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Do sims 2 fans prefer sims 3 or sims 4?


  • katka_kynclovakatka_kynclova Posts: 79 Member
    I've actually started playing Sims 4 only recently since I've been a die-hard fan of Sims 3 before (open world and all that jazz). But after spending several hours playing Sims 4 I have to admit that I definitely prefer it now. I like the overall style of the game better (I'm not too keen on realistic sims), I like the simple menu and the build mode is so much better, in my opinion, than in TS3. TS2 is still a favourite though. I loved its quirky style and a bit more spicy references. I think the Sims 4 reflects TS1 and 2 a lot more than Sims 3 did, but nothing can really beat the nostalgia of your favourite childhood (lol more like tween) game.
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  • LindiOutOfAfricaLindiOutOfAfrica Posts: 17 Member
    I have to admit that while both Sims 3 and 4 have their moments, I prefer Sims 4. Yes, Sims 3 has it's amazing open world and customization, but in terms of actual game play mechanics, and while it has some...issues...Sims 4 takes the cake in this case.
  • MissTeteMissTete Posts: 22 Member
    I've been playing Sims4 for a couple of months now and I think Sims 3 was easier. That may be because I played straight through TS1-TS3, then had a long break (years) before picking up TS4.
  • MissTeteMissTete Posts: 22 Member
    Right now my preference is TS3 because I know it like the back of my hand and I have the game full of my fave Mods. I have a feeling once I am used to it, TS4 will be my Fave.
  • MissTeteMissTete Posts: 22 Member
    I have not added any mods yet and I might keep it this way. (Maybe only add a couple of things to make Machinima). But I may use TS3 for all my mod game play.
  • Riskagen88Riskagen88 Posts: 9 New Member
    The Sims 3. I found to many new things I didn't like in Sims 4 to even want to buy it. But I'm actually considering it more and more now that I'm hearing about all these features that it took from the sims 2 which I was really sad weren't in sims 3. At some point I definitely want to at least try it.
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 609 Member
    edited May 2019
    Sims 4, definitely. I have The Sims 3 and most of its expansions (save the magic one, and Into the Future); I tried the game, and went back to Sims 2; I tried each expansion (used!!) and went back to Sims 2. It was Sims 4, a year ago, that finally got me to stop playing TS2 allllll the time. Yes, there are things I like and miss about Sims 3, but Sims 4's assets don't even make it close. I've played some Sims 2 in the last year...but the one time I loaded TS3, I said "Nope" and closed it.
    tarcotti wrote: »
    I've never played either 3 or 4 but I'd like to try one. I have a PS4 and a PC and MAC so I have several platforms but I'm wondering which one is more like the Sims 1 which I LOVE. Anyone have a suggestion which I should try?

    Oh, Sims 4 -- easy, because the emphasis there is firmly on the household, and there's LOADS more to do at home. Sims 3 is more neighborhood focused.
  • Bluefairy286Bluefairy286 Posts: 254 Member
    edited May 2019
    The Sims 3 definitely for gameplay, the expansion packs seemed to have much more content. I also had more freedom to customize the game the way I wanted to.
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  • KarlssonhoodKarlssonhood Posts: 36 Member
    Since my absolute favorite feature of the sims 2 is being able to create new neighborhoods, making them come to life and having lots of community lots, the sims 3 is way better in my eyes. There's just nothing that can compete with the open world and the many activity options around town.
  • EnjoyfulSimmerEnjoyfulSimmer Posts: 1,242 Member
    edited June 2019
    Since my absolute favorite feature of the sims 2 is being able to create new neighborhoods, making them come to life and having lots of community lots, the sims 3 is way better in my eyes. There's just nothing that can compete with the open world and the many activity options around town.

    I found the sims 3 very underwhelming. Everything was a rabbit hole "around town" if you can call a bunch of pretend buildings with a park slapped in the middle a town. The movies were fake. The spa was fake. The Sports arena fake. The diner fake. When people act like its the best game since sliced bread I just dont understand that.

    If sims 4 is glued together then Sims 3 was a couple Popsicle sticks with gum holding it all together.

    I prefer sims 4.
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  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 108 Member
    I tried a little bit of Sims 4, but just couldn't get into it. I guess I don't like 3 or 4.
  • dreamprisonerdreamprisoner Posts: 1,202 Member
    I prefer 4.
    I'm a rotational player, and I like to play all of the households in any world at once. I'm also not a fan of story progression for this reason, when I'm playing one family, I don't want the rest to move on without me.
    I also think the look of the sims is more similar between 2 and 4. 'Pudding face' in sims 3 really bothered me.

    There's unfortunately a lot I dislike about Sims 4, but rotational play is a must for me. And there are things about Sims 4 that I can't give up, all of the talking options between sims, it's bizarre to go back to sims 2 and just have 'chat'. As well as the graphics.
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 203 Member
    I LOVED THE SIMS 2! I, however, do wish that they had kept The Sims 2's official website so that I may have saved tons of downloadable cc, while I'm stuck playing TS3. The cc and their stories is what kept me going. :(

    But overall, I prefer TS4 since it's a nice combination of TS2 and TS original (for nostalgic reasons).
  • joolsroxjoolsrox Posts: 14 New Member
    Definitely the Sims 4. I loved the sims 2 sooooo much but eventually started to feel kind of limited in what I could do what with no new content and my game crashing everytime I got a lot of mods I liked. The sims 3 was a laggy, horrible mess with really ugly looking sims lol. Was hardly fun at all, did NOT feel like the sims. I love sims 4, I feel like it takes a lot of the good parts of sims 4 but adds more of the customability that was introduced in TS3.
  • bunny-gypsybunny-gypsy Posts: 3,788 Member
    I still love Sims 2 and still consider it my most favorite Sims game, but in terms of choosing between the two modern Sims, Sims 4 has grown on me, and now it’s one of my favorites despite its flaws.

    Sims 4 is just more pick up and play and more relaxing for me. :smile: And I need some relaxing in my life, lol. :lol: :

    With Island Living, I also finally got my beloved mermaids as well! :smiley::heart:
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  • DevSims91DevSims91 Posts: 336 Member
    I barely played sims 1 as a kid, the music was scary and all my sims died... That said I love the sims of sims 1 and I plan to eventually make an aged down pleasantview to play all the sims from 1 to 2...

    By the time my child self was ready to try again the sims 2 was out I was hooked I practically grew up on it, I remember the feeling when a new game came out I was always so excited, I then got my own computer for a sweet 16 birthday gift, I loaded all of my games and I played the entire weekend. The game for me was complete with university after that every game was like a bonus gift from the gods... I remember the sims 2.com shut down a part of me died that day (yes I cried)

    I remember my teenage self being excited for sims 3 so I got that and while I loved the music and the fact we could choose favorite colors and change their voices and of course Create a Style but I didn’t just want new sims 3 games I needed them to add to my having fun. That said I’d still play the game if I could get it to work again I was one of the lucky ones but I still needed a new computer for it and one game crash turned my off from anything sims for a month... Also I never got a community vibe with this game with Sims 2 we read each other’s stories, helped each other out and just talk the game (finding people on tumblr who still mod and make content and talk about the sims 2 brought me back to a time I thought I’d lost forever)

    When sims 4 came out I enjoyed making sims (hate the lack of customization) but I remember remaking every sim from past games (including aging down, Dana, Nina and Don along with making changes to those sims to make them my own while (trying) to give them the charm they had in sims 2... Most of the time I failed but I had fun trying but playing the game is actually stressful I never play the open careers their honesty too much and when it’s not stressful it’s boring and too and I hate the lack of a color wheel and Create a Style... Also teens being the same height as YA/Adults is just the worst my favorite stage to play is the teen stage because I was a teen through mid sims 2 to the Early/middle Sims 3 so I’m a sucker for that stage but with sims 4 teens being adults with homework is just lazy, I hate how I can barely tell the ages apart... By now I know there never going to flesh teens out and with no life stage between teen and child I often never age my sims up... That was used to be because I like to take my time playing life stages but now it’s because if I don’t I scream
  • knuckledusterknuckleduster Posts: 1,267 Member
    Sims 3 as even though it is lacking gameplay-wise compared to Sims 1 & 2 - Sims 4 has nothing on any of them, except for the graphics.

    If they would take every feature and apply them to every neighborhood in Sims 4, then just maybe it would be a worthy successor to all the Sims games - but, with every neighborhood its own thing - it is very limiting and completely boring.
  • ChoerrysRoachChoerrysRoach Posts: 35 Member
    I play all three and love them all. I prefer sims 4 to sims 3 probably because of the lag and I can get into Sims 4 better.

    Sims 3 is such an amazing game and I love it but I don't have the best computer in the world. Maybe my opinion will change. Sims 3 and 4 aren't better than 2 though
  • JadesimmerJadesimmer Posts: 76 Member
    edited July 2019
    Sims 2 ➞ Sims 4 New pack launch ! ➞ 1 hour later ➞ Sims 2 = I prefer Sims 2 I think :D
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  • sassygray5sassygray5 Posts: 541 Member
    I play 2, 3, and 4. My favorite by far is 3 compared to 4.
  • SimsxZelda_fanSimsxZelda_fan Posts: 177 Member
    I played Sims 1 back in '02 and onward. And I played Sims 2 throughout its release from '04 to '09. Sims 2 is when Sims became one of my favourite video games.

    When Sims 3 first came out, without expansions I found it to be pretty good but was still playing Sims 2 a couple years into Sims 3. But the Sims 3 expansions kept getting better and I honestly felt, by the end of Sims 3 in 2014, that Sims 3 is superior and still feel that way. There is so much more one can do, not to mention customisability hit its peak in Sims 3, I like being able to customise nearly everything to my liking. And yes I do like the open world and story progression of Sims 3. I always wanted a less tedious way to keep all my sims on the same time frame especially if I have sims that I want to grow old as friends. Sims 3 gives me that ability. Plus Sims 3 has great extra content from the store.

    I always wait before buying anything and find out about features and what it has to offer before I buy. Sims 2 & 3 sold me pretty quickly. But Sims 4 has yet to convince me to buy. The base game, especially at the time it came out without the updates that would later come, turned me off to the idea of Sims 4. The expansions and "game packs" don't seem worth the price for what they're offering me. And the stuff packs are really skimpy especially for full price. I do like the expansion on holidays for the seasons and I'm quite impressed with the new parenting system. But other than that, the cons still outweigh the pros for me. And I'm still waiting for that to change.
  • monthetiffmonthetiff Posts: 8 New Member
    Sims 2 is still my favorite, but out of TS3 and TS4, 3 is the most fun to play. Sims 2 had the most depth, especially as a family player, but I think TS3 did a good job with family play. Generations improved it quite a bit, IMO. Sims 4 is great for CAS, but once I actually start playing after creating a family, I get bored and stop playing.
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,978 Member
    I like different things about sims 3 and sims 4.... sims 4 is more stable so I have gotten much further in it, I also hated rabbit holes in the sims 3 but I like create a style or whatever it was called where you could use a color wheel and patterns to make clothes and furniture in the sims 3. But sims 2 was my overall favorite. Had to fight over computer time for the sims 2.
  • damselstonedamselstone Posts: 21 Member
    I have yet to play TS4. It didn't grab me the same way the other games have, mainly in that there didn't seem to be anything new or innovative. By the looks of things in this thread, people felt the same way about TS3, but I really felt like EA dropped the ball with the starter content in TS4! I love 3, and even though I think 2 is going to be my all-time favourite (nostalgically), I think I would struggle to play anything but TS3 these days. Maybe I should give 2 another go? I don't know...
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 716 Member
    I love all the quirkiness of Sims 2, I play Sims 4 mostly, I like the look of it and multitasking got me hooked. I didn't really take to Sims 3, it had some good ideas in it but I didn't like open world. Ideally, the Sims team would take Sims 2 as it stands, modernize the graphics to the standard of Sims 4 and I'd be a happy, happy bunny. Sims 4 lacks the humour Sims 2 had.
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