and Ben - no cc - I've since given them a makeover with new skin and hair. They came up as a stunning looking pair. His transformation particularly surprised me. He would have been originally made quickly a long time ago as one of 8 random unrelated sims for a game. Before I had mods to fix my game issues that prevented me playing families.

    My original idea for Gertie Green. She, or someone very like her, will be the main sim of Generation 5 of the McFluff story.

    Old Gertie - the original Gertie McFluff who is the star of Generation 0 of the McFluff story. She's a witch as well as a crazy cat lady.

    Gerry - made as the husband of Iris Greene - they make Generation 1 of the McFluff story.

    Iris Green - wife of Gerry they will produce children, one of which will be the heir to the McFluff story for Generation 2.

    Mike Flower - one of my fairies from the fairy village in Barnacle Bay

    Fanny - a sim I made a while ago for my boarding school in Moonlight Falls
    She's in my Cake Island save now.

    Jay Clarke after I gave him a makeover. He's with Annie, an Imaginary Friend turned real.

    This is Annie after I gave her a makeover
    I didn't touch her sliders so can't claim anything for her looks - just added a new skin and hair and makeup.
    Belinda, another of my witches. Here she's also a mermaid.

    Simon and Sukie - a pair of mermaids I made recently.

    Patience - one of my oldest sims. She was made back in June 2009.

    Marcie, another sim from June 2009.

    Sims I made recently to be Oscar's father and sister. (From the Oscar and Louise story)

    Oscar's brother and sister

    Oscar as a child

    Oscar as a young adult

    Nanny Maude

    Louise as a young adult with new hair

    Bluey Larson - made as Louise's father

    Lorna Larson - made as Louise's mother

    I used features from the original Louise I made in CAS in each of Bluey and Lorna in the hope when they had a baby it would resemble Louise. She didn't so I changed her numbers to match the original Louise. So although the new version of Louise was born in game she looks the same as the original made in CAS version of Louise.

    Oscar as a YA with different hair.

    Oscar aged down to toddler
    Ted is an old sim made before I used CC or mods


    Lucy is an early attempt at making a genie.

    James, a socially awkward sim I made for my Big Game but evicted him as he was too annoying to play with.

    Marcie (again) and Marty. Both sims I made at different times. Marie is an old sim and Marty was made at around 2012 or 2013. Marcie is from 2009.

    Olivia - the founder I made for my Perfect Genetics Challenge

    Penelope - made as a wife for Nate


    Bart Bombay - a witch - an old sim from long ago

    Julia, another very early sim


    Another picture of Fanny

    Toni Barton - an old sim from before I used CC or mods

    This group were made when I first started to use CC skins and I was experimenting
    Haley Hawkins

    Lesley Primer


    Sarah Jayne









    Base Game only sims made when I installed the Base Game on this new computer a few months ago.



    The original Louise - made as a base game sim

    Jamie - destined to be one of Oscar and Louise's nannies


    Oscar in his original form as a Base Game only sim

    Chuck Baker

    Clark Hogarth - another Base Game only sim
    Paula Flower after a makeover followed by a few new sims I made recently

    Harvey Miller




    Felicity Flower

    Fay Flower


    Duncan, a genie and married to one of Patience's daughters in my Big Game

    Bess - a witch

    Annabel - a hybrid


    Gene - a witch

    Wendy - a hybrid

    There are lots more. I've got them all saved as Sims3Pack files and can be installed and added to any game at any time. I have over 600 items in my library, most of them will be households of single sims, or multi sim households.

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    Ah Sims 3. I no longer have any game files. I really did enjoy Supernatural. Your Sims are great and so much in their ancestry. :)
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    Moonfall Island has the lots placed in the world, but there are no buildings - I think there might be two or three rabbit holes but otherwise it's a completely empty world. And there are quite a few of the lots that are sloping so there's plenty of potential to build houses into slopes. It's quite a small island and is classed as a medium sized world. It is very like Moonlight Falls world in vegetation and general feel to play in.

    Here are some pics to show where I'm at with the various levels of my new boarding school build in Moonfall Island.

    Showing level 1 - the ground level at the bottom corner of the build on the lot. This is where I want to put the bbq area. That's why I paved such a large area. See the steps coming down from the levels above where the slope is higher. There is another set of steps hiding behind that tree in the foreground.


    This is the opposite corner of the lot. The stairs here look like they are coming down from the lowest level but it is actually the third level of the build.

    I made really wide verandas. They are about 6 or 7 tiles wide. Plenty of room for outdoor activities. I might be able to fit some playground equipment out here. That's Jack painting - he mysteriously got his new hair back.

    This appears to be the ground level from the front of the building but it is actually level 3. I put a hopscotch mat down for them. The gap in the fence at the back of the image is the opening at the top of a set of steps you can see in the top picture above.

    That gap, and the stairs leading down to the ground below is 4 tiles wide.

    This is a view of the inside from the corner near the gap in the fence in the image immediately above. This level is mostly fully set up. It's apparently the ground level when entering the building from the front of the lot and has the kitchen and dining area as well as desks for computers and homework plus a couple of small tables waiting for birthday cakes when required.

    This is the next level up. It's pretty much the same as the lower level except I've put nothing in it yet. It is the upper level with the fence around it. Otherwise known as level 4.

    This is level 5. It isn't finished yet. Not much is done with it. I might put windows all around it - or not. There is no veranda. It's empty for now except for a spiral staircase coming up from level 4.

    The roof - it's wood and I painted it black because it looks better dark than light.

    Now I've moved the camera down to level 2. It appears to be below ground level on two sides but has large windows to take advantage of the views for most of the other two sides. There is a staircase going down to the ground on two sides from this floor.

    I used this floor as the place for the bedrooms and nursery. The bedrooms are tucked in against the walls that have no windows. I've put artwork into each bedroom so that any sim in any of those rooms gets a +40 beautifully decorated moodlet when occupying them.

    They also get the +40 beautifully decorated moodlet when in the open area of level 2.




    I put a regular staircase up to level 3 above because the ceiling of this level is a fraction too low for a spiral staircase. I could have fixed it by redoing a lot of work but decided to accept the straight stairs instead.

    Then there is level 1 - the actual ground floor. It's got some skilling objects. No one's used them yet though.




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    Episode 7 of The Story of Oscar and Louise is now available for viewing on YouTube.

    It's full of activity as I had to squeeze 9 hours of play into just over 30 minutes. I think it runs for 34 minutes.

    The video opens as Louise helps clean up after becoming a teen. It follows her and her sister through their teenage years and includes a variety of activities. They learn to fish, scuba dive, drive and many other things. They enjoy an outing to the roller coaster park and go to a prom. We see an imaginary friend becoming real and the three teens all enjoy their teenage years together. At the end of the video they all age up to Young Adult and Louise leaves home to live in a different town.

    Happy Simming/Video Viewing
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    Here is the link to the tutorial on adding a staircase to a basement on a sloping lot.

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    Episode 8 of my Perfect Genetics Challenge is now available to view on YouTube

    This episode is about the wedding of Olivia and Dan

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    Caroline and Friends Episode 9 is now on YouTube

    In this video Caroline is on the beach just after she finished her shift as lifeguard. She's got a portable radio from University Life EP and is experimenting with interviewing a few sims.

    Later on she goes home and has a sleep while we go and investigate Hobarts Resort. She purchased the resort as a way of earning the badge for running a 0 star resort for 7 days.

    There is quite a lot to do the Hobarts to ensure it is rated with 0 stars.

    Caroline also needs a houseboat as there is a badge that requires a sim to throw 5 parties on a houseboat. She buys Destiny of the Sea - a party boat and has a go at having a party but she isn't living on it yet and most of the guests stay on the jetty - they don't want to come on board the boat.

    This is quite a short video for the Caroline and Friends series as it runs for less than 20 minutes.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Destiny of the Sea is a party boat made by blunote00. She made the houseboat soon after Island Paradise was released and it is on the Exchange. Here's the link. There is no third party CC on it.

    Destiny of the Sea


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    My Perfect Genetics Challenge for Generation 1 - Episode 9 is now available on YouTube.

    Here's the link

    This is the honeymoon episode.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challents, Generation 1 Episode 10 is now available on YouTube

    The first baby is born - do we have an heir?
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    I do miss Sims 3™ and rarely go there now. Seeing your pictures reminds me of good times and great moments in creating some things that cannot be created in Sims 4™
    Well done, @Karritz :smile:
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    My latest tutorial is now on YouTube. It shows placing a spiral staircase from the ground down to a basement, then placing another spiral staircase down to the next basement down.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,284 Member
    An attempt to get the badge where a sim has 30 grandchildren.

    This one starts out with screen shots as I didn't get the 'brilliant idea' to make videos of them until this morning.

    But there is moving video for most of the time. You get to meet the mother, the father and all the kids. But only briefly. I didn't actually introduce them all. You just see them doing stuff and being sim children.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,284 Member
    Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 Episode 11 is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode we all start working out how to manage with a toddler in the house. He isn't the heir but he needs to learn his skills.

    Olivia is pregnant again - hoping for an heir this time. The baby is due but the video was already 13 minutes and I'm trying to keep them to between 10 and 15 minutes - so the next video will start with a visit to the hospital and a new baby.

    I hope you find time to watch it and enjoy it.

    Happy Simming
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