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Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) Sims 3 story :)


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    More coming! :)

    (Wondering why it hasn't gone to 2 or more pages yet??)

    Edit to add: Oh, there it goes. ;)
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    The Unbearable Truth

    Without a moments hesitation Sam leaped (hee hee) into his best friend's arms, but nearly fell to the floor doing so. It quickly became apparent he was hugging himself. He knew why, but he simply didn't care. "Oh Al! I've missed you!"


    "Sam!" Al "hugged" in return, "Thank God you're alright!" There was a bit of an awkward silence between the two as Al said, "You do realize you're hugging thin air right?"


    However, Sam stayed put. "I know Al," he answered, with a chuckle, "thanks for noticing." Oh what a joyous occasion! Oh how it lifted his spirits!

    But the feeling didn't last long, as Sam let go of himself and reality kicked back in. His frustration reappeared in a flash. He "slapped" Al's shoulder and asked, "Where the H*** have you been!?"
    Taken aback by his friend's sudden change in attitude, Al responded curtly with, "Well EXCUSE ME for working my A** off for the past two years with the other guys on the Project to figure out a way to get to you!"
    That hit Sam hard and rightly so, he thought. He had a million things he wanted to ask and tell Al, but he had no clue where to start. "Sorry Al," he began, squeezing his forehead with his fingers, "you wouldn't believe all that I've been through! This world... the people... Donna's...," he choked.
    "I know," Al assured him. "I'm sure you have many questions, but first, let's get out of this kitchen I'm feeling claustrophobic!"

    As the two stepped into the main living area, Al took a look around.
    "Nice place you have here," he stated. "You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself." He stopped and turned toward Sam.
    "I am," Sam remarked. "I've managed to get by well on my own." On my own is right. He just couldn't hold anything back any longer. "Al," he addressed, "What the H*** has been going on?"
    Al took in a breath, trying to prepare himself. He let it out slowly while mumbling, "Well..."


    "Just OUT with it already Al!" Sam demanded.
    "Woah," Al cried, stepping back, "just take it easy Sam. All will be--"
    "No, I will NOT take it easy!"


    "WHY did you not tell me about Donna, Al!? It seems like the fact that I have a WIFE was pretty d*** important to know about after losing my memory!"


    "Yes, but...there's more to it--"
    "So all this time I've been leaping around, getting involved with women thinking I was a single guy and instead I've become a man-who're who's been CHEATING on my wife back home!"


    "Sam you are NOT a man-who're! You didn't KNOW!!!"
    "Aren't I? You remember how many women I kissed, fell in love with and--"
    "Yes, Sam, I was there."
    "Then WHY Al? Why didn't you tell me!?"


    Sighing, Al replied, "Because Donna forbade me to tell you Sam."
    The look of confusion was quite evident. "Why!?"


    "Because she knew that if you'd known...you wouldn't have been able to do all you needed to do to leap home."


    Sam turned away, not wanting to accept that.
    "She was willing to accept that you'd become intimate with other women, just so you could leap and get one step closer to being back in her arms," Al added.
    Sam turned to face Al. "Oh well it doesn't look that's going to happen now is it Al?" he countered and turned his back toward him again. "It was all in vain."


    Al slumped his shoulders and lowered his head in great sorrow for his friend. He'd known all too well what it was like to lose a wife. HIS wife. The only wife out of the five he ever truly loved...and Sam was the one who brought them back together. Through his leaping. That was the ultimate wrong that he made right which resulted in him leaping into this other universe for a reason known only to God. He stepped forward, wishing he could place a comforting hand on Sam's shoulder. "Sam," he simply said, "you can't blame yourself for getting involved with all those women when you had no idea you were married."

    Sam wiped the tears from his eyes and turned to Al again. "I'm not a cheater Al," he said.
    "I know that," Al comforted, "and so does Donna. No one is accusing you of that. Donna set the rules, I complied and watched you do what you had to do."


    "I just wish you would've told me anyway..."
    "I know...I wanted to so badly, but...I'm sorry." He paused. "But look...you've done a heck of a lot of GOOD out there Sam! A true servant of God! Your actions have been a blessing to SO many people...even myself."
    Sam cracked a smile.
    "You should feel good about that."
    "I do Al...it's just," Sam stopped, unable to hold back the tears any longer, "Donna's waited for me for seven years! I can't imagine the h*** she's been through and...it's all my fault."


    "Well it hasn't quite been seven years. You DID get a chance to see her when our roles were reversed."


    "I did!?" Sam exclaimed.
    "Oh!" Al chided himself. "I forgot that you don't remember that."
    Sam rolled his eyes in annoyance.
    "But never mind that! It's a story for later."

    Silence ensued between the two for a few seconds to give themselves a chance to breathe. "I can't believe I just might never get back home Al..." Sam piped in. The thought was unbearable.


    "You hinted about that earlier," Al remarked, wondering what all Donna DID tell him, "What makes you think that's the case?"
    "Donna told me Al. She said the situation was grim." He looked down sadly.
    Oh boy...Al thought. All he could do was look away. I can't believe her. Talk about adding insult to injury!
    "I just assumed...," Sam continued, but didn't feel the need to finish.

    There was a big sigh. Al didn't want to add more heartbreak to Sam's plate, but...Sam did seem to have it figured out and he deserved to know the whole truth. It was better for him to feel all the pain and sorrow now, then to open up an old wound later.

    "Well," Al began, "there's no easy way to tell you this Sam so, I'll just...come out and say it."


    Sam looked upon his friend with a straight face. Bracing himself for the worst.
    "Your assumption is correct," Al admitted grimly, "And Ziggy's pretty much confirmed it. 98 percent." He h"a"t"e"d" the look that appeared on Sam's face. "It's just not... possible...to get you back home while you're in this different world." His voice choked, even struggling to hold back his own tears. "I am SO sorry Sam!"
    Sam's mouth fell gradually. He just couldn't believe it. "C'mon Al," he begged, "that can't be so!"
    "I wish it wasn't kid," he gulped, "but it is."


    "Why do you think Donna did what she did?"

    Upon hearing that, Sam slowly stepped back...refusing to accept his new fate. With so many different emotions bombarding him, he didn't have the strength or motivation to talk about it any further. Al looked upon his friend with worry, wiping away a couple of tears that tried to escape his eyes, anxiously awaiting Sam's reply.

    All Sam could manage to say was, "Al...I think I need to be alone now."
    Al nodded, understanding. He stepped back and pulled out the handlink. "Ok kid. I'll be back to check on you later," he said. With the push of a few buttons he disappeared.

    Sam was frozen like a statue. Void of all feeling with the reality of never making it back home sinking deep within him.



    A fitting video, giving you a look back at Sam's many leaps. <3

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    The Defining Moment

    A week passed and Al visited Sam every single day. There was just one concern though...Sam never spoke a word to him. Day after day Al would address his best friend, offering comfort, nearly begging him to speak, but it was to no avail. It wasn't that Sam was angry with Al, on the contrary, he was just simply too depressed to speak. Al knew that. It worried him though and whenever he would find himself right back in the Imaging Chamber after visiting with Sam, he would utter a silent prayer to the great Healer of the universe that the next day...Sam would speak.

    Two more days passed...still not a peep out of Sam. Al's visits had become shorter and shorter as a result. But I will NEVER give up on him, Al thought with determination, I'll visit him every day even if he never speaks again! Although he groaned in his heart that that would never be the case! Oh God why have you forsaken him? Al found himself asking all too often. If there was ever a time Sam needed a blessing...it was now.

    The third day of the second week came and Al appeared to Sam the same time each morning like he always did. Sam stood near the back door of the house, overlooking his garden, just staring into nothingness. Al crept closer and asked, co'c'k'ing his head to the side trying to get Sam to look at him, "Sam? Are you alright?"

    There was no response, but Sam did meet his gaze.
    "You feel like talking today?"
    Sam gave a light shrug. "You're stuck in the couch Al."
    "Wha-?" Al began to ask, looking down. Sure enough it was true.


    "Huh," he said, "would you look at that. One of the joys of being a hologram," he grinned stepping forward a little to get out. Then it hit him. "Hey!" he cried. "You spoke! Thank God!"
    "Yeah," Sam mumbled.
    "It goes without saying kid, but I was worried about you," Al said, drawing in a puff of cigar smoke and blowing it out. "A lot!"


    "Sorry, I just...needed some time to process everything."


    Al nodded, understanding. Then he noticed Sam give him a distasteful look as he studied his friend from head to toe.
    "Geez Al," he began, "It's been two years since we've last seen each other and you STILL haven't changed out your wardrobe?"


    "Hey!" Al countered, but quickly put a smile on his face. "Why would a man as sophisticated as myself want to change out looks that are so fitting for him?"


    "Fitting? C'mon Al, how you ever got women in the past wearing all that has been beyond me."
    "Well, I happen to like my style thank you very much."
    "How does Beth feel about it?"
    Blowing out some more smoke, Al replied with a shrug, "Eh...she didn't like it at first, but she's getting used to it."


    Rolling his eyes Sam felt sorry for the poor woman, but he shrugged it off. There were a couple of important things he wanted to discuss with Al. However he couldn't help asking first, "So how's Donna?"
    Al stood still for a moment, lowering his cigar as he thought about how to break even more sad news. "She's doing alright," he said, "she's left the Project though. It was just...too much for her."


    Sam nodded. That reality stung a little bit, but he honestly couldn't blame her. "So," he said, "The Project is still going on then?" He remembered the continued threats of de-funding.


    "Well," Al began with the cigar between his teeth now, "Four years after you left we began calling it Operation: Retrieval instead of Project Quantum Leap. It became a mission instead of a project which helped us get the continued funding so we could get you home."
    Sam lowered his head. He didn't have to say what he was thinking. Al knew.
    "But since that isn't a possibility anymore," Al sighed, removing the cigar, "Donna felt her work was done and...she left." He half shook his head in sympathy. "I'm sorry Sam."


    "It's ok Al," Sam said, while another reality hit him like a ton of bricks. "But that means you'll lose the funding and you won't be able to communicate with me anymore!" The thought freaked him out a bit, especially since he knew he would be staying in this world for the rest of his life.


    "Relax," Al calmed, gesturing with his hands. "What makes you think we told the government that little detail of you not coming home?" He winked.
    A smile crept upon Sam's lips.
    "Don't you worry about it kid...I'm taking care of it."


    He always did, with his connections from being a Navy Admiral and all. "Thanks Al," Sam said indebtedly.
    Al let out a puff of smoke and half nodded.

    "I was just hoping," Sam began again, looking down, "that I could talk with Donna again, you know," he looked up, "through that telepathy technology you all came up with." He cracked a smile. "That was pretty ingenious. Who invented that?"


    "Gushie," Al replied with his arms stretched out in surprise, "Can you believe that!?"
    "Not really," he chuckled, but got serious again. "So...could I speak with her?"

    Al had to choose his words carefully with this one, but it was necessary to let Sam know the truth about this newfound technology. "The telepathy is not exactly safe Sam, that's why we didn't use it very much."
    Sam looked upon his friend questionably.
    "According to Gushie and Ziggy, it tends to damage brain cells and could cause permanent brain damage with prolonged use."


    "That's a risk I'm willing to take," Sam declared, stepping forward.


    "Sam!" Al addressed firmly, causing Sam to stop in his tracks. "Donna didn't tell any of us where she went."


    The glimmer of hope in Sam's countenance fell upon hearing that.
    "Like I said before Sam, it was just too much for her to handle." Al placed his hands in his pockets and sighed. "Dr. Beeks has been informing me over the years about the effects your absence has been having upon Donna's mental health."
    Sam looked away. He could only imagine.
    "It's affecting her physical health as well," Al continued. "She just...can't do it anymore Sam."
    Now Sam was fighting back tears. "But Al," he cried, "you said there was no way I could get home being in this world, but what if God," he paused, scolding himself for bringing Him up, "leaped me back to Earth? Then I'd be able to get home to her, right!? There'd still be a chance!?"


    Running a hand over his face, Al replied, "Possibly. But we were still trying to figure that out remember?"
    "D****t!" Sam cried, turning away from Al. He felt so defeated.
    "Sam...," Al addressed, but he stopped, giving his friend a few moments. When those moments passed Sam turned to face Al again, ready to continue the discussion.
    "This is your destiny Sam," Al continued. "Leaping through time, putting right what’s gone wrong, has always been God’s plan for you.”


    "Please don't mention God Al, I'm still a little upset with Him."
    “Well, stop it!” Al ordered sharply. “And get a hold of yourself. Where’s the Sam Beckett I know!? Telling me not to mention God…” He looked upon him with disgust and disappointment as Sam pursed his lips. “I know you feel betrayed, but you taught me that God does not betray. He simply does what is needed to carry out His grand plan which is always for our betterment whether we can see it or not! You know that!”


    He stopped to let that sink into Sam a bit. “We thought it was fate or time controlling all of this, but no…it was the work of a higher being. HE called you to make the world a better place whether it’s on Earth or here. I will not watch your faith falter over all this. You’re better than that Sam! Now buck up!”

    There was a period of dead silence.

    Sam knew Al was right, but he couldn't help shaking his head in disbelief muttering, "I just can't believe this is happening Al."
    Al gulped. "I know, kid," he said calmly now, digging the tip of his shoe into the carpet. When he looked up, Sam continued to stand there with the most horribly crushed look upon his face.

    Al didn't want to say it, but knew he needed to. "You can do this Sam," he started, "just like you always have."
    There was a bit of silence again.
    "Donna's moving on," Al continued, "it's time you do the same."


    With his hands clenched into fists and resting them on his hips, Sam looked down nodding in agreement among his whirlwind of emotions. The tears began streaming down his cheeks. He didn’t want to move on. He wanted to know RIGHT NOW what God’s continued plan was for him, but that was something he was just going to have to figure out, have faith in and…he couldn’t do it ignoring God anymore. He needed His help and guidance more than ever.

    “You’ll be alright Sam,” Al assured, breaking Sam out of his thoughts. He wished he could pat his friends shoulder for comfort and reassurance.
    Wiping at his nose, he responded, “I know Al and honestly though,” he paused, meeting his gaze, “I don’t even remember what it’s like to be with Donna. Isn’t that sad? I mean, faint memories are still there, deep within my heart, but… it’s been so long that…” he shook his head, unable to continue.


    Nodding understandably, the response Al gave him wasn’t at all what Sam expected. “Well kid,” the man with the cigar said, “that’s a start.”


    A helpful start in moving on.

    To be continued...
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    Im loving it! So handsome :p
    i'm back, and better than ever.
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    Im loving it! So handsome :p

    @KatNip Thank you <3 I'm glad you like it. :)

    Yeah, Sam is a slammin' hottie! :tongue:
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    Ok everyone...whew...had to rewrite this one a few times to get it just right. I still don't feel like it's perfect (some pics were supposed to be edited and are bigger than others), but....it'll have to do.
    I'm just ready to move on to more happenings in his story.
    Hope this event will be to your liking. Enjoy. :)
    Update: 4-18-18: The official draft of this post is located here on my blog. :)

    The Confession

    A day at a time. That's what Sam had to keep telling himself. I've got to take it just a day at a time. That proved to be difficult when he received love letters from various bachelorettes in town almost EVERY DAY in the past week! He couldn't figure out what was in the air all of the sudden. It sure wasn't anywhere close to Spring!
    I couldn't put these in a picture collage so I am throwing them all in a Spoiler.
    ^^In your dreams witch!

    While reading the letters his heart would break again and again. A couple of these ladies were ones that he'd found himself attracted to, would love to get to know better, but...his deep rooted morals told him that showing any interest would be wrong. He was a married man. Yes, he hadn't seen his wife for the better part of seven years. Yes, he was stuck in a world where he would never see her again. And Yes, she had moved on, accepted their fates and said goodbye. He knew he needed to do the same, but...why did moving on feel so wrong? He just didn't know what to do.

    Seriously God if Donna's moved on then why can't I? She wants me to be happy... So breaking our vows is totally OK in this situation right? Please...just tell me! Assure me...

    On this particular afternoon, Sam was startled by a pounding knock at his front door. He leapt up from the couch and darted for it. When he opened the door, he found a very distraught Emma.

    "Where were you!?" she practically shouted at him and barged in not caring to be invited.


    "Umm," Sam mumbled as he closed the door and followed Emma into the living room. "I--"
    "I tried texting you, calling your phone, but you never answered!" Emma interrupted in a tone of concern this time, but the rage was still present in the background.
    Sam froze, regrettably remembering that he left his phone on the charger in his room since he woke up and it just suddenly became clear that he had forgotten about something much more than that.
    "I'm sorry Emma," he began, carefully approaching her, "I left my phone on the charger this morning and...I didn't hear it ring."


    Emma glowered at him. "Regardless of that, how could you forget?"
    Sam shrugged his shoulders. "Emma," he began, "I've had a rough couple of days and I honestly don't remember what you're talking--"
    "Our PERFORMANCE!" she shouted, throwing her hands in the air. "At the Care Center? You have no idea how long I was standing up there awkwardly while all the old folks just stared, wondering what the heck I was doing there with that big smile on my face waiting for YOU to show up!"
    Oh boy... Sam thought, pressing his fingers tightly on the bridge of his nose. Now he remembered.
    "It was horrible Sam!" Emma continued, "After ten minutes or so I had to just wing it. I gotta admit it wasn't my best singing..."


    Sam closed his eyes feeling terrible, he could only imagine...When he opened them he simply said, "Emma, I am so so sorry! I usually never forget about things like that, I just--"
    "I get it if you don't want to be seen with me anymore," Emma interrupted again, lowering her head.
    "What!?" Sam asked in bewilderment.
    "C'mon Sam," Emma began looking up at him, but then lowered her eyes. "It's pretty obvious that all the gorgeous, eligible ladies in this town want to win your heart and I know that I don't measure up to most of them..." she trailed off.
    Sam had a feeling she was referring to Donna, the woman he danced with at Lars.
    "I guess I just thought..." the self-conscious woman shrugged, continuing, "that you were the kind of guy who looked past outward appearances," now her frustration was returning, "but I guess not!"
    The whirlwind of emotions came back again. Why was she implying that? And how could she feel that way about herself?

    "No, you're--" Sam tried to reply, but then begged, "Please Emma," unable to meet her gaze, "I can't do this right now."


    Emma stared at him questionably as he abruptly turned away from her, trying to keep his emotions in check.


    It was in that moment that Emma threw aside her worries and really focused on her dear friend. She'd never seem him like this. Something was clearly wrong and he needed a friend right now. Clearing her throat lightly she asked, "What's wrong Sam?"
    Sam's back and shoulders ached from slumping so he stood up straight. With his back still facing Emma he replied, "It's a combination of a lot of things Emma." Then he turned his head to the side a bit, so he could see her out of the corner of his eye. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I don't...think I can ever really be there for anyone anymore."
    Emma's brow furrowed as she stepped closer to him. "What do you mean?"
    "I mean," Sam answered, facing her now. He paused to gulp and hesitated to say it, but it just came out. "I'm a married man."

    Shock flooded over Emma's face, almost making her pale. Now she was the one to ask in bewilderment, "What!?"
    Sam nodded.
    "How can you be married? No one told me that and...you live alone..."


    "Oh dear," Emma expressed, holding her fingers up to her mouth, "unless you're separated and the divorce hasn't been finalized..."
    Sam shook his head. "No...it's...not that."
    "Then what is it?" Emma demanded. Her tone suggested that she was feeling extremely guilty having feelings for him.

    Letting out a big sigh, Sam slumped his shoulders again. In this moment he had to make a choice. A pretty big one. Besides he already brought it up. He could feel Emma's piercing gaze, almost literally, as he stood up straight again and looked her in the eye.
    "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he said.
    "Try me," Emma requested.
    Studying her for a moment Sam felt that he could trust her. There was never any doubt. They weren't best friends, but friends enough for him to be this open with her. Perhaps... this would help their friendship grow stronger. Even if it didn't, he just had to get this off his chest. He couldn't bear this burden alone anymore. It was time.

    Taking in a deep breath and then releasing it, Sam suggested to her, "You might want to sit down for this one."
    With a quizzical expression on her face, Emma did as Sam asked and took a seat in the sofa facing him. Weaving her fingers together in her lap, she gave him her undivided attention.


    "Ok..." Sam began in a half whisper. He was growing more and more nervous with each second.
    Emma could sense it. "Sam," she said, "you're kind of freaking me out here." She gave a light chuckle, hoping to ease the tension.
    "Sorry," Sam said, rubbing the nape of his neck.


    It was frustrating trying to find the right way to begin telling her this, so he just gave up and said the first thing that came into his mind.
    "I'm not the person everyone thinks I am," was what came out. Oh gosh! That wasn't right!
    Emma's face froze with uneasiness. "What do you mean?" she asked, her worries intensifying. "Are you saying the sweet Sam Beckett that we all know and love is just an ACT? If so, then why!?"
    "No," Sam answered, "that's not what I meant, it's just...oh boy!" he cried, while squeezing his forehead with his fingers. Quickly he composed himself and took in a deep breath, all the while panic was settling inside of Emma.

    "I'm not," he began again, "I'm not from this world." He let the breath out quickly and stood still, praying Emma wouldn't freak out.

    Surprisingly, Emma's panic ceased as she continued to stare at him and process his response. "You're not...from this world?" she repeated.
    Sam nodded.
    Her eyes looked down from him as her mouth hung open a bit. It was obvious she was trying to figure out what to say to that. "Wow," she whispered, while staying silent for a few seconds. Then she looked up at him again. "Well...you certainly don't look like the aliens people have claimed to see around here."
    Sam cracked a smile. That was comforting!


    "You're human," she continued, "just like us."
    "Are you...from a Starship or something? Like on Star Trek?"
    "You guys have a show like that here too?" Sam blurted out.
    Emma's eyes widened as she nodded. That response certainly verified his confession.
    "Sweet," Sam said with a smile. He almost wanted to ask her who her favorite Captain was, not that it would be the same actor on Earth as it was here, but he quickly shook his head and tried to focus on the matter at hand. "But no," he replied to her earlier question. "I am not from a Starship. I am a time traveler."
    Now Emma seemed astonished. Like a time traveler wasn't any more shocking than a person from a Starship. "You're kidding me right?" she asked.
    Sam kept a straight face. "No...I'm not." I wish I was!
    Emma looked away again. Sam certainly wouldn't lie about something like this. "Oh...wow," she whispered, sitting further back into the couch.
    Sam decided to go join her.


    "I know this is a lot to process," Sam said to her, sitting down, "and I am sorry."
    Emma looked back at him as if to say, It's ok.
    "But it is the truth," Sam added.
    Pursing her lips, Emma nodded. "It's quite...unbelievable," she said, "but please tell me about it. I want to know everything."


    They exchanged smiles as Sam began to elaborate. He told her everything he could remember: How The Quantum Leap Project all began and his adventures leaping into people from the past within in his own lifetime.


    He told her about Ziggy and Al, his best friend, who appears to him as a hologram that only he can see.
    "So if you ever find me talking to myself..."


    He also mentioned his encounters with the Evil Leapers. And even the Devil himself, in the form of Al.


    "Wow," was all Emma could say for a while there, fascinated by all of Sam's adventures.

    Then Sam told her about saving Al's first marriage and how he then leaped and ended up in Hidden Springs. Lastly, he told her about Donna.
    Emma frowned a bit with that one. It certainly was a very sad situation.


    "And that's my story in a nutshell," Sam concluded.
    "So you really are a genius," Emma commented with a grin.
    Blushing, Sam replied, "Well...I don't like to go around calling myself that."
    "But you ARE!" Emma exclaimed. "Inventing a super computer like Ziggy and finding a way to travel through time...that's phenomenal!"
    Sam looked away to hide even more blushing.
    "However...I am sorry about your wife."

    There was silence between the two for a few minutes.


    "Wow Sam," Emma said again breaking the silence, "I never thought that YOU out of anyone here would be..." she stopped, shaking her head. Sam knew what she was thinking.
    "So, could I ask you a question?" Sam asked.
    "Regarding Donna....since we won't be seeing each other again and...what she said to me, would you agree with Al that it's time for me to move on...find someone else, if the right one comes along...and not worry about my marriage anymore?"
    Emma licked her lips and responded carefully. "Well," she began, "Donna said her goodbyes and is moving on herself right?"
    Sam nodded.


    "Then Yes, I agree that you should move on too. Donna's right...you deserve to be happy, not feeling stuck in a rut. It doesn't sound like that's what she wants for you. She doesn't want you to feel guilty. She expressed what any loving wife would want for her husband in this situation. So there is no shame in moving on."
    Sam nodded, thankful for the second opinion, but he looked away and Emma knew exactly what was bothering him, because he was such a good man.
    "You're not breaking any vows Sam," she assured, admiring his honorable nature. "God's not going to judge you for that. It's like you've died in your world..." she felt bad saying, but, "I have no doubt that it's in His plan for you to continue on with your life here, put right what goes wrong and someday...have a family of your own."

    Sam smiled and Emma's face beamed because of it. That reassurance was just what he needed. He reached over to give her a hug and said, "Thank you Emma. Thank you for listening and understanding and...not freaking out." What a burden lifted from his shoulders!
    Emma chuckled as she said, "You're welcome." When they let go of each other she added, "And don't worry Sam...your secret is safe with me."

    To be continued...
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    Fantastic chapter! :) I like Emma.
    i'm back, and better than ever.
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    @KatNip Thank you sweetie. <3 And thanks for following. I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

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    Hey @emorrill all read up now! Poor Sam. :(

    I don't want him to move on from Donna! :|
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    Hey @emorrill all read up now! Poor Sam. :(

    I don't want him to move on from Donna! :|

    Hey there @HARIBOWS ! :smiley: Thanks for checking in!

    So you are a QL fan too? ;)

    I know......but I got great plans in store for Sam. ;) Don't you worry.
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    I've never seen it before but I'm tempted to now after reading. ;)

    I loved your Holland family story so I thought I'd read this anyway even without seeing the show, and of course was not disappointed. :p
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    I think I am just going to have to wing it with my next Sam update..... If something great comes to me I'll write it out, but if not it will just be real basic.
    The update will contain pics of events that have already happened and then I need to figure out what's going to happen next and take pics for it. :)
    Stay tuned!
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    Alrighty everyone. :) The first part of this update has A LOT of dialogue in it, just to warn you BUT...it's important!
    Enjoy. :smiley:

    Time Heals All Wounds
    Part 1

    Sam never realized just how great he would feel after sharing his "secret" with Emma. It was more than a burden lifted off his shoulders...it was a breath of fresh air, a push to move forward with life like he needed to. Emma was more understanding and accepting of the situation than he ever thought anyone would be and that was a great comfort to him. When she left his home that day he assured her that he wouldn't forget about another one of their performances.

    "Oh, there will be more?" Emma asked.
    "Of course!" Sam replied in surprise that she would ask such a thing. "We're a great duo, you and I."
    Emma blushed and turned her face away, trying to hide it.
    "Umm...I mean..." Sam said, stepping on his words and scratching his head, "We make a great singing duo." He smiled.
    "I know what you meant," Emma said with a smile in return.

    When they said their parting goodbyes and Emma started toward her car, Sam called back, "Hey Emma."
    She stopped and turned.
    He couldn't have her leave without saying it. "You DO measure up to those other girls," he paused, "in some ways even more."
    A bright smile appeared on Emma's face and it made her look radiant to Sam.
    "Thanks Sam," she said, hiding her blushing again and walked at a faster pace back to her car.
    Sam chuckled lightly as he watched her and waved while she disappeared down the road.


    A few days later, Al appeared to Sam with some news from Ziggy.

    "Alright," Sam said, taking in a breath and bracing himself for whatever Ziggy had to say, "Give it to me straight Al. I'm ready."
    Al gave him an odd look. "What am I your doctor?" he asked, with the cigar nearly falling out of his mouth. "You're not dying Sam!" He caught the cigar with his two fingers and looked down at the Handlink, pushing a few buttons.


    "Ok..." Al began, "Ziggy has confirmed what we already know: Your entire being has leaped into another world, another galaxy."
    "And she believes that you're here to do the same thing during your leaps on Earth: Put right what once went wrong." He chuckled. "I guess no one is smart enough here to time travel."
    Sam wasn't amused and just bit his bottom lip. "Interesting..." he began, "So, that means I might leap into other persons in this world."
    Lowering the Handlink, Al replied, "She's not 100% sure about that."
    "It's certainly a given."
    "But if I do leap into someone else Al...will I," he shuddered to think about it, "return back here? To Hidden Springs?"
    A frown came upon Al's face as he saw Sam's. "We don't really know Sam," he admitted, "that isn't what happened before...you just kept leaping into more and more people...until we found a way to bring you home," he paused, looking down, " and you know how that was going."

    Placing his hands on his hips, trying to control his emotions, Sam expressed, "It would seem to me that showing up here, as myself...I've been given a whole new life. This place is my home. So...if I happen to leap into other people from different cities or in the past or whatever...I SHOULD be able to make it back here right?"
    Al's eyebrows raised as he c'oc'k'ed his head from side to side. That certainly made sense.
    "Cause I'm obviously not heading back to Earth, right!?"
    Al nodded in agreement.
    "Right!?" Sam asked again, but didn't wait for the reply, "I can't keep doing this Al...leaping away from the people I love...doomed to never see them again." He lowered his head sadly. He never thought he'd grow to love this place so much, or the people in it. "I pray God knows that. I've been here for almost three years...I can't--"
    "I know kid," Al said in a comforting tone, "we'll figure it out. I promise."
    Sam smiled in gratitude.
    Looking back at the lego-like item in his hand, Al changed the subject and informed Sam, "It took Ziggy forever to find any info on the history and people of this world however...she did manage to find out a big reason why you might've been sent here to Hidden Springs," Al said, reading the info on the Handlink now. Sam stepped closer to him to get a better look.

    (Ok, this QL pic doesn't exactly fit in the scenario, but good golly we need a picture here! :lol: )
    And Scott (Sam) looks hott in that attire! :love: *Cough* Ok, moving on....

    The print was always so small on the Handlink that Sam could never make it out. He wondered how Al could, especially with those old eyes of his.
    Pushing a few more buttons, Al said, "You're here to stop a--," the link beeped so Al smacked it, "a Emmaline Rhoen from continuing her proclaimed 'all natural healing' medical practice."
    "Oh I already know about her," Sam informed Al, "glad to hear that my suspicions have been confirmed."
    "Apparently," Al continued, "TEN people have died as a result of her "care." Ziggy isn't sure if Emmaline is aware of that, but if she is," he looked up at Sam, "I'm guessing, with her still in practice, she might have threatened the victim's families to keep quiet."
    "Or...what?" Sam asked.
    Al shrugged. "I guess that's something you need to find out."
    Sam sighed, squeezing his forehead with his fingers. "Oh boy..."
    Al chuckled. "I miss hearing you say that."
    Sam just shook his head at the comment, but then something occurred to him. "Al," he started, the thought causing a worried feeling in the pit of his stomach, "If that's what I was sent here to do...then," he gulped, "I might leap when it's done." He faced Al now, the anxiety setting in. "Al, I can't! I've grown too attached--" he couldn't finish.


    "I know Sam."
    "If only I'd known about that sooner...I wouldn't have gotten so close to so many people!"
    "But Sam you gotta stop that woman...because Ziggy says about thirty percent of the population visit her regularly."
    "Thirty!?" Sam cried in shock. "That can't be right!"
    "Well," Al shrugged, "Ziggy's numbers could be off. Like I said, it was difficult for her to get information on this side of the Universe. No matter what the numbers are Sam you HAVE to stop her! People's lives depend on it!"
    Sam stood up straight, like a soldier ready to accept his mission, though deep down he didn't really want to. "Ok...I'll do it."

    Al held the cigar to his mouth, drew in a bit of smoke and blew it out while observing Sam. He wouldn't make eye contact with him and was clearly trying not to break down. Once again, he wished he could pat his friend's back for comfort. "I know this isn't easy for you Sam," he said.
    "No, Al...I really don't think you DO!"
    "Perhaps not."
    "You and Gushie and everyone else back at the Project just figure out a way to leap me back HERE if/when I happen to leap into someone else so I can live out the rest of my life in peace!"
    "Sam...I dunno if we really can. You know that it's ultimately up to God/fate/t--"
    "GOD/FATE/TIME/WHATEVER, Yeah, I get it Al!" Sam snapped, "but just figure out something ok!"
    Getting heated himself, Al said, "Well then, I suggest you do some research here as well and get back with us since you're the expert on this whole thing!"
    "Fine, I will!"
    "But first," Sam paused, heading for the front door, "I'm going to enjoy myself for the next few days. Take in what I can. The Summer Festival is almost over and I've been wanting to go check it out before the Fall."

    Shaking his head, Al didn't push the Rhoen matter any further. He pushed a few buttons on the Handlink and disappeared.

    To be continued....

    **I do hope all of that made sense...especially to those of you who aren't familiar with the show. I'm not sure how to figure out what's going to happen after Part 2, but....I know it will eventually come to me. ;)
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    Alrighty everyone. So...this is the update where I just decided to wing it...
    There are so many pictures and I have to figure out how to combine them all together (not to mention figuring out how I'm going to write the continuation of Sam's story) so here goes nothing:
    (It's a long one, you have been warned. :p But worth it. ;) )

    Time Heals All Wounds
    Part 2

    As Sam drove to the Summer Festival grounds he kept telling himself, I'll find a way to return back here to Hidden Springs if I leap. I will! I created Ziggy, I can sure as heck figure out how to do that!

    There weren't as many people at the Festival grounds like he expected there would be. Which was fine for him because he really wanted to spend some time alone, take in the scenery and think things through without running into people he knew. He'd almost become acquainted with just about everyone in town now.

    The first thing he noticed were some large and beautiful wildflowers growing. He decided to pick one and breathe in it's scent.


    Ahhhh, Sam thought as he lowered the flower from his nose, Beautiful. This world is so very much like Earth...I know I could certainly be happy here. If that's what God wants...Oh God...you know the desires of my heart!

    Next he saw a family of Butterflies, flying around in circles, all in one spot. That certainly didn't happen much on Earth and he loved that that's how it was here. As he stepped closer to them, one even landed on his nose. Wow!


    He gently touched the butterfly with his index finger for a moment, feeling it's velvety wings and then it flew off. As he watched it sway gracefully to another side of the park he thought, addressing his maker, Please God. I love this place. I never thought I'd say it but I do. Earth is in the past, now I am here. Please...please...if You must leap me to do Your work...I beg of You to send me back here! The plea caused his eyes to water up and he had to stop praying, stop thinking about it or someone would see his emotions and ask questions. He also wouldn't be able to enjoy the Festival like he wanted. Ok...moving on. What? Is that...a suntanning booth? No way!

    Sure enough it was. Sam never tried one out before, but he figured now was as good a time as any. In he stepped...


    Keeping his eyes closed the whole time, there was a bit of spraying in the front and back and the door opened in a jiffy. When Sam stepped out, he examined his skin and it was glowing!

    Wow! Very nice!

    Growing up on a farm he'd always managed to get that good ole' farmers tan, but it never looked as good as this.
    "Hey Sam!" he heard a deep voice address him.

    It was Hector Mendoza, a local he'd met a few times. He asked Sam if he'd like to join him in kicking the soccer ball at the goal and see who'd score the most points. Sam was delighted to. "You're on!" he said.

    At Hector's request, Sam went first. He looked down at the ball and thought, Ok...it's been a while since I've kicked a soccer ball around. Let's see if I still got it.
    "I'm ready for ya Sam!" Hector called out.


    Looking up to survey the area between him and the goal, Sam took in a breath and drew his leg back and kicked the ball with all his might.
    Hector flinched.


    He dove to catch the ball, but missed by a mile!


    "Woo hoo!" Sam cried with his hands in the air. I still got it!
    "Ugh..." Hector groaned, still on the ground.


    "You alright?" Sam asked.
    Hector, starting to pick himself up answered, "Yeeah. You just...surprised me there Sam."
    Sam grinned.

    He kicked the ball a few more times and Hector must've upped his game because he was catching it a lot. Sam tried not to show his frustration.


    "Alright, I think it's your turn to kick now Hector," Sam finally said. They switched places and once Sam was in position, Hector began doing a little dance...
    "Hang on Sam," he said, "I gotta go to the bathroom!"


    While Sam waited for Hector to get out of the bathroom, he decided to jump on the nearby trampoline. Now there was something he hadn't been on in forever! For a while, he felt like a kid again.


    Once Hector returned the two continued their game and much to Sam's dismay he lost. It was fun though and gave him the chance to get to know Hector better. I hope that won't all be in vain...

    With the heat from the Summer sun getting to him, Sam decided it was time for a snow cone. The machine had been calling to him for a while now. He waited patiently behind the person in front of him, but when he got a glance of the side of her face his mouth dropped. It was Donna!


    Not his former wife Donna, but the Donna he met that night at Lars.

    She left the machine without even noticing him, saying "excuse me" as she passed behind him toward the large fountain everyone sat around. Thoughts of the heat and the snow cone were gone from Sam's mind now, he followed her.

    Donna was just about to sit down when she turned and saw Sam standing before her. "Sam!?" she asked in surprise. Her snow cone nearly falling to the ground.
    "Donna," Sam greeted in return. His cheeks started burning.
    "What a pleasant surprise," Donna said, as she placed her snow cone down on the sitting area of the fountain.
    "Indeed," Sam said, stepping a little closer to her. "You look...great." He couldn't help saying.


    Donna combed her hair with her fingers, resting it behind her ear and blushed herself. "Thank you," she said then chuckled, "I guess you don't have a photographic memory after all?"
    It took Sam a second, but he remembered. He looked away chortling. "Oh well...uh...I DO have a photographic memory but," he took in a breath, "A lot of crazy stuff has been happening lately and...I haven't found the time to give you a call. I'm sorry."
    Placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, Donna assured, "It's ok Sam. Really. I was just kidding with you."
    "I know," Sam smiled. The desire was burning within him and he decided it was time to take action. Who knows if he'd get the chance later. "Nonetheless," he began, "I would like to ask you out to dinner...does Friday night at the Bistro sound good?"
    Donna's cheeks became redder as her smile grew bigger. Sam loved it. "Yeah," she replied. "That would be wonderful."


    Cheering a little on the inside, Sam nearly cried out, "Great! I'll pick you up at 7 then. Where do you live?"


    After a pleasant conversation with Donna, it started getting dark and the two said goodbye until their date just two days away. Sam was starving and ready to head home, when he noticed a familiar face coming near the fountain out of the corner of his eye. It was Edelaine. She was dressed a little funny. He called out to her.


    "Sam?" Edelaine asked questionably as she approached him and him her. "What's up?"
    "Oh uh...nothing much. I just wanted to say Hi."
    Staring at him blankly, Edelaine said. "Oh. Ok. Well...hello back." She chuckled. "How have you been?"
    Sam hesitated to say, but he answered, "I've been doing ok." He looked her over for a second. "You look great."
    Her attire screamed at him. "So, what's with the getup?"


    Looking down for a sec, Edelaine replied, "Oh...it's my new job." Then she looked back up at him. "I'm one of the dishwashers at the Diner."
    "Oh?" Sam inquired, holding her gaze. "You're not with the Paparazzi anymore?"


    "No, I still am one it's just," she hesitated, "I sorta...messed up...and my boss wasn't happy about it. She cut my pay for it."
    Is that even legal? Sam thought, but then again this was a completely different world than he was used to. "I'm so sorry," he said sympathetically.
    "It's ok," Edelaine said, shaking it off. "I'm just doing what I got to do to survive."
    Sam completely understood.

    For a moment the two just stood there, swaying for a bit in the awkward silence until Sam said, "Listen, Edelaine, I," he stopped, wondering just how to say it.
    Edelaine looked at him intently and said, "Yes?"
    Clearing his throat Sam began, "I just wanted to say that...I'm really sorry things didn't work out between us." It still pained his heart to mention it.


    Edelaine frowned. "Me too," she admitted.
    "You're a wonderful person," Sam continued, "beautiful. I wish you all the best in your endeavors."
    Now her frown turned upside down. "Thank you Sam," she said, "You're too sweet." She opened her arms to him and they hugged.


    "You're amazing Sam Beckett," she continued, "I wish you all the best too." When they let go she added, "Some girl out there will be lucky to have you for a companion."
    Her comment warmed his heart and he smiled.


    Even though Summer was nearing it's end, Sam saved up enough money to have a pool put in. He fully intended to enjoy the heck out of it the next day, but the temperature dropped and it hailed for most of the morning.


    Sam wasn't a fan of hail...but witnessing it for the first time in this world, it looked beautiful to him.



    To pass the time he jammed out on his piano during the storm.


    And even cooked up a delicious lunch.


    When Friday evening arrived, Sam had an amazing time at dinner with Donna. They talked about everything and laughed about other stuff. Al happened to show up on the scene, asking Sam if he had confronted Emmaline Rhoen yet, but Sam shooed him away. When dinner was over, they made plans to see each other again. Sam was trying hard not to fall for this woman, but a big part of his being couldn't help it.

    The following weekend Sam threw a pool party at his place and TONS more people arrived than he invited! Having visited the Summer Festival one last time earlier that day, Emma took notice of his face during the party.
    "Nice face painting you got there Sam," she said with a giggle.
    "Why thank you!"


    The party was a blast and everyone had fun. Sam spent most of the time with Donna, getting to know her better and they even...held hands for a moment before they realized what they were doing and chuckled. They both felt it was a bit early in their relationship for that, but that didn't stop them from making more plans to see each other again. Sam kind of felt guilty for pursuing a relationship, especially if he might leap after taking care of Emmaline Rhoen, but his heart wouldn't stop fluttering around this woman. They had so much in common, they were clearly attracted to each other and he could feel himself falling. He kept saying to himself, One more day. Just one more day and I'll take care of Emmaline. However he was forgetting what they say, "There is no tomorrow."

    Fall had come...and it came quick! Sam woke up to find his backyard looking like this...


    Lovely, he thought. He couldn't bother himself with raking the leaves today though. He had more important matters to attend to: Figuring out how to make it possible for him to leap back to Hidden Springs after "righting the wrong" in someone else's life. It took a whole day doing research and he still hadn't come up with anything. With his brain feeling racked he felt he better take a break and get outside to rake some of those leaves, even though the sun had already gone down.



    One evening, Sam was selling some of his homegrown fruits and veggies to the supermarket when he happened upon a local who always had him worried by her appearance. Her skin was a pale green and he noticed an older gentleman around town with the same color skin. He wondered if they might be related, perhaps it was a genetic thing that he didn't know about in this world? Either way, he felt it necessary to approach her and introduce himself.

    Once they got acquainted, her name being Cassidy Earthsong, Sam asked, "I've noticed that your skin is a bit...green in color. Why is that?"
    Cassidy seemed taken aback. "Why do you ask?"
    "Well," Sam paused, growing nervous. He certainly didn't want to offend. "I'm a doctor and...I'm just concerned."


    "It's not just doctor's that are concerned," her friend Nicholas said from the bench. "I've been bugging her about it for a while now." Cassidy shot him a look that kept him quiet.
    Sam noticed.
    "I can assure you, doctor," Cassidy said, almost mockingly, "I'm feeling fine. It's just a result of my diet. I've been trying to eat more fresh produce like salad and such."
    "She's lying Sam!" Al's voice boomed from behind him. Sam didn't turn. He'd gotten used to not acknowledging Al when other people were around. It looked strange.

    Al continued, "It's from some kind of pills she's taking from that Emmaline Quack lady!"
    Sam tried to listen to Al while acknowledging what Cassidy was saying at the same time.
    "A local here by the name of Louis Swete," Al went on, "passed away just yesterday from a similar 'treatment.'"
    Sam's eyes widened.
    "I'm telling you Sam, you gotta stop this woman!"
    Sweat began forming on Sam's brow as he heard the tail end of Cassidy's response, "So yeah, thank you for your concern, but I'm fine."
    "Oh my gosh!" Cassidy's other friend, Jessica Willow, cried from behind Sam. She had been reading the newspaper. "It says here that that old fart who hid out in the woods has finally died." Nicholas and Cassidy were surprised for a few seconds, but then started to giggle.

    Sam however, did not giggle. He turned towards Al and looked him right in the eye. Al raised his eyebrows at him as if to say, "See! I told you." Sam looked down at the sidewalk and knew...He knew he couldn't put this thing off with Emmaline Rhoen any longer. It pained him to admit it and for the first time in a LONG time he felt...terrified.

    To be continued...
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    I love QL! It always upset me that they left him hanging and didn't let him go home. And I love your Sam. He looks SO much like him! Looking forward to catching up on this.
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    Thank you @ZeeGee :smiley: I'm glad you're enjoying what you've read so far. Hope you enjoy the rest. <3
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    The Inevitable

    Louis Swete's funeral was a sad one. Not just because the man had passed on, but because hardly anyone showed up. Sam figured it was because he hid himself up in his home, never getting out much to meet anyone. Sam sure didn't know him from Adam, but he attended his funeral anyway. He hoped that in so doing...he might find Emmaline Rhoen there. Obviously he couldn't approach and interrogate her at the funeral, but he figured a nice friendly chat with her about medicine might offer him some clues as to what she's been giving and doing to the sweet people of Hidden Springs.

    To his great surprise, Emmaline was not there. Sam just stood there during the small service, chewing his bottom lip thinking, Why did she not come? Did she attend the other funerals of her patients? Hmm...nothing like making it obvious how guilty you are...

    It was a very nice service and when it concluded, Sam had a chat with the Preacher. Apparently Emmaline had gone out of town and wouldn't be returning for another two weeks! Sam cursed under his breath. He just simply couldn't wait any longer to find out what this woman's been doing. He needed to stop her right away! If only I had listened to Al and taken care of it sooner, he thought, but... He had no choice but to wait. In the meantime he would try to get into the homes of her patients, inquire about Miss Rhoen's practice and maybe give them a second medical opinion, if they would allow it. He had to do something while she was gone!


    One good thing about Emmaline being gone for two weeks was it gave Sam more time to research and figure out a way to get himself to leap back to Hidden Springs...IF he leaped. Science and Quantum Physics were much different in this world than they were on Earth...


    After a few hours Sam came to the realization that he, and neither anyone else on the Project, could possibly have any control over him leaping back...as much as he liked to believe that a genius like himself could figure it out. It just wasn't possible. The thought that he could even accomplish it surfaced during his last fight with Al. It was said out of anger, without any thought as to its probability. It was in the hands of God...not him. Not anyone. It was a tough realization to swallow. All he could do was pray again. He'd been praying more lately than he had in years!

    While taking a break a thought came to him as he poured some coffee. What if I created some kind of a wrist band, that would disrupt the flow of time, preventing me from leaping into another person when God has already leaped me, and it sends me back here!? His eyebrows shot up at the thought as he continued pouring. It was definitely a start to a great idea! He whipped himself around, nearly spilling the scalding hot drink on himself and headed back to the guest room to begin researching the idea.


    Testing it would be...well, impossible. He would just simply have to slap on his creation and test it if he leaped. Please God if this thought came from You...make it a success. Please. I'm happy to do the work You want me to, but I can't keep leaping away from the people I love anymore... He knew God always heard him, but...would He hear him in so great a circumstance such as this, especially when it would most likely go against HIS will? It was too hard to comprehend, he just had to keep researching.


    For the rest of the afternoon and all through the night he researched, drew out a bunch of plans and intended to get with his friend and former co-worker Liam O'Dourke about obtaining the right materials required to create the "bracelet." Al even showed up on the scene to ask his friend how everything was going. Sam told him his idea and at first Al thought it was a bit far-fetched, but once the Physicist explained to him in great detail the purpose of the bracelet, in layman's terms thankfully, Al really began to feel Sam was on to something.

    The sun shone through the guest room window sooner than Sam had expected. He glanced at his watch and there was no time for sleep. He sighed and pressed his fingers tightly on the bridge of his nose. Clearly he was fatigued, mentally and physically, but he couldn't miss his date to the Fall Festival grounds with Donna this morning.


    Fall was here! The smell of dry leaves, rainfall, toasted nuts and pumpkin pie filled the air. Sam loved that many things were still the same here as they were on Earth.

    The reason Sam and Donna were meeting up so early for this date was because Donna's work schedule changed to the afternoons and into the evening so the morning was the only time she could spare for the two of them to be together. When she arrived, Sam's eyes lit up as he smiled brightly. He couldn't get over just how beautiful she is and sometimes he couldn't figure out whether he was so attracted to her because her name was Donna, or that she had such an angelic personality. Either way, he felt like one lucky man to have won her heart.

    They stood before the haunted house, holding hands while debating on whether to enter it.


    "I'm not the biggest fan of haunted houses," Donna admitted.
    "It'll be fun!" Sam stated.
    Donna hesitated while swinging their hands from side to side. "I dunno. I don't care to be scared. And what if something creepy jumps out at me and my hair and makeup gets all messed up before work?"
    Sam chuckled lightly at her comment as he stepped closer to her. "Don't worry, I'll protect you," he assured with a wink. "Besides, you'll still look great even if your hair and makeup get messed up."
    Blushing, Donna asked, "Will you help me fix them both if you fail to protect me?" She winked in return.
    "Of course."


    The haunted house turned out to be not nearly as scary as either of them were expecting, much to Donna's relief. It was kid friendly.
    "Wow, that was fun!" Donna commented as they exited through the smoky back door.

    What Donna suggested they do next came as quite a surprise to Sam, especially when earlier she was worried about her hair and makeup getting destroyed. She dared Sam to compete in an Apple Bobbing contest with her, claiming that she was an undefeated champion in her hometown. With a raised eyebrow Sam agreed and thought, Oh boy I gotta see this!

    Sam wasn't usually the competitive type, but once Donna started fishing up apples one after the other he realized that she wasn't kidding before and he developed a newfound determination to win!


    He struggled and tried and tried...


    ...but ultimately Donna won by a landslide.
    "I am impressed," Sam said to her when they finished. "I don't think I've EVER seen ANYONE bob for apples as great as you did just then!"
    Blushing again, Donna said, "It took A LOT of practice."

    After a few moments of chatting about Donna's childhood and where she grew up, Sam excused himself to go use the bathroom. On his way over, he spotted a man in a suit; white top, black pants, red tie with a floral undershirt, studying one of the fake gravestones by the haunted house. "Al?" Sam addressed.


    The man looked up and sure enough it was Al (his clothing being a dead give away). "Oh hey Sam."
    Pursing his lips and stepping closer, Sam asked in a whisper, "What are you doing here?"
    "Just checking out what kind of farewells they engrave on tombstones in this world." He held the cigar up to his mouth and rested it in his teeth.
    Quickly taking a look around, Sam leaned in closer and said a little more loudly, "Those are FAKE Al! Now why are you here?"
    Al shrugged. "What? I have to have a reason to show up now? I find it fascinating visiting and discovering this new world."
    "You're spying on me aren't you?" Sam asked in irritation. It wouldn't be the first time.
    "No!" Al responded, letting out a puff of smoke.
    Sam folded his arms and gave Al that traditional look that said he didn't believe him.
    Removing the cigar from his mouth, Al poked it toward the sky and said, "Ok...maybe a little."
    Sam dropped his arms to the sides in annoyance.
    "It sure looks like you're starting to get pretty serious with that babe over there--"
    "Don't call her that," Sam ordered in a gentlemanly fashion. He looked down and dug the tip of his shoe in the grass. "We're getting close yes, but...nothing serious yet."
    Al blew out another puff of smoke. "Well, while you're out hanging with her you're losing sight of Emmaline Rhoen."
    "I can't keep track of her right now anyway," Sam retorted, "she's out of town for two weeks."
    Al froze. "And...when were you going to tell me this?"
    "I didn't think I needed to because I figured you were trusting me to handle it!"
    Those words stung Al for a bit.
    "Please Al," Sam continued, "I got this. Just trust me and be patient."
    Al nodded. He decided to put off telling Sam about another green person he noticed at the Festival until later...



    Even though Donna left to go to work hours ago, Sam stayed and enjoyed himself more at the Festival. He thought he really should've gone home to get some sleep, but somehow he caught a second wind.

    Just to get a laugh out of Emma at their next piano lesson tomorrow, Sam got his face painted again.


    As the sun began going down, Sam ordered some onion rings for dinner.


    The woman at the concession stand was Marcela Jimenez whom Sam was set up on a blind date with by the Matchmaker in town. It took him a moment to remember her, but once he did and asked her how she was doing and tried to make small talk, she just gave him the cold shoulder. It made Sam feel terrible. He never did call her again to hang out like he promised. He certainly meant to, but then all the craziness with his Donna from Earth and the possibility of leaping again started and...he simply forgot. When she handed him his plate of onion rings he wanted so badly to apologize, but the look on her face clearly stated that she wanted him gone. Sadly, he stepped over to one of the tables and sat down to eat.


    Gosh, he thought, Marcela could've been watching me with Donna all morning. He lowered his head with his eyes closed and shook it. Is this the kind of man I've become? He'd never, ever intend to hurt another woman's feelings. He always said he'd be a one woman man and he certainly WOULD be! But why did he feel like the women all around him were thinking differently? It almost felt hopeless that he'd find his one true love.


    A few days later, Sam finally got most of the leaves in his yard raked up and created a nice, tall pile. Staring at it for a moment he just couldn't resist. He dove right into it!

    The leaves didn't provide as much of a cushion as he expected. Landing hard on his bum he cried out, "Ouch! Ok that was a bad idea."


    So he just played around in it instead.


    Childish moments like these seemed to put his mind at ease.

    His blissful moment was interrupted by a phone call. He made a bet with himself that it was Catarina Vanderburg, but once he looked at the number...it was one that had never called him before. Curious, he answered it.

    "Sam Beckett?"
    "Oh thank goodness! It's me, Jessica Willow. Sorry, I had to track down your number and get a hold of you because," she paused, "our friend Cassidy...is really starting to worry us."
    Sam could feel himself getting pale. "What's going on?"
    "Well, she took some more of those pills again and now she's acting very...strange."
    "Define strange?"
    "Umm...it's hard to explain. Kind of like she's high or something...very loopy and disoriented, not acting like herself."
    Oh boy...
    Jessica continued, "I'm so sorry to bother you like this Sam but you're a doctor and...Cassidy refuses to go to the Hospital."
    Figures, Sam thought as he raced toward his car. "You're not a bother," he told Jessica. "Hang tight. I'll be right there."
    "Thank you Sam! Thank you!"

    To be continued...

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    OMG readers! Something CRAZY happened in my Sam Beckett save that I HAVE to share!!!!

    This kind of thing hasn't happened in my game for a LONG TIME! So...if you think my reaction was too slow or whatever...that's why.

    Anyway, Sam got an invitation to Emma's house party and of course he said Yes to going! :)

    It was a formal dress party. Everyone was having a lovely time, chatting, dancing to music, listening to Hector Mendoza play the guitar...until Sam began wondering where Emma was...?

    Being the Neat Sim that she is, she was out raking (I thought, Oh boy that's gonna take forever! :pensive: ). Emma created one heck of a nice pile of leaves when that Witch Lonnie Pertridge came out and started booing her raking! It's her own DANG lawn Lonnie! She can do whatever the heck she wants! :angry:

    Anyway, I promptly sent Sam over to "Argue" with her because nobody is rude to one of his best friends like that (besides I h'ate Lonnie!)
    He was just in the middle of arguing with her when I heard a horribly scary tune and...........got THIS notification:


    After the scare from the creepy music wore off I was like, "Oh gosh, a meteor!!! This is gonna get crazy...." :worried:

    I tried zooming out to see where it would land, but nothing was there...yet.

    Sam and Lonnie started searching the sky:

    You can see they are still angry with each other.

    Emma was STILL raking and as the seconds were ticking away I was thinking, "I've got TWO of my main characters here in this situation. I have no control over Emma and Sam is standing super close to the house! Surely he won't get hit!" (I was still worried about Emma though...)

    A few more of the guests run outside from the home, looking at the sky. Then I see them begin to cover themselves. I PAUSED the game and went into Map View to see where the sucker was going to land:

    See it!? Yup, heading straight for Emma's house.

    At this point I panicked. :cold_sweat: I knew I could always not Save the game but it had kinda been a while since I saved...and I couldn't remember if anything super important happened. I shrugged and thought, Oh well, at least my pictures are safe.

    I zoomed back in on Sam and fully intended to have him "get the h*** out of Dodge!" but.......it was too late.
    *He and I braced ourselves*

    ( @CravenLestat ^^That's Betty in the Red dress :( )

    People..........that GIANT meteor landed RIGHT ON SAM!!! :astonished: My mouth dropped...my heart sank! :heartbreak:

    I cried out:

    (4 second vid, just click on it. )

    I mean, seriously! Even when he was THAT close to the house!!!!

    The smoke cleared.....the 3 people outside got scorched. Emma FINALLY ran out to the scene, but what she happened upon was horrifying. :fearful:


    The Grim Reaper showed up....standing over the meteor with Sam's body crushed underneath it. Emma drew closer. The onlookers were crying.
    Emma was so shocked, she couldn't even shed a tear for a few minutes.


    Sam's spirit emerged......all the while reality finally struck Emma and she began balling. :cry:


    I mean LOOK at her! :cry:

    (Not to mention I was dying a little on the inside as well! :heartbreak: )

    The Grim Reaper and Sam stood face to face. I expected Sam to meet his doom, BUT.........


    "Oh thank Gosh the Death Flower!!!!!!" <3:star:
    I forgot he had one! (Actually he has two ;) From Gardening! YES!)

    Grim was extremely thankful for the flower and with his powers...


    ...he restored Sam back to life. :star:

    As Grim took off with the flower...


    ...Emma's like, "YEAH! That's right! Get the h*** out of here Grim!" Although thank you for saving my best friend... <3

    I thought that maybe I could save the game after all since Sam was revived, however......when I took a look at the inside of Emma's house...quite a bit of it was in shambles and...I didn't want to deal with that so, I went to the Main Menu without saving.

    I mean, Holy Honk everyone! That was NUTS! :anguished:

    There's no way I could incorporate that into Sam's Quantum Leap story.
    Someone had a dream about it? ;)

    I might have taken some other kind of pictures after the meteor hit in case I decided to make it a dream of someone's. :p

    You all will just have to wait and see. :mrgreen:

    In the meantime, Happy Simming and hoping no meteors come your way!
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    The Inevitable
    Part 2

    It was a good thing Jessica Willow and her friend's residence was less than five minutes away from Sam's house. When he pulled up his car came to a screeching halt, causing dust to fly everywhere. Sam couldn't wait for it to dissipate. He raced out the door, up the porch, and knocked on the front door.

    Jessica opened it and relief washed over her face as she held her hand out to Sam.


    "Thank you so much for coming!" she exclaimed and invited Sam in. As Sam stepped in he could hear Al appear from right behind him. He passed through the door as Jessica closed it.
    "Where's Cassidy?" Sam asked.
    "Upstairs in her bedroom," Jessica replied, "she wasn't very happy when she realized I was on the phone with you..."
    "Well, there's no time to--"
    Sam and everyone else in the room was interrupted by a loud thump that came from upstairs. They all looked up, except for Al who was reading something on the Handlink.
    "What on earth was that!?" Jessica asked breathlessly.
    "I don't like the sound of that Sam..." Al piped in.


    "You better get up there," he continued.
    Sam bolted up the stairs in a flash. Jessica followed.
    "Gushie center me on Cassidy!" Al ordered through the Handlink and he disappeared into Cassidy's room. He arrived just as Sam asked Jessica to stay outside the door and entered the room.
    "Sam..." Al said gloomily as Sam stepped further into the room. He looked down to find Cassidy's body laying lifeless on the floor.


    Sam immediately fell down to his knees beside her and checked her pulse. He let out a breath of relief when he felt it beating.
    "Cassidy?" he addressed loudly, propping her head up a bit and gently opening her eyes with his thumb. He could see she was barely conscious.
    Jessica couldn't help but peek through the doorway.
    "Is she gonna be alright Sam?" Al asked, but Sam paid him no mind and whipped his head around toward Jessica.
    "Exactly how long ago did she take those pills?" he asked her.
    With her eyes widened, trying to think, Jessica replied, "Uhh...like...ten minutes or so before I called you."
    Sam did the math. The thing he had in mind to do was a long shot, but it would be worth it to keep her body from absorbing any more of the pills. He quickly got Cassidy to her feet, her eyes somewhat opening and he said to her, "Come with me Cassidy. It's going to be alright."
    Al followed after the two.
    "Do you need any help?" Jessica offered.
    "No, we're fine," Sam answered, carefully leading Cassidy to the bathroom just off her bedroom.

    When Al saw Sam position Cassidy over the toilet he whispered, "Oh boy..." and turned to look away.
    Cassidy's eyes had fully opened now, obviously feeling disoriented as she began to panic and tried to free herself from Sam's grip. "No, no," Sam said, "You gotta stay right here. It's going to be ok."
    Cassidy couldn't speak, she just stared, bug-eyed, at the toilet below her.


    "I'm sorry I have to do this," Sam said, as he held Cassidy's head with his right hand and stuck a couple of his fingers deep into her mouth, triggering her gag reflex, with the other. There was a loud cough as Cassidy gripped her stomach and leaned forward. Sam stepped back toward Al to give her privacy.


    As she began hurling, Al covered his ears and whispered to Sam, "Was there really no other way?" He already knew the answer, but asked it in the middle of feeling repulsed.
    Sam glanced over his shoulder at him and answered, "Yup. You know you could always go back to the Imaging Chamber."
    "No way! I wanna see what happens after this."
    Sam cracked a smile as he carefully observed Cassidy.

    When she finished throwing up Cassidy leaned over the toilet, resting her arms on the seat, gasping for breath. She was already becoming more conscious. Al and Sam were glad. After a few minutes, Sam carefully approached her, lightly touching her shoulder asking if she was okay. Her reaction caused Sam and Al to jump. She threw her hands on her head and cried out, "Why'd you DO that to me!?"
    "To save your life," Sam and Al said at the same time.


    Cassidy didn't respond, but tried to pull herself up from the toilet and failed.
    "Here," Sam said, gently helping her to her feet. "Let's get you in bed."
    "Way to go Sam," Al said to his buddy, letting out a puff of smoke and smiling.


    Once Cassidy was sound asleep, Sam placed the pill bottle into his pocket and spoke outside her room with Jessica. They had a long chat about Cassidy's medical history, as much as Jessica could remember. Sam concluded by asking Jessica to tell Cassidy to stay away from any of the "all natural" substances she gets from Emmaline Rhoen. "Doctor's orders!" He also said he would be back to check on Cassidy tomorrow.

    "Thank you SO much for stopping by," Jessica expressed, "and for doing what you did. She's one of my best friends and...I dunno what I would've done if I'd lost her like that. Thank you!"


    "I'm glad I could help," Sam said, shaking her hand. In that moment the two heard a cry coming from Cassidy's room and once again Sam rushed to her side, but it was only a false alarm. She was dreaming and breathing gently, comfortably on the side of the bed.
    Sam rubbed the nape of his neck and let out a big sigh. I've gotta figure out just how I'm going to stop this lady. I wish she wasn't out of town! People can't suffer at her hands like this anymore.



    With the arrival of Fall, Sam's garden was dying out while some plants had become dormant. He found that the only two pumpkins that grew from the vine turned out to be the perfect size for Jack-O-Lanterns. It wasn't quite Halloween yet (or "Spooky Day" as they called it here) but Sam was so anxious to carve a pumpkin, after having not done it in years, that he grabbed a knife from the house, sat on the nearly frozen ground and began carving in the light of the moon. He wasn't that sleepy anyway. His mind was occupied with too many different thoughts and concerns.


    When he finished (he'd forgotten how orange one's hands can get from carving) he displayed it by his front door proudly.


    A few days earlier, Sam went back to Cassidy's residence to check on her like he promised. She was faring well and she expressed her deep gratitude to Sam for saving her life. She vowed never to see Emmaline again and Sam hoped she would stay true to her word. In the meantime the pills were being tested in the lab at the Hospital to determine their exact ingredients. He was told it would take a few days to get the results. It might as well been a few months or a few years with the way Sam was anxiously waiting for them.

    Just as Sam was about to finally turn in for the night, Al appeared right in front of him, scaring the heck out of him.
    "Oh Gosh!" Sam cried out.
    "What?" Al asked innocently, cigar between his teeth.
    "Don't DO that!"
    Al knew what he was talking about since it happened before a few times. "Well, I'm sorry but you know I can't control where I end up sometimes."
    Holding his hand to his heart, Sam nodded with his eyes closed. "I know Al, I know. Sorry."

    Al shrugged as if it say, it's ok and removed the cigar from his mouth. "Hey Sam, check it out," he asked, striking a pose, "What do you think of the new suit Beth got me?"


    Honestly, it didn't look like anything special to Sam. It looked like everything else that came from his wardrobe. "It looks nice Al," he answered halfheartedly.
    "I mean seriously Sam," Al went on, "she is just the perfect woman. Who knows me inside and out. And you gotta admit," he paused, doing the pose again, "I make this look good!"
    "Oh boy..."


    When he finished shaking his head Sam asked, "So, what's up Al? I was just about ready to go to bed."
    "Oh, right," Al said, throwing the cigar back into his mouth and pulling out the Handlink. "All of us at the Project are wondering how your little invention is coming along?" He didn't look at Sam, just continued to read what was on the Handlink.
    Sam stretched his arms forward, with his fingers clasped together. "Well," he began, "I've drawn and written out all the specs for it, I just need to take it to the Science Lab and see about getting it made. I'm still trying to work out a few kinks."


    "Good," Al said. The Handlink made a screeching sound so he smacked it with the heel of his hand like he always did and continued reading.
    (Here's a fun gif to go with that :p )

    "I also wanted to give you Ziggy's prediction on the effectiveness of the bracelet," he continued.
    At this point, Sam honestly didn't care what Ziggy's prediction would be. "Let's hear it," he said.


    Taking the cigar from his mouth again, Al read, "Based on all the data she's received from this world and calculating everything up, which took a couple of days by the way, she predicts only a 45% chance that the bracelet will send you back HERE instead of you traditionally leaping into another person." He dropped the Handlink down to his side and glanced over at Sam to hear his reaction.
    Sam pursed his lips as he stepped closer to Al. "She's wrong," he countered.
    "I figured that's how you'd feel about it kid, but she usually isn't..."
    "Yes, but sometimes she has been! Besides Al, I think I know a little bit more about the quantum physics in this world than she does!"
    "I dunno Sam...she's linked with your mind just like I am."
    "Nonetheless!" Sam nearly shouted, "I'm going to prove her wrong and make this thing 100% effective. I know I can!"
    Al gazed deeply into Sam's eyes, truly hoping he could.
    "I'll make it work Al," Sam continued, "even if it kills me!"


    A few nights later, Sam was driving Emma home from a gig they had contemplating whether now was the right moment to tell her about him possibly leaping or later.


    No doubt Emma could sense that his mind was occupied.
    "You've been awfully quiet since we left the Theater," she said, "is everything...OK?"
    Sam gripped the wheel tighter and sighed. "Honestly," he started, "I don't really know anymore."
    Emma continued to gaze at him, encouraging him to say more.
    It's time, Sam decided. He drove a little slower now. "There's something I need to tell you," he said.
    Suddenly, Emma grew nervous. "Ok?"
    Sam then proceeded to tell her about his plans to stop Emmaline Rhoen, how he might leap somewhere else after he does and the purpose of his bracelet invention.

    When he finished, Emma's mouth hung open. They had just arrived in her driveway.
    Now it was Sam who gazed at her, waiting for a response.
    "You could leave?" Emma finally asked, heart thumping, "and...never come back?"
    "Well, that's where the bracelet comes in," Sam reminded, "I know it's workings are hard to understand, but...I think I've made a breakthrough with it and it WILL bring me back here!"
    Sam couldn't tell, but Emma was holding back tears. "Oh gosh Sam I really hope it works!"
    Placing a hand on her shoulder, Sam said comfortingly, "It will."
    Emma smiled.
    "Also, I need you to do a few things for me if I leap."
    Sam smiled, grateful to have a friend he could rely on in this case. "I'll need to you to care for my pets, collect my mail and above all," he paused, "make up a good reason why I suddenly disappeared to anyone who asks...especially Donna."
    Emma did a double take at him. "You haven't told Donna about all this?"
    Lowering his head and then looking back up again, Sam replied, "We're not exactly...in a place in our relationship right now for me to reveal all that yet."
    "But you plan to?"
    Sam thought for a moment. "I dunno," he answered honestly. "When it feels right to tell her I'll know, but...that might not be until after I've leaped and return."
    Emma nodded, understanding. "You better return," she said, as if ordering him, "We can't lose you Sam. Hidden Springs needs you."


    To be continued...

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    @KatNip , @HARIBOWS , @ZeeGee :)
    I dunno if you guys want me to tag you or if you have "starred" the thread. Let me know. :) Just don't want you to miss too much. ;)
    Thanks for reading. <3
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    I have it starred so I get updates. Thanks :)
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    The Inevitable
    Part 3

    The weather began growing colder as it forced the leaves to fall from the trees and the morning dew to freeze, leaving a sheet of frost on the ground. On this day Sam woke up early, bundled himself up and went out for a walk. He needed more time to be alone and gather his thoughts. Even though everything in nature seemed to be dying, there were still little traces of beauty to be found. Like the frost glittering in the sun just before it melts. Nature all around him was breathtaking and he began falling in love with Hidden Springs all over again.

    Just as Sam was heading on his way back home he noticed a large, stunningly shaped and colored bird pecking at the ground. He'd never seen a creature like it before and crept closer to get a better look. The bird's head turned immediately as it heard Sam's footsteps, but it just stared at him instead of flying away. "Easy there birdie," Sam soothed as he inched closer. "I'm not going to hurt you, just want to get a better look at you." The bird was indeed beautiful. It had shimmering metallic feathers and "ears" like a Great-Horned Owl's. Sam was amazed a bird of it's size hadn't flown off yet the closer he got. It almost appeared as if the bird was smiling at him, as he crunched down in front of it and spoke to it for a bit.

    It was apparently a bird of intelligence, Sam observed. He wondered what would happen if he held out his arm and beckoned the bird to jump onto it.


    After a few tries, with the bird finally learning what he was asking, the bird jumped onto his arm and Sam's heart began to flutter. This is amazing! he thought as he carefully stood upright with the bird lingering on his arm, talons gripping it.


    "You feel like coming home with me?" Sam asked.
    The bird just c'oc'ke'd it's head to the side and blinked at him a couple of times.
    "I guess we shall see huh?" he said as he slowly walked back home. Fortunately it was only about two hundred feet away.

    Sam already owned a large birdcage from a previous pet bird he had that passed on so he pulled it out again and made it up for his new pet. The bird seemed to enjoy his new environment which surprised Sam. Man, everything about this world is just different from my own and...I really enjoy discovering every bit of it. He wasn't sure what he would name his new buddy yet, but he knew a great name would come to him eventually.


    A few days later Sam thought, for a change, he would get a little more creative (and be a little silly) in asking Donna out again. He decided to write her a "love letter" and tried desperately to remember how to write a great poem from his early school days.


    Success! He finished it off with a nice personal note...


    ...and sent it off in the mail. He was sure she'd receive it by the end of the day.

    And she did. The next morning Donna called him before leaving for work, expressing how his letter warmed her heart and that she would love to meet him at the place he specified after she got off work that day. Sam felt like he was floating on Cloud 9 as he concluded with, "Sounds like a date then. I'll meet you there at four. Have a great day at work. Bye." They would be meeting at the Redwood Peak Viewing Area.


    The Redwood Peak Viewing Area was Sam's favorite place in all of Hidden Springs to visit.


    With breathtaking mountain views, the colorful city down below and a massive waterfall just off to the right...it was a very relaxing and serene spot. The perfect place to bring a date he always thought.


    Sam waited for quite a while, admiring the scenery when he thought, Donna should've been here by now and glanced down at his watch. It was nearing four-thirty. He shrugged it off and figured she most likely got off work late and was making her way over. Besides there was a bit of a walk to get up to the peak. Still, just to be sure, he sent her a text message making sure everything was OK.


    Fifteen more minutes passed and Sam could feel the cold finally making it's way through his jacket. He did receive a text back from Donna that she was on her way so in the meantime he started a fire in the fire pit to keep warm while waiting.

    Little bonus pic here :p

    Donna arrived a couple of minutes before five and she walked up to Sam expressing her apologies. She did get off work late from working on a project and then of course the short trail up to the peak in heels was a bit difficult.
    "I'm sorry about that," Sam apologized in return, "I hope your feet aren't hurting."
    "Oh no," Donna assured, "they are just fine. Really, it was no problem." She glanced around for a moment and added, "It really is beautiful up here."
    Sam smiled. "It's even more beautiful now that you're here."
    Donna blushed.
    Sam stepped closer to her and said, "I'm glad you you made it and that you're alright," as he lightly kissed her on the lips.


    Donna gladly returned the peck.


    When they both stepped back and gazed into each others eyes, Donna spoke first. "Wow," she said in a whisper. "I wasn't expecting that."
    Chuckling a bit, Sam said, "I didn't plan on it, it just...felt right."
    Donna grinned.


    "Perhaps it would've been more appropriate," Sam continued, "if I had serenaded you first."
    Donna giggled. "Maybe. Well then?" she encouraged.
    Sam then began to serenade her with a song he learned from one of the tourists from Champs Les Sims.


    At first it was hard for her to make out what he was saying, but she soon forgot about that and felt her heart begin to flutter listening to his phenomenal voice.
    "Oh really?" she asked jokingly.
    Sam nodded and continued.


    When Sam raised his arm in the air for the grand ending, Donna held her hand to her heart, swooning, but not literally.


    "Oh Sam!" she exclaimed, taking his hands, "that was beautiful! You really have a GREAT voice!"
    "Thank you," Sam blushed.
    "Hopefully I'm not working next time you perform."
    "For sure."
    Their arms swayed from side to side for a bit, each one falling even more deeply for the other.


    Coming out of the daze over the romantic moment, Sam took a good look at Donna's attire and exclaimed, "You must be freezing! Where's your coat?" He began to take off his to offer her.
    "Oh I'm ok," she assured, "my sleeves are long enough and my nylons are surprisingly keeping my legs warm."
    Sam hesitated, but put his coat back on.
    "Besides," she added, "I've always preferred the cold weather anyway."
    Smiling Sam said, "Well, coat or not you look great."


    "Oh Sam," Donna said, looking away while blushing, "you gotta stop making me blush like this." She rubbed at her arms because she really did feel cold and Sam noticed she was shivering slightly.
    "Here," Sam said, taking her into his arms, "let me warm you up here."


    Donna held onto him tightly. "Oh Sam," she said again, "You are just the sweetest and most thoughtful man I have ever met."


    After a few seconds of hugging, Sam released her a bit to look into her eyes, but he didn't step back too far. Donna returned his gaze and added, "and you're the most romantic man I've ever met."
    Now, Sam blushed. He didn't know what to say.
    "About that kiss?" Donna asked with an expression of longing upon her face. That short kiss, in and of itself, was amazing. She longed for more.
    "Yes?" Sam asked, longing for the same.
    Donna leaned in and kissed him more passionately this time.


    "Oh really?" Sam asked after a few seconds.
    "Yes," Donna answered. "Really."


    And that's the way they continued for the next several minutes...the sun beginning to set in the background.


    To be continued...

    Note: this is not the end of Part 3, I just have to stop here because it's after midnight and I must get to bed if I'm going to function tomorrow! :lol:
    Hope you enjoyed it. :blush:
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    The Inevitable
    Continuation of Part 3

    After minutes of intensely kissing, Donna stepped back to catch her breath. Sam did the same. Then the two chuckled, feeling like kids again experiencing their first kiss.
    "Wow Sam," Donna marveled, "I'm not sure I want to know how you learned to kiss so well but," she shrugged, "that was the most amazing kiss I have ever had!"
    Sam scratched the back of his head, feeling modest. "Oh...well...thank you, but I highly doubt I kiss better than most other guys."
    "Oh I beg to differ!"
    Sam smiled and didn't care if she'd see him blush anymore. In those small seconds of silence he lifted his hand to her cheek and stroked it.


    "Gosh," he began, "you remind me so much of..." then he stopped, almost wishing he hadn't mentioned it.
    Donna stared at him blankly. "Remind you of who?" she asked.
    Oh boy. He wasn't sure how to word it. "You remind me of...a former love of mine. Many years ago."
    "Oh? What happened with the two of you?"
    Sam lightly gulped. "It was...a complicated situation," he admitted. "We weren't allowed to see each other anymore."
    Donna frowned, sympathetically. "I'm so sorry Sam."
    "It's ok," Sam said deciding not to discuss it further. Things were starting out so well with Donna. He just couldn't reveal everything to her right now about him. Not in this moment. Besides, he could see her shivering again. They needed to leave soon.
    "You're cold," he said to her.
    "Yeah," Donna agreed, rubbing her arms.
    "Then I will need to make this quick."
    Upon hearing that, Donna looked upon him questionably.

    "Donna," Sam began, "I've had the most wonderful moments with you these past few weeks and...I'm finding it harder and harder to go through each day without seeing you."


    Smiling, Donna said, "You know, I've been feeling the same way Sam."
    Sam grinned brightly by the fact that she felt the same. He took her hand and continued, "I know this might seem quick and there's still so much we have to learn about each other," he paused, looking away for a bit, "but...what would you say to learning about those things together as...a couple?"


    Donna's bright smile didn't help keep the redness in her cheeks down.
    "That is," Sam added, "if...you'll have me?"


    "Oh Sam," Donna chuckled, "you are just the cutest guy ever!"
    Sam hoped that was a good thing.
    Sensing his bit of distress, Donna quickly exclaimed, "Of course I will be your girlfriend!"
    Cheering on the inside, Sam found himself leaping toward her...planting his lips onto hers.


    "Oh Donna..." Sam whispered at the conclusion of the kiss. "I feel like the luckiest man in the world right now."
    "Oh Sam..." Donna echoed, "I feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now." She pulled him toward her again for one more kiss.


    So it's official, Sam thought during the kiss. If this relationship is going to work out...I MUST be completely honest with her about my past. Tomorrow. I'll tell her the whole truth tomorrow. Right here in this very spot. This feels too good for me to drop that kind of a bomb on her...
    I don't want to lose her...not when I've just gotten her. God...please help me do this right.

    But for now he had to get her somewhere warm. They ran down the trail and a few more feet towards his house. Once inside, the two planted themselves in front of the fire and snuggled together for a long while. When they both awoke from drifting off they discovered it was very late in the evening. Donna expected Sam would allow her to stay over, but...being the gentleman that he was...and not wanting to rush things in their courtship, he offered to drive her home in her car and would take a taxi back to his place.


    The next day was Saturday. With Donna not working, Sam invited her to a picnic lunch back at the Redwood Peak Viewing Area. After a long prayer last night, Sam was feeling confident and ready to tell Donna everything. He had a good feeling that everything would be just fine.

    While he waited for her to arrive, he thought it would be fun to check out the telescope and view the sky during the day. As he peeked through he thought, Oh yeah...it's all coming together. My bracelet is nearing completion, in fact, it should be done by the end of the day. Donna is coming and we're going to have a wonderful lunch together and I'm going to tell her everything!

    Taking his eye off the scope for a moment and looking ahead towards the mountains he said, "Yeah. Life is great. It can't get much better than this."


    Then IT happened.


    To be continued...

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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Can't wait to see the next part
    The Sequel: Part 4

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