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Sims 3 and things


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    The tutorial on adding dormer windows into your builds is now on YouTube for anyone who is interested.

    I've shown gable dormers, flat dormers, shed dormers, hip dormers and the dormer that comes with the Now and Then Century Manor set from the store. It's just decorative.
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    Oscar's Childhood Part 4 is now on YouTube.

    Life continues happily for Oscar with his family in Erewhon.
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    I loaded Episode 5 of Oscar's Childhood to YouTube yesterday and it is now ready for you to watch.

    Happy Simming
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    Oscar's Childhood Part 6 is now on YouTube.

    Gene gets the cheating reputation and Nola feels betrayed. I'm not sure how this happened but it did.

    Nola meets a stranger at the library and invites them to move in with the family. Will she regret this?

    Oscar and most of the rest of the household soon dislike the newcomer.

    New bedrooms are added to the basement for the girls.
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    Oscar's Childhood Part 7 is now on YouTube

    I hope you enjoy it.

    I'm now setting up for the next part of the story.

    Happy Simming
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    Hello again.

    Chapter 8 of Oscar's Childhood is now on YouTube for your viewing. It runs for a little over 10 minutes. But I did some more experimenting with special effects so it seemed much longer to me at the time. But it is not that long when being watched.

    This video focuses on the family but mostly on Noela's dilema with how to deal with the issue she has with Simone and Gene. She sees Fleur as her only friend and ally. In the meantime Gene and the rest of the family try to cope with Fleur in all of her nastiness.

    I was planning to end the story with this video - but in the end I cut it into two and the next episode will most likely see things come to a climax.

    I hope you enjoy it.

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    Oscar's Childhood Part 9 is now on YouTube and available for viewing.

    Big changes are afoot. Enjoy.
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    Here's the link to The Perfect Genetics Challenge - Generation 1 - Episode 17

    Gary ages up

    Toddlers continue toddler training

    Both parents head off to work at one point requiring a babysitter to be called.

    Gary gets a new bedroom built for him.

    Snowmen and school too.

    Happy Simming
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    30 Grandchildren Part 6 is now available on YouTube

    Update on the teens and they get up to a few interesting activities.
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    Episode 11 of Caroline and Friends is now on YouTube. Please Enjoy.

    In this episode Caroline achieves her Lifetime Wish of being a Seaside Savior by rescuing 50 Sims from drowning. It's taken a few episodes to get to 50 rescues but she got there at last.

    Next step was to go for the final badge - Throw 5 Parties on a Houseboat. She has moved onto the wonderful Party boat, Destiny of the Sea. It was made by @blunote00 and is on the Exchange. Caroline gains a housemate while living on the houseboat. Wilma arrives.

    Once the badge is achieved, Caroline sells the houseboat and moves back into her original house.

    Now that they have completed all of the Island Paradise achievements Caroline and Wilma will start working on the University Life badges in future episodes. They will eventually be joined by several new friends as different personalities are required for various badges.

    Happy Simming
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    The McFluff Story is now on YouTube.

    This is the first video I've made for YouTube where the game in the video is in the Big Game I set up a few weeks ago. You will meet a few of the locals, some of whom you probably haven't seen before but many of you will find most familiar if you've been watching my forum posts over the years.

    Happy Simming
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    Episode 66 of The Isla Paradiso Bunch is now available on YouTube.

    They start out in Egypt but soon leave for China. You see them fishing in different places at different times. Some fledgling romance between a few of them. They interact with the locals at the market. Meryl is still actively seeking her wealthy spouse. She does this autonomously so I don't have to worry about keeping her busy with that task. I suppose if I gave her some assistance she might have more luck. Poor Meryl.

    Craig has an adventure chain that he will continue in the next episode. The main one he does in this episode is The Pilgrim's Walk.

    Judy gets an adventure that is the beginning of another chain of adventures but there wasn't time to get her started on it as she got it from the phone late in this episode.

    Several of them had a repeating adventure to collect metals for the repair to the Miniature Tomb.

    They smelt their copper at home to convert it to bars they need to complete their adventure.

    Much fun is had by all.

    Enjoy and Happy Simming
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    Colourful Mermaids Episode 5 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    In this episode the mermaids start out under water at a dive lot. They swim home after enjoying their dive and dance a little in their upstairs dancing and music room. While there they enjoy lunch together. Next day they change into their costumes and have a Halloween Party in their special Halloween Party Room.

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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 1, Episode 18 is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode one of the toddlers ages up to become a child and the final baby is born. Otherwise life goes on with a little toddler training happening.

    Happy Simming
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    I thought I'd give a little extra info on how the Perfect Genetics Challenge is going - the videos.

    I just posted Episode 18 to YouTube and decided to continue on with Episode 19 before moving onto the next episode of Oscar's Childhood. That next episode of Oscar's Childhood is going to take a while as I think I'm going to have a go at adding lots of interesting fog emitters and I still have to look for the codes I'll want to use. Since there are thousands of them available that could take a while.

    So, in the meantime here are a few pics of where Perfect Genetics is up to - some of the pics refer to what you'll see in Episode 19 which hasn't been begun yet - I'm just playing the game and recording video for it now.

    This is Percy. He's the final child for this generation. He wasn't necessary as they already have the heir. However Don wanted another child and Olivia was persuaded to have one for just for him even though she dislikes children.

    Don has since had another wish for another child. He got 2,500 lifetime happiness points for Percy's birth. Now if he gets yet one more child it is worth 3,000 lifetime happiness points. I cancelled his wish. Poor Don.

    Meanwhile, I found Olivia downstairs in their tiny basement throwing darts at the dart board. I was impressed with her aim.

    Olivia ran off to work. Don is at home teaching Percy to walk and potty. He's already taught him to talk. I didn't want Percy to learn to talk from the mirror in the playpen so learn to talk comes first for this little family due to parents plonking toddlers in playpens at any time and I just find them there later - sometimes much later.

    Percy learned to potty quite quickly, but the learn to walk was interrupted by Don deciding to go and play on the computer instead. I found out about this when he put Percy into the playpen and vanished. Found him playing at the computer.

    I checked their household funds and found they have enough to buy a car. Then, since there are so many children and toddlers in the household - and it's only going to get worse since this will go for 10 generations, I added some playground equipment to the lot as well.

    As each toddler ages up I add an extra bedroom. I might have to start going up to the next level soon - although it is a 64x64 lot. Don't really want to cover it all with rooms though. I might put the playground area under cover at some stage due to the constant rain in the game. I'll see how it goes.

    Don will be going back to work in 2 days so it'll be babysitters for a while for the toddlers. I thought of getting him to quit his job but decided not to because of his lifetime wish to be a Celebrated Five-Star Chef and I want them to get that fridge. I haven't had a sim get that fridge for several real life years now and it used to be my number one priority with just about every household before I stopped bothering with it. I do have the CC version of that fridge but I don't like how it is in game so don't want to use it again.

    That's it for now -

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 1, Episode 19 is now on YouTube and ready to view

    In this episode the little family is concentrating on toddler training at home - James starts school and begins learning his childhood skills. Don is at home taking care of the children while Olivia leaves him to it and returns to work.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 1, Episode 20 is now available on YouTube.

    NOTE: This is the second episode posted today. Just in case you accidentally missed Episode 19.

    Owen ages up to child. The household enjoys their new play area with Spring Riders, tree house, basket ball hoop and more.

    By the end of this episode there are three children and three toddlers in the household.

    Olivia is working hard at her career but needs to do more to make her boss happy with her.

    Don would like to be working towards his lifetime wish but is still bound to the house with toddler duties so soon after the birth of Percy.


    Happy Simming
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    Getting Ready for Oscar is now available on YouTube

    If you're interested in Oscar's Childhood this video, while not part of the series, is my behind the scenes pictures of how I'm setting up my big game in preparation for the big move of his nhd file from it's own single save to the Big Game save. In the end most of the video follows Dan Steel around a few worlds as I link him to his extended family tree and you will get to see some of the Sims that will have an influence on Oscar as he grows up.

    For you this is mostly a familiarisation exercise. You might be surprised at how some of these sims are linked.


    Happy Simming
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    Oscar's Childhood Part 10 is now available to view on YouTube

    Oscar's life has changed after the meteor hit and Elouise arrives in Erewhon to rescue him. Oscar finds himself safely in the boarding school on Chocolate Cake Island.
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    Eric's Story Part 1 is now ready for viewing on YouTube.

    Part 1 takes place before Eric is born. You will see his parents - major changes happen prior to his birth and they are important changes so I made this part about them.

    Part 1 opens with a picture of Eric as he will become when he's a child, and you see a series of family trees for his family. This is meant to give you an idea of how many sims he's related to and can potentially call upon in his future travels.

    You will see Eric's father, Percy Koffi, make Eric's mother young again using a potion he makes on the Chemistry Table.

    Eric's mother is Lorna McCann from Dragon Valley and she is an extremely old elder and Percy is a young adult. The game got them married while I was playing another household. They are so much in love with each other I thought it worthwhile leaving them together but I wanted him to have babies with her so I had to do something and chose to use the Chemistry table to make the potion. She was so old by the time I got the idea to make the potion I kept expecting the Grim Reaper to take her before he could discover it. It was quite a stressful few sim days for me. Fortunately he made it in time and she became a Young Adult World Renowned Surgeon.

    Unfortunately, after they had their babies they proved to be terrible parents. They are so besotted with each other they spend all of their time either at work or going out together to have fun and leave their babies alone at home. So Eric and his little sister have been moved permanently to the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island.

    Oscar has just been sent to the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island and he and Eric will become best friends. Eric is older than Oscar and he takes Oscar under his wing and when they are old enough they will explore all of the worlds (13 so far) in the Big Game. Eric is related to someone in most of those worlds so they will always have someone to stay with. They'll be joining various households in their travels. This will allow me to play numerous other households. I might even have them stay with Bob and his new family in Sunlit Tides as I'd like to spend some time with that interesting little household. Bob's eldest son, Harry, is Eric's cousin and they grew up together before Eric got sent to boarding school. Harry will be in Part 2 of Eric's Story video. Harry's parents are both in Part 1 of Eric's Story Video so you'll see them if you watch this video.

    While Percy works on discovering the Young Again Potion he finds the Imaginary Friend Metamophium Potion. He uses the potion to make his Imaginary Friend real and renames him Bob. Bob marries Percy's half-sister, Haley. Haley and Bob have a son, Harry. Harry and Eric are also best friends as well as being cousins. Haley often autonomously came to the rescue of Eric before I finally gave up and put him permanently in the boarding school. I got them to have a second child just because I wanted one more from them, even though I knew she'd also have to live in the boarding school.
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    Here's the link to the second part of Eric's Story.

    It runs for about 15 minutes.

    This is all I'm posting on Eric's toddler days. Next video, which I'm about to start working on, is of his childhood. When Oscar meets him, Eric has just aged up to teen.

    This video was recorded by me opening old saves of the original game. Things that happen in the video may or may not have happened in the original game. I just flitted around the world to see what I could see was happening and recorded bits of it to show you bits of Eric and his extended family for the video.

    At the end I placed Eric and three of his toddler cousins into the boarding school to show him learning his toddler skills.

    This is a very early version of the boarding school. It was originally meant to be used only for toddlers but it gradually dawned on me that I could use it for children - then I decided teens could benefit from being there too and finally I started rotating the nannies so they could also learn skills. Most of the born in game sims in my worlds have had 3 or more stays at the boarding school at different ages and with different groups of other sims thereby extending their friendships widely throughout the world. And by the time we see Oscar at the boarding school I've implemented the idea of having only one active boarding school in the game and have sims from a variety of worlds at it thereby having them meet sims from anywhere. I think it is a nice way for cousins from different worlds to get to know each other as well as meeting unrelated sims.

    The video opens with Eric sitting in the snow while his parents enjoy a pleasant lunch date inside the Little Corsican Bistro. The babysitter turned up and I also found Haley was there keeping Eric company.

    Haley was living with Eric's parents in Part 1 of Eric's story, and in Part 2 she has moved out to live with Bob and they have a toddler of their own, Harry. Also, Haley has made a Plumbot named Plum. Back when I was playing the game I'd played Haley's household for a while and she and Bob had gotten married and little Harry was born. Then I moved on to play another household and Haley and Bob got divorced and she eventually moved in with Gobias. In this episode Haley and Bob are still living in the same household but I noticed they have already divorced. When she moves out she leaves Harry and Plum with Bob. Bob turns out to be a brilliant father and takes great care of Harry. Harry is a teen by the time Oscar arrives at the boarding school.

    Haley - pregnant with Harry

    Plum - Haley's plumbot

    Haley with Eric - he'd been sitting in the snow. I got this shot back when I was originally playing the game and I wasn't controlling Haley or Eric. I just noticed this happen autonomously. Thought it was nice she'd visit her little nephew who seemed to spend his entire life sitting in the snow while his parents went out having fun together at bistros and fun parks.


    My favourite old pic of Harry. He keeps his skin colour as his father, Bob, has the same skin.


    One thing that always bothered me about Eric and Sammeh (cousins) is they were born with very dark skins. I could never understand how this could have happened since both of them had parents with very pale skins. But I left them alone and pondered the problem. I used to think it must have been some glitch in the system but left them with their original colours because that's how they'd been born. Then recently it slowly dawned on me what had happened. They'd each inherited their father's skin (EA Default) and had inherited their mother's slider position (EA Default from Dragon Valley). Although both mothers were very light skinned, they had the multi coloured Dragon Valley skin and their sliders were pulled far to the right to give them very pale greenish skins.

    Now I'd worked out what had happened to them I felt it would be ok for me to give them CC skins. I'll be giving their parents CC skins too for the Big Game. So both toddlers got ESkin Fresh skins. I didn't touch their slider position but they suddenly became very pale greenish sims.

    I hope you enjoy the video. I had fun making it even though it took me a long time to get it finished. So many other things to do.

    Happy Simming
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    These videos on Eric's Story are just a bit of a snapshot of the various family members so when I start back on Oscar's story, some of the sims surrounding Oscar will be familiar. Eric will hopefully not just be a new blank character.

    Here is the next video. It took me a while to do mostly due to distractions with other activities I'm involved with.

    The long awaited video of Eric's Story Part 3 is now up on YouTube

    We find Eric as a child at home. See Percy and their pet cat. Then Eric catches the bus for school. After school Eric delivers some permission slips to City Hall and does his homework. We see a few sims around town including two of Gary Koffi's plumbots. This is the last we'll see of Eric before Oscar turns up at the Boarding School to find Eric has just aged up to teen. It is safe to assume Eric has successfully completed all of his toddler skills and child skills.

    Next we move on to the household of Bob and Harry Koffi. they live with Plum the plumbot. Haley has moved out and we visit her briefly. She's living with Gobias and they have a toddler daughter. By the time Oscar arrives at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island that toddler of Haley and Gobias has just become a child and she's at the Boarding School when Oscar arrives there.

    We briefly visit The Sackholme-Koffi residence where Giles Koffi and his wife Susie Sackholme live with their son Sammeh. Suzie's brother Mason is there too. He has a daughter, Star, with his ex-wife Hannah. Hannah is the half-sister of Eric's father, Percy Koffi.

    Next we visit Hannah and her family at home and meet Theresa Fields who is visiting their houshold. Theresa is another half-sister of Percy Koffi and of Hannah too.

    Finally Hannah and her second husband, Quinn Flanagan and their children head off for the beach where Star climbs the climbing wall, and rides the bucking bronco. The twin boys relax on the beach and the youngest daughter takes a swim in the ocean. We meet Hannah and see Quinn who is now an elder. They have many dogs. Whenever I think of this household the first image that comes to me is of 4 large dogs.

    The video runs for about 17 minutes.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 21 is now up on YouTube

    The main events this episode include Cindy ages up to child, Petal completes her toddler training, the house gets some extra rooms, pets join the household and the three boys and Don go on a festival egg hunt at the Spring Festival. I finally seem to get the weather under control.
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    Perfect Genetics Generation 1 Episode 22 is now on YouTube

    The children all go fishing together.

    In this episode one toddler ages up - but we'll need to wait for the next episode to see them post CAS visit.

    Some mysterious sim casts a naughty spell on on of the parents.

    Explore the new layout of the house a little further.

    Enjoy and Happy Simming
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    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 7 is now available on YouTube.


    In this episode we work towards solving the problem of overwhelming amounts of dirty laundry. New bedrooms are built for some of the teens before the money runs out. Teens work towards completing their lifetime wishes. Robbie finds a magic lamp and tries to clean it. A genie appears. Robbie is stunned and has to race after the genie to get it back into the lamp before he is late for school.

    Happy Simming
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