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Do sims 2 fans prefer sims 3 or sims 4?


  • ceinwynieceinwynie Posts: 162 Member
    My favorite will always be The sims 2, then The Sims 4, then The sims 1 and my least favorite was the sims 3.
  • TheLibrarySimTheLibrarySim Posts: 958 Member
    ceinwynie wrote: »
    My favorite will always be The sims 2, then The Sims 4, then The sims 1 and my least favorite was the sims 3.

    Same here. Though I'd slip Sims Medieval in there too- Sims 2, 4, Medieval, 1...

  • SageRainWillowSageRainWillow Posts: 2,199 Member
    I still play 2, 3 and 4. If I could still play Castaways, Medieval and TS1 I'd play them too. Each iteration has its merits. I think my least fave was The Sims Online, although I enjoyed the jamming parties, as grindy as they were.

  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,310 Member
    I don't know lately. When other games disappoint me or aggravate me, I return home to The Sims 2. I liked TS3 and TS4 some, but not as much as TS2 and I liked TS2 more than TS1. Though TS1 has very fond but hard memories. lol When TS4 is done I will have to add up which game TS4 or TS3 did I spend more money on. Right now, I think though TS3 wasn't my fav, either, I probably own more of TS3 EPs, Store stuff etc. than I own EPs/GPs SPs for TS4. I think in the end that will tell the story. I don't play either one in over a year but play TS2 for more than fourteen years so I think it would just be safe to say, I prefer TS2 and forget about the others. :D
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  • windweaverwindweaver Posts: 7,339 Member
    Hi,I have all of the games made for all 3 games. I am hoping someday that I will love ts4 after its over. That's what happened to me with ts3. I hated it the whole time it is new, but once 4 came out, ts3 was lots of fun. But overall, ts2 is the best and that's the game I generally play.
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  • Scorpina2009Scorpina2009 Posts: 1,547 Member
    I think I would have to say TS2 caused me to have the most fun. I felt like I got more out of my game for some reason. Creating worlds (neighborhoods) was easier and faster. There were many more unexpected occurrences and interactions. I also loved the music. I truly loved TS3 too for different reasons. I love several things about 3 AND 4. It is so hard to choose just one because they are different to me.
  • faythefulfaytheful Posts: 3,111 Member
    prefer 3 or 2 (order doesn't matter), will play 4
  • PeculiarPlumbobPeculiarPlumbob Posts: 516 Member
    Both of them have good and bad qualities but I'd say overall I enjoy Sims 4 more just because it looks nicer.
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  • WinthorpeWinthorpe Posts: 105 Member
    Sims 4 storyline starts to saturate for about five or six times of playing which is boring. But on Sims 2, the storyline is so flexible that I can play as much as I like!
  • bunny-gypsybunny-gypsy Posts: 3,788 Member
    edited July 2018
    Now that I got toddlers, vampires, and seasons, I’ve been playing Sims 4 more lately. I still love Sims 2 and like Sims 3, but I love the relaxing pace of Sims 4 and its shorter loading screens.

    In terms of details and Sims personalities, Sims 2 still wins that prize for me. However, Sims 3 has some excellent AI as well, though it has stuff missing from Sims 2 that I still miss.
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  • TWSimGamer82TWSimGamer82 Posts: 431 Member
    I prefer The Sims 4 (PC) over The Sims 3 (PC), but that's only because I didn't like the way the sims in TS3 looked. They always looked the same to me. I did eventually get into TS3 and enjoyed the game play. I still rank The Sims 2 (PC) highest among all of them, though. The EPs for The Sims 2 were simply the best in the franchise. There's a reason why sequels to this game have very similar EPs after all. It's only my opinion, though. In the end I'm glad I gave The Sims 3 a chance. I wouldn't have learned how much I enjoyed the game play if I would have just skipped it.
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  • TacoTaco Posts: 34 Member
    The Sims 2 is my absolute favorite of the franchise. Between Sims 3 and 4 I'd choose 3. I didn't really care for the graphics in 3 but it had great gameplay and I thoroughly enjoyed the open world concept along with the aging mechanics.
  • Olivesplum06Olivesplum06 Posts: 1,075 Member
    @SageRainWillow I bought castaway stories a few months ago and with some tweaking with the graphics, it works well :)
  • sikasika18sikasika18 Posts: 337 Member
    If I had to choose between 3 and 4 I would have to go with 3 as I don't feel like 4 belongs in the franshise. It sticks out like an eyesore, more like a knockoff. I will play ts2 'til a TRUE sequel to that game comes out. Honestly ts2 still is amazing for todays standards.
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,456 Member
    edited August 2018
    I like all the Sims games, but in different ways. Asking me to pick between them is like asking me to pick a favorite child. Sims 1, I love the nostalgia and it was easiest to create custom content for. There were so many great hacked objects for TS1, and no global mods that were potentially game breaking. Fame was also done better in Sims 1 than in any of the following games. I really loved Superstar town and Makin Magic Town. But the Tragic Clown...was too much - I always ended up calling the Clown catchers after awhile. Keeping Sims needs met was also harder than in any of the later games, and no natural aging. There were also no basements, and you could not build above the 2nd floor. Finding the right walls and floors was difficult since there were no subcategories of walls/floors. Also, you had to pick between heads - hair, glasses, makeup, face shape, facial features could not be categorized separately or chosen separately. There was also no shoe category - those could not be separated from bottoms/outfits. Roaches kept infesting my Sims homes - so Pets was a must to turn them into huntable mice. I also hated the way flies buzzed throughout the house if just one toilet was dirty, so I installed a hacked object to turn that off for individual lots. But I loved the way Sims could be immortal if you played your game right, and the way there could be up to 99 neighborhoods/worlds. I also loved the sky diving and under water diving tanks. I also loved the way the baking recipes and the spell ingredients worked. Back then, Maxis released free add-on programs for TS1 - one helping Simmers create heads/faces, one helping Simmers create walls/floors, and one helping Simmers create paintings. The Sims File Maid was an essential for me - not made by Maxis but by a fan - unfortunately, it stopped working around the time Microsoft made certain changes with the Vista operating system. It automatically installed TS1 content in the form of zip files into the proper game folders based on its type (though it didn't work right with roofs) - manual installation of custom content was more complex then, and had to actually be installed into the Program Files folder. Nowadays, Sims 1 custom content is hard to find, but back in the day it was more prolific than Sims 3 or Sims 4 content. Many sites ended up shutting down because of the shutdown of free website hosting like Geocities or Gamespy, and the high charge to host their own sites and pay domain fees, and others went pay or sold content cds to cover the cost of hosting. Then there were the ones who closed because greedy companies who saw all their web traffic wanted the domain to sell their own products, not realizing that the traffic would go away once they took over the domain. (They would've been much better off selling ads on the existing domain and leaving the domain with the Sims fans to drive customers who were actually interested in their product to their site.)

    Sims 2, I love, love, love the cut-scenes. I also enjoy the time for skill building that was university, the way the cowplant was implemented, the counterfeiting machine, the nostalgia, the special gestures and dances and chance cards in each of the vacation subworlds, the aspiration rewards (especially the money tree), the way retail/Open for Business was done, home businesses. I even like the cute little hypnotist/shrink that appeared on total aspiration failure. And I really missed fears and attractions in subsequent games. I liked having Sim parents teach their toddlers to talk, walk, and potty train and getting a grew up well reward for meeting those goals. But I didn't like the grew up badly negative traits. Also, sorting through lots for placement was harder than in Sims 3 or Sims 4 - lots were not separately categorized between residences/community lots. There was no Fame/celebrity expansion pack for Sims 2. But apartments were done better than in any of the subsequent games. For the first time, with the right custom content, Sims could look realistic, except for the teeth. I also loved the hobbies in Sims 2 - they were done better than in the subsequent games. Sims 2 store started to introduce premium content - I got the interior and exterior castle set. I wish I had been able to afford the toddler stroller before they shut down the Sims 2 site. Maybe someday...they will include the Sims 2 store content in an update to Sims 2 ultimate collection...I can only wish. Maxis still put out some free content, but much less so - they included downloadable desktop wallpapers, and some mp3 files of holiday carols sung by the Maxis staff in Simlish. Since Sims 2 Sims were easier to play than Sims 1 sims, players introduced Sims challenges around the time of Sims 2. Sims 2 was probably the best of the series for rotational play.

    Sims 3 introduced color wheel, create a pattern, and Open World. Finally, no load screens after the first one to load the game. Sims 3 pets introduced horses for the first time. For a change, I could play with horses and not get allergic to them (in real life I am allergic to horses). I loved the way wild deer, wolves, and wild horses would appear, then disappear. The Sims 3 store introduced lots of great premium objects - I ended up collecting them all after they had finished making new worlds for the store while waiting for Sims 4 to come out. I loved the way my Sims could swim in the ocean, dive in the ocean, use boats, live on houseboats, and customize buffets for resorts they owned. I used Into the Future as a free university for many of my Sims, and loved having them build robots. I also loved the loading screen hidden object minigame that was introduced late in the series, and the adventurer minigame in the travel locations. But I didn't like being pestered about adventuring when I wanted to send Sims on a relaxing vacation to Egypt, France, or China. Sims 3 really could have used a toggle checkbox/button to turn that feature off. Maybe in a future update, if they are reading this, they might add that. Sims 3 had fame and celebrities again - but the celebrity system was forced on Sims. Just having a celebrity as a friend made your Sim a celebrity, no matter the fame level of your Sim's friend. And you never knew which friend would suddenly become a celebrity. I did enjoy having my Sims salvage stuff from the junkyard - but they were unable to fix it up to a better quality regardless of their handiness skill. I still haven't finished exploring all the features of Sims 3 yet, it is such a comprehensive game with the expansion packs, and store worlds. Maxis still created free external content for Sims 3...the Create a World tool. Too bad the game achievements are saved on an external website that someday will no longer be supported. Likewise for all the Sims 3 store content - players will lose all their store content if the Sims 3 store stops being supported and they have to use a new hard drive or computer since store content cannot be manually moved or copied. Sims 3, however, although it is great for legacy players, is not so great for rotational players. Sims lose their wants each time a new household is selected. Story progression is also great for legacy players, but not so great for rotational players. Also, once you have enough custom content installed, it takes forever to install sims3pack files using the game's installer. An update to Sims 3 made it so you can select which expansion packs to play with, but that also makes it so you have to go back and select all the expansion packs if you want to play a game save that used them all. The Sims 3 launcher also does not let you sort content in your folder by type or install status. But the Sims 3 gallery was great for actually including all the custom content used in builds. Unfortunately, some content creators felt this was a violation of their rights, and tried to keep players from including their content in builds or Sims uploaded to the exchange. If you have enough custom content, sometimes it is hard to keep track of what is included in a build or Sim. Then there was the problem of corrupted or bad custom content in files uploaded to the exchange (like the cursed doll that corrupted saves it was used in). I enjoyed the town view, but don't miss the Sims 3 rabbitholes. The rabbitholes always made me want to build something there.

    Sims 4 is still in development, so it remains exciting each time it is updated. More custom content and mods are constantly being put out for the game, improving the game. This includes new traits and careers, though they need to be updated each time the game is patched. Since Sims 1, I have always found custom food mods essential. Right now, I have mods and cc for Sims 4 taking up more space on my hard drive than they did for any prior Sims game. Then again, my modern computer is better able to handle it than any of the computers I played Sims 1 and Sims 2 on when I played those games regularly. I still play Sims 1, 2, and 3 from time to time. The ability to move rooms, and change the size of rooms by dragging them is a big improvement to build mode. It is also simpler to use one mode for build and buy than to switch between two modes. But the terrain tool and water tool (both were in all 3 prior games) were not included in build/buy mode, nor the color wheel. I never did get the hang of Create a pattern, so I don't miss that so much. Create a Sim also allowed more customization than before. But there are fewer Sim traits than in Sims 3 that can be selected initially. Standard prior base game features (Pools, nannies, handymen, gardeners, family tree, dishwashers, and toddlers) were added late, basketball was added in an EP, and hot tubs were added in a SP. True, basketball and hot tubs were done better in Sims 4 than in previous games, but now you have to pay for them extra beyond the price of the base game. Sims 4 is very focused on collectibles and skills. Also, there are limited time game events now, that weren't in previous games. Unfortunately, that also means unless you download a mod or go into buydebug, you lose out on limited time game objects. But these limited time game events are great for keeping the game challenging. I find I enjoy the Sim emotional buffs and miss the multitasking and the clubs system each time I go back to a previous game. Sims 4 gallery once again does not include custom content used in households or lots or rooms, but that means if you don't have the custom content, stuff simply disappears - and you may find yourself with a gallery downloaded Sim with no hair, or a lot that is half empty or missing a door. Fortunately, for a change - first time in the series - gallery content including custom content is flagged so Sims fans know what is safe to download. Also, original creators are usually credited. There is now a third party tool called Sims 4 Tray importer that will even tell you what custom content was used in a household or lot. For those who miss story progression, there is a mod called MCCC. I tried MCCC - and found townies living in my museum. (That was last year, maybe the mod has improved since then.) It is just too bad that the worlds/neighborhoods are so small - as a builder I really want more lots to build on so I keep making new saves. I love the fact that Sims can travel to, not just move to, all the other worlds/neighborhoods. I wouldn't mind the option to have a Sim live permanently in a vacation destination though. Sims 4 once again is a good game for rotational play, but not so much for legacy play, although Parenthood and the reintroduction of toddlers vastly improves that. I love the toggles that let you choose whether to age your current household or not, and whether to age nonactive households or not. I am still exploring the features of Sims 4 Vampires, Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat, Sims 4 Parenthood, and Sims 4 Seasons, and haven't reached the top of any of the active careers, so there is still fun in this game for me. I lately find myself playing Sims 4 more than the other games because I usually don't have hours to play games by myself anymore. When I have hours to play, then I sometimes play the other three of the main series, or Sims Medieval (which is a cross between truly medieval themed Sims and an RPG).

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  • PerfectSorrowPerfectSorrow Posts: 58 Member
    For me it’s sims 4, though so far I’ve only played the demo. Will be working on slowly buying the packs and building up that collection. I know there were a lot of things to be upset about in the beginning, but by the time I tried it, it seemed quite good so I have no complaints. I have good things to say actually. I adored sims 2 and was so excited to have UC, and was very put off from even trying 4 because of reviews I had seen. I had owned 3 briefly (not all but some packs) and it just didn’t feel the same. It was fun, but not the same and I missed a lot of the things that were in 2. Once I tried 4 I felt like it was a more grown up version of 2, a natural progression, and what I was expecting from 3. So I can’t complain at all. I will miss designing a neighbourhood myself, but feel that Newcrest is a good compromise. We can’t always have everything the same, there has to be wiggle room and I thing even in base, what we gained from 2 and 3 base to 4 makes up for the compromises in what we can’t do. But that’s my opinion. I feel most dissatisfaction comes from comparing complete editions to incomplete ones, or failing to make concessions for changes in marketing structures etc. Ie: sims 3 pets had horses. Okay, sims 4 broke it down to cats and dogs, added small animals in another pack, included frogs as a collectable, had small fish in base, and added more in packs, now if you get horses in say a country life pack with maybe chickens and a bird cage, and they add dragons in a cage and pet rats in some witch pack, suddenly you have way more than 2 and 3 animal wise. But you might not get it all till way later in the game. In 2 pets was one of the last EPs to be added, we can’t rush to judge a complete game against a game that’s still a toddler... get it...;) lol
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,310 Member
    edited August 2018
    sikasika18 wrote: »
    If I had to choose between 3 and 4 I would have to go with 3 as I don't feel like 4 belongs in the franshise. It sticks out like an eyesore, more like a knockoff. I will play ts2 'til a TRUE sequel to that game comes out. Honestly ts2 still is amazing for todays standards.

    You made be think about something. I've never looked at one or the other without 1 or 2 involved. If I had to choose between only 3 or 4, I would probably go with TS3, too. It was an extremely complicated game, such as using rugs to run a business, and all sorts of things players had to do, (work arounds) but compared to TS4, yeah, if I had only a choice between the two then it would be TS3.
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  • xamira99xamira99 Posts: 3,242 Member
    I love TS2 a lot!

    Between TS3 and TS4, I prefer TS4. I played TS3 for a while when it first launched with some packs, but I just can't..(maybe, because I prefer it to be cartoonish?) Although I really like the open world feature . ;)
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  • simsterlyrocksimsterlyrock Posts: 28 Member
    TS2 is my favorite, but I also enjoy TS4. If my laptop could handle it, I would gladly play both games. But for now, I'm playing solely TS2 since it only lags if I play for hours or if I'm on a large lot.
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 556 Member
    TS2 will always be my favorite of the entire series but if I only had to choose between 3 and 4, I would go with 4. The Sims look better in 4. I just wish the gameplay value was the same as it was in TS2.
  • naima001naima001 Posts: 4 New Member
    The sims 2 is my favourite of the series, possibly one of my favourite games of all time. The sims 3 is a tiny bit behind it. I like the sims 4 but I prefer The sims 2,3 and 1.
  • NiqueseyNiquesey Posts: 5 New Member
    I tend to prefer the Sims 2; however this is being said with a lot of custom content and tweaking. I tried the Sims 3 and 4 too early without many expansions and much custom content so that probably has swayed my decision more.
  • NiqueseyNiquesey Posts: 5 New Member
    Bahahaha, that being said- I do like the sims 3 a tad bit more.
  • Scorpina2009Scorpina2009 Posts: 1,547 Member
    I love certain things about TS3 AND TS4. In 3, I did enjoy the open world concept. It was nice to follow them to work or wherever they were going. I liked being able to click on a building I wanted them to go to; and the fact they could increase skill points by going to certain places. Also, I loved that I could click on the hospital and get some of the sims plastic surgery.

    But I like that TS4 reminds me of Sims 2 (though I've gone back to playing TS2)

    I hope if they do a Sims 5; it'll be combination of all of our favorite things from the previous sims.
  • MarshMarsh Posts: 47 Member
    I’m in a minority here, but I prefer 2 and 3 over 4. I’m trying my best to get into 4, but it feels like I have less control than I did in 2 and 3, even with mods installed.

    TS2 felt “cozier” than TS3, and TS3 was better for legacies in my opinion becaue of the open world and story progression. Also I was able to transition from 2 to 3 pretty easily.

    With TS4, I felt (and still feel) like I have to relearn everything. I also don’t like how the neighborhood can’t really be edited. That was a big thing for me in TS2 and TS3.

    But really I think all the games have their pros and cons. I’m just bummed I was never able to play TS1 (it’s too old to work on my computer)
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