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Do sims 2 fans prefer sims 3 or sims 4?



  • RamofMerryDeathRamofMerryDeath Posts: 22 Member
    I'm TS2 -> TS4 -> TS3. Never played the first game, so I can't comment!

    I think 2 feels the most 'fun' to me but I've spent so much time in it I'm just... bored. Sims 4 is filling that void right now. I feel like I would've enjoyed S3 more, but it had MASSIVE performance issues for me, so I never really.. got into it.
  • MidnightSalem20MidnightSalem20 Posts: 4 New Member
    Really it is a toss up between The Sims 2 and 3 for me (I've yet to really play Sims 4, but I'm aiming to change that soon), and it all depends on what kind of playstyle I want to go for on any given play session. The Sims 2 feels more goofy, silly and outrageous than its successor, so if I want a lighthearted, anything-goes playthrough I start that up. Not saying you can't be super silly in The Sims 3 of course, I just feel like TS3 is better accommodated for a more realistic session, at least in my eyes. Despite all its glitches I still feel like TS3 was the nearest The Sims have gotten to actually feeling real and their world tangible.

    So I guess the short answer is: I love them both for different reasons and don't have a definitive pick.
  • kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 424 Member
    Well for me my favorite and still fav is Sims 2, but runner up for me now just since a few months ago is Sims 4. I have 3 but to big and hard to run even on my good computer. Never thought I would bother with 4 since it had no toddlers. Gee, what is a family without toddlers. But when I saw that they now do and that they are so darn cute and more to them then even sims 2 I went for it. I have come to like the game though still really lacking in many areas such as no more to grow a town and so little you can do in the build area to make your own town the way you want it. But it runs easy and not to hard to play in rounds like sims 2, but the best is the toddlers and over all interactions of sims and children can do so much more even stay home alone and go to town alone. So I now go back and forth but still Sims 2 first.
  • r0b0tman5r0b0tman5 Posts: 83 Member
    I prefer sims 3 and sims 1 over sims 4 tbh
    Been playing The Sims since the early 2000's!!!
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  • Charlotta11Charlotta11 Posts: 157 Member
    probably 2->4->1->3
    But it's hard to say because all of these games have things i love or hate.
  • NyxAxelNyxAxel Posts: 6 New Member
    Sims 4 doesn't exist in my mind and never will.
    Sims 3 is the same as Sims 2 to me, so I could never choose between them.
    And for Sims 1... I've never considered it a Sims game, and never will, because it wasn't a game. It was meant to be used by realtors to help clients find the right house. It literally accidentally became a game, without them trying. I don't consider that anywhere near the same level as 2 or 3, so it'd be unfair for me to even give it a rank here.
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,120 Member
    It depends. I love CAS in 4, as well as build mode (it's the easiest version for me). But I miss story progression in 3 (but I don't miss it progressing uncontrolled. Like I want progress without me there but I want them to do what I want. Lol). And what I miss most from 3, which I didn't realize until I was looking at some other simmer's screenshots last night, is textures. That's what I miss the most in 4 as far as appearance goes. I wish I could take the best bits from each one and mush them into one monster game that I love to death.

    If I have to choose though, I'd say...4. But only because it runs better. I don't use mods, and so playing 3 got old really fast since nothing rendered and it was just super glitchy all the time (again, never used it, but I've heard that NRAAS, I think that's what it's called, fixed many issues people had). I still get glitches in 4, but they aren't as impactful on my games. Other people's experiences are different, I'm sure, and there are still a ton of things 3 did that 4 doesn't. Of course 2 isn't perfect and it has it's glitches too, but it contains the most of the things I want from a Sims game. And this is why 2 is the age-old favorite. <3

    Overall, it'd be 2, then 3 and 4 at a tie, then 1. I didn't dislike 1 at all, but I played it so long ago and haven't played since that it's a bit hard to remember everything (I was pretty young at the time).
  • SeloBeeSeloBee Posts: 21 Member
    My list would be 2>3>1

    TS2 is my ultimate all-time favorite, hands down. In my opinion, nothing has ever lived up to the hype that was Sims 2 when it first came out. Although the other games have improved in some areas, they've also gone backwards in other areas, whereas Sims 2 had advanced in literally every single aspect compared to its predecessor. I remember when TS3 was coming out, and I was so excited because I thought it would be as epic an update to the series as TS2 was. My sister got it first, and I got to play but honestly I found myself missing TS2 every time I tried to play, so I went back lol. I continued to play 2 for about 2 more years before I gave 3 another chance, and by then it actually began to grow on me (even though the sims themselves still bothered me, which I'm glad to find I wasn't the only one who felt that way :lol:) Personally, I really like the way sims look in 2 more than any of the other games, and I find I don't much care for the weirdly cartoony yet (trying to be) realistic way sims look in 4, it's just.... weird lol idk how else to explain it but it just does not appeal to me.

    A big plus I also enjoy about TS2, and really it's just because it is an older game, but I love that I can play the game with every expansion and stuff pack installed plus loads of CC on an old beat-up laptop from 2009 and it runs absolutely beautifully even with every setting on high, even on the largest lot! When I played TS2 in the past, I had to have all settings on low/med or turned off, so now that I can play it with everything on high it's almost like I'm falling in love with the game all over again. I notice things I couldn't before, like the fact you can actually sit there and count how many threads are in a sweater or a rug, you can see the grain/markings on wooden furniture, etc. It's just gorgeous!!! :heart:

    I keep seeing people saying something like, "Don't judge an incomplete game to a completed game," or, "Sims 4 is still expanding, just be patient!" but really, c'mon guys, we're 4 almost 5 years since TS4's release and it's still just..meh. By this point with every other iteration, the next one in the series was either being advertised or was coming out, and EA hasn't even mentioned a Sims 5... And on the former [sorta] quote, I can't speak for anyone else obviously, but I personally compare every series-type game to the previous based on where the previous was at the same time. For instance, when TS4 came out, I compared it to the other base games only, and at least for me, it was still a COMPLETE let-down, I think I honestly cried you guys. I had such high hopes for 4, and maybe that's where I messed up, but even so I just felt betrayed by the Sims team (even though now I know it was definitely more EA's fault) I don't know how else to describe how I felt though. It hurt like a broken heart.

    But, hey, everyone has a different opinion and everyone likes different things, and that's okay. In fact, it makes life more interesting, just like Sims! If I made the same sim over and over and over again, it would get really really boring, lol. And I'm so happy I finally became a part of this forum, seeing others who are just as passionate (if not more!) about Sims games as I am is so wonderful, I'm the only person I know in real-life that even plays the games!! :lol:

    Happy Simming everyone! :blush:
    The world is quiet here
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 458 Member
    As a long term simmer, I'd have to say that 2 is my favorite, and 4 is a close second. I just can't even with 3, nope nope nope!
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  • xoSnowyOwlxoxoSnowyOwlxo Posts: 27 Member
    TS2 in my opinion is the best of the franchise, it has its limitations and shortcomings - but it was such a revolutionary game for its time that I think what limited it isn't really significant (the pros of the game outweighs the cons, and it has aged incredibly well).

    I love both TS3 and TS4, I feel they really tried their best with TS3 to expand on TS2 and there's a lot of content there, however I find it hard to make decent looking sims in TS3 even with loads of mods, and the open world feature may seem amazing but it turned a lot of places into rabbit holes, which was a bit of a let down for me.

    TS4 has much nicer quality sims, although they still are a lot different than TS2 sims, but of course it has its flaws and faults and in a lot of ways it was a step-down from the Sims 3 rather than a step up. Despite that, I actually prefer TS4 to TS3 and have a lot of fun with it, but I'm very disappointed in EA for the way they've been handling this game - because I see so much potential for TS4 that is being squandered in the favour of cheap cash grabs, and the faithful fanbase that has been around since the first or second instalment of the sims deserves far better than that.
  • Hecate90Hecate90 Posts: 31 Member
    I have been avidly playing the Sims since 2003 I think? The first Sims game I played was Sims 1 (I especially loved those Vacation and House Party expansion packs) because Sims 2 hadn't been released yet. Like many long term Sims players I will always be attached to the Sims 2, for me I think it's that sense of nostalgia and it's a very fun and entertaining game to play. It was near enough perfect to me. I would spend hours upon hours playing it, I think the longest amount of time I played the Sims 2 was when I was 15 years old and did 22 hours in one sitting....jeeze. I was gutted when I first bought the Sims 3 - I like the freedom you get with it but the performance was so horrid. I do really like Sims 4 a lot actually, the quality and graphics are great. Sims 4 does lack in some areas but over all it's a nice game to play. I think whichever Sims game you prefer boils down to personal preference.
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