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Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) Sims 3 story :)


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    Second First Date
    Part 2

    3 o'clock seemed to take forever to arrive for Morgana back at home, but she could only imagine it was flying by for Thornton (Sam) at work. At around 2 she noticed the Butler sitting down in a chair near the bookshelves reading. He must've finished all the cleaning that needed to be done, she thought. She hadn't really gotten the chance to become acquainted with him so she figured now was a perfect time to do so. Quietly she approached him, so as not to disturb, and sat in the chair somewhat across from him. For a few minutes she just sat silently, thinking, while the Butler occasionally glanced up at her from his book.

    That's it, Morgana thought, I HAVE to ask! She turned her head toward the Butler and began, "So, Mr. Potter?"
    The Butler looked up and immediately closed his book, placing it on the end table next to him. "Yes, m'lady?"
    "Uhh," Morgana staggered. "I couldn't help noticing...your cleaning of the upstairs this morning."
    "Oh," the Butler frowned for a moment, "was I disturbing you and Mr. Wolff m'lady?"
    "Not exactly..." Morgana answered.


    "But what exactly were you doing up there?"
    "Cleaning under the bed m'lady," the Butler answered honestly.
    "That noisily?" Morgana asked. She certainly hoped she wasn't offending in her tone.
    "Forgive me m'lady," The Butler hesitated, "I noticed a few cobwebs underneath it and since I have this fear of spiders, and bed bugs, I decided to do a thorough cleaning of it. I'm sorry to have disturbed you."
    Just like Thornton said. "Oh no," Morgana expressed, giving a dismissive wave of her hand. "You weren't disturbing us. Really. Thornton and I were just curious."
    Relief washed over the Butler's face as he smiled.
    "I appreciate you being a thorough cleaner," Morgana added kindly.

    Another silent minute passed by until Morgana piped up, "Mr. Potter? Might I ask for your opinion?"
    The Butler beamed. "Certainly m'lady."
    Brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, she began, "I don't know what Mr. Wolff has told you about us, but I imagine you could see that...things haven't been real great between us lately."
    "I had noticed," the Butler admitted, "and Mr. Wolff didn't elaborate much to me."
    Good. "Well," Morgana paused, "the long and the short of it is...I want to have children. So badly!" she deeply expressed, "but Thornton...well...he doesn't. He had a hard childhood and...I really get the feeling he doesn't want children because he doesn't want to put our child through what he went through, even though he'd never admit it."
    The Butler nodded.
    "So I understand, but," she paused, "we aren't his parents. We're two very different people, starting our own life together and creating our own story. I'm so hopeful that him wanting to work on our relationship means he'll be willing to have children but honestly Mr. Potter," she stopped to look him in the eye. "Is there a chance in this ENTIRE WORLD that we can really make our marriage work with such differences of opinion?"


    The Butler sat back in his chair for a moment to ponder and then sat forward again.
    "M'lady," he started, "Mr. Wolff came to me with the idea of taking you on dates again to get to know you better...since you had such a short, rushed courtship and of course...to help fix your marriage."
    Morgana nodded.
    "I do not believe that with him sincerely trying to save your marriage, that he would believe having children would still be out of the question."


    Morgana cracked a smile.
    "He knows that's your desire and he also knows that it's something he will have to expect, especially if he really wants to stay together with you. Which I can see he truly does. Or why else would he be doing this?" He grinned.
    Morgana nodded and tried not to get choked up. "Thank you," she expressed to the Butler appreciatively. "I really needed to hear that."
    "You're welcome m'lady. Come talk to me anytime you're feeling troubled."
    "I will."

    As Morgana got up to go get herself ready for her date, the Butler stared at nothing and thought, Especially after that conversation he was having with his...imaginary friend? I don't know if he's nuts or if talking to a pretend person helps him clear his mind, but...it was apparent that he very much loves her. He paused, brow furrowed. Although that was quite the interesting discussion. Saving her from taking her own life? Unable to control what this Miss Jolina might do in the future? It almost sounded like...he's a time traveler here to save the day but......that's impossible! The Butler shrugged it off with a chuckle and leaned back in the chair, fingers woven together behind his head. Yeah, he's just a little nuts...but I like him.


    Morgana waited anxiously near the center of the park for Thornton (Sam) to arrive. She glanced down at her watch again for the third time and it read seven minutes after 3. Feeling antsy she comforted herself by thinking, Don't worry Morgana. Sometimes he's a little late leaving work. You know this. Chill out girl! Little did she know a man was approaching her from behind.

    "Morgana," Sam addressed.
    Morgana abruptly turned, holding her hand to her heart. "Thornton!? You scared me to death!"
    "Sorry," Sam expressed, "and I'm sorry I'm a little late. I needed to change."
    Morgana eyed him from head to toe. "Into your workout clothes?" she asked curiously, folding her arms. "Not exactly the appropriate attire for a first date wouldn't you say?"
    "Well, no," Sam admitted. "However, doing a few of the things I have planned for us to do here might not be suitable for a fancy shirt and pants." Or that hideous work suit...
    "I see," then she frowned. "Am I overdressed then?"
    "No," Sam comforted. "You're dressed fine. And you look great."
    Morgana smiled with a blush.

    The first thing Sam suggested they do was go roller skating. He hadn't in years and figured she hadn't either so he knew it would be a fun pastime for them. It took both of them a few minutes to learn the ropes again, but soon they were skating well in now time.


    "Hey," Sam addressed Morgana, "how about we twirl together?"
    "It'll be fun! We take each other's hands and move in a circle. You know, twirling." He grinned.
    Morgana laughed and slid closer to take his hands. "Okaaay, but I might fall."


    "You won't," Sam encouraged, "you're a much better skater than me so you have nothing to worry about."
    "Oh so you're going to fall?" Morgana teased.
    "I don't plan on it but hey," he paused, with bright eyes and a smile, "Look! We're doing it!"
    Morgana glanced down at their feet. "Oh my gosh we ARE!" she lightly giggled.

    (@charlottesmom Connor approaches! Dun dun dun! :p )

    Sure they were moving in a circle like snails, but neither one was falling. They carried on like that for a few minutes, even began to spin a little faster.

    "See?" Sam asked, "it's fun isn't it?"


    "It is," Morgana smiled. "And really kind of cute."
    The two gazed deeply into each other's eyes, longing to kiss, but also remembering that it would be best if they didn't do that just yet. Morgana almost wanted to throw that rule to the wind, but just as she thought so Sam cried out, "Woah, woah, WOAH!" He slipped and fell backwards, legs flying up in the air. Morgana gasped.


    "Thornton!?" she cried.
    To help break his fall Sam instinctively grabbed something...and that was Morgana. She screamed as she came crashing down with him. Her face planted onto the rink floor. Now Sam gasped.


    "Oh Morgana," he cried, "I am so so sorry! You alright?" He lifted her up a bit and took a good look at her.
    "I'm fine," she replied, catching her breath, but pretty soon she started laughing.
    It was contagious, because Sam knew why she was and he laughed along with her.
    "That kind of hurt," Morgana admitted, "but seeing your legs fly in the air like that was CLASSIC!"
    "I wish I could've seen it!"
    The two kept on laughing as they picked themselves up from off the floor.


    After dusting themselves off a bit, Morgana suggested, "Maybe we should just stick with skating on our own?"
    "Sounds good," Sam chuckled, "but I'm roasting and I think I'll grab some snow cones for us. Which flavor would you like?"
    Aww, that's so sweet of him, Morgana thought. She couldn't remember the last time he offered to do something like that. "Cherry," she replied. "Thank you."
    "Okie dokie," Sam confirmed and made his way toward the exit of the rink.
    Okie dokie? thought Morgana, never heard that one before.

    Just as she'd begun skating again, she heard a woman moan and cry out, "Somebody help! I feel like I'm going to pass out!"


    Immediately, she swung her head in the direction of the voice. She found the person and hurried (as best she could on skates) to her aid.

    Back at the snow cone stand Sam overheard someone asking their friend while glancing around, "Do you think anyone here is a doctor? Poor girl!" Normally whenever Sam heard such a question he'd step forward, and he almost did, but he had to stop himself. He was Thornton Wolff here, not Doctor Sam Beckett. Thornton certainly didn't have any medical experience, well, at least not that he knew of. He had to play it safe and stay put. He found the woman they were referring to and noticed Morgana approaching her. That's right, he thought, Morgana's a nurse! He let out a sigh of relief.

    Morgana asked the young lady a few questions about her symptoms as some people began to flock around.


    Off in the distance, Sam decided the snow cones could wait. He needed to see this.

    There was a certain fold-out medical scanner Morgana always carried around with her for just such an occasion. When it was assembled she pointed it directly at the young lady's face and pressed the button to scan. The contraption frightened the young woman as she asked, "Good golly what is that!?"


    "It's just a medical scanner," Morgana comforted, "it's checking your vital signs. Stand still now. It won't hurt a bit." She noticed saying that lowered the young lady's heart rate a bit.

    When Sam approached the scene toward the end of Morgana's medical scan he couldn't help but shake his head and think, Man! Those sure would come in handy on Earth! For the next few minutes he continued to watch Morgana in awe as she took care of the young lady and diagnosed the problem. She was spot on! (According to his personal diagnosis from what he could gather).
    Very impressive, he thought with a smile.


    Once Morgana sent the young lady on her way a "thank you" followed as well as some light cheering from the onlookers. Morgana blushed a little as she turned toward Sam. "Sorry about that," she said to him.
    "No," Sam dismissed, "it wasn't a problem." He couldn't help grinning brightly, feeling proud of her. "You were great back there!"


    Morgana's cheeks grew even redder. "Really?"
    "Yeah! I mean, that's not an easy condition to diagnose! Given the lack of--" he paused as Morgana started staring at him funny. His brow began to perspire more. "Uhhh," he started again, "what I meant to say was, that couldn't have been an easy...sickness...to diagnose." He looked away, scratching the back of his head.

    Morgana chuckled, "You're too cute Thornton," and ran her hand down his arm. "For a minute there you sounded like you've been studying my medical textbooks or something!"
    "Not exactly...," Sam continued, scratching his head.
    "Oh how I can't wait to become a doctor someday!" Morgana looked away, dreaming. "I'm slowly but surely getting there. I just have to get through being an EMT for the time being."
    "Oh my gosh I remember doing that while earning my degree! I couldn't--" then he froze and shut his mouth tightly. Sam! Control yourself!
    Morgana looked upon him strangely. "Thornton...you're acting weird. Are you alright?" She asked, caressing his cheek. "Perhaps I should use the scanner on you," she somewhat teased.
    "No, no," Sam declined, "I'm fine. I just...think the heat is getting to me." He wiped at his brow then took her hand with the other. "Let's get some snow cones shall we?"

    The rest of their date continued with enjoying their snow cones in the shade of a large tree, kicking the soccer ball around for a bit, changing who would kick and who would be goalie and participating in a water balloon fight with two guys who called themselves the Frio brothers.


    When one of the Frio brothers, by the name of Connor, accepted defeat and left the scene his brother, Jared, thanked the Wolff's for the enjoyable time before leaving himself.

    It was then that Sam and Morgana both hunched themselves over, resting their hands on their knees and tried to catch their breath.
    "Whew!" Morgana whispered. "That didn't cool me off nearly as much as I thought it would."
    "Yeah," Sam agreed, looking up at the sky. The area had become darker as storm clouds were moving in. "Maybe it's time to head home."
    "Agreed," Morgana answered, "besides, I can hardly move with these soaked clothes!"
    As Sam stood up straight he shot her a smirk, "See? This is why I changed into my athletic wear."
    Morgana frowned at him. "Well you could've at least told me to wear the same!"
    "True, and that was my mistake," Sam admitted, "although I didn't plan on getting in a water balloon fight with those guys. They were just making it look fun and I couldn't turn them down when they asked us to join."

    Morgana cracked a smile and decided to forgive him this time. After all, he was doing so much for her and working to rebuild their relationship. Possibly he's already forgiven her for the wrong things she's said and done to him in the past week. The least she could do is forgive him for such a simple little thing.

    More to come! :smiley:
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    The Sequel: Part 4

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    I just caught up on your last two posts. That was a lovely second first date Sam and Morgana had! And I like that the butler likes Sam even though he thinks he's a little bit nuts. :smiley:
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    PalmArrow wrote: »
    I just caught up on your last two posts. That was a lovely second first date Sam and Morgana had! And I like that the butler likes Sam even though he thinks he's a little bit nuts. :smiley:

    Thank you @PalmArrow <3

    It was a joy to write. :-)
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    So glad that you managed to get your Sam Beckett story back, @emorrill. It's really good. My wife loved Quantum Leap the TV Show. Scott Bakula's awesome. I'm also glad that they used him for one of the JAG spin-offs. NCIS New Orleans, I think.

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    He is sexy, even in his older age. <3


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    The Voice in the Night

    Each day got better and better for Thornton (Sam) and Morgana Wolff. The little things they did together as "boyfriend and girlfriend" did indeed bring them closer together and especially allowed them the opportunity to get to know each other in a way that they weren't able to before. There was never a quarrel between them about anything. No doubt it was a divinely inspired idea.

    Sam was now almost three weeks into this leap and he couldn't help but think often of his beloved Donna and friends back home in Hidden Springs. Even though he felt confident that Emma had eased everyone's fears about where he'd gone, especially Donna's, he couldn't help wondering if his long absence was beginning to greatly worry Emma. It was certainly worrying him. If only I had a way to reach her! he thought wishfully. If only I could reach ALL of them! He prayed every night religiously to be returned to Hidden Springs. He tried to accept the fact that he might not...but hope was something he never stopped holding out for. No matter how slim the chances.

    One afternoon Sam and Al had a nice chat, mostly about Sam's success in changing Thornton's way of thinking and reaching Morgana's heart. Sam concluded their conversation with, "Al, have Ziggy run a prediction on my chances of returning to Hidden Springs."
    The request caused Al's brow to furrow. "What if the result is not what you want to hear?" he asked his friend.


    "Just do it Al, please!" Sam ordered, pressing on his eyes with his fingers, trying to hold back his emotions. Al's concern certainly didn't go unnoticed and he appreciated it. "I can handle the result," he assured him.
    Al pursed his lips and nodded. "Ok, kid."


    The next morning Morgana woke up bright and early, just like she always did before heading to work.


    She drew herself a bubble bath and spent more time relaxing in it than she really should have. Life was just so great! She never felt happier.


    Then, under sulking, she dragged her feet out of the delightful bath, dried herself off, went back into the bedroom and got dressed for work.


    While studying herself in the mirror Morgana thought about how the blue on the EMT suit really wasn't her color and then she heard a light snore from Thornton (Sam) in the background. Her eyes shifted over to him, while still gazing in the mirror and her first thought was how cute he looked resting there. Her second was, Why do I feel like that is a completely different man lying there in our bed?


    I mean, not that I am complaining, but...what was it that inspired such a change of heart in him? Was it really God? Because I caught him praying the other night and Thornton has never been religious! Well...at least...not that he's ever revealed to me. It's just, she paused, looking back at herself again, it's a miracle! For the first time in many, many years, Morgana uttered a small prayer to God, thanking Him for actually caring about her and their future.


    The date Sam and Morgana had on this night was indulging in a Lobster Thermometer dinner prepared by Mr. Potter and...a scary movie (at Morgana's request).

    "I've been trying to get you to watch this one for months!" Morgana exclaimed as they headed upstairs, hand in hand, to their theater nook. "Remember?"
    Sam grinned. "Suuure I do."

    The movie didn't start out scary, it was actually surprisingly sad...


    The story 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Sam right in. Morgana glanced over at him thinking, I knew he'd like it.
    But then things really began to intensify and the creepier and the scarier it got!


    Seeing that Morgana was equally terrified, Sam piped up, "So, why do we have two separate chairs in here? Shouldn't we have a sofa in case...I dunno...one of us wants to cuddle with the other?"
    "My dear Thornton are you admitting that you're scared?" Morgana teased.
    "No," Sam immediately answered. "I was simply asking for your sake."
    "Oh really? Do I look frightened to you?" She grinned, through hiding a bit of trembling.
    "Truthfully, yes!"
    Morgana shot him a look and once she did, the two of them began to laugh. They weren't fooling each other.



    That night in bed, Sam's dream showed him flash backs of the many different places he visited and his experiences there while leaping around through time.
    (PERFECT example video here! Just watch it! :p )
    - If a broken link sorry :neutral:

    The joy, tears, pain and lessons he learned in those adventures triggered many deep emotions. So much so that sweat dripped from his brow even though the room was cold and light tears crept around his eyelids. Then, he saw a few flashbacks of his time in Hidden Springs and that pulled on his heartstrings the most. He turned onto his side, squinting his eyes and moaning, but still dreaming. He must've called out to God or someone because he heard a voice speak to him:


    Sam then found himself standing in an empty area, glancing around only to see smoke surrounding him. A faint light shone above, but he couldn't see it's source.


    Sam. The voice addressed again.

    "Yes?" Sam answered, still looking around. "Who are you?" He did happen to recognize the voice as the one who addressed him days before when he first leaped into Sunset Valley.

    Silence permeated the smoky, barren room for a few minutes as the voice responded depressingly, Oh my son...how could you forget my voice?
    Son? Sam thought, then his eyes widened as he very much DID recognize that voice! "Dad!?" he cried.


    He threw himself around in circles, glancing every which way he could, trying to find his father. "Dad? Is that really you?"
    It is Sam, John Beckett replied.
    I am not at liberty to say, John informed, but I have been granted this visit to you and I don't have very much time.
    Tears slid down Sam's cheeks. The love for his father always ran deep and being able to hear his voice again after so many years...
    "Granted?" Sam asked. He looked around longingly again. "Please dad, can't I at least see your face?"
    Sam I have only been sent here to provide you comfort. To tell you that your worries and desires have not gone unheard.
    Thinking deeply, Sam's forehead wrinkled from the effort. "Did God grant you the ability to speak with me?"
    Sam listen, John implored with a pause. No more questions. Listen to the voice of your father.
    Sam pursed his lips and did just that.

    They are alright.
    There was silence. "What do you mean?" Sam asked.
    Your friends. The ones who are so dear to you, they are alright.
    Sam nodded. That was certainly good to know.
    Granted there is concern among them about your well being, John continued, but they remain hopeful.
    "Are you referring to Donna? Emma? Liam? All of them over in Hidden Springs?"
    They are the ones who are dear to you are they not?
    Sam looked down with a smile. Oh how he loved hearing the frankness in his father's voice. "Yes, they are," he replied, looking back upward. "But they aren't as dear to me as mom and Katie and Tom." He felt immediate remorse for not thinking about them in months.


    They are living life as well as the can, considering their losses.
    Sam lowered his head sadly. "You and me," he said. He figured that if he could see his father's face, he'd be nodding.
    And Donna is surviving too.
    Head shooting upward again, Sam asked, "My wife?"
    Indeed. Her heart will heal in time, but she is being taken care of.
    That was a relief, but Sam couldn't help wondering, "Is she happy though dad?"
    She will be.
    Heart aching for his past love, Sam wished for her to become happy again...very soon.

    I must leave you now Sam.
    "What!?" Sam cried, turning around in circles again, but only looking up. "Wait dad. Don't go! There's so much more I want to ask! I--"
    Samuel, do not lose faith in the great work that you are engaged in.
    "I try! But Dad will it ever end!? I can't do this forever!"


    Samuel, John addressed again, know that the desires of your heart never go unnoticed. No matter what lies ahead, no matter what hardships you are asked to bear, you are always being watched over. And you'll be protected.
    It was certainly comforting to hear but, "Dad! I know..., but please...stay with me!"
    And I am watching over you.
    "I've never doubted it!"
    I love you son.
    Sam fell down to his knees. There was no stopping it. He buried his face into his hands and sobbed, "I love you too dad!"


    The light above Sam dimmed and the smoke swirling around him swooped in rapidly and Sam Beckett awoke with a start.


    For a long time, until the sun started to rise, Sam stood in the same spot near the bed, never moving, completely lost in his thoughts and what he experienced in that dream.


    Realizing that Morgana was due to awake soon, Sam rubbed at his forehead with both forefingers, trying to calm his mind so he could get back to reality. He stepped toward the large windows overlooking the sea. He pressed a hand onto the glass, taking in the beauty of the sun rising. The tears came back, but this time they were tears of joy. Despite all the questions he still had, despite the frustration from leaping around the universe and the sorrow he felt over never seeing his family again, he smiled. Because his dad's words really did provide him the comfort and reassurance that he so desperately needed. The fact that his father mentioned the well being of his friends from Hidden Springs gave him the hope that he just might return.


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    "The best laid plans...often go awry."

    The visitation from Sam's father gave him more strength and encouragement than he had ever received during one of his leaps. It was nothing short of a miracle and given to him by the never ending grace of God. Sam took his father's words to heart and vowed to always remember them whenever he might feel sad, discouraged, or neglected again.

    When he told Al about the experience...


    ...the older man thought it was incredible, and honestly just what Sam needed, but it also caused him to feel a bit...useless.
    "Well, what do you need me for then?" Al asked, teasing. "Your father can provide you all the moral support you need. He's obviously been able to reach you better than myself lately."
    "Al...," Sam drew out in one breath, "I'm sure that's the only visit he'll be allowed to me." Then he stepped closer to Al, wishing he could put his arm around him. "So I still need you. Besides," he added, "you're my best friend. I don't know how I'd get through all these leaps without you Al."
    Al smiled and nodded thankfully. Then he said, "Don't make anymore comments like that kid, it's bad for my heart." Abruptly, he stepped away from him.
    "What!?" Sam asked with a chuckle.
    "Just carry on now," Al commanded, while pushing a few buttons, opening up the Imaging Chamber door. "Gushie and I will continue taking care of business on our end." He stepped through the door and shot a smile back at Sam as it closed.
    Hands on his hips, Sam just shook his head with a smile.


    Two more days passed and in that time Sam got the Butler to install some blinds in Thornton and Morgana's bedroom.


    And he also offered to drive Morgana to work, even though she had her own car.


    He told her it gave them those few extra minutes to enjoy one another's company before they both headed off to work. Morgana thought it was sweet.

    That evening Sam had a reservation at the Bistro for them. He asked the employee to save one of the tables outside so that he and Morgana could eat out under the stars, giving it a more romantic feel, but...once the two arrived in their formal attire, it began to rain.

    "Well this is not exactly how I wanted this evening to turn out," Sam expressed with disappointment to Morgana. "I knew those clouds would catch up to us!"


    Morgana smiled at his "cuteness." "Perhaps they have a table available inside?" she asked.
    "They don't," Sam informed. "They're booked solid."
    Now Morgana looked annoyed. "Then maybe you should ask them if we can reschedule our reservation for tomorrow night due to the weather."
    "Yeah," Sam agreed. "That would be the best thing to do huh?"


    After doing so, Sam and Morgana stepped back outside in the rain and Sam expressed his deepest apologies to her about not being able to have the fancy, romantic dinner that she was expecting.


    "It's ok Thornton, really," Morgana assured. Then she paused as Sam looked upon her with an interesting expression on his face. "What is it?" she asked him with a chuckle.
    Sam kept the expression. He replied, "I was just thinking how beautiful you look in this light...with the rain falling upon your hair and running down your cheeks."
    Morgana blushed.


    "You're sweet Thornton," she said, "but we're getting soaked! We should just head home and order a pizza while watching a movie or something."
    "No," Sam expressed, taking her hands. "I had plans to give you a romantic evening and that's just what I'm going to do."
    Trying to hide a giggle, Morgana asked, "Well what exactly do you have in mind?"


    It was then that a crazy thought came into Sam's brilliant mind.

    "Well," he started, looking down at his ugly, soaked, blue-striped suit. "I figure since we're already wet..."
    Morgana looked upon him questionably and curiously.
    "Follow me," he entreated, while bolting towards the road.
    "Thornton!? Wait!"

    Running in heels proved to be more difficult than Morgana ever imagined. Her frustration was heightened by the fact that Sam wouldn't answer her as to where they were going. Occasionally he would glance behind himself to see if she were still following and then he'd keep on running. He wanted to make it a surprise. He led them to the beach.


    At that point, Morgana stopped to remove her shoes. "Thornton!" she cried out, "what the h*** are we doing!?"
    Finally Sam answered...as he began removing the hideous suit. "Swim with me!"
    "It'll be fun!" Sam expressed, stripping down to his underwear. "The sun is about to set and it will be gorgeous to watch while in the water."
    Morgana gaped. "Thornton you're crazy!" she exclaimed.
    "Crazy in love," Sam responded with a bright grin on his face. He turned and started trudging into the ocean.
    That response was too sweet to ignore. Oh for heaven's sake! Morgana thought as she began removing her dress, thankful that she had a decent skirt on underneath!

    In a moment's time she ran to his side and began entering the ocean along with him.


    "My Gosh," Morgana expressed, as the bright orange glow lit up the sky and reflected upon the water in front of them. "That IS a gorgeous sight!"
    "Right!?" Sam agreed as he looked down upon the waves. "It's like we're swimming in liquid gold."
    The water rose up to their chests once the sun completely set, the rain still falling.
    "I've watched the sun go down a million times here in Sunset Valley," Morgana expressed, "but never has it looked as breathtaking as it does from here in the water."
    "I knew you'd love it," Sam remarked.


    Completely immersing themselves now, the ocean water felt much warmer than their drenched clothes. Sam knew it would. The sun's rays on the water certainly helped with that.

    Then the rain started coming down harder and as the two smiled at each other romantically while treading water, Morgana asked, "Now what are we going to do?"


    Sam was about to respond when lightning stroke in the distance, followed by thunder.
    He glanced in that direction. "Well," he sighed. "Perhaps this is another one of my failed plans."
    "Not completely," Morgana indicated, "we did get to witness quite the gorgeous sunset from the best spot in town." Then reality of the situation struck. "Oh dear G**!" she exclaimed, "we're in the ocean during a thunderstorm!" She splashed water at Sam. "We're gonna get struck by lightning and DIE out here because of you!"


    There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice, Sam noted, but it was a possibility nonetheless.
    "Indeed," he agreed, wiping the water off his face. "We need to find a way to get home quick."

    Suddenly a horn sounded.

    Sam and Morgana turned in the direction which it came. They saw a man coming towards them on his boat.
    "Do you guys need some help?" he called out.
    Sam and Morgana took one look at each other and laughed. They responded in unison, "Yes!"

    The man was kind enough to give them a direct ride back to their house.



    Once home and dried off, Sam and Morgana sat in their bed and talked about their crazy but exciting evening.


    Then they got serious and talked about plans for their future.


    Morgana hesitated for a moment on this one, but she brought up the possibility of having children again.


    It took Sam a few seconds to figure out how to properly respond, in a way that Thornton would, so he answered, "I think I'm ok with the thought of having kids now."
    Morgana's eyes widened with joy.
    "I mean," he added, "it might take some time for me to adjust to life with a kid and I might not be the best dad, but," he paused, looking her in the eye, "I'll sure as h*** try to be...for us. For them."
    Tears appeared around Morgana's eyes. "I think you'll be a better dad than you think," she assured.


    They continued to talk a while longer until Sam expressed his fatigue and got himself under the covers to go to sleep.

    Long after Sam drifted into a deep sleep, Morgana still lay on the bed above the covers, smiling endlessly. Feeling so grateful for the miracle that had taken place in her and Thornton's lives. Also her heart was filled with joy. Her lifelong dreams would finally be coming true.


    More to come!
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    A Love Rekindled
    Part 1

    As a few more days passed Sam couldn't even remember how long he'd been on this leap. He figured it had to be at least a month. One of these days soon he expected to leap out. I'll ask Al for the exact time I've been here later, he thought, but on this morning he got himself dressed, in the normal suit which was strangely starting to grow on him, and said goodbye to his "wife."

    "Have a great day a work," Morgana wished, caressing his arm. "I'll miss you."
    Sam smiled. "I'll miss you too."
    Then Morgana began rocking on her heels, clasping her hands below her chest as if there were something more she wanted to say...or do. "I guess," she started, "you better get going if you don't want to be late."


    Nodding Sam looked upon her one more time. The nightie she was wearing was quite alluring. Although he never allowed himself to fall for her, his heart belonging to Donna and all, he couldn't deny feeling attracted to her during the past week or two. She turned out to be a completely different woman than he imagined and it was further proof to him that first impressions aren't always correct.

    He could sense Morgana wanted to kiss him, but because they weren't supposed to do that yet...it appeared she was expecting him to change that rule now, especially with the longing look on her face. Why not now? Sam thought, besides I can't really leap out of here if we don't kiss and become more intimate, right? I am sure of it! He certainly hoped that in order to leap it didn't mean that he'd have to engage in sex'ual relations with her. He just couldn't do it. Surely God would not ask that of him.

    As Morgana's longing expression began to fall, Sam decided it was time and lunged himself forward, wrapping his arms tightly around her back and kissed her.


    Morgana was stunned, but only for a brief moment. She returned the sudden, intense kiss, holding Sam close to keep him there a bit longer as she planted a couple more on him. Sam had to think of Donna while kissing her, it was the only way he could get himself to do it.

    When the kiss ended, Morgana smiled brightly, nearly squealing and expressed, "Wow Thornton! Where did you learn to kiss like that?"
    With a tight smile, Sam shrugged and replied, "I didn't. That's the way I've always kissed." Please buy it, please buy it...
    "I don't think so!" Morgana exclaimed. "I would've remembered that!"
    "Well," Sam said, taking her hands, "maybe it feels so amazing and different because it's been so long since we've kissed." Good one!
    Morgana nodded, agreeing. "Yeah. I guess you're right," then she asked, "so we're ok to kiss then? We're in that stage of our relationship now?" She winked.
    "Yes," Sam answered with a grin. "We definitely are."
    And with that, they kissed again and soon Morgana was seeing him off at the front door.


    As Morgana closed the front door she blissfully began heading back to the living area. She didn't really have any plans at the moment on this day off of hers, but noticing the Butler out on the balcony reading a book she felt the need to go out and chat.

    "Hello Mr. Potter," she greeted happily, heading towards the seat across from him.
    Mr. Potter looked up. "Good morning m'lady." Then he glanced back down at the book.
    Morgana lifted a finger and jokingly chided him by saying, "Now Mr. Potter, you know there are perfectly good couches to sit on inside while enjoying that book. These outdoor chairs are awful!"


    The Butler chuckled. "Indeed m'lady," he noted, "however it is such a nice day that I thought I would enjoy my book outside for a change."
    Morgana sat down. "Oh," she expressed. "I'm sorry. That's a lovely idea. I guess I'm just not...thinking very clearly right now." She giggled a bit and found her eyes wandering up toward the sky.
    The Butler glanced up from the book at her, observing her euphoric state. "I take it relations between you and your husband have improved?"
    "Oh very much so!" Morgana exclaimed. "I don't think I've ever felt this much in love with him Mr. Potter!"
    The Butler smiled.
    "You were right," she told him, "he really did want to fix our marriage. He says he wouldn't mind having kids now too and," she paused, holding her hand to her chest, "my heart is so full of joy I could cry!" Tears welled up around her eyes.
    "That's wonderful m'lady," The Butler expressed, closing his book for a moment. "Indeed, a great miracle has taken place. I sense a long and happy life for the two of you."
    "Thank you, Mr. Potter," Morgana beamed. "I'm glad to have you be a part of it."
    "The pleasure is mine m'lady," he said with a smile and returned to his book.

    After going inside to grab herself a cup of coffee, Morgana and the Butler randomly chatted about plans for the future all the while basking in the nice, sunny weather with the cool breeze coming off the ocean.



    The weekend finally arrived. Not only was it exciting because Sam and Morgana didn't have to work, but because Sam promised her a proper date at the beach today, weather permitting.

    Waking up and pulling the new shades up together, the sun shone brightly upon Sam and Morgana and they both practically jumped for joy! The weather was perfect! Not a cloud in sight! They shared a few hugs and kisses in celebration and excitement over the joyous day ahead of them.


    Then the Butler walked in. He whistled while tending to his bed making duty, unaware that Sam and Morgana were still present in the room.
    Sam stared at him for a moment and asked, "Did you forget what day it is Mr. Potter?"
    Morgana tried not to snig'ger.


    The Butler's head snapped upward as he noticed his Masters still present and in their pajamas. His face grew pale. "Oh! Please forgive me Sir and Madame!" he apologized profusely. "It appears I did." He turned for the door. "I will take my leave then."
    Sam and Morgana chuckled. "It's ok," they called back to him in unison, but he was already gone.

    "Poor Mr. Potter," Morgana grinned.
    "He'll be alright," Sam assured, while stroking her hair. "Now, let's get ready for that date!"


    To be continued...

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    A Love Rekindled
    Part 2

    When Sam and Morgana arrived at the beach, they found it nice to see that they were the only ones there. Feeling so much in love, they wouldn't have cared if people were there anyway.


    Sam was quite surprised with the feelings that had developed within him for Morgana, but he figured it was due to the fact of missing Donna so much. And of course most of it was just an act, which he'd gotten better at playing during his leaps. This one was just much more challenging though, because he could remember his past.

    "C'mon!" Morgana urged, interrupting his thoughts, "let's get in the water! I'm roasting already!"
    "Okie dokie," Sam agreed.
    There he goes saying that strange expression again...

    In a moments time they were trudging through the cold water which shocked their bodies at first, but they soon got used to it.


    "Oooh," Morgana squealed as she fully immersed herself in the water. "Gosh that's cold, but man," she threw her head up toward the sky, closing her eyes, "it feels SO refreshing!"
    "It really does," Sam agreed, with a huge grin on his face. He couldn't help doing what he did next.
    "It's just such a gorgeous and perfect day!"


    "Hey!" Morgana cried out in surprise.
    "What?" Sam asked. "What could be more refreshing than the cool water splashing upon your face?"
    "I wasn't ready to get my face wet yet you stinker! Take THIS!" She splashed him back.
    Sam laughed while trying to dodge it.


    They decided to swim deeper into the ocean.


    They basked in the tranquility of the rolling waves and admired the gorgeous view of the mountains in the distance.


    Sam stopped in the water for a moment and suggested, "Maybe we shouldn't go too far out. I don't want to run into any sharks..."
    "There've never been any reports of a shark attack here," Morgana informed, "but...you're right. Better to be on the safe side." Then she chuckled, "that would certainly ruin this already perfect date."
    "Very much so!" Sam emphatically agreed.


    There was a brief silence between the two, until Morgana spoke. "You know Thornton?"
    "I don't think I ever told you this these past couple of days but," she paused, "ever since we started dating and getting to know each other again...these have honestly been the happiest days of my life!" The sparkle in her eye told Sam she meant that with deep sincerity.
    He smiled. He hoped and prayed Thornton would continue to make her just as happy when it came time for him to leap. "They've been the happiest of my life too," he couldn't help saying.


    They then headed back to shore.


    Once there, Morgana decided to sun bathe while Sam played in the sand.


    Her eyes finally popped open upon hearing Sam's on and off giggles. "Gee Thornton," she smiled, "you sound like a kid over there who hasn't been to the beach before!"
    "I feel like one!" Sam exclaimed. "And I haven't played in the sand for years! I've forgotten how much fun it is to create things in it!"
    Morgana chuckled, while glancing at his sand starfish creation. It looked perfectly shaped, mathematically so. No flaws whatsoever. His behavior lately never ceased to amaze her.

    When Sam excused himself to go use the portable restroom, Al appeared.

    "Ahh," Al mused while walking alongside Sam, taking in a deep breath and raising his palms in the air. "Nothing like love on the beach. Do you remember that time when you leaped into me and got kissed by that amazingly gorgeous woman on the beach whose name...I can't remember?"
    "Yes, Al," Sam answered, "and she was na'ked."


    "Ohhh yeah!" Al said excitedly. "That was a good day!"
    Sam shook his head. "Al, I'm kind of busy at the moment," he informed, looking around to make sure no one noticed him talking to himself. "Do you have some news for me or something because I'm gonna need you to bail out of here."

    Al pushed a few buttons on the Handlink. "Well," he responded, "I thought you'd like to know what Ziggy has finally come up with on your chances of leaping back to Hidden Springs."


    Sam stopped in his tracks to face Al. "And?"
    Al lowered the Handlink with a sigh. "She's honestly not entirely sure."


    Sam looked away and pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh.
    "However, she has a guess."
    "Oh so Ziggy is guessing now?"
    "Hey. You know this is a harder situation to predict than most..."
    Sam nodded, understanding. He folded his arms and asked, "Well, what is her guess?"
    "She's thinking that since there's still that Rhoen lady you most likely need to take care of, the chances of you returning are around 60 to 75 percent."
    Pursing his lips, Sam thought that really wasn't too bad.
    "And she has no clue when you'll leap back there. It could be when you leap from here or it could be after a couple of more leaps from now. She just doesn't know."


    Nodding and accepting the fact, Sam expressed. "Thank you for letting me know Al."
    "Sure thing kid," Al said, pushing buttons on the Handlink once again. "I'll leave you to your date now."
    Al quietly hummed the song "The Next Best Thing to Love" from the movie Gidget as he entered through the Imaging Chamber door and vanished.

    When Sam returned to Morgana she took his hands and expressed wondering just how long it was going to be before he returned from the bathroom.


    They both laughed at that for a few seconds.


    Then they spoke sweet nothings to each other and talked for hours about more plans for their future.


    They even joked about a few things too.


    "Let's take a picture of us together," Morgana suggested, pulling out her phone.
    Sam thought it was a cute idea but, "Oh I really don't do selfies."
    "Oh c'mon!" Morgana expressed, "it will be super cute! Plus I want to capture this moment forever."
    Sam couldn't argue with that and agreed with a smile.

    Morgana held the phone out in front of them as they kissed.


    After the picture was taken they both glanced down at the phone to see how it turned out.
    "Aww," Morgana cooed, "that turned out much better than I thought it would!"


    "Indeed," Sam admitted, noticing of course that it was Thornton standing next to her and not him. He couldn't help wishing he could see how HE looked with her in that picture.
    Morgana then tucked her phone away into a hidden pocket in her grass skirt and stated, "You are too cute!" to Sam while planting another kiss on him.



    As the beautiful day came to an end, Sam and Morgana walked along the shoreline, hand in hand, lost in the romantic setting and in each other. They reminisced about the good times of their past (which of course Sam had to pretend to remember) and about looking forward to their future together.


    Soon they stopped and stood in the light of the sun setting, whispering more sweet nothings to each other and being intimate.


    Once the sun completely set, they sat down on the sand and gazed up at the sky trying to find the first appearing stars of the night.


    "Oh Thornton," Morgana whispered, "this day has been so wonderful. I wish it would never end."
    Sam rested his head upon her shoulder. "I know," he expressed. "I know..."



    That evening at home, Morgana quickly excused herself from the deliciously prepared dinner by Mr. Potter and took Sam's hand, escorting him to their bedroom. He had a feeling he knew exactly what was on Morgana's mind and he had to prepare himself. Oh Lord if it gets to that point, please let me leap! He prayed. Not that the thought of having a romp with her wasn't tempting but...

    Once in the bedroom, Morgana shut the door, locked it and abruptly pushed Sam onto the bed while pouncing on him like a wildcat.
    Oh boy!


    The desire, the longing, the passion was very evident with each and every one of her kisses. Sam returned them as sincerely as possible...and even rolled her down onto the bed so he could take charge.


    Unlocking lips to catch their breaths, Morgana said breathlessly, "Oh Thornton, I just can't help myself! I want you SO bad right now!!"


    "Is it ok if we just--"
    Sam knew what she was about to ask so he hushed, "Shhh. Just a few more minutes like this," and he kissed her passionately again.

    The sound of the Imaging Chamber door closing rang in Sam's ears. Al! he cried in his mind.

    "Oh my," Al remarked, staring with pleasure at the scene before him. "This is always a nice situation for me to walk into!" He knew Sam couldn't say anything back which made it all the more fun to mess with him.


    But he had to get down to business.

    "Anyway Sam," he addressed while reading the information on the Handlink, "Ziggy now says that Thornton and Morgana 100 percent end up staying together! You did it!"
    That's wonderful! Sam thought with joy in between kisses. Morgana was once again on top of him now.
    "They also have three children," Al continued to read, "And get this! The eldest becomes a world renowned heart surgeon after inventing an artificial heart which ends up saving hundreds of lives!"


    Al lowered the Handlink in shock. "So there really was MORE to this than we originally thought. Not only did you have to save their marriage to protect Morgana's life, but they had to stay together so that they would have the son who was meant to invent the artificial heart that saves even more lives!" He shook his head. "It never ceases to amaze me Sam."
    Sam agreed.
    Al stepped closer to their bed. "Well, that's it kid. You should be leaping out of here any second now."

    In that moment, Morgana removed her lips from Sam and looked down upon him, gazing deeply into his eyes. Sam could see the tears surrounding her eyelids.

    "I love you Thornton," she whispered.
    Now Sam felt tears welling up in his eyes. "I love you too Morgana," he returned.
    "Annnnd that should do it," Al said.

    The blue light appeared and surrounded Sam as he found himself leaping once again.



    Oh and this totally happened once Sam leaped out. :lol:
    Nice for Thornton to return to THAT eh?? :p
    I'm pretty sure their amazing son was conceived in this moment. ;)
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    You guys!!!
    I am SO EXCITED to share this next Chapter in Sam's story with you!! :mrgreen:

    An Answer to Prayers

    God...please bring him back. I miss him...

    It was her plea every single night since the time traveling, quantum physicist Dr. Sam Beckett leaped from Hidden Springs to who knew where.


    The few seconds during a leap transition always seemed to be a blur when Sam would try to think back on it. The blue light was something he always remembered, but this time around...the blue light faded and the transition lasted longer. In that moment he found himself surrounded by strings of bright white light as his body began spinning. Then it gradually slowed down as the transition was coming to an end.

    Little did he know that his arrival caused someone to lift their head up from the table with a start.


    As Sam's feet planted on the ground and the lights disappeared, he took a quick look around as he always did, completely unaware of the gaping woman standing a few feet in front of him.

    Once he recognized where he was and that glorious reality began registering into his mind, he cheered with joy shouting, "WOO HOO!! YES! I am back! Oh God you are so good! Thank you, thank you!"


    "Sam!?" Emma addressed happily.
    "EMMA!" he cried. It was a pleasant surprise to see her standing right there.


    He immediately headed straight for her...


    and grabbed her, planting a delighted and intense kiss upon her lips.


    Emma was stunned!


    The kiss only lasted around three seconds, but to Emma it felt like an eternity!

    As Sam removed his lips from hers she gaped at him with great astonishment.


    "Oh Emma," Sam began, "it's SO great to see you!"


    The look in his eyes caused Emma's heart to melt, but her face expression stayed the same. "Uhhhh," she managed to get out. "What...just happened?"
    Sam's smile wore off as he realized what DID just happen. His excitement to be back and see one of his best friends got the better of him and he acted impulsively. "Oh...I...uhh," he stumbled, "I'm sorry about that Emma," he expressed, the blood draining from his face. "I'm not sure what came over me there."
    Releasing an enormous breath, Emma cracked a smile. "It's ok," she assured, "you were delighted to be back. It was no big deal." She tried to hide her blushing, but was failing.


    "Yeah that!" Sam exclaimed. "Exactly!"
    Then the two scratched at the back of their heads, feeling awkward.


    The uncomfortable feeling would never go away until one of them broke the silence so Sam starting doing that by saying, "So...," while glancing around, "I see that you've been taking care of my home and pets while I was gone."
    "Yes," Emma replied, clearing her throat and finally being able to meet his gaze again.
    "Thank you," Sam expressed, "I really appreciate it."
    "No problem."
    Sighing, Sam asked, "How's it been around here since I left?"


    "Oh gosh," Emma instantly said, "everyone has been worried sick about you Sam! Truth be told I was too!"
    Sam nodded, understanding.
    "There was only so much I could tell everyone, until your disappearance turned into weeks and...many have presumed you dead. Even the police have gotten involved searching for you!"
    Sam rubbed his face with his hand. He deeply hated putting everyone through that and causing so much turmoil.


    "But you didn't reveal to anyone what really happened to me?" he couldn't help asking.
    "No! Of course not."
    That was a relief. "Thanks," he said in gratitude. "So, what did you tell them happened to me?"
    Emma elaborated on it all.


    When she finished, Sam looked down at the floor with a sigh. "Man," he said, "I've got a lot to explain to everyone that goes along with your story."
    "I'm so sorry," Emma expressed, wanting to place a caring hand on his shoulder, but decided against it.
    "I've especially got a lot to explain to," then his head shot up, staring at Emma with wide eyes. "DONNA!" he cried.


    "Indeed," Emma said.
    Without so much as a goodbye, Sam darted out the door heading for Donna's place. Emma was too lost in her emotions to say anything.


    When the door slammed shut behind her, she sighed dejectedly.


    Unbeknownst to her, Al had just appeared and was reading some info on the Handlink as he addressed his friend, "Hey Sam! Can you believe it!? You're back here in Hidden Springs!" When he looked up to see Sam's reaction he was surprised to find his friend wasn't there, only Emma. That's strange, he thought, this was his exact location. He stepped forward a bit to study the kitchen and living area, but he didn't see Sam anywhere. "Sam?" he called out.

    Emma sniffed in front of him which caught his attention. With her head lowered and shoulders slumped, Al asked himself, "What's the matter with her?"

    "He's just your friend Emma," he heard Emma say to herself. "That's the way it will always be."

    Glancing around awkwardly for catching her talking to herself, Al suddenly put two and two together and looked upon her with a sigh.



    Parting song here for this scene. <3
    Interesting trivia here: This song was #1 on the charts the day I was born. :) I've always loved it, even before finding that out. <3 I guess now I know why. :p
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    Sometimes The Truth Hurts

    Sam's car came to a slippery halt in Donna's driveway. The snow had graced Hidden Springs with its presence while he was gone and that made racing over to Donna's house much more difficult than he originally imagined. But he managed to make it all in one piece!

    Praying she was home, Sam threw the seat belt off, pushed the door open and bolted towards her front door.


    As he stopped in front of the door to wipe his shoes off, he took in a deep breath and tried to mentally prepare himself for the reunion, Donna's reaction to his disappearance and the unknowing, inevitable result of it all. Unable to hold back his anticipation any further, he rang the doorbell.


    The next few seconds were a killer. His legs grew restless. C'mon Donna, he pleaded in his mind, PLEASE be home! Just then, his ears perked up as he heard the doorknob turn and the door opening, revealing his girlfriend on the other side.

    It was apparent Donna had to do a double take when she looked upon the person standing at her doorstep and when she recognized him, she held her hands up to her gaping mouth and cried, "SAM!? Oh my G** is it really you!?"


    "YES!" Sam cried out in response. "I'm back! Oh Donna!" Without waiting for her to say anything, he lunged toward her, grabbing her back and began kissing her passionately.


    "Oh Sam," Donna whispered, in between kisses. "I can't believe--"
    "Shhh," Sam hushed, "just let me kiss you," he asked, while locking lips with her again. "I missed you SO much!" I thought I'd never see you again!


    Emotions ran high between the two as they basked in the joyous reunion. Sam's kisses grew more frequent and intense that Donna figured their tongues were bound to get frozen together at this rate! Closing her mouth and trying to pull back a bit, she said, "Hey, hey, hey--" to calm Sam down.


    Sam released her and allowed her the chance to breathe. He needed a breather himself.
    Donna smiled in thanks and suggested, "How about we go inside. It's freezing out here!"
    "Of course," Sam agreed.


    Once inside, Donna closed the door behind her and abruptly turned toward Sam. The look on her face was no longer one of passion, he noticed.

    She stepped up to him, raised her hand and slapped him across the face.

    Sam nearly fell to the floor as he threw his hand upon his cheek, struggling to keep his balance. Oh boy!

    "Where the h*** have you been!?" Donna yelled at him.
    Groaning, Sam stood up straight and answered, "That was unexpected...but understandable."


    "I'm serious Sam!" Donna continued in a rage. "I mean, you just disappear without so much as letting me know where you're going and then never once return my text messages or phone calls--"


    "I know," Sam admitted sorrowfully.
    "It's been over a MONTH Sam! A MONTH! Not a single word from you! I was freaking out! I mean," she squeezed at her forehead, "you had me so worried sick I called the police to go out and look for you. I was afraid," she stopped, getting choked up, "that you died!"


    "No, no," Sam soothed, coming towards her to give her a hug, but she wouldn't let him.
    "Since you're obviously not dead then WHY would you do that to me Sam!?" she snapped. "Was I a disappointment to you? Because there was a time there that I wondered if our relationship had just been a fling and you decided to bolt!"


    "NO!" Sam cried. "I would never do that!" Then he lowered his head sadly with a deep sigh. He looked up and clasped his hands together before her saying, "Donna, I am so so sorry I put you through that! I can explain everything."


    "Well, you d*** well better!" Donna accepted. "Because you've shattered my heart into a million pieces and I want to know why!"


    Hearing that made Sam's heart ache with regret. I should've just told her the truth earlier! he chided himself. He felt like kicking something for being such an idi'ot, but it was too late for regrets. He had to make this right. If he could make it right. It was time to reveal who he really is.

    "Donna," he began, "I was afraid to tell you this when we first started dating because I feared it would scare you off." He sighed. "Now I realize that was a big mistake."


    With her arms folded, Donna asked, "What? Are you married or something?"
    "No," he replied, "it's nothing like that." He stepped closer and peered deeply into her eyes, imploring her to trust him. "What I am about to tell you is the honest truth. It may seem unbelievable, but I promise it's the truth."
    Feeling uneasy, Donna kept her eyes upon his and nodded, "Ok."


    Sam told her everything. All the details. Not leaving a single thing out.

    It took nearly a half hour to explain and Donna's eyes never strayed from his throughout it all.

    "And so," Sam concluded, "that's why I was gone for so long and you couldn't reach me. I leaped again...and miraculously I leaped back here when my work was finished."


    Donna looked down, stiff as a statue and pale-faced. Sam knew she would need a few minutes after hearing all that so he stepped back to give her some space, while anxiously awaiting her response.


    After a couple of minutes she finally said, "So, you're a time traveler from...another world?" She still couldn't face him.
    "So you're an alien?" Now she faced him.
    "Well, not exactly," he replied. "I'm not green with bug eyes and pointed ears. I'm human. Just like you."

    Looking away again and shaking her head, there was a slight chuckle as she faced him once more, "And you expect me to believe all that?"
    Sam's face immediately fell. "Yes," he answered unequivocally.
    "It's not possible Sam!"


    "But it is!" he exclaimed. "I'm living proof of that."
    "Sam..." Donna moaned, rubbing her temples. "I don't know if I can handle this. This is all just...too much."


    "You're right," Sam agreed, coming closer to her and taking her hands. "We'll take a break. Call it a day. You take all the time you need and I promise I'll be here for you."
    "No Sam," Donna hesitated. "You don't understand."
    Sam looked upon her questionably. Worriedly.
    "If what you say really is true," she gulped, "then...I don't know if I can accept it."
    "What do you mean?" Sam asked, holding her shoulders.
    "I mean," she began, stepping away. "I don't think I can be in a relationship with someone who is at the beck and call of God, fate, time or whatever it is...


    ...To never know when you're going to leap again. That there's the possibility you might...die during a leap," she looked down, shaking her head, "I already went through the possibility of you being dead Sam and it killed me! I just can't do it."

    Sam stepped back while staring at her, tears welling up and heart pounding. He knew where this was going. He could certainly understand her feelings, but his heart was breaking and those emotions were getting the better of him. "So my intuition was right," he said to her. "The truth is scaring you away."


    Now tears appeared in Donna's eyes. "Sam," she started, "it's breaking my heart now because I realize you really are telling the truth."
    Sam looked away.
    "I'm sorry," she apologized, "It's just....I was offered another position at work in another city and...I took it."


    She shrugged. "You were gone Sam...and I didn't know why. I had to move on," she sniffed, "I had to get away from here."
    Sam buried his face in his hand.
    Donna continued, "So you see Sam, this just isn't meant to be."
    "Donna," Sam said, coming right up to her face, pleading, "Please...give us another chance! We can have a wonderful life together. Don't do this..."


    Tears streaming down her cheeks, Donna said, "No Sam...we can't. I can't."


    Sam's heart just couldn't accept that. He began apologizing again and asked her to reconsider, but the more he did so the more angry she would get.


    In the heat of the moment Donna declared that she didn't want to have anything to do with Sam's quantum leaping and told him their relationship was over just to get him to leave, and she concluded by asking him to do just that.


    Shoulders slumped, Sam did as she wished and went out the door. When it closed, Donna buried her face in her hands and cried.


    On the porch, Sam just stood there in his depressive and heartbroken state. This time he wasn't upset at God for what happened, he was upset with himself. He couldn't help wondering...
    "Is this how it must be for me?" he lamented. "To never have a wife again? To never start a family? To never truly be happy?"


    Tears fell from his eyes as he held his hand to his heart and mourned the loss of what could have been between him and Donna. On the other side of the door, Donna was mourning that loss as well.


    After a few minutes, Sam wiped away his tears and looked up towards the heavens. "If my fate will always be a burden upon the one I love," he said to God, "then I will never love again."



    Parting song here:
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    This has been a grea story so far.I wanted to get caught up earlier and my internet was being glitchy.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,012 Member
    Hi Em!! I think I'm just going to keep up with your story and leave feedback for you here. :)
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,248 Member
    Hi Em!! I think I'm just going to keep up with your story and leave feedback for you here. :)

    @charlottesmom Sounds good hun. <3
    I'll be working on moving the story over to my blog this week too when hubby goes back on the night shift and I have tons of time to do so! :p

    I see @TadOlson Thank you!
    I need to go back and reread it all myself so I don't forget or repeat anything in my continuing updates. :)

    And thank you to all my followers! <3
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    Awesome possum!
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    edited April 2018
    When You Need A Friend
    Part 1

    The next couple of days went by fairly quickly for Sam as all he did was sleep, hoping it would ease his depressive state and make the pain pass quicker, but unfortunately it didn't. In fact, it only proved to be pointless because he would wake up having to face the same exact problem he fell asleep to. No, he thought during the evening of the second day, the only way I'll get through this is to face it head on. Accept it. He'd been through this all too many times since that fateful day when he leaped from the Project Accelerator. He knew what he had to do, but that didn't make it any easier.

    The next day came, bringing with it a pretty strong snowstorm.


    Sam was thankful for it, it gave him an excuse to not get out which he knew he would eventually have to do (and explain a TON to everyone), but right now he just didn't have the energy or motivation. He did wonder why Al hadn't showed up yet, perhaps he was respecting that his friend needed some time to grieve. But then again...Al never saw what happened between him and Donna. Or did he?

    Staring out the window while watching the glistening, gently falling snowflakes his eyes happened upon something standing by his mailbox. Squinting his eyes and wiping at the window to get a closer look it appeared to be...a Gnome. A rather ugly one at that. Sam just shook his head. This world is so strange sometimes... He wasn't a big fan of Gnomes and how it got there...he didn't care to know.


    He sighed. An hour at a time, he would say to motivate himself. He started with cleaning the bathroom then wiping down the kitchen counters. He got through that. Next he cleaned his Spotted Sixam's cage, whom he still had yet to name, filled up his food and water and chatted with him for a bit. That was an easy accomplishment too. Then he decided to check the dormant plants in his garden. That's when his thoughts really started to wander, wondering what the heck he was doing with his life and if it would ever be normal again, even while leaping and returning back to Hidden Springs. The bracelet! he remembered. I've gotta get that from the Science Facility! Even as important as that was, he still didn't feel like leaving the house to go get it.

    The hours passed with each and every small household task performed and soon it became dark, still snowing. Sam dreaded having to shovel all that snow later. Stepping out into the cold, he stopped in the middle of his front yard and looked up toward the heavens, eyes closed. He took in a deep breath and slowly released it as he opened his eyes. "God," he addressed, "I don't have much to say...simply because I've been through this all before with You. But, I admit that there's no way in my mortal state that I will ever understand Your ways, so...if you could just give me some kind of a sign telling me that my life won't completely be--"
    "I hear your prayers Samuel Beckett and I am here," a voice said.

    Sam turned abruptly to find Al standing behind him, wearing a bright grin on his face. "Al..." Sam addressed annoyingly while turning back and gazing up at the cloudy, night sky.
    "Oh c'mon Sam!" Al spoke in his normal voice now, coming over to face his friend, "I've always wanted to show up while you were praying so I could say that!" He chuckled. "Where's your sense of humor?"
    "I don't have one at the moment," Sam answered frankly.
    Drawing in a puff of smoke from his cigar while studying Sam carefully, it was no mystery what was wrong with the great physicist. Releasing the smoke, Al asked, "Donna didn't buy your excuse as to why you were gone did she?"
    Sighing, Sam replied, "Oh I didn't give her an excuse. I told her the truth instead."
    Al's eyes widened. "And she didn't believe it!?"
    "She did," then his face fell. "She just chose not to accept it. Or rather...not to accept me because of it."
    Al's face then fell too with sorrow. "Oh," he said, "I'm so sorry kid."


    "It's really ok Al," Sam expressed, not wanting any sympathy. "It's just the way life will always be for me now. You know, never to have a wife again and start a family like I always planned."
    "Oh c'mon," Al protested, "that's ridiculous! Buck up kid! Quit feeling this way whenever life throws you a curve ball." He poked at the sky with his cigar. "The fact that you leaped back here proves that God intends for you to finally settle down."
    "I dunno Al," Sam faltered, "what if He really only leaped me back here simply to right the wrong that I didn't do before? Stop Emmaline Rhoen."
    "I find it hard to believe that would be the only reason you came back," Al countered. "I sense there's something else here for you."
    Sam shrugged. "Perhaps."
    "Besides, what about that bracelet of yours? You--"
    "The bracelet won't work Al! Nothing I ever do for my benefit seems to work out right!"

    Stepping back while staring at Sam in surprise, Al asked, "Are you serious? Am I hearing this correctly? YOU never doing something that works out right!?" He shook his head. "Who are you and what have you done with my friend, the genius Doctor Sam Beckett?"
    Sam felt like saying that's not exactly what he meant, but he ignored the hologram and just gazed up toward the snowy sky again with his eyes closed. He couldn't argue, that's wouldn't make anything better. He just had to humble himself and try to accept his fate. Releasing another breath he began praying, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."
    "What!?" Al asked, not understanding what he was doing. Sam then repeated the same line, obviously ignoring Al.

    Pulling out the Handlink Al pushed a few buttons and said, "It appears you still have some inner struggles to work out Sam. And I'm hoping the REAL Sam comes back when I return!" The Chamber door opened up from behind him.
    "...to accept the things..."
    "I'm going to check with Ziggy on some statistics," Al concluded as he stepped back, entering the chamber, then pushing the button to close the door.
    Sam still didn't acknowledge Al's exit and kept on saying, very intently now, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."


    The next morning Sam woke up feeling a little bit better than yesterday. The heartache from losing Donna still lingered within him, and would for a while, but he knew that keeping himself busy would help the anguish pass.

    He stepped over to his new Grand Piano, which had been delivered only a couple of days before he leaped out, and played a few of his favorite songs. Playing the piano always helped him to relax and unwind.


    Afterward he made his way toward the kitchen to grab a bite to eat when his phone vibrated. It was a text message from Emma asking, Hey! How'd it go with Donna?
    Sighing, Sam typed back, Not great. Don't really feel like talking about it.


    A few seconds passed. Then, I'm so sorry. :( Do you need anything?
    No thanks. I'll be alright.
    Ok...I hope you feel better soon. And Sam...I'm here for you if you ever need to talk.

    Sam smiled. I know you are Emma. Thanks.
    As Sam tucked his phone away into his pocket, he made it a point to contact Emma later and truly catch up. It was such a relief having a friend he could talk to who knew about his situation, but first he had some unfinished business to attend to.


    Sam waited anxiously out in the cold for Liam to arrive with his finished invention. Even though the doubts of the bracelet's effectiveness kept creeping back into his mind, Sam would force them out again by reminding himself of his brain smarts and abilities. Even with that "swiss-cheesed" brain of his after the very first leap, his knowledge always came back to him when he most needed it and it never let him down. The bracelet was sure to work!

    As Liam arrived and parked his car, he stepped out and said to Sam, "Holy cr'ap it's good to see you Sam!"
    "You too Liam," Sam greeted with a smile.
    The two didn't hesitate to give each other a friendly hug as Liam went on to say, "Thank G** you're alive!"


    Then he faced his former work associate. "You scared the h*** out of the whole town disappearing like that!"
    "I know," Sam groaned, "it certainly wasn't my intention, but...there was a family emergency I had to attend to, in a place with lousy cell phone service and...it took a while to mend." Literally.


    He ha'ted lying like that, especially to a friend. Maybe someday he would find the right moment to tell Liam the whole truth. Right now, he just couldn't handle doing that again.
    "But everything's ok now right?" Liam asked.
    "Oh yes. Everyone's just fine," Sam replied. I do wonder how Thornton and Morgana are faring...
    "Good!" Liam expressed. Then he pulled something out of his pocket. "I took the liberty of guarding this thing while you were gone and," he paused, "it's quite the intriguing device, I must say."
    "Thank you," Sam expressed for both guarding it and the compliment.
    Hesitating to hand it over, Liam stated, "I wish you would tell me what it's really for. What its purpose is."


    "It's just for an experiment," Sam informed, however he could see that wasn't convincing Liam. He then placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder and said, "Trust me Liam. It's not a part of anything too crazy or dangerous. I promise you'll be the first person I inform if the experiment is a success."
    Liam smiled. "I trust you Sam. It's just," he scratched at the back of his head, "you've got me real curious."
    "All in due time my friend." He smiled.
    Shaking his head with a chuckle, knowing he wasn't going to get Sam to divulge anything else about it he held the bracelet out to him and said, "Well then, I believe this is yours Doctor Beckett."

    (Forgive my lame photo editing skills :p )

    Sam thanked Liam and then sent him on his way.

    Once back inside the house, Sam replaced his watch with the Bracelet (which he also had a clock put in for that very reason) and vowed to never remove it from his wrist for ANY reason!

    Then he remembered, "Oh shoot! I meant to check the mail!" So back outside he went.

    Thankfully there wasn't too much to look through since Emma collected most of his mail for him during his absence. I don't think I ever properly thanked her for all she did for me, he thought while skimming through the letters, or did I? Either way I better do so again when I see her. Closing the mailbox and looking up, he saw that little Evelyn had showed up to deliver the newspaper. "Hey Evelyn!" he greeted happily with a wave.


    Evelyn turned sharply to find Sam coming and crouching down before her. "SAM!" she cried, throwing herself into his arms. "Oh Sam the rumors are true! You're back!" she exclaimed, "and you're ok!"
    Sam held her tight and even lightly kissed her cheek before releasing her. "Yes Evelyn," he confirmed, "I'm ok. I'm so sorry I worried you and everyone else like that."
    "For reals Sam! Where the heck were you!?"
    Sam tried to reiterate it all and once again, it pained him to not be honest about it.


    "Dang Sam," Evelyn said at the end of it, "you know you could've driven out to an area where there was cell phone service and called Emma or someone to let them know you were ok!"


    Sam froze as he thought about how clever that idea was and he probably would've thought of it, if he'd really been in that situation. Eyebrows raised and chuckling he responded, "Well you know kiddo...I honestly didn't even think about that."
    "It's ok Sam," Evelyn said, placing a hand on his arm. "You had more important things to worry about it sounds like."
    "But seriously, it was pretty scary there for a while once the police started putting up posters about your disappearance..."
    I think I better call the police department...
    "...and it's just been a really sad time in our town Sam," Evelyn concluded, trying not to cry. "I'm so glad you're not dead!"


    "C'mere," Sam whispered, enveloping her in his arms again. "I'm sorry. I won't worry everyone like that when I have to leave town again, I promise," he vowed.

    It was then Sam realized that he needed to come up with a good, legit reason to be passed on when he leaped again. Another job out of town perhaps? That would certainly make sense, provided the Bracelet would do its job. It just had to work. He couldn't do that to his friends and hometown ever again.


    Once Evelyn left to go finish her paper route, Sam promptly called the Police Department to inform them that he was definitely alive and back home. Once again he had to explain the entire false situation, but on the positive side it put the entire case to rest.

    While heading to the store to pick up some much needed groceries, Sam found himself being approached by swarms of people. Many of them, he didn't even know.


    For a second he thought it was amazing what kind of an impact he had on the people in town, but he figured they most likely recognized him from all the posters put up with his face plastered on it that Evelyn mentioned earlier.

    "Are you ok?"
    "Where were you?"
    "What happened?"
    "Why did you leave?"

    So many questions, all the same answer. He managed to get it down to a one sentence explanation, but repeating himself was becoming quite wearing and emotionally draining. If that wasn't bad enough...he met eyes with Donna as he was leaving the store, surrounded by a crowd, as she was walking in. It was quite the piercing gaze, one that drove deep into his aching heart. Donna didn't wave or even smile, she just kept on walking. After that, Sam excused himself from the crowd, got in his car and drove home.


    After arriving, he closed the front door, locked it and turned around, pressing his back against it, trying to get a hold of himself.


    He attempted every breathing technique he'd ever learned to calm himself down and it seemed to work. Glancing down at his Bracelet watch it read 4:37. It was nearing dinnertime and he didn't want to bother her, but since Al wasn't around...and knowing that the next process of healing would be to talk it out, he pulled out his phone and sent a text message.

    Hey. I need to talk. Are you able to come over right now?

    Within a few seconds Emma responded, Yes. I'll be right over!


    To be continued...


    I'm excited to write this next part!

    Oh and a somewhat similar situation parting song here:
    Poor Sam :cry:
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    @emorrill , Wonderful chapter!!! I love how the whole town was worried about Sam's well being. The reunion with Evelyn was perfect, I love how she was so emotional that her friend was okay. The texting of Emma was very sweet too!
    **Now those keys on the wall by Sam's door, are those from Sims 4, I seem to recall having those on my wall in 4!
    **I was in HS this morning kidnapping a Sim for my story, and almost nabbed Liam too but forgot.
    **I hope we see more of Emma in the second part!

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,248 Member
    @charlottesmom You know, I don't know if the key pictures were modeled after Sims 4 content or not. ;) I just found them floating around the internets and LOVED them enough to add them to my game. :grin: (I very much love old keys! <3 )

    Thank you for your sweet comments. <3 Nice to see them here on Sam's thread for a change. ;):p:kissing_heart:

    Oooooo, I wonder who you kidnapped from HS???
    Don't forget to tag me in your next story update! :mrgreen:
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    Good mylanta....

    Do ya'll know how many minutes I've been sitting here rewording the SAME DANG PARAGRAPH trying to explain something just right???

    30 minutes...maybe 45! I'm not even kidding! :flushed: I think I've FINALLY got it down right...

    Sam's next update is going to be an interesting one folks. More interesting than I originally planned... ;)

    Happy Simming! :mrgreen:
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    emorrill wrote: »
    Good mylanta....

    Do ya'll know how many minutes I've been sitting here rewording the SAME DANG PARAGRAPH trying to explain something just right???

    30 minutes...maybe 45! I'm not even kidding! :flushed: I think I've FINALLY got it down right...

    Lol, well you're appreciated!!
    The Sequel: Part 4

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,248 Member
    ZeeGee wrote: »

    Lol, well you're appreciated!!

    @ZeeGee Thank you hun. <3 You are so sweet. I appreciate your support. {{{hugs}}}

    It took me forever to explain what I was trying to explain correctly! My inner perfectionist was coming out bad as well. :p
    < 3 Harvey < 3
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    You're welcome! Your story is great. I didn't like Donna anyway. :tongue:

    The perfectionism is a curse. I'm the same with my videos. I'll shoot the same scene 17 times then sometimes even go back and use the first one. :lol:
    The Sequel: Part 4

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