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Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) Sims 3 story :)

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Hey fellow simmers and story writers! :smiley:

Oh boy! Are you in for a treat! ;)
(Lol! You know I had to... :tongue: )

Having been a Quantum Leap fan for some time now (and lover of the great and talented actor Scott Bakula ;)<3) I've decided to write a Sims 3 story continuing the adventures of Sam Beckett. :)

I've been posting the story every now and then on the ever popular Sims 3 thread "What Happened In Your Sims Game Today?" but honestly feel this category (Stories and Legacies) is the better place for it.

Before I begin posting the story give me a shout out if you are a QL fan too! I'm SO excited to share it with you! :grin:

NOTE: Updated versions of this story can be read at my Blog :)
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    Ok, I'm going to go ahead and post the first chapter here (because DUH emorrill....MOST people aren't familiar with Quantum Leap! ;) ). So here it is. :)

    Sam Beckett Finds Himself in Hidden Springs

    NOTE: For those of you unfamiliar with the Quantum Leap TV show, here is a synopsis of what the show is about, which is narrated at the beginning of each episode. :)
    "Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home."

    Got it? Ok. :) I don't want to give away the ending of the show...but my Sims 3 story of Sam Beckett begins like this:

    "After putting right the ultimate thing that went wrong...Sam found himself leaping again into a very unknown location. In fact, it seemed to be a completely different world ENTIRELY! He had leaped into the town square, it seemed, and looked around in wonderment. He tried to control his breathing as he panicked trying to figure out where in the heck he was and if Al would show up soon. First things first, he had to get to a mirror. There HAD to be one in the public restrooms! He darted for it. Inside there was a single, faded cheap mirror but it would do. He braced himself to see what his appearance might be, but once was NOT another person. It was HIM! While that should cause one to feel relieved, for Sam it made him panic all the more. It was definitely his reflection but for some reason he looked more...cartoony. This didn't make any sense! "AL!" He cried out. No response. He leaned against the wall, eyes closed, chest rising up and down. He opened his eyes towards the heavens and asked, "Where have You sent me now?"

    "Days turned into weeks. He tried to avoid people at all costs until Al showed up to give him further instructions. This was the longest amount of time it EVER took for Al to show up. He worried that Ziggy (his super computer) could not track him for he felt in his gut that he was not on earth anymore. That thought produced a giant knot in his stomach and filled him with despair and sadness. As luck would have it, he figured out that he owned a home in this town they called Hidden Springs. Thank God. He even had one heck of a sweet ride. He didn't know what his job was and he was probably fired by now for not showing up...

    As a month rolled by, Sam knew he was for sure on his own. With the last event he changed in history, he was pretty sure Al probably wasn't one of those in charge of Project Quantum Leap anymore. He tried not to cry. Would his colleagues ever be able to find him again? More and more that thought became doubtful. With his "swiss-cheese" brain jumping in and out of different people's lives and through time, he didn't know much about his past. He learned from Al that he was from Elk Ridge, Indiana, a son to Dairy Farmers, a Nobel Prize winner, holder of 6 doctorates including quantum physics, medicine and ancient languages, a child prodigy and he could play the piano, sing and dance. As far as his personal life, there wasn't much he could remember at all... He knew there was stuff that Al never told him and now he may never find out. He hoped he'd remember. What was to become of him now in this strange new world? What wrong was he meant to put right? Or was he to even do that at all?"

    Ok (sorry for the novel there ;) ) but let me get to posting pictures. :) Here is Sam Beckett's home in Hidden Springs:

    The design of the home I felt fit him perfectly. Sorry I didn't get interior pics, but you'll see it as I keep posting. ;)

    Since I don't have Seasons in my game (makes it too glitchy and that makes me sad :( ) I had to find a Snow Terrain tool because, tis the Season. :star: I think it looks really good!
    Sam got his tree up and decorated and even put up Christmas lights outside. <3


    Looks even more fab in the evening:

    Seriously, I didn't expect to love this terrain tool so much! :blush:
    (That water sure looks COLD doesn't it? ;) )

    On this particular morning, Sam decided to brush up on his piano playing.
    (Got to get him up to level 10 in SO many skills! He's a sexy GENIUS! :tongue: )

    The doorbell rang.
    "How dare you interrupt my practicing..."

    A school mascot? This was very odd. Not like he needed anymore schooling...
    For some reason the two thought they were "meant to be together" unbeknownst to each other. How Sam saw her beauty under that costume is beyond me (the Goddess of this world ;) ), but he shook the feelings off. He wasn't in the mood to get romantically involved with anyone, but...he could sure use a friend. Finally.

    He invited her inside, out of the cold, and had a nice chat. (I can't remember her name...). It was fun to see his different face expressions because in many instances he would look A LOT like a young Scott Bakula. :)
    "That's very interesting. Have I told you about Quantum Physics?"

    Girl: "OMG, you're a Doctor too?"
    Sam: (Blushing) Yes, I am.
    Girl: Wow....

    Anyway, eventually Sam asked her to leave and I played around with him.

    Yeah, the TV on that wall will not do...
    He passes up TWO perfectly comfortable couches to sit at the DINNER TABLE and watch TV!? No...that had to go. I had to come up with something else.

    MUCH better...
    Watching a romantic TV show made him think of a certain someone...he just couldn't remember who. "?"

    Next I had him brush up on his Science skills:

    And it came time for him to eat dinner. He didn't feel like cooking anything extravagant, besides, Mac n Cheese is darn good stuff!! :tongue:

    While stirring he tried not to let the loss of Al and his memory bring tears to his eyes. :cry:

    Even after eating that warm meal, he felt a bit chilly and started a fire.

    Goddess of the Sim World: I see you warming your b*u*t*t* there Sam! ;)
    **So cute!** <3

    It was time to get ready for bed.

    Ohhhh yeeeahhh! :love:
    (Ya'll know you LOVE my awesome editing skills! :lol: )

    Good night Sam. <3
    Sleep tight. :kissing_closed_eyes:
    (Of course he would be dreaming about the theater ;) Scott Bakula trivia there, go look it up. ;) )


    The next day started out like any other, only Sam was determined to get himself out and meeting people. After all, for all he knew, he was stuck here in this world...possibly for the rest of his life. First he thought he would send a friendly text to his Lady Mascot friend.
    (She is pretty...)

    I did have him brush up on more of his music skills with the guitar. :)
    (Who else is thinking of the scene where he plays and SINGS "Imagine" to his sister? :blush: )

    I hope you all enjoyed this first post about Sam Beckett. :)

    Thanks for reading. :)
    (You'll see my writing skills changing, for the better, as the chapters go on. ;) )
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    Getting Himself Out There

    Today was the day! Sam decided it was finally time to get out and meet some local folks. It was pretty sure at this point: He was stuck in this world, this Hidden Springs town, Ziggy couldn't track him and Al was never coming back. It was hard to accept, but he had to. There were many things he had to accept during his leaps. He was used to it by now...or so he thought he was.

    Out of the corner of his eye he noticed someone approaching his front door from the front window. It was the paper girl. Sam thought it would be nice to go introduce himself and thank her.

    Sam: Hey there young lady.
    Girl: Oh...Hi.
    Sam: Thanks for delivering my papers. What's your name?
    Girl: Uhh...Evelyn Kwon.
    Sam: (Bending down to her level) Well, it's nice to meet you Evelyn. I'm Sam. I'm new here in town.
    Girl: Gee Mister, no one ever comes out of their house to talk to me.
    Sam: (Standing up in exaggerated shock, with his hands on his hips) No way! Really?
    Girl: Yes sir.
    Sam: Oh well...they're probably just busy or they don't see you.
    Girl: No (lowering her head) I think they just like to ignore me because I'm the dumb paper girl...
    Sam: (Face falling...) Oh come on now (bending down to her level again). Don't you believe anything like that. Here, it's cold out. Why don't you come on in. I have some hot chocolate made up.
    Girl: (Cracking a smile) Ok...

    (Now, normally in RL a little girl would probably not go into a strange man's house ALONE, but this is the Sims! ;) )

    As Evelyn sipped on the hot chocolate, Sam proceeded to tell her all sorts of fun things about Theater.

    Sam: One time, I played Don Quixote: The Lord of La Mancha on stage and KILLED IT! I couldn't believe it! At the time I didn't know I could sing...
    Evelyn: Who's Don Quixote?
    Sam: !!!

    Then Evelyn told him about being in the school band and learning to play the Clarinet.

    Evelyn: The current song we are working on is HARD! It has a TON of notes in it and you're supposed to play it real fast! Teacher sometimes gets after me for it...I'm like, I'm only a kid you know!

    Sam: (Laughing) I understand, but I could give you a few pointers on how to tackle those notes if you'd like?
    Evelyn: Really Sam!? You're the best!
    Sam: (Blushing) Oh...I dunno about that.

    After showing her a few tricks on the piano, Evelyn discovered some couch pillows and decided to initiate a pillow fight with Sam by whacking him across the face!
    (once again remember, this is Sims, not RL. ;) lol! )

    Sam: Oh no you didn't! (Grabbing a pillow himself) You better prepare yourself!

    Much to his astonishment, Evelyn was beating the snot out of him!

    They sure had a lot of fun.

    Evelyn: OH GEE SAM! I gotta get back to my paper route!
    Sam: !
    Evelyn: I was having so much fun I totally forgot!
    Sam: Oh I'm so sorry Evelyn...I hope you won't get in trouble?
    Evelyn: (Running to the door) I'll be ok but...(pausing) Thanks for the fun time Sam. I haven't had that much fun with a grown-up in a LONG time! (Leaving the house) BYE!
    Sam: (Smiling) You're welcome kid.


    With pretty much the whole morning gone, Sam quickly jumped into his 1957 Corvette and headed to town.

    Driving in this car made him feel nostalgic...and sad at the same time.

    It reminded him of the time during another leap where he owned this same car and Al couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it!! He was always the classic car lover. They rode together in it and it felt GREAT! :)


    We had the most HORRIBLE wardrobes back then! Sam chuckled to himself. Then again...Al knew how to pull them off. Gosh, he missed his best friend. He decided not to stop into town immediately, but to take a drive. Give himself some time to mourn all that he had lost. He found himself stopping at the top of a hill, where a beautiful waterfall fell into a large lake surrounded by trees. It was a gorgeous scene and...there were wild horses!! At this point, he decided to get out and take a closer look at them.

    They were the most beautiful wild horses he had ever seen!

    One was nice enough to allow him to get close enough so it could sniff his hand.

    Sam: That's right boy (saying to the horse). You're a beauty. For a moment there I thought you were a unicorn... If only those were real.

    The horses' mate didn't want to have anything to do with Sam so, he walked around the falls for a bit and took in the scenery. Then he decided to walk a far distance from the falls to get a better view when his eye caught hold upon a FOAL!

    Sam: Oh! They had a baby! What a cute and pretty little guy. I'll have to see if he will let me say Hello.

    Not so much...

    Sam: Woah! Easy there buddy... don't trample me!

    It was getting dark so Sam decided to head on over to town while he still had some daylight. With the nostalgic feeling returning to him, being in the corvette, he thought he would check out the local consignment shop to see if he could find anything interesting.

    When he arrived though, the lights were turned off and the lady was just closing up shop. Darn, he thought. He would be back another day so he took the time to introduce himself to the lady.

    Sam: Boy this lady sure looks like she stepped out of the 60's! ....Wish Al could see her. Well...of COURSE he'd want to see her! He doesn't let ANY attractive woman pass him by!
    He sighed.
    He and Al were complete opposites! While he valued morals and monogamy, Al was a womanizer who would take every woman he laid eyes on to bed with him if he could. He was a good man at heart though...he just didn't like to show it. Sam missed his company...a lot.

    With his stomach growing and seeing the Diner next door to the consignment shop, Sam said goodbye to the store lady and quickly walked over to get a bite to eat.
    He never remembered Diner food tasting so scrumptious!! This place is AWESOME! :smiley:

    He stepped outside after finishing dessert and the first thing that caught his eye was..........a woman. What!? This wasn't usually normal. With his smart, giant brain women were almost NEVER the first thing he noticed in public, but for some reason this pretty woman caught his eye. Maybe it was because she was chatting with a child, most likely her own, and Sam loved children. Or perhaps it was the way she confidently carried herself. Either way, he found himself walking over to say Hello.

    They had a lovely introduction and briefly got to know each other. He found out her name was Edelaine Porter. Edelaine...he found the name to be quite...wondrous. As it turned out the child was NOT her own, just an informant and her profession was...Paparazzi. Gee, Sam thought, if she knew who I really was back in my world... It's a good thing she didn't. He was about to ask her one more thing when her phone rang and she answered it. She said a couple of words to the person on the other line, hung up and said, "So sorry Mr. Beckett, but I have to be going now."
    Sam: Please, you can call me Sam.
    Edelaine: Yeah...great. (Waving down a taxi) Take care!
    And just like that she was gone.

    Sam stood there like a statue for a few minutes, thinking of how long it had been when he was this taken by a strange woman. The kid from before approached him. "Hey mister," he addressed. "You ok?"
    Sam: (Blinking rapidly and turning to the boy) Yes. Yes, I'm fine. It's dark kid, shouldn't you be getting home?
    Kid: Nah. My house is just across the street. I like to hang out here and skateboard. My mom can see me through the window. (He smiled).
    Sam:'s still pretty dark so she probably can't see you as well. Go home.
    Kid: Fine, I'll go...


    When Sam arrived home he had a feeling he should check his mailbox. It had been WEEKS since he arrived here and he never thought to check it. Maybe something in there would provide him some clues.

    Unfortunately, most of the stuff was junk mail and bills, figures, and luckily he did happen to find his debit card long before now and managed to look up the money he had in his bank account. He had enough to pay for them, but that wouldn't last long without being employed...
    He closed the mailbox and said aloud, "I need to get a job."

    He walked inside and drew himself a bath. I could get a job in almost anything, he thought, should be pretty easy. But then...he remembered that he didn't have any diplomas in this world. No references. No credentials. No one knew him as a Nobel Prize winner or a carrier of Six Doctorates. In his other leaps he always just had a job, but in this one...he didn't. Sighing...he removed his clothes and got into the tub. What was he going to do?
    (Rawr! :love: )

    More to come. :)
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    A Man's gotta do, what a Man has gotta do

    That night, after taking that long bath; trying to figure out what to do next with his current life situation, Sam's brain finally settled down enough for him to fall into a deep sleep.

    Of course almost every time beauty sleep finds you...something has to mess it up:

    Thank goodness he had that burglar alarm installed. The siren literally jumped his body out of bed and he ran to meet the He was ready for a fight!

    Burglar: (In frustration) UGGGHHH!!
    Sam: Yeah! That's what you get for breaking into my house!
    (Police car drives up)

    That was one less burglar roaming the streets, but that didn't make Sam feel anymore secure... He couldn't fall back asleep.


    As the sun rose the next morning it was time to put his plan into action! He concluded that he obviously couldn't go back to school and earn all those 6 doctorates again. There just wasn't TIME for that! Plus, it was ludicrous. So, the only logical thing to do was to create some realistic looking diplomas on his computer (he was tech savvy after all) and make a few copies to display and include with his resume.

    Sam wasn't one to brag about his accomplishments, heck he even refused to display his diplomas and awards in his office where Project Quantum Leap was taking place, but... he needed to have proof of his educational background in this world. He felt silly doing it, but he needed to display the fake diplomas on his bedroom wall, just to make sure they looked legit.
    (Lol! :lol: )
    From a distance they did look real and professional. Sam was confident he would be ok in presenting these with his resume.

    Now the question was...which line of work should he get into? He had SO many options!

    While reading the newspaper a couple of days earlier he saw an article about the decline in healthcare and the lack of physicians needed to fill positions at the hospital.

    That tugged at his heart for a moment. He loved helping people and it was nice having all that knowledge about the human body and medicine. It sure came in handy many times during his leaps BUT...he wasn't sure if he could handle the rigors of being a full time doctor. Especially one that worked in a hospital. He decided to pray about it but for now his decision was No on becoming a physician.

    He did find a job opening (one he was more than qualified for) at the local science lab and it sounded good. Decent pay. Might even be fun. It required some gardening. He could do that. So he sent off his resume to them. Now it was just a waiting game.

    He decided to brush up on some of his science skills:


    "Sorry little cockroach," Sam said, "but I need your help in jogging my memory." He couldn't believe he was actually feeling sorry for the poor, annoying, disgusting creature. "You'll be ok. In you go..."
    It turned out the radiation treatment was too much for the bug. Sam sighed with disappointment...and sadness.

    After that he spent some time on the computer researching a few things. He happened upon a local chat room and thought, What the heck I'll see who's on. He threw out a friendly message to a "Natural*Healer*Woman." She sounded interesting.

    Within minutes she responded. Introductions followed and Sam had to ask what her Profile name was all about. That sure opened up a can of worms! This lady was anti-doctors, anti-Hospitals, anti-prescription meds and was all Na-tur-al about EVERYTHING! Sam was civil and respected her beliefs, but...what she claimed bothered him. There are many natural remedies that cure some ailments, yes, but there are even more ailments natural medicine can't cure and that's where modern medicine comes in. He believed many modern medical practices and medicines were inspired of God for the benefit of man, but of course...he couldn't convince everyone of that.

    Then this "Natural*Healer*Woman," who he found out was a Miss Emmaline Rhoen, offered some of her home "medical" services to him. He inquired about her services and some of them sounded...questionable. Odd. When she had to go and said goodbye, Sam left the chat room and researched all he could on the internet about this woman. He even found out where she lived...

    It was getting dark when he parked his car just a few feet from her house. He felt a little sick to his stomach spying on this woman, but at the same time his gut was telling him this lady was doing more harm to people than she'd like to admit. And darnit that's what he did during his leaps! He would put Right what once went Wrong! :star: He couldn't back out now!

    Stealthily he approached her home. Tiptoeing up the steps he made it to one of the front windows and peeked in. It appeared that she wasn't home and he couldn't see much through the sheer curtains...

    Darn, Sam thought, I'll find a way to get in there...even if I have to pretend I need treatment for something.


    The next morning, Sam stepped out the front door to head to his job interview (he heard back from the Science Lab in an email the evening before. He was ecstatic! :smiley: ) and inadvertently bumped into Evenlyn.

    Sam: Oh (looking behind him from locking his door) Evelyn. I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.
    Evelyn: (Frowning) So you too now huh?
    Sam: Of course not. I could never forget you. Why is she so negative like that?
    Evelyn: (*sighing*) Well, anyway, here's your newspaper Sam.
    Sam: (taking the paper) Thanks Evelyn. (Studying her face expression). You alright?
    Evelyn:'s just (hesitating)'s my parents. I don't think they care about me anymore...
    Sam: What!? (doubting)

    Sam really didn't have the time for this kind of conversation, though he wish he did. He glanced at his watch, Ok, I got a couple of minutes to spare. "I highly doubt that Evelyn," he said to her. "They're your parents. They love you."
    Evelyn: I dunno. They fight all the time. They don't even pay attention to me anymore. (looking away sadly)
    Sam: (Placing a hand on her shoulder) I'm so sorry Evelyn. I know it's hard to watch your parents fighting but...they're just so caught up in their own problems that they aren't realizing they're ignoring you. It's totally unintentional. I'm sure of it."
    Evelyn: (Blurts out unexpectedly) And my Dad says Unicorns aren't real!
    Sam: ???
    Evelyn: But I SAW one! With my friend Eddie! Over at Louis Falls one night.

    Evelyn: It was during the camp out our parents do every Summer. (Eyes growing wide) It was hiding behind the waterfall for a while, but when it came out it had a HORN! I SWEAR to you Sam, I SWEAR!!!
    Sam: Ok, ok calm down. (Soothing)
    Evelyn: And there was a rainbow glow over it's head! Mom and Dad said we were just seeing things, but I know what we saw Sam! Why won't they believe me!?

    Sam wasn't sure how to answer that because...he himself didn't believe in Unicorns. I mean, really? They were fictional, mystical creatures that just simply weren't real! this strange as it was, it might be possible that they do exist. Now his curiosity was piqued.

    Evelyn: Grown ups never believe me Sam. (Eyes filling up with tears) They just don't care about me! (looking down, sobbing)
    Sam: (Kneeling down to her level, holding her shoulders and looking her in the eye) Evelyn...that's not true. I care about you! Even if it feels like your parents don't, I promise you that they care.
    She sniffed as Sam wiped away a couple of her tears.
    Sam: I have to leave for an important job interview, but (pausing) will you promise me that you will share your feelings with your parents? When they aren't fighting? They need to know how you feel or nothing will ever be made right.
    Evelyn: (sniffing and nodding her head) I promise.
    Sam: (Relieved) Ok.
    Then Evelyn hugged him. "Thanks Sam," she said with a squeeze.
    Sam's heart melted.

    Now he HAD to go to the falls and see if he could spot a Unicorn. Not just for his own interest, but to validate Evelyn's story as well.


    The job interview was a breeze! The boss offered Sam the job on the spot. I knew it, he thought with a smile while waltzing out the door. He hated thinking like that because it just wasn't like him but, it couldn't be helped. He was looking forward to this new experience. :)

    That evening Sam would be headed to the falls! On his way out he noticed the beautiful wild horses he saw there a while back, standing right by his driveway! The one horse who was friendly to him before bolted and Sam rushed to see if he could make friends with the other one, which he assumed was the female/mother.

    Of course she flipped out:

    Sam: Woah there girl...I'm not going to hurt you.

    She sure was a beauty, but once again she didn't want Sam coming near her. Sam grew thoughtful as he observed her for a few minutes. If I happen to discover a Unicorn at the falls, I need to find a way to get these wild horses to warm up to me. Another thought caused him to smile even brightly. If I could tame a Unicorn...that would be so rad! In the middle of his deep thoughts he failed to notice the female horse staring at him from a distance. Bracing himself, Sam slowly walked over to her and decided to try this again.

    "Easy there girl," he said in a soft tone, coming closer. She didn't budge. That was good. "I'm not going to hurt you...just going to let you sniff me and see that I am friendly."

    The horse snorted at him for a second, but then lowered her nose toward his hand. "That's right," Sam said, "See, I'm not so bad after all am I?"

    But of course Murphy's Law being what it is, upon hearing that the female jumped up onto her hind legs in fright.
    Sam: (looking up at her) Well, gee, that didn't last long did it?


    Two long hours passed in the dark while Sam carefully studied the giant waterfall. He even investigated behind it a few minutes back, but got too wet so he returned to the bench. He rubbed himself for a while, trying to dry off his clothes. Now, he was finding himself starting to doze off.

    A rustling in the bushes off to the right caught his attention.

    He stood up and peered in that direction. He found which bush it had been, which adorned some stunning blue flowers, and figured it was a small animal, but there was something...Pink inside of it. Sam had to investigate.

    The closer he got, the less the bush and the Pink thing moved. When he came right up to it, he heard breathing. Then there was a breath of defeat. "Ugh. Fine. You caught me," a woman's voice said as she stood up.
    Sam had to do a double take because the mysterious woman was...Edelaine Porter! "Hey!" he greeted, happily. More so than he was expecting.
    Edelaine: Oh, it's you (brushing the leaves off her skirt). Beckett, right?
    Sam: (blushing since she remembered) Yes. Sam Beckett. (Pausing) So...what were you doing in there?
    Edelaine: (Rolling her eyes) I was expecting someone. (Picking up her camera)
    Sam: In the bushes?
    E: No! I was told...someone...would be here tonight and (hesitating) I was...trying to...
    Sam: Take pictures? (folding his arms) I get it. You're a Paparazzi. That's what you guys do around famous people like me.
    He shut his mouth abruptly. Oops!
    Edelaine: Me!? (she asked, questioning him. Then she chuckled) Don't flatter yourself. You weren't the one I was told who was coming here tonight.
    Sam: Whew, he thought. Is that so?
    E: Yes.
    Sam: Well then who exactly WERE you expecting? (Gazing into her eyes while grinning)
    E: (licking her lips) I'm not at liberty to say.

    Sam was about to say something else when he noticed her shivering. "You must be freezing," he said. "Where's your jacket?"
    E: Where's YOURS!? (she asked in an abrupt way).
    Sam: I...didn't bring it because it's not too cold out. For me...
    E: Oh well, good for you! (wiping at her forehead)

    It must have been his eyes adjusting to the dark better, but Edelaine now looked incredibly pale in the face with perspiration around her temples. She still continued to shiver. "Are you alright?" Sam asked her concernedly.

    E: (Taking a moment to respond) Well, now that you mention it...I don't know. I've been in that bush hiding since before sundown and I haven't had anything to eat.
    Sam: Do you feel faint?
    E: (Rubbing forehead) Yes, actually.

    Her feeble knees caused her to fall down on them. Sam knelt down to help her up. While gripping her hands he could feel her pulse throbbing. "We gotta get you back to your place," he said.
    "Can't..." Edelaine said breathlessly, "I live in the next town over, about an hour away."
    "Oh boy..." Sam muttered.
    "You see, I've been wondering for a while now if I have Hypoglycemia and...I was going to see my doctor, but then I started feeling fine going a few hours without food. Now...I'm pretty sure that I have it."
    "Yeah, I would say so."
    Sam had to come up with something quick. "I'll take you over to my place, it's just down the hill."
    Edelaine's body still shook. "Sam...I feel like I'm going to pass out!"
    In that moment, Sam picked her up and ran towards his car.

    He wouldn't be seeing any Unicorns tonight.

    To be continued...
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    Gone in a Flash

    Sam nearly kicked his front door down trying to get the weak Edelaine in his arms inside. He gently placed her down on the stone bench in his foyer thanking the Lord she was still conscious.
    "Can you sit up?" he asked her, hesitant to remove her from his grasp.
    "Yeeah," Edelaine said, "I think so...for a moment."
    Sam trusted her and rushed into the kitchen. He called out, "Which would you prefer: A Spoonful of Sugar or Honey?"
    "Honey all the way!"

    While hearing a few things clanking in the kitchen, Sam was at her side in seconds and practically forced the spoonful of honey down her throat. Edelaine gulped hard. "Sorry," Sam said, "that's why I brought you a cup of water as well." He handed her the glass from his other hand. She smiled in gratitude. "Thank you," she said, before taking a sip.

    Sam sat there for a few moments beside her, watching her sip and examining her face. "We'll give that honey a few minutes to get into your system," he said to her, "and you should be feeling quite a bit better."
    Edelaine nodded and sipped again. There was silence between the two for a couple of minutes. "I need to use the restroom," she said, standing herself up, but falling back a little.
    Sam jumped up to catch her. "Whoa there," he said, helping her keep her balance. "I think the bathroom can wait. You need to sit down for a few more minutes still."
    Edelaine was slightly annoyed, but she really was thankful at the same time. "Gee, what are you a doctor or something?" she joked to Sam while hiding her blushing.
    Sam cracked a smile. "Actually...I am."
    "It's true. I've got a degree in medicine."
    Shaking her head with a smile, Edelaine said, "Sam Beckett you are just full of surprises aren't you?"
    Now Sam was blushing, "Well..." he paused and studied her face again. Then he said, "There's the color in your cheeks I was hoping to see again."
    Edelaine lowered her head again, thankful she could hide a little behind her glasses.

    "I think I'm feeling well enough to make it to the bathroom," she said. "If you'll excuse me?"
    "Oh...of course," Sam said, snapping out of his thoughts. "It's that door right down the hall in front of you."

    Edelaine struggled to shake off the dizziness while exiting the bathroom. She was greeted by Sam holding out another glass to her that was most likely juice this time.
    "Here's some fruit punch," he said. "I expect you to drink all of it. Doctor's orders." He winked.
    Edelaine took it from him and asked, "Sam...why are you being so nice to me?"
    Sam was about to head for the couch when he stopped in his tracks. He glanced over at her as if surprised and replied, "I just did what anyone would've done."
    Lowering her head, Edelaine said somberly, "I dunno about that...most people hate us Paparazzi."
    Instead of responding to that, Sam beckoned for her to come sit on the couch. "You should sit down and drink that," he said. "Plus I think it would be best if you stayed here tonight. It's pretty late."
    Edelaine nearly choked on the juice as she sat down. "No!" she cried, then seeing Sam's expression she changed her tone. "I mean...I should be alright to drive home if you take me back to my car at the falls," she said. "We hardly know each other enough for me to stay."
    "True," Sam admitted, "but I would feel better if you got some rest. It was pretty clear earlier that your blood sugar dropped considerably low."
    "I feel fine now. Really."
    "Please..." Sam almost begged. "Stay for me. As a friend. You can take my bed and I'll sleep on the couch."
    "I can't let you do that."
    Staring at her with a grin again he said, "Try me."


    Edelaine HATED losing...especially in a situation like this. That Sam Beckett sure has a way with people! she thought as she removed her clothes, down to her underwear and crawled under the covers of his bed. The sheets were silky soft and surprisingly warm. It felt nice. Before closing her eyes though, she finally got a good look at all those pictures on the one wall. She gaped when she realized what they were. Breathlessly she whispered, "So he IS famous!" She studied the diplomas even more. "And a GENIUS!"

    Indeed...Sam Beckett was full of surprises.

    She didn't have the energy to think too much on that now. Her eyes grew heavy and within seconds she was sound asleep.


    The next morning Sam woke up feeling achy, Those couches are horribly uncomfortable! but it made him feel better to know that Edelaine was feeling well and sleeping soundly. He peeked into his bedroom to check on her for a moment and then decided to cook a nice breakfast for her. Something super sugary...just to be on the safe side. Pancakes! :)

    He figured she would've woken up by all the noise he was making in the kitchen, but nope. He helped himself to a serving while she continued to sleep.

    As he washed his plate in the sink and glanced out the window like he normally did, he about dropped the plate on his foot and gaped as he recognized the person running away from his home was Edelaine!

    How did she!? he thought. Oh he wished he'd had his clothes on so he could run out and chase her but...she was gone in a flash. Sam had never stared out a window for so long. He just stood there, like a statue, feeling dejected.

    To be continued...
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    Friends come and friends go

    Sam's first day on the job was just as he'd hoped it would be...and more! All the Science jargon and different experiments he worked on revived some of his memories of working on Project Quantum Leap and it felt...wonderful. Almost like he was back home...oh how he longed for it.

    The coolest thing of all, though, was his boss giving him a promotion right after his first day! Like THAT would ever happen back at home!
    Yup, Sam thought, standing proudly while popping his fingers, they knew they couldn't keep me at that entry level position after seeing how great I am at this!

    Then he face-palmed. Gosh that was vain, he chided himself, Sam Beckett you know better! Then he looked up into the sky and whispered, "I blame you Al!" Some of Al's prideful and womanizing personality had stayed with him since the one time he leaped into a young Al's body to correct a false accusation made against him. Sam sighed...thought about his best friend for a few moments and gazed back up into the sky again. I'd give anything to see him again God... Will that ever be a possibility?


    The next morning Sam woke up early again, unable to fall back asleep so he decided to kill some time and read the "Archie Archer" comic book he picked up the other day.
    (If any of you get the joke, give me a shout out and a super amount of Brownie Points has been rewarded to you! ;):lol: )

    As time passed, Sam's body jumped in surprise when he heard a knock on the window. He looked and saw Evelyn, nose pressed against the window, motioning for him to come outside.

    When Sam stepped out to greet her, Evelyn was eager to talk. "Sam!" she cried, "Word on the street is you saved a lady from dying over at Louis Falls! Did you happen to see a unicorn while you were there!?" She grinned brightly.
    Sam, on the other hand, stood there with a confused look on his face. "Uhh...I didn't save the lady from dying, I helped her not pass out from low blood sugar." Was Edelaine going around telling people THAT'S what happened? No. This must have been the result of word going through the grapevine.
    "Huh," Evelyn said, not really caring. "But you were there to see a unicorn right?"
    "Actually, I was. You got me curious."
    "So!? Did you see one!?"
    Sam really didn't want to crush her enthusiasm. "No," he replied sadly.
    Evelyn's face fell.
    "I'm so sorry Evelyn, but you know that was just one night. I'll look for the unicorn again. I promise." He patted her on the shoulder.
    "Ok," Evelyn said, feeling a little comforted and handed him his newspaper. "Oh yeah...I tried those musical tips you gave me and my band teacher was very impressed with my improvement!"

    "Alright!" Sam cheered, holding his hand up for her to high five.
    Evelyn smacked it hard. "Thanks Sam! At this rate, I'll make first chair in no time!"
    "No doubt about it!"
    Evelyn sighed, "Well, I have to get going. See you around Sam!"
    "Wait!" Sam cried, stopping her in her tracks. "Did you talk to your mom and dad yet?"
    Frowning, Evelyn replied. "No."
    "You promised, remember?" Sam said, giving her a bit of a stare. In a caring way.
    "Don't worry Sam...I never break a promise." And with that, she ran back to her bike and took off down the road.


    As a few days went by, Sam spent time after work going around and meeting some more of the townsfolk. He sure did encounter some juicy gossip, but decided not to believe it or form any opinions about anyone until he got to meet them personally. It was quite a pleasure to meet the "Prince" of the Vanderburg's, Sebastian, but little did Sam know what Sebastian really thought about upon meeting him...
    Look at this wimp! I feel like beating him up!


    "Mr. Vanderburg?" Sam asked again.
    Blinking, Sebastian answered, "Huh?"
    "You...froze up for a moment there," Sam said, "are you alright?"
    "Oh yes, of course! I just...thought I heard something. That's all."
    Sam looked upon him questionably.

    But no matter. Within a few minutes they were laughing hysterically over something Sam said.

    When Sebastian excused himself, Sam met another interesting local: Bert Alto. Bert somewhat bragged about just discovering a star and that got Sam going off on a tangent about them.
    (^^^There's a realistic Scott Bakula face expression right there! ;):love: )

    He felt that maybe he bored Bert because the man came up with a lame excuse on why he needed to go. What?! Sam thought, as Bert walked passed him, who doesn't like to hear about how a star goes supernova?


    Later that evening, Sam headed up to the Redwood Peak Viewing Area. Many of the locals raved about it and he had to see the beauty for himself.

    The view was...breathtaking.


    Oh little town of Hidden Springs, Sam thought, I don't know why I leaped into this place or what kind of wrongs I am supposed to make right, but...even if I never find out...even if I really never see Al again or leap home...I promise I won't do you wrong. I'll be the best citizen I can be. He sighed and leaned over the railing a little bit. Besides, if I really am stuck here for good, there are worse places I could be for the rest of my life. His eyes began to lightly well up with tears and...he just couldn't. He wiped at them and forced himself to think of something else. A big grin appeared on his face when he noticed a telescope just a few feet away from him. YES!

    Gazing up at the stars was a sure way to make him forget about all his troubles.


    The next evening, Sam got a phone call from a lady named Alisha Cho inviting him to her social event that night.

    "It would be an honor to have you there Mr. Beckett," she said to Sam.
    "Uh...yeah," Sam replied, "I'll be there." Then he hung up.
    This was strange indeed. Random women NEVER called him, let alone calling to invite him to their social gathering! She must have heard some of the rumors going around through the grapevine, Sam concluded. Besides, what exactly ARE people saying about me? He really wished he could find Edelaine again...

    ...but little did he know that she had been right under his nose in many instances when he was out and about:
    (Can you see her? ;) )

    Maybe he would find some answers at the party and be able to set a few things straight.

    Sorry, everyone I'm going to have to stop here for tonight. It's late... ;)

    To be continued...
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    Friends come and friends go

    The dress was formal attire for Alisha's party so Sam pulled out his best, and apparently only, suit from the closet. As he dressed he thought about how much he looked forward to meeting this woman whom he'd never met before...who just happened to invite him to her high class party. Something was up.

    When he arrived at her door, the woman who answered it he figured was most likely Alisha Cho.
    "Oh Mr. Beckett," she greeted, "thank you for coming. You look sharp!"
    Sam stepped in with a smile and wiped his feet. "Thank you for having me Miss Cho." He held out his hand and she took it.
    "It is a pleasure," Alisha said.
    Pausing for a moment, Sam had to say, "I am curious though Miss do you know me? I hope you'll forgive me for not remembering but I don't believe we have ever met."
    "Oh, we haven't," Alisha chuckled. "It's just that I heard from a few folks what a stand up guy you are and I just had to invite you here so I could meet you myself."
    Stand up guy? "Oh, ok," Sam said, feeling shy. Then he looked around for a bit. "You have a lovely home."


    Alisha blushed, slightly. "Well, thank you. Do make yourself at home. There are refreshments in the kitchen."
    "Thank you."
    "Oh, please excuse me," she said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I have to catch someone real quick."

    Sam enjoyed getting to know some more people at the party and it appeared that no one else knew him. That was good a least...until he could figure out why people like Alisha did.

    "Why Doctor Beckett, I did not expect to see you here." A woman's voice said from behind him.

    Sam turned suddenly and froze at the sight of her. This woman was obviously one of a high class and carried herself as such. She was older, most likely in her late forties, early fifties. A pretty lady with short, straight blonde hair. The slight wrinkles on her face he could tell were not just from old age, but from a lifetime of stress.

    For some odd reason, Sam found himself nearly bowing down to her. It felt like instinct. "It is a pleasure to see you Miss..." he stopped, gulping. He didn't know her, but somehow she knew him and referred to him as Doctor Beckett. How!?

    The woman held out her hand for him to kiss, in his almost kneeling state. "Please," she said, as Sam lightly kissed her hand. "You may call me Catarina."
    Sam tried to hide his red cheeks. "Of course...Catarina." He stood himself up fully.
    Catarina shook her head at him with a grin. "My Doctor Beckett. You're the only one who has ever shown me such...respect." She paused. "I am flattered."
    Still, trying to hide his embarrassment, Sam said, "Well ma'am...I just...umm...the way you carry yourself I...felt it fitting to--"
    "Sam...relax," Catarina ordered.
    "Yes ma'am!"
    Sam thrust his hands into his pockets and rocked on his heels, face down.
    "I can see that you feel awkward because you're wondering how I know you," Catarina said.
    Now, Sam looked up. "Well, yes ma'am. How do you know me?"


    "My son Sebastian told me about you."
    Ohhh right! Sam thought. THAT'S how she knew I am a doctor, but wait...I don't recall telling Mr. Vanderburg that...
    "He said you are quite the hoot!"
    Sam's eyes widened. "A hoot?" he asked.
    "Oh he didn't mean it unkindly," Catarina assured, "He mentioned you made him laugh harder than he has in a long time." She looked away for a moment, as if talking to an invisible person next to Sam. "I do miss those days..."
    Sam's eyebrows furrowed as he stayed focused on her, waiting to see if she would continue. But Catarina just shook her head. "Nevermind."
    "You alright?" Sam inquired.
    "Yes...thank you." Then there was a bit of silence between them. "Doctor Beckett," she began, "there's something I would like to ask of you. Please, let's go upstairs away from the crowd."
    Nodding Sam thought, Ok?


    "A DNA sample!?" Sam asked in surprise.
    Catarina didn't quite expect his sudden reaction. "Well of course Doctor! I figured a man as smart as you would certainly be able to find a way to...clone people."
    Sam's heart began to thump as he gaped. "C-Clone!?" he cried.
    "Well of course. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be immortalized?" She glanced up at the ceiling dreamily then looked back down at him. "I thought you could experiment on it for me. Now, what do I need to give you?"
    She doesn't waste any time does she? "Mrs. Vanderburg," Sam began, "cloning would require much more than just a DNA sample, it would--"
    "Would you please just get a sample from me Doctor Beckett. I am rather exhausted and would like to go home!"


    "Yes ma'am," Sam replied. He kept a distance from her, just in case she decided to lash out at him for some reason.
    (Of course this isn't realistic, but it is in the Sims so...)


    "That's all I will need Mrs. Vanderburg."
    "Wow! That's it?" Catarina exclaimed. "I didn't feel a thing!"


    Sam carefully tucked the sample away in his coat pocket. Catarina expressed her thanks and started heading down the stairs. "Oh and Doctor Beckett," she called back, stopping on a step. "Let's keep this between the two of us shall we?"
    Smiling with a slight nod of his head, Sam answered. "Of course. Have a good evening Mrs. Vanderburg."
    "Catarina," she corrected and continued down the stairs.

    Sam sighed with his shoulders slumped. That was awkward. He was glad the encounter was least for now. That took so much energy out of him that he couldn't stay at the party any longer. He'd have to get to know Alisha better later. Discreetly he slipped out the front door and headed for home.


    Another week passed and there was still no sign of the Paparazzi lady Edelaine Porter anywhere! Sam wondered if she was feeling ill again and taking some time off work. It would certainly do her some good. At the same time he wished she would just appear right before him so that he could inquire of her as to how so many people know about him! She had to have been the one spreading staying at his place and taking off without so much as a 'Thank You.'

    To keep his mind off Edelaine during the past week he went to work, of course, read books, fiddled around with his Science station and went to Louis Falls every night trying to spot that unicorn like he promised Evelyn he would do. He stayed up way too late and felt the repercussions of it. And with not spotting a unicorn he felt his efforts were in vain. Perhaps Evelyn and her friend saw that wild white male horse, standing in the moonlight and it looked like his coat was shimmering? That would certainly trigger their imaginations to "see" a horn and a rainbow glow hovering over its head. Sam figured that had to be it and decided it was time to stop searching. That made him feel sad though. He wasn't sure how he'd break the news to Evelyn. It would crush her...

    On this particular evening, Sam decided to get out and have some fun. He needed it. He also decided to do something he'd hesitated to do in the past: ask the University Mascot lady out on a date. Her name was Tara Bray. It would be a pleasure to get to know her. Her spunky personality during their brief encounter had been a joy. He found the University card she left him with her contact information on it and dialed her number.

    As Sam waited at the Diner for Tara to arrive he couldn't help thinking about that fangirl squeal she let out when he called and asked her out. It just seemed like a strange reaction. He shrugged it off though once he saw her least...he thought it was her. He couldn't recall what her face looked like in that mascot costume. This woman's eyes were fixated on him and she was coming closer. It had to be her.

    "Hello Sam," Tara greeted.


    "Hey," Sam said. He took a quick look at her. "Wow. You look...beautiful. Much better than that mascot costume." He winked.
    Blushing, Tara said, "Thank you."
    "Well," Sam said, motioning with his hand, "shall we go in?"
    "Yes, but," Tara paused, "I gotta say Sam...I was quite surprised when you called."
    I could tell. "Well," Sam began, "the truth is Tara, I wanted to ask you out to dinner earlier since we had such a fun time chatting together, but--"
    "I mean I just couldn't believe that the great Sam Beckett would ask ME out on a date!"
    "I mean," Tara corrected, "I am truly flattered that you would ask me out Sam."


    Confused, Sam said, "Of course," and smiled. "Perhaps we should go on in." He stepped ahead and held the door open for her as she checked him out from behind.


    The two had a wonderful time at dinner. Tara was well educated and understood quite a bit of the Science stuff he talked about with her. He even shared with her his "string theory" about travelling in time. She found it to be quite intriguing.
    "Oh to travel in time," she said, musing, "if only it were possible."
    Sam: .........

    When they finished dinner and walked out of the diner together Sam told Tara that he had a wonderful time with her and mentioned getting together again. Tara said she'd love that. They hugged and said goodbye.


    The next morning, Sam was out checking his mail when he looked up from the box and saw that Evelyn showed up to deliver the paper. Oh boy...he thought. He took in a deep breath and braced himself, but dropped his shoulders. He just couldn't tell her that he'd given up on finding a unicorn. He just couldn't! Besides...he promised.

    He put a bright smile on his face and greeted, "Hey there Evelyn! How's it going?"
    Evelyn hesitated to meet his gaze. "Uhh," she started, "sorry Sam I can't talk right now. I gotta go."

    (Hey there deer! :lol: )

    Taken aback Sam said, "Oh...ok. Well--"
    "I REALLY have to go!" And she took off towards her bike.
    Standing there dumbfounded Sam started to get irritated. Seriously, what the heck is going on around here!?
    He HAD to find out. He HAD to find Edelaine!


    It was his day off so after his slight conversation with Evelyn that morning he headed to the library.

    Just his luck to walk in and find the Vanderburgs there...

    He couldn't handle that drama right now so he snuck past them into another room.

    For hours he read...until the sun started going down.

    His eyes began to hurt and that was usually the sign that he'd done enough reading and needed to rest.

    As he exited the Library he gazed across the street and thought he saw Edelaine, but his eyes were still blurry. He rubbed at them and peered across the street again. His eyes weren't playing tricks on was Edelaine! Like a flash of lightning he bolted towards her.
    "EDELAINE!" He called out.


    Edelaine turned towards him. "Sam!" she said happily.
    When Sam got closer to her there was so much he wanted to say, but...he had to be civil. "I've been looking everywhere for you."
    "Yes. I've," he stopped, not ready to say what was on his mind. "I was wondering...if you're feeling better."
    "Yes," she answered, "much better. Thank you for your help."
    Sam couldn't hold it back any longer. "Why couldn't you tell me 'thank you' that morning after I took care of you?"
    Edelaine froze, expressionless.
    "You took off without so much as a 'goodbye' either!"
    "Sam," Edelaine began, "I am so sorry about that. I got a call and...I really had to go."
    "So you could run off and tell the whole city all the juicy details you learned about me!?"
    "You know d*a*m*n* well what I am talking about! What did you tell them Edelaine?"


    For some reason Sam's anger felt like an arrow through her heart. She was hurt, but angry at the same time. "I just told a friend what you had done for me and I might have mentioned all the diplomas you had on the wall and," she paused, "things got a little...out of hand."
    Oh gosh I forgot about those diplomas! "Out of hand as started telling everyone about my accomplishments to make me out to be a celebrity for your own gain?"
    Edelaine's face fell and that told him he was right.
    Now he really had to hold back the fury. "You had no right to go around telling everyone about my personal business!"


    "WHY NOT!?" Edelaine fired back. "It would seem to me that a genius such as yourself would want to be recognized."
    "Well, I don't!"
    "Because I don't want to be recognized! I don't want fame!"
    Edelaine smirked. "Seriously? Who doesn't want fame!? I told everyone about you Sam because you deserve to be known for the incredible man that you are! You have six doctorates for crying out loud! Why are you hiding yourself? You could change the world with the kind of knowledge that you possess. Why you could even be a greater public figure than the Vanderburgs!"
    There was silence.

    Sam stepped closer to her and said in a softer tone, "Look. I came from a very humble upbringing. I was raised not to flaunt my gifts and talents, but to use them in service, for the greater good. That much you are right about: I can change the world, but I chose to do it inconspicuously. Not to gain popularity."
    Edelaine's head had been lowered, but she gradually looked up into his eyes.
    "All my smarts...all my skills...and every fiber of my being I owe to my maker. I don't care about all the fame and the glory that I could certainly get from the world. Gotta admit," he paused, "I used to...but what I care about now is being a good person...making right what's gone wrong...and being in good standing with God. Because you see the end...that's really all that matters."
    With a gulp all Edelaine could say was, "Wow."

    Sam stepped back from her to give himself some air and then stared into her eyes. Edelaine gazed back into his. So many different emotions were flowing between the two and words could not express them. Eventually, Sam dug at the ground with the tip of his shoe and with nothing left to say he concluded with, "Goodnight Miss Porter," and turned and walked back to the library where his car was.

    Miss Porter? Edelaine thought. Not...Edelaine? For the first time in a long time Edelaine felt like she was going to cry. It became evident that she lost a potentially good friend. She buried her face in her hands and whispered, "What have I done?"

    To be continued...
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    The Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Life continued on for Sam Beckett. Getting to know the rest of the locals became easier, I really should thank Edelaine for that, he thought, and he was really beginning to feel at home in Hidden Springs.

    One night he played the guitar outside of Alvetta's Fresh Produce Store and the folks around there began dancing. It was lovely.


    The mini party was short lived though, as he had to answer a call that was from his boss.

    Liam O'Dourke: "Hey Sam! How's the research for our project going?"
    Sam: "Very well sir. I think we just might be on to something...I'll have it all in my report tomorrow."
    Liam: Excellent! I look forward to reading your findings. You've been a great asset to our team Sam.
    Sam: "Thank you sir."
    Liam: "Oh me Liam. We are the same age after all. I don't feel like a 'Sir' to you.
    Sam: (Chuckling) Yeah, I understand.
    Liam: I hope this recent promotion hasn't been too much for you?
    Sam: Oh not in the least Si-- Liam...


    Liam: (Chuckling) Great! Well, I just wanted to touch base. See you tomorrow Sam!
    Sam: See ya. (Hangs up)

    Sam heard a few people say what a rockin' place Lars' Disco Tech was so, one evening he decided to go check it out. As he entered the establishment the environment was dark, but filled with different colored neon lights and Special Effects machines shooting out rays of light, confetti, bubbles and smoke. It was pretty neat! In the middle of the room was the dance floor with a spinning disco ball up above, surrounded by seating. On each side of the place were mini bars. It was quite the party place! Sam couldn't remember being in a place like this since college!

    Two lovely ladies were dancing with a young man wearing a black hat on the dance floor, until one of them decided to go get some drinks. A few more people joined in and Sam decided to as well. The one lady that was previously dancing with the man in the black cap, took one look at Sam and shimmied in his direction. Sam could see she was dancing right to the beat and he joined in with her.


    They danced together until the song ended and the smoke cleared.


    Trying to catch her breath the woman said to Sam, "You are quite the dancer."
    "As are you," Sam complimented in return.
    A smile crept upon the woman's lips as if to say Thank You. "Let me buy you a drink," she said and walked past him towards the bar.
    Sam couldn't help watching her from behind as her hips slightly swayed while walking. The lights from above the bar lit up her face enough for him to see it better. She was indeed beautiful. For a moment, he felt his heart skip a beat.


    "Here you are," she said, returning with a drink.
    "Thank you," Sam said, taking it from her. "You really didn't have to."
    "Oh it's no problem at all," she said, giving a dismissive wave of her hand.
    Sam took a sip and then said, "I'm Sam."
    The woman smiled. "Betty," she said. "Betty Simovitch. My friends and I just moved here from Riverview."
    "Is that so?" Sam asked with a grin.
    Betty giggled slightly and then took a sip of her own drink. "You should go over and say hello to my friend Lotta."
    Sam figured, why not?


    Lotta was equally as stunning as Betty and it appeared she thought Sam was attractive too, unbeknownst to him. After exchanging pleasantries, the man in the black cap cut in to ask Lotta to dance. Sam got the feeling he and Lotta were an item, but he couldn't be sure. He decided to return back over to where Betty was.

    "Your friend Lotta is quite the woman," Sam said to her, but he had to ask in concern, "is her skin always that pale?"
    Betty chuckled for some reason. "Yes. You should ask her about that. It's quite the story."
    "Does she have a chronic illness?"
    "Oh no, nothing like that. You should just ask her about it." She sipped at her drink.
    Sam glanced back over to see Lotta dancing slowly with the man in the black cap, their cheeks touching and eyes closed. "So," Sam began, "is the man in the black cap her lover?"
    Betty nearly spit out her drink. "She wishes!" she cried. "You see, him, her and myself are roommates. Before her it was just me and him. Things were getting pretty serious between us before she showed up. It's a long story, but...we make it work."
    Sam wasn't sure he wanted to know the whole story. "I see," he said.

    "Hey Sam!" a woman's voice from off to his side greeted. Sam turned to see that it was Edelaine! She had a smile on her face and was carrying herself proudly.
    "Hey Edelaine," Sam said, unable to meet her gaze. He wanted to, but the hurt still remained.


    Betty looked upon Edelaine questionably. "What's with the sunglasses honey?" she asked in a mocking tone. "It's dark enough in here as it is."
    Edelaine stopped and shrugged her shoulders at Betty. "No reason," she replied, "I just like to wear them." Then she stepped down into the dancing area.
    Leaning toward Sam Betty whispered in his ear, "Probably to hide her homely appearance."
    In shock, Sam looked upon Betty in disgust. "Are you serious?" he asked her. "What are we in high school again?"
    Betty froze, surprised at his reaction. "Well...uh-"
    "I honestly can't believe I just heard you say that," Sam said, taking a step away from her.
    "Sam, c'mon," Betty said, "I was just kidding around."
    But Sam just shook his head. "I really don't think you were."
    Betty then pursed her lips, not knowing what to say.
    "What if she'd heard you? If she had...I'd walk right on over to her and," he paused, "tell her how beautiful she is." He didn't wait to hear what Betty would say next. He'd had enough of this place. He spun on his heel and headed for the door.

    As Betty watched him disappear outside she realized that Edelaine was sitting on the couch that had been behind Sam and she was watching him leave as well. Edelaine then met Betty's gaze with a look of longing in her eyes, but looked away quickly.


    Sam intended to head home when he left Lars,' but instead he drove to the edge of town (needing to go on a drive) and stopped at a place called Meadow Beach. He'd never been there before, but even in the soft glow of the moon, it looked like an inviting place. He jumped out of his car and ran over to where the water met the land and gazed out upon the ripples, reflecting the pale light from above. Alone he stood in the dark wishing that he could just get the heck out of this place and leap HOME! His real home...


    "I just don't know what You expect me to accomplish here," he asked the stars, "and it's not like I leaped into someone else I leaped into MYSELF! But," he paused, "there's never been a ME here...I really don't even know where HERE is. Am I on a different planet or something? Or in some...alternate reality?" He looked down, hands clasped unable to control his emotions any longer. Tears rolled down his cheeks. "I'm afraid," he said, "You got me," he looked up at the stars again, "this time I am really, truly afraid!" Sniffing, he wiped some tears from his eyes. "I can't do this alone. I just wanna go HOME!"

    But deep down...which caused his stomach to feel sick...he knew...that he probably wouldn't return home. Especially with Al not in the picture anymore. More tears fell from his eyes.

    "Please," Sam addressed with a beg, "I need to know that You'll be here for me. That You'll guide me no matter where I go. Please..." he lowered his head again, "show me that You still care!" His shoulders shook as he cried harder.

    With the intense emotions finally being released, Sam managed to open his soaked eyes. When he did, they widened at the sight he saw in front of him just a few feet away.


    His jaw slowly dropped. Oh how elegant she was! How gracefully she trotted. Her horn illuminated by the moonlight. A rainbow descended upon her as if she came down from the Heavens itself! Could she be real!? She certainly was! Sam's heart was filled with inexpressible joy!

    "Evelyn was right!" Sam nearly shouted. "Unicorns DO EXIST!"


    Closing his eyes towards the Heavens he said a silent, "Thank you," heart filled with love.

    When he opened them again, he found himself face to face with the Unicorn. It looked upon him wonderingly, as if to ask him, 'What's the matter?' He held out his hand to her and she sniffed it, lightly.


    "You aren't afraid of me," Sam said happily, then chuckled. "You'd be the first wild horse who isn't!" For a few moments all he could do was look upon her in awe. She was truly the most beautiful creature he had ever seen! He stroked her muzzle and ran his fingers through her mane.


    "But you are no horse," he revered, "you are a Unicorn. And I never believed I would be standing face to face with one!" The Unicorn nudged at his arm, as if to tell him something, but more likely to show affection. Sam just couldn't believe it. The other wild horses had shown up at the beach now, but Sam paid them no mind. He only had eyes for this beautiful, majestic and heavenly creature.


    "I wish I could take you home with me," Sam said to the Unicorn, "but don't worry...I'll come visit you often." The Unicorn nuzzled him again. Sam leaned in closer to her and whispered, "Thank you for restoring my faith."


    He suddenly had this newfound determination to move forward no matter what lies ahead.

    To be continued...

    I love love LOVE that last picture! <3<3<3 I am SO tempted to make it my avatar pic but...I gotta keep my pony sims. ;)
    Hope you all enjoyed this update. :)
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    The Test

    With his newfound determination to tackle whatever life might throw at him here in Hidden Springs, Sam knew the first thing he had to do was tell Evelyn that he found the Unicorn! So that morning he woke up early to catch her as soon as she arrived with the newspaper. She seemed to be running a bit late...the anticipation of her arrival was killing him! Once she did show up though, Sam burst out the front door, startling her and told her all about his encounter with the Unicorn.

    Evelyn gaped at the news and her eyes widened more and more throughout his story. "NO WAY SAM!" she cried, "I can't believe it! You saw the Unicorn! You saw it!"


    Now she was jumping, cheering. "I KNEW it! I knew what I saw! This is SO amazing Sam! You HAVE to come over and tell my parents all about it! Please please please!"
    Sam chuckled at her enthusiasm. It was pretty much his same reaction when he spotted the heavenly creature. "Sure thing kid," he said to her, "how about you give me your phone number and I'll call your parents to see when it would be a good time to drop by."

    There was never a happier kid in all of Hidden Springs that day. :)


    Later that afternoon Sam went to check out the Shoreline Cabin since it was turning into quite the hot place to hang out. When he arrived he ran into Sebastian Vanderburg and had a pleasant chat with him. Then he met a Miss Ella Carlisle who was quite a shy one. So shy, she struggled to meet his gaze during their greeting and blushed as she said, "Oh Mr. Beckett I've heard you have quite the singing voice? Is this true?"
    Eyebrows raised, Sam said, "I'm not sure who you heard that from but, I sing...ok."
    "Oh don't be so modest! I'd love to hear your voice."
    "You want me to sing to you?" This was an odd request during a first time meeting.
    "If you don't mind," Ella said, c o c k i n g her head to the side with a smile. "I love singing myself and it would be an honor to hear your voice."
    Now Sam was the one trying not to blush. "Ok," he agreed, scratching the back of his head. He began to sing the first song that came into his mind, which oddly enough was originally sung by a woman.

    "Don't know why,
    There's not sun up in the sky.
    Stormy Weather.
    Since my gal and I,
    ain't together,
    it keeps rainin' all the time."


    When he finished, Ella clasped her hands together and said, "Oh Mr. Beckett! That was beautiful!"
    "Thank you," Sam said, blushing again. Why did THAT song pop into my head?

    He left the cabin not too long after that, lost in his thoughts. He hadn't heard that song in YEARS! What would cause it to pop up in his mind at this point in time? It was just so...odd. Gazing up at the sky he noticed it was starting to get dark and he debated on whether getting dinner at the Diner or just heading home.

    "HELP!" he heard someone cry. A woman.

    He turned to look toward the sea where it had come from. He raced to the water's edge and called, "Hello?" He saw what looked like a person's head, barely sticking up out of the water in the distance. It looked like...EDELAINE!


    "EDELAINE!?" he cried, fearing she was drowning, "hold on! I'm coming!" He ripped his clothes off, down to his boxer shorts and dove in towards her.


    There was no more sound coming from her. Sam swam faster. When he reached her he saw that her head...was actually just a buoy. Sam's face fell. He looked all around the water and there was no other person in sight. He looked back at the buoy and stared at it.

    Oh boy...


    Sam spent the rest of that night, pacing around his living room trying to diagnose himself. All of the symptoms pointed to one thing: Love. He was in it. But how? he asked many times, I barely know her. Last time we spoke...I was so angry with her, but...I've forgiven her. It's ok. Of course I'd love to tell her that if I could ever FIND HER! He shook his head. Edelaine Porter was simply too much of a busy gal for him. It was doubtful she shared the same feelings. His hypothesis had to be wrong, but like every good Scientist he had to test it out. To do so, he needed to visit the Matchmaker. Matchmakers were always great on pairing people up with their best other half and truthfully, Sam thought about seeing her for a while now. He'd be lying if he said he didn't feel lonely. He hated to admit it.

    Once he arrived at the Spa and greeted the Matchmaker in her office, she said, "Of course Mr. Beckett, I'd be happy to help you with your relationship problems."
    "I don't have any relationship problems!" Sam countered.
    The Matchmaker paused and asked, "Then why exactly are you here Mr. Beckett?"
    Looking down, hands in his pocket, Sam replied, "I have a theory...and I need to test it."
    The Matchmaker raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"
    "Yes. And I would like you to pair me up with the PERFECT woman for me." He handed the Matchmaker his personality profile paperwork with a grin.
    The Matchmaker took it from him suspectedly. "Ok...," she said glancing through it, "I'll run this through my database and give you a call with my result."
    "How long will that take?"
    "I'll have it this afternoon."
    "Thank you."


    If the Matchmaker's database had pulled up Edelaine Porter this test would've been concluded. What a cinch! Of did not. When the Matchmaker called Sam back she told him that a Miss Marcela Jimenez had been contacted and would be expecting a call from him. She gave him her number. Sam didn't want to waste any time and called Marcela immediately.

    That evening he waited anxiously for his doorbell to ring. Once it did, he froze for a few seconds and then opened the door. Marcela smiled brightly at him as she said Hello and he welcomed her in. She looked younger than Sam expected, but certainly not homely.


    The two got to know each other for a bit, asking the usual questions...


    ...and pretty soon they were opening up to each other about all sorts of things. Even shared a few common interests and laughs. It was no doubt that the two of them found each other attractive...


    ...but throughout it all Sam couldn't help thinking, She's pretty and we have a lot in common, but...she's not Edelaine.

    That confirmed it. He had truly fallen for Edelaine.

    In a way Sam felt awful for using Marcela to help him realize his attraction to Edelaine and promised he would give her a call sometime to hang out when they said goodbye. He intended to keep that promise. If anything, he made a new friend and that was always nice.


    The next day Sam remembered that he'd forgotten to call Evelyn's parents! He for sure didn't want to disappoint her. For fun he thought he would use the wall phone to call them since he was standing right by it in the kitchen. It seemed so long since he last used one...


    Sam: Hello. Mr. Kwon?
    Evelyn's Dad: Yes?
    S: Hi, this is Sam Beckett. I am a friend of your daughter's. She delivers my newspaper.
    ED: Oh...right.
    S: Anyway, Evelyn is such a sweet girl and she thought it would be nice if I got to know you, her parents, so I was wondering--
    ED: I'm sorry...are you...asking my daughter out or something?
    S: (?) No sir...I'm thirty-seven years old.
    ED: WHAT!?
    S: (!) No, no, it's not what you think! You see, I spotted a Unicorn at the beach the other day and she wanted me to tell you about--
    ED: Ugh! The unicorn thing again?
    S: Yes sir.
    ED: Listen, Mr. Beckett was it? I really don't have time to hear silly stories about Unicorns. And I also don't like the interest you seem to have placed in my little girl.
    S: Mr. Kwon, she simply delivers my paper and we chat sometimes. She reminds me a lot of my little sister.
    ED: Whatever. You just leave her be and let her do her job!
    S: But Mr. Kwon--
    ED: Don't ever call this number again! *click*

    Sam stared at the phone in disbelief. Poor Evelyn...perhaps there really was some truth in what she said about her parents before.

    To be continued...
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    The Test

    A few more weeks passed by and during that time Sam never saw a trace of Edelaine. He kicked himself for not getting her number earlier. There were many things he did to keep his mind occupied, like singing his heart out while playing piano...


    ...learning how to do glass blowing at the Prism Art Studio that just opened up in town (he hoped he might catch Edelaine there since the place was all over the news at the moment).



    ...and meeting a few more folks in town, including the mysterious man in the black cap.


    Sam had never done a "Shaka Bra" greeting with anyone and he felt a little silly attempting it. The man in the black cap, named Craven Lestat, didn't seem to care. Sam found him to be a pretty cool guy. Not the typical person he would hang out with, but cool nonetheless. He was pretty impressed with Craven catching the rubber ducky when he performed a "stimulus response test" for fun on him.


    "Wow! You have quick reflexes," Sam admired.
    "I am a man full of mysteries," Craven responded.
    Sam: :grey_question:

    Of course going to work always helped pass the time, but it didn't help him in catching Edelaine out in public.


    Liam O'Dourke: Hey Sam! I guess you caught me running a little late this morning.
    Sam: (Grinning) You don't have to explain anything to me Sir.

    And every time when the work day was over...


    Liam: Bye Sam! See you tomorrow.

    Sam couldn't believe how depressed he felt. He simply stood there, staring out at nothing. Liam noticed and stopped to face him. "You alright buddy?" he asked.

    Normally this kind of heartache he would sometimes discuss with Al. Perhaps the gloomy feeling he was experiencing over not finding Edelaine would go away if he just opened up about it to another guy. Liam was his boss, but he was also his friend. Maybe he was just the right person to talk to about it.

    Sighing, Sam responded, "Yeah...I'll be alright."
    Liam didn't look convinced. "Looks like you need to work something out," Liam began, "how about you join me at the gym? I always go after work."
    Truthfully, that sounded wonderful. "Yeah," Sam answered. That would be the perfect place to talk.



    "So yeah," Sam concluded, "I haven't been able to find her since that night at Lars'."
    "Wow," was all Liam managed to say.
    "I mean, have I lost my mind here or what?"
    Liam chuckled, "Well...the right girl will do that to ya."
    "The truth is, I'm not even sure she's the right one for me. I'd like to find out by getting to know her better, but I can't ever find her!"


    "Yeah, those paparazzi folks are hard to catch...unless you're a celebrity," Liam said.
    If only I were the Sam Beckett she knew in my world, Sam thought. He shook his head at the thought and got off the treadmill. "I dunno Liam," he said, wiping the sweat from his face with a towel, "Perhaps this is all just a lost cause. She is obviously too busy for anyone."
    "Maybe," Liam said, "but you gotta at least try or you'll spend the rest of you life thinking, 'What if,' and trust me...that's a s 🌺🌺🌺🌺 y feeling!"
    Sam patted Liam on the shoulder and said, "I DO know the feeling."
    "Then you know that you can't give up on finding her and expressing your feelings."
    "I know," Sam admitted, "I mean...I could head on over to the next town where she lives and find her house, but," he paused, rubbing his temple, "I don't want to appear desperate. Ugh! I'm just not good at this!" He really wasn't.
    Liam smiled brightly. "Man, you've really got it bad for this girl don't ya?"



    A few more days passed and Sam decided that if he and Edelaine were really meant to be together, they'd find each other. In the meantime he had to keep on living his life and not dwell on it.

    One night he visited the Unicorn again. The two were really starting to bond. So much so that the Unicorn gave Sam a Blessing.


    Sam was flattered. "Thank you girl," he said, rubbing her muzzle. "I need it."


    After promising to visit her again, like he usually did, Sam headed for home...with the blessing sparkles following behind him.



    The next day was his day off and Sam decided to go out to the Town Square and play his guitar. It had been a while since he played, but the talent was coming back to him. There were several onlookers, some even tossed money into his guitar case.

    As he was jamming, a figure quietly approached him from behind.


    To be continued.
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    Two Hearts Beating Wildly

    The silent figure stepped closer behind Sam, admiring his guitar skills and hoping to catch him off guard while unbeknownst to her Sam could feel her gentle presence. As he concluded his musical number she said to him, "Your musical skills are hard to compete with Doctor Beckett." Sam's fingers froze as he immediately recognized the voice. He lowered his guitar and gradually turned to meet her gaze. It was Edelaine and his heart skipped a beat. She looked...different. He recognized the change almost immediately.

    With a bright grin he said, "Thank you Miss Edelaine. I hardly recognized you there for a second."
    Edelaine blushed. "The smile on your face was just the reaction I was hoping to see."
    "I've been looking for you," Sam said, lowering his guitar into its case.
    "And I you."
    "Oh really?"
    "Yes...I wanted to tell you something."
    Sam stood face to face with her now and couldn't take his eyes off her. He couldn't wait to hear what she was going to say. It was time he said it. "You really look beautiful Edelaine."
    With her cheeks feeling like they were on fire, but unable to hide it, Edelaine asked, "Really?" as she inched in closer to him.
    "Absolutely," Sam replied, moving in closer to her as well.


    "Thanks," she said, looking down shyly.
    "I mean, you were already beautiful," Sam quickly added, "but seeing you without glasses is...a nice change." Then his face expression turned to a thoughtful one. "You didn't stop wearing glasses for any particular reason did you?"
    Edelaine gave a light sigh. "No...not really. I wear them because my eyes are so sensitive to light, but," she shrugged, "I thought I would try going without them for a while." Unexpected to her, Sam gently placed his hands on her cheeks and looked deeply into her eyes, studying them. A chill ran down her spine and her heart began to flutter.
    "They sure don't look sensitive to the light," he said, removing his hands from her cheeks. "They look perfect." He smiled.
    "Is that your professional opinion, doctor?" Edelaine asked with a wink.
    "No," Sam answered, "I was just," he scratched the back of his head, "Just trying to be a little...flirty." Then he gave up. "I'm sorry," he admitted, "I've never been good at this!"
    Chuckling, Edelaine said, "I think you're better than you think you are." They both laughed for a few minutes and then Edelaine got serious. "You know Sam," she began, "I wanted to tell you that... that was a very sweet thing you did sticking up for me at Lars that one night." Then she gave him a tender hug, pressing her cheek against his ear which caught Sam off guard. "No one has ever stood up for me like that before. Thank you Sam."


    Sam gently held her in return, taking in the sweet aroma of her perfume. Then he released her and gazed back into her eyes. "I just did what anyone would've done," he said, feeling a sense of Deja Vu.
    It appeared Edelaine felt it too with the way she grinned. She shook her head. "You really are something Sam Beckett," she said.
    "Well, I mean...there's something about you," Edelaine said, with admiring eyes. "You're not like most of the guys I've met here in Hidden Springs. You're much more caring...kind...compassionate...attractive..." she trailed off as she inched in closer, almost to where her lips could touch his.


    Sam's heart began pounding. He wanted to kiss her but there were too many onlookers. If and when he shared his first kiss with her, he wanted it to happen in a much more private setting. "Hey," he whispered, keeping her from initiating a kiss. "Do you wanna get out of here? Grab lunch at the Bistro or something?"


    Edelaine's face fell. "Oh Sam I would love that," she began, "but...I have to be somewhere else in a few minutes. In fact," she chuckled, "I've actually spent more time here than I should have."
    "I'm glad you did," Sam said, sincerely. "But before anything else happens...could I get your phone number?"
    "Oh, YES of course!"
    Sam pulled out his cell phone and typed in her contact information while she typed in his. YES! he cheered a little inside his head.
    Letting out a deep breath of air, Edelaine said, "Well...I guess I have to get going. I really wish I didn't."
    I wish you didn't have to either. "How about dinner tonight? At my place?" Sam suggested. "There's this killer recipe I've wanted to try out."
    With her cheeks turning rosy again, Edelaine answered, "I'd love that. Seven o'clock?"
    "Great," Edelaine whispered while waving goodbye and then rushed toward her car. She couldn't help but glance back at Sam as he watched her leave.


    Seven o'clock was fastly approaching and Sam couldn't wait another minute to see Edelaine. The food was all ready and the table was set. His intimate desires were getting the better of him while preparing the meal and he tried hard to push them back, but the thoughts of how this evening might turn out consumed his mind. It had been a while since he felt this way about a woman...perhaps that's why his desires were so heightened. He reminded himself though that there was still so much he didn't know about her and that this evening was meant to get to know her better. However for some strange reason he felt like he already did know her. Like there wasn't much else to learn it was just time to take their relationship to the next level. It was clearly still too early for that, but thinking about the way she came on to him earlier...

    The doorbell rang.

    Sam was at the door in a flash. Heart racing, he adjusted his clothes and reached for the doorknob. When he opened the door, it was as if the light from the Heavens shone down and an elegant angel was gracing him with her presence. Edelaine looked the same as she did earlier, but in the light of the moon she appeared more dazzling. "Hey," Sam greeted her breathlessly.
    "Hi," she greeted in return.
    "I'm so glad you made it."
    "Of course! I wouldn't have missed it for anything."
    Upon hearing that, Sam's heart fluttered faster and he could no longer control his desires. He stepped over to her, placed his hands on her hips and pulled her in to kiss him. The passion intensified each moment his lips touched hers but the kiss took Edelaine completely off guard.
    "Sam!?" she asked in shock.


    "I'm sorry," Sam said, catching his breath. "Please, I don't want to turn you away I just..." he tried to find the right words, "I feel like I've been waiting forever for this moment and now that it's here--"
    Now Edelaine surprised Sam by kissing him passionately in return.

    It wasn't long until the two stepped into the house, forgotten about dinner and headed for the bedroom.


    OH BOY!


    NOTE: if you noticed Edelaine's wedding ring...nevermind that. Pretend she doesn't have it because the game gave it to her and I forgot to edit the pictures and she DOESN'T have a husband so.... Sam's not being naughty. ;)

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    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The next morning Sam awoke to find himself snuggling Edelaine in his bed. Their warm, bare bodies caressing each others. He blinked a couple of times, making sure this all wasn't just a dream and also wondering at the same time how they both fell asleep so quickly after that passionate moment last night. The clock read 6:50 am...he was thankful he didn't have to be into work until ten, but he wasn't so sure about her. He brushed the thought away, figuring she was fine as he snuggled in closer to her and squeezed his arms around her waist. Softly, he kissed her neck once...then twice...then a third time...

    Then Edelaine's phone rang loudy.

    Jumping up like she had been electrocuted, Edelaine had a look of horror on her face. "Oh my gosh!" she cried, looking at the clock and then throwing the covers off and darting for her phone, which was in her skirt pocket, laying on the floor.
    "Everything alright?" Sam asked, sitting up himself.
    Frantically, Edelaine answered the phone. "Hello!?"
    Sam focused on her conversation, even though he could only hear one side of it.
    "Yes, it's me.....Uh huh.....Yeah, I'm sorry I--.....Yes, I am on my way over now.....No, don't worry I'll be there!" Then she hung up and slipped on her shoes.
    Sam repeated his question from before.
    "No," Edelaine answered truthfully as she pulled up her skirt and struggled to snap her bra into place. "That was my boss. I was supposed to be over at City Hall by six-thirty before the speech at 7 and now," she stopped, pulling her tank top over her head, "I only have five minutes to get there and I'm not going to make it in time!"
    Sitting himself on the edge of the bed now, Sam said, "It'll be alright. You'll make it."
    "But the thing is I was supposed to be there BEFORE the speech! I'm never late to anything work related!" She fluffed her hair and threw her purse strap over her shoulder. "I'm sorry Sam, but I really have to go!" She darted for the door.
    "Hey," Sam said, gently grabbing her arm. He could see she was a little annoyed, but he pulled her toward him and then down as he kissed her lips. "Last night was great," he whispered, caressing his nose with hers.
    "Yes," Edelaine said breathlessly, "it was. Oh I wish I didn't have to go, but I really do!" Then out of the bedroom she went.
    "I'll call you tonight," Sam called out.

    And just like that, in a flash, she was gone. Again.


    After Edelaine's abrupt departure, Sam couldn't go back to sleep even though he still felt tired. He got up, showered, cleaned up the prepared dinner from the night before which was now dried and smelly, and poured himself a bowl of cereal. He texted Edelaine to ask her how things were going mostly to let her know he cared. She certainly wouldn't be responding any time soon. A figure approaching his home, out of the corner of his eye from the kitchen window, caused him to look up from his phone. He saw that it was little Evelyn, with slumped shoulders and dragging her feet. In concern, Sam left his breakfast and phone and went outside to meet her.

    "Hey Evelyn," he greeted as he closed the door behind him. "How's it going kid?"
    Evelyn didn't say a word or even look up at him. She simply dropped the newspaper on the ground and sniffed.
    Sam knelt down to her level. "Evelyn?" he asked, lifting her chin up. "You ok?" When he saw the tears in her eyes, he frowned. Now that she was looking into his eyes, she began to cry harder. "Hey," Sam said, standing up while taking her hand. "Come on inside and we can talk about it ok?" Evelyn nodded and followed him.

    Once inside, Sam grabbed a tissue for Evelyn, wiped her tears with it and gave it to her to blow her nose with. After she did, Sam tenderly asked, "What's going on?"
    Looking down again to hide more incoming tears, Evelyn replied, "My life is over Sam."
    "What!?" Sam asked, taken aback. "Why do you say that?"
    Finally Evelyn looked him straight in the eye and said, "My parents are getting a divorce." She sobbed.
    "Oh Evelyn," Sam sympathized, trying to hold back the tears himself for this lovely girl that he'd gotten to know so well over the past few months. He enveloped her in his arms and said, "I am so sorry!"


    "I tired Sam," Evelyn cried into his shoulder, "I tried...but they wouldn't listen to me."
    "Shhh," Sam hushed, while rocking her. "It's ok. This isn't your fault."
    Her shoulders shook. "I can't stop crying Sam."
    "I know..."
    "What am I going to do?"
    Sam wasn't exactly sure how to comfort her, but when he let her go and wiped away her tears all he could think to say was, "You just have to keep on breathing. Get through life a day at a time and trust that everything will get better."
    Sniffing, Evelyn asked, "But what if it doesn't?"
    "It will," Sam assured her, gripping her shoulders. "I know it doesn't feel like it right now, will! It always does. Trust me."
    "I do trust you Sam," Evelyn said.
    Sam smiled. That warmed his heart. "You're a strong little girl Evelyn. You'll get through this," he said with a pat.
    Wiping away another tear, Evelyn said, "Thanks Sam. Thanks for believing in me." This time she gave him a hug. "I love you Sam."
    Sam lightly squeezed her and they shared a silent, tender moment together. Then he let her go and glanced up at the clock. "Well, you better go finish your route," he said to her, "you don't want to be late for school."
    "I wish I didn't have to go..."


    "I know," Sam said, "but it will help keep your mind off everything. You just keep on breathing for me ok?" He winked.
    Evelyn cracked a smile as she headed for the door. "I will," she said, looking back at him.
    Sam nodded and waved her goodbye.

    ****************** the Vanderburg Mansion...


    Renauld Vanderburg led his wife into a secluded area of the house despite her disapproval. "Renauld, WHAT are you doing!?" she cried, "I want to give those people a piece of my mind!"
    "Catarina I would highly advise against that." Once he got her in the room, he closed the door from behind him and stood in front of it.
    Catarina held her hands on her hips and demanded, "Let me through!"
    "No. You're heated up and will most likely say something you're going to regret and it will be all over the news! Is that what you want?"
    Huffing, Catarina sat herself down on the nearest sofa in defeat. After a few seconds she admitted, "No."
    Renauld sighed in relief. There was silence between the two for a few minutes, until Catarina broke it.
    "You just go out there and tell those people to get off our property before I call the police."
    Nodding, Renauld said, "I'll have the Butler go do that now," He opened the door and then added, "Stay here, I'll be right back."

    When Renauld returned, Catarina still sat on the sofa in the same if she hadn't moved an inch. Her hands were clasped above her knees with her head down low. Tenderly, he approached her.
    "Catarina," he began, "Sebastian and I have been talking and," he paused, hesitating, "we're a little worried about you."
    Catarina's head shot up. "About what?" she asked with a tone.
    "That!" Renauld answered, "Your tone. Your irritability lately. Usually you're so much more composed."
    Catarina's eyes lowered in thought. "Yes..." she agreed.
    "Are you feeling alright?" he asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Because if not, we should get you feeling better before the public starts speculating."
    Such is our life, Catarina thought, I hate it. Taking in a deep breath she said, "Well, it has been a while since I've seen the doctor. Perhaps now is a good time."
    "I agree," Renauld said, standing up straighter. He pulled out his cell phone. "Shall I give Doctor Al Fahad a call then?"
    Catarina stared over at the far wall, thinking. "No!" she answered unexpectedly.
    Renauld's brow furrowed.
    Still not meeting his questionable gaze, Catarina said again, "No. Get me Doctor Beckett."
    Doctor Beckett? Renauld thought. "Sam Beckett?" he asked. "The Scientist!?"
    Shooting him a stern look, Catarina said, "He's more than a Scientist dear, he's also a Doctor! Where have you been?"
    Renauld shrugged his shoulders.
    "Yes...," Catarina continued thoughtfully, still staring at the wall, "he's the one I should see."
    "But Catarina I--"
    "I TOLD you I want Doctor Beckett!" she yelled. "Now fetch him for me immediately!"
    Renauld sighed and complied. "Yes love..."

    To be continued...

    (Sorry I had more dialogue rather than screenshots in this one, but I had to get the suspense rolling. ;) )
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    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    To say that Sam was surprised to have received a call from His Royal Highness, as they called him, Renauld Vanderburg while he was busy working on a Science project at work was an understatement. He was being summoned to their mansion, NOW, and wasn't told why. Some of his co-workers "Oooo'd" at him implying that he was in trouble while others said, "Sweet! Not just anyone gets a call from the Vanderburg's!" Either way, Sam had to remember not to let whatever the reason was consume him. Throughout all his leaps he'd learned how to tackle the bad and the unexpected in many different life situations. He even leaped into women, walking around in heels, once having to seduce a man and even carried a baby in his "womb" for crying out loud!! If he could handle THAT, he could handle whatever the Vanderburg's were about to throw at him!

    When he approached the gate to the mansion, he was buzzed in and then greeted at the front door by the Vanderburg's Butler. "Doctor Beckett?" she asked.
    "Yes, that's me."
    "Your medical services are needed for Miss Catarina."
    "Medical services?" This was odd. "But ma'am I am not a practicing Doctor at the moment."
    The Butler ignored what he said. "Miss Catarina has asked for you specifically. I will take you to her private living area."


    After meeting with Catarina, who obviously didn't care that Sam saw her in her nightgown because she was clearly not feeling well, he proceeded to listen to her symptoms while giving her a short, typical exam.
    "Why Doctor Beckett," Catarina said out of the blue, "I would expect one such as yourself to carry around a medical bag."
    Sam shrugged in somewhat agreement. "Well," he said, "I'm more of a Scientist than a Medical Doctor ma'am."
    "But you DO have a degree in medicine."
    "Yes ma'am."
    "Then you're qualified and many times must I insist that you call me Catarina?"

    When he finished his exam, Sam sighed and said to Catarina, "Well...based on your current symptoms and with your pulse being slightly elevated than normal, I would say," he paused with a smile, "that you are pregnant Mrs. Vanderburg."


    The look of shock on Catarina's face was quite obvious.

    (PERFECT and MOST REALISTIC Scott Bakula profile right there! ^^^^ :smiley: )

    "I would recommend," Sam continued, "taking a pregnancy test to be sure and visiting with an Obstetrician."
    It was as if Catarina didn't hear that last sentence. "Oh dear...," she said gloomily, looking away from him.
    "What?" Sam asked in surprise. "Shouldn't you be happy?"
    Catarina chuckled. "Normally...I would be," she replied, "but this is complicated." Then she glanced back at him. "I must admit I didn't entirely dismiss the possibility of it, but...I was hoping..." she stopped, shaking her head.
    Placing a hand on her shoulder Sam said, "Whatever it is Catarina, you can tell me."
    "I know I can," she said, lightly touching his hand to show appreciation for his concern. "That is why I asked for you. You seem to be much more of a trustworthy person than most Doctor Beckett and one who I knew I could confide in this."
    Sam cracked a smile.
    "As much as I adore Doctor Al Fahad," she continued, "I fear she is not...completely honest in regards to the 'Doctor-Patient Confidentiality' if you know what I mean?"
    He hadn't met this Doctor Al Fahad yet, but he nodded.
    "I have to constantly protect my reputation Doctor Beckett. It is a tiring thing."
    Trust me, I understand!

    For a few minutes, in an awkward silence, Catarina stared at the other wall while Sam waited for her to open up. He wasn't sure if he should break the silence or allow her the time to do it when she felt ready. He crossed his legs and got comfortable...waiting.


    Finally, Catarina took in a deep breath. "The baby is not Renauld's, Doctor Beckett."
    Sam's eyebrows raised. That's kind of what he figured.
    "It happened one night at one of the Cho's many gatherings," she continued, "The one where we met. I was was the father...we struck up a conversation and soon were dancing a bit wildly to some music."
    Oh boy...
    "And the next thing I remember...we joked about having a romp and we ran into one of the unoccupied rooms and," she stopped, not continuing for obvious reasons.
    It was a good thing too because Sam didn't really want to hear about it.
    "I was so drunk Sam," she said in shame, finally referring to him by HIS name, "I don't even remember how it went..."
    "The last thing I remember was waking up, we stared at each other in horror and quickly got ourselves dressed, agreeing never to speak of the incident again or to anyone! Of course," she paused, turning back to Sam, "I had to reveal it to you now under the circumstances."
    But Sam thought, You know, she really didn't have to. So why did she? He didn't have time to figure out her reasons. "Have you told the father?" he asked.
    "Certainly not!"
    "Well, forgive me Catarina, but...if a woman was going to have my baby I'd like to know about it!"
    Catarina turned to him abruptly. "I will not mess up that man's life. I hardly know him. He's better off not knowing."
    "But what about YOUR life? What about Renauld's feelings?"
    "As far as he is concerned the baby is his." The look on her face let Sam know that that was final.

    There's so much more Sam wanted to say in protest to her decision, but he knew it wouldn't do any good. He hardly knew Catarina either. Who was he to tell her how she should live her life. He placed the palms of his hands down on his thighs and said with a sigh, "Well, I guess I better be going."
    "Thank you," Catarina said sincerely, but then added, "I don't think I need to remind you of the Doctor-Patient Confidentiality in this situation do I Mister Beckett?"


    Sam took that as a light threat and it bothered him, but he simply and honestly answered, "No ma'am."
    "Good," Catarina said, standing herself up and seeming to forget the whole thing. "Thank you again for your services Doctor. I'll walk you out."
    "You really don't have to--"
    "Oh stop, I insist!"

    When they reached the foyer, Sam expected Catarina to say goodbye but instead she said, "I am not without a heart Mister Beckett."
    Sam slightly froze. "I never implied that you were," he said.
    "I know," Catarina said, lightly placing her hand on his chest for assurance, "but I've had to make many hard decisions in my life to protect the Vanderburg name," then she looked away, sadly, "even at the expense of my children's happiness."
    Sam studied her intently.
    It wasn't long before that, that her sad frown was replaced with a half smile. "But...I am hopeful that this baby will be just the thing to set things right in our family."
    Smiling, Sam said, "I hope so too." He'd never understand the Vanderburgs and all their drama and honestly, he didn't care to.
    Catarina gave Sam a light hug and said, "Thank you Sam. I'm glad I called for you."


    "Best wishes Catarina," he said.
    When she let go of him, Catarina had to ask one more thing before letting him go. "Would you consider being our official family Physician, Doctor?"
    Sam was flattered but..."Oh...I dunno if now is a good time."
    "Think about it," Catarina said, "Take all the time you need. Of course we'd pay you handsomely for it."
    That was tempting, but Sam really wasn't sure. He still felt like there was so much in the medical field he needed to brush up on. It wouldn't hurt to think about it though. "Good day Mrs. Vanderburg," he said and turned for the door. The Butler opened it for him.
    Good day...Sam, Catarina thought and waved him off.

    To be continued.

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    The Witch Doctor

    Weeks went by and life in Hidden Springs had become so much more enjoyable with Edelaine in his life. It was like having the companionship of Al back...only in a MUCH more different way! Oh that Al, Sam would often think, I sure do miss him. I wonder what he would think of Edelaine? Life was blissful, but there was one teenie tiny little problem. Edelaine was so often called off to work that she and Sam didn't get to spend as much quality time together like they'd hoped. One evening Sam had a date set up at the Redwood Peak Viewing area where they would have a picnic dinner and then watch the stars together. Edelaine has JUST arrived up the long hill trail when she got a phone call from her boss. She was needed capture photos at a Vanderburg event that they were unaware of. When she hung up the phone, she looked at Sam sadly and said, "I'm sorry." With pursed lips, feeling disappointed and a little annoyed, Sam nodded and she darted down the hill again. He watched her disappear in the distance and dropped the picnic basket with a sigh.


    It was obvious that Edelaine loved her job, was passionate about it, and Sam supported her, but lately...he was feeling a bit neglected. He knew he needed to talk to her about it, but had to wait for the right moment. In the meantime the two lovebirds spent all the time they could together. Even at Christmas.


    "Oh Sam," Edelaine said after their passionate Christmas Eve kiss, "this is the best Christmas I've had in a long time. I've never been happier!"
    "Me either," Sam said, giving her a lighter kiss this time. "Me either."

    The new year rolled around and life continued on like it always did. One afternoon Sam was having lunch at the cafe, on his day off, and noticed Emmaline Rhoen there. She was the lady he met in the chat room that one day, Natural*Healer*Woman, and after they got to talking he felt her medical practices were a bit...unethical. She offered her services to him which he intended to take her up on just so he could see what she was really doing to her patients. He'd forgotten all about that, but seeing her again reminded him.


    He approached her. Emmaline had forgotten about him, but no matter. He told a little white lie, saying he was experiencing some chronic pain in his lower back and asked if she might have some kind of remedy for him.
    "Most certainly," Emmaline said confidently. "Meet me at my home in one hour."

    Sam arrived on time and was finally able to get that look inside her home that he wasn't able to before. Nothing questionable caught his eye, which was a good thing, but he did notice a well kept shed in her backyard with no windows. Stairs led up to it and it had a porch light. Hmmmm.

    "Well then Mr. Beckett," Emmaline began, "shall we begin?"
    Sam nodded.
    "We'll start with the exam..."
    Oh boy...
    "Lift up your shirt, turn your back to me and point out where the pain is being localized."
    Sam did so.
    With a little bit of poking and prodding and asking if anything hurt, Emmaline said in confidence again, "Mmm Hmm, I have just the thing."

    "Yes, I would recommend..."


    Sam's brow furrowed at her medicinal recommendation. "Really?"
    "Oh Yes. It will fix you right up."
    "Ok... and how did that treatment work for your other patients?"
    Emmaline stopped. "Well...," she began, "I imagine it went well because none of them expressed any complaints."
    "You imagine? Didn't you follow up with them?"
    He could see a little hint of sweat upon her brow. "Not really," she simply answered, "I always tell my patients to contact me if there are any problems. If not, I figure no news is good news."
    Sam curled his lip. Hmm. "I don't know," he said, "the treatment you are recommending is not safe for a number of reasons..." and he began to elaborate.


    "I strongly disagree!" Emmaline protested.
    "I strongly don't."
    "Mr. Beckett, why are you boring me with your confidence in modern medicine? People come to me seeking a more natural course."


    "You're right," Sam exclaimed, "they do! And they should be seen by someone who knows what they are doing in that respect!"
    "Are you mocking me?"
    "No...just questioning, for my safety and the safety of others. What other herbal remedies are you recommending for what? What other medical practices do you perform here?"
    Emmaline was clearly offended. "Excuse me, but who do you think you are? I don't have to answer to you!"


    She continued. "I have many loyal patients whose conditions are improving because of ME! The doctors here couldn't help them."
    "I am glad to hear that," Sam said, "but from all that you told me online and here just now...I gotta admit...your practice sounds a bit shady."
    "Is that the only reason why you decided to meet with me? To SPY on me!?"
    "Actually, YES!" Then he stepped right up to her face and said in a more serious tone, "and if I find out that anyone has died as a result of your treatments, I won't hesitate to testify against you."
    Emmaline's eyes bugged out and she snorted in disgust. "What nerve! Get out of my house Mr. Beckett!"


    Sam complied and turned towards her door. He knew...he knew she was guilty based on her reaction. As he turned the doorknob and the door creaked open, he glanced back at Emmaline to say, "It's DOCTOR Beckett," and then he exited and shut the door firmly behind him.


    A few more days passed and Sam wasn't able to see Edelaine during any of them due to work conflicts. That caused his heart to ache. Talking on the phone simply just wasn't the same as being together. On this afternoon, however, Sam got a call from Edelaine right as soon as he got off work saying she was available for the rest of the evening. He was thrilled!


    They went out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town and caught up on all that happened in the past...week it seemed. They of course, shared a few kisses.


    Edelaine spent the night at his place again, but things weren't as heated up as they normally were. Sam figured it was because they were both exhausted, but...he couldn't help being concerned about their relationship. Something kept nagging at him and he couldn't quite pin point what it was.


    The next evening Sam was invited to a formal party put on by the Lestat Household. He was originally going to decline, but after hearing from Edelaine that she was stuck shooting more photos from some big, high class event going on, he accepted and figured it would be nice to get out and have some fun. To clear his mind of things.

    He was warmly greeted by the two ladies of the house: Betty Simovitch and Lotta Greaves and the three carried on a pleasant conversation. Soon Craven approached them asking Betty to dance and then Lotta excused herself to the kitchen where she would be serving hor d'oeuvres. Sam headed over to the bar and got a light drink. Glancing around between sips he found the party to be quite pleasant. No upper-class people were there to cause anxiety so everyone was truly having a good time.

    After finishing his drink he made his way to another room where someone was playing guitar, when he accidentally bumped into someone. A woman.
    "I'm sorry," Sam cried, "please excuse me." He noticed the woman looked familiar.
    "It's ok," she said, then she appeared to give him the same look he gave her. "Sam?"
    "Oh hey," he paused, it took him a minute. "Marcella? Is that you?"


    She giggled. "Yes, it's me."
    Marcella was the woman the Matchmaker set him up with. "Wow! I didn't recognize you there for a second, with your hair all pulled up." He cleared his throat. He felt kind of awful for not noticing her right away and...because of something else.
    "Yeah, I don't do it up like this much, but with it being a formal gathering and all..."
    There was a bit of an awkward silence and then Marcella just came out and said it, " never called me."
    Sam's face fell. "Yeah," he admitted sorrowfully, "I'm so sorry about that. I meant to seemed to get in the way."
    "I understand," Marcella said, only Sam could sense the hurt in her voice. "I thought that maybe you didn't thought I was weird or...unattractive or something like that." Her cheeks flushed and she looked away.
    "No," Sam said sincerely, touching her arm for a moment. "Nothing like that at all. You were a joy to be with. I apologize that I got so busy."
    Cracking a smile, Marcella scraped the toe of her shoe on the floor. "It's ok," she said, then stood still. "Well we're here now. Would you like to dance?"
    Sam grinned. "Certainly."


    He was quite impressed with her dancing. She made his look awful.


    They spent the rest of the evening together, talking about all sorts of things until the party ended. It was the most enjoyable party he'd been to in Hidden Springs to date.
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    Easy come, but no easy go

    Perspiration presented itself on Sam's forehead as he tossed and turned in his sleep. It was one of those moments where one falls asleep, but it somewhat awake and you can't figure out if what you're experiencing is real or a dream. He could've sworn he was hearing Al's voice...even thought he saw him standing in front of him for a moment.

    Al? Is that you?
    Can you hear me?
    I can hear you...
    (he whispered)
    Can you hear me??
    (Head throbbing)

    Another man: (faintly) I don't think this is working.
    Al?: We have to keep trying!
    Sam: Al? Please tell me it's really you.
    Al? Sam...I can't understand you...
    Woman: Oh Sam...please hear us!

    It was the woman's voice that shot Sam upright and panting heavily. It pierced deep into his soul...made his heart stop. That voice, Sam thought, I know that voice! "But how?" he asked aloud, "I've never heard it before, but...I just know that I KNOW it!" For a few minutes he continued sitting up, trying to catch his breath with a blank expression on his face. What just happened?


    The next day after work, some of Sam's co-workers offered him a fish leftover from their experiments. Sam agreed and figured he would be having a tasty dinner that evening as they went to go fetch it, but when he turned around they handed him a live Coi fish in a bag of water. Ok then, Sam thought, my first pet. He was never much into having fish as pets, but he couldn't just kill and eat the poor thing, now that he'd seen it alive. Plus, Coi didn't taste good anyway. When he got home, it didn't take long for him to come up with a name for the colorful guy: Al.


    "There ya go Al," he said, feeding it. "The name suits you, especially with your markings." He chuckled and thought about his dream, or was it, from last night again. That really was strange...

    As the evening rolled around, Edelaine was free from work so she and Sam had dinner together at his place and watched a movie in the dark, with the fire crackling nearby. They snuggled throughout the whole movie and it felt so nice, but at the same time...Sam kept feeling uneasy. He hated it. He wasn't sure why. He just wanted everything to be ok. To be perfect. God I know you work in mysterious ways, Sam thought, while looking up at the ceiling, but c'mon...she's wonderful! What could possibly be the problem?

    When the two cuddled in bed, getting ready for sleep Sam just had to share with Edelaine his half-dream from the night before. He mentioned Al to her a couple of times since they'd been together, but Edelaine didn't realize just how close he was to him until tonight. If only I could tell her the truth about my past, Sam thought. No...she'd never believe me. I don't know if anyone would.

    "I think it's perfectly normal to have strange dreams about a person when you miss them," Edelaine said, stroking his hand.
    Sam quickly snapped out of his other thoughts. "Yeah," he said, "Al was always family away from family you know?"
    Edelaine pressed her cheek against his. "Where does your family live anyway?"
    Indiana. "Uhh," Sam stalled, thinking. He realized he hadn't studied the geography in this new world yet. Darn it! SEE! This is why I need to tell my girlfriend the TRUTH about me!
    "Oh, sorry."
    "Are you ok?"
    Sam pressed his cheek against hers as well. "Yes honey, I'm fine. Let's not talk about family right now ok? I just want to spend time with you."
    Edelaine smiled and gave him a light kiss. "Sam Beckett," she sighed, "you really are just full of surprises."


    Sam wasn't sure what she meant by that...or if she was trying to make that an inside joke, but he didn't care. He just wanted to hold her and never let go.


    The next morning, Sam cooked breakfast for Edelaine...


    ...which she ate quickly because she had to hurry out the door. "I wish you didn't have to go," Sam said as she stood in the doorway.
    "I know," Edelaine said frowning, "I wish I didn't either, but there's so much going on this week and," she shrugged, "duty calls."
    "Yeah," Sam said, looking down. "When will you be done?"
    "I don't know. I'll call or text you like I always do."
    "I just wish I knew when you would be off."
    "I know Sam and I'm sorry to put you through that." Then her phone rang.


    Once he got showered and dressed, Sam couldn't shake off the feeling that things were most likely going nowhere for him and Edelaine. It pained his heart and he just couldn't dwell on it. He got on his piano and played love songs.


    Work was a drag. Normally he enjoyed it, but today...not so much. When he left work that afternoon, he ran into a tourist sitting on the benches outside and they got to chatting. She taught him one of their local songs, at Sam's request.


    He picked it up pretty quickly. Maybe I will serenade it to Edelaine later, he thought.


    Remembering he needed to pick up some groceries from the store that was the next place he headed. He met a new town local. Emma Simself.


    "That's an interesting last name you have," Sam couldn't help saying to her. "Where's it from?"
    "Oh nowhere," Emma replied, "it's just an odd one."
    They chuckled.


    She was a pleasant gal and they had a lot in common. He hoped to see her again.

    After getting his groceries, his phone rang and when he saw that it was Edelaine he answered it faster than the speed of light. "Hey!" Sam greeted.
    "Hey babe," came the response. Then there was a sigh. Sam's stomach sank and he knew this wasn't good. "My boss is sending me to Bridgeport," she said, "I'm replacing a lady who's fallen ill and she said if I do this job well I might get a raise! Isn't that great?"
    "Of course it means that we won't see each other for another week."
    Now Sam sighed.
    "I'm SO sorry Sam! Really, I am, but...I could use the extra money. You know I've been scraping by as it is."
    "I do."
    "So...are you ok with this?"
    It had been a long time since Sam had to hold back this many emotions. "I'll be fine," he lied.
    Edelaine knew it. "I promise to take some time off when I return ok?"
    Sam just shook his head. "Ok."
    "Ok...well, goodnight sweetie. I'll call you when I'm off again."
    "Goodnight." He hung up. Why is it that I always have to expect a call from HER? Why can't I call her whenever I feel like it and she'll answer? God...why are you doing this?

    He knew why God was doing it. He and Edelaine weren't meant to be. The reality of that was killing him. Holding back tears Sam practically threw his grocery bags into the backseat and took off for home.


    Ah, forget home, he thought, continuing down the road towards the trail that led to the Redwood Peak Viewing Area. The city looked beautiful tonight, but that didn't make his aching heart feel any better.


    He sat by the fire pit for a couple of hours, lost in his thoughts.


    Suddenly his lowered head shot up and he thought about the Unicorn! I haven't visited her in weeks! he cried out in his mind. Seeing the Unicorn again was sure to lift his spirits. He rushed to Louie Falls which is where he normally checked first before heading to Meadow Beach.

    Sure enough, the Unicorn was there and Sam ran as fast as he could to meet her.

    (Sorry, I had to include this Gif of how he runs in Quantum Leap! It's so goofy! :lol: Very fitting for this moment though. Ok, back to seriousness now...)

    But as soon as he approached her, a soft musical tune played and light surrounded her. She was vanishing...into the heavens above.
    "WAIT!" Sam cried out to her, "I NEED YOU! DON'T GO!"



    A week passed. Sam and Edelaine only got to talk once on the phone. He watched all the happenings in Bridgeport on the news and hoped he would see her in one of the shots, but...of course not. His heart ached and ached. He couldn't do it anymore. He had to be honest with her.

    That afternoon Edelaine called to tell him she was home and would be coming over. Thank goodness it was Sam's day off because he wasn't sure if he'd be able to make it to work after this.

    The doorbell rang and Sam braced himself as he opened the door. There she stood, in all her beauty, with that gorgeous smile on her face. He wanted to leap into her arms and kiss her, but...he just couldn't. They greeted each other and Sam invited her in. He could sense she was surprised he hadn't kissed her yet and it troubled her. The awkward silence was evident between them both. "Thank goodness this week is over," Edelaine simply said to him.
    "Yeah," Sam said, "Edelaine," he paused, "we need to talk."
    Edelaine's lips pursed as she nodded. "Yeah...we do."
    So she's in agreement? That might make this easier...


    Sam carefully and gently shared his innermost feelings with her about their relationship and how he felt it wasn't working out. "I never see you," he expressed to her, "and whenever we do get a moment together ninety percent of the time we're interrupted by a phone call from your boss or you're being called back into work."
    "I'm sorry," Edelaine said, brushing her hair behind her ear, "What do you want me to do Sam?"
    "I don't know...I realize there isn't much you can do."
    "You're right, there isn't. And I've always made an effort to spend time with you. Have I not shown you that?"
    "No, you have," Sam paused, caressing her arm, "it's just...I need you more in my life. I need the companionship more than I realized."
    "Sam, I'm trying! You know I can't just quit my job. It means a lot to me."
    With a straight face Sam said, "It feels like you care more about your job than you do me."
    Looking away, Edelaine answered, "Sam, you know that's not true. I care about you a great deal but...I have responsibilities to my job. Commitments I made before we even met."
    "And I get that," Sam said, "I've been there, but sometimes you have to stop and take a look around in your life and figure out what's really important to you."
    "You don't think I've done that?"
    "I didn't say you haven't, but what about us? Are we important to you?"
    "YES!" Edelaine cried emphatically, then her face fell. "But..."
    That "But," hit Sam like a ton of bricks. "But what?" he hesitated to ask.
    Tears began to well up in Edelaine's eyes. "It's've been so good to me and...I can't give you as much in return. I guess," she cried harder, "this relationship really isn't going to work out. My boss gave me that raise along with a promotion and...I took it."
    Wiping a tear from her eye Sam said, "Congratulations."
    "It's going to require a lot more work from me and that means...less time with you."
    "I'm SO sorry Sam! I wanted this to work out I...I really did!"
    "Me too..."
    They hugged.

    For a few moments they just held each other and Sam sniffed while saying, "Gosh I hate wasn't supposed to be like this."
    Edelaine removed herself from him. "No," she agreed.
    "Do you love me?" Sam asked. He wasn't completely sure why he did and he feared it wasn't a good idea.
    Lightly gulping Edelaine admitted, "No...I don't." Another tear rolled down her cheek.
    Sam nodded and stroked her cheek. "Gosh I wish I could say it to you right now."
    That told Edelaine that he didn't feel the same either. "Let's just make this easier on the both of us ok," Edelaine said, pulling her purse strap back up on her shoulder, "I'll go now."
    "Edelaine, don't--"
    "Sam, please don't make this any harder than it is," she begged, removing his grip on her arm. "Goodbye Sam."


    And with that she turned and left the house. When the door closed, Sam fell down to his knees and finally allowed his emotions to take over. His shoulders shook as he buried his face in his hand while tears still managed to rain onto the floor. Would he ever be able to have a real relationship again? It pained him having to say goodbye to so many people over the years. People who had a significant impact on him and stole his heart. He was honestly sick of leaping and just wanted to go home.

    To be continued.

    ***I gotta share: I was near tears while writing this. :cry: It really hit home to me since I had a similar experience with a good man I dated before meeting my husband. It's hard having a great relationship with someone and then the two of you realize (and feel) that it just isn't the right thing to be together... I never regret breaking up with this guy, we ended it on such good terms, but I'll never forget the way it made me feel.

    I kept playing this song while writing this post. It just seemed fitting; exactly how Sam was feeling. Go listen to it. ;)

    I get the feeling a few of you will be disappointed that I broke him and Edelaine up. In all honesty, trying to have a relationship with a Paparazzi sim is the pain in the butt! Seriously! I know many of you understand. They take off after like three or four interactions with your sim and you can't stop them and your sim just sits there waiting for them to respond as they drive off in their car. It was bugging me and I couldn't do it anymore. I had the hardest time getting him and Edelaine together, even for pictures. Sam deserves better.

    Anyway, I hope you all will continue to read Sam's story regardless. ;) I've still got plenty of other things in store for him up my sleeve. Stay tuned!***

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    A Broken Mirror
    "Breaking up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it."

    Closing the book, Sam knew the analogy was true. Besides there was nothing to fix. He and Edelaine simply came to the realization that it wasn't right for them to be together. Neither of them could say "I love you" because they didn't feel it. If that were true...then why did he feel so depressed about it? Perhaps it was because in all his leaps over the past 6 years he never had to break up with someone...

    It was only just a day after he and Edelaine parted ways. At work, Sam's boss and friend Liam could tell that his buddy was struggling with something. When Sam openly told him about it, he deeply felt sorry for his friend. Understanding the situation all too well himself. He was still searching for his one and only...losing hope that he'd ever find her. Liam suggested once again to Sam that they head to the gym after work to work off his (their) emotions. As they headed over there Sam prayed and prayed that working out would help...


    ...but of course it didn't. He wasn't sure what would heal his aching heart at this point. It was probably a good time to take a vacation. Besides, he'd spent a year in this crazy world and never really did anything nice just for himself. A vacation to Al Simhara, that must be this world's version of Egypt, was calling to him, but in all honesty...Sam just didn't feel like travelling. If fact he wasn't sure if he felt like doing much of anything. He had the classic signs of depression and even his medical knowledge on how to remedy it couldn't help him shake it off. Perhaps it was just best to take a long break from life and wait the depression out. In an instant he was calling Liam asking to take some paid time off. Two weeks. That should be enough. Liam granted it.

    The first few days went by slowly, much to Sam's dismay. He could only keep his mind off Edelaine for so long before thoughts of her started creeping back. It seemed like he was carrying 100 pounds of weight on his feet, dragging them while doing even the simplest everyday tasks: getting up, getting dressed, eating, feeding the pets, doing laundry, cleaning, getting a haircut, shaving...those last four he ignored completely. Each one felt overwhelming. He hated feeling this way and spent more time on his knees praying than ever before.

    The first week passed and it was the first he could ever remember where he accomplished nothing.

    Perhaps sleeping through most of the days in the coming week would help cure his depression, but Sam just shook his head. Sleeping through it only took away from dealing with the pain and when you's still there. He knew that, but that didn't stop him from drifting off every now and then...


    And each time he woke up...he still felt miserable and was once again stuck in that ever present dark pit with no visible way to get out, it seemed.


    He heard a bubble pop from Al's tank just right behind him. Turning he could see the fish swimming around like crazy. Probably because he could sense Sam's distress. "Hey buddy, it's ok," Sam soothed, sticking his finger in there, gently caressing the top fin. It never failed that every time he looked at the fish he thought of Al. I wish he were here to help me get through this, Sam thought, That man knows more about breaking up than anyone I know! Plus Al's sense of humor would definitely lift his spirits. He sighed and all too suddenly...he became filled with an even greater sadness than before. The emotions pierced his soul, but he shook his head rapidly, fighting them back and the tears and said, "I can't do this anymore!" He threw his head up to the ceiling and cried, "Please God! You gotta help me get out of this because I can't do it alone!"


    "You're the only one who can help me..."


    The next day Sam woke up, squinting as he looked out his bedroom window towards the garden. There were tons of vegetables that needed to be harvested and overgrown weeds. Closing his eyes Sam thought, Ok, today is a new day. If I can accomplish just ONE thing, like tending the garden, I know I'll feel better. You can do it can do it! But first, he had to get some breakfast because he felt his appetite coming back. After that he thought it might be a good idea to check the mail since he hadn't in goodness knows how many days!

    As he walked back to the front door from the mailbox, looking through the mail he heard a familiar voice behind him say, "Hey Sam."
    He turned and said while still looking at the mail, "Hey Evelyn."
    "Woah," she said in surprise.
    Sam glanced at her and could see the bug eyes. He lowered his hand carrying the mail. "What?"
    "Uhh...gee Sam," Evelyn said, rubbing her neck, "you sure look...scraggly."


    Sam hinted a smile, but wasn't amused. "Thanks kid."
    "I'm sorry," Evelyn said, "but seriously...what happened to you?"
    Sighing, Sam looked away dejectedly. "Oh...," he said, "just going through a rough patch in life, that's all."
    "You broke up with your girlfriend didn't you?"
    Looking upon her suddenly, amazed at her intuition, Sam asked, "Is it that obvious?"


    The way she said it caused Sam to chuckle, but that didn't last long. His face fell again.
    Frowning in sympathy for her friend, Evelyn asked, "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better Sam?"
    Smiling at her sweetness, Sam knelt down and placed a hand on her shoulder. "No thanks. I'll be ok," he assured.
    "Are you sure?" Evelyn asked, "how about a hug?"
    Sam grinned brighter. "I'll take that," and she took him in her small arms. It did make him feel better.
    "Just keep on breathing Sam," she said, patting his back.
    With tears welling up, smiling that she remembered his own advice when he'd forgotten, Sam held her tighter and said, "Will do Evelyn. Will do."

    To be continued...

    Whew... *waving off the tears* I'm ok. ;)
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    The Signs

    Keeping on breathing is just what Sam did. It didn't take long for him to wake up one morning with a smile on his face and feeling ready to get through every day life again.

    He couldn't thank God enough for being so good to him.

    Immediately he made a list of everything that needed to get done, especially around the house due to his depressive neglect. First on the list, shave and get a hair cut. Although, as he finished shaving he turned his head from side to side, studying his hair in the mirror and thought, Ya know, I kinda like my hair the way it is at the's been a long time since I've worn it this way. So he decided to kept it.

    Next he took care of the pets and did some household cleaning.


    If felt great to be a functioning person again. He never wanted to return to that depressive state again!

    With everything on the list accomplished, he headed back to work after his unfulfilling but much needed time off.

    One of the things that shocked Sam the most about this world was how quickly one could climb the career ladder. He kept thinking with all his promotions it HAD to be due to the fact that he was the holder of six doctorates, but even with those in the REAL world he'd never been promoted this often in his job. Heck, he struggled keeping that job back on Earth...and getting the funding needed for Project Quantum Leap. It was such a mess and most of it he couldn't remember. Yeah, it really must be just a perk to living in this world.

    At lunch, Liam informed Sam that there was talk of him getting promoted AGAIN and that he would be the head of the whole entire Science Department! HE would be Liam's boss. "You'd be the official Mad Scientist of the place," Liam said to him with bug eyes and a grin. Was he joking? In this abnormally run world, Sam couldn't be sure. However with that thought in his mind, he couldn't help stopping dead in his tracks leaving work that afternoon and saying to himself, "I don't want to be considered a Mad Scientist..."


    ...I've been anything BUT a mad Scientist! It's just"

    Liam stepped out of the building and threw a farewell gesture toward his colleague and friend. "See ya later Dr. Emmett Brown!" He giggled.


    Sam's eyes widened. He immediately turned to Liam and asked, "You guys have that movie here!?"
    Liam shot him a puzzled look. "Movie?" he asked, "It's not a movie Sam it's a book."
    "What's the name of the book!?"
    "Back to the Future," Liam answered bewildered.
    Oh boy! Sam thought looking down and scratching his forehead with his finger.
    Liam's eyes squinted while studying his friend. "Are you alright Sam? You seem a little...out of sorts."
    Sam shook his head, trying to shake the feelings off. "Yes," he replied, standing up straighter. "I am feeling a bit...out of it."
    Liam nodded.
    "Liam," he addressed calmly this time. "Are you considered a Mad Scientist?"
    "Well, no," Liam answered, "most people call me a geek. Mad Scientist is just the name of the position."
    "Really?" he asked skeptically. That position name sure wouldn't fly in the real world!
    Chuckling, sensing his concerns Liam said, "It's ok Sam. The name of your position doesn't define who you are as a person." Then he patted his friend's shoulder. "Relax. You're going to love being the boss around here. The hours and the pay are GREAT!"
    "See ya tomorrow...boss!"


    Feelings of doubt overshadowed him as Sam drove home. He wondered if being at the top of the Science career track was really what he wanted to continue doing for the rest of his life here. Perhaps he could figure out a way to transport back to HIS time, but in all honesty he didn't fully know how Science worked here. Many things were similar to his world, yes, and he could study their texts and learn more, yes, but it would most likely take YEARS, more than a lifetime, to invent the right time travelling machine that would get him back to Earth. And what if his "string theory" wasn't possible here? Sighing, he leaned over the steering wheel after parking and prayed for guidance on what to do.

    As he got out of the car, instead of entering his home through the back door like he always did, he headed for the mailbox since he forgot to check the mail yesterday...again. Thankfully there wasn't too much piled in there. He sorted through it, heading for the front door and stopped when something caught his eye on the ground by the door. A box. Sweet!

    He took it inside and carefully opened it.


    There was an envelope on top of something wrapped in tissue paper, enclosed with a wax seal. He fingered the symbol on the wax, smiling. It was pretty neat to receive such a letter. Curiosity piqued, he lifted up the flap, breaking the wax and took out the letter inside. It read:

    Thought you might need this. The offer still stands.

    No one signed it but it was clearly from a woman by the look of the handwriting. Placing the letter down, Sam removed the tissue paper from the item in suspense to find that it was a shiny, black leather bag. And not just any bag, a medical bag. Grinning, he lifted it up out of the box and admired it. He could see that is was extremely well made and judging by the weight of it, there were medical supplies on the inside. He opened the snap on top and sure enough, he was correct. It was a very generous gift and Sam knew exactly who had sent it to him.


    Somehow, he would find a way to thank Mrs. Vanderburg.


    This might end up being a three-parter...ugh. I dislike being so busy. I like to just throw it all out there for you guys to enjoy! ;)
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    The Signs

    Later that evening, while Sam was dreaming...


    Sam: ?
    Sam? It's me...(static ?)
    Sam: Who?
    I don't know if...hear this...will repeat...
    Sam: Al? Is that you again?
    Yes...established a link...there's problems...haven't forgotten...doing...we can...
    Sam: (Stirring) Oh thank God Al, you've FOUND ME!?
    (more static?) Not much time...repeat...a link...doing all we can to...
    Sam: To what!?
    Ziggy thinks...can...get me to...hold on Sam...
    Sam: AL WAIT! I'm not understanding--
    Woman: SAM!?
    Sam: !?
    Al: Hey! What are you...(louder static?)
    Woman: Oh God hear me!?
    Al: No...Leave! You'll ruin...this was your...
    Woman: I don't care...SAM!?

    Sam shot up from his pillow, as if someone had been strangling him and gasped for breath. Rubbing his forehead, he tried to figure out what the heck was going on and struggled to replay the two voices he heard in his "dream." He did remember that one voice was Al who mentioned that he FOUND him! Thank God! But who was the other voice? It was a woman, but who? Someone else on the project? It had to be. It bothered him not being able to recognize her. She seemed distressed and dying to speak with him. Pressing his fingers harder on his temples, Sam rocked forward and back and said to himself, "Think Sam, think!" It was obvious that Ziggy couldn't track Sam down in this world, that's why Al could never visit him. Their (him and Al's) neural pathways were linked; that's how Al could visit him during his leaps and why no one else could see him. Al said, Established a link. That must've been how he was able to communicate with Sam: through brain waves...through time...into his dreams. It was really quite fascinating. They were making progress! Sam grinned brightly. Then that must mean when Al said...Ziggy thinks...can...get me to...that Ziggy was coming up with a way to track him down and pretty soon Al could visit him and help him leap again...hopefully right back to his own reality! It was inevitable...the tears came streaming down his cheeks. The HOPE that had just poured down upon him overflowed in his heart.

    Hold on Sam..."Yeah," Sam said, wiping his nose. "I think I can do that Al." He sniffed. "I can do that."

    But seriously...WHO is that woman?


    A week passed. Sam was for sure promoted to Mad Scientist and now the head of the whole Science Facility. Liam wasn't kidding, the new, short hours and pay were great. Plus there was a lot less work to do and more supervising everyone else. It reminded him of the faint memories he had working with his colleagues on Project Quantum Leap. It really felt wonderful, but why did it also feel...unsatisfying?

    On this particular evening Sam attended another home party that he was invited to. While conversing with a few guests, one of them mentioned Dr. Laila Al Fahad. Sam remembered that she was the Vanderburg's personal physician and inquired about her. The person pointed his finger in the direction behind Sam and said, "She's right over there. Why don't you go introduce yourself?" When Sam decided to do so it seemed his reputation proceeded him because Laila half smiled and greeted him with, "Well if it isn't the famous Dr. Sam Beckett," before he was even standing close enough to shake her hand. When he was, he greeted in return, "Dr. Al Fahad. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."
    "I'm honestly surprised it took us this long to get acquainted," she said.
    "Well," Sam started, "we're both pretty busy people I guess."


    After a while of chatting and getting to know each other, Laila said, "You know Dr. Beckett with your medical experience we could really use another Physician here in Hidden Springs. We've been short handed for a while." She was referring to her normal job at the hospital aside from serving the Vanderburg's.
    Flattered, Sam said, "To be honest I've thought about it...becoming a physician here, but," he looked down for a moment, "Science has always been more of my passion."
    Pursing her lips and nodding, Laila eventually said, "I understand." Then she sighed, "Although I must inform you that you might want to study up on Obstetrics Dr. Beckett."
    Sam looked at her questionably.
    "It would appear that her highness Catarina has grown quite fond of you and will not hesitate to call upon you again if she cannot reach me."
    "She isn't seeing an Obstetrician?"
    "Pft! Heaven's no!" Laila practically shouted out, "she'd rather be caught dead then be seen in a hospital being treated by 'mediocre hospital physicians.'"
    With his eyebrows raised, Sam thought, Yeah...that sounds like Catarina. But he had to ask, "So she is planning on having the baby at home? With you? Not to question your medical abilities, but what if there are complications?"


    Laila bit her bottom lip and hesitated to admit..."I won't lie to you Dr. Beckett, there might be."
    Alarm appeared in Sam's eyes.
    Sensing his emotions, Laila said, "Since I do have employment at the hospital I have access to certain equipment so there's nothing to worry about there, it's just--"
    "You would need help," Sam filled in for her.
    "What complications is she experiencing?"
    Shhh-ing him, Laila moved in closer and whispered, "Dr. Beckett you know we can't discuss that here."
    Right. How could he have forgotten? Although, he couldn't help feeling proud of Laila in that moment for staying true to the doctor-patient confidentiality rule, which seemed to be Catarina's biggest complaint about her. "Well," Sam began, "I guess I will have to talk with Catarina about--"
    "Ah, ah, ah," Laila interrupted, waving her finger. "She is my patient Dr. Beckett and don't you forget it."
    Sam froze at that abrupt statement. Did she feel threatened by him?
    "You're only to get involved if I'm not around or I ask for your help. Capisce?"
    Sam nodded with a set smile. It was clear their first encounter was over.


    More days passed with no dreams of Al or the mysterious woman speaking to him and no word from Dr. Al Fahad or Catarina Vanderburg. Sam sighed and decided to shrug it off because he knew that he just had to keep on living life and not worry about things that were out of his control.

    One afternoon while taking a stroll, a lovely lady approached him. He recognized her from seeing her around town often but never learned her name.
    "Jessica," she replied after he asked, extending her hand.
    "Pleasure to meet you," Sam said while shaking it. "Can you?"
    Jessica blushed. "Forgive me for bothering you Mr. Beckett, but I was asked to give you these." She held out what had obviously been hidden behind her back: A bouquet of flowers.
    They were practically thrust into his face. "Oh! How nice," he said.


    He thought it would be polite to sniff them deeply. Jessica watched with glee.


    "They are lovely," Sam said, "Who are they from?"
    "Oh," Jessica paused, "Me."
    Sam stared at her in surprise.
    "I decided that I couldn't hold back my feelings any longer Sam."
    Oh boy...
    She inched in closer. "I've been an admirer of yours for a while and was wondering...would you like to go grab some coffee at the cafe with me?"
    Sam's heart sank. Here was this beautiful woman practically throwing herself at him and all he could do was smile and say, "Jessica, you're a very beautiful woman and I am flattered that you would ask me out..."


    ...He paused, seeing her grin slowly fading. "But I just got out of a relationship and...I'm not ready to start getting serious with anyone yet."
    Obviously trying not to look disappointed, Jessica said, "Oh ok. Well...I can...understand that." She scratched the back of her head and looked away, unable to meet his gaze.
    "I'm sorry," Sam said sincerely.
    "No really, it's ok!" she said, waving it off. "I guess...I'll um...catch you some other time Sam."
    Feeling horrible, Sam kindly thanked her for the flowers and sighed while continuing on his way.

    To be continued...
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    The Signs

    Time continued to pass...a month actually, and in all that time Sam never felt better living in this peculiar world of Hidden Springs. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Al spoke to him again in a dream, worried that he didn't understand his previous "transmission," in which he was correct and told Sam that he couldn't speak to him this way again, but asked that he hang tight and wait for his arrival. Ziggy was finding ways to get him there, along with the help of many others on the project. That news felt like a great burden had been lifted off Sam's shoulders and he awaited Al's arrival with great anticipation. A big part of him though was trying desperately not to get his hopes up. Just in case. In the meantime he kept on living his new reality and making the best of each and every day.

    One morning he was feeling so chipper that he stood by his mailbox, after checking the mail, and sang a tune. Little did he see that Evelyn was heading right in his direction with the morning paper.


    She giggled watching him waving his hands around and singing to himself. Upon her entering his view, Sam immediately stopped and cleared his throat.
    "Who were you singing to Sam?" Evelyn asked, holding back a laugh.


    "No one," Sam responded casually. "Just myself."
    Evelyn dropped the paper and turned to him. "It looks like you're feeling a lot better these days." She said with a smile. "I'm happy for you."
    "Thanks kid," Sam said, going to her and giving her a light hug. "How are things going with you?"
    "Oh..." Evelyn sighed. "Ok, I guess. I am living with my mom now, but...she works a lot so I never get to see her."
    Patting her back sympathetically, Sam said, "I'm sorry. Do you have any brothers or sisters to keep you company?"
    "A baby brother."
    "Yeah, he's not much fun, but it's ok."
    Sam nodded. "At least there's no more fighting."
    "Yeah for sure! I'm thankful for that."


    Not only was Sam's reputation of holding a medical degree proceeding him, but so was word of his musical abilities. He had been approached by a gal he met weeks earlier, Emma Simself, asking if he would teach her piano. She expressed that she was very familiar with the "top hand" and knew how to play a little, but wanted to learn how to play properly while mastering the "bottom hand" as well. Sam felt honored to help her and they currently hold lessons in his home twice a week.


    It quickly became apparent that Emma had a natural talent when it came to music. Sam could very much relate to her and because they had so much in common they were fastly becoming friends. It was flattering that he could sense Emma's admiration for him and his talents.


    He'd be lying if he didn't admire her talents as well, but even still...he wasn't in any hurry to jump back into a serious relationship. Not until he felt absolutely comfortable in sharing with that person who he really was and where he came from.


    One evening Sam attended a formal get together at Dr. Al Fahad's place. To say he was surprised to receive an invitation from her was an understatement. Maybe there was something she needed to discuss with him about Catarina Vanderburg or most likely she was just being friendly. Either way, Sam did the polite thing and accepted.

    It was a mild party with not that many guests, but all who attended seemed to be enjoying themselves.


    As the night wore on, Sam was in the kitchen having a drink and chatting with a Miss Anna Menon when the two heard a scream from the foyer.

    "Oh my G** LAILA!!!"

    Sam raced to the scene, followed by Anna, and found Betty Simovich crying over Laila's lifeless body on the floor. Immediately he fell down to Laila's side and took her hand. "Laila!?" he addressed, but she didn't stir. He checked her pulse from the neck and there was.........nothing. Disbelief shot through him as he checked again, this time with her wrist. Again...nothing. With his jaw dropped and eyes widened, Sam told the onlookers, "She's dead." There were gasps and murmurs. Sam continued to examine Laila's body to see if he could find a clue to her untimely death, but then smoke began rising from the floor beside her. Sam shot up onto his feet in a scare.

    "What the H***!?" Sam cried.
    Anna, startled at Sam's sudden jump and expression asked, "What!? What is it? Is she alive after all?"
    "No! It's that black smoke on the floor!" Sam replied, pointing down. "You don't see it?"
    Anna studied the floor and then looked at him like he was crazy. "There's no black smoke Sam...Are you alright?"
    Oh boy...Sam thought. He ran a hand over his face, hoping he was just seeing things, but then shuddered in fright as he opened his eyes again. A dark, shadowy figure began emerging from the floor inside the smoke, carrying a scythe and face covered with a tattered hood. Sam held his hands over his mouth and exclaimed, "Oh G**" as a terrified and nauseating feeling washed over him. He didn't like the looks of this...


    To be continued...


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    Continuing Signs

    Sam couldn't believe what he was witnessing. He had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dead as well, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on the bringer of death. It was apparent that no one else around him could see this fabled Grim Reaper, but why could he? It most likely had to be due to the fact that he was somehow on a higher "plane of existence" anymore these days while leaping. He was really starting to believe that. This scene reminded him of a situation years ago when he stood face to face with the Devil, in the form of Al, who tried to stop him from doing the good that God had called him to do and he had to get rid of him. It was terrifying, suffocating...much like how he felt now. As his heart continued to pound within his chest, he tried some breathing techniques to calm his nerves, but seeing the Grim Reaper stretch forth his scythe in his direction while a cold draft pierced his backside, he flinched. Little did he know that Laila's spirit was rising from the floor just behind him.

    (More like right in his butt! :lol: Sorry...this was the best pic I could get...)

    Instinct made him turn and look over his shoulder, to see where the cold had come from and when he did, he saw those blank eyes staring right at him and he cried out while jumping back a few steps.
    "Sam?" he heard Anna say. "Are you sure you're alright?"
    But he couldn't answer, his eyes were glued to the soul of Laila Al Fahad and they followed her as she floated towards the Grim Reaper and fell to her knees begging.

    Please! It was an accident! I wasn't in my right mind! Don't take me now. PLEASE!

    Despite her pleading the Reaper said nothing, but growled and slashed her spirit with his scythe. She disappeared. Sam gaped. That's not how it happens in the end...this world was becoming more and more mysterious by the second.

    Soon the guests were throwing out questions to one another while one of them called 911 stuttering in his speech, still in shock from it all.


    As for Sam, he didn't hesitate to follow the Grim Reaper after witnessing him pass through the wall and go along his merry way into the dark night. He threw open the front door called out, "Wait!" as he followed the smoky trail toward the dark entity. Surprisingly, the bringer of death stopped and turned to face his addresser.

    "Who are you?" Sam asked, even though he already knew. "What happened back there?"


    The Grim Reaper simply shrugged and turned, floating away from Sam towards the back of the house. Sam however was too lost in his thoughts to notice. C'mon God, he addressed, looking up at the stars, You can't tell me that's how life really ends in this world: Where one lives and dies and a dark, hopeless entity appears and just slashes their spirit away into non-existence!? I refuse to believe that! He threw his hands up and then back down at his side. This doesn't make any sense!


    After a bit more pondering he looked up again. "The loving God I know that you are wouldn't do that," he said. "Am I to believe that You are not the God of this world then? Some other being is?" He shuddered to think. "But I've FELT you here! I refuse to believe that You aren't here with me..." It was at this moment he realized he lost the bringer of death and rushed after the fading smoke trail. "Hey!" he cried out, "I'm not finished with you!" He rounded the corner of the home to find the Reaper standing within the Gazebo. He approached him cautiously.


    "Please," Sam begin with, "I have to know what happened back there? Is Laila's spirit no more?"
    "A pleasure to meet you too Samuel Beckett," came the deep, raspy reply. Sam stopped dead in his tracks with wide eyes as the hooded figure finally turned to face him again. "I never thought I would."
    Sam inched closer, coming up the stairs now. "How do you know my name?"
    "All of the cosmos speak of you."
    "World's without number has your God created...the part He plays in each one is different."
    It seemed he could read Sam's mind. Sam shook his head. "No...I don't believe that. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!"
    The Grim reaper slightly nodded. "Perhaps."
    "He would not allow a person's soul to just vanish like that," Sam expressed, pointing towards the house, "what happened to her? To Laila? Tell me!"
    Turning his back toward Sam again, the Reaper replied, "She did not vanish...I simply sent her to the place where she is to pay for you call it in your world."
    Oh boy, Sam thought, but he was just relieved to know that her soul didn't disappear into nothingness. His curiosity was piqued and he wanted to question the bringer of death more about the afterlife here, but he stepped forward, standing face to face with him again and asked instead, "How did she die?"
    It took a few moments for Death to respond. Maybe he is probing my thoughts again, Sam thought.

    "Why do you ask?" The Reaper responded.
    Exhaling, Sam replied, "Because it happened all so suddenly and," he had to be honest, "I am curious."
    He thought he could hear the Reaper chuckling for a second. "Overdose," he said, "she claims it was accidental but...we shall see."
    Sam lowered his head in sympathy for Laila. "Why?"
    He couldn't see but the Reaper gave him an inquisitive look. "I should think it was quite obvious even for you Samuel Beckett."
    Sam pursed his lips and shrugged, honestly not knowing. The Reaper could sense that.
    "Perhaps it was the result of a certain high class woman finally firing the poor girl, based on claims that she was feeding personal information about her family to the Press."


    Catarina Vanderburg! "Catarina fired her? From being her personal physician?"
    The Reaper nodded. "What else was she to Mrs. Vanderburg?"
    Sam squeezed his forehead with the tips of his thumb and two forefingers. Oh boy...he couldn't help thinking it. Catarina was such a mystery to him. She always treated him kindly and respectfully...he never had any reason to dislike her, but he still had doubts. An opportunity like this might never present itself again. It would seem the Grim Reaper was all knowing, much like a God, but not quite. Sam had to ask, "Are the Vanderburgs a threat to anyone? To me?" If that was a Wrong that needed to be made Right, Sam was on it!
    The Reaper held his bony finger to his invisible chin. "Is that such a concern to the great Samuel Beckett?"
    Enough with Samuel already! "Yes," he replied with a straight face. "I have a feeling about them...and I need it to be confirmed."
    Grinning beneath the hood, the Reaper expressed, "Catarina is a master at intimidation, but that's all it is..."
    Sam raised an eyebrow.
    “She was raised to be that way,” Death continued, “but truthfully Samuel Beckett…all that woman is concerned about is the future of the Vanderburg name. Keeping the line going. Could she and her husband be a threat? Yes. But they never will be unless someone were to directly attack their family and reputation. That’s it.”
    Sam nodded, satisfied.
    “Besides the Vanderburgs are the least of your worries…”
    Eyeballing him, Sam asked, “What do you mean?”
    Death froze. “I have spoken too much,” he concluded, “and I am not one of many words. I must leave you now Samuel Beckett, but no doubt we will meet again.”
    “I hope not,” Sam frankly said.



    Knowing that a call from the Vanderburgs for his medical services was imminent Sam spent a couple of days at the library, studying up on Obstetrics and working on getting a proper medical license in this world.


    One afternoon while blissfully jamming out on his guitar at the Town Square...


    ...he heard someone shout out, "Is anyone a doctor?" The pick fell from his fingers as he immediately turned in the direction of the cry. The man continued to shout, "Help! She's choking!!" The man's wife or girlfriend was kneeling on the picnic blanket, holding her hand to her throat and gasping for air. A few onlookers just shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads, not knowing what to do. "Please!" the man begged, "can any of you help her!?"

    "I'm a Doctor," Sam declared, coming to the woman's aid. He carefully lifted her up and began giving her the Heimlich.
    "Oh thank God for you sir!" the man said in relief.
    Soon the obstruction in her throat flew out of her mouth and everyone clapped with joy. Sam made sure she was fully ok before going on his way and that was after the woman thanked him immensely for his help and gave him a tight hug. It was always a good feeling knowing he helped someone.

    As he headed for home he couldn't help but excuse himself from his thoughts and glance up at the sky again saying, "Are you trying to tell me something here God? Because I'm seeing all the signs and I know how you work..."


    Two weeks passed since Dr. Al Fahad's passing and Sam honestly expected to hear from the Vanderburgs MUCH sooner than this! The call came just as he exited the Science building after his work shift.

    "Yes, this is Doctor Sam Beckett," he replied.


    There was a pause and then, "Have you finally decided to accept my offer Dr. Beckett?" It was Catarina, who'd obviously taken the phone from her Butler.
    "Do I have a choice?" Sam asked.
    Catarina chuckled lightly. "Well of course you do," she responded, "although there really aren't any other doctors in town that do house calls..."
    Sam couldn't help rolling his eyes.
    Catarina continued, "I hope you received the medical bag I sent to you?"
    "Oh...yes," Sam said, feeling extremely guilty for not having thanked her yet, "Thank you very much ma'am. It was a thoughtful gift."
    "You're most welcome," she said, pausing and then spoke frankly. "I want you as our own personal physician Sam. There's no one else I'd rather trust with our care. Are you willing?"
    Drawing in a large breath Sam realized the time had now come for him to make a decision.


    He wasn't quite ready to agree to it 100%. "I am willing," he answered, then clearing his throat, "but we will need to discuss the terms and payment first before I say Yes."
    "Of course!"
    Relief washed over him. "Ok. When's a good time to discuss it?"
    " about this evening? Say six? Besides I need to bring you up to speed on the condition of my pregnancy."
    "I take it you've familiarized yourself with Obstetrics on my behalf Sam?"
    "Oh yes!" He exaggerated.


    "Good," Catarina smiled, "I appreciate that. So six then?"
    "Yes ma'am. See you then."


    That evening Sam arrived at the Vanderburg's right at six, just as the sun had finished going down. He was buzzed in from the gate and made the long trek, from what it seemed, to the front door.


    He expected to be greeted and invited inside by the Butler, but instead it was his Royal Highness Renauld himself. This was surprising.
    "Dr. Beckett," he greeted, inviting him in with a gesture of his hand, "Thank you for coming on such short notice."
    Ok? Sam thought while stepping in. "No problem, sir," he said.
    Renauld closed the door behind Sam and drew in a breath as he approached him. "Dr. Beckett," he addressed again. "I don't mean to be a bother but...I am feeling quite weary as of late."


    "Oh?" Sam inquired, placing his bag down on the floor.
    "It's not because of a medical reason doctor but," he hesitated, "a personal reason."
    Sam's brow furrowed. "I see," he said, folding his arms. "What's the problem?"
    "Well," Renauld began, rubbing the back of his neck, "It's Catarina. She," he paused, "she hasn't...quite been herself since getting pregnant."
    Grinning slightly, Sam said, "Well sir, that's to be expected. With the change in--"
    "No I mean she is really...really...B****y," he cleared his throat, "pardon my French."
    It was extremely difficult for Sam to compose himself at the moment and not burst out laughing.
    "I mean I haven't seen her act like this in...well...ever! I'm exhausted just trying to keep it together around her!"
    Feeling it was appropriate now to chuckle, Sam said, "Like I was trying to say sir, with the sudden change in hormones, especially with a woman of her age, the mood swings are very normal." He cracked a smile thinking back during the time when he leaped into a pregnant teenager. Oh those emotions and cravings...Good times.

    "You just...have to talk with her about it and try to deal with it the best you can," he concluded.
    Renauld nodded. He knew Sam was right. "Yes. Thank you doctor," he said, shaking Sam's hand, "I guess I just needed a reminder and some reassurance."
    "No problem."
    "I'll take you to Catarina," he said, heading for the stairs.
    Renauld stopped on the step, looking back at Sam. "Yes. Didn't she not mention to you that Dr. Al Fahad put her on bed rest?"
    Eyebrows raised, Sam replied, "No, she didn't." Hmm....

    When Sam entered the Vanderburg's bedroom, Catarina greeted him pleasantly from the bed while Renauld closed the door behind him. It was just him and Catarina. Alone. In the Bedroom. Sam wasn't especially comfortable with that, but he was anxious to find out just how this pregnancy was going if Dr. Al Fahad placed Catarina on bed rest.
    "Alright Catarina," he said, pulling up a chair near her bedside and taking a seat. "Suppose you fill me in on everything that's been going on during your pregnancy up until now."
    Catarina let out a big sigh, "There's not much to explain Doctor," she said. "My blood pressure has been higher than normal, it seems like anything I do knocks the wind out of me and during my most recent exam with Dr. Al Fahad, may she rest in peace, she expressed concern over me having an incompetent cervix."
    Nodding and looking thoughtful, Sam said, "Ok."
    "That's the reason she put me on bed rest." She sighed again and raised her palms in the air saying, "So, here I am."
    Sam reached into his bag for the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. "Did she not prescribe you any medication for the incompetency?"
    "No!" Catarina replied, annoyed that Laila never mentioned it, "Now I'm thinking that having your second opinion is just what I needed." She winked.
    Lightly smiling in return, Sam said, "Well, let's take a look and we will go from there."
    "Of course," Catarina agreed, shifting her weight and positioning herself properly on the bed. "I'm all ready for the exam Doctor."
    Sam looked to the left for a second and thought, Ohhh boy.....


    What have I gotten myself into?


    That was an interesting experience, Sam thought as he finished the exam. Obstetrics was certainly not the medical field he ever wanted to get into. He informed Catarina that he concurred with Dr. Al Fahad's diagnosis of her incompetent cervix, but even if that wasn't the case she would still have to be on bed rest due to her high blood pressure, which needed to be monitored regularly. "Joy," Catarina said sarcastically.
    "You and the baby are going to be fine," Sam assured, as he rose from the chair preparing to leave. "I'll be checking in on you weekly now. So, get that prescription filled and if you experience any of those symptoms we talked about please don't hesitate to give me a call."
    "Thank you...Sam," Catarina expressed gratefully.
    "My pleasure," Sam said as he headed for the door. "Take it easy Catarina."
    "Oh Sam," Catarina beckoned, shifting her weight so she could face him. He stopped in the doorway. "Since you'll be working for me now," she began, "how about you see to getting that hair of yours trimmed to how it used to be hmm? I'd hate for our new, personal Physician to look... unprofessional to the public."
    Sam looked away from her, pursing his lips while trying to compose himself. Just as the Grim Reaper said... He knew that if this arrangement was going to work out he needed to put his foot down.

    "Mrs. Vanderburg," he addressed, "Nothing is set in stone yet. (There hadn't been time for that this evening). I am simply doing this out of the kindness of my heart."
    Catarina looked upon him questionably.
    "I may not agree to the terms," he said, placing his hands on the end table by the door and looking her straight in the eye, "but if I do, you'd do well to remember that this arrangement will not in any way make me your servant, nor will I take any orders from you."
    Catarina gaped.
    "You'll be taking orders from ME and I will wear my hair however I d*** well please!"
    Silence permeated the room.
    "Mr. Beckett!" Catarina countered in shock, formalities gone. "No one has ever spoken to me like that! Not even my own husband!"
    Sam knew he had gotten to her. He responded by simply shrugging his shoulders in an "I don't care" sort of way.
    Holding her hand to her heart, Catarina had clearly been offended. But instead of reacting in the way that Sam expected her to, she simply cleared her throat and declared, not meeting his gaze, "Your boldness is admirable Sam." Then she swallowed, as if it were painful to let out these next few words. "I guess if you will be agreeing to our would only seem fair that we agree to yours." Then she slowly glanced back at him with a look of desired approval on her face.
    "That's all I ask," Sam said softly, feeling proud of Catarina. Perhaps there was hope for her yet.


    A week passed and the Summer heat had really begun to rear its ugly head. The temperatures were near 100 in midday and yesterday reached a record breaking temp of 103. It was "abnormal weather for Hidden Springs," the locals lamented, but Sam didn't know anything about that. All he knew was it had been quite a while since he lived in this kind of heat and he made it a point to stay indoors as much as possible.

    On this particular morning, Sam sipped on his coffee as he read a magazine from the kitchen counter. His eyes looked up out the window, as he noticed Evelyn running towards his front door with the morning paper. He smiled and tapped on the window to get her attention. She dropped the paper and looked up with a glistening face, waving at him in the cute little way that she always did while saying, "Hey Sam!" Sam waved in return with a bright smile and soon Evelyn was off, running back towards her bike.


    Watching her for a second, Sam thought, It's a shame that she has to go out and deliver papers in this weather! He took another sip and finished reading the last paragraph of the article.

    As he stepped out the door to grab the newspaper, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Something was lying on the ground right beside the road. The sunlight and heat waves made it hard to see, so Sam rubbed his eyes and peered harder at it. He figured it was a deer that got hit by a car...again, but...when he saw Evelyn's bike still resting in the same spot she parked it at and...the figure not too far from it...he realized...

    "EVELYN!!" he shouted and made a mad dash toward her.


    To be continued...

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    Hour by Hour

    Sam slid to the ground toward Evelyn's lifeless body like a baseball player diving to reach the home plate. "Evelyn?" he whispered nervously, hastily examining her body for any signs of blunt force or broken bones. When he didn't see any he was assured he could move her to safety, but first he checked her pulse. It was beating rapidly and with her clammy skin, he knew right away that she was suffering from heat exhaustion and he had to act fast before the situation got any worse. Carefully he lifted her up from the ground and heard her moan as he moved at an incredibly fast pace towards the house.

    "Sam?" Evelyn addressed weakly, waking from the force as he kicked open the front door.
    "You're gonna be alright Evelyn," Sam said, making his way toward the guest room. "I'll take care of you."

    He set her down on the bed and placed his hand over her pale forehead. It was burning. "We've gotta get you cooled down," he said while removing her shoes, socks and then moving on to her pants.
    "Sam! What are you doing!?" Evelyn cried out, trying to cover herself.
    "It's ok," Sam assured, "you passed out from heat exhaustion and I need to get your clothes off to cool you down."
    Still Evelyn hesitated and the disorientation didn't help with her trust.
    "Trust me," Sam said, recognizing her uneasiness, "I'm a doctor. I know what I'm doing."
    "You're a doctor?" she asked. That was comforting to know.
    "You never told me that," she said, allowing him to pull her shirt up over her head, removing it.
    "Well," Sam began, standing up from the bed. "I'm more of a Scientist. Anyway," he turned for the door, "you lie still while I get some water."

    He returned within a minute, carrying a wet rag and a water bottle with a straw. He encouraged Evelyn to drink as much as she could in a careful manner so as not to risk vomiting. While she sipped he dabbed her forehead and wiped down her body with the cold cloth. Before too long, she began to feel freezing and after checking her temperature and seeing it drop to a normal level, Sam pulled the covers up over her. He let out a big sigh of relief. She was going to be ok.

    Soon Evelyn drifted off to sleep and Sam took that time to make an important phone call.


    "Mrs. Kwon?"
    "Oh please!" came the reply, "Call me Naomi. I don't go by that name anymore."
    Ok... "Naomi, this is Sam Beckett..."


    After describing the events of that morning involving her daughter, Evelyn's mom's heart pounded as she expressed deep gratitude to Sam for pretty much saving her daughter's life.

    "It was no problem at all," Sam expressed, "I'm thankful I got to her when I did! She's resting at the moment, but are you able to come and pick her up or should I bring her to you?"
    "Well," Naomi began, "she's supposed to be at school so I'll have to call and excuse her."
    "And there's a little bit of a problem Mr. Beckett..."
    "I'm just about to head off to work and Evelyn's father is working as well so," she hesitated to ask, "would you be able to care for her until her father gets off work and can pick her up? I hate to burden you like that but...," she exhaled, "I'm afraid we don't have any other choice at the moment. I do apologize..."
    Sam glanced at his watch while saying, "It's no problem, I understand," then he asked, "when does your hus-," he stopped himself, "EX-husband get off work?"
    "At three."
    Work began for Sam in about an hour. I'll call and take the day off. I won't bother mentioning that to Evelyn's mom. "Ok," he told Naomi. "We'll be here. My address is........and don't worry, I'll take good care of her."
    "I don't doubt it," Naomi said, gratefully. "Thank you SO much Mr. Beckett! Evelyn's always had just the nicest things to say about you," she paused, "I'm glad they're true."
    Blushing, Sam said, "Well...she's a really good kid herself Miss Naomi."


    Every half hour or so Sam would go back into the guest room and check up on Evelyn, encouraging her to drink more if she were awake and keeping a close eye on her vital signs.

    During one visit to the room, Evelyn asked Sam, "What happened to me?"
    He tried to explain it all in a way that a child would understand and concluded with, "That's why on hot days like this, it's very very important that you pack along plenty of water bottles and keep yourself hydrated. Wear a hat too. Can you remember to do that for me next time?"


    Evelyn nodded. "I promise."
    Sam patted her back with a smile. "Good."
    Then Evelyn yawned. "Goodness," she exclaimed, "Why am I so tired?" She slumped back down into the pillow and pulled the covers up to her neck.
    Unable to hold back a chuckle at how cute her remark was, Sam replied, "It's just your body's way of saying it's been through a lot and needs sleep to recover." Gently, he rubbed her shoulder.


    "Uh huh," Evelyn muttered, eyes staying closed. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so comfortable or this safe. "Thanks for...taking care...of me Sam."
    With a big grin, Sam responded while stroking her hair, "It's my pleasure kid."
    " you."
    The expression was unexpected, but warmed his heart nonetheless. Oh the innocence, kindness and love of a child! Without hesitation he leaned over and gently kissed Evelyn's forehead whispering in return, "I love you too kid."



    Three o'clock rolled around and Sam sat patiently in his living room, skimming through a magazine, while waiting for Evelyn's dad to arrive. In the other room, Evelyn was getting herself dressed and ready to leave.

    3:30 pm

    Still no sign of her father. "Is he still coming?" Evelyn asked Sam from the couch, watching cartoons.
    Sam had been pacing in the foyer. "He should be," he answered her. "Maybe I better call your mom just to make sure he understood where to come and get you." He stepped into the kitchen and reached for the phone.

    ring...ring...ring...ring...ring... No answer.


    Sam didn't feel like leaving a message yet so he tried again.

    ring...ring...ring...ring...ring...Hi this is Naomi, I can't come to my phone right now. Please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! BEEP!

    "Hello Naomi, this is Sam Beckett. Uh...I'm never good with these blasted answering's almost 3:40 and your ex-husband hasn't arrived to pick up Evelyn. She's doing well. Please give me a call back as soon as you can. 555-867-5309. I'd appreciate it. Bye."


    5:00 pm

    A crestfallen Evelyn tried to accept the comfort and reassurance from her friend Sam when her father still hadn't arrived and there was no call back from her mother. "I TOLD you they don't care about me!" she cried, burying her face into Sam's chest.
    "Now, now," Sam consoled, "don't you go believing that for one second!" He held her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. "Something came up with your father, I am sure of it. And your mom is still working. I can assure you she will call me back when she's done. Do you know what time she gets off?"
    Wiping her nose with the back of her hand, Evelyn replied, "Nine o'clock. I'm usually in bed before then."
    Oh boy...
    Now the alligator tears started falling. "Is it ok if I stay here with you tonight Sam?" she wailed hopelessly.
    Pulling her in closer to him, Sam responded, "Yes Evelyn. Yes." Tenderly he shh'd her. "It's going to be ok."
    I hope...


    8:00 pm

    Evelyn stated earlier that she was going to stay up and wait for her mom to call back, but it was apparent that she was exhausted. Physically and emotionally. It was becoming difficult to keep her eyes open and despite taking in plenty of fluids and having a nice evening meal, her face grew pale once again. Sam got her back into bed, dabbed her forehead with a wet cloth and continued assuring her that her parents did not forget about her. "You need to get some rest now alright," he concluded, tucking her in. "Everything will be figured out in the morning."
    Standing up and heading for the door, Sam turned and said, "Goodnight Evelyn," just as he was about to flip the light switch.
    "Sam wait!" Evelyn called, sitting herself up a little.


    "Will you read me a bedtime story?"

    Sam cracked a smile. He couldn't remember the last time he read a bedtime story to a kid. "Uh," he began, "I don't know if you'll like any of my books. They're kind of...advanced."
    Evelyn shrugged. "I don't mind."
    "Ok," Sam accepted, heading for his bookshelf. He tried to find something that might interest her...Ah ha! A book about Unicorns! I forgot I had this...


    Evelyn paid attention to the story for about ten minutes and then she drifted off to sleep.


    9:12 pm

    Sam had fallen asleep on the bench in the foyer when he was awoken by the phone ringing in the kitchen. He jumped up, rubbing at the ache in his neck and answered the phone. "Hello?"
    "Mr. Beckett?" It was Naomi. "Oh my gosh I am SO sorry!"
    Sam didn't feel like saying anything so he just let her continue.
    "I got your message and in fury I called my Ex and...I haven't been able to reach him."
    Sighing, Sam said, "You don't sound too concerned."
    "Well," she began, "that's because I know he's gone Mr. Beckett."
    "Yes. He mentioned a few times that after the divorce was final he would be moving. I should've known he wouldn't have the decency to tell me when before trusting the kids to HIS care while I was working!" She stopped, releasing a deep breath. "I'm sure of it Mr. Beckett...he's gone."
    Sam lowered his eyes in sorrow for this poor mother. For Evelyn. "I'm sorry to hear that Naomi," he simply said.
    "Please Mr. Beckett, don't apologize," Naomi insisted, "You've done a great service to me and my Evelyn today. For that I will be eternally grateful. Is she alright?"
    "Yes. She went to sleep about an hour ago."
    "Oh dear...I'd hate to wake her. Will she be alright with you until I can pick her up in the morning. I'll be there first thing!"
    "Yes...that's fine."
    "Really!?" she asked in relief. "Oh Mr. Beckett thank you!"
    " me Sam."
    "Sam. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart."
    "I'm happy to help."
    There was a sniff on the other end.
    "You get some rest now yourself," Sam suggested, "and I'll see you here in the morning. Seven o'clock?"
    "Yes! Perfect."
    "You still have my address?"
    "Great. Have a good night Naomi."
    "Goodnight Sam."


    6:30 am

    The next morning, Sam exited his room to hear that the TV was on. Evelyn was happily sitting on the couch in front of it, kicking her legs up and down. Sam smiled as he approached her.

    "Well," he addressed, "You appear to be feeling much better."


    "Yup!" Evelyn replied. "You were right...I really DID need the sleep."
    Sam chuckled.
    "You heard back from my mom right?"
    "Yes! She'll be here in a half hour actually."

    True to her word, Evelyn's mother arrived right at seven and Sam witnessed the happiest reunion between a mother and a child that he'd seen in a long time. Naomi insisted that Sam take the money she offered him, but he assured her it wasn't necessary. Holding her hand to her heart, Naomi said with glistening eyes, "You were an angel sent from above yesterday to help us just when we needed it. God bless you!"
    Sam smiled and nodded in thanks. It was hard not to get emotional himself.

    As he watched the two drive off he remembered that this is exactly why he enjoyed leaping...why he knew that deep down he would miss it if he ever made it home. This was his calling in help others. To serve others. To make right what once went wrong. To add a little sunshine into the world. There was no other way to find true joy. Ever.


    Hope you enjoyed this Sam update. More to come later.
    Thank you so much for reading! <3
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    Hey @Knippybunny I'm tagging you because you asked me where to find my other story... well, here it is. ;) ^^^

    I hope you enjoy it as much as the Holland Family Story. :) Similar main character.

    Hope life is going well for you. <3
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    Alrighty everyone here is my Sam update! :) (Finally!)
    Keep in mind that these pics were taken BEFORE I installed SEASONS again seasonal fun for Sam just yet. ;)

    As days go by

    Life continued rolling along for Sam at an incredibly fast pace, which became the norm anymore these days the older he got. He was pretty sure that this place, Hidden Springs, was his final leap. Two years he'd spent in this mysterious world...most likely located in another galaxy than Earth. It still pained him to think that Ziggy might never locate him and that he'd never see Al again. It sure didn't help that there hadn't been anymore dreams of Al speaking to him, giving him an update on what was going on back at the Project in getting him home. And that mysterious woman? It was especially frustrating to realize he might never find out who she is. After months of pondering on it he figured she had to be either a good friend, a fellow scientist, a girlfriend or...he shuddered to think...his wife. Please don't let her be my wife! Oh what I have put her through! While tending to his garden one day he scratched his head and thought that maybe he remembered falling in love with someone in his memories and...


    ...possibly he saw a woman in a gorgeous white dress, wearing a veil and they exchanged rings, but he just didn't KNOW! It was horribly frustrating! It was something that he had to immediately shove out of his mind when it appeared and not think about it or it drove him crazy...and made him feel great remorse.

    Oh God, PLEASE help Ziggy and Al find a way to get to me SOON!

    He constantly hung on to the hope that Al last gave to him (even though it was garbled): Ziggy thinks...can...get me to...hold on Sam... It meant he and Ziggy were close to pinpointing his location and even if there would be hiccups along the way, which was quite obvious after all this time, knowing Al, he'd never give up on finding him! Never.

    While going back to tending his garden he smiled thinking about everything that had happened the past few months. Even if Al was never able to find him he could honestly admit he was pleased with his life here in Hidden Springs and got kind of...choked up thinking about leaving.

    *****The Past*****

    It had been a joy and a relief to find out that Evelyn's Mom found a better paying job that had her off in the evenings to be with Evelyn and her baby brother. Sometimes Sam would invite Evelyn in for a little snack before she'd head back out on her paper route and the way she described everything, it sounded like their family was doing just fine and were more happier than ever without her father in their life.


    "Yup," Evelyn said, in between chews, "last my mom heard, he was getting married to some other lady."
    "Oh Evelyn," Sam frowned while saying, "I am so sorry."
    "Don't be! He obviously wasn't happy with us and neither were we with him. Now, we're all happy. It's good."
    Sam smiled. It was good.

    "Man, these cookies are delicious!" he exclaimed. "I surprise myself."


    Giggling, Evelyn responded, "They really are! You crack me up Sam!"


    It's time, Sam thought with a sigh as he dialed Liam O'Dourke's number. He asked Liam to meet him at one of the parks a little ways out of town.

    It was a calm, sunny day. Not too hot, the perfect day to be outside and with the flowers blooming the beauty of it all was quite therapeutic for Sam.


    He basked in it until Liam showed up.

    "What's up boss?" Liam asked as he approached Sam.
    Smiling, Sam gave his buddy a quick hug and replied, "Oh...nothing much. How are you doing?"
    "Well," Liam began as they stepped back from each other, "I was doing pretty well until you called and asked me to meet you here in this," he looked around, "inconspicuous part of town..."
    "Oh!" Sam laughed. He understood what was troubling Liam, especially when he addressed him as "Boss." "Sorry! I didn't mean to freak you out."


    "You're not being disciplined or losing your job if that's what's worrying you," Sam continued.
    Liam inadvertently held his hand to his heart. "Yeah...that was it."
    "Relax," Sam said, patting his shoulder, "however...this does have to do with work. With me."
    Liam looked upon him curiously.

    "You know Science is my passion," Sam began, "it always has been. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd get to where I am today (Seriously!) thanks to Science, but...all the 'Mad Scientist' jokes I've been getting from everyone, the constant calls from other Scientists asking for my opinion on their breakthroughs, the leadership responsibilities..."


    "...I'm just...not finding Joy in it anymore Liam."


    Liam's brow furrowed. "What are you saying Sam?"
    Sam took a step back with a sigh. "I'm not even sure what I'm saying..."


    Truthfully, he didn't. He was just about to give up his greatest passion...his biggest dream, but Science wasn't the same here like it was back where he came from. That justified being able to do what he was about to do.

    "I guess what I'm saying is," he continued to Liam, "I can't do it anymore. It's no longer the right path for me."


    "So?" Liam urged.
    "I'm quitting," Sam finally admitted. "Time to begin a new chapter in my life."
    Liam didn't gape in surprise like Sam expected him to. Instead, he cracked a smile and said, "Well, if that's what you feel like you need to do then I support you."
    Sam beamed in return.
    "Besides I've seen the way your eyes have lit up, telling me all those stories of how you've helped people with your doctoring." He winked.
    "It has been a pleasure," Sam said, "It's been much more fulfilling to me."
    "Then that's what you should do!"


    Sam nodded in agreement. "Thank you for understanding Liam," he expressed, "You're a good friend and...I have one more thing I need to do before I go."
    Liam raised an eyebrow at him.
    "And that is to promote you to 'Mad Scientist' again," Sam said with a bright grin.
    It was obvious that Liam wanted to jump for joy, but instead he composed himself and said, "That's awesome! Thank you Sam. I'll do my best to follow in your footsteps."


    "You don't have to," Sam assured him with a pat on the back. "Just be yourself. Lead the way like you did before. You were great at it and will continue to be!"


    Liam held his hand out to shake Sam's and held it tightly with the other. "Thank you again Sam. I wish you all the best in this next chapter of your life."
    Sam nodded at him appreciatively.
    "I still wanna hear those stories of yours alright?"
    "Of course!"


    Sam wasn't about ready to jump into the medical career just yet. He had tons of money (they called it Simoleons here) saved up that would get him by for a few months. He decided to take a much needed break from working and focus on creating the garden he always wanted. It was really starting to flourish.


    Plus with the pay he was getting from the Vanderburg's for being their personal Physician (Catarina's baby was due any day now!) and the little bit that Emma Simself was paying him for Piano lessons he was doing pretty well for himself without actually having a 9 to 5 job.

    Emma Simself. She sure was a joy to be around. A girl who wasn't afraid to be herself and there was never a dull moment with her. Their friendship continued to grow, especially now that they were doing duets together at public events. Not on the piano, but with their voices.

    One day while they were practicing together...


    Emma took in a deep breath after finishing that last note and turned to look at Sam, whose face expression hadn't changed.
    "Is that seriously how your face looks when you hit that note?" she asked him with a chuckle.
    "I guess so," Sam replied in a mumble, freezing his face expression to be amusing.
    Emma laughed out loud.


    "And if we are," Sam sang, then trailed off, "oh shoot...what's the next word?"


    "Enduring," Emma replied, trying hard not to laugh.
    "Oh right! And if we are enduring to the end..."


    "Man," Sam whispered as they concluded the song. "That was beautiful Emma! I've missed doing this."


    "I have too Sam. It's been way too long since I've sang as well..."


    "DR. BECKETT!" came the cry on the phone, "Her Highness Catarina is going into labor. We need you here NOW!"
    "On my way!" Sam declared, but FIRST he had to make a call to the Hospital while he was on his way over.


    Catarina sat up on her bed, doing the typical labor breathing techniques with Sam by her side. Her water had just broken moments earlier. She'd given birth naturally twice before now, but this time around the pain she was experiencing was more pains of doubt. It was obvious to Sam why she asked Renauld to leave the room. The poor man sadly slouched on his way out.

    "I can' this!" Catarina expressed breathlessly to Sam, "It's not...Renauld's baby. I've betrayed him! He'll...find out the truth...eventually." She cried out in pain as another contraction came on.
    Sam gently hushed her and said, "Now's not the time to--"
    "NO!" Catarina yelled, "I wanna talk about this NOW!"
    Sam's eyes widened, complying with her wish.
    Once the contraction subsided, it wouldn't be long until the next one would come so Catarina had to talk fast. "Sam," she addressed, "what would you do if you were me?"
    "Tell the truth," he didn't hesitate to answer since that's what he wanted to say earlier.
    "And risk him leaving me!? Cause another rift in the family? No way!" The next contraction came much earlier than expected. She winced, trying to hold back from screaming in agony.
    Sam realized that this was the moment that Catarina needed HIM to reassure her. Gently placing his hand on her back he said, "Catarina you are one of the strongest women I have ever met! You CAN do this! You once told me that you felt this baby would bring your family back together...mend the rift."


    Catarina huffed as she continued to listen.
    "How can that happen if it doesn't start with honesty? Show your husband and your son and estranged daughter that you are willing to admit your mistakes and accept the consequences. Show them that you have a heart...that you are in need of THEIR forgiveness now. Break out of this royal, self-absorbed shell you've got going on..."
    Catarina shot a fiery, insulted look at him, but it didn't last long because she knew he was right.
    "...and do what you know you need to do to save your family."
    Their eyes locked for a few moments, as various emotions passed between them.

    Then Catarina cried out in more misery than before. "Oh GOSH I think the baby is coming!"
    Sam darted towards the end of the bed where Catarina's legs were spread open and said in his mind, Oh boy...I'm gonna deliver a baby! "The head is crowning," he informed Catarina, getting himself into position. "I'm gonna need you to start pushing now."


    The pushing went on for several minutes and there was difficulty getting the baby's shoulders to come out. The child's face was turning more blue and Sam could sense it was in distress. He was going to ask Catarina to give one more big push before he called in the EMT's that he summoned earlier, waiting outside the bedroom door.
    "One more BIG push Catarina!" He urged her.
    "Oh GOSH Sam I can't! I can't!"
    "Yes you can! Put all your energy into it. GO!"
    The scream was louder and more blood-curdling than Sam had ever before heard.


    And just like that, the shoulders came through and the baby slid right out. Catarina fell back onto the bed, breathing deeply in relief as Sam cut the umbilical cord.
    "It's a girl," he told her with a smile. He remembered the importance of bringing the baby right up to the mom's chest in this moment and he did so.
    Catarina looked upon her new daughter with a love in her eyes that Sam had never seen in them before. As he watched her tenderly kiss her baby he knew, and could feel, that Catarina certainly DID have a heart and would do the right thing for her family.
    "She's so beautiful," she whispered to Sam, looking up at him.
    "That she is," Sam agreed. Then he headed for the door and opened it.
    "Where are you going?"

    When the two EMT's came in, Catarina held her baby closer to her chest. "Why are they here?" she asked Sam in displeasure.
    "Relax," Sam soothed, coming to her. "They're here to help me look the baby over and make sure everything is ok."
    Catarina hesitated for a moment, but then held her child out to Sam. As he took the baby over to the EMT's, she wanted to chide him for involving people from the Hospital against her wishes, but...knowing Sam...she knew he did it for safety reasons and if something had gone terribly wrong, especially with Sam lacking Obstetrician experience...she shuddered to think. His decision to be prepared, she was eternally grateful for. Somehow or other she would repay the debt.


    To be continued...
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    As days go by

    Meanwhile...back on Earth.

    Al Calavicci did his best to explain the situation to one of the Project's top observers.


    "This isn't easy for me to tell you," he began, "but in conclusion, Ziggy feels that something unexplained happened during Sam's leap when he finished talking with Beth (Al's wife) that sent him into another galaxy...another world."
    The woman's eyes widened in disbelief.
    "You know that if a super computer such as Ziggy can't explain something," Al continued, "then the only logical explanation is...God sent Sam to this other world for a purpose only known to Him."
    "God?" the woman asked faltering, "He wouldn't do this to me!"
    Al looked down, unable to meet the stare of her watery eyes, but...she had to know the truth. "I'm so sorry," he said with a choke, "but...Ziggy also said there is a 98% chance he," he had to meet her gaze with this one, "Sam...won't return home. It's not...possible."
    The woman buried her face in one hand, hiding the tears.
    Al went to place a hand on her shoulder, but she stepped back. He tried to help the situation by adding, "However, on the bright side, Ziggy has found a way for me to reach him. Maybe I could--"
    "That's GREAT Al!" The woman said sarcastically and turned for the stairs.

    "Hey!" Al called after her.
    She stopped at the foot of the stairs.


    "This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life...telling you this," Al declared with great emotion. "And I've been to H*** and back!"
    The woman covered her face again.
    "I am truly, truly sorry D--"
    "I know," she interrupted once again, "Thank you Al." She met his gaze with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Thank you for everything." And with that, she left the room.

    (This song is appropriate in this moment... :cry: )

    *******Present Day: Hidden Springs********

    Sam continued to muse about the past while tending to his garden.

    ******The Past******

    There was one place in town everyone raved about: The Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters. In fact, many people moved to Hidden Springs just for it's professed healing powers. Sam didn't believe it one bit. It's wasn't Scientifically possible was his belief, but only possible through an act of God. Still, his curiosity got the best of him so one day he decided to visit the place. There was an indoor and outdoor pool, he chose the one indoors. There was a giant skylight above it. Very nice, he thought.

    When he jumped into the water it was chilly to the touch, naturally, but even after several minutes of swimming around in it, he didn't feel any different. He had a headache before coming and didn't take anything for it to see if the waters really would heal him of it. Of course not. "Hey!" he heard a voice in the water address from behind him.


    Sam swerved to the side to see the man in the black cap, of course NOT wearing the cap, Craven Lestat, coming towards him. "Word on the street," Craven addressed, "is that you are a Genius."
    Sam's eyebrows raised. "Is that so?"
    "Very much so," Craven responded and paused for a moment. "I am curious though...can a Genius be a Genius at holding his breath under water for a LONG period of time?"
    Sam wasn't sure what he was getting at here. "Well," he started, "that depends on how long. You see with human physiology--"
    "I challenge you to a "Holding Breath" Contest. You up for it?"
    Cracking a smile Sam replied, "You're on!"
    A few onlookers in the pool and out watched as the two immersed themselves in the water.

    (Oh gosh, look at Sam's sexy wet hair appearance! :love: *clears throat* Ok moving on...)

    Craven and Sam were down there for so long that some people began to worry. One even started to get out of the water to call 911. But she turned from the pool stair upon hearing water shooting up. Craven was afloat again, gasping for air.


    "Is he alright!?" the woman cried out to Craven, in regards to Sam.
    "Of course he is!" Craven said annoyingly. "The Bugger!" He fixed his eyes on Sam until he came back up...ten more seconds later.
    Upon seeing Craven already up from below, Sam lifted a fist in the air and cried, "Woo Hoo!"


    Craven dealt with it like a good sport. He patted Sam's back. "I guess Genius's really are the best at everything."
    "Nah," Sam countered, patting his back in return. "You did great. Better than most."

    For fun an onlooker challenged Sam to the same game, while Craven challenged someone else.


    Unfortunately the onlooker lost to Sam as well. Gosh, I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid! Sam thought. He decided to leave the small, indoor pool and try out the larger one outside, to see if IT had any better healing "powers," but all that breath holding took a lot out of him. he rested on a lounge chair and ended up falling asleep.

    (Oh my gosh he looks SO adorable here! :kissing_heart: )

    When he woke, his headache was still present and more throbbing than before. Yeah, these 'healing waters' are a joke...
    Then again...what if all that breath holding was the problem?


    It was one of the most magical moments, next to seeing a Unicorn, when Sam discovered the fabled Fountain of Youth. It was as if everything that wasn't real on Earth was real here and it was fantastic!


    As he took a generous sip of the crystal clear water, it was cold and refreshing and...tasted better than any bottled water he ever drank! It was strange, but he could feel the coolness swimming through his veins. The color of his skin seemed a tad bit lighter and he could've sworn a couple of moles disappeared from his arms. Did he really just become a few days younger!?


    The follow up visit with Catarina and her new daughter, named Rebecca, resulted in mom and baby doing just fine. Sam was thankful.

    "Oh Sam," Catarina called out to him as he was preparing to leave. "There's something I wish to ask of you."
    Sam hesitated to turn and face her, she just had that tone in her voice. Oh boy...


    Sam felt like a teenage boy again while driving to the "meet up" location...and not in a good way! Catarina had insisted that Sam get to know her previously estranged daughter Francisca and...take her out to dinner. She called it her "gift" in return for his excellent care while she was in labor. Sam rolled his eyes as he gripped the steering wheel harder. It was obvious that Catarina was trying to hook him up with her very single daughter since he was very single himself. He didn't care for blind dates, but at least he could somewhat remember what Francisca looked like from the pictures he'd seen around the mansion. Catarina informed him that Francisca would be expecting him to arrive and "to please not to let her down." As he arrived at the park and put the car in gear, he glanced out to see a woman playing guitar and many people watching her. Oh boy... he thought, here goes nothing.

    While approaching the crowd he began to feel embarrassed as he scoped out the ladies. None of them looked like Francisca. How am I EVER going to figure out which one is her!? Then his eyes fixed upon the guitar player. The woman had short, black crimped hair and wore glasses. Sam remembered Francisca wearing glasses in the pictures...could this be her? He inched closer, thankful to the Lord that she was playing guitar so it wouldn't look ridiculous with him studying her.

    The woman, noticed him from the corner of her eye. "Sam Beckett," she addressed.
    Sam froze on the spot.
    "Come. Play with me."
    Interesting that his Bass just happened to be in the trunk of his car. "Alright," he responded, turning around to go get it. It's gotta be her!
    When he returned he discovered that she was quite the guitar player. They jammed for a good ten minutes.


    The crowd dispersed, leaving the park and soon it was just him and...Francisca? As she put her guitar away in the case, Sam propped his Bass up against one of the picnic tables. The awkward silence was very disconcerting. As the woman stood up and turned to face him, her facial features were very much like Catarina's. She held out her hand. "Pleased to finally meet you Sam Beckett," she said, "you're a very talented musician."


    Sam shook her hand and returned the compliment. "And you are as well...Francisca?"
    She chuckled. "Yes, it's me," she replied. "I'm so sorry my mother put you up to this."


    Hearing that made Sam feel a bit more comfortable. "Oh it's," he started, "not a problem." He wasn't sure what else to say.
    "I'm used to her setting me up with men," Francisca said, "she's been doing it since I was a teenager. All she cares about is marrying me and my brother off so we can give her grandchildren to further carry on the Vanderburg name. That pressure is the reason why I left so many years ago."
    Sam pursed his lips and thought, Ok...then.
    "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel awkward there!" Her cheeks turned bright red as she scratched at the back of her head.
    "It's alright," Sam assured, "Your mother can be a very," he paused, trying to find the right word, "persistent woman."
    The two chuckled.

    "Well," Sam said, clasping his hands together and rocking on his heels. "I guess we should just humor her for a little bit and...head out to dinner?"
    "Of course," Francisca said with a smile. Her smile was quite captivating. It added more beauty to her face.
    "Shall we?" Sam asked, holding out his arm for her to take. "Where would you like to go?"
    "The Diner if that's alright?" she answered as they headed towards Sam's car.
    "Perfect! I love it there."

    They carried on a pleasant conversation during the drive over...


    ...and got to know each other better at dinner. They were having such an enjoyable time that Sam invited her over to his place for a movie. It wasn't long until he realized that wasn't the best idea, even when Francisca wasn't making any advances.

    When the movie ended, they started saying goodbye near the door when Francisca said, "I had such an enjoyable time with you tonight Sam." Then she chuckled, "you're honestly the best man my mother has ever set me up with."
    Sam blushed. He was flattered, but for some reason felt uneasy. Perhaps it was the thought of being a part of the Vanderburg family if the two of them were meant to be. Doubtful. He composed himself and said, "I had an enjoyable time with you too Francisca."
    the eldest Vanderburg child was no dummy. "I was going to suggest we do it again, but," she stopped, studying Sam's face, "I sense the thought makes you feel uncomfortable?"
    "It's ok, really. I understand." She let out a breath. "Perhaps we should see each other as friends? Very casually?"
    "Yeeeah," Sam said, looking away. "Friends would be best."

    (He's looking at me like, Thank you for that Goddess of the Sim World! :lol: )


    It was the night of their grand performance at the theater and Emma called Sam just as he was about to jump into the shower.


    "Oh my gosh Sam! I'm SO nervous!" Emma cried. "I dunno if I can do this!"
    "You'll do just fine," Sam assured. "Really. Once you step out onto that stage and the spotlight's on you and the audience is smiling, you'll feel like you can take on the world!"


    "I know!" Emma agreed, "I've had that feeling before,'s been SO long!"
    " won't be alone. I'll be there with you."


    Emma sighed in relief. "I know...I'm so thankful for that."
    "We're going to be great!"
    "Yes! Thanks Sam."


    And great they were! The audience gave them a standing ovation and even asked for an encore! In that moment Sam and Emma stared at each other dumbfoundedly and decided to just wing it. It was a thrill!

    After the performance the two decided to celebrate over at Lars' Disco Tech. The place was hoppin'!



    When Emma excused herself to go to the restroom, Sam rocked out on his own in the middle of the dance floor when his eyes happened upon a stunningly beautiful woman.


    Sam never remembered seeing her before! Was she new in town? She had to be. He couldn't figure out why he was so taken by her...maybe it was the way her hips swayed to the music, or the smile she shot towards him. Either way, he was drawn to her. He found his body moving itself in her direction, somewhat out of his control.


    Their faces were incredibly close as he stopped and they gazed into each others eyes for a moment that felt like eternity.
    "Hey," Sam finally greeted.
    "Hi," the woman said.
    He held out his hand, not taking his eyes off her. "Sam Beckett."


    She shook his hand in return. "Donna Ellsworth."
    Donna. What a beautiful name!
    Donna chuckled at his continued staring. "Would you like to dance?" she asked him.
    Still fixed upon her Sam answered, "Absolutely!"
    It wasn't long before they were swaying and dancing to and fro with the music.


    Gosh! Sam cried out in his mind. Why can't I just take my eyes off her!? She's so incredibly BEAUTIFUL! Like...I know her from somewhere, could I? We've only just met.



    It was at this moment that Emma returned to the dance floor looking for Sam. When she found him dancing with that woman, her face fell and she decided to leave.

    Donna couldn't help but notice Emma's abrupt departure. "Isn't that your date that just went out the door?" she asked Sam.
    Getting kicked out of his thoughts Sam squeezed his eyes shut and then looked toward the front doors. "Oh...she's not my date," he said, "we're just friends." He had every intention of running after Emma, but he turned to Donna again and said, "I'd love to get together sometime. What's your number? You can just tell me, I have photographic memory."
    Blushing, Donna replied, "555-867-1234."
    Sam repeated it in a whisper and said, "Great! Thanks!" As he ran to catch Emma, he had to take one last look at the mesmerizing woman before exiting.


    ********Present Day*********

    With his garden all tended to, Sam dusted the dark dirt off his pants and planned to give Donna a call that evening and ask her out. It had been long enough since his last serious relationship...perhaps his longing to see Donna again was a sign from God that she was meant to be the woman for him.

    The gardening left him feeling exhausted so he decided to take a little power nap on the bench in the foyer.


    In a matter of minutes he began falling into a deep sleep. Then...waves of light from a strange energy source began to surround him.


    He heard a woman's voice call out to him. He recognized it as the mysterious woman's voice in his dreams previously!


    To be continued...

    Sorry to leave you all hanging like that but it's super late again. ;)

    **Are any of you Quantum Leap fans seriously FREAKING OUT right now while reading this!?** :smiley:

    ***I in no way mean that to be vain, but...if someone else had written this and me being the avid QL fan that I am I would SO be FREAKING OUT with excitement and curiosity over what's happening!!!!!*** :grin:

    ****(4/18/18) Please Note that all these chapters have been greatly improved upon on my Blog :) So if anything sounds off or doesn't flow right, check it out on my blog and see if it's different. :p Thank you as always for reading and following. <3
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    The Ultimate Reveal

    Sam? The woman’s voice asked again.
    Yes? Sam answered within the dream. Who are you?
    Oh Sam! I can actually HEAR your voice! She sniffed. Oh it’s been SO long!
    Who ARE you!?
    You still don’t remember? There was a rustling sound. I don’t have much time before they find me or Ziggy tells them what I’m doing…
    Ziggy? You’re from the Project? This isn’t a dream?
    No…No honey it’s not! I’m speaking to you through a telepathy device. It’s a hard one to explain…
    Then Sam heard more stirring and also what sounded like…an alarm, faintly going off in the background.
    They’re coming for me! She panicked. Sam listen…Al’s coming to see you. I couldn’t send him to relay this message. I had to tell you myself and…to help you remember.
    Yes, Sam! It’s me…Donna.
    Sam could feel his jaw drop. Donna!? he cried questionably. As in…
    YES Sam! Donna Eleese! Your— she hesitated with a gulp.
    My first love who left me at the altar…what are you doing over there?
    No Sam! You remember me leaving you at the altar, but after one of your Leaps with my younger self you changed all that! You honestly DON’T remember that? Oh Sam…

    Sam’s mind started running a million miles a minute, thinking this newfound information through. So, if I changed history than…you DIDN’T leave me at the altar?
    No my love, Donna breathed in relief.
    So you’re…he began, perspiration forming on his brow along with his heart thumping. My…wife! He gulped. You have been this WHOLE time!?
    Since one of your very first leaps, yes, Donna replied.
    Tears streamed down Sam’s cheeks, Oh Donna! My one true love! I didn’t know…I didn’t mean to put you through all this!? Why didn’t you–?”
    Hey! What are you doing!? A man yelled at Donna.
    Just give me a few more seconds Gushie ok!? Then she whispered, Sam, I have to go. I couldn’t say Goodbye knowing that’d you’d never remember me!
    Goodbye!? Sam cried. What do you mean goodbye!?
    The situation is grim Sam, Al will fill you in.
    No! Donna don’t go!
    Sam…No matter what happens, just remember that I want you to be HAPPY ok! To move on. That’s all I want for you. It’s going to be alright!
    What are you telling him!? Gushie cried. Oh you didn’t— NO! Harsh footsteps sounded.
    I’ll be ok Sam! Donna promised, then there were sounds of a struggle. Let GO of me!!! Her voice faded as she sobbed, Sam I love you! I LOVE YOU!
    I, Sam choked, I love you too!
    Now there was a deathly silence.

    Head throbbing with pain, mostly a result from the currant of emotions, but also from the telepathy, Sam shot up from the bench hyperventilating. The tears wouldn’t stop falling, his heart wouldn’t stop pounding, everything in sight became blurry. His stomach churned at this new knowledge of his past and everything started coming back up. He made it to the bathroom just in time.


    When it was over, he fell onto the cold, tile floor, on his back, and continued to sob uncontrollably. "My Donna!" he cried. "Why? WHY!?" The question was obviously directed at God. He swiveled himself over into the fetal position, feeling like his whole world was tumbling down upon him. "AL!" he shouted this time, "I need you Al!" He rocked himself, trying to calm his nerves. "Al..." but he had no more strength to speak. The tears subsided and his breathing slowed as he passed out.


    “There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”
    – Richard Buckminster Fuller

    I am predicting a 95.5% chance of severe emotional distress after Donna's revelation, Ziggy informed Al in the Imaging Chamber.
    Rolling his eyes because of the sheer obviousness of that statement, Al said, "Thank you Ziggy. We don't have time for anymore tests." He stepped away from the controls and, with the handlink in hand, stood in the middle of the room and ordered, "Center me on Sam's position NOW!"

    Waves of light circled around Al as the image of himself began to teleport into the unknown...


    Al felt like he had been put under anesthesia. His eyes were closed, but he could hear a plethora of sounds and felt disoriented. In what seemed like a single minute, his eyes opened as the waves of light disappeared. Noticing for a moment that somehow his wardrobe had changed, he forgot it completely when he gaped at the scenery around him. "**," he said breathlessly.


    "Is this really the place?" he asked no one. The sky, trees, grass, bushes and flowers were bright in color, free of imperfections and extremely beautiful, but something was...odd about it. "I appears very...cartoony. Or like I've stepped into a video game. It's...fascinating."


    There was just one problem though: Where was Sam? He was supposed to appear right BY him! The thought hit Al like a ton of bricks and for a moment he felt horrible for gawking at the sights and forgetting about his dear friend in his time of need. Immediately he pulled out the Handlink to try and get some answers from Ziggy.


    It seemed he had to punch the darn thing a little harder to reach Ziggy being in this world. For all they knew, he was light years away from Earth. Transmission would be A LOT more difficult! Ziggy confirmed that Al was in Sam's location, but...due to some "kinks" he ended up no where near him. "Oh boy...," Al found himself saying. "I guess I better start looking."

    While he searched, Al was still in awestruck over the perfectly lush scenery of the world.


    It felt pretty hot too...Must be Summer time, he thought. He was beginning to regret wearing a suit.


    The problems didn't end there. Al suddenly began to feel queasy. As he stretched forth his hand to rub his forehead he noticed it...blinking!? His appearance seemed to be fading. "What?" he cried, "This can't be right!"


    Could this have been due to Sam's current emotional distress? Distorting the link Al had with his mind, that's why he didn't show up anywhere near Sam? Al was sure of it. But one thing he was also sure of, he needed to get out of the place quick!

    Immediately he sent a message to Ziggy, punched it real good beforehand. Get me the H*** out of here!


    His appearance blinked more rapidly now, causing Al to slump forward dizzily.


    In the nick of time, Ziggy tracked down Al's location and he was surrounded by light waves again.


    It took a bit of effort from the others in the Control Room to cut the current link from Al to Sam and once they did, Gushie, one of the top Scientists on the project, booked it to the Imaging Chamber. Upon entering he saw the light waves disappear and watched as Al's body fell lifelessly to the floor.


    To be continued...
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    The Unbearable Truth

    A thin ray of sunlight shone through one of the bathroom windows, resting upon Sam's forehead, enough to get his eyes open. All afternoon and evening of the previous day he lay passed out on the floor, lost in dark abyss of his true reality.


    Upon waking, he found himself breathing heavily again all the while STILL asking, "Al? Al? I really need you Al! Please...can you hear me?"
    Al didn't come. That made things all the more hopeless.
    Eyes squinting from the ray of light, Sam struggled to lift himself up hissing a bit from the aches anyone would experience sleeping on a hard, tile floor. He held his legs up to his chest, arms wrapped around them. He knew he needed to pick himself up from the floor...pick himself up and out of the dark pit he's been thrown in, but immediately thoughts and memories of Donna returned and he buried his face in his knees and sobbed.

    Oh Donna! I'm SO sorry! If only I could tell you that. I'm sorry about everything... I never meant to..., he shuddered at the thought and cried harder. Forgive me Donna! I love you!

    Now his tailbone ached and he was reminded of how he really needed to pick himself up! Using the toilet as a boost, he pulled himself up and tried to steady his wobbling legs. He managed to get that under control, but the sudden onset of remorse and anger, he could not. With tightened fists and teeth clenched, his blood came to a rapid boil. Throwing his arms out and shouting up towards the Heavens he cried, "WHY GOD WHY!? After EVERYTHING I've done for You...WHY!?"


    "I've done everything you've ever asked of me and this is how you repay me!? How you repay my WIFE!? How could you DO this to us!?"

    He lowered his head dejectedly. Never feeling so crestfallen in all his life, so betrayed. He knew God worked in mysterious ways but this final outcome for him and Donna was just awful! Unfair! A knife in the back.


    An act of a careless God, whom he was foolish enough to put so much faith in but...after wiping his hand across his face to remove the tears...he knew God wasn't careless. After all he witnessed in his life, especially during these leaps, he KNEW that! Without a shadow of a doubt. God is ever loving, seer of all the cosmos. There's always a reason why things happen...he just wasn't sure he'd ever figure this one out and quite frankly he didn't want to!

    Letting his feelings of sadness and betrayal take over again, he shook his head in disappointment at his God and spun on his heel while exiting the bathroom.


    Meanwhile back on Earth...


    Al wasn't sure if this moment he was in was reality or a dream, but either way he was talking to himself. Mostly about his concern for Sam.

    Poor kid. Coming to the realization that his marriage he never knew about for the past seven years is over... This is going to be hard for him to accept.


    What can I say to help him get through it?

    Hearing the greeting, the moment of talking to himself disappeared as Al slowly opened his eyes. He was in his bedroom, back home. How did I--?
    "Oh good, you're awake," the voice said. Al immediately recognized it as Gushie. "I gotta tell ya, when I saw you lying on the floor in the Imaging Chamber I about had a heart attack!"
    Al rubbed at his forehead, trying to remember what Gushie was referring to.
    "You gave us all a scare there," Gushie continued, "but thankfully the doc on site informed us that you weren't dead and had you transported back home until you became conscious again."
    Remembering, Al began to sit up.


    "Take it easy," Gushie encouraged.
    But Al waved the suggestion off. "Did you figure out what distorted the link?" he asked Gushie, swinging his legs over to the side of the bed and rubbing his temples this time.
    "We feel the reason is the same as when Sam received the Shock Therapy. He was simply too mentally unstable for the link to be maintained." Gushie's eyes lowered in pity as he added, "Poor Sam. I can't believe Donna did that..."
    Al's head shot up suddenly as the events of the past 24 hours all came flooding back. "Oh God SAM!" he cried, "He needs my help to get him out of this!

    (Yes, my photo editing s"u"c"k"s, but he needed a different look on his face for this scene!)

    Gushie quick! We have to get back to the Project immediately!"
    "Uh, I dunno if that's a good idea--"
    "WE'RE GOING!"


    The past two days had been a drag, almost literally. Sam had to drag his b"u"t"t" out of bed each morning to get his responsibilities done, dragging his feet while doing so. He just couldn't get the feelings of remorse to go away. Neither his anger. He wanted to pray that Al would reach him immediately (they obviously know what Donna did!) but he wasn't speaking to God right now.

    His wall phone rang, interrupting his thoughts and he reluctantly answered it. It was Emma.

    "Hey Sam," she greeted. "Umm...are we still doing piano lessons today? I knocked on your door and there was no answer."
    I don't remember a knock...Sam thought. He wiped his hand across his face and figured he must've not heard it in this deep pit of depression he was in.
    "Sorry Emma," he answered, "Today just isn't a good day for me. I'm not feeling the greatest."
    "Oh...I'm sorry."
    "No it's ok...umm," he scratched his head trying to think of what to do. He couldn't seem to plan out the future right now. "I'll let you know when I'm feeling better and we'll start lessons again ok?"
    Sam could feel Emma was taken aback. "Umm...ok," she said. "Are you alright? Do you need anything?"
    Her questions made him feel all the more overwhelmed. "No thank you," he replied at a rapid rate, "I'm fine. Thanks Emma. Talk to you later." Then he hung up. Oh boy... he thought, staring at the wall in regret. I bet that hurt her feelings. Oh gosh...

    As he continued to wallow in his grief, he heard a familiar sound suddenly appear from behind him.


    Sam froze. His first thought was that it wasn't that familiar sound he knew. He was hearing things in his distress, he was sure of it! But...that didn't stop him from saying, "Al?"

    He slowly turned around.

    When he saw the figure standing before him, clear as day, his eyes lit up as the corners of his mouth turned up, creating an enormous smile!
    "AL!" he cried.


    To be continued...
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