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Do sims 2 fans prefer sims 3 or sims 4?

BessiebooBessieboo Posts: 199 Member
I love sims 2 and have the complete game, I also have sims 3 and 4 base games with a couple of expansions. I would probably say I preferred sims 3 over 4 at the moment but as I don't have the complete game and sims 4 isn't complete yet its hard to say.

Was wondering which game other simmers prefer.


  • MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,749 Member
    The sims 2 is my favourite of the series, possibly one of my favourite games of all time. The sims 3 is a tiny bit behind it. I like the sims 4 but I prefer The sims 2,3 and 1.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,002 Member
    edited October 2017
    TS2 is King of the hill. It is the standard TS2 players judge all other games. :) The Sims was brilliant, but from there most things in games today originated in TS2 and carried forward into the other games or watered down in other games.

    My order: TS2, TS1, TS3, TS4.
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  • JULES1111JULES1111 Posts: 4,489 Member
    edited October 2017
    Sims 2 is best it has almost everything I could want from a sims game, the things I would want that it doesn't, it just makes up for with real awesome gameplay. :) I also love a lot of things about Sims 3 as well. If the two of them could have a baby I would be thrilled. :D The original Sims would come in third, only because it doesn't really have aging across generations. Other then that the game was a blast to play!
    mortia wrote: »
    In my opinion, TS4 is a glued-together, shambles of a game and will never live up to its predecessors as far as in-depth gameplay goes. It's pure fluffy facade.

    ^^^ I second this! Perfectly said. :)

  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 785 Member
    I love the varied answers because we are all...varied. So I guess it depends on your play style, etc.

    For me, TS2 was IT. I had all of it except one stuff pack before a catastrophic computer crash wiped everything out. By the time I was ready to play again, TS3 was out. I got it and hated it. Aside from constant crashing for me, I couldn't control my sims! Births, deaths, marriages, moving - it all happened without ME!

    I finally got TS4 last year and played around with it. At least I could mostly control my neighborhood. But there's a bug that shows up where my sims age when I'm not playing them (even though I have my settings right). I think I bought one expansion for it. And this week, I was really missing all that TS2 had.

    And THEN I learned that if you registered your copy of TS2, apparently they dumped TS2 Ultimate into your account. WHAT? Yep. There it was. So I installed it yesterday and my only real complaint is that I have to have so many friends to advance in a career. I can even deal with the older graphics. What an AMAZING game. Maids actually come and to the work, butlers - same thing, my sims welcome one another home from work, CARS, the list goes on and on.

    I'm taking a break from my MMORPG to get my newly created neighborhood established. How AWESOME that I can create my own neighborhood from scratch, name it what I want, put houses where I want, age my families like I want.

    *feeling very sim-like today*
  • lulubadwolflulubadwolf Posts: 630 Member
    @RiennaTelemnar You know, if you don't mind mod, there is one that delete the need of having a specific amount of friends to get a promotion ( here)

    TH3 & 4 are so different from each other that i can't pick one, the two of them have good point and bad point.
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 785 Member
    Thanks for the suggestion. However I’m a non-CC or mod person. I’ll deal with it to enjoy the amazing game play.
  • BessiebooBessieboo Posts: 199 Member
    JULES1111 wrote: »
    Sims 2 is best it has almost everything I could want from a sims game, the things I would want that it doesn't, it just makes up for with real awesome gameplay. :) I also love a lot of things about Sims 3 as well. If the two of them could have a baby I would be thrilled. :D The original Sims would come in third, only because it doesn't really have aging across generations. Other then that the game was a blast to play!
    mortia wrote: »
    In my opinion, TS4 is a glued-together, shambles of a game and will never live up to its predecessors as far as in-depth gameplay goes. It's pure fluffy facade.

    ^^^ I second this! Perfectly said. :)

    A sims 2 and 3 baby sounds awesome. :) Its what I was expecting from sims 4 but from what Ive read so much has been left out.
  • Scribal_GoddessScribal_Goddess Posts: 748 Member
    I've only played TS3, and I think if I could get a large number of expansions for cheap I'd do it again. It's got some nice variety of stuff to do, pretty adaptable as far as challenges go, and I'm pretty sure I could tweak the aging etc. to match my play style with a few hacks. (I like to do rotational play, not something that works that great with TS3's default settings.) It's also pretty flexible in terms of being able to play different eras with minimal CC, and the idea of building a less rectangular neighborhood appeals to me.

    That said, I just don't think TS4 was finished when they shipped it, and all the expansions and stuff packs so far feel like things that should have been in the base game or *maybe* a first expansion pack. They're just not offering the value of stuff for the price that they used to, and I absolutely despise the idea that I would have to play with an online collection or via Origin, so I'll most likely never get it.
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  • ParyPary Posts: 6,818 Member
    Even though I love TS3, TS2 remains my very favourite. I think it is the iteration that has had the most care put into making the game charming, enjoyable, in depth and well rounded.
    In TS3 they dropped a lot of the special things that make TS2 so great. It's many "little things" rather than any one or two big things, but they sacrificed some lovely gameplay for the open world.
    If they had given TS2 an open world, and given the sims a bit of a makeover / redesign, I would have been in absolute perfect sims game heaven.
    That's all just my own opinion though. I must admit to holding TS2 as a pinnacle of what makes the sims fantastic for me personally, despite my love for TS3 as well.

    I don't even know what TS4 is trying to accomplish. It's just... "existing"
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  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,149 Member
    edited October 2017
    They all have something a little different to offer don't they? My favorite is and always has been, Sims 2 I think. I would have said Sims 3 because I loved the 'adventure' feel of that game, but it had so many problems. So very many... I know its not popular to say that because someone will think/say "If your computer was better it'd be fine." or "I never had any problems with it" but it was, and still does, run horribly. I kinda feel like my love for 3 is diminished because even on a modern gaming computer (that should run the game flawlessly) it still stutters and lags or crashes all-together. So I'd say in order for me, unfortunately, its Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 1 and then Sims 4. Sims 4 is a great game with its own special bits that I love, like the drag and drop rooms and lots and the pull and drag options in CAS, and the multitasking! Its just missing something that I can't really put my finger on. No matter how much content gets added, that special spark is still missing. Wish I knew what it is...

    Because the truth is, dispite its flaws, I will still boot up Sims 3 and suffer through the (admittedly not as bad) lags, freezes and crashes of it to experience the fun of exploring a festival or tomb or just walking around the town seeing the townies go about their lives. The game was great, even with its flaws but...they still don't compare to the quirkiness or just plain fun of Sims 2 though!
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  • AshubiiAshubii Posts: 791 Member
    I've loved all of the games so far - Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4... There's a lot I miss from Sims 3 that I'm hoping we'll get to see some version of in Sims 4, but I think so far Sims 4 is my favorite of them all.
  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    Sims 3 definitively.
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  • LadyTachunkaLadyTachunka Posts: 1,451 Member
    i prefer 4 to be honest. i love the sims 2 since it was my first sims game i ever got and i love that game it'll always having a place in my heart. sims 4 brings back those memories of that plus more since there is so much that is different then the other games. CAS is one of my favourite things to do plus building is another thing i like too like im glad that you can copy a room or even move the room around. plus with with the the clutter they have it can really make a house homey i really love the clutter. the sims in my opinion are more lively with their emotions and toddler primus the toddlers im so glad i don't have to put them into cribs anymore i love the toddler beds and the way that they toddle around the house. the active careers i like too i love doing the science career or the detective career plus the doctor one is good too more so if you get high enough to figure out the baby gender and i can't wait till the new ep coming out.
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  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 108 Member
    I hated 3. Never played 4.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,392 Member
    Sims 2 is best imo. Haven't seen a better iteration yet..
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,002 Member
    I loaded Pleasantview today, hadn't played in that hood in years. Omg, how I have missed all those empty houses, they are so compact and neat, I have a lot of decorating to do. :D
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • actuallyitsjessicaactuallyitsjessica Posts: 136 Member
    Sims 2 is my true love. Sims 3 is that cool guy that drove into town and offered to show me the world (or worlds, lol.) I started playing Sims 3 in July and, by September, I was burnt out from sucking in information like a vacuum. I couldn't play anything for a few weeks. Nothing like that happened with Sims 4. I had fun with what goals I did manage to accomplish, but I would always get bored, frustrated, and claustrophobic.

    University life is installed now. The vacuum is back on, but I'm taking things slower. As much as I'm enjoying Sims 3, I miss Sims 2 dearly. There's a lot I miss and still want to accomplish there. Just waiting for an opening to slip away from "Cool Guy". :p
  • TartacusTartacus Posts: 73 Member
    Well I played 1800 hours of Sims 4 and have grown to hate it. I loved the Sims 3 even with all its quirks and problems and played more hours on it that I could possibly own up to, I never really played sims 2 although I now have it as a freebee from Origin and am beginning to think that I should play it rather than just look at its icon in my games list. Sims 4 for me was a major letdown and in no way shape or form do I see it as an upgrade to the sims franchise. But I seem to remember people saying this about sims 3 when it was released.
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  • james64468james64468 Posts: 1,275 Member
    I play all three. But I have more hours on Sims 3. One reason I keep sims 4 around is because of Nov 10 Cats and dogs expansion pack. I pre-order it. I really hope if the Sims franchise keeps going on that Sims 5 starts a new timeline.
  • Serendipity38Serendipity38 Posts: 1,064 Member
    Despite it's many failings, I personally prefer Sims 3 over Sims 4. There is so much in and to do in, Sims 3, that I can have fun no matter what style of game I feel like at the time. Where as I start up Sims 4, and almost immediately, no matter what save I load up, it feels like work to me. Not fun, at all. (Though I will say that they nailed Vampires and Toddlers in Sims 4, spot on!)

    Now, that all said? I am a die-hard Sims 2 fan as my first and primary "love". No two ways about that!
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,446 Member
    TS2 absolute favorite of the series! Next would be 1, though admittedly this is from memory as I don't currently have it loaded on any machine and am not sure it plays well with XP . I never could get into 3 in spite of several attempts. What kills it for me are: no story telling capability, all the sims look alike, and the restriction of only 1 family per game save. It does have some nice features as I like the idea of open worlds and the colour wheel is great. Having horses, too. One of my sims actually started making friends with a unicorn! Oddly, the game runs better on my old (originally Vista) HP machine than on my new high-powered Dell. Both are Windows 10, so not an OS issue. 4 is sort-of OK, but again no proper story telling, no proper rotational play as the game still advances time for everyone even though I can turn off aging (sims even make babies on their own), no end of bugs, and as others have said it simply lacks that special something. It's like ordering a car, expecting a shiny new Buick Electra, and getting a worn out and beat up Toyota instead.
  • JULES1111JULES1111 Posts: 4,489 Member
    @Oldeseadogge Yes Sims 1 runs on Windows XP. Actually the only Windows I heard people having issues with is 10, and even some of those got it to work with work arounds.
  • ChristianSimFanChristianSimFan Posts: 546 Member
    I love them all to be honest, I've learned to accept each one for what they are.
  • classicXcrimeclassicXcrime Posts: 175 Member
    I've been trying to play TS4 lately in preparation for the Cats & Dogs expansion release and I've come to realize just how much I dislike TS4 when compared to previous iterations. If I had to put them in order from favorite to least favorite it would definitely be TS2>TS3>TS1>TS4. Even playing TS4 for a couple of hours leaves me feeling completely frustrated with my sims because a lot of the time it takes forever for an action to occur and sometimes the action cancels itself out for no reason and then they're just standing around for hours while their needs deplete for absolutely no reason. My favorite part about TS4 would have to be how intuitive CAS is and I also like how the skill trees are broken down into separate categories for things like piano, guitar, and singing, as well as cooking, baking, and gourmet cooking. Unfortunately for me, that's where the pros stop for TS4. For TS3, I will admit that I really miss having the open world and I was a fan of my neighbors getting married and having babies without me having to influence every detail, but the glitches and lag of the game make it hard for me to play on my current system. Overall, the sims from TS2 feel the realest to me and I love every single EP that came out for that iteration. Open for Business has never been replicated well enough in later sequels, the apartments in TS2 are my favorite out of the bunch, I like how quirky and strange the game can be without me orchestrating things, I miss the attraction system and how a sims personality will effect every day actions (ex. sloppy sims farting, shoveling food in their mouth when eating, etc.). Every time I play TS2 something surprises me and that's something I love about that game.
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