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Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) Sims 3 story :)


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    @Charlottesmom Main thread? Isn't this it? I don't want to miss anything

    @ZeeGee , Emorrill posts her updates here and in her what happened in your game today thread (same updates so you miss nothing) which I consider the main thread as it is a super fast moving thread where we all comment on each other's stories/play. :smiley:
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    @ZeeGee , Emorrill posts her updates here and in her what happened in your game today thread (same updates so you miss nothing) which I consider the main thread as it is a super fast moving thread where we all comment on each other's stories/play. :smiley:

    @Charlottesmom Oh ok, thank you for letting me know. I've been in that thread before but it moves so fast I can't keep up with it, just don't have the time. Wish I did!

    @emorrill Hope you enjoy Part 4!
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    Ending the Evil - Part 1
    Part 2

    Al stared at the two crumpled mailing envelopes Sam held out to him to inspect and asked, "This is all you got? Really?"
    "Pretty much...yeah," Sam replied. "She's good at covering her tracks."
    "So how do these envelopes help us?" Al asked, standing up straighter and holding the cigar to the side of his face.
    "Well," Sam began. "Did you see where the letters are from?"
    Al peered at them again and answered, "The hospital."
    "So what does this mean?" It was pretty self explanatory, but Al knew Sam liked the pleasure of him asking the genius physicist what he thought.

    "Well," Sam proudly began, "These envelopes are the typical style of the ones that deliver paychecks. To be sure, I made a phone call."
    "So she works at the Hospital!?" Al exclaimed, eyes widened with concern.
    "Yes! But not as a Physician, thank goodness..."


    Relief washed over Al's face as well.
    "She works in the Lab," Sam informed.
    "What!? You have connections with the Lab! How did you not know she works there?"
    With a sigh Sam replied, "because she was hired not too long after my last dealings with them. Which was when I sent a sample of one of her pills, whom I got from her former patient Cassidy Earthsong remember, to be tested of its contents."


    "Ohhhh," Al replied, blowing out smoke while recalling and figuring out just what he might be getting at. "You never got those results did you?"
    "No," Sam replied, "I didn't. Leaping out of Hidden Springs sure didn't help with that either."
    Al nodded.
    "In fact," Sam went on, "the lab technician I spoke to was very apologetic about it. He said they were placed in line to be tested, following the usual protocol, and when he remembered it, he went searching for the sample and found it was...gone. Not a trace of it anywhere. He figured it just...got lost."


    "Yeah right," Al muttered, rolling his eyes.
    "My thoughts exactly!"

    Placing his hands on his hips Sam went on. "So it's safe to say that Emmaline disposed of the sample for obvious reasons and that she is using the Lab's resources to further her evil plans."
    "To create more pills? Or syringes?"
    "My thoughts exactly." Sam repeated himself with a grin.


    Al grinned as well. "Boy Sam," he said, poking his cigar in his friend's direction, "I'm getting to be as smart as you."
    Looking down with a chuckle, Sam mumbled, "Don't flatter yourself."
    "I heard that!"


    That afternoon Sam roamed around town, reconnecting with the locals and casually asking what their experiences were with Miss Emmaline Rhoen and her practice. Many had nothing but good things to say about her, which isn't good, Sam thought, and some others called her a phony. Quite fitting. But none of them had any other useful information to use against her so Sam headed to the Library to see what he could dig up on her from the internet. He even further researched Louis Swete's death. Those yielded nothing useful as well. She's good, he couldn't help thinking, she's really good.

    As the evening wore on, Sam left the Library and decided to take a stroll to relax and gather his thoughts.

    As he reached the intersection where the grocery store and Police Department meet, he spied a familiar face. Emma.

    Standing outside the grocery store she was talking, or rather flirting from the looks of it, with a certain man and Sam assumed it was the man she went on a date with a few days back.


    I guess things are getting pretty serious between them, he thought, while stopping, placing his hands in his pockets and studying them for a bit. He found himself curious to see if they would kiss.

    They didn't, but hugged each other tightly...as if reluctantly saying goodbye for the night.


    He wasn't sure why he found himself relieved that she didn't kiss the guy, I mean, I'm happy she's found someone, but as she turned toward the direction he was in, he flinched and immediately went on walking.

    It was very cold outside anyway...


    The next day Al appeared on the scene, interrupting Sam's breakfast, ordering him to, "Turn on your TV Sam. You gotta see this! The news is interviewing Catarina and...she doesn't look so good."
    Eyebrows raised and complying, Sam wondered how Al knew that was going on, but he shrugged it off. His concern for Catarina rapidly replaced those thoughts.

    The two stood before the TV as Sam flipped the channels to find the news station.

    Catarina was just finishing up answering a question about something and Sam's eyes widened at her appearance.


    "Oh Al," he spoke, "she looks awful!"
    "Yeah, like a zombie!" Al snickered.
    But Sam was not amused.


    "No! Like sick!" he stated, then shook his head with worry. "She's in real trouble Al."
    "Umm...ya think!?"
    They listened intently to catch the Newswoman's next question.

    Newswoman: Mrs. Vanderburg, before you leave, would you care to answer the looming concerns that have been going around about your health lately?


    Catarina: Concerns?
    Newswoman: Well, your appearance has changed considerably in the last month and it's gotten people talking. We're all just wondering if you're feeling alright?
    Catarina: Well of course! I've never been better! This change in my skin tone is the result of a body detox regimen monitored by my personal physician.

    Sam and Al shot a knowing glance at each other.


    Catarina: It's just your normal, monthly cleanse to keep one's body in tip top shape. Don't you all worry, I am doing just fine.

    "She's NOT doing just fine!" Sam cried out. "Anyone can see that! You don't even have to be a doctor!"
    Al nodded.

    Catarina: No more questions please.

    "I mean seriously Al, is she out of her mind!?" Sam recoiled.
    "Yes, Sam, she is."


    While watching the footage of Catarina leaving the scene, Al glanced back in Sam's direction to find he had stepped away, racing into his bedroom. "Hey! Kid..."
    "I've gotta go see her now!" Sam called out, changing into a more formal outfit.
    "You sure she's gonna let you in?" Al asked.
    "Well I have to at least try! I mean, c'mon Al! You know that in order to save Catarina I gotta gain her trust again." He emerged from the room adjusting his tie. "I mean, that's not just going to magically happen overnight you know."
    "I know!" Al responded, feeling insulted at what he was implying. "I just was simply asking. Besides you're a little emotionally unstable at the moment and," he sighed, coming closer, "I'm not sure now is the right time to approach the mansion and demand that you see her! You could end up pushing her farther away."
    "Time is something we don't have a whole lot of Al! Now's as good a time as any. She's going to die in two weeks if I don't hurry up and help her!"
    "I know, kid," Al hushed, "just...stay calm and composed when you get there ok? You're walking on thin ice here."
    "Ok," Sam casually agreed, while grabbing his keys and rushing out the door.


    Al is right, Sam thought as he drove closer to the Vanderburg mansion. Of course he had to keep himself composed and professional. He was about to grovel at Catarina's feet and...he didn't exactly like it. God I know you're going to help me with this one right? he prayed, eyes looking up.

    Once he approached the door and rang the bell, naturally it was their Butler who answered it. "Doctor Beckett," she greeted halfheartedly, "May I help you?"
    "Yes," Sam answered sincerely, "I'd like to see Mrs. Vanderburg."


    "I'm sorry Doctor," the Butler began to inform, "but Miss Catarina has asked that you not be allowed in."
    "Please," Sam tried not to beg, "I understand her being upset with me and I'm not asking for forgiveness I just--"
    "Then you'll just be on your way then," the Butler encouraged, stepping back into the house and getting ready to shut the door.
    "I'm worried about her!" Sam expressed, "Please. Allow me to see her for her well being--"
    "I have my orders Doctor Beckett," the Butler emphasized, sticking her nose up at him. "Now leave this property immediately!"


    Gulping silently, Sam complied, "Yes ma'am" and turned away dejectedly, the door closing behind him.

    He couldn't help but stop by the large fountain out front, sit himself down on the edge and whisper in denial, "Unbelievable." Catarina wasn't a stu*pi*d woman, he thought. There's no way she'd fall for Emmaline's treatment methods, but somehow...Emmaline had gotten a powerful mental hold on her. This was very concerning and he didn't know what else to do at this point. He prayed that Catarina's heart would be softened. If only she knew that he was trying to save her life...and her family's.



    That evening at the Vanderburg Mansion...


    "You're lucky you didn't pass out in front of the camera!" Renauld exclaimed to his wife, referring to her fainting episode when she returned home after the interview.


    "Well I didn't, did I?" Catarina retorted. "That's all that matters."
    Renauld bit the bottom of his lip while he shook his head. "I don't know what's gotten into you Catarina," he paused, worry in his eyes. "You haven't been the same since seeing this Rhoen lady."
    "Our concierge doctor," Catarina corrected.
    "She's not my doctor," Renauld sternly remarked, "I mean c'mon Catarina! We know that woman is batsh** crazy and running a shady practice...


    ...It's pretty obvious that her treatment method isn't working for you!"
    "See that's where you're wrong Renauld," Catarina began, waving a finger at him. "Her medicine does work. I wouldn't be able to function without these pills!"


    "Exactly! They aren't curing your problem, they're just masking it! Something else is wrong that she's not telling you about. I mean, can't you see what she's--"
    "If it wasn't for her I'd be a lot worse off!" Catarina thundered, feeling defensive. "Sam wasn't around Renauld! What the h*** else was I supposed to do?"
    "He's here now!" Renauld expressed with a sigh, "and you should've allowed him to come in today."
    "After the way he treated me?" she huffed. "No way."


    "I understand, but he obviously cares because why else would he come back?"
    Catarina paused in thought.

    "Please dear," Renauld began carefully, "invite him back at least for a second opinion. He's never done you wrong with medicine."
    "Renauld," Catarina started, fire in her eyes, "If I want his or your opinions I'll ask for them!"
    Looking away, Renauld got the message. This was such a typical reaction from his wife when she felt challenged and he was sick of it. "You're making a mistake," he whispered, then faced her. "I just want you to know how I feel."
    Catarina frowned, finding it hard to meet his gaze.

    "Whatever happens is on you!" he concluded, "Not me!" And with that he stormed up the stairs, leaving her alone in the foyer with that thought.


    To be continued.
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    Okay, Renauld, slap some sense into that woman!

    ETA: Not recommending domestic violence here, just a wakeup call :wink:
    The Sequel: Part 4

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    Oh, I hope Sam finds a way to meet with Catarina somehow!
    And I was happy when Sam felt that slight pang of jealousy towards Emma's date! :)
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    Hey everyone. I present to you Sam's next update. :mrgreen: It was a joy to write and I hope you will enjoy it too. :)
    I had to break it into two parts because it's a bit picture AND word heavy. ;)

    Ending the Evil - Part 2
    Part 1

    The next morning, after a horrible night's sleep, Sam was awoken by a call from Emma.

    "Hello?" he croaked a bit as he got up from the bed.
    "Hey Sam!" Emma replied joyfully, "Whatcha doin' today?"
    Rubbing at his eyes, Sam answered, "Uh...I'm not sure yet."
    "Do you want to hang out at the Winter Festival with me?" Emma asked, somewhat shyly. "Bruce is working and the forecast says this is the last day the snow is going to be around. I wanna enjoy it one last time before it melts!"
    Sam couldn't help cracking a smile over how cute that sounded. "Bruce?" he unhesitatingly asked.
    Emma froze for a second. "Oh...yeah," she replied, "I uh...thought I told you about him already. He's," she drew in a breath, "he's my boyfriend."

    Sam's eyebrows lifted upon hearing her confirmation of his assumption. "Oh," he said, trying to act casual. "Well, uh, that's...great!" I mean what else am I supposed to say? He couldn't figure out why he felt a slight twinge of heartache when he was truly and genuinely happy for his friend. However he couldn't leave his ridiculous, school boy response like that, especially with the awkward silence that ensued. "I'm glad you're with someone Emma," he went on with sincerity. "Really. You deserve to be a with a good man...and to be happy."
    Blushing, Emma said, "Aww, thanks Sam. That's so sweet of you to say. He is a good man."
    Sam nodded and scratched the back of his head, now not really knowing what else to say.
    "So...do you want to come with me?" Emma asked again.

    Knowing he really needed to strictly focus on Emmaline Rhoen, not to mention reaching Catarina in time, he also knew exactly when he felt stressed and overworked and right now...he needed a break. Have some fun. Just a short break, for a couple of hours or so, wouldn't hurt anything. Besides, he and Emma hadn't talked in a few days and it would be nice to catch up. Al would surely scold me for saying this but, "Sure," he answered Emma. "I would love that."


    "Great!" Emma exclaimed. "I'll meet you there in...fifteen minutes? See ya Sam!"


    When the two of them met up at the Festival Grounds, Emma immediately expressed her desire to go ice skating. "I've never done it before," she admitted.
    "You haven't!?" Sam asked in surprise.
    "I know, I know...I've always been afraid to, but," she paused, her chest rising with confidence, "I'm going to be brave today and just DO IT!"
    Sam grinned brightly at her. "Well, I think that's great!"


    "Besides," Emma began, "if I do happen to fall on my bu*tt and break my tailbone I know I'll have a doctor right there to patch me up." She winked. "So that's comforting."
    "Of course I will," Sam chuckled.

    Once they entered the rink, Sam told Emma to take it slow and that he would be right there behind her to catch her if she fell. Emma didn't exactly want to take it slow, but she figured she better listen to the "expert."


    "Oh my gosh this feels weird!" Emma expressed, holding her arms out to the side trying to keep her balance. "It's like I'm drifting in the clouds. Ah!"
    "You're doing great," Sam assured. "It certainly takes some getting used to, but you got this!"

    A few strokes later, Emma cried, "Woah, woah, woah!" about ready to fall.
    Sam's eyes immediately shot up in her direction.


    Emma recovered just in time. "Whew!" she expressed, wiping at her brow. "I really am nervous about breaking my tailbone though Sam," she said to him.
    Understandable. "Here," Sam addressed, skating closer to her. "Let's try this."
    Emma stopped as Sam skid to a halt before her.
    "Take my hands," he beckoned.
    Chuckling, Emma asked, "Uh...why?"
    "Just trust me."


    "Ok..." Emma trusted and took them. It felt...nice.
    "Alrighty," Sam began, "I recently did this with a...friend...of mine to help her overcome her fear of skating and...I'm pretty sure it will help you too."
    "Ok," Emma said again with a blush. "So what are we going to do?"
    "We twirl," Sam replied with a smile.
    Emma couldn't seem to calm her grin down at that thought. "So like...ice dancing?" she asked.
    "Yeah," Sam replied, unable to lose his grin either. "Something like that."


    As they twirled Emma closed her eyes and raised her chin up toward the sky. Breathing in the cool, fresh air she left all her confidence in Sam and kept a perfect balance. Around and around they went. Her heart fluttering at the same time.


    In those few moments Emma felt like she could take on anything in the world because...there was someone there, physically, to catch her if she fell.

    Or not.

    Sam sneezed which caused his hands to flinch and that was enough to spook Emma and send her falling backward.


    "AH!" she cried.
    "Oh no! Emma!"


    As her sharp skates came flying up towards his face, Sam naturally tried to dodge them and ended up falling himself.

    He landed hard on his stomach, knocking the wind out of him, while Emma landed hard on her bum.

    "Oh Emma," Sam panted, cheek nearly planted in the ice. "I am so sorry! Are you alright?"
    Catching a breath herself, Emma replied, "Yeah. My bu*tt hurts, but I don't think I broke anything."


    Oh boy... Sam thought, trying to pull himself back up. Emma followed suit. "Here let me help you--"
    "Better not," Emma expressed. "In case I send both of us falling again."
    Sam frowned at how she was obviously feeling. Good point though.


    Once they both successfully got up on their feet, Sam took Emma's hands again for good measure. "You know," he said, "that fall wasn't exactly your fault."
    Smiling at his kind nature, Emma reminded, "You sneezed Sam! No one can help those."
    "I know, but...I was supposed to catch you if you fell," he said, looking crestfallen. "Not make you fall. Or make you face your fear. I'm so sorry about that." He found his emotions heightening over the thought of her getting hurt in any way.
    "It's ok," Emma assured gently.
    Sam smiled.


    Sensing his emotions were on edge, Emma asked, "Are you feeling ok?"
    It was asked in such a way that she knew something more was going on and Sam couldn't keep it from her any longer. "Actually," he began, "No."
    Emma's face fell. "What is it?" she asked concernedly. "Is it your head? That was a pretty nasty fall."
    "No," Sam replied, giving a dismissive wave of his hand. "It's something else entirely. Let's get off the ice and we can talk about it."


    Part 2 is in my next post. :)
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    Ending the Evil - Part 2
    Part 2

    Never once during his nearing eight years of leaping, that he could remember, did Sam reveal the wrong that needed to be made right to an individual in the place where the wrong was prevalent. Despite going against many of his own time travelling rules and most likely suffering a rebuke from Al and Ziggy later...it didn't matter. This was his new reality, which was no ordinary leap. And also this was Emma. It was ok for her to know. She knew everything else about him and he trusted her with his life!

    She asked, with that incredible insight into his soul, so naturally he confided in her.

    He explained in a hushed tone the whole thing with Emmaline Rhoen and the Vanderburg's involvement in it as they built a snowman together.


    "Wow," Emma breathed, "that is so crazy Sam I don't even know what to say!"
    "Right?" Sam agreed.
    "I mean, I always knew Emmaline was nuts, but," she decided to change the subject. "Can Ziggy really predict the future like that? Exactly how it's going to happen?" Sam's intelligence in inventing a super computer like that really impressed her.
    "Well," Sam began, gathering up another ball of snow to create the midsection with. "Not always exactly, but most of the time she is spot on, yes."


    Emma simply shook her head in awe.
    "If I do anything, no matter how simple or great that affects the wrong in question then history changes...for better or for worse. I have to be extremely careful. It can be quite tasking."
    "I would imagine."
    "So," Sam huffed as he lifted the huge ball of snow onto the first, "now I still gotta figure out how I'm going to approach Emmaline without appearing like I know too much..."
    Emma nodded.
    "...and somehow get Mrs. Vanderburg to trust me again so I can treat her before she dies!"
    "Well that's certainly your number one priority!" Emma exclaimed. "How can I help?"
    This was the moment Sam dreaded the most from revealing all of this to her. Looking down sadly he replied, "You can't."

    Shooting him a stern look, Emma cried out, "What do you mean I can't!?"
    "Shhh!" Sam hushed her, glancing over at the adults and children skating nearby. No one seemed to notice.
    "I'm sorry," Emma whispered, "but seriously, why can't I help?"
    "Because," Sam began, leaning upon the nearly finished snowman, "I can't get you involved Emma. It's too dangerous."
    Emma threw the head ball onto the snowman's body with great force. "Then why did you tell me about it then?"
    "Because you asked...and I know you could sense something more was going on. You always do."
    Emma paused, looking deeply into his eyes for a moment before looking away and patting down the snow to finish shaping the body.


    "Trust me Emma," Sam consoled, "you don't want this burden."
    Emma still scowled at the fact.
    "You help me enough by simply being there for me," he informed while gently lifting her chin. "By knowing about the real me..."
    His touch caused her heart to skip a beat.
    "... and by listening when I need someone to turn to."
    Touching his hand in return, she cracked a smile.
    "And my G** Emma if something were to ever happen to you I--" Sam stopped, starting to get choked up.
    Emma stared at him with overwhelming anticipation, longing to hear the rest of it.

    But before Sam could go on her phone rang. It was Bruce.

    For the first time during their courtship Emma didn't find joy in his calling. "I uh," she addressed Sam. "I gotta take this."
    Sam nodded, understanding.


    "Excuse me," she said as she stepped away to find a quieter place to chat.
    Sam's shoulders slumped as he sighed.


    While Emma conversed on the phone, Sam tried to get his mind off everything by doing something fun like...making a snow angel.


    Then he heard some kids arguing over who was the better snowboarder. It started to get pretty heated, like a fight was about to break out so naturally as an adult he had to go over and try to settle it.

    "Oh yeah Mister," one vain kid said, "Well what do you know about snowboarding!?"

    With an eyebrow raised and a cracked smile, Sam accepted the kid's unintentional challenge.

    Sam may have never snowboarded before, but being a genius...he studied the half pipe for a few moments, figuring out the physics of it all and knew exactly what to do.

    After climbing the high ladder and positioning himself on the snowboard, he braced himself and gave it a whirl!


    Up the loop he went...


    He was airborne! He turned his hips just right and...successful landing! The kids oohed and awed. The vain kid gaped.

    He flew up the loop on the other side with ease, going airborne again. Gosh this is fun!


    And another successful landing towards the other side.


    When he finished the kids cheered as he bowed theatrically before them. He had to do a double take to find Emma standing among the crowd whistling. "Sam that was amazing!" she shouted, as he approached her.

    "Thanks," he expressed. "So how's Bruce?" he asked, while dusting the snow off his pants.
    "He's fine," Emma replied, "he was just calling to let me know that he has to stay and work late tonight."
    "Oh ok."
    "That means we can hang out for a little while longer," she smiled. "If you want..."
    "Yeah," Sam agreed.
    Emma's face lit up brightly. "Great!" she exclaimed, clasping her hands together. "I wanna try ice skating again before it gets dark!"
    Sam chuckled.
    "And we can have dinner here too because I think the Grill-A-Thon is going on tonight!"
    Sounds perfect.


    The Grill-A-Thon had begun at dusk. A good ten people were participating and the smell of hot dogs, chicken and steak filled the air. You didn't even have to be hungry to feel hungry!

    Sam and Emma danced to the music playing, hoping it would warm their bodies up, and in the distance a woman watched Sam for a bit before starting on her dish contribution.



    "Yeah! You shake that bo*oty baby! Woo!" the woman called out.

    Obviously hearing that, Sam froze stiff while Emma snickered. Turning around shyly he recognized the woman instantly. He'd never forget a face. It was Edelaine Porter. His first love in Hidden Springs.
    "Excuse me," he said to Emma while he approached Edelaine.


    Edelaine went right on cooking, pretending she didn't notice him and whistled.
    "Hey," Sam greeted with a smile.
    "Hey," Edelaine returned.
    "Nice catcall...or whatever that was," he jokingly commented.
    "You're welcome," she smirked.
    Her beauty still shined, even in the darkness. "So," he began, "how have you been?"
    Edelaine still didn't face him, focusing on her grilling. "Oh," she replied, "just hanging in there. Like we all are in life." Now she turned to him and flashed a smile.
    "You're mostly doing well though?"
    "Yeah. Better when I found out that you weren't dead!"
    Closing his eyes, Sam shook his head with guilt. "Oh Edelaine, I can't express how sorry I am to everyone about that!" I'm never going to live that down am I?

    As the smell permeated his nostrils, Sam looked down at the grill and asked, "What are you cooking? It smells great!"
    "Cheese steak," she replied. "It's a secret family recipe."
    "Yum!" He could feel his mouth watering. "I'd love to give it a try."
    "Well you'll just have to wait a few more minutes." She smiled.
    Sam couldn't resist smiling back. "It's great to see you again Edelaine," he said.
    "You too Sam."

    Once the cheese steaks were done, Sam got a plate for him and Emma. Before sitting down at the table and enjoying it though he said, "Let's see if I can spice this sandwich up a bit?"
    "With what?" Emma chuckled.
    "Basil leaves!"


    Emma's eyebrows raised as she said, "Basil on a cheese steak sandwich? That actually doesn't sound too bad!"

    And it wasn't! It was quite the tasty addition to the already tasty cheese steak.


    After eating, Emma got another call from Bruce saying he didn't have to stay as late as he thought so he would be heading home...and would love for her to join him.

    "You probably shouldn't keep him waiting," Sam suggested as they started saying goodbye.
    "I know," Emma admitted. "Thanks for hanging out with me today Sam," she expressed while giving him a big hug. "I had SO much fun!"


    "Yeah," Sam agreed, squeezing her in return. "I haven't had a day so wonderful in a long time Emma. It's just what I needed. Thank you for inviting me."


    For a moment the two held onto each other tightly, each one wondering when the other would let go, but neither of them did.

    Finally Emma broke the silence by saying, "Sorry Sam! You're just so...warm."
    Chuckling, Sam answered, "You are too!"
    Giggling the two held onto each other for a few seconds longer and then released the other slowly.

    Gazing into his eyes, Emma asked with a sigh, "Are you sure you're going to be ok handling Emmaline Rhoen all by yourself?"
    Gulping, Sam replied. "Yeah." But Emma gave him a look saying she wasn't convinced. "Yes. I'll be just fine," he reiterated with a smile. "Really. I've got Al and Ziggy remember? You don't have to worry."


    "I can't help worrying," Emma shivered, "just...," she placed her hand on his chest, "promise me you'll be careful ok?"
    Sam nodded and stepped back, allowing her the chance to leave.
    "Bye," Emma said as she turned in the direction of her car.
    "Bye," Sam returned along with a little wave.
    Chuckling, Emma waved back and started walking away.

    Sam strode off in the other direction, even though his car was near Emma's. He chided himself for not walking her to her car. Heck, for not even..... No, he thought, I can't entertain those thoughts. It's wrong. She's with Bruce and she's happy. He paused, turning back to watch her. The cold pierced his eyes and made them water. I care too much about her, he went on, to burden her with my calling. I don't ever want to make her unhappy by not being able to give her all that she deserves. That's why, he sighed, we can never be together. It pained him to say it, but he had to accept it and kept on walking... head bowed and hands in his pockets.

    In the distance, Emma turned back to watch Sam too. So many of her past feelings were resurfacing and she felt guilty for taking pleasure in experiencing them again. If only he hadn't 'died,' she thought to herself, then I wouldn't have gotten too involved with Bruce. But then again a big part of her didn't regret that. It was that big part that kept telling her that she and Sam could never be...
    But if so, then why did she sense mutual feelings from him? Why was he hiding them? She couldn't think too hard on that or her heart would break. He must have his reasons, she would say to herself, but will he ever let those reasons go? She would never know. Sighing she slid into the car and started it up. Bruce was waiting for her.

    To be continued...
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    Double post! Ah! :weary:
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    Ending the Evil - Part 3

    The next evening at the Vanderburg Mansion...

    "Renauuuld!" Catarina whined from their bedroom. It could be heard all throughout the estate.

    Renauld had just returned home from a long day at work (the large front door closing let Catarina know of his arrival) and was informed by the Butler that Miss Catarina had been extremely sick all day and couldn't get herself out of bed.
    "Did you call for the doctor?" Renauld asked with great concern.
    "I did Sir," the Butler replied. "but Miss Rhoen seems to be out of town."
    Renauld threw his hands up in frustration. "Well then why didn't you--"
    "Renauld get up here!" Catarina shouted.
    For the first time in his married life he didn't reluctantly obey. He raced up the stairs to his wife's side.

    As he entered the room, he found Catarina barely sitting herself up, looking even more pale than usual, sweaty, and her eyes glazed over.
    "Catarina?" He whispered in shock.
    "Renauld," she began before he could say anything. "I...feel...like...he*ll."


    Her husband emphatically nodded.
    "Please," she continued, seeming to gasp for breath, "get me Doctor Beckett... immediately!"
    In that moment Renauld cracked a smile. Not just because he knew it was hurting his wife's pride to ask this, but also to know that she hadn't completely lost her mind. He truly loved her...even if they showed it in the oddest of ways.

    "With pleasure!" he answered and promptly reached for his phone.


    Upon ending the call with Mr. Vanderburg Sam couldn't help but fall down onto his knees and thank the Lord! This was a miracle if there ever was one! He changed his clothes, gathered up his medical bag and other supplies, and raced over to the mansion.

    He was surprised to find Renauld answering the door instead of the Butler, but it made sense. "Thank you SO much for coming at such short notice Doctor," he greeted and shut the door.
    "Of course," Sam expressed. "Can you bring me up to speed on her condition?"
    "Yes," Renauld answered. "It all started a little over a month ago. Catarina had been experiencing reoccurring headaches. She didn't keep me in the loop of how often they happened because let's face it...she doesn't care to tell me much of anything."


    Sam pursed his lips at that comment.
    "And with you being gone of course she sought help from that quack lady instead of going to the Hospital."
    Of course. "To which I am deeply sorry about," Sam added.
    "Don't worry about it," Renauld assured. "Water under the bridge. But anyway, I tried to convince her not to see Miss Rhoen, but...naturally it didn't matter what I thought. That woman likes to stick to her guns! Without allowing a pinch of anyone else's opinions!"


    "Ok," Sam said while clearing his throat, "What other symptoms has she been having?"
    Renauld informed him of as many as he could see and concluded with, "Please help her Doctor Beckett! I fear she is dying!"


    "She's been lying up there all day unable to get out of bed," he continued.
    Sam's eyes widened. "Well why didn't you say so!? We're wasting time talking down here!" He raced up the stairs with Renauld following behind him.

    What Sam didn't realize was that Renauld desperately needed someone to vent and express his feelings to.


    Knowing Catarina wouldn't want him present during her visit with the doctor Renauld respected the wish, even though it killed him on the inside. So Sam entered the room alone.

    Catarina rested soundly on the bed, breathing heavily. Thank goodness she's still alive, Sam thought as he sat down by her side and placed a hand on her forehead.


    It felt cold and clammy. "Oh Catarina," Sam whispered. It seemed she heard him because she began to stir.
    Catarina's heavy eyes barely opened to see Sam looking down upon her. She didn't get startled, but smiled and took his hand, gripping it tightly. "You came," she said to him.
    "Of course I did!" Sam answered. "I've been worried sick about you, you know!"
    Nodding, Catarina sniffed as a tear fell down her cheek. It honestly caught Sam by surprise. "Forgive me..." she weakly asked of him.


    Now it was Sam who held her chilled hand tightly. "I already have," he whispered back.
    "I was wrong," Catarina went on, "and I was prideful...I am...very ashamed."
    "Shh," Sam gently hushed. "Let's not worry about that right now. I need to look you over and figure out just what's going on here." He was pretty sure he knew what was wrong, but needed to examine her to be sure.

    Glancing around he said, "It'll be much easier for me to examine you when you're not in bed." The canopy above made it difficult to see. He spotted two chairs in the far corner and went over to fetch them. Positioning them beside the other side of the bed he asked Catarina, "Can you sit up? And I'll help you to the chair."

    He failed to hear Catarina's light "I don't know," response as she tried to lift herself. Her arms shook violently from the effort and she just couldn't do it.
    "It's ok," Sam calmed, coming over and gently lifting her from the bed. "I got ya."
    "Oh Sam," Catarina whispered as he carried her to the chair and slowly lowered her down onto it. "Why are you...so good to me? I don't...deserve it."
    "You just quit talking like that," Sam ordered, gripping her cheeks and carefully lifting her head up. He studied her eyes for a moment. "You ok? Are you able to keep your balance?"
    Catarina nodded.
    "Alright," Sam drew back, sitting down in the chair across from her. "Now I want you to tell me every single symptom you've been experiencing, starting at the beginning, while I check your pulse and blood pressure."


    Catarina rolled her eyes at having to explain the blasted symptoms once again, but it was necessary. She hadn't elaborated very long, until Sam ripped off the blood pressure cuff and said, "That's good. You don't have to explain anymore."
    Catarina froze, wondering what exactly that meant.
    Pressing the stethoscope to her chest now Sam asked her to take a deep breath.


    She tried, but failed miserably.

    While Sam reached into his bag for something, Catarina couldn't help but say, "Give it to me straight Sam...what's wrong with me? Am I dying?"
    Sighing, no doubt thinking of the best way to say it, Sam slid his chair over to her right side and looked her straight in the eye. Catarina shuddered to met his gaze.
    "Dying?" Sam began, "almost."
    Catarina gulped with remorse.
    "Do I know what's wrong with you? Yes. I'm pretty sure I do."


    Eye's widened, Catarina cried, "Well, what is it?"

    "You have Meningitis," he answered, while trying to take a look into her eyes with his flashlight. "And it's been raging on for far too long."
    Looking away from the light, Catarina asked, "Meningitis? What the he*ll is that!?"
    "It is an inflammation of the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord," Sam replied, lowering the flashlight. "That swelling typically triggers symptoms such as constant headaches, fever and everything else you've described to me. Most are viral, but yours is bacterial and," he paused to place a comforting hand on her shoulder, taking notice of her jitters, "I need you to relax and sit still so I can finish my examination."
    Blinking rapidly, Catarina nodded.
    "You're really lucky to be alive right now Catarina," he said in a more serious tone. "This is the most advanced case I've ever seen of it."


    Having enough of the guilt trip, Catarina returned his gaze with a serious one herself. "Well then," she started, "I guess I should allow you to finish your exam." Then she hesitated to ask, "what else do you need me to do?"
    "Well, look right up here at me," Sam motioned with his finger and shined the light into her eyes. "Good." After that he pressed his fingers below her jaw and down the sides of her neck to check for any swelling as Catarina locked eyes with him.

    Lowering his hands, Sam asked, "What?"
    With a dreamlike smile, Catarina answered, "You really have beautiful hazel eyes Doctor Beckett."
    Sam's eyebrows shot up at the comment.
    "Eyes that any woman could easily get lost in."
    Oh boy. Looking down and trying to compose himself, Sam finally spoke. "Uh...Catarina..."
    "Oh gosh Sam I am just kidding!" Catarina chuckled.


    Sam shot her an unamused look.
    "You really need to lighten up boy! I mean c'mon, one of us had to break the tension going on at the moment. I couldn't handle it any longer!"
    Chuckling now, Sam shook his head and reached down for some more items from his bag.
    "Seriously though," Catarina continued, "You have my sincerest apologies."
    Sam smiled at her appreciatively.
    "And from now on," she paused for a breath, "you have my trust."
    "Thank you," Sam expressed, feeling the tears well up in his eyes. He couldn't have been more grateful to her and to God for this.

    Once the tender moment passed, Catarina took notice of the syringe in one of Sam's hands. "What in Grim's name are you doing with that?" she asked nervously.
    "Relax," Sam chuckled. "I need to draw some blood for a few tests. And it will be especially helpful in getting those much needed antibiotics your body so desperately needs!"
    "Ugh," Catarina complained. "Why can't you just carry a stash of these medications without having to obtain them from the Hospital?"
    "Medical protocol my dear Mrs. Vanderburg," Sam replied wryly, wrapping the tourniquet around her arm. He then asked her to make a fist as he felt around for the vein.

    "Alrighty," he said, "my blood drawing abilities have become a bit rusty so--"
    "Woah woah!" Catarina cried, removing her arm from him. "Exactly how long has it been since you've done this?"
    Glacing up at the ceiling for a moment, Sam replied, "About two decades. Since medical school."
    Catarina rolled her eyes with irritation.
    "However," Sam comforted, gently taking her arm again. "I was at the top of my class and am quite confident in what I'm doing. So just relax your arm now and after a little 🌺🌺🌺🌺 it will all be over."
    As he drew out the needle, Catarina looked away instantly. Needles always made her feel queasy.


    "OUCH! SAM!"


    After the examination, Sam tucked the blood sample away safely in his bag and proceeded to give Catarina an over the counter medication for some temporary relief until he returned.

    "I'll deliver the blood sample myself, wait for the tests to finish, and bring your prescription here as soon as possible," he told her.
    "Oh Sam, thank you so much sweetie," Catarina expressed, enveloping him in her arms. "I owe you my life."


    "You're very welcome...Catarina." They let go of each other and smiled. "I guess we're on a first name basis again?"
    "Of course!"

    "Before I go though," Sam had to conclude with, "I would ask that you never see Emmaline Rhoen again. Her medical practices are very shady and...I do not wish to see her cause anymore harm to you or anyone else."


    "Oh you have my word Sam!" Catarina exclaimed, "I will never have any connections with her again!"


    "After the way she treated me," she continued, "I'm in the right mind to expose her for what she truly is!"
    "Well, you'll want to be careful doing anything like that," Sam cautioned. "I fear there is more to her than meets the eye."
    "I bet she knew what was wrong with me all along, but gave me her pathetic healing pills just as a way to make more money!"
    "I don't doubt it."
    "Ugh!" Catarina grumbled. "If I had a dollar for every person who tried to take advantage of me because of my money, I'd be ten times richer than I already am!"
    Sam shook his head with a chuckle as Catarina looked upon him fondly. "But never once did I ever get that feeling from you Sam...Thank you. For being so good and kind hearted."
    Sam looked away to hide his blush.
    "If only this world were filled with more people like you Samuel Beckett."

    In that moment Catarina's phone rang. In her weak state she couldn't rush to get it from the end table so Sam picked it up for her. Reading the screen he said, "It's Emmaline."
    Catarina's eyes widened.
    "Should I answer it?"
    Sam looked thoughtful. "Well," he sighed, "something needs to be done here so if you don't mind?" and he answered the call.


    "Hello?" Catarina heard him say, "Yes, this is Mrs. Vanderburg's phone...Oh she's not feeling well at the moment...Me?...This is Doctor Sam Beckett...Yes...Well Mrs. Vanderburg won't be requiring your services anymore..."
    Catarina grinned brightly.
    Then Sam's tone grew even more serious. "Because I'm back."

    And with that he pressed the "End Call" button.

    To be continued...

    A little outtake here:
    This shot looks like he's cupp*ing her boo*by! :joy:

    I also have to give a shout out to my dear friend @donnabailey for guessing right on what was wrong with Catarina. :star:
    Miss you chica! <3
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    Oh and love your siggy pic from the first episode :heart:

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    @emorrill Wow....Love the updates! Kinda fun reading all three at one time and not having the suspense of waiting for them! :) (really don't want no power for three days again though) I loved Sam and Emma's play day and just sigh for them. They had so much fun and I'm so happy Sam has her to confide in. #teamEmma Catarina surprised me by asking for help! Guess she really was feeling bad enough finally and hope Sam gets the medicine to her in time. Love the pictures and the story, everything just works awesomely together. :) Next part ready??? haha, I'm back :) Hmm...Sam better be careful where he puts his hands on Catarina (outtake pic...lol)

    @bekkasan Thank you so much sweet lady. <3 I always love your sweet comments on my story updates and yes, I imagine it was very nice to read multiple updates without having to wait in anticipation. ;) I regret to inform you that you might have a wait a week or so on the next one as I have SO many screenshots to nail down just right and then get writing! :neutral: Don't worry, I'll get it posted as soon as I am able for all my awesome fans. <3

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    Oh and love your siggy pic from the first episode :heart:

    @ZeeGee Thanks. :blush: It's one hott kiss! (One of many on that show ;) ).
    Also thanks for your sweet comments! <3 Glad you are enjoying Sam's continuing story. I am very excited to start writing the showdown between him and Emmaline! :mrgreen:

    I just watched your new Cornelia and Agnes video and omgosh SO CUTE! I absolutely loved it!

    You do such a great job with those videos and I can't wait to see more! :smiley:

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    Thank you! I had originally ended it with them going to sleep but then decided to throw the 'spoiler' bit in from the next video to "hopefully" keep people interested to see the next one!
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    P.S. I think Sam can take her.... :wink:

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    I've decided that I can't perfect this chapter any longer...I've got some preparing for Comic Con to do! Plus I can't have it weighing on my mind while I am there. So...after much time and hard work... I bring you, the next Chapter in Sam's story! :smiley:

    :star: Enjoy these next few scenes before the showdown begins!!! :star:
    Oh heck, cue this song:

    Ending the Evil - Part 4

    Lowering the phone after being abruptly "hung up" on, Emmaline stared across the room with glowering eyes. There was now an enormous bump in the road and she couldn't have that. "The nerve of that Sam Beckett to cross me," she said menacingly. "He has no idea who he's dealing with!"


    "I've come too far for this to come to a halt now and I'm tired of waiting! He cannot get in the way!" Her forehead perspired from the raging heat on the inside. With teeth clenched while trying to assure herself that everything is still in her control she declared, "He must be stopped!"


    As the evening wore on, a blanket of dark clouds hovered over Hidden Springs and settled just low enough to pour out its rain. Sam could hear the large drops pounding on the Hospital ceiling as he anxiously waited for Catarina's blood test results. Thankfully, the tests were done within a half hour and he was able to book it to the Pharmacy for her medication. He couldn't shake off the trembles in his hands from this life and death situation. It was honestly the most anxious he'd felt in years.

    With the medication tucked safely away in his pocket, Sam stepped out of the hospital doors, opened his umbrella, and looked up toward the sky. The rain was beginning to let up a little to where a few rays of sunlight shone through the clouds. It was quite the heavenly sight and Sam couldn't help but offer his sincerest gratitude to God again for softening Catarina's heart, allowing him to get to her in time to save her life. As his short prayer ended, Al appeared.


    "Well kid you did it!" Al exclaimed, while reading the Handlink and coming closer to him.
    Al's appearance startled him, but Sam expressed, "I'm so glad to hear you say that Al!" Relief washed over his face.
    Al continued. "Ziggy says Catarina lives," but stopped, unable to make out what the characters said as they were fading so he punched the Handlink as usual. When they appeared again he concluded with "for now." That stunned him.
    Sam's eyes widened. "What does she mean 'for now?'" he inquired nervously.


    "I dunno. Hang on a second," Al asked as he beat the Handlink a few more times. "I swear we need a new Handlink!"
    Sam nodded in agreement. He hoped they were at least keeping its software updated!
    "Ok," Al declared, seeing the words again. He read quickly. "Oh boy..." he mumbled.
    Lowering the Handlink with a sigh Al answered, "It's still not good Sam."


    Sam lowered his eyes in sorrow and confusion. Then he noticed something appear out of the corner of his eye. It was a couple approaching the Hospital. "Let's move somewhere else," he whispered to Al, "so I don't look like a crazy person talking to myself!"
    Al turned around to see the couple coming and turned back to find Sam heading toward the side of the building. He followed.

    Finding a somewhat secluded spot and ditching his umbrella, Sam instantly faced Al and asked, "What's the problem now?" He should've known all wasn't completely well.

    Al didn't have to pull out the Handlink to reiterate. "Ziggy says there's an eighty-eight percent chance that Emmaline still wipes out the entire Vanderburg family and continues on with her 'fake inheritance' plan."


    "How? When?"
    "Well, I figured you saving Catarina would buy us a little more time, but no. Ziggy now predicts that Emmaline will carry out her plan in," now he had to pull out the Handlink to be sure, "the next month."
    Sam thought for a second. "So, that's in a week. But what's the exact date!?"
    Al shrugged. "She doesn't say."
    "Seriously? What's wrong with Ziggy Al? She's usually more accurate than that."
    "I know Sam, but--"
    "And there's gotta be a way we can warn the Vanderburgs! Since I've saved Catarina what does Emmaline do to slaughter them all now?"
    "Ziggy doesn't know Sam," Al emphasized, but pushed that fact aside for a minute. "If you think about it though, no matter how often you save the Vanderburgs Emmaline's still going to find another way to out them!"


    Sam pursed his lips. Al was right.
    "I'm telling you Sam the real issue here isn't saving the Vanderburgs. The issue is Emmaline! The woman must be stopped!"


    Then he paused, hesitating to say it. "You just...gotta take her out Sam."

    Sam's eyes narrowed as he looked upon Al questionably. "Are you implying that I kill her?"
    "Well. Uh..."
    "Is that what Ziggy says I do? Because Al I--"
    "No Sam!" Al cried, hands flying in the air. "I tried to tell you earlier! Ziggy's been experiencing some malfunctions lately and it's been a pain in the a**!"
    "Like what?"
    "Well, when you leaped into Sunset Valley she was able to predict everything exactly and give us the right course of action just like she always does, but when you're here...she malfunctions often and can't gather the correct information. It's strange and it's been happening more often lately. Gushie and the team are working on why."
    Sam lowered his head and just shook it.
    "But one thing is for certain," Al added, "Ziggy said your mission here is to stop Emmaline and has given us all the reasons as to why."


    "But Al," Sam began, "if stopping Emmaline means killing her then...I can't do it. I won't do it!"


    Al lowered his eyes, understanding.
    "I mean I will expose her, put her away in prison, whatever," Sam continued, "but I will not kill her. I'm no murderer, nor would God ask me to do that. My mission is to save lives Al, not take them. Unless of course it's in self defense."


    "I know that kid," Al said, hands in his pockets and rocking on his heels. "I'm just saying that with how evil and clever she appears to be...the laws of the land might not be enough to contain her you know?"
    "Yes, I know," Sam expressed with a lowered head. "But I will have done my part and whatever happens next...is up to God." He shrugged.
    Al nodded. "So," he began to change the subject, "have you figured out how you're going to expose her yet?"
    "Well, I've just gotta approach her and let her know I'm on to her. Hopefully that will deter her from wanting to go through with her plan because I know she doesn't want to be exposed. She'd lose everything."


    "Alright so when are you finally going to confront her!?"
    Sighing, Sam replied, "Soon. I'm just waiting for the right moment. It will come to me."
    Al stared at Sam with an unconvinced look.
    "Don't worry Al," Sam assured. "I got this," he said as he pulled out his umbrella again. "But right now I've gotta get this medication to Catarina stat. She's waiting for me." With that he headed toward his car.

    "Well hurry up with the plan Sam," Al called out from behind him. "Because the longer you wait, the more time Emmaline has to come up with an even grander plan!"
    "I know," Sam whispered, looking back over his shoulder.


    Al disappeared among a flash of lightning as Sam lowered himself into the car. As he gripped the steering wheel he decided that he would have to throw away waiting for the right moment to approach Emmaline and just...do it. Putting it off was a result of his fear and confronting this woman truly terrified him to the core. She wasn't just the average bad person in a leaping story, she was a true villain, a conniving and clever one, that had to be stopped before the whole town would be thrown into utter chaos and death.


    The next evening...

    The drive back to Emma's house was especially quiet this evening, Bruce noticed. Something seemed to be occupying his girlfriend's mind, even throughout dinner, and he wasn't sure how to get her to open up about it.


    He glanced over at her for a few seconds and when she didn't return his gaze he said, "Hey," to get her attention and then asked, "Are you ok? You've been awfully quiet this evening."
    "I'm sorry," Emma expressed, shooting him a smile. "I'm fine. I've just been feeling a little anxious lately. There's a lot on my mind."
    "About what?" Bruce asked concernedly.
    "I really don't feel like talking about it," Emma replied. "It's just something I have to work through in my head for a few days and then eventually I'll feel better."
    Looking away, Bruce didn't fully understand what she meant, but respected her wish.


    When the two entered Emma's house, she promptly removed her jacket like she always did and glanced down at the shirt she was wearing with an immediate sigh. It was a gift from Bruce and honestly... she hated the ugly thing. It looked horrible on her. Unflattering and completely not her style. Of course she couldn't not wear it and risk hurting his feelings.


    Noticing her heavyhearted expression, Bruce walked over to her and said, "You know," while taking her hands, "I may not know what you're struggling with but," he paused, "I know something that will surely cheer you up."
    Emma smiled. "What's that?"
    "Well," Bruce began, "a hug." He enveloped her in his arms. Then he turned his face toward her to where his lips caressed her cheek and added, "and a kiss." Emma giggled lightly as he kissed her. It was a very sweet and thoughtful kiss and Emma couldn't help but pull him in closer to keep it going.


    Taking a breath, Bruce looked deeply into her eyes while caressing her hair. "You really are beautiful," he whispered. "Don't ever doubt that."
    Emma closed her eyes with a blush. He really is a good man.
    "What do you say we make ourselves comfortable on your guest room bed and watch some TV?"
    Emma had almost forgotten there was a TV in the room. Why can't we watch TV out here? she asked herself. It's not that Bruce's invitation wasn't enticing, because it really was, but...she had to stay on her toes in this relationship. It was a personal preference...one most people don't understand. She hoped Bruce knew her well enough to respect it.

    Convincing herself that she would be ok, Emma consented by saying, "That's sounds great."


    Emma got into her pajamas while Bruce stripped down to his boxers in the bathroom.

    The two then cuddled on the bed while watching random TV shows and it really did lift Emma's spirits. Especially being in the arms of such a wonderful man.
    "This is nice," Emma expressed, pressing her cheek against his.
    "Indeed," Bruce agreed. "Feel better?"


    Once the current TV show they were watching ended, Bruce proceeded to kiss Emma gently on the neck. The constant focus in that area caused both of their feelings to run high and soon they locked lips, passionately kissing, while Bruce made his way on top of her.


    Kiss after kiss, Emma wondered if she'd be able to control herself any longer, but once Bruce started running his hand up her nightie, she asked him to stop.

    Bruce shot her a surprised look as Emma lightly pushed him off her and sat up on the side of the bed, almost panting for breath.
    "What's the matter?" Bruce asked.
    Emma shook her head. "Nothing. It just wasn't a good idea to snuggle on the bed like that."


    "Why not? It was--" then Bruce froze, realizing. "Oh." He suddenly remembered a few hints Emma threw out in the past.
    "Yeah," Emma said breathlessly. "I sense you realize that it's nothing against you."
    Bruce inched closer to her while he cleared his throat. "Yeah," he answered. "So uh, have you really...never had sex before?"


    Emma's head shot up. "Gee Bruce, It sounds even worse when you say it like that!"
    "I'm sorry!" he exclaimed, "but...wow." He looked upon her now with a new sense of admiration. "You're so pretty and such a great person that I never would've expected--"
    "I've been waiting for the right one," Emma interrupted, turning towards him. "I made the decision long ago that I would save that part of myself for my husband."
    "That's great!" Bruce expressed. "Really. You have more strength than most people in this world! I really admire you for that."
    "Thanks," Emma grinned.

    An awkward silence ensued and Bruce couldn't help but ask, "So uh...could I be...the right one?"


    Emma prayed he wouldn't ask. "Maybe," she answered, turning to face him, "but truthfully Bruce...I need more time." She struggled to hold back the tears.
    Bruce pursed his lips and lowered his head with a nod. "I understand."
    Emma turned away again and closed her eyes in remorse. I hate this...


    The next morning Emma woke up still feeling distressed and even watching her usual, romantic TV show didn't help her feel better.


    She had to call Sam.


    Back at Sam's house he was getting ready to call someone when his phone lit up with a call from Emma.


    He promptly answered it. "Hey Emma," he greeted. "I was just getting ready to call you...literally."
    "Oh?" Emma asked, trying to hold herself together.
    "Yeah," Sam replied, but sensing the distress in her voice he asked, "Are...you ok?"
    Pausing with the tears falling from her eyes Emma whispered, "No. I am not ok Sam. I'm a nervous wreck! It's a combination of a lot of things."
    Sam frowned. "Alright, stay calm," he soothed, hearing her heavy breathing through the phone. "Just take some deep breaths."
    Emma wanted to, but knew she couldn't. The emotions were too intense.
    "What's the matter?" Sam asked concernedly.
    Emma wiped at her tears and sniffed. "I'm," she choked. "I'm worried about you Sam. This whole thing with confronting Emmaline Rhoen I just," she gulped, "I just have a bad feeling about it."


    Her concern warmed Sam's heart. Little did she know that he felt the same way, but he had to be strong for her...for himself. He closed his eyes and assured her, "It'll be ok Emma. Please don't worry. I promise everything will be fine." Suddenly his heart began to pound. Would he really be able to keep that promise?
    "I pray it will be," Emma expressed. "And I know you're used to doing these kinds of things, but...I just don't want you to get hurt." Then she stopped, desperately wanting to say one thing but of course saying the other. "You're my best friend Sam."
    Now Sam was holding back the tears. "You're my best friend too Emma," he said. "I promise I will keep you informed on everything. No matter what happens, you'll be the first to know."


    Emma nodded, feeling a little better. "Ok. I'll hold you to that."
    Smiling Sam said, "I know you will."

    After a few seconds of silence, Sam spoke again. "Anyway, the reason I was going to call you is to let you know that I'm finally going to have that chat with Emmaline. Most likely tomorrow morning." Hopefully Ziggy will be functioning properly beforehand.
    Emma figured.
    "I can't put it off any longer...it's time."
    Emma nodded, understanding. "Well, God be with you Sam Beckett," she parted with. "I'll be here if you need me."


    The next morning came quickly. Last night Al finally appeared and informed Sam that after shutting Ziggy down, performing diagnostics, and then rebooting her she still couldn't offer any accurate dates or history on Emmaline Rhoen and Sam's actions. Something strange was definitely going on, but Sam and Al couldn't concern themselves with the matter now. Besides, they've brought down a few bad people without Ziggy's help before. Only this time, Sam thought, knowing the results of his actions was crucial. He just had to take a leap of faith.

    The chilling, early spring morning air penetrated Sam's bones sharper than expected, but it must've been due to his nerves. He stopped by Emmaline's mailbox, taking in a deep breath and offering up one last prayer for good measure.


    "You got this Sam," Al stated, blowing out some smoke. "It's not going to be as hard as you think. You can DO this!"
    Sam always appreciated the moral support. "Stay with me Al," he asked longingly though. "You never know when I'll need you."
    "Are you kidding?" Al declared. "I wouldn't miss this for the world! I've got your back kid!"
    "Now put an end to this evil b**** before she has the chance to hurt anyone else!"
    Sam couldn't help chuckling at that last comment since Al didn't say that word much. His pep talk did give him some much needed courage and he bravely headed for the front door.


    Even though Sam couldn't help fearing for his life in this endeavor, he had to believe that ultimately God would protect him. It was the only hope he had left. For Ziggy was out of commission and Al was just a hologram.

    To be continued...
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    Bruce is hot but he's JUST NOT SAM.

    And .... go Sam, go!
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    @ZeeGee I totally agree with you about Bruce. He's just not Sam! And he bought an ugly shirt! He does look like a good kisser though.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,253 Member
    ZeeGee wrote: »
    Bruce is hot but he's JUST NOT SAM.

    @ZeeGee True....... ;):p<3
    Let's throw "Awesomes" at each other for that one! :mrgreen:
    And thank you for reading. <3
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @ZeeGee I totally agree with you about Bruce. He's just not Sam! And he bought an ugly shirt! He does look like a good kisser though.

    @bekkasan Lol! Yes that shirt is very ugly!

    ***So the story with the shirt: I was playing as Emma and got Bruce to come over. She suddenly turns into that outfit (which I think was her work outfit... :unamused: ) and I was in a hurry to snap some photos so I figured I would just have to incorporate it into the story somehow. :lol: ***

    Needless to say, I will be changing that outfit PRONTO when I get back into my game! ;)
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    I finally managed to get caught up with your story. :) Awesome as ever. I am very glad to see that Catarina had the good sense to swallow her pride and call Sam in to help. I will admit I was wrong about the diagnosis. (I was thinking brain tumor).

    All I will say about Bruce and Emma.... Bruce is a nice guy but #teamEmma all the way. :D

    Can't wait for the next update to see read about the showdown
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    @bekkasan Good kisser makes up for lack of style. :lol:

    emorrill wrote: »
    Let's throw "Awesomes" at each other for that one! :mrgreen:

    Oops, so caught up in the story I forgot to awesome your post. Corrected!
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