Do sims 2 fans prefer sims 3 or sims 4?



  • katka_kynclovakatka_kynclova Posts: 49 Member
    I've actually started playing Sims 4 only recently since I've been a die-hard fan of Sims 3 before (open world and all that jazz). But after spending several hours playing Sims 4 I have to admit that I definitely prefer it now. I like the overall style of the game better (I'm not too keen on realistic sims), I like the simple menu and the build mode is so much better, in my opinion, than in TS3. TS2 is still a favourite though. I loved its quirky style and a bit more spicy references. I think the Sims 4 reflects TS1 and 2 a lot more than Sims 3 did, but nothing can really beat the nostalgia of your favourite childhood (lol more like tween) game.
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  • LindiOutOfAfricaLindiOutOfAfrica Posts: 16 Member
    I have to admit that while both Sims 3 and 4 have their moments, I prefer Sims 4. Yes, Sims 3 has it's amazing open world and customization, but in terms of actual game play mechanics, and while it has some...issues...Sims 4 takes the cake in this case.
  • MissTeteMissTete Posts: 22 Member
    I've been playing Sims4 for a couple of months now and I think Sims 3 was easier. That may be because I played straight through TS1-TS3, then had a long break (years) before picking up TS4.
  • MissTeteMissTete Posts: 22 Member
    Right now my preference is TS3 because I know it like the back of my hand and I have the game full of my fave Mods. I have a feeling once I am used to it, TS4 will be my Fave.
  • MissTeteMissTete Posts: 22 Member
    I have not added any mods yet and I might keep it this way. (Maybe only add a couple of things to make Machinima). But I may use TS3 for all my mod game play.
  • Riskagen88Riskagen88 Posts: 9 New Member
    The Sims 3. I found to many new things I didn't like in Sims 4 to even want to buy it. But I'm actually considering it more and more now that I'm hearing about all these features that it took from the sims 2 which I was really sad weren't in sims 3. At some point I definitely want to at least try it.
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    Sims 4, definitely. I have The Sims 3 and most of its expansions (save the magic one, and Into the Future); I tried the game, and went back to Sims 2; I tried each expansion (used!!) and went back to Sims 2. It was Sims 4, a year ago, that finally got me to stop playing TS2 allllll the time. Yes, there are things I like and miss about Sims 3, but Sims 4's assets don't even make it close. I've played some Sims 2 in the last year...but the one time I loaded TS3, I said "Nope" and closed it.
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    I've never played either 3 or 4 but I'd like to try one. I have a PS4 and a PC and MAC so I have several platforms but I'm wondering which one is more like the Sims 1 which I LOVE. Anyone have a suggestion which I should try?

    Oh, Sims 4 -- easy, because the emphasis there is firmly on the household, and there's LOADS more to do at home. Sims 3 is more neighborhood focused.
  • Bluefairy286Bluefairy286 Posts: 208 Member
    The Sims 3 definitely for gameplay, the expansion packs seemed to have much more content. I also had more freedom to customize the game I wanted to.
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